The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 10
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1048 BLYT1IEVILLH (ABK.)' COTJRrER NEWS Supply oi Meat Will Be Adequate Prediction is Made By Representative of Packers 4 Association ^WASHINGTON. -Jan, 22 UJP> — 4|«X)kcsm:m for Inrirponrtrnl. rural packers lold Conprcs.s yesterday thf nation is in no drmqer of a meat fihrxtnpc this year unless priro con- trots are restored and n black ninr- keL devclopes. The witness was Wilbur Kuroe, general counsel of tne National Independent Meat F'ackers Association. He appeared before Die Srnnti 1 Banking Commit, ten consider! us President Truman's request for authority to impose price and wayo controls and rationing to fight ris- Gromyko Says | Clemency Board jMeJ/cos P/an U.S. Evasive on Bomb Controls For Arkansas Tightens Policy "There will be an adcciuate supply of meat on the shelves unless there 1* price control, which diverts th° meat, (o lllipitimjUe channels ns u;\s the case during price control," Ln- rop said. He said restoring controls and ra- Uonins would m»Ke inn tiers wors^ by "chsorpianixing" Ihe meat industry. He said it would block normal operitlon of the meat production and distribution system. Laroe said price rontrol and in- i ttonlnp; could not be effective tiov.' ^ c because "the patriotic inolivp \vniik 1 I.AKK -SUCCl'^-S. K. Y , .I:m. 2'^. ' i UI'i--Russia rharicd today that ! Ilifi Unitrd Slav* WHS Irvine ' fov- ' rris'ily" In nvnifl inf' h in:it iminl con-j trol of :i'.omir cnfi';:v. I f-ovirl drlruiilp Andrei CJvomvk^ • made :he < i oinpl:nnt when the Unit- ' er' Nations disai mament conunis- . -sion mot for 'h* 1 tirs« time I'.ils .ve;ir. !?e!oj c t he rommi.^sion was an Austr:tli;in ix'snhition which would link di^irmiiinrni with atomic cun- trol and a rt'^lorsviion uf world fonfidoncp. f;ro!ii\ko said this was ,iust another way of viehini ihe acknowledged A i U'lo- A merit'an desire to riebiy ciisiii'niantniit until polill- cul stability ^ ros'.oi'rtL \Vha: s more, said Gromyko. the UniU'd Suites is fc-vevishly lni>k- invr for looj'lmlrs to i\void n tonne control. Anirticin Drlepate I-Yrrlevi:V: Osborn rpjillrri .^linrply. He wa.s stt- tin« on !ln> tH^i'.rrntuieni. cnnuni. 1 -- UTTLK HOCK, i UP) — In line \vith MOII, ihe A f'K n n p n s '.vi 11 coi .Fidrr only Ark.. Jui. a recent rli n;u'olo bo rven hit In rr^tirsi. 1 ; when it nieet.s at !.i(tic RncU I-Vb. -I. At its mreliiu: the ' board dei'itled tn i.'^ue (urloni'.hs nn!\ in ca^r.s nf exirnnr e]nrri:rncy or af- ier a prisonrr had spout five yt-ai's in prison. The JIIOVP wns an fit tempt to rotnbat ft risinti ticnd to- \vaid hubitual criminal ru i:., The Ixv.m* \v\ll ,\Lsa ruusu^of ,>S ple:is Ten' cU'incncv and 40 parol-) i'pplicati<nis Texas Looks For Big Catt!e Boom After Drought* COLLW.E STATION 1 . Tex. ilJPi ---Tho caHlo ral'-ins: tndn'^ry hi To>::is Is in f-ii a buotn ncxl sion for !hn first ti^tie, bin recalled [ yrn ,. (f tinlurp will that ho and Gromykn lind at length on the atomic commission. Osborn s;iiri that Gromyko failed to accept, the realities of atomic problems. Grouivko aitnrked the Australia" link dSs'.iPil- ot the UN not restrain pcnple Ironi violations; since there is no war rmpn^nc He said prices are almost sure to higher "if we add a black mark<n j and of lecitimatv'! trade Lo the present situation." | La roc said Secretary of ARricul- i t\ire Clinton p. Anderson's warn-1 lugs of j\ cviUcai