The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 13
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PAGE FOURTEEN Bt,YTHEVIU,F (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OcUy r*t« per lin« (or consecutive in•crtUm: Minimum chare* We 1 tlm« ptr Hue lie I time* per Due p«r day I2o I time* ptr lln« per day 9c I Ilmea v*r line p«r day 7c IS times per l)n« per dny ic Mouth per Hue We Count five *Tcr*j;t words lo the tine Ad ordered for three or tix times and •topped bc!or« expiration will he charged for trie number of times the Rd ftp* p«*red and ftdjuiimeni o( bill made. All OlamLfled Advertising copy sub- milted by persons residing ouuide of the city milEI b« accompanied by cftsb K*te* may b« e»sl!y computed from t^« •bora t*b)e. Advertising order lor Irregular Imer- lions takes the one time rate, No responsibility will b* I Ate. for more trtan one incorrect ln*rrtlon or »nv classified »d. All ads »re restricted to IKeli proper purification. *tyle untl tTl>*- The Courier rr&ervea the right lo edit or reject anj- «d. Apartments Wanted ' WANTED WILL PAY UF 1 TO $100 for 3 or 4 room apartment or house furnished or scmi- funushttl i) l ' c f c| ' l '«hl<*. A rn- fined couple, no pels, no children, Lease optional. Good location. Call Mr. Slaughter, Hotel Noble, Joncshoro, phone 5515. J-20-pk-23 Business Opportunities Ideal Downtown LOCATION for any type ot bmlnr.s*. .Small hiock or dry grxxls. stecun hfalrtj InilEdiiiK, reA&onm)lF mil, l.ras? IX ripKtrfd. c;nn he boutUlt r*«BOnnblc. For aji;>oli\tjiiei\t cull 4459. Illi-ck-ir THTTRSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 Cash Registers Nrw ohfiifr rash reRlAl*r» lor unj' business. Irmilfrflftift rtrllvrry. Alto rr- rinlli. rffiijvterji. J1KI.I, KOOTT PIKine 11ff> 121] w. Main Coal and Wood For snln— ytm<\ coal anrtl kinrlliiiK. Plenty of It. Wcj deliver. Phone !M9. Lewis I Poultry, 410 K. Main. I 12-2-ok 2-2 COAL "H it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—-Across from Blytlicvilie Compress We Deliver Phone HKt) Apartment For Rent Two room Newly n>rorat furntahed -.1. Phone 2: Business Service Directory Adding Machines N«w R. C. Aljeti adding 4ltt» rt«UTrry. Mfto rebuilt n machine* r tmmr- 1 n rh 1 n r.s— SCOTT 1211 \V. Main ]l?2-rk-2 22 Auto Supplies 'and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Untn A: Division Flione 2,'i6;i Don't endBncer your Is lly with faulty ttr*s~BUT I.KE TIHRS. 12 la-ck-ir REBUILT MOTORS for Ford V-8's. Brand n e \v blocks; new standard si/o pistons, pins, rings. Rebuilt to S.A.K. specifications and tolerances. Immediate allow- "Plenty of Illinois Coal At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONK :U8fi FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway 01 1,1-pK-l I Foods FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court. S. Hijihv.-iiy .il—Call •Ililid Battery Fryers Fresh Eggs Blaylock Hatchery ancc'for nld motor. Buy pay later. '38 A r -8,,85-nO H.T.—?16!).nn '39-42, 85-90 HT.—S '39-4B, S5-lnO H.P.— J10NTGOMERY WARD 3-20-ck-2;j N. Highway r,l. phonr. -!172 l-?.2-ck-29 SHY SHINE FINE Soulful swains tal^e heed. Wu'll wash nnH polish and spray your nu(o . . . give it Uie "new l(Mik" the ladies ndmire. ompany f>th At Walnut 'hone ayrd: l^arge reddUh brown /tog Jn Jflst yrfir. Ha returned lust weerf ; nan R^Alu tU&Rfipi'&rtu. L** r iy iitcv>- ' KBin« jilease coJiluct Kiigenft Jit ill, three pedlpr«wi ci 10 r«glslrailon, Farmers Column WC AilM tj;ial;n*r tractor »nd cul- ri vno; . T* I rn ad s« G* n n . Rout* a . water where you want it is an inexpensive lux- ii ry on the farm. Ruy tlic best, a Goulds KJectric Pump from Planter Hardware Co. 1-13-ek-tl Kor 6 air: 1941 Ma^sey Harris irncior. 