The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1947
Page 7
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I*'PACE TWELVE HIATIIKVILUiJ (AUK.)' COU'KIKH N1SWS KiUDAY, AUGUST 15, 1947 'Congressmen Use Loophole In 1936 Law * WASHINGTON, Aug. 15. .(MP) — "Wfiwteen globe-trotting congressmen almost lost put on a Trans.U- ttntic trip on the British luxury liner Queen Mary because of a Jaw % passed by their colleagues 11 years •*» The legislators had been handed 1145000 for a trip to Eurbpi! to studj foreign relief needs. Some of thus money w,as earmarked for tickets aboard the British liner which is scheduled to sail from New York on Aug. 27. But yesterday an official of the 'Maritime Commission came across a >Hravei American" law passed by Congress back in 1936. It requires al] government officials and em- ployes travelling on government funds to use American transportation whenever 11 '.s available. Thumbing through a schedule, the official found that the U. S Liner America-Puts ont Iroin Ne» York for Europe on Aug. 20. He decided the congressmen would have to 'take Unit boat, aud he telephoned the committee's stait to tell them so. Hastily staff members examined the 1936 law, then called the maritime official back. They had discovered lh*t in drafting -the law, congressmen l>ad included virtually nil gorcrniiu'iit officials including the President •himself. But cannily they liad left a loophole for, themselves.- The 19-man committee will sail on tne Queen Mary. Study in Contrast Head Courlcv News Want 'Ads Atom-Propelled Ships Long Woy Away, Navy Says WASHINGTON, Aug. 15. <UP) — The Navy salt! yesterday It, lias inaOc progress In Us clloiis lo harness atomic energy for Naval use. but ( conceded that utom-pi'o- peHed .ships sllll arc a long way way. In a V-J clay anniversary sum- nury of Its ni'compllslimcnts since he end of Hie war, the Navy Vc- )orlcd Hint, considerable basic research Im been completed and still more is imrtci way. II said cos- nlt rav studies liavc uncovered new Information hclptnl to manmade atom .smaslieis. Scientific developments have added new mill belter (juris, slil|>s and planes l» the fleel. Hie Navy said. Tin' fleel ILsclf. mightiest, in the world two years ago, has shrunk lo one-fourth j[ 0 wartime size In sliljis and to one-sixth Its size In pcifonncl. Pfe. Bruce Marshall,'of Corpus Christ!, Tex., describes Ibis photo, : which lie look at Owadn, Japan, as contrasting "the old depressed and ancient Japan with the new, helpless and young Japan looking into the sun for a bright future." Marshall is with the 1st Cavalry i,. ,.... Division of the occupation forces. Greek Army Drives Guerrillas to Cover •ATHENS, AUK. is. (UP) — TI»« Greek Army began a major attack tocti.y against, guerrilla forces in the Mount Grnmmai sector of Northern Greece, military sources reported. Aircraft were reported packing up Greek Kvount! forces. The drive WP.S directed against the inoantain stronghold from which guerrillas have made frequent forays. Many of Hit guerrillas which recently attacked Northern Greece from Albania fled Into the mountains when they encountered government: forcej. Ki NFA StRVlCF. WfC. T. M. RHO. O. 5. PA7. Off. 8-IS Thei'C 000 dead Canister Hordes arc approximately accounts In 125,- Anierlcan savings banks today. They are believed to be secret deposits of misers and cangslers. 8 Pride & Usrey GENERA1 CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition 2 b ' "If you'd quit driving to work for throe months, we could save enough money to buy Junior a tricycle to ride ~ ..._'. around the yard!