The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1947
Page 2
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JjLYTHEyiLLB (ARK.)' COURJiE HBWi SATURDAY, AUGUST 1G, 1947 C. Taylor to Rome fSj^onfe> Withfope FRANK ELEAZER Press £U(t C»rrtsp»nArnt Asks State-Run Medical Center LITTLE HOCK, Arit.. Allg. 10. (UP) — University of Arkansas' President Lewis,W.ebsler Jprjes : has made";(he sUwgest ..appeal",U> .date for'n, slate-inn medical center in 'Aitamjus. ' . .- ,,.-„„,, "The need Is obvious nnd tlia; , , .^ ug '..- u '' ..., opportunity Is golden/ 1 Dr. Colics a»t leaders who thought My- M , d ,„ nn ndil , 0 •„ f jule ron ff. Taylor' was home to stay, Rock Cni , ml)ei . fc commence ycsler- were ; lrked today So nnd him en ,. lf ls to )invc sufn .. . .. lle Y* llca " "? " ns . prc1sl - dent number of adequately .trained - . 1 represcnta- doclo ,. S| nmscs . , nedlcn , J ,j, , ^ TW^resldenl disclosed , . . Xxtesl shortly after Taylor had nlcians, must .train them. „ Arkallsas • rfocU>1 . s flro to n . wo n rcscnl . ch c:ltci . wh , ch Uley ,. . . .. ,, specialists must have, there icadcrs-thc alle- ^ a ^ nwi , Mcmler .» viatloh'of human suflering anil es- Uiblisijpient of n lasting peace. ' Apuuig the Hist Prntcstnnt lead- Ur. Jones rd Arkansas cannot mid must net depend on other states 10 provide these things. Nevuiri. ol Atlixnta, Ga., president of Uie.'Southern Baptist Convention:'"' e . ne saiu, with tlie state hospital ns a participant In the organization—would be unique in this country. It would opportunity to "le sta'es W>*con$/n Youth Makes Tough Decision, Stays In Race After Dad Dies AKRON, O,, Aug. 16. (UP)— A name kid from lielolt, Wis., yesterday choked back his sote and bent to his work on Ills soap bpx racer. He was determined lhat ll)c.mln- latllre, mojorless ^u(.o, which he and Ills' father built togetljer during 1)6 long -VVIscoivsin winter, would oino In under the Hag first In Sun- Iny's All-Amerlcan Soap Box Derby. To remain in the race at all was tough decision for 13-ycar-pld Merit Saupders. .He l|ad Ji«t ar- •ivecl In Akron when a loiiB-dislance call Informed him (hat Ills slep- ather, I-eo, had died suddenly while he v/as en route. Merit's latest words to Ills father uefore leaving home were "1'ray for me, Dad. 1 want U) win for you." Merit was heartbroken. He cried and decided to BO back home for ; l>ad'.s" funeral tomorrow and forget about the Illg race, Then ''his mother called from Rc- loit. Tl|e decision on wliel'ner to stay or .crune home for the funeral she said, was up to him. Hut sl|e lidded, "Father would have liked you to win." Thai did It. Merit held back the tears and made'.. his decision. 8<ve Arkansas an ln frol)t because of tlie tense world situation -Q^t present he did not want to piotest foimahy. It was understood, thongh,, tint other Protestant groups were preparing to renew their opposition to U. E}. rcpresen- talldnjat the Vatican. I Catfiblics have Ions; contended thatv-Mils country should have a til and In he ! rcsi'ai'ch." CaruthersvHIe Woman Accepts Teaching Post CARUTHEnSVILLE, Mo., .AlIB 1C. — Friends here learned ilii; week that Miss Judith Mayes o delegate at the Vatican because of. i llls city nail aeccpicd a . ls cy lai fl C c C ,, C( „ pasol us iMfwrtance as an International I ns a faculty member of Weslcyai "Uslenlnfr post:" They |>olnt out j Co | lcgc fllu , conservatory of Mncnn - - ... that-because of the constant How of reports into" the Holy See, such a representative would lie