44 -fi, J Jiotion lieclcter, plant fr r«rll- Rttaciiinnnt. cultivator. Two row AC roniljme. J'rlcfd rlRht. Tlu«e nillcj N. of l.cartirlllr, r, n ii]<- W. of Hoyn- tnn. J. /), Mo/rip. l.M-pk-ai h'armall HM 221 culllvAtor lor sa . c;hatin. Route 1. I.uxora. Ark lfra West n( nurdctl*. 1,19-pk Mr. Farmer — Let UA sharpen your pJowK. We 5pnriall7^ fcn farm repfiird and ttll ichid* o: wcldlju. Alin it»rrow.-.s lor ^ale. Jtenry Wesibronk's Shop, 22,"i N. First, phonn 41fll. M2-cV:-^l' tor s Onr nni fitulk plow. Uoyl eru » mul^a, on* citl- cutiffr, one row Houston, DelJ. Tor hh HfJiry Cr lc -Two nillch lp, Rovil« .1. for So/c, Cars & Trucks J'J\l >'K<-tc;irU ivc-itlbl*. A-l «ry rtcan. <JUi - Cnll 4188 Eliule r. MlQ 539. 21 toot Carter trAlltr. air tires. J300 cash. Sr irrvlrc .Station, Statfllne w Mooring. it Hcoity'ii 12[-p1c-23 3941 Ponil&c rlvih roupe, good condition. 115',, W. Ctierry SI. J|20-pk-2a Chevrolet, f*ood ronrtlllon. 5er modrl H292. FOR SALE: — n prilrct shape rondlrlon. 1122-pit-2.S One A-mod^l Call 7PJ i,rtc Finrl 4:00 i Loans MONEY TO LOAN We city p on tnrin also tiny CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glcucuc lintel Personal It Ton navn fiomrthlnc you <l need and can't get rlrt of, try ril Hlllltnnn s Swap Shop, phoue R5y. Power Meat Saws Hirro — sanitary — Klecin Km — AriicricAn. also enw blaclr.s ior «Me rentHI &ervice. Also hand saa« H Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto lz!>*«; 81 Salvage Jeep parts no\v available at POOLB: MOTOR co. Wfr c*n fill *U roiir nrtdn Get Benulno parts from our complete Hue. KI.LIS FOOLS. OWNEIl H- OPERATOR South HlBh»!>r Si at strele. Mo Phone smle 49 __ _ _ IIIH-cK-ll We guarantee RECAPPING WITH IfAWKINSON TREADS I.flt your next I ires be GENERALS COST MORR— WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. • W E MAIN PHOHE ml irn-ck-tf Crnppic and i-al fish. '^.) — hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Statcline. I UM-r*-ir Reach For >larl's Bread '! Money to Loan urn to reuaii oi [«.. pay mem, no mnr- Nice lar ranklln. fryers, battery fed, fifK) S. Hotter THK HAT SHOP n ATS C T.KA NED AND B LOCK E H f'lCK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE PHONK *6L17 50:1 \v. Mnln ljM-pk-2-20 Household Goods el.' No dow . tin ictl t«ti KHA APl'liUVKD RATK iO. ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Lrnch vLlle. Ark Choppers m«dp K. K. nUniJn Deal Pnlnt Store 109 E Main 3V plioi.t <«9. Oil Heaters 25 Percent Off l>arpr afsorniicut nf 5 *clcct from. S17C.1 ianclnrd inafcr.s ativ- ITOIII OUR f tirrvtl. opj>orl unllv or I h« rolt! lythRville S;ilo.s Co. K. Alain — Phone 554 Ijl7-rk-lf Expert Radiator Repair for Less W. ni,re Ihr brsl m ndlMoi recall l*ulpm«lt. Lrl n:ir tra'np<l mrn boll But anJ rcnslr roiir radlalni tor 5OM Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co OOUOLAS LAWSON.OMur phon^ JI7I _ _ _ ___ 59 cV IS Brushes Modernize your kitchen — the new inpxponsivo way \vitli easily iiwlallnd A.MKRK'AN CABINKTS AND SINKS. Huhbard Hard\vavc Co. Phone 2015 2K! \V. .Main 1-22-ck-2n buiii|>son--Nr\[ionni—ftlcen K tit-San- thry —Hapld riiopprrx from l!