The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 12
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 BLYTHKVILLK (AUK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE Eastland Blasts Supreme Court Tribunal's Findings On Racial Issues Provoke Comment WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (UP) — elH James O. Eastland. D.. Miss.. charged yesterday that a majority at the U. S. Supreme Court "Is not Judicially honest and won't determine the l^w." He said he referred lo Hie recent supreme court, decision directing the SUile of Oklahoma to make law school facilities available to a Ne- sro Rid, and to a pending court case testing the legality o[ restrictive real estate covenants drawn on racial grounds. "Frankly. I think that all these cases must be based on the assumption tnat a majority of our court as now constituted is not Judicially honest and won't determine the law," Eastland said. He made the statement at a ju dlciary subcommittee Hearing on pending aiUl-lynchlng legislation. Eastland, a member ol the subcommittee, insisted that no additional legislation is necessary because "lynching is J»r.t murder." Easttanrt voiced his views in :\ clash with Albert E. Arcnt, spokesman for the American Jewish Congress, on the constitutional basis for one of the pending anti-lynch- Ing bills. Eastland also differed with Subcommittee Chairman Homer Ferguson, Fl., Mich., on the underlying causes for mob violence. To Ferguson's statement that lynchtny.s are frequently a result of mobs taking the law Into their own hands, Ea.stland said he hadn't ever known such a thing." He said such persons "know they nre not enWcinE the law, they are violating «•*»•." C'harles II. Houston, legal spokesman for the Natiotial Association for the Advancement of Colored People, testified that the "custom" of lynching Is so strong in some areas as to have "the force of law." He said that "remedial legislation" is an "imperative, necessity" to prevent the nation's "most violent, virulent manifestation of racial prejudice." Winter Soiad Bowl Important Wintertime salad bowl mikrs Apples, Cabbage Combine to Make Dinner Delicacy Ily (ia.Yiiur X.tdilox NLA Staff Writi-r Ajiplc.s nncl nibble HIP both on the pti'iilirul KM. So iivc \vhiu- mi'l .sweet poliitwii. Usn Ihcwe oxfollent abundant looits in your menus to provide nourlslimnit tU budget prices. Sr:i![ii|MMt Apples and Cabling One quni'l tnrl .sltceil applc.s, '2 quart* shredded cnbbngc, 'I Ica- spoon.s .salt, '2 tablospoou.s fut, 1 teaspoon .su^ai, l nip brnul crumbs. Plnc-i 1 altd'JiiUc luyt'i'.s ol Ihr tip- pics nnd cabbage in a KIT use* I baking dish. Scu.son each layer with .salt nnd ful. sprinkle the sugar on ihc applc.s. Spread Ihc bread crumbs over the luypr. Cover uiul bake in n moderate oven i330 di'erot'.s P.» (or ^5 inin- uli's, oi 4 until the cabbagr nnd up* pies nre lender, Townril Mm last remove the COVLT so llui crumbs can brown. Serve In Ihc bnkinK dish. Scalloped INitaloc* l-\)ur flips pared nnd Ihluly sliced potatoes, 1 l nt spoon snlt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper, l~2 ItMispoon pup- likit, 2 labli-.spiKms flour, I to '2 luble.spoons onion, ^niteil, 2 Uble- xpoons bull or or fortified mai'nur- inc, '2 eii|xs milk (nbi>ul). and piiu 1 pot MOON; slice I thin. Place half of the potatoo* In a sensed baking dish. Sprinkle with hnlC of the .salt, pepper, paprika, flour, onion and blt.s of but- UM or iimrgurhic; repent the process. Add sufficient milk so thai it, can Just be seen bat\vccn the top slices. Cover nnd bake In a moderate oven (350 devices P.) n bo tit Quick Meals At Low Cost Are Possible Here lire (wo "quickie" dlsliM Unit combine low cost nncl leftover iugrnllenUs Into MibsluuUM nncl delirious dishes. Stow Arluro (Serves 4) One medium slu'd onion, inlnc- iMt; 1 clove. Kcirllc, lelt whole; 1 iwuiid sliced cliuck, round stenk or a piece of flunk steak, or leftover cooked beef, 1 8-ounce can prepured 30 mlmilfs; remove cover nnd con tlnuo bnktn£ About 30 minutes (T until tender and browned. »plced tomito uuec, 1 No. I'cut white Irt*h poUtow, dnOntd; 1 Ho. , 2 c«n mixed v*f«t»bl«, ult, p*p0*t,' drii>plng«. Drown onion »nd (trite In drippings. R«mov« (urlt«. SU«hUr brown meat, whether r»w or cooked. Add .inucf, jMurtUlly com pot nnd cook alowly for 10 minutu.