The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1931
Page 6
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Ii SIX 5 TO HUE" 5 HNFflpni Formidable Grid Program Lined Up for Htidsonnien Including Pine Bluff, : An eleven game schedule ot formidable proportions has been arrange;! by Coach Henry Iliulsan for the Blytheville liifih school C.iicka- . SAWS lo tackle on tlie gridiron ivjxt (all. Tlie schedule Includes several of the most, outstanding teams In Hie state and If arrangements prndiiv: nre definitely completed will usaln find Ibe Chk-kasav.-s tencwhi;> combat with tlie well known Zebras nf Pine BluII high. The Helena hhh will be b.ick on ihe Chirk schedule after an absence tif many ye.its, although Hie game Is still classified as ixnidlng. • The Chic-ks will encounter niue leanis who' respected the powerful niytlicvllle array on Ihe gridiron last fall. Of course, ihe Hutlsoniurn _ will play Ihe Jonesboro Hurricane. ' their arch rival, next fall :il Jonesboro. Other familiar schools on the schedule are Memphis Central, O.;- ccota, Paragonld. Wilson, N?U|K>il and Memphis Tech. The litghl; touted Cotton I'lanl Scrapper? who lost to the Chicks at Cotton Plant last-T'imnksiiivIng will be here fur n game. The Chicks have accepted an invitation to play Central al Memphis under the floodlights again next season. 'Hie Illytheville (cam von from Centra! in llic-h first night gome last season. Tlie complete schedule follows: Sept. 19 I'lnc Bin!!, there. -(Pending). Sep!. 2G Helena, here. (Pendlivj). Oct. 3 Memphis Central, there. Ort. 9 Cotton Plant, here. Oct. 1C Earle, here. Oct.. 23 Osceola, here. Oct. 30 Pnragould. here. Nov. 0 jGiicsboro, there. Nov. 11 Wilr.on, here. Nov. 20 Newport, there. Nov. 26 Memphis Tech, here. Under tho Wire In Derby's Stirring Finish /P.UAH BSMEM Attar and Net. Something will have to be done .about these tennis marriages. Last year Helen Wills was married nml retired from ncllvc competition for tl:e sake of domestic happiness. The other day Wilmer Allison, after playing wilh the Davis Cup team against Mexico. aiinoniic?d that further participation on his part was at' an end unless the U. S. L. T. ! A ; . helped to pay the new Mrs. Allison's traveling expenses. Perhaps there ought to be a law. The Davis Cup matches might b; made, a-co-educational aflair. with n tournament for married players and another for their wives. The U. S. L. T. A. might write a set. of rules governing tlie marriages of tennis people. For matrimonial purposes, all tbe eligible male and female tennis players in tlie land could be. Tanked according to Ihcir abilities. For example, a No. 3 national ranking male player would not be allowed to marry himself oil •to any woman player ranking worse than No. 8. A Davis Cup champimi ,team .might be arrived at tn the same way thnt a Derby winner if given to the world. Helen Wills Moody, however, announced, the other dav that she i 1 going to play again. Time, perhaps will take care ot these matters. Wood Is Engaged. Sidney Wood, the baby of the Davis Cup team tills year, isn't married but is likely to be scckini: an altar in the near future. Wood. at 19 yoars of age. is engaged to a girl from Lake Forrest. IU., whom he met in Tucson where lie Is a freshman at the University of Ari?x>na. Wood lias overcome n great many difficulties. The slim New York bay. in his childhood. batIM and b?at pneumonia,- Bright's disease, double mastoids and stomach trouble. He fattened up a little while at school last year, and when lie began to play in the matches with Mexico weighed 153. After the tournament there, he found he had lost eight pounds. Tv.-enly Cir.nv.l n.^hi Ueurr have been nam-.