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Not Funny Now By MERRILL BLOS3ER GATEWOOD GROCERY I Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch BIHTH of a DOLL ce; Oiilnbutcdl'y NEA SERVICE, INC. M ' XXXV ARK walked and thought and tallied to himself. He turned tlie thoughts into pictures, real and jrnnginary. Foy, parked in the snowy street, waiting. Soueloft in the snowy courtyard, close lo the wall tor shelter, wailing. Another man on Hie snowy roof, watching tlie lire escape, watching the roof dbor, waiting. A man on each floor, pacing the dim halls, listcn- ing,,-\vaiting. Moran in the warm lobby. Those were the real pictures. ? The figure .thai vanished up Ihc stairs' was both real and imaginary. Real because he knew who she was and what she had done, even though he hadn't seen her. Up the slairs- from the first floor to the second, turning (he key in Mrs. Fistcr's door, retrieving the • extra costume from the packroom, returning to the lobby to stalk Ruth Miller, to put Rulh Miller within reach of Miss Plummer's arm. '• What had she thought about when she followed Ifulh to that eighth-floor room? Nothing new, nothing that she liadn't thought for years. Ho saw her ns she must have looked live years before whe'n she first came face to face with the girl^she would later; kill.. Nqrrnap Cra>vford r safd y 'tHey''d brought her to his office, calm and undisturbed in spile of the evidence, ready lo talk herself out of U. She'd taken small things, glittering things, gilt compacts, novelty jewelry, little boxes set with semi-precious stones. She'd told them they were purchases, that she'd been collecting them one by one, that she'd teen looking for a clerk. She had no charge account, there was no money, no checkbook in the handsome, capacious handbag. Only the small, glittering things, the T^IIEN they'd confronted her with Rulh Miller, who had seen the last, quick movement at the:cl>un- tcr. Ruth Miller, standing with her buck to the light for her own ,)rotc[-tion. The detectives had Lold her where to stand. They ,'.new their stuff. And they'd told lier nol to spenk. Protection, but it hadn't been enough. Norman Crawford sind he would never forget it. The oilier one hnd broken loose, screamed, fought, tried to reach the girl who identified her. Crav.'ford said: "We seat Jliss Miller away, we had to. Sho went to pieces. I nearly did myself. I still quake when I think 01 it. Demoralizing, horrible. . . . The other girl got the nsttal sentence, plus medical care." Crawfofd re.- pe.ited the psychiatrist's report. It was hideously accurate. And he'd HMked whnl he could do, his lUlle. boxes- boxes. She'd liked Hltlc v p oice showing plainly that he knew the answer. Nothing. Rulh Miller in the Hope House lobby, clinging to her suitcase, wrinkling her cyer, peer!tig al Hie new /aces, seeing an old, familiar one. No wonder she had tried to <cep Roberta from investigating Ihc shoplifter at Blackmail's. Roberta had given him that slory in parentheses, but he'd known it was important. And when I.ibby had dostribed Ihc .short-change episode, he'd 'known .thai was important, loo. So had Libby. . . ', A good saleswoman, one of the best, who said she had never worked before. He walked on, thhiUIng, talking to himself. It was ten-thirty. He didn 1 t want to know Ihc lime, but the clock . on the Metropolitan lower lold Kim with a bright face and emphasized it with chimes. After a few blocks he called a cob, # * * lypSS SMALL looked al the Irav- cling clock on her desk [looked al the silent telephone, | began lo pace the floor. It half pasl ten, The phone had been silent since nine-thirty, wnen Kitty Drk-c had called from the lobby. Kitty had sounded miles away because she was whispering. She'd wanted to know if anyone had lokl Miss Small about the policemen. She'd tried to tell Miss Brady, but Miss Brady wasn't m her room or else .she wouldn't au- SWCT licV phone. Somebody ought lo be lokl. There were pi>licemen on every floor, and. Ihe one in the lobby -wouldn't lei anybody out. "I'm \ sick," Kilty Iiau said. 