-AM 1 isuce eanful of water. S««kon, then cover and allow to cook slowly until m»at !• tenttT. (Haw incut will require about 1-1 hour.) When nwljr oookM add tlw potatoes and mixed TefttaMn, Haat thoroughly. mnkfurtm With gwM4- (•WTW 4) Eight. CUJM ilirwldtd Mbtw««, < ttblupooni butUr or (orUtled mkr- a(krine, 1-} cup vln*(v, 1-4 cup brown sugar, (Irmlj- p«ck*<l; 1 t«t- spoon salt, 3 teupooni ewrkWkT soed (oi)tlon»l), 3 ttupooni aalt, I frankfurten. In a (hallow bmy PM, fenva the eabbat* UthUy te tta* taM« 4f rculM. afix In^Hnr «W •.«*•>> tar, brown MflBr, Mtt. MMMr M«d and aetonr wtt. Md *» tfk* cabtac*. nac. frmnkfattn m Ma of etVbbace. cover pan and cook ovtr low heat I mlnuUa, Atlanta Putt in Her 0M To •• "How* City" ATLANTA, Oa. (UP) 0*«rtta caplUJ, famed far to p*«ch treat, now hope* to t*t a l« on the title "Cltr of Floww«> whan the triple-hasdar flowir •rent of Atlanta U h*Jd bar* MM year—the National CotiTtnflen at. Uw Men'a Garden Club, tha Atlanta Tulip Show and UM Dod- woed rntlval. important protein nnd turn l thickens anc' Ijecoiucs timber col-' Vitamin A more than a hundred times as potent as that In cod liver oil lias been found in the liber of the halibut. Speed Boy r r ~T TW ' By Gaynor Mnddox NEA SUff Writer Everyone nce<ls large quantities of salads In winter. They provide needed protective elements to the iMet. By adding c«gs and seafood, or sliced meat, fish or, you ntld your salads into u'cll-balnnced onc- cilsh meal 1 !. Wintertime Salad Bowl (Serves €) One and one-half cups cleaned shrimp broken Into bits. 1 cup chopped celery. l ,£ cup sliced ri\ri- Ishcs, 2 tomatoes cut into chunks, 1 avocado cut in long .slices. L i teaspoon salt, ! teaspoon onion juice, 1-3 cup French dressing, 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, s a I n d ] greens, 2 hard cooked eggs, sliced. | Toss together lightly the .shrimp, j celery, radishes, tomato, avocado , atid salt. Blend onion juice nnd French dressing with real m>-on- liaise; arid to vegetable mixture. Arrange in a salad bowl lined with salad greens. Garnish top with slices of egg and several slices of avocado. Homemade inannaladf with oranges and grapefruit, both in good supply. Is a breakfast thought worthy of action. This recipe has been perfected by cooking cxperl.s of the Department, of Agriculture. Amber Marmalade (Yield: about 5 pints—U to 11 glasses} One orange, 1 graj>cfruit, 1 Ic- jnon, "'L teaspoon .salt, -sugar ac- I cording to directions. i Select smooth, thick-skinned fruit free from, blemishes and rust. Wash the fruit, remove the peel nnd slice It very thin. Parboil the sliced peel three times In the following way; Add 1 quart of cold water, bring to a boil, cook for 5 minutes and discard the wrjcr after each cooking. Cut the fruit pulp into lli.s slices and remove seeds and "rang." Combine the sliced pulp with the drained parboiled skins. To each measure of this mixed fruit pulp and parboiled skins, udri three limes the mca.sure of \vu(cr and boil rapidly for 40 minutes. Then weigh or measure this mixture find to It acid an equtil weight or measure of sugar. Add Ihc snH. lioii the ivu.l and sni;iir rapidly for 1 minutes or until it KM* Oourttr Htm Want •- L - J orcd. Watch the marmalade carefully to prevent it .sticking nnd scorch- Inp as it cooks down. Let the marmalade stand in the kctlle until j nearly cool, stir, and pour Into' scalded icily!