mc?.i shortage tlvs! spring did not jibe with ncricutttir-j: l Departments estimates of 14ft Hounds' of meat per person in 1943, com- pared with n 1935-30 average of i"!t3 Coinmiiii:r---whirli j -s ;;i planning an irilPLnntional pnlico foicc would 1)0 the death knell nf " he tlisannaincnt po*iiiiiis.sioii. Ho ;ii{l a phrase railine far inirrnrt- iun:tl fonfinriirp '.vas so va^ue lh«' t. conlrl be ii^rrprpie;! OK brine; op- p arm Plons Exnonsion •nilv lend a ha no". Kven wit hoi it HIP aid fif nature, the ran[!P-ridinc |mu'lirr is slali-it to do ovei-yihliiK In hi> finiuu'irtl po\\Tf tn rcplaro the <l;un;iur tluil j drought mid dryhu; ui-^s lund^ did , to him last yrtir, j A siirvny by A. .V M. rollet-c hen; rovcals that ihp we ,torn set-linn - nf the si aie will miiki 1 a .<•! rot it; cojucbark Inro the liuvrr's nrnl;"t next year. '1'he shot in the ni'in. th^ : survpy reveal^, comes from latr lii 1 .! : I'niiif. that brought hack much -if 'Ihe drouRht -drrinuUed ruti^e pra ^s 1 1 his yrar. ] l ? armprs. far eii \vith cruss shori-1 ai:rs and dwindling wau v r supplies. ; \vcn i forced tti soil UUMV c:\UU- t-.^ss ; sn me r. Many ranchers rvrn hud ; In sell breeding j,u>ck br.";i\isc thry j of Heart To Prolong Life MINNEAPOLIS 'UP' A Hl-you] slncly of Iho cffovts nt oxorVlsr. elirt. vvnrrv 1 nnd tritslnsi In (|pcrlr>ii- lue l>p;irt iti'irnso nnrt Imrrirnlni: n[ Ilic nrUM'Irs will hocln «l Ihc IJnl- voislly o( MiiiiicsDiii in .Iniinnry. Tin- jiinfly Is tl<-d In inrdlclnp's fichl nenlnM ihp dcKriiornllyp dls- cusrs nf hr-iii't iMirl urtoiirs srirmp nmsi lick lirfnn* man's ll(p sp:ni IMII hi- liMiKlhi'iirtl. II Is imnnl liv imo rcn-nivliPi 1 "niu- <it (lir natum's mns( 1ni|ifit Unit lu tin 1 flclil." Tin 1 tni'ii i-<nnliu-(ln^ HIP oxarnl- nutinll I'ntisltirr Ihcir flociuli'-lnin; !.study "uhsolnlrly fmuSainpillul" t<i |it-OKn>ss In tin- prcvnulnii nf licnil jdiM-nhiV Hciwt'vor. !h,'\- nvnid f<ur . r:i-slinu tin 1 day wlion luuu will Uvi- ID hi 1 a hunciixxl. A croup nt :<m) huitmn "muniM , pics" hi-lwi'on -is nnd M will sl'ldit'n 1 fjy I-OVTM nit'rl1''al S('!KM>| ?:i 'icnilsi.s. under Ilip dLrrc!lf>n it Dr. AITIT! Kpys. pnvlcd for Ills wiir- linif sduiio.s nt RPint-stal vadon in \'l(y" of men pnsl -^0. |innsorrri and jmrtly flnniirpd Iiy tho IT, H. Public. Moalth Rprvlre with MVP $3t),(H)o yearly Kninls. Ihn .s-hidy win bo ba.sod on detailed annual exam Inn I lens rvf the hcnrt* »nd ni tory TIM idii inns of llu« .11111- Jecl.s durlnir Iho (its! flvo yonr.i. Ah > DniiiiK Hn k M-cnnd fi\'i'-ycnr po- rlorl, Ihe cinla colln-ti'd will l>o roiinjlicct mill siudlrd. T>ir 300 FMirtJeris, nil voiunlecrs frnin Uie Twin t:iiu Mo<l in sevoral i; inrhido (ho ovn \v pli'lcly .sciloulaiy" 'Mi-' wdrkei'si , seilenl ury wo athleltr hubbies, atid iln! by tost.s In be e.s \s, will lie ola.s-st- Mip.^. They wHl lnht. the "cnm- 'Mi-'h nn nffico rkers wil ii IRO tf- rcially Niia- ceptlble to heart ami artery <hv eiiM's. [''ornilnj; a pcrh;| \;i niip will be Uti business men - iillilcics - nii'in - ht'r.s of the Si. Ptml nnd Mlmieixp- ulls uthlotiti clubs. KxiitnlntitLoii of the latter group l-s rxprttrd lo Legion Picks Site For High School Oratory Contests NORTH M'm.K HOCK,' Ark. Irt 11 l. J 2 ilM*)--'l'fift Arkansu.s Hi 1 - nirhut'iU of the Amr-rlcan I/^utoi in.s M'l''etfd No ill) Lilt It* llnrk n; lite silo nl |ho 1S>IB Arknitsnn hlntl srhool 5lndcntV ornlory fiimh Ainri lonni.Mn Ciuili nmii WnUcv (3 HU'kmon nnnmtnccd, Tho