In an ex- cellenl position to appraise world affairs and give vaiuable advice to Uie.';President. Ba'fgist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Ililithcrnn leaders joined in the •jroteat' that .was born soon after, Taylor's .appointment by the late President Roosevelt In o Christ- move in Decemter, 1939. Ga. She will serve as an Instructo \VlVcn the war ended, the opposition developed ,in earnest. Protestant lejlders said Taylor's continued presence Hi Home wa.s in violation of the traditional Anjerlcnu policy of th£ separation of- clAirch and slate?. "I'll .stay, Minn," he "And . somehow let Dad know that I'll try to win for -him." Columnist's Charges to Be •suffered. In a sewer cx>nst,rucUpn nu- cldcnt Saturday. . . ' ' ' , Joe Dodge Is survived by lili-yltc. He wa.s critically Injured .v^jr-n the -••pirarls on a 15-foot sewor dlteh, on which he was working for tl;e liiiirlson vSewage Deliartincut, ,tMve way. CHURCH NEWS FI.AT I.AKK CHURCH Kay I,. Mcf^ster, pastur 1st, 3rd and Bill Sundays: Preaching Services, 9:1(0 a.m.. Sunday School, 10 a.m. 3ml pnd 4th Siindavs: . Sunday School, lij a,m. Training Union, 7 p.m. Krenlng f^ervice, 1:30,p.m. Wednesday night .prayer 1 p.m. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH H. II. Hlevihs, pxslor Church School, 9:50 a.m. Morning Worship, IQ'.!/0 a.ip. Mqthodlst -YoiitH Fellowsftin, g:00 p.m. Evening .Worship, 7'.3» p^n. ; Prayer Meeting, .Wed. 7 p.m. FUI.I. OO^PEI, TABEftN'ACl.E Vent Buwlln, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 0,111. • Nfornlng Worship, 11 aim. YomiK l'eo])le, B:45 p.m. livciilni; .Worship, 7:30 p.m. CHURCH Ray I.. Mcl(fs|*r, |>a»l<ir 1st, 3rd nnd Oth Sunday^- PicacliiiiK Services, 11 n.m. Sumltiy .School .every Similny, 40' a.m. 2nd nnd 4th Su»days- ; Pronclilnt' Services. 7 .p.m (1 ATKWAy TABKRNACi.U I,. G. Carah, iiaslor . Church Service, 9:45 u in. Kyening Worship, !,30 p.m. Church Service, Wednesday and Friday, 7;3p AKSKMBI.V'OF GOD CHUKCII I,. .C...Kani.sey, pastur Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worsliip, 11 a.m. Christ Ambassador Services, 6:30 P.ill, . . , Children's Church, .1:30 p.m. Evani-iclietlc Services, 7:30 p.m. HALF MOON ASSEMBLY OF GPP Martin Keugan, acting junior Sunday Scliod!, 10 aim. Charles Spvinger, mipu'lutondent.-: Mornini; Worship, WASHfNG.TON. Am;. 10. lUP) —The condition of ; troops in Uie Evening Worship. 8 p.m. WodJiosday prayer meeting, p.m. HKST PRESBYTERIAN .CHURCH Harvey T. Kldd, pastur Sunday School. 9:45 a.m. Morning yVorship, 11 a.m. IVJcdlterriinean area where Lt. Cien.; „ John -,C. II. Lee is cominaiuliiij! n"uw.Tliie"ar"tV.dVnrtVneiVl7"t'cncli- I gcneml will .comiT.imdcr ,'ilie KCHH «g classes .In Speech, Advanced I "'V of. Qen. N. Bindley Problems In .Production^ Advanced when ;lie makes a'toui- of U. S. Act|ng. and History of the Modern nllilaiy installations In Eiirpuo, Thentre. She will nlso clo work In ,he Little Theatre, and produce two plays during -tl)e .year. Allowing "i-nduation rrqm .high school .here. Miss ntteiuled Central Collcse, Fayettc, IVJo., and 'graduation there, look graduate work ill Northwestern University, Chicago, and received Army Brass Hats Chuckle Over Events of long Ago I,WI<1 E KObk,' Ark., -AVIK.' .16.