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mtkii fin -i "i-i mm ir--w-'j-J-'.g-y-;'-'' " J"twg'f'"tJMMl,,'"--',JJ'""J'fef' a-i.ui ..aa.. .. ." -' ;-r -- at - " " ' " """ " " '' .. . if "it THEf CAtEDONIAN. lam, Gar&a jntf.pcftm. Teams o Horses ana" Oxen, and Their Driver. J. Edwards Todd very wisely says that a horse is a very expensive team, except on the highway : where quick travelling is an important consideration. Bat where a team is required for carting loads only a short distance, the best animals a farmer can employ 1 for a heavy and strong team is a. good yoke of oxen. If properly managed a yoke of oxen will do all the . carting of. manures, muck, fire wood and lumber which a . farmer may desire to draw, and at the same time the oxen will sell for more money at the expiration of two or three years than they cost at the outset. If a person de sires to use a team part of the time, say for three or four days in the the week, let him purchase a yoke of good thrifty oxen and commence feeding them with meal in addition to their other food, and they will soon become good beef and work nearly all the time. Oxen thus cared for will do a great deal of work and always be ready for the shambles at a good round price. But they must be treated kindly and driven gently. A really good teamster is valuable help, and not always to be hed. Some teamsters will so drive their team that their oxen will often chew their cuds while at work. But what shall we say of a high tempered impatient teamster ? How will his oxen fare? You will find him bawling, flourishing his goad-stick and fretting beside his team, but his abused oxen seldom chew their cuds while he is present, for he keeps them under constant excitement as he keeps himself. Such a teamster will chew his poisonous cuds rapidly, but the poor, harrassed oxen find no time to chew theirs while they are under his management. '- . A teamster of such a character is a dear hand even at very low wages. Meal does oxen but very little good when they are thrashed about, whipped, pounded, scolded at and goaded to great exx-iie xnent by a rough hair brained teamster. We have no patience with such team sters. Uiey do more injury than all their wages are worth, and the sooner farmers get rid of them the better. Horses, too, fare quite as bad as oxen, from cruel, impatient drivers. Owners of these noble animals lose more than they are aware of by employing such drivers. The animals under such treatment "row old very fast and soon become worthless and so poor that even a Frenchman would turn up bis nose at the morsels of beef that might be scraped from their bones. If there be a place of torment in any corner of the universe which is now concealed from human vision, we believe those who abuse horses and oxen and cruelly treat them will sooner or later find it. It seems to us when looking at these things that the poet Young, uttered a great truth when he said "A God all mercy is a God unjust." ; Feeding Roots. Much has been written to prove the advantage of raising roots for cattle, and almost every good farmer has come to acknowledge the value of such crops. When the cold weather comes on, and the cattle can no longer be tnrmd out to grass, the cows giving milk will begin to fail in quanity if they are fed on dry hay alone, but now the farmer has recourse to his goodly pile of roots nicely stored in the barn or bouse cellar. Those usually raised for horned cattle are flat turnips, ruta bagas, mangel wurtzels, and sugar beets. Car rots are raised in large quantities, but are generally fed to the horses. Some shiftless farmers are in the habit of cut ting up these roots just as they come out of the cellar, with whatever dirt there may be adhering to them, and feed' ing them in this state to their cattle. By this system the teeth of the animals are destroyed, for they are . obliged to chew these roots however gritty they may be. Whether any other harm arises from the practice referred to we cannot say, but we trust no kind-hearted man will allow roots to be fed to his stock, but have them nicely washed before being eut, or if that cannot be done, have the dirt scraped off as much as , possible, thus avoiding the evil we have described. After the roots have been washed they can be cut or sliced up very rapidly in a root cutter, and prepared for the animals. . . . No good farmer who feeds roots jto any considerable amount sbould-be- without such a machine. If there is no such arrangement for catting them, use a epade or shovel, placing the roots in a trough or box. A little salt sprinkled on the roots serves as a relish, though when cattle get salt hay, or are kept near the seacoast, salt does not seem to be so essential to their, welfare. There is. a difference of opinion as to the best time to feed roots to cows giving . milk, some preferring to do it before and