-t, Million for h- performed likci one in thai number before 60.00.) frcnzM f;ms at the 57th run nmx of the Ken!,K'fey Derby. The above picture s!,,,-.vs Mrs. Payne Whitney's Orcnilrce Stables star slicing (he way home lo [he flcH a 1L nu,>-,,H llm'e-year-ol,!:.. four iciml.s in fionl of the DixUm.i Farms' Sweep All h, second placo mid seven lengths ahead of A C «<Wwi'.K's Mat, who had concern! 'IVnily Oraml in lh= rich I-reakness. The remainder of Ihe Held was .strung out behind the leaders' IE iuxr ARE PISHED |N TOO MUCH ARB ' FISHES OUT- ^f'W 3 ^^ M 1 J ART KPF.MX Hoiv do ynu obtain the proper rinwiisH-his and linisli In the lanj ><m shot? • * * Start the club down slowly, with he left hand In control nn-.l l!ic wrists cecked. Increase the speed is Ihe hitting region is reached. As .soon as Ihe club starts down.! Memphis ;ind Litlle Rock Have Hard Day; Vols Bciil New Orleans. The Memphis Chicks bowed to the llaions nciiln yeslerilny while tlie Crackers b^al the Travelers and Jnm|>ed into strand place in tlie Dixie parade. Walknp nave the Chicks (en lilts but kepi them scattered after the firsl liming while the Barmis got 13 hits and combined them v.-ilh four errors for their scores. The score. 5 to 1. At I.itlle Rock (he Travelers failed lo defend their s"?con:t plice claims successfully. Atlanta yot only five hiis bin combine;! them with passes for (lie tiinmp'n. Tho score was !i to 2. Messenger was the winning and Hcwsom the losing hurlcr. The ClmltaiiMiia Lookouts beat Ihe New Orleans Pelicans ut Chisl- lanooi-a, 7 (o D. The Lookouts made seven hits count and seven runs and Ihe Pols' five binges meant five runs. nnglimcl was tiie winning pitcher. Nashville's Vols losl the first ni»hl cam-,' In Nashville lo the Mobile Marines, 8 tn 1. The Marines so'. In hand. Hutson hit a home run. lo Perace for four runs in (he first inning while Oldham held the Voh I1II) YOU .KNOW. THAT— A stymie decided a recent wo- nuui's golf championship match In Philadelphia . . . Mr.s. Halph Haynor, holder of y thc district eliamplonshlp. lost to Mrs. Dorothy Campbell llurcl on the lOt'.i green . . . Miss Ruth Uuether, daughter of Dutch Ruother, is one of llio pitchers oil the Bloomer Girls' team at Ingle- wcoJ, Calif . . . Dutch is pilch- hiK for Seatlle now . . . Night golf was tried by five golfers at Ihe University of Detroit recently . . . the balls were luni- tnous-painlcd . . . but the visibility must not have been so good, because the player's n.uit after shooting three holes and losing 40 balls . . . Georgetown awl Catholic University nt \Yashingion have horseshoe pitching on their intra-mural sports program ... a tournament between the two schools might result In some very skillful dodging, anyway . I'ROTKSTS BEAUTV SHOWS PARIS. (UP)—Mrs. Curdicd-Se- crStan. a Swiss woman who represents the International union for the Protection of Young Girls pro- .- , , LU, „„„ ,,;„,, CIOWI, , |f' T'"" lh<> H' nllly S " OWS Ul!lt he weight should shift over to "w 1 if raJJu^s "3""* l"d "ed'TrcT' ohi'inn requesting [he league of Nations to approach the dilfcrent governments In view cf piiltlng a stop to beauty shows which are an j immoral organization. Mrs. Curchod j Secretan says lhat Ihe greater j number uf delegates of the tnlcr- ; uatlcnr.l union join with her in lodging ihis complaint. eft leg. the ball, the rlghl War-Time Divisions to Hold Re-Union One Year Ago Today—Leo P. Flynn, famous manager of prizD fighters- and pilot of Jack Dempsey In ills second world's heavyweight championship (ighl with Liene Tiinuey, died of pneumonia. Five Years Ago Tu:!uy — Bal-c Uulh hit his 13th and 14th home runs of tlie season oil Tom Znch- Louis Browns' pitchers, putting him 10 ilays and two homers ahead of his standing in 1921. the year he set a world record of 5n four-base blows in .a season. UETIIOIT. (UPl—Rc-inilons of war time divisions, battalions