— ITJP)'^ Three generals went their \vav ^foday each chuckling over coincidences v.'hich brought tljem togsiifir at Camp'Joseph T. Robinson', and in earlier life. Thp.'trio ot brass dlscoyercd yes- terdaY thnt they trained in the samelo^mp and went to Europe on the same ship during World War 1 -t ' Thf^ generali were Brig. Gel). Raymnhd li. Pleming of New Orleans;'.' ; Loitlstann adjutant general and Sbthiiiiyislpn; Erig. Oen. Hebsr L. McAHSier, Arkansas Adjutant General, 'and Brie Qcn. Elgan C. Robeff^on of Mnrianiia. commanding general of .the 39th Division Artillery and senior officer 01 the Arkansas fjntiorml Guard. All-three went into (mining at Camp'Beauregaid, La., during the flrst\\rt>rld war and all three crossed ti} ^Europe nn an English ship, the Balmoral Castle—not knowing one anqther p.£ ^hc tirae. Gen Flenirmiig, who Inspected the gua'd eucfimpment at Camp Robinson yesterday, returned to Louisiana last iilght. her master's Ueyrce from Columbia University. Mew York. She hud ttutyhl in several colleges, and also worked with her brother. Wendell Mayes, who ir a producer In New York, nnd Irvington. New Jersey. Miss Mayes Is the daughter of Ally, and Mrs. Von Maye.s. Girl's Death Investigated RCCiERS, .Ark., Aug. ;j. (UP) — Funeral servicec are being planned todny for Anna Kalhryn Henry 14-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mis. Leonard Henry of n«nr Rogers who was found dead of gunshot wounds yesterday afternoon! Ofli- ccrs said circumstances Indicated ll)e wound was self-iiiflicled but are contimitnr; their'investigation. The body W3s discovered by her CHURCH 9F CHI'I.vr •K. W. .Sloratl, pastor Sunday .School, U:5p,, Worship Kervice, 10:50 'b.m. Bible Study. (l:4f> p.m.- Evening .Service, 8 n m. TIT" r-" - '-,-- '" IJ ' "' nllilary liislai|at|piis In he "War ijepiirtinent disclosed lo- :lny. 'I he War Department was ask:d abmit reports tliat Unupoy; head of the Veleians Administra- s ^^"' tlpn. will Invcslieuic fh«rj>i's niiide 2 -|j *' by Scripps Howarl columnist. Robert C. Ruark against I^ce llrntl- ley leaves today lor hfew Ytirk oil ,Lhe six \veek.s .totir cif the ;U; S. ;Euroui'nn bases., Buarks dispatches frotn Italy YARRRO MKTHOniSr ,CHUR<;|1 .Kuy I,. Mcl.^ster, pas k ti»r 1st. 3rd and 5th Sundays: Preaching Services, 7:30'pm Sunday School, 10 a.m., every .d 4th Sundays: Preaching Services, \\ a.m. TEMPLK ISIIAKI Dr. Alfred Vis.', Services on , spiiciul aiinniinci!- Worship, 3 p . m . F1R8T CHRISTIAN CHURCH R. t>. Baird, paslor Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Communion Service 10:3D n. in, I.II..LY STREET BAPTIST 1*. B. Bledsoe, pastur Sunday -School, 8:31 a.m. Morning Worship. 10:p5 a.m. Tfalnirig Union 0:45 a.m. _ Evening .Worship 7:30 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH E. C. Brown, paslor Sunday Seliool, 9:40 a.m. Morning Wov.-.'.iip,' 1C:P5 a.m. Training Union, 7 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY Sunday School Cabinet meeting, 0:45 p.m. .Officers' and Teachers' mcellnt;. 7 p.m. Grayer Service, 7;31 p.m. Concrete Culvert-tile Hires IV" to 36- (Rrlnforord or T> T on-Re!nforced) Cheaper and Longer Lasting Ihan any otlitr JtrjJse jwit»rlal. Cuiii'rr(e units fur Sanitary Frivy—Concrete Septic .Tank*. A.H.Webb • Hwy. 61 N. at Kttttt Une • Phone Blyllievlllc 714 ST. STKIMIKN'S EPISCOPAL CUIIKCI1 William J. Flbhuiili Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. Murnliiij -Prayer, .8 a.m. Ctuirch School, 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, 8 p.m. ,Class of instruction. CAI.VAKY -Ijl'ISCOl'AI. • Os<-eolu William J. '•Fllilmgli ICIcvi'iUh Sunday after Trinity. Morning Prayer, 11 a.m. > FIRST CHURCH OF TIIK NA/ARKNK - Daniel Stafford, pastor Sunday" School, 8:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Young People's Meetltik', V:15 p.m. livening Worship, B p.m. Wednesday 'pniyer. service, 7:30 p.m. MITIIKKAN CJIHSKOll Kolierl JifjfiT, pastor Eunda'y Schpoi, 10 a.m. Holy Communion, 11 a.m. ' Friday, 7:30 p.m.. Sunday School | lcacl)cr',s meeting. said .the Gl's were -living under miserable conditions In ataly while Lee lived '.In ''kingly" style. Atom Commission Of UN Condemns Soviet Proposals LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., Aug. (UP)—Members of the United Nii- tloiis Atomic Energy Commission [ormnlly condemned Russia's ntojiUc control proposals as inadequate yes- Ici'dny and shelved them indefinitely over tlii! pro tests'.of Soviet Delc|;a(.e Amkci Gromyko. The majority left the door oper for a la^er and inoru . comprelien- sive discussion .of the-Russian pvo- _ posals, but said that as they now who work In .Rogers and Monte . stand they "do not provide an adc- 'commanrfing general of the 7-year-old brother who was play's. . . • _ 6 . '. __ . . Ing near the barn at the time the : shoi wn s fired from a .12' guage single-barrel shotgun. The parents, CALVARY BAl'T 1ST CHURCH IGtli and Chkkusawba P. .11. Jer.ziigun, pallor Sunday School, :?:45' a.m.. •;Mornlng Worship, H ;B, T u., cV45 .p.iii. . ;..._ JEvenlng \Vorship. H p.m. • iPrayer Meetjngj 1:30 p.m. FIKST METHODIST.CHURCH Allen l>. Stewart, pastor Church School, 9:45 n.m, Worsh'lp Strvicc, Ip'.fiO a.m. Senior Youth Fellowship, 6:30 p.m. Intermediate Youth Fellowship 0:30 " "- P -Worship Service 7 30 P»i- >> -. .^Upir practice Wednesday '.CHURCH .OF GOI> 11. E. Shaw, pastor Sunday School. 0:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11. a.'in. Youth Service, 7 p.m. Evening Service, 8 p.m. CHURCH OF THE IMAIACULATK CONCEPTION" KfV. B. Francis Mvlli-vitt, pastor Iti'v. 1'iiul Bujarski, assistant pastur Sunday Masses, 7 and 10 a.m.' Weekday Masses, B p.m. DUMBER NINF; ; BAPTIST CHURCH Howard II. King, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. ; Morning Worship, U a.m. Training Union, 7 p.m. CHRISTIAN SCIBNCK SERVICES Wiiin.iir.'s Clubhouse, 1410 W. Main "Soul" is the subject'of the Lesion Sennpu .which will lie read in all Cliurches and Societies of llii. CliuVch.of Cln'ist. SclentUit Sunday BOTTOMS UP! For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance s v Installation 500 N. Fifth fii. Klythaville, Ark. It's llini! to Kc't that Tall ward-* *rob«t out and iirepaii- yinirsfll'', the future. Check your slims: • 9 >c\'iK them in for new sok-s or* »liecis, .(-IcaninK <ir dyeing. « HALTER'S ! Quality Shoe Shop • i i>3 a. Main Pbuiu- 2487 Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. ^^*^»;;<;<C*)X^>;>]>"* : J»^<>;>;>"«^»;>;>;>;>;>>!r*^*!^>'l*^X>^*]> 1 ^ Showers of Blessings Over KLCN Tomorrow Morning at 8:30 a.m. Sponsored by Churth of'The Nnzarcne All Work Done Uy r'iiclovy-Trained ftlen BAPTIST CHURCH A. M. .Houston, paslur Sunday Scliool. 10 'i.m MornipB Worship, 11 am Plumbing For Sale Bath tu ! s, Closets, I a\atgrios, GO" inch all metal Acitl- ItehisiniK ( alnnel Sinks* uitli double cliain ,lioanl. Automatic Oil Hnd rittinc W.iltr Heaters A!sp .Seiitic r.inks AH Pipe & I it tings in.ces'*uy to install your liilhiooin -v, . "t ' , i V Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875 Nc. were not nl liome. Teamsters Re-elect Tobin SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1G. (UP)! —Sevcnty-one-yeur-oUl Daniel '* J^ Tobln today .be^an his 42ml yenr us presidcnl of tlie API, Tcani.slcrs