The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 11
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' PAGB TWELVE BLYTHEVrU.E (ARK.)' COURJEH NEWS •- • , : . r. -3 ... ^^ -. Home -f conom/cs Expert Soys Choice of Cuts in Buying Meat Helps Cramped Budget A tlmple two-fold procrnni for savins jurat (hat Is wilhln the r««ch cf «vci-ycm« is proposed by Hrl>« Stast:5, home rconnintal. A •onsiifent following of this program, day after day, will liclp HIP family budget, the says. • - — - •• ------- rir*t ei «n, according to Miss . Chicken and Dumplings Showdown Sidestepped In Groin Ration Issue WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. W> — fHary of Agriculture Clinlon P. Anderson, who is being .sued hrcausf he rationed jfraln to whlsky-mnk- ftrs, yesterday side.-, lopped a .showdown with thn brewers—for nt, a few weeks. Anderson snlrt he would nsk the brer makf'i.s to continue opcrnUntf through February under tlu'ir pre.i- Wag aggs, if* Important to become | D, OV :J_ T astv n:,!, acquainted with ciils of meat that rroviae i osiy uisn •re not quite so much In demand Hy Caynor M:nlilnT •t the meat market. Actually, there NKA Staff Writer •r* from 115 to 250 retail cuts of ( Evorylxxly likes dumplings. Potato meat, but only about, 20 o( IVirss 1 dmnphni'.s are ,-veii more )x»iu!ar. cut* nr« familiar to most \vomen. i Frlrassco of f'Mrkni With I'ntaln This leaves an army of around 150 • Ihjmplings to 200 cuts of meat that are little 1 l-Vc-l>ouml fowl. c:ut il|). few In demand. | stalks or Icavo.s of celery, '2 onions, 'Because these cut* are In little;' ™"at. '!• teaspoons salt. 1-8 tea- demand, they are a belter biirtfwt. i S P™» pepper bit ot bay leaf fop- value to the average homemaker. j <" >nn "', 3 wholc clovr5 ' ' '^ "' mrt " Examples of these cuts are beef llot *"'". pM * beef brisket, lamb and »™\ Combine all IneredlcnU anrt sltn- breast, lamb neck slices, beef cross- »'" «™"J\« o ™ r ? 1 '- 3 '°,.i T^ TMUHSIMY, JANLIARV 22, J!M8 out &0-d;iy voluntary jrraln coiwer- I valion program, even though he i t'(;is il "unacceptable," This , prog r rim expires Jan. 31. I lifi temporary extension, Anderson poll ifiiid, 'A'ould give hi in tima to tiic hrewer* to determine j her they would accept «• I er K r;i in -saving program. He muU-uU'rt eather that I his pr«Kram would require a cutback of 20 per cent in brewers 1 grain usage, Collect a Whole Set from Your Grocer! , . , cut shank-*;, ' pork .shoulder steaks, «r«. Each of these cuts is equal In Just as tender by slow, moist-heat cookery. Tlie second idea Miss StucK* s"H- HestJ in the Interest of conservation has to do wllh temperature. It t« Important, she points out, to conk meal slowly, both from the standpoint of serving! meat ut its besl, «nd for saving. Meat that Is i-ook- td at low temperatures '300 f. for roasting; low heat (or broiling, P'"i- broillng and panfrylng, m»l simmering temperatures for bruising and cookhiE with liquid' actuallv provides more meat to serve, IOL- it nhrinlts lifts. In adrtition, lo its Juicier »nd more flavorful. Women Are Wearing Cotton These Days until tender, tup careful to cook the rhfckcn .slowly, no not IxjH.) Thicken stock to make rich Ri Make potato dumplinj-s anil cook in stow. T.vo cups cooked tind ricetl pu- I tatoes, 2 tablespoons floui', 1 table- i sjwon .shortening, melted, I PK%< i slightly Beaten. 