'Miss Small, I'm sick. I want to BO to the doctor, but the cop won't tot me out either.' And Mrs. l-'islcr and Jewel quit, so I'm nil alone." Miss Small hud told hcv to go to bed. Thai was the first she had heard about the policemen, it was the first lime Monny had failed to consult her. She thought it over, wondering. She was still thinking about it n hour later. Was Monny trying to keep things from her? Monny had been strained at* lunch, and she hadn't even come down to dinner. And she hadn't phoned, . . . Miss Small sal at her desk and put her aching head in her hands. If this thing came between her and Monny, if it broke their lives and happiness, canceled out the years nheati ami the planning— Sho whispered fiercely to herself. "II can't, it can't, not when, we have so much!" She reached for the phone, let her hand fall, and reached again. When the other voice answered, her,own was almost too choked lo reply. "You tlkln't call me," she said. "I'm worried about you. Arc you all right? 1 ' 1 Miss Brady admitted lo a head- iche. Is it too bad for company?" Miss Small asked, "I mean, would you like me to come up?" "Not tonight. 1 ' Miss Small replaced the receiver and looked at her surround ings. Shc.)iav<Uy saw them, even though the carefully chosen lamps wcrn bright, and the English chintz was givy and arrc&lini*- She was blind to everything but an absent face and lillcd with a and j pain that was like -A drug. was 1 (To Be Concluded) So! PO'JCL LEMONADE ON A WHILE HE'S SLEEPIN&AVILLYOU? PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2041 1044 Chickasmwb. J ' KFt PL Mh • i 7 Crown 1,35 2.65 ^.15 I I Calvcrf 1.35 2.65 4.15 ; I Schcnley 1.35 2.65 4.15 ; I Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 ; : Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 i : Old Taylor : 4.35 6-90 ! I Four Roses 2.85 4.SO I \5% Beer per Case $2.88j • GAS, reg 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5cl • ' • :AII Brands Cigarets,ctn.$1.35 j INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Pratcction ft Accident & Health • Ilospitalization • Fire " • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National ' Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O. Blttncr-W. M. (£1111) Wllsoo Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Studvbiiker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern llmc-siwing tools arc prpvidcd for our train- sd mechanics. They llicir skill and lh<: correct; tools to-give you belter service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars \1B1B Chevrolet >,2 Ion Vickup laiG GMG 54 ton Pk-kup 1D15 Dodge'/i Ton Pickup 1311 Chevrolet '/i ton Pickup Jf)46 Ford Sillier 2-door 1911 Plymouth 2-rtoor 1911 Plymouth 4-door 1040 Fonliac Lois of Others lo Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Siudebaker Dealer "First by Far With a Postwar Car" Our Boarding House with Mai, Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams IT'LL MftTCHTriW ATOMIC COfFEB BUR«£ \6 D1S- IMfAEYOO BEHOLD TV\E TIOM OF PlOt^EliR. HOOPLE& A. FORTV-TOM > CRANH TO KILL A R*XT WITH.' HE'P TAKETrt 1 LOCOMOTIVE RABBIT HUMTIM' IF HE WAS A LET THAT ALOME . VCO FATHE-XI?, AM' GO OM ABOUT USINESS. THAT'S A BOLT FROM TH' SKIES: TH' CRAME NVAM TRVIM' TO HILL A EAT BY LETTIW' TH' (TrlAtNS DOWN QUICK \VHEM IT COME& OUT TO TH' BAIT.' _ E BU-JMTJERBUSS FEPiST ^OUR OilBS O^TrtS SPLENDID SPECIMEM LIKE THE BftCK P.MD OF A. L O'IMALLBY and RALl'H .^ THEN CRIBB MUST HAVENS'- '/ arty in the morning I headed info town with to find WhatGTOwt had learned. PRISON 1ERMS IN KW.A AND IIUKOIS. WANHD rOR MURDER IN ILLINOIS AND A«WEO BOBBERV IN CALIFORNIA. HE G6TSAROUNO. THAT'S CRIBS, Alt. SHT--ONIY HE ALWAYS MADE MIMSEIF PRETTIER TOM) TKM WHEH HE <M& BU1UING AT YOUR HOUSE. BEEN AN AUAS. TO THINK 1MAT WE HAD A MAM UKE WAT INCUR HOUSE'. , THOSE HUGER- P8INTS WER£ PAY DIRT, All RI6HT.VOLJR (WrtER, CRI96, CMECKEO OUr AS (k HO-6000 NAMED KRESS, WANTED BY THE COME ALONG AND JU'SHOW YOU, MIS5 MOGUL —RE & Ash St, BY LKSUB TUKNK* WASH TUBB8 LOUELV Ml** TYKE ROMftV! FOLKS, 1'W INFORMED THEWS BEEN k HORRIBLE MISTAKE! WE'UE LEARNED BEWNt> THE SHtt>ON OF (>. DOUBT THW THE K.RINGLE BftBV 13 i 1 - FAMOUS CIRCUS KEIN.IST, SURE... i UOT PLUKS ret. OA FUTURE! 25 GRAUD I GOT COM1N', I'M GONNiX EET1E61 F.OOAH MARTIN 6HOV4 T:-AT CKOS5 Bv V. T. HAMI-1N THE WAY you SVIPSD OUT THOSS ANN13AU6 \SAS I THINK SVONPERFULI LOOK AT H1JMMM HUEKICAN V,'HOT A MAN.' FRED ITARMAN ROOTS ANT) Hi,R BUDDIES MWJtR. TUOUGVa IX\ t\\tA VOU VHT HtVP ROD PICK. OUT I,ANB

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