and smaller groups will be held by scores in Dr-troli durlnq tin week of Sept. 21. when the American Legion will hold its national convention here, i Headquarters for many group reunions already have 'been cslab- [ llshed. according to Raymond J. Kelly, reunions committee chnir- I man. Yankees Bombard Timers; •White Sox Win: Dodgers Win Long Slugfcst. The Athletics scored their tcnlh straight victory yeslenlav at the expense of the Indians The Yanks had mi easy lime wlnntiv; over thR Timers. Tlie leading Cardinals in Ihe Nat'onal league ran into defeat al New York. Tiie Mackmen pmm'lcd mil a 10 lo 7 triumph over the Clevelairl Indians. The Indians slipji"-! into sixth place as a result. \Vilberi! wfis the winnlni; pitch.-r. nl:li'>uvh relieved by Grove In Ih" ehhth. Hiidlln was the losing liurlci'. Jimmy Foxx lilt.n homer. The Yankees l".a tVe T'-troil Tiacrs 20 tn 8. The N'i'w Yorkers counted 1!) hlls and were issued li! free passes. The Timers mail 1 the tfrinie more of a farce bv five riro-s. The Yanks hatted aromi'l iu Hire" Innings. Dolf.ick and McMinns of Detroit hit homers. Rallying to score six ruu.s in the I ninth inning the Chicago Wliite So\ beat Hie Hoston l?rl Itos^ a!. Chicago, 9 to 8. Tbe SM garnered six hits in the final innin" to heat nurhnm who relieve:! Lisonlwi! in Ihe last innlnq. A double bi- Pinch Tfllter Simmis seorcd the rlcr-ldim lally. McKain who relieved Lyons was the winning hnrler. The Gkmls got 11 hits off Haincs at the right nioin< > nt<: (o hral the St. Louis Cardinals nt New York, fl lo 3. ,Taf1;son and Verne/ did the timely hitting for the Giants. Walker was the uhuiin 1 : tiitchcr, holding the Cards to six hits. The Brooklyn n:xl»crs .shirred out Ifi hits against Cincinnati for a 14 to 4 triumph. BaiM Ileiimn yot a single, double, triple and home run lo lead his mates to victory. Frederick hit a homer. Thurslon was erediled with his first victory of Ihe year. The Pittsburgh Pirales got nut five bits off Ed Brandt and the Boston Braves won. 3 to 1. A home run by Phillips cave the Pirates their only score. The victory was Urandt's sixth of the season. The Philadelphia- Phillies. pliyin» at home, i:cat the Chicago Cubs, coming from brliind in tiie last three inninirs. The scare. 5 to 4. Arlctt hit his seventh homer of the wason. * 7 crr.:st City Beats Indians In Eleventh OSCEOLA, Ark.-Th» Osrcoln Indians lest a hard foii«ht <nm-> to t!i Forrest Cltv team on t>i« diamond Kuudav. It. took fourteen imiiins. for t'le visllors t,i tri.i m .))i. (o •>.. Tlir- itefrTt was Dm first pt Uio season for Slim r/ive veteran hnrler. LiopoM Mathematics Course IOWA CITY. la. CtIpl_\Mt!nn I.TCVOH. now in .loliet. III.. u?ni- t'-o murder nf Hobbv Franks hns nn'v to tike his [iii'ti esninhnlions hefcre "radmlin-; from a three vcai- cnmar. in analvtic-il mntli(.imt|« nt Ihe Uni'^r-sity of Iowa correspondence school. Prof. John F. Reillv of ll, 0 mn th- "nintics donarinienl. liis n'-nim-p.) rxinpiH's cours-! nf sturlv. "Lni'mM has done good work," Rellly said. Capture Owls in City MEMPHIS. fUP(—Two OW |, perched on th« front inrnh rail : n" of "Miry and Piyntcs Mr-vprs liniii-- here were captured hy the girts airl given to the MX>. Ten Years Ago Today-National League officials voted lo permit pitchers to apply a touch of resin TUESDAY, aiAY _J9._1931 For the Young Man Graduate fAILS TRY fOOD to their finger tips to insure them n better grip on the ball. India Imported more than 12.- COO automobiles last year, mast of them from the United Slates and Canada. R1TZ THEATER Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday St'C So Is Shields. Frank Shields, hurryiiu from Mexico to Canada for tlie ina;c!