some after milkins. If turnips are to he fl shouid say, without hesitation, feed just .after milking, for turnips are Very apt to impart a flavor to the milk. Sometimes when cows are fed too liberally with these roots, tr the leaves of them, or cabbage leaves, the milk has so strong a flavor as to be worthless.' Cut all the roots fine, for fear if fed in pieces too large, the animals may be choked. J.F. C. Hyde, in Zktris FferakL-i .A-,' j "Wheat Raising in MD5NEsarXM. Oliver Dalyrimple of Washington county, Minnesota, has a farm of 2000 acres, of which 1700 are in wheat, and divided into three farms, .under the following designations: The Grant farm, the Sher man farm, and the Sheridan farm: The first of these is a farm of : a' thousand acres, seven hundred and twenty of which are in one field. On one side of this field stands the well-ripened grain thickly covering the ground ; . on the other, for a mile in extent the grain is gath ered in the sheaf, presenting to one scope of the eye thousands of shocks put up in regular rows. On this farm seven reapers are at : work, each drawn by four horses, which follow each other in regu lar order, and side by side through the heavy grain, cutting an aggregate swath of forty-nine feet. There are seventy-three men at work, who are paid each $2.50 per day and board. The routine of the labor is as follows : Breakfast in time to be in the field at 6 o'clock; lunch at 4, and supper at 7. ' . These operations are applicable to the Grant farm. Upon the other farms other reapers and men are likewise employed. Upon the several farms the proprietor has had erected full sets of substantial buildings of sufficient capacity for one hundred men,, and about the same number of horses. It is sufficient to say that these are model farms, and all operated for the speciality of wheat raising. The labor required to harvest and thresh the grain of a crop like this, thirty years ago, would have rendered such a thing impossible. Now, with such auxiliaries as the reaper and the thresher, the work is but the calculation of how much machinery is requisite. It was only' last Monday, the 12th insL, that the machines were put in motion, and the cal culation is to have the whole seventeen hundred acres cut by the 21st, which will be at the rate of one hundred and fifty acres each day. By the 22d inst, five thresherj and cleaners will be put to work in the field, where wagons will load for the river depot, and in ten more days from that time, this immense yield will be in the bushel, and offered at market. The land upon which this - crop was grown is high, rolling prairie, and was broken up last year, and the seed sown this spring, from the 1st to the 10th of May. The probable result is based upon the opinion of good farmers, who are capa ble of forming a correct estimate of the quantity of grain, either iu the shock, or standing uncut. This crop has been vis ited by the neighbors, and their judg ment is that there will be from twenty- five to thirty bushels to the acre. Take the lowest estimate, and we have on 1700 acres 42,500 bushels of wheat, which at present prices delivered at mar ket, say $1.30 per bushel, will amount to the snug sum of $63,750. It is not only safe to say that this is the largest yield of wheat given to any man in the United States this year, but probably the most profitable of any crop produced for the same time in any state. I am informed by a gentleman on the ground, who knows the cost of the property, that at these figures Mr, Dalyrimple will not only be reimbursed for the original outlay for land, houses, labor, seed, fences, implements, horses, &c, but will have a clear profit of at least $20,000. St. Paul Pioneer. Garget in Cows. This disorder, which it is feared is on the increase in our dairies, is ascribed to various causes. It is sometimes produced by external in jury. It is otten ascribed to colds con tracted by exposure to the changes and storms of our climate. While others believe that, like the gout In the human foot, garget in cows often results from high feeding, and from the preternatural development of the lacteal organs pro- duced by such high feeding, and by a long course of breeding for the special purpose of securing a race of deep milkers. The subject has been extensively discussed. , One writer who does not object to medicines, either external or internal, if you cannot get along without them, says that whenever a cow comes home affected with the garget, he puts her in the cow-house where she has a warm, dry bed, feeds her on dry hay, and allows her to go to pasture but a short time the next day in one word, as another cor respondent said, he treats her as patients should be treated with a cold and inflam mation, believing that in the particular case alluded to, the cow had actually taken cold from lying upon the damp ground. Frequent