The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 14
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 BI,YTHKVII,I.K (ARK.) COUUIKR NKWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople ; HOW DO YOU ^&f FAW/ DOI*T PEEL A80UT iil YOU DOLT6 ' HOUR WELL-BCED> K/iOVJ THW j 8RftlM-CHILO •{[ N\V D&V1CE . 800TED If IS TH& <! OUT OP -l\\& f >£} GRCWEST UlhJD OP 'A& TKW YOO PASSED US BOOT THe FACTOC.V i& A FREB AUTOMATIC ED TO KlWG GEOR&&? YOUR. DGM.OTeD "DA DOMPTRliCK SPEClAL- YESTERDAY'S "SHELLS WITH A DOG AMP ) . SIDE CURTAINS, S , „ YOU'VE ear MORE PORTHOLES THAM THE LUSITAMIA T-l .""i i . i.' • '"-• .-i i PUBLIC AV.L&Y VJlTl THE 6TALB /( PASTEUR'S , TRIPS ? J VOlSCOMERY fV/- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING For Sale, Misc. rive limner [iihlo lop Nrsco ol] flo>-c S45. Call 3141 nflcr 6 i> m. BABY STROLLER. Parkway. In good condition. Bargain. Phone 3R73. 12-31-ck-tl Help Wanted, Male WANTEI>. Mrtn \o T. Vrmcc -'•p.h I'ctiilSicot Coiuily, Mo. 150tl tat:i- iv«s. Products well known nml sold 20 ye:»rs. opportunity. Write nnv.'- IclRh's Uepl. AR A •?• 30-1] 3S, Nrenit»HLs. TCIIIJ or se» \V. I fa rb on. filO I Ally St., ULyilievllle, Ark. l ; 20-i>k-23 Lost & found OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphries ilatd* Humfiknri. b, NfA SESVfCE, IfJC. fANICK would have t;>krn Ji;uid away if he had not held • "Of course she is!" Her mother >;xid now Uulimij; her out, n* she always did. "1 wjis overwhelmed, too. Vou could have knocUod tnc flat, with a (lick of your wnsl when 1 opened the door and there stood Ben. Am! he ^ocs look the snme, if a bit Ullor nnd bigger. ! kept wisiting you''! be jusl the same; Hen—if you knc'W how 1 wished O] IE turned nvvay now lo lend them into Ihe kitchen, pcihaps so lh;il they would not sec how much his being the s»mc nient\t to her For Den Archer was al- i-ost— Tan pipskin plov^ ror left hand. On Main -Street. Saturday aT- irrnnon. Return to Marlon Smith. 5(4 W. Walnut, phone 2913. l'22-jik-25 Pos/fion Wonted The Joep can handle ANY job No slowdown or delay--reyardtCM ol i^ii'j wtrtuiitr, troublesome loads, or UiiU rOKda. tii:u H ;U POULfci AlU'l'OK CUMI'ANV, Kills I'oole, Owner « Op- L'iai.or, ti. Highwu)' 61 Rl blcelu. Mo, i'lionc tilnele 4U. Private Rooms Clean co/nfortable bedrcKini. Clenile- BIEII only. H17 Chlckasi\wba. li2U-iik-2^ Ucdrooni. 314 ^. Ninth. Photic 2n8 Bert room, men couple. Call 'J5Z. H .^o firmly. "I'm Icrribly yhid 1 most a son to the Hilarys. He had ,you'i'ti home. Ben." lived in their neighborhood from She was glad, yet this surprise | 'be time he had been a boy until YuU I'C IHkt .SLU'll 11 WiMV US U (.DiTi'spoiuU'nt youL^t-'U, y o n n g mtin," Janice numuncd lo ix-torl. "I can only mitke nn X for my nnme." He nave her liis \vide grin. "And I w;ts kind of busy myself, ;il limus." He becamL' mnf;n;ini- nious. "Hut 1 forgive you, my clove, Oji condition (hat you niiikf up for your sn<! neylcct now lhat I'm home ai;nin." She owed it to lii in, J unurc knew, yet how could she make it up whc'Ji the iiL'ulix-l had bueti deliberate? ti| IOW nboiil sUu'tinj* in u>- riuh 1 .?" ricn was suygcsting in his w;iy. Hi.s eyes, resting j oil her, still luilil lhal liunffry Took, Munich il would take much f on si ing lo appease a starved ap- [jetitc. "I'jn afraid 1'rn loo 11 red tonight—" Jiinice be^nn. IIul her mother, who Intel busied herself these lust fe-v mnmotils al the PAGE FIFTEEN had come loo abruptly for her tut his father died and the