-... at Montreal, found time to slop oil a day or two at Northampton. Massachusetts. It seems he Is e:i too. Perhaps Shields and Wood ouaht to conspire with Wilmer Alliscn and demand a showdown on ?xpcnsc. for the wives of Davis Cup phvers No expenses. lor wives, no Davis Cup matches! There wouldn't fce anylhin" th dear old U. S. L. T. A. could dn about It. SHIPS USK WIKF.l.KSS PHONE ! STOCKHOLM. (UP)—The wire! less telephone is now widely usud '• Uy the Swedish merchant marine. I It is installed on many Swedish ! ships in tl-.e Baltic Sea. and four '.wireless stations on the eastern nn:l | southern coast are equipped lo ., transmit spoken nie^sases. It is ai- si> employed by Ihe Swcdi.'li pilot service between outlying li'jhthniis- es and the mainland, nnd th? Swedisli American line will sr,o:i Irelcss on its motorshi;)- C:ri])sholm and Kiin^sliolm. • i Swedish land hits a downward blow ihrou--!'! install wl he bait, taking tmf. It the wrists are released, or uu- -ocked. before the hillinc rrpion k . reached, tlie snap and pnurr i' i Cri " l<v lins increased In Enqland v.nsted. By bringi: - 1 ""' "' ' ' " — >lay in the gets a crisp, descending blow! y brlngiiij; the wrUts into . nt , 1 °" 1 - -"' I'" 1 ' C «" L sincc ll; e Win-Id j lie hlltins rcBii'ii. l.'e hall i W:lr ' ! TOJIOHItOW: musl |l lc |-f| iiand be hi control .if Hie intl the slurt of Hip dnwnswlng? SALVATIONISTS UKTV MANY OMAHA. IUP1-3IX tl-oiisnild ; evcn hundred and thirty-rnr ^n;i!- vidinls were assisteil by l!ie local Branch of the Salvation Annv during the prrio.l December 1 lo April I. according to Major Charles Hepper. division commander. This is more than three times as mamny cases as have ever b:en cared lor during (he same length ol (im-. he said. More than 8.MO meals were served and 4.0C3 were given baths Vi d free lodging. CHOIR VISITS PARIS PARIS. (UPl-On April 23. (] 1{ Slstine Chapel choir, under the lea- NAT NAPONEE, Neb. <UP) - .t ,n er A. Paris. Cardinal Vcrdrr prw'd» PCS , farmer near here has one co-.v (This was Ihe first visit of (he 'eel-' liat keeps him pretty busy milk- cbratcd choir to Paris In I,,, vrars Ing.. It U Betty Mercedes Pledje'and tne second since the lime of' Lyons a -purebred Hohteln. In 355 Pope Leo XIII. The process »-ii dil »»B"y Produced 23.9S.1 pounds j to tlie Asile Saint-Jean le v"c ^,nT g f H 01 !? f,'" 1 " 5 a " d 85i ' 4 ! for 115C bjncflt ot l " c Wr a i pounds of butterfat. This was a crippled bays who are under P.uh- yearly average of 76 pDunds a day. >cr ranis' care Tlie. cow thus far lias produced - __ M t»Ml tJlis X«r, | RMrt Courier News wnnt ndn, ••'. , i Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday Tostello Case' rowcvfiii rini - - Thrilling Drnnin - - - Suspcnce - - - I.ovc • - - Inlrigtie - - i Daring Exposition of \'n- Dcrworld l.;i\v. with j Tom '(Moore and Lola Lain 1 . Adni.—Miitinec and Ni 10 and 2f>c. Just in time for Summer! A COTTON AND RAYON CREPE DRESSES with • i '.y Green, Jackie! Cooper and Robert Cooiran j (Jackie Coorrnn's little i In-other.) 'A I'icltivc for Itotlt jiuid Old. Atlni.—Matinee—10 :im —15 mid -liV fr—Hohort Mnnt iitt "SHIPMATKS". - ('online — Kichard i'TIMMKHON". 2 f or $5-55 From now on (lie Summer no woman can have too many drosses. . Hero's a remarkable opportunity for supplying your reriiiii'cmonls for Ihe season I hey arc 2 for ?r,.f,f, . . . w licn you sec 'them you will want lo buy halt a dozen. Those dresses are all clever, new styles. Sec Uicm in our show windows . . . .see them in our Dress Department Jind don't wait too long; J. C PENNEY CO., Inc. 220-222 W Main S(. INythcville, Ark. We Suggest Any of the Following as Highly Acceptable Gifts - - Shirts Pajamas Hosiery rr*" lies Sj)ort Bells Cigarette Case Linen Handkerchiefs Tie and Handkerchief Sets Golf Apparel New Mead Clothing Co.

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