milking, with gentle and patient rubbing and kneading of the bag, and washing with warm water ; or spirits and water; or camphor and vin egar ; or soft soap diluted in water ; or lime water, about as thick as white-wash. mixed with an equal quantity of flax seed oil, well beaten together with ' a knife, as an ointment ; or tincture of ar nica, with twice as much water, or rum and water ; or bitter-sweet ointment, or any similar application that requires or encourages much rubbing and working of the bag. To move the bowels a good mess of potatoes, or garget root, or horse radish, or from four to eight drops of tincture of aconite dropped on a piece of bread, and mixed with her feed, or, as was confidently recommended, by Mr. G.W.Stearns of Brookline, Mass., a '"W 8Poonful of saltpetre well mixed with any "mess" the cow will eat, may be administered. iV. & Farmer. i f Compost. In the 15th of January-Watchman, lime and salt were recommended kfor a manure. ' Let me eay: Take lime warm from the kiln, have all the refuse lime ready you can obtain, and brine from refuse salt in sufficient quantity perfectly to slack it. - - Shovel over the mass until it is thoroughly slacked. Then mix this with spent tan or fine pul- verized woods mould, or sawdust, and shovel it over several times and put it on your land, and you will never regret it It was directed by Professor Mapes, but it is the best method of applying salt and lime I ever saw. It makes a good com post for the hill, and answers a most ex eellent purpose anywhere. r t But the best -compost a farmer can make is poudrette. Mix plaster of Paris, tine charcoal, charcoal dust, bottoms of old coal pits or coal ashe9, but no wood a9hes or lime, with the contents of your privy vault, and shovel it over till inti mately mixed, and you need but a very small quantity of this in a hill to make a great growth. guutiou and grime alt AUCTION ! AUCTION ! ! ' By virtue of licenaa from the Hon. Probate Court for toe castrict ot Caledonia, tne HOMESTEAD of the late Josiah Gage of 8 '. Johnsbury, located in the village of St. Johnsbury, a two Btoiy house, born and a guod sized lot will be offered a auction, on SATLK- UA1, f tB. , 160b, at i o ciock, in ne afternoon. Also, at same time, household furniture. brcUbeddine. bedstead tables, clocks, and a variety of other house- bold aiticH. A. li. tu.vuiun, unarann oi C. M. J. Gage, heirs at law of Josiah Gage, deceased. Vl-3 FARM FOR SALE! Has - 1 N WEST! The subscriber will sell his farm situat ed about St'ths mils above Fairbanks village. Said farm confa'ns shout seventy-eight (73) acres of good land under good state of cul ivatioo. There is a sugar and appl o; chard on the plae good running wj er to noose ana Darn, i lie buildings werj put op by Augus tus Bannoin, tnorougniy ouut, sua in goot leisir. S. II. HARRIS. FARM FOR SALE I The subscriber offers his Farm for sale. containing 6 acres of land, sltnat d in fct Johnsbury, on the road leaning from the Cen're to Lyn- ara. un am tnrm mere is a sugar orchard or a.iotrei-s. a young fruit o: child. Comfortable buildings, suitable for one or two families, weU supp led wl-h tunning wst'r. i vnas easy, tor tuitner pa.ticulara enquire otii. si. ax uk, a: Moose itiver works, or or lia DOM AYER, on the premi e. Bt. Johnabuiy, Dec. 6, 106 1. Sltf TWO FARMS FOR SALE. lass The subscriber offera for sale one or both of his farm, situated in 8 . Johns llltl Ml bury, i-jur .Nor li-e.-et of the Railroad station, and two miles east of St. Johusbnry Cen're. one larm con'alns 1,3 acres of land and tne other 100 acres. There are a comfortable set of buildings on both places ; on the large farm the house is nearly new. ttotti In ma are well watered, and each navs small apn'e orchards, and one a good sugar orchard. Ibese farms join esch other, and together would make laree a:id good etock or diarv farm. Ih-v will be sold separate or both toge'ber. tltf HEKY hill St Johnsbary, Vt F Ii M FOR SALE! in1 The subscriber offers for i !e the farm on which he now live?, containing 103 acres of good land, wi h good buildings and tunning water at house and bum ; also a good sugar orchard of 1000 trees. Said farm is siruatei on the road leading from East Burke to Island Pond, one mile from East Burke Tillage, on a good road. For further particulars inquire of the subscriber. (75tf ) ISAAC GAP.E. LIST OF TEXT BOOKS. The following 1? a lit of Text Book eel?ct;d by the Board of Education to be used In the public school of the State of Veiniont for fire yra: beginning the first of Novemby, 1SCS: READERS Town ami Holbrook's Sjiies excluding the Intermediates anj Hillari's Sixth Reader. MATHEMATICS. Greenl -af New Primary. Green-leafs Intellectual. Greenleaf s Piac ical. Wal'on's Cards and Keys Nos. 1 and i. Llav.ej University Edition, tor High and Normal Schools only. Greenleaf s new Elementry Algebra. GEOGRAPHIES, Descriptive and Political. Mi'ch-e'l's Fi st Lessons. Mi chell's Primary. Mitchell's In termediate, Verincnt Edition. Physical. Monteith's Physical and As ronomical. uuyot s Common Scnoou Gnyot's Wull Maps. GRAMMARS Tower's Elements. Norton's, Weld and Quackenbos. HISTORIES.