-1 H T o 2A H. r. Aho fctitve.s Rnd plates anrt •rplaccmcnt pnrui HELI. BCOTf SnlM atul Srrvlrr 1V11 w Main Phonx 2200 Musical Merchandise P/umbcr If yovi nt'ri a licensed pi urn tier, or xpcrt fiinvr repair work done, call tarry Mryi»rA at Hubhartt Hardware. l[20-ck-lf For Sale or Trade \ Will FftU or tratlp. for piano lit coort 1 condition: two pler^ llTtne room milt* nnd Klip covers In cood rondltton. incfcrr. nnd larpr juinp room t?bl»» Photi*> 7«?. o. ^t. xritrholl «i Half Moon. t 20-rfc-:»:i for Sale, Farms Farmland near Blytherlllt, Arfc. for an IP. Jtisi on the marJcet: ^(Xl acres, ctosc In. well worth tii« ; money. Will Rive possession for 3943. j Has lijjnis. plenty of tcnnni nouses. _ on pood gravel road. Has school bus. running; waict. The, owners Buy >,Ml i A ll j to setup nslfUe, This piane will rarry | ai A [oan of S100 im «cre or hetur. which j 11(1 will be a ho tit 1m It of purcha.s*' price, »2IO per acrr. It Interested \n Midi ; a [arm. It will rent for J20 an acr* , this yrar See or rail: > Luther Grar j W. (j. Cates or R*!' Worttiingtnn. ! 115 S, Third Kt. i Phone 513. nr rjfflce 21JI rn-ck-24 COMPLETE SERVICE- THAT'S OUR MOTTO Ymir driving is our business. \VcYe litre (n give you friendly, fhorouph service. Bring your ear in today for a choi'kiip. We'll give ymi a quick and accurate estimate for free. Then our !rained mechanics will efficiently doctor-up all the ailments and liavc your car running like new again. Bring your car in today and be sure of safe driving the rest of the winter. We repair all makes, all models. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Phone 578 24 Hr. Service Seiberling Tire* Scales H limps on. Sanitary, Darnrs Com put- inR Rcalps lor grocery Riid mackpts Also Kalrhftnkx porlabl* plaitonn «ntl tie urn ftcalen DKLI. fiCOTJ 1 S*]fA sn<i Srrvlrr lilt W Main Phonr 3260 Services Kn Limit trade;-in radios— prcryone iRmtnrfrt--nlnn dollars up. Sec them • ilrooks Mnslr Stnrr, 107 East Main Hircr.t. TclcptioiiR fill, M3-ck-tr RADIO REPAIR E1T EXPFRT Retialrni^n Call Brook* Music Storr 10T r Main St. Tcl«ohon« EH Piano-: bonchi unrl sold H'5-clc-tt On THE SPOT Photographer W H1 to take 11 for you. Hotel. RhOtJJ. CUL.L1SON liavf. n man tticre Call 4377, Olencoe WASIUNG MACHINES and Electrical Appliances repair- 12 acres, llir*><- miles South oC Blv- thevllle on Highway si. Good improTR- mcnts. well drained,, all t.andv lo?.m tractor laud, A ^oocl producer. On I market for p-hort time. Possession with fpd. Terms. a or 111 ncrfl tract of Innd. two miles Sotith on FflFrhway Bl. Beautiful hiilW- Int- Kite. Price one-third r:(sh. balance In yrarlv noter. Rpr or r*['. m I ,U THER CT R A T. H F M .TOR Phorif AK! or J. J. FTFT.DR. Phonr ?:;9* r 1 'il-pk-23 M T e nave at this lime, five nico farms for sale, in Southeast Mo. Near Sikeston, ^fo. from 100 to 1.000 acres. Also some large businesses for sale. See us at Sikeston Real estate office located at Gross Hotel. CalUfor Lyman Gross, ]-20-ck-23 IOME ^ C r° R ?o :l VciL S M.E; "crZ;! p<1 - Blythevillc Machine Shop ruinip — T. irsiC STOKK, naranlcc." RROOKS frr KAST MAIN ST. FULLER BRUSHES Sales and Service CLYDE KI.DRIDGK I/ocal denier—Phone .(.t:)fi l-lT-ck-2-17 G1VK YOUR FLOORS A NKW SPRING ATTIRK Sander for Rent Bookers Grocery Holland, Mo. Income Tax IF TOU NEED ASSISTANCE In? jMur Intom« Tax. plcaw f »!• ROOM 31. I.TNCH HUM B1.YTKKV1I.I.E.ARK. rr Irlrnlioi nnrr fi p n> Kcvcral yr.irs ripcnm-r nun nal Krvcnvic tjritsrlmrnt Fee* m Iliif with local acrtnmisnt.. p. Car.«on. ij liurr- ill h-> Building Material Butcher fnsuronce ProlpcUon ajralnsl all INSl'RABl.K HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OI.KM;UK HOTEL ni.iKi W Cllftr: Loons fEKSONM. LOANS A imliop.iny xplnrt piann. tlamacf* TO ca.