>. Wlicu cold,; cover with paraffin and store in coo), dry place. State Department Papers Lost In Capital Fire WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, (UP) Some Slate Department records wont up it; smoke when fire swept through almost a city block yesterday, • destroying three warehouses. The fire was brought under control after it gutted the three buildings and threatened nearby wooden dwellings. A general alarm was sounded and residents in nearby homes were evacuated when it was firs:, reported that a 2,000 gallon tank ol ga.solinc was in onn o[ the warehouses. Firemen found no gasoline tank. 1 The lire raced through a Marino Corps warehouse, an abandoned coliseum building and (he Christian Hcurich Brewing Company warehouse. State Department records aiul photographic and radio equipment were .stored in the colliscum and Marine Corps warehouses. Dog "Napkins" In the early 18th century in England, diners'in some eating places user! does \n ptacc of napkins. Diners wiped their hands on long-haired clogs, which were sent among the tables. Head Courier News Wane Art*. Four-year-old George Ho\yard Cole, son of a speedway rider* had crowds gaping when he careened up to Henley Hall, London, to attend Motor .Show Ihcrc. Young Cole's specially [built motorcycle docs 45 miles an hour. Servcd-ond enjoyed- in homes from coast lo coosf and in Cenlral and South America. Rich, ripe flavor. Soft carbonalion. Six full ounces of Iruc hospitality in o graceful, quick- chill bollle. Demand Ihe orioirul. A^k for it by runic; "A GRAPETTE. please." THIRSTY <n NOT f c from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN BACON & CHEI-SE TWINKLES 6 slices bread 9 slices Mayrose Bacon 12 thin slices Mayrose American Cheese 16 SERVINGS) Tojst brc;^ on on; shk -W lurn. Place rvxo ihin slices of <.hc;j: on each piece nf bread Cu[e.u!i slice ofrucon in two. Place Three half slices of bacon on [op of thccse. Broil slowly co crisp bjccon and mck cheese. ?cr. e hoc with picUcrelish .Ncsire.t, \n Cosh Prizes! *?,'," fte,,: OXYDOl SPARKIE I I I I I I I I l \ y Confesf ^^^^ SO Prizes of '100 Each 500 Prizes of *20 Each QXYDOL Today/ Large Sixe Box 38c GET DETAILS AND ENTRY BLANKS HERE! Maxwell House, Folger's, Chase & Sanborn or OLD JUDGE COFFEE 54c Hart's, Taystee or WONDER BREAD - - - 2 «• 27c 5 Lbs. 48c; 10 Lbs. 92c DOMINO SUGAR 100* t»KT BUTTER SPREAD •rcWruii ;. n u. rr 14, Jf«t Yl lb. kuntr or m«r§uriiu I/, ttmfm M!I % cup ft 140k Cut E>utttr j& im«11 D|««M. Put In miiing bowl. Lit x«nd In wmrm r*«m until toft (notif h to idr with a-, •peen—u »«lly U m«yonn«lj« itea", ««•». A L*t milk Kuid In wArn room al*e.j\ Buitw and milk will blmi! b«tM» Ifi ih«f «r« ihi urn* »mp*ntun. Stir milk Into »ofl Initwr (caduall^, ~ adding 2 tabltipooni at a ttm* mini - •miilng ipoon, rourr »u bwor or • .Utulc baur «t low iptcd. Wh*n all •• milk it tddtd, b«at vliorotulr 1 mill-, uw <o bl«tid compltnlr. Cor.r bawl and chill, or Back wfcjue •oft Into iir«ight.iic)«i dlik. Katti. chillid when not in UM. S«rv* u «pr«id on bread, puicakaaj waffitf, biicuili, muffini, etc. Mak«e «' littl* I«M lhan 2 cup* (1 ]b.)i NOTE: I/ kitckt* or w,,lk« I, ml, pltn fo*T conttiilitt tatter M Ur^i £owf or >.. 4.I/ fltfl «V(4 tol viltr, iHrrini tnl-, ttr tt il loftmt. f»r TAI. Kecip* Yo»'U N»U, Pet Milk, large 15e Margarine/ lb 39c 5 Pound Pail REX JELLY Phillips No. 2 Tall Can TOMATO SOUP ------ 2 Pounds 22c; 5 Pounds 45c WHITE (REAM MEAL -10^ 83c LARGE S IVORY SOAP •i for 39 IVOUY SNOW OK IVORY FLAKES , , /e 38 LARGK SI//K UOX DREFT LARGE SI/E I SOX DUZ 35 38 KOAI' OF BKAUTIKUL WOAI1CN CAMAY 2fol . 21 GETS GRIT AND DIRT LAVA SOAP 10 NO RINSING, NO WIPING SPIC&SPAN hox 23 BORDKN'S KAGLK BRANI* CONDENSED MILK t . n 25 ALT, I'OI'ULAR HRANOS CIGARETTES GRADE "A" KRESH COUNTRY EGGS Cln. 1 Do* 55 Vegaco OLEO Lb. SALT MEAT Lb. SPARE RIBS Lb. 48* FRESH DRESSED HENS Lb. FRESH PORK LIVER OEOROI WASHINOTON X Package* G«org« Washington (Pockat Faduuva) And a $1.50 Pip* Allfor59c SUNKIST FOR COLDS LEMONS FULL OF JUICE ORANGES 10 LB. MESH BAG GRAPEFRUIT CRISPY ICEBERG HEAD LETTUCE LARGE CRISPY STALKS CELERY :. fc BLACK BEAUTY APPLES GARDEN FRESH RADISHES Bc h 5 e FRESH GREENONIONS ** 6* TEXAS GREEN HEADS CABBAGE » 4 C CRISPY BUNCHES CARROTS Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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