- Loasines Common SchocL Hall's UU- tory and Geog;apny Vt. SPELLERS. Town and Holbrook's Progressive. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Quackenbos' for Graded and High Schools only. PENMANSHIP. Payson, Dunton and Scribner. A. E. RANKIN, 90-93 - Sec. of Board of Education. New Advertisement ! C. C. CHILDS, Would inform his old cu to-mers and the citizens of northern Vermont, that he has taken his store into his own hands again and la NOW and will EVERT WEEK till further notice is given make such . NEW ADDITIONS, to his'present large stock of Watches, Jewelry, Silver 1 Plated Ware BOOKS, STATIONERY, Cutlery, Bird Cages, Travelling Bags, PICTURE FRAMES, ALBUMS, Beads, Fans, Fancj Goods, Toys, Etc. as his sales may demand. JUST RECEIVED, A large and fine selection of SWISS AND AMERICAN WATCHES, SILVEE WAKE AND JEWELRY, of the latest patterns, Bogwood, Onyx Jet. Etc Also, Albums and a fine variety of Stereoscopic views of vvmte Mountains, Battle r it id. and otner views for the low p ice of $3.00 Pr doz, and auother lut of i bos fine Decalcomanie Paintings. INITIAL STATIONER Y. I have just purchased a t i m p 1 n K X r o s s , with which I can give yon your Initial on Paper and Envelopes, a good assortment of which may always be iouna at my store. XW I continue to manufacture my silver ware which I warrant VUIN standard. tlf Ladies' Hair Fronts and Switches constantly on naoa,acd tne same made to order as well &i Hair Jewel ry aad hair taken in exchange for goods. FOR WATCH REPAIRING, I have secured the services of O. C. DOW, who formerly worked for me. I can recommend him to the public as a superior workman as ever a I work ica.rran.ted. C. C. CIIILDS, PITTS FIELD, MASS., AND ST. JO'-INSBTJRY, VT. Willcox & fJibbs SEWING MACHINE. s seam is stronger an i 1 -ss li ibleto rip in use or wear than the Lock Stitch." Juiff Report' at the -Oranl Trial.' Send for the "Kcport," and samples of work, containing both kinds of stitches f. on the same piece of goods. ?1 I I J. L. PERKINS, St. Johnsbury, Agent. W J NEW HARNESS SHOP, At Lower Waterford, nnder the agency of E. W. Blake, three doors west of the hotel. H. H. GORDON an experienced workman is employed. So-93 NEW FALL STYLES O P Cloths, Clothing and Furnishing Goods AT " CORSER'S, MAIN STREET. " THE BEST FETILIZER. Pinter's Ink is the best fertilizer yet discovered to Insure a Good Crop, On a business soil. The Calbdosian circulates largely in Caledonia, 1 siex i nd Orleans counties. Terms of Advertising given on that column of first page. EoT Circu an, Ca dn, Bill Heads, Auction Bills, etc. printed in good style, at the Caledonian Office. IT IS GETTING PRETTY COLD T7 1"1"'11 and crow K, but CASSINO continues to manufacture rSnriiur u.J a t i on fcaatm Avenue, opposite Cour. House. SAFE FOR SALE. One Iron Safe with combination lock. ' HALL, FAIRBANKS CO, BU johnsbury. . 2 fin $tvc &&vtttismtnts. AGENTS WANTED XT XI ' O O St and how they lived, fought and died lor the Unloa, 1 7"!!?" ids-with scenes and incident in the great rebellion. It Upholstery contains over 100 fine engravings and 300 pages, and is the spiciest and cheapest war book prtajslied, Prise only $2,50. CAUTION Borne of ear agents bay taken advantage of the great popularity and large sisa of this wesjk to raise the price to $3 and $3,60 per copy. The public are hereby notified that they have no right to charge more inau $,ou. send lor circulars. Address JONES BROS. CO., Philadelphia, Pa. G. P. 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No more knots to tie or nntie in Clothes Lines. No more knots, loons or buckles in Hitch Straps. We challenge the world for more timple and practical Inven tions, mv Voek i.iNi hold kb Co., sz Jedarst.,N.x. G. P. Rowell & Co;PRowAN.Y, 500 AGENTS WANTED For the "Yankee Safety Pocket." Cinnot be cut or picked. Attached to any coat or vest in two minutes. Weighs 2 1-4 ozs. Rights for sale cheap. Sample Pocket, with Pocket Book, mailed free for $i. Circulars free. T. S. L.AMHOKN, Marsnalton, Pa. kLrrtri Per Month Sure. Nomoney required O ZUU in adv. ne. A Kent) wanted everywhere U1I Pitonf rvn-l.aflnir Metalie I :lnthM l.inrs Addresi Am. Wire Co., ltVi Urway, N. Y., or 16 Dear UJu.. An WlMlVi 1 r.-t 1 ( it a r M V 1 H 1 1 A ,T- born fct., tjnicago, 111 AMERICAN CLOCK COMPANY 8 ('OKI LAND f bf., NEW .YORK, Manufacturers agents and dealers in All Varieties of American Clocks. Sole agents for . SETH THOMAS CLOCKS. NORTH AMERICAN STEAMSHIP CO. THROUGH LINE TO CALIFORNIA. 