^c—Hc»] nc Brooks Mil sic Htorr. Strrrt. Trlcphonft f,ll NEW SPINETS VKAI1S TO' PAT ' • Occca Kecorrls • Short. Music • Orgnns IIW MILES FREf: DEI.[VERT MORELAND'S Music Slorc •'Un !>. Second — Phone -121 Flytlinvillc, Ark. F'honc 28L'8. Slicing Machines Ulobe—Anirrlran — N'aitonal Risers fni markrts. care and KIOCCTK Also penc- ral hfinrt »tlrrrs. , DELI. FCOTT •.% 3nr1 Sfirrlcr for Sale, City Property 'nirc« ronm funitshrrt hou^p. Pro- pat^ hcnt. 123 F. no*p, 1 Sl-pX-21 NICE SIX TU>OM ho'I^P with hath. hcM rp.sKirntlal sr.-ilon nr cltj. 1'rlcE S1.TIX). with irrnis. Possession 'vlth FOUR ROOM tlunse Ho " y strCT '- rrlre<1 For Sale —City Property THREE ROOMS AND BATH Well built in poor! rnnrti- tion. Large sfarden space, clods to bus line. NEW AND MODERN C-.OOD Five, rooms and balh, equip- jSn, son ped with automatic hot water C; °O D FOUR ROOM ho heater, floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, four lai'xe closets. Located close in to school and business district. Immediate 'possession. Can he financed at 4''-. See or call: One nearly new nemiugr- lon typewriter. Tom Little Realty Co. rhoiie SOI. b-ltner Nesro table ! t) n cooi gpod nondkloii. \Vatlp Aulo e. Thoat 3765. I 22-rt-29 One slightly used niinaujlu cash [ 32-ct-2S MAX LOGAN Realtor Phone 20o-4. Lynch For Sale, City Property Good eheap three room house, well located near Rice- Sti.x. One-half cash, Possession with deed. Six room house with bath. nn paved street. 50x140 foot some farm land nr.-ir Qlvir^i Tour property with m for qi £p(! or f-all in- BF.RT ROSS :ir. Real E-itatc yrokor RERT ROSS. Ji Salrsnian—J'tionc 42T For Hrre On AND ALL KOUI^^!E^'T. JOHN C. BRIGHT 71!) U>si Ash for Rent w Swop Column . 17 ]rwfl rvrl^t. trclch. hlni, «-lertr -A!<> or Irarte ^-r*p Shrtrt. w, .*iT. T 1Z-r»c-26 Beautiful Home One of the best, suburban j homes on the market. Two . Pr " l:l e if- i I n one acres of ground, five 1'ooml^- huiiKalow in excellent condition, large living room,! Youngstown kitchen, also all furniture and furnishings! which are in excellent, condition go with the house. Three room house in rear. Garage, barn and several Three room hon Ptionr H2fi?. n'lth tank. Will KPll Rt tost. See iJorry. \Vade yuriiS'.iire Co. ] 22- Two FIOVCJ:. couch, piano, two brctn (conii)Jntc). rhirrorohe. rtiest of drawers. Runaway bed. kitchen table. Ian trlnnilator i. rablnet niachlnr Birl'e hlryrlc. Call 4fi55 or rr-e ni 2222 Ma.r- Cold wn II rrlgldalrc. Frlgltlalr« elpc- rie ranse. Citilbcr^on oil hpaier. AH srxl If.v than 3D dajs. Phonp 3676 " For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE For Sale, Misc. Irally new. Duncnn Phr:e c:ood rnngf. 3]1 N. Eleventh. LI5-ck-23 1 (Continued on Next Page) rry r.iclln.% n Huffma Mnln. Pli and lot. Close in, possession with deed. ?4.()00. ; other outbuildings in first Two bed-room house on i class condition. This place is I Holly. Has bath, well located i beautifully landscaped and is ?5, r iOO. ' a real buy if someone wants Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Ko*M, .Smith. Con ion Portable DON Beautiful four - bedroom, two-bath suburban house on large lot. Well located on Kast Main. Shown by pointment only. New two-bedroom house on \Valnut. Slvcel. Automatic licat. Rest location. Six room house, on North Tenth St. Gravel street, city a nice country home ready move into, ing—owner Reason for sell- leaving state a p_ i See or call JOHNNY MARR i Real Estate Phone 4111 IJ 13-- k-tr Notice rhr Tjprwrltfl Second Ot \\'r wish tri announrr that liusscll K. Ma IT is now connected with iiur office. If! yon wish l" sell your hnnsc ! or business "See Russell " l>lylhev model JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Phnne 41 II. I 12 S. Second St.: nble' I.'HCOS.' Pho'n'e 51 f). Knssrll Marr, Phone 807 I ]').07- C |<- Typist TTPINO. will rail for U '* 1 IS-pk-J IS Used Cars LKK .