Union. Toblu was elcctotl nnniiimously by 2.000 deleeiiles to the union's (|iiate bnsts for the ilevclonnicut oC specific jjirpppsnls for nn olTecUvo I system .of : liiteniatio|i:tl control of' convention presidents, opposed. along with 10 none of whom Aug. Funeral Services Held For-Mrs. Shelby Lester CAJ^UTHERSVILLE,' Mo., 16 — Funer?.! services were held In Portageville this afternoon for Mr* j'Shelby Lester, who died at the lamily' home < In Porlngevillc \Vednesday night followine an ill- neis of scvernl incmths. Boni at Clnrktori, Mo., Mrs. Lister was the daughter of William R and Dicie Johnston. They moved to cSruthersviile in 1899 where l:i. four, children attended the local schools. Mr. Johnston died in 1D39 and<Mrs. Johnston in 1941. Mr "and Mr<- Lester lived in Ci- ruthersville for several years fol Io»msr their marriage, and moved to Porlagevillr nbqut 15 years ago, vliere Mi L»stcr has been engaged in me retail furniture business since: ' Surviving is her husband; one son E!za one daughter, Martha all of Portageville; one sister Mlss^Essie Johnston of Canithers- ville and one brother, j. j john- ston * The engineer was "cmSlicd *'o (!cr,(h in the cab, but none of tlie' 40 passengers in the six-conch seashore train way Injured. All cars remained on the .tracks nnd tlin passengers said they felt oni > -i iilghl Jolt. ; It was the Ihiid derailment ii. three days pn tin I'cnnsylvanin syitcin .In this nren. ntomic .eneray." Promptly taken in the Atomic CQlnmis.'jiph's .Controls ComnVlUge. Britisli D.t-tee:slc Riuhavd lyljles eni|iiias|7.rd Hint the nclioii did not ineap : the Atomic Commission was rejecting "the .essence" or cpnlent ,pf the Soviet proposals, but that it was turning thcfii down as a basis for the current iitoniic debate in the Controls Coni|n|llce. Harrison Man Killed In Sewe* .Accident HA-URISQN, Ark., AUR. Iji.. (U! 5 j Funeral arrani;eiiic»Ls were bcini; made .tod.iv" fov a sixty year old Hairison laborer who died yesterday in 11 Harrison hospital from injuries FUN AT THE GOOD JOB! Engine Jumps Track; . Member of Crew Killed PHHjVEFLPHIA, lAug. 16. i MR) <~ A -^P as ^ en Ber train locomo'tive jumpw Uie tracks and pvert'ufned as l^fiassed over a switch Kxiay blocking tao trr.cks of the p»»,. bylvaWa railroad's main : line .... .....-pV^^ j I SELL j .rYourCar I T- While I Prices are HIGH! "C i tn Work That'll Please Him t^jease your husband by sending his suits to us. Wo do expert workmanship at rnotlcrate prices. Wo keep your ms\n at >his best! Blytheville Steam Laundry-Cleaners At the Mississippi Co. Fairgrounds Sunday, Aug. 17,2:30 p.ra. Fifzpatrick Jewelry Store U takes only-3 .minutes to open an account > .. ~. , f j* T*-*:v*-*-:*'-*'*-*-*"*'*i*'*'y ; "'*''*"*"- r *"*''* 1 '*"*^'*'VV f OR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver IMione 691 If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS fOR REAL MttCURy XRVICC ALWAVS $££ YOUR Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phono 3179 lilytheville Ark. 112 Walnut St. AND EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMM.ER THRILLS! SPILLS! FUN GALORE! * Full Racing ' Stock Model Program! Racers! See the Jalopies in Action! ADM. 60c Sponsored by Dud Cason Post 24, of the American Legion KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •The Old Reliable" G. O. FOETZ P«p«nd*bl« TKODllCTS „„«. »t CBecr» BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 l.t,:, _.,, S S«^

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