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Poti&vclg No Credit He.would lespectfully invite one and all to call at his shop od Railroad Street, St. Johnsbury, and examine his stock of new goods consisting of a large assortment of lady Made Harnesses, Blanlcets,Wliip8 Combs, Brushes, Etc. All of which will be sold at extremely low prices for tne sen inim i uais. Harneesea made and repairing done on the shortest notice. ASEL nOLHES. J0SIAH S. KINERSON, A-.-.a.-- AJtVCUDOU . Ul blUUCCI , . PEACHAM, VERMONT. Always ready to attend sales Orders by mail will re ceive prompt auenuon. . t l-Vf AT THE RAILROAD STREET O F S. RANDALL & SON, Will be found all the different kinds of Drugs. Medicines and Chemicals I TlZ0!1?..? !fnt and Tooth Bruslus, Kaxora and Straps, ToUet ana snsving Maps ana cream, wriUng Inks, Hair Restoratives and Hair Dyes, Shoulder Braces, Trusses, and Supporters, Dye Stuffs, and FamUy Dye Colon. WINDOW GLASS AND PUTTY, Paints, Oila, Japan Tui pen tine. Coach and Furniture t arman,joKi leox ana uronae,Paint and White ash Brushes, etc. tW Prescriptions carefully prepared, m AH the above articles sold CHEAP FOR CASH. S. RANDALL, DruggUts and . G. D. RANDALL, ( Chemists. THE RAILROAD BILL HAS PASSED ! But don't let the winter mas without ecttins; a Lounira ana ppnng .nuuus oi VAsbi?iu. lie u give you a good thing for a little money, and everything; warranted to oe as representeo. ui sm Avenue, oppoat.e Court noose. COLBY'S PILE REMEDY 1 Warranted to Core Bleeding or Blind Piles Thousands in ths Western Countrv can testifv to the Miraculous cures it has done. Soon as it becomes known not a person that is troubled with the Piles bnt what ill secure a Dottle to trv. One beantv about thla mm. it is purely vegetable, no drags are used in preparins: nw v wunuiiiw hi vure ur sue money retunaea. Give it a trial and be Convinced. Two bottles warranted to euro if taken aeeordinar to airections, or tne money retunaea. ITlce f 1,00 per bot' tie, sent free on receipt of price. JOHN H. COLBY, 89-98 SS State Street. Boston. THE LAMB KNITTING MACHINE, ' Knits a Stocking Complete,. Forming the Heel and narrowing off the Toe as it goes along. IT SETS UP ITS OWN WORK, Widens and narrows, by varying the number of loon. I the same as n hand knitting. Mo other machine in the world can do any one of these things. It knits a yard oi piain wore in l ,a niAiiLst pair oi bocks com' P!? ,n "" " hour, and an endless variety of fancy Every M"oliIno Warranted to work as renresented. Circular and sample stocklns; sent to anv address on receipt oi stamp. ... W. II. at A. P. GILCHRIST, Melndoea Falls, ' Agents for Caledonia Connty. AGENTS WANTED in every town in the connty. GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, In great variety at CORSER'S ST. ' JOHNSBURY. They do things at Claremont. What, would yon like to know f Then read this, all Vermont " ' About the Claremont Manufacturing Co. Three thousand pounds of paper rags. Is now their da ly ration ; Yet, their appetite never flags. For paper is the consuraation. To cover this paper with ink, V Six presses run with lightning speed ; Yet, they always have enough they think For neighboring printers' need. The largest poster is their delight ; , But they print the smallest labeL They'll head your bills and letters right. Or e'en a bill of fare for table. Two thousand books per day they make. Of various styles and sizes, And If you're really wide awake Youll write and ask for prices. The oldest "-g ' or book . They will re-produce completely. As on each shining back yon look. You most exclaim : "How neatly." Fire hundred thotawnd envelopes t And paper many a ream, Are waiting there in hopes To be ordered XertM by i One thousand bibles on their shelves " Anxiously wait to do yon good. The Co. have read them all through themselves, " And now they wish you would. ' - " Diarlea, pea. and books for thoseboola , Daily arrive and aa oft depart, trapping, pencils aad rubber roles Bold hourly from their store and cart. M-day, Dont wait till yoa e to barrow, . Vyon don't forget the pay YTlgot J! tsias is arrow. - atany other things they do ; Bt enstomer ayi, Leck bare, ' 1 ForlaanUwcrkMrtheCo. ' And 'tia a harrying timo of the year. THE VERMONT RAW BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE of LIltE b made of raw bones, with the trtnenti of the best quality, and with ao other ado teration whatever at the works of the Company, at St. Johnsbary, tinder the direction of HORACE PADDOCK, ESQ., well known aa aa agriculturist, and also by his posttJon long held , sa aa . officer ef the Caledonia County Agricultural Society. Its preparation le eon-ducted with skill and fidelity end it U the determination of the Company to fully maintain its high standard of excellence. Teattmoniais from many of our best farmers show It to be the cheapest and best fertiliser ever offered in our market : , . "The Vt. Raw Bone Superphosphate is the best every