event will be held March 'X in conjunction wIMi Iho .speech fiv;- I ilvnl *ixnu;i>reit l»y the Arkansas! Speech TeiU'hers Association. The wlmii'L' of tho .slate Mini I* wvU bo I'liv-iMf t" vtnivpHp In ve- I Klonnl 11 ml sectional (UinSs. I CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insuranc*' • HOME •»AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansai Mutual Agency W. L. Tsmks, Mgr. rsnnc« Bldg., Rlythevillt, Ark, Tin? nwnrclH'r.s hope 1 In li';u'n K ronditioTis lru<JlnK In tlcp,onorn1ii)ii <>1 |he heart :nul liUind vessels can bo tlolortod at iiii t';irly stau'c. Tti y will iiy tn [hid oul what habits nt tiici iiixl physU'nl ncth'Hy prevont Hr ifcl;i\' .sucli drpnir-rnl Ion, : \vhiu rfort.s \vnrvy nr strain liavr in prndiirinc hc:ui di.scn.'-i's. Kcyr, cxpliuiitMl that htt;li bhx-rt pi r^urc ami lusicloning of itic n r- iciins iicnuut for bciwni two-thirds inni ihroo-fonrihs nf nil ho:ir( mid circulutoi'v 1 deaths. Heart (HsonM 1 . ho srtid. "Is (ho prratc*- ,s iii(i lo i hi cat to life und, prnducti- vfle said the packing industi not to blame for high meat prices. 1 LIT! LK HOCK, Avk. r .Ian, 22. He sakl "every fair-minded person; iUP>—Olfidals of the Arknns is knows" that meat Is costly because) Power and Litrhl Company h:uv of high purchn.singr power and re**- ! estimated iliat the di'inancl K>r ord public demand, i electric |:o.ver five yr-ais from nov. Lnroe .said the packing industry will he 450 per <:en: picatcr than "is justly entitled to be proud nf prewar, the margin profit which is charges"! Tll " v a( W tliflt it. will co.«t a total He aald the packer Rets only" one) °f ahouL S8S.n03.OPO tn ninet tin-, (n two cents of every mccu dollar.! demand. That is less profit " margin than' A p plltl Ij - Hl '^"^i c H^mrt- for other food industries, he said \ (fm M °*^ suit! yesterday thai the Earlier, Mrs. Annie Stein, Wash-^ conin:inv nniri GU1 Sl2.cno.COO in l.m IngUm housewife and. secretary- , a ]. f ? n . r ''^I'O^tuK ~'" ' " treasurer of the National Women's Trade Union League, asked the corn in it tee to restore price controls ami rationing of scarce items. She paid "\hc people rue angry and bitter" and that the bitterness wUI continue until price.-; drop. service la- Senate Gets Treaty On Co/fee .Agreement Women Confesses Slaying Husband In Self Defense WASHINGTON. Jan. 22. HVP) — President Tuun:'.n yestevriav sub- mi;'_t'd t<- tin- Senate Tor ratitica- lion a irc-aty to extend the intrr- AinerJran rclfoo acrecaicut tn next Oct. 1, lie recommended early Senate action bet-iuis? UIP previous extension expired last October. Under ihe original asrcvinent in J041, a cjuoUi -system wa.s ,sri up aHocatinp: certain U.S. markets tn 'rinir Lnlin American j were unable tn keep (hem on pas-I teachers ar< j tine. i thrir belief Cusli Well I'M-d The survey roveaLs rhaL the ranchers cither held on to 1 licit cash for re.stoi'kin^ nr icrjred land i b-'st \vith the cattle salf proceed- Abmit (50 per cent of the fanner planned lo purchase some piece ul { farm equipment this fail in event • ol n good crop year. Thi? drnn;'hl.