\ioTOlf~SAl7KS in n.« several late C;nx and Pickl'|i Trucks for sale a I rrason- l-20-cl<-27 ! — If Five room house with bath! and hardwood floors on Lilly! Slreet. 55.;">()(). We have business lots on Highway 61, 5(K:?On Ft. | One of the best equipped and most modern tourist courts on Highway Bl. Owner retiring. Will sell for l-o rash, ^planer long terms Shown by appointment only We also have grocery •tohnny . . Russell 807 I OT-cH-27 Establlslirtl 1 JT«m c»n get the right informs. Tn «Jxnrt th* best things to n\ \ lorn . , . under FOODS in the sln«M acrrlc* DlnetoiT. t-om« trvloc. Pcr» nt In nr t«rpnon r 2:123 C'KNERAL CO>'TR\C| PURCHASF: conroRATi 122 W. ASI, Kl BlylKcrlllt Ark IJ Jl have moved rny office to 1 lo S. Third Street and will be associated with Mr. Rav \VortliiiiKton doinjf a general renl rslalc and loan business \V. C. CATKS Photography ore us hofore you buy! \\ r> sell Mir flcanest. used fjirs on tho niarkel. and you'll I'iiid Ilir prico right, too \ POOL!- MOTOR CO. Kills Poole, Owim anil Operator South Highway fil n t Steele Mo. Phone Slorlc f!). 17 3-rfc-tf Doqs, Cats, and Pets stores and filling station. DAVID REAL ESTATE & Investment Co. Phone Sf>:*3 lamidr; hxiiincsa. new hiillcilnB 40xftj. TveH equipped. ttoir.R l\W wrekty. Can be doubled. Also new lour room nous*. See JamcA Thornton or CfAtciice Wells, Walimt RHIge or call ^^>7 in w*)mit Rldg?, Ark. 1 tl-v'*-?* all rqulpnifiit anrt lfd In l.uxora. cMnbltsti' Cnll or contact ilurch 1 * |,2l-ck-21 . rrt business, ("air, LuxorA. SMALT, NEW HOU5K on Urgfi lot. Mze 65S2.03. Dogwood Rldi;p, Sotitn of Blvthcvliie. Prlct J1430. Oiif-hRlt cash. FOUR ROOM HOUSF: wllli bath on Holly St. Prlcff *jjOO. Two ^Ir^. to;j r*in be bought, S3.000 nach Terms. FOUR ROOM HOUSF. close in on T,Rfci» Street, Trice 5*250. Has n Urge loan. ONK TWO-STORY BRICK M/ve hMltrilnr. Modern living qiiArter^ wuh *ll fiirnttur« upstairs. Half block Ironi Main Htrrpl bptwrcn Main find Ash Prtce Jin.000. Terms. Sre or Call I-UTHER OHAY, RKALTOR Phone 313 or .1. -T k FtEl>D3, phone 2.184 Beautiful Large SUBURBAN HOME ur hcrtrrKims. thrcf baths. itip sTstrni. ppArloxu lawn. scrv *r Riifl othrr ou t hull dim; r>. P.T R new oiitl mortem. IrlpRl home r rcnillv. Sr« or call MAX LOG AN RFALTOn I.YNCK nUIl.OINCi PHONK 2034 roitr room housn with hiith. »uio- r rnRtlc lioi xater. Good rondHton. in. HA* *nd oxii. Fivf blocks to main ! nnrl or town. On pavement 101 E Rosr. l,9-pK-2:il 'i^ 1 ^ j tiroccry Ktora with lirlns fjuartprs -*?- ;sood loratlon. IJoing nlcf biir-lnew '° r ; *lt*r Swift OH Mill. Will clre Imme' dinte posse.^ston. 120 S Sl^t^enth i On Mfc\n Strff.l In V,CRrhvUlf. Tovir j rooms ind bath on 150' lot! Nirr pnr- n,S* *nrt gnrtlcn ppot. 11200 rinwn, rp.^t i monthly pftyments. Phone M I,XVpit-27 EMERGENCY SERVICE Dial 555 We're on I ho .iuli always . . . ready f« hamllr anv emergency. Out Inw I nick ran be on Us way an in- slant after your rail reaches us. Ne*l (inio vein nped road help—Dial .vv; fin l.Rnp.ston-Wrolcn Company. See Us For Expert Repairs On Any Make Auto 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *DJAL 555 FOR SERVICE 1

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