way." JOKa. LAWtKNCF, Sec of Caledonia Co. Wool Growers Ass'a. "The mOSt Satisfactory of any I have used." i HON.EZKA A. PARKS, ! ' Pres't of Caledonia Co. Agricultiuai Society. "Has proved all that can be desired." B. 8. GOULD, We,t Concord, Vt. "Contains the most Bone Phosphate of any I have uitd." - , ' J. P. FOSTER, Paarampsic, Vt i "Is altogether the best in market, uhaetene maturity so crops are secure frOITl frOSt much earlier than otherwise. HON. BARRON MOLLTON, St. Johnnbury, Vt "Has a marked and beneficial eff on ruta bagas and po.atoes." I. W. SANBORN, EfcQ., bee. of Caledonia Co. Agricultural bucicty. ; ' "if fttanrlaatthn head of every thing of the kin ever uaed ucre." . m.HLM.ii. VAKNL'M, Peacuam. There was two bushels where it was out, to one where it was not used, f ried by side itn Ce' Improved oupei-puosphate of Lime," (manntactmed by W . L. Bradley of lSortou) in crops unaer uiniiar ouuaitiou oi sou sua crtaunent, tnere was a marked difference in favor of the Vt. Su perphosphate." l. c. matuews, kso, Eastbt. Jchnsbury, Vt I had a better yield and earlier crops than neighbor who used yaid manure or other bratids of buperunopnate. i ned on a po tion of my tats, they npeuea IWO WVBU ueiore cue rest oi tne ne:a. tri. II. r.KJ.IN8, Cabot, Vt I got one fourth more bushels where i used the Vermont Supei phosphate alonA than where I used alike amount of "Coe's bup.rpuospnate' and -b cords of well totieu nuuiore to tne acio suit, crop and treatment tne same. ill is. am tiiLL, Prop'r of bt, Johnsbury House. It is cheap, concentrated and efficient it greatly increases tue yiii end matures the crop tWO Or three weeks earlier than yaid ma nure. itwa entirely devoid of the disagreeable Siencn Pul lu y otner manutactnrers and 1 am much of the opinion, it is the best we get." UEO. UALBUAim, Barnet, Vt It land shall behold as cheaply as$uch an article can be afforded. If a lower priced Superphosphate, and yet of good quality, be desired, let the genuine article aa sold by the Company, be mixed with en euoamoutt of dry muck or fine old compost, and a good article is the result, and at a cost of leas than too dollars a hun dred. Those who buy and use it will lose noth ing. I teu part of my field without any. The reault was, VERY MUCH in favorof thePhosphateall through tuv mamtvu. a nciguoor osi one narrei at wnat i order eu, ana colls li beu.r than "Coe LONSON U RICE, Fail lee, Vt Seven dollars worth brought me in an acre Of extra gOOd COrn which I certainly should NOT have got wi.uout the Superphosphate, as it was very late, poor piece on poor laud. Other brands of rnuepnaie nan not done well with me and I had still leas laith in aPDlvinic after tne nun waa nn hnt I ,,, i. on at toe nr and waa astonished to see how wi:u vigorooMy it iook noid oi tne crop " uvlii, .bu., concord. Vt ' I have taken some pains to observe the effects nnon various crops of the buperphosphate of Lime manufactured by Paddock, Dean b Co. They use a new mate rial ior a oryer wmen in my judgement is much better inan tuose nsea Dy manufactureis generally. It is Plaster of Pari. 1 bad no doubt this would prove an improvement fur clayey soila ; Lut to my surprise it proves equauy nsetui on loamy or sandy soils. 1 have seen its effects on several pieces of corn and potatoes. The coin when about fifteen inches high AVLRAGEs ONE THIRD GREATER in weight than tht in the same vicinity where no Superphosphate was applied. vu pwwn umiuauiig power is mnttsinkingly manifested the growth in one instance was Nc-ARLY uulll tnat wnere none was iued. HON. A. ti. CHADWICK. St Johnsbury, July, ISoI. A genuine article of Superphosphate supplies there eiemenu or grow tii which are moat difficult to be ob tained, and which exist only In scanty amount in the bt st farm yard manure. " gives a quick, vigorous start to the young plant. M promotes luxuriance of growth throughout the ason. it greatly increases the product. It matures the crops two or three weeks earlier to secure it from frost. In a great measure It prevents the ravages of worms. insects and other enemies. It contains no barn yard grass-seed. It is trarported to distances aith ease, and applied with trifling labor, and as borne made manure most always be Insufficient for the needs of agriculture, genuine Superphosphate is an invaluable auxiliary. The Vt. Raw Bone Superphosphate. TRY IT I USE NO OTHER ! MAKTJFACTrREI) BT PADDOCK, DEAN & COMPANY, ST. JOHNSBURY, VERMONT, To whom all orders should be addrraaod at an earlv day. T7U STRAW FOR UNOERBEDS. D0NT USE IT. lCe 111 or m httar nA Ann nemA ttaAlltv., .1. - www SVI1SHMS1 VClf B1A a-x.SS. ll.Ot'.i 1 m ... . .J UiUUilifl. IjABaiAll KlmXM It Hllil VlII till wnn ri.L-j a. NEW GOODS! A N D AT J. K. & C li. 1VT t"! k: s RAILROAD ST - - ST. JOHNSBURY, VT. Mottled Mohairs, Paris Dress Goods Plaids, Poplins, Alpaccas, Delaines, Prints, Cloakings, Flannels, Eto., Etc. Also