| ]io\vever. stopped Hint and Hie con-• tfinplatcd piirehases hnvo been put . of until next yenr. i Moro than flf) per cenl of tho i farmers and ranchmen who sold' i rattle down lo tho present low [ 'number plan tn restock next sprint; j when prass comes out. Many are j buying breeding stork now. on tho] M'ten«ih nf a Krass cfiincl>,'»' i k afin-j thosich most serin hu-lined to wait i tho lute fall rams this year, a.1-' ; until spi-inf: before re5tnckiiiK. ! Here nt, Texas A. A: M.. tui'ist , vnrat ional tcnchn s fed 1 lint t he : (U'Uianci for stnrker rattle next j j-prinsr will hit a new level. Thr i DANVILLE, Ark.. Jan. 23. (UP)— i An information chargins Mrs. Pt\i'] Rnwbothain with the murder of her f roil«tri'cs. The qunra 55-vear-oTd husband in (heir oiarl: : dropped rlier the war. All that rr- moi>ntf\in cabin near I/unar, \v.-\s : mums no-y i.s nn In!,fr-Anirrican to be' mailfd from Danville Indny i Cotrec B;>arci, v.'lnrh is chiefly a tn be fileri in .Johnson County. i statistiral nrf:nr.i7f\tion, The information was drawn up by '' — Proscciilinp Attorney C. R, George. Prosecutor George said Mrs. RO\V- botham confessed late ye5,terdny to striking her husband over the hea-1 with a metal poker and heapinn live coals on him, following E\ drunken argument,.Johnson County Coroner Dr. Gay Shrigley said the blow on the head caused Rowbo!ham's death. Mi 1 ?. Rowborham s.nid slin ,sfriu > !s her huf.banti wlien. in the midst nf an arsutnent, he drew n knife nn her. She explainrrf that the two of them, with her two sons, had consumed nearly time ^allonn ol WHIP prior to the fight, The sons, Wil- vi-Hi whi'lhor syslriniula PX' tiTtrr (tie i n^c of -10 benefits nr hoi ins th" hnuL itnd blood ve.s^ols, A!M» uuittM' << \uniliu\l Ion will lif 1HU unlvi'i.sHv stiulcnl.s. 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In A • I K. 9 I t" IK.9 i F j | R IKdl in Passenger Cor Produclion in 1947 — accorcJing to published production flguro^. in Truck Production in 1947 — according lo published production figures. in Passenger Car Soles tn 1947 — according to incornplele but conclusive sales records. in Truck Solos tn 1947— According to incomplolo but conclusive sales records. to Produce over a Million Car* and Trucks In a postwar year, ^947 — according lo published production figures. in Total Passenger Car Production and Sales for the total 17-year period, January, 1931 lo January, 1948 — according lo published nalion-wide figures. in Total Truck Produclion and Safes for Iho total 17-year period, January, 1931 lo January, 1948 — according lo published nation-wide figures. in Total Number of Cars and Trucks on the rood today— according to official natton-wid« registration*. buitl and told more cars ond fJior* Jrtici Ihon any ofhcr maker for Ihe totnt tcvrtn- fof-n-yo(tcr)0rro({, thling front January, f93J to January, 194B — the modern period of molor car hliloryt Nolurally, \we Qi well a» Ihn Oievrol*! Molor Division of General Mot on nro decp'y graleful lor America'* oulipokcn ond Ifutlt!; and we ore delermmeo" to do ever/thing In our power lo con1mu« to deierve tKis preference in Ihe Julure os in the pail. V/e wnnt lo thonlc eoch and every person In thfs communily for hii friendship ond goodwill lor Ihli orgoniiol!on. We lolicit and opprecial* your patronage. Ws arc doing our level best lo prove Ifial, by f\\l- ing orders lornewChcvfOloliimtoiptompHy os -^o can — even under today'i Irying con- eJilioni — and we are deeply and doubly oppieciolive of Ihe p alienee and und aril and ing of all our cuslcmerj who are awaking rfeftverici of new Chevroleli. hJeedles* to my, you bay wiiely when you buy lh« prorfucl al lh« wortrt't largest prorfiK-fj of car% and tnicki, for that fi Iho v/ay lo maximum dollar value! 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