1-2 teaspoon salt, ; dash of [if'ppcr, 1 1-2 tablespoons finely chopped pursley or chives ( Combine nil Ingredients and mix thoroughly. Divide into 12 portions nut! shnpp mto balls. Chill. Drop into simmering stew, licln^ careful to drop earh ball onto a piece of chicken, so thai it will not be Immersed In the liquid. Cover kettle tightly anil i-ook. without removing cover, for 12 to IS minutes. ATLANTA. Ga.. Jan. 22 (UP'l — The Indies are not wearinR ns much «« they once did. ' The National Cotton Council was told yesterday that considerably less cotton was used between 1!K» and 1946 In women's ami gtrls wear. i To b* exact, cotton used in ^7 j women's and Misses' .Hems declined [ from about 650.000 bales 111 IOM to' 401.000 last year. In Infants nnd children's wear, j the market for cotton Increased j from about 210.000 bales In 183!) lol 110.000 bn!e« In 1946. Men and boys I w*d 1,300,600 bales nnmiaHy In 1933 1 B:ilitcic.s<i "(,'iirp" Ameilcuii almiiiiacs, as Jale as 1872, .siiKi:ested lo polrntial biilrt- hoads that- they rub the thin .spots with K]i onion and then fipplv licni- ev as a cure. nnd 1,100.000 lust ycnr. Dr. LtMjiuirrt, Ktnith, director nf the t'ounell'.s UUM'/.ntlon Division, indicated sornetlihiK if= belli K done in textile lahoralotir.s in iin effort to nttvncl more business from the imile.s. Sin i til rmmi mended linmedfute uxpansion t)f re-senrch to Improve cotton crease resistance, .stren^l ti ami luster of the fnhric. He said thh applied to both we.irinn apparel nnrl . household Items like drnpci'icK atid j slip covers. livery premium package holds n lu-aiinTul piece of t.ihtvwarc for you! Serve a delicious bowl of this ft'ii-al daily tncvt-ry ineinhcr of your family. itcr.s get Moihtr'x Oais famous growth proicciion ... aiut Dad not-'ds LI.S rop f.iugue-ri>;li[i nf< elements, Vii.ionn iii ami l : OL>(l-l;ncrgj'. Wflh such ^reiii hent-fiiA for ever)fine, it'.s nfi wonder Mother's O.KS is America's most popular cereal. Ask for il in the premium pickaxe io*lay! A\otbtr'rOalt with Aluminum Wort NW Available, Tool Mother's Oats 1P«£MIUM PACKAGE! You Save on a package of Q m <n 9 HOT ROLL MIX with coupon below Bakes Wonderful Hot Rolls -Just Add Water! Home Bakers! This special offer saves you approximately 40% on a package of wonderful Omar Hot Roll Mix — the amazing mix that makes even an amateur an expert hot roll baker. Omar Hot Roll Mix is fully prepared — contains all essential ingredients, induding yeast. Simple, easy-to-use . . . just add water . . . then mix. A generous offer? You bet! But we want you to experience the thrill of baking light, tender, golden-crusted hot rolls in a jiffy. Once you've used Omar Hot Roll Mix, you'll want to keep a package nandy all the time. Take advantage of this ra- rnarkable offer — get your package of OMAR HOT ROLL MIX right away. See how easy it is to bake wonderful hot rolls every time. Hurry! Clip Coupon Nowl Sirt Ht on Omar Hot Roll Mix Good •( your frc«r'» ' HI Feb. 31, 19JI Omai* HOT ROLL MIX MR. GROCER: Oinur Incorporated, will rrcltom (hit coupon whtn il 11 tilled in proudly by ihr tuMoincr. Il cntillci you lo rrccivr Mr in S>-5 cash from your Omar Salrvnnn. or will be rc.lctnutl if m.iilcd to in by c£*? March 15 19-18 o<*p Orf**^> Om»r IncwpwaUd, 1910 Hirnty Premium Potkoqn of Dellilous Mother's Outs Bring You Lovely Dishes! Complete Variety * Lowest Prices Your Kroger Store brings you all the well-known brands al money-saying prices—a complete variety of America's best-liked foods including fine meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. Stock-up. Save/ and stock up PEAS No. :KI:J ca n (Jiant Swccl Tcnilc'r 20 29 BEANS 2 ^: Van Camp's wild I'ork EVAP MILK 3 T ;l s 40 I'urc Carnation PET MILK 3 ™; 40 KROGER MILK 2 25 jN'one Finer PEACHES N J 32 Stokely's "h'Snesl" GRAPEFRUIT :r 19 K rojfcr CITRUSIP ';;;< 23 Stokelv's V 8 COCKTAIL '^ 33 Flavor-Fresh TOMATO Kroger .