a good line of Wnoi.rva r i j D . wtAr w va 1UOU tMStas JLUVO UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAWERS, Cardigan Jackets, Scarfs, Overalls and Jumpers, Ac, SELLING! CHEAP ! CALL AND SEE US fLaT Tad i'm TfTn fiT m-Fa i . .,ai... ' . ' m. pi IIXJ. mil quSUlllCB UUIt A GOOD ARTICLE FOR THE SEASON I LONERGAN Railroad Street, - - St. Johnsbury. . Has a large-stock of BOOTS, SHOES AND OVERSHOES, ,., Suitable for the - He hu Ladies flan- tll lit1Adl asllffCAfl Batirl laced Boots. "Fi. Ladies Glove Calf Button Boots. Bilseea and Children's Boots. rvT;i K 1 lie very popular over Li5w- aay aaoes made oy tne New i 'l-mt Brunswick Rubber Co. saV sV Arctic overshoes. Gents thick and thin, sewed anil mnwil Ronta. And In fact, everything in the line to be found in city or country, irom the thinnest supper to the heaviest "stogy." Give him a ean and examlnai atvlM. nnaliriea and prices. ' ' . r Kemssnber the place. P. P. LONERGAN, Railroad atreet. Sign of the big Boot. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CLOTHS FOR SUITS. 'HO 'I -' AT CXJRSER'S, MAIN STREET. THE MAN. n.,,,;-, Who eonldn't trust his feelings no doobt did business oa is principle, speaking of easn reminds a tnat you Ot invest voor man aanh more Profitablv than In buing one of CASdINO'S SfKI.NG MATTRE&8BS and LOUNGES. A fine aasortment of nice Covers Iusl received. Call and see them. Eastern Avenue St. J. Guardian Notice. STATS OF TRHatOMT.lIn probati Caledonia district, ss. i probata a . , bury.wiuiln and for said district its court held at the offlce In Bt. Johns- district on the lath dav of January a. u. low. - Albert G. Chadwk. gnerdlan of Clara Mart Gage, and Jostah Gage, minors and heirs, devisees and iega tees or Josish Gage, late of St. Johnsburr, la aald dr. tr let. deceased, ma es application to said court for license n all lh. vhnui Af tK. n. I a LI. IA - representing that tbe sale thereof, tor the purpose of putting the proceeds ot such sale at interest or invest' U is ins same in siocas, wooia no eeneaclal to aald wards whereupon, it Is ordered by said court, that said application be referred to a session thereof, to be held 1st ths probate office, in said St. Johnsbury, on the 8ih day of February, A D, 1M8, for bearing and decision thereon; and It Is further ordered, that ail persons interested be notified hereof, by publication of notice of said application a..d order thereon, ttree weeks successively in tbe Caledonian printed at St. Johnsbury, before said time of hearing, that they may appear at aald time and place, and, it they see cause, object thereto. By the court Attest 81-93 ASA L. fRKXCH. Judge of Probsts. ' Caleb Parker's Estate. STATE OF VKRMOKT.l In probate court held at the Caledonia District, ss. f Probate Office,! n St. Johns-: bury, en the 14th day of January, A. D., 1S6S. Abel W'illey, executor of the last will and testament of Caleb Parker, lae of St. Johnsbury, in said district, deceased, ttstate, makes applieation to said court for license to tell the whole of the real estate of said deceased, excepting the widows right of homestead and dower therein, and including the reversion of the dower, rep. resenting that by rtason of all the biir, devisees and legatees, now interested in said estate, residing out of this btste, and the impracticability of making partition and division of the same, it will Le beueficial and for the in-teret of aald heirs, devisees and legatees, that aald real estate should be sold and converted into money. Whereupon, it is orden d, by said court, tit at said application be referred to the first day of February, A. j.t lStiS, at the probate office in St. Johnsbury, for heating and decision thereon and it is fur: her ordered, that all p, ri-oiiu interested, be notified hereof, by publication of nonce ui mis application and order tnereon, tnree weeks tucces ively in the Caledonian printed at St. Johnsbury, b tore said time of hearing, that they may sppear at said time ai d place, and if they see cause object thereto. By the Court. Attest, 90-92 ASA L. FRENCH, Judge of Probate. AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PATENTS. It. 11. Eddy, Solicitor of Patents, Late agent of U.S. Patent Office, Washington, (under the act of 1837.) 