Archers' :e o/T altogether Hie mood thi\t had bound her when she stepped ' into the house. "You sound overwhelmed." His nice generous mouth made another moue at this. He was not a hand,some young mun, but he was the accepted standard Sf what the average healthy, young American male should look like: six-fecl-lwo, b r n a d-.shoultlertd, si i [n-hipped; clothes worn cas- u;i]ly, almost sloppily, ye-l'wilVi a cerdnn jauntineEs; sandy hair with one cowlick that would not take orders, ears and mouth a bit too ];jr;;e, nose slightly crooked from a childhood contact with a bnsc- ba!l, nnd eyes that were blue and direct and honest. brown brick house was lorn down. Mrs. Hilary It new why Ben had continued to return lo the neighborhood and to the Hilary house throughout Hie years; why theirs had been the last house he had come to bcljfe he bad enlisted and the first upon his return and riis- thargc. Janice, of course, knew ton. And the Knowledge, instead uf being I he comfort it should have been, was a deep regret, for she now saw Bcn r after an absence that should nave brought the on electr range, turned lo say; "You're having dinner with us, Thai s understood." warn you, Millie Hilary, lien. "! you'll be sorry you invited me!" Hen said. In? blue eyes 'nlwinkle. "You won't have enougn meal led for n meatball, let alone hnsb." "Go along with you. [f yon don't cat us out of house and home I'll be angi-y. 1 ' Mrs. Hilary laughed at him. Then, bnnishing them both with » wave of her apron, "Itun it long upstairs, you two. I can finish up better without nn audience. The table's nil set, Janice dear. And 1 think 1 hear she hnd hoped for, com- your sister comii plelely unchanged. |5prhy? our surprise on her You can » Bedroom. 318 N- Ninth. Call 2228. Ii5-pk-2.i5 Comfortable bfcronm Close to -town Men nnlv 310 W Walnut L2.3-pfc.-2 3 Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone 949, Lewis Poultry, 419 E. Main. l-2-ck-2-2 just 35 nice. * He had the same "I am overwhelmed. That's jusl i straightforward him and alert, it." Janice did withdraw her hand laughing eyes. Why couldn't she now, not making it noticeable, she have loved him HE he claimed he hoped. Oh, dear, he hadn't' loved her'* She did love him. But i changed! And she had been ?o in ' slic was not in love willrhim. And tie did look bigger, though, as I And-you'll gel a surprise of your her mother had remarked, and i own, Den, when you see how Wiinti'd to buy or lease—Small Rroc- ery ami ruins Rtatlon combined with llvln? quarters In back- In 50 miles radius of Blyihcvllle In *mall town or on Busy highway. Write Box AU care of Courier Newi. ljl6-pk-£3 Wonted to Rent room house or Bak«ry 2073. iueitt. Call l[17-ck-U iiope that he would. Three long years. So rn*ny, many miles aprn I. And with her letters so carefully friemily nnd never anything more, and not so in liny oT them ns time therein lay a world of difference whiui she had never hacn able to make him comprehend- rnwn-up our Albic is." "Thai 1 want to sec," Ben d«- i.