["ice !lr 22 SPOTLIGHT ,„ 40 Hot DiUed Coffee KROGER COFFEE 50 Rich Vacuuni-Pack_ TEA BAGS i 17 Kroner PEPSI-COLA 6 P ,!!± "Hits the Spot" Parly Favorife KROGER COLA 2 19 Tasle Thrilling Beverage. Plus Dep. MIRACLE WHIP ;; 39 Salad Dressing PANCAKE 2 2P V^ 29 Kroger ("'lour SYRUP ^;: 21 Red Label Karn STRONGHEART ;L2S' Dog F(md. Priced !.<>»' It's Kroger for Better Values in Well-Known Brands* ~€K MACKEREL ROLLED OATS Juitk (juakcr CORN FLAKES 2 IS 29 Kellojrif's GELATIN 3 Kroner Assdi'ted CATSUP T»nia(i> * -f/oulehold //eeall FACIAL TISSUES 39 ijfol Soft—I (XI Ct. GILLETTE '1 r 25 C liluu LftMP BULBS, ....... ,,12 \\ oslinglioiise 0 2 25 23 pkgs Dissolves ( Quickly SPIC&SPAN 1)k Cleaner ' VEL IlkK . 36 C For Marvelous Suds DREFT 1)k , 36 l''or Excellent Suds PALMOLIVE 2 ^ 23 Try the I l-I)ay Plan TORY '2 MC ";;:; 25 c .More Doctors Advise it. CAGARETTES Popular Brands cln. u to eat/ *,; 40 13 TREET Armour's Slitr KRAFT iSlacaruni Dinner KROGER V 29 Heady lo iMix Spa^lielli Dinner CAMPBELL'S 3 ( ,, s 29 Tomalo Soup CHILI ' c ;; n 30 Arnnuir's Star BEEF HASH ';; 33 Star Corned TI^ALES H ;.:,r 21 Star Hot SALMON :;;:; 43 t'hurn—Stiiiuliird lirand SWIFTNING •>\vif{ lirand Laid FLOUR imtlale—50 Hi. hajf -l.l!) KROGER FLOUR «, I 1'liiin or Self-RisiiiK. 50 11) .1.1:) PURE LARD ( ; 1 2) , Kirm \Vhi(e Htiff HUMKO e ;,J b 1" Diiinly <,'onl<inj; I'ai CLABBER GIRL '-; 23 r I'owdor SALT iMyfos Tahlc or (!(M>kin B pkjjs. SODA 10 25 C lb 37 93 C Arm & Hammer MARGARINE ' () 42 Kraft. Fresh EATMORE Kconomical WINDSOR Ui Wisconsin Cheese Food WONDERNUT >„ 39 Alargarine *'iu i feat i KROGER BREAD Two Bic Fresh \Vi pound L»aves. nrfunllT loss (ban \2f a pnutid! 2 T/4 Pound Loaves It COOKIES „„ C'hocolale Chi]) CRACKERS Kroger Fresh COFFEE CflKES Assorted Varieties LAYER CA^ES „. 59 Cberrv Fudge (Jolden * tfettet 1/a.luei in Ti'ne /Heati VEAL ROAST - - lb. 49< Armour St^r. Swift Premium. Fonrlrss llnllnl, STEWING CHICKENS lb. 49c Full Drawn — KrAiIy for the pan. GROUND BEEF lb. 45c Fresh PORK SAUSAGE .......... Mb. roll 55c Armour's Slnr. ARMOUR'S STAR BACON 1 lb. 69c * ^.cono/ntf At eat f — SPARE RIBS lb. 45c S mall f ,c a n .N I en t v. BEEF LIVER .......... lb. 49c Younjr Trnttrr. PORK FEET .......... lb. 19c CHITTERLINGS ........ lb. 29c Frrsb I'ork, COD FILLETS ........ lb. 39c Delicious Fl-uor. -JL. T.-^jf. C 21 •*, J * Tleih. finite ana Rushed fresh from finest gardens to our stores. ib. Mesh AD A UP EC Rich, Juicy, Full of Vitamins V/KAWwll3 Buy now during Producer-Consumer Sale Q Bag RED POTATOES 50 lb. Mesh Bag . \ T. S. Washed Sc-lrclr.l. CAULIFLOWER Giant Size Head . Fresh Snn-wl>ilr. 2 *) A APPLES Oregon Extra Fancy *) f* j ,Z/ Golden Ortleys 3 Ibs. /j£ \V*>.h. Stulp Et«-il Drlirinus—2 Ibs. 2Sc RED GRAFFS 2 Pounds Cnlifnrui* Vinrsl Swrrl. Success 5tory One o\it of six af Kroner's 2-t.OOO employees i-=; a mombcr of man- apcmont — which means thai Kroger lias nearly -1,000 men ant women in supervisory jobs. Indeed, oxcpptifinal oppot UinUi for advancement conl vihut r greatly to the loyal spirit o: Kroger employees.

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