-lareti. "No one can convince m* that the h;nuin-s c n r u m has evolved into a line young Intiy. Ifi a way, it would m;il;e me kind o/ sad. 1 Seems I'm running into loo many changes already." His eyes nccused Janice, their "Your mother's been Idling me direct glance idling her that he all about yon, Jan," Tien was sny- | was nol sure he* approved the clif- passed on, until during these p:isl | ing. "The succcssTuI young career I'cicncc.? he had found in her. Then few months they had coaled en- woman. I suppose that's why you ; ho cauyh! her hand, pulling hci tii ely. Vet hore he was, in her j became so busy you could no ! along with him. "other 1 ;: kitchen, same .is ever. I lofiKer write, even to an old ual." I (To lie Cnnllir" " Where Rain Goes Of the 1503 cubic miles of water which ant'.ually fall upon the earth, about one-half goes back into the atmosphere by evaporation, one- third Hows into surface streams, j and the remainder seeps into the earth, to be drawn up later. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; girt T. L MABRY 23 MISSOUKI ST. PH. 36'i7 CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597v 313 Soulh Second TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! DevotG more hour.*; to Junior nnrl Sis during their fornuitive years. Seiul both your laundry and dry cleaning to Nu-Wa whcrt 1 j-ou get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 BETTER SPENT WITH THE CHILDREN.' SldlRIIV Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. , BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL 124 W. ASH ST. PHONE 3545 ANNOUNCEMENT Flowers Body & Paint Shop New Location 118 So. Lilly St. All New Equipment -GUARANTEED WORK- All Jobs Restored to Factory-like Condition. No Wreck a Total Loss! * Work Done to Customers Satisfaction See Us For Free Estimate WE WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Accessories Installed "Why, 1 can remember buck when I was a kid thcso bannna iplits only cost fifteen cents!" 'HKCKI.KS & HIS KR1KNDS By MERRILL BLOSSER .^' Auntie'n Idea / i,'; A BRRR! iris COLD our) our we JUST CANT W6'AR OUK OtD COATS WITH THESE WKV wot' AS lane, AS YOU MODERNS ARE REVIVIM6 THE FOOLISH WINGS OF THE PAST, YOU M1GMTAS WELL REVIW SOME 'OF • TH6 SENSIBLE THIM6S, TOO,' Hj- Ah VERMEER comes in and js/<$ you 3 question, just soy "seven 20 cents can't giiess number thinking VIC FLINT Jewels on Order Itv MICHAIC1, O'MALUCY and RALPH LANE /^OR.IF YOU DO HO' / UKFrTIIE!i[,MyAfirill5 CM WK UPWIMTOll -\ WANT. YOU WU5T ,-\ GIVE U5 TEH DAYS. HERf, MR.AGATE, 155 ft BRACELET RECENTLY OWNED BYAIHDV IN BlIEMOS AIRES. THE 5MA11FR OWE BELONGED [O A fRBICH COUNIESS. INTORMALLY. THAT ISS WHY CAN LEI VOLI IWVt EltlIEK IOK ALE WHAT MR.tflMIQN WOOID HlVRGE POU-,000. NaWR.VAM DER FLANK, I THINK MY WOULD LIXE HIE ONE WITH HIE HUBIES.COULO 1 ARRANGE TO Mt-Cf Wl) TOMOKROUl? AND YOU 6OT THEM-- OFCOUHSr. 1 WITH THE \ BR4CEIET rtllD YOU WITH 1 _, THE MOIIEY IN SMALL BI115 f} CAH MEET AT THE HOTEL /•?-' —-^a TUOOK AI TWEE 1KIS O'IF YOU ^ -^.,_/?~!1 AMERIJgpH. DONOTMIW ^S^?? 17 ommi f if ^ t -\:'/l WASH TUIWS A Ik'.spenile KITort UiSLlIO TUIINKR WHERE T NOURE SO1U6 ~\O Vi NHo!CS V1KEM I HWE SOU \ FIKJT TELL WUiTUfcD... BUT lOU'VE GOT BEEM M.U hODMCERSTfiNO 1 . VOU'lLTHMiKMEWUEH fOU'KE WELL EWQJ01I TO KEMIZE WIW SOl)\'E POME- 1 CMJ -JT KEHfMBCR, SOU'l'H FECIJ THING TO Ht-...BIil BKOIHERi WOTMEE. P D^Dl SOU UJ Id TUE POLIC6. OU1 ICWTRISK. NOUR i u NM01HER CR1ML-! WE IH H, rEIVMC- ,MENr*>.L HCBPITN. NOT/ F=W1 FCOW HERB. WEf CWJ HELP / IDIOT! MOD...I'M SURE OF IT! HICM SOU CftW SOUPONT CWRV OW 'JOUR- WORK AND- JMlOll WftM ' \ '10UVE -' nnticl lluss "Trailc" By PRED HARMAN / ^YHUSSAIW'1 0RWJETJ ( A(^D rJ£;TH.-". ,AR£ THOSH.' V 1 RECKON A, TAlR TRADE • 11. CACri£ THE SOLD Vf, HERE VOHtlE 1 LASSO //,, Oi^E OF TriB'-N /A" •UlLS •' ^•'^'m^^'S-^' t^''.*<Z&£&l By V. T. HAMLIN By EDGAR MARTIN ISOOTS AND IIKR RUDDIKS

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