78 State Street, opposite Kit by Street, Boston. After an extensive practice of upwards of twenty years continues to secure patents In the United States; also n ttreat Britain, France and other foreign countries. Caveats, specilfcatloas, bonds, aslgnments, and all papers or drawings for patents, executed on liberal lern-a, and with despatch. Researches made into American or foreign works, to dele: mine the validity or utility ot patents or Inventions and legal or other advice rendered in all matters touching the same. Copies ot tne claims oi any patent luruisnea uy remitting si, Assignments recorded at Washington. IIIIISOIULI. "I reeard Mr. Kddy aa one of the most successful and capable practitioners with whom 1 have had offici al intercourse. uuAa. aasua , Commissioner ot Patents "I have no hesitation in assuring Inventors that they cannot employ a person more competent and trust worthy, and niorecapablecf potting their applications id a lorm io secure ior tueui an ear ly ana iavoraoie consideration at tbe patent olnce." EDMUND BURKal Late Commissioner of Patents. "Mr. M. 11. Ktidv has made for me IS aDDlicatlons. on allbstoneot which patents have been granted, and that is now pending. Such unmiatakeable proof of great talent and ability ou his part leads me to recommend aa inveutore w apply to him to procure their patents, as they may b sure of ha ving the most faithful attention bestowed on their cases, and at very reasonable charges.' JOHN TAUOAHf. Uuiiug eight months, the subscriber, in course oi his Isrge practice, made on twice rejected applications, 16 appeals, every one ot which waa decided In bia tavor. oy tne commission oi patents. as. a. m,vu a Boston, Jan. 1, 18tS ly. RUTLAND and BURLINGTOB g3 AND VERMONT VALLEY RAILROADS. On and after Dec. 2, 1867, Trains will run as inilows : MOVING SOOTH AND BAST. am am p m pm p m Leave Burlington 890 13S 319 943 am Arrive at Rutland 11 25 4 10 8 00 12 SO Luve Rutland 4 00 12 00m 12 6S Arrive Bellows Falls 7 40 2 20pm 3 25 Leave Bellows FaUs 7 25 S SO Axiive at BraiUeboro 8 50 S 20 4 27 NOTING NORTH AXD WEST. am p m am p in p m Leave Brattleboro 11 U0 4 45 V 00 Arrive Bellows Falls II 00 S 40 9 bi Leave Bellows Falls 12 55pm 5 15 10 00 a tn Arrive at Rutland S 10 9 00 12 35 Leave Rutland 6 00 1 20 320 150 Arrive at Burlington 9 45 4 25 6 15 4 15 TRAINS CONNECT AS FOLLOWS. At Burlington with boats on Lake Champlaln and Vermont Centra! and Vermont A Canada Railroads for Montpelter, St. Albans. Rouse's Point, Montreal, Ogdensburgh and the West. At Rutland with trains for Troy, Albany and New t jrt, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady and the Wot. At Bellows Falls with trains on Cheshire Railroad foi Pttcbuurg, Worcester, Lowell and Boston. With Vermont Valley Railroad for Brattieboro, SprrngUelii, Bartford. New Haven and New t erk.and with Sulttvan Railroad for Windsor. White River Junction. Welle Hiver, St. Johnsbury, &ewport,Ltttletonaud the White Moniitaina. Passengers fjr tbe West will And this a Cheap, Pleasant and Expeditious Route. For Tickets and all necessary inloruiatiou Inquire at the Unices on the Line, tf GBO. A. MERRILL. SUDt. New 7 Octave PIANO- FORTES, Of various styles and prices, for sale at Miss Stoddard's MUSIC ROOMS JOSEPHINE M. STODDARD, Agent for Henry F. Miller's pianos, 19tf St.Jobnsbury, Sept. 8. FALL TRADE, Has commenced and MRS. M. M. CROSSMAN, Has Just returned from Market with the most complete assortment of MILLINERY GOODS! 0 To be fonnd in this section. Call A tee them! DRESS AXD CLOAK MAKING, Done to order at her rooms opposite J. C. Bingham's Dr. g Store. MRS. M. M. CROSSMAN. THE AMERICAN COOKING STOVE. This stove has again been awarded two first premiums at our State Fair at Buffalo, one for coal and one for wood. We are now enabled to announce the unparalleled result of this stove having taken the first premium at the New York State Fairs foi the bet consecu tive yesra, notwithstanding It haa been brought in competition with all the beat stovea made In tbe litite and by many from other Btate,and notwithstanding the persistent, combined and determined efforts of its eoin-D titors to defeat it. And its success is not alone confin ed to this State. On the lth of September it was awarded two first premiums at the New Jersey State r air and naa also been awarded tne first p emium at the Pennsylvania State Fair, and has never been exhibited at a State Fair and failed to take the first premium, and the premiums it has taken at county fairs are too numerous to mention. And the awards are fully endorsed by the people throughout the country. Its name has become a household word" from Maine to Cali fornia, and from ihe Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico ; and the demand has become so large that notwithstanding our large and increased faei.iiiea for manufacturing, we are unable to supply the demand promptly. BUCAil, rAUaAKll a) X., Albany. N. Y. For sale by IL COWDRY.'St. Johnsbury, Vt. tmarl FINE BEAVERS AND CHINCHILLAS, ' ' FOR OVERCOATS. AT CORSER'S MAIN STREET, ST. JOHNSBTJY. A. BAPS, CERTAIN, AJTD Speedy Cure ros KEUSrUCU, AXD ill NERVOUS DISEASES. IU Effect ara JTacrtoat. It Is an TTNFAILINQ REMEDY In all ralgia Facialis, often effecting a perfect cure in leu man iwewyvMir bouts, irom IM use ox no more than TWO OB THKKI PII.l.H. No other form of Neuralgia or Nervous Disease has isiiea so yieia to wis : ; . W0SDERFVL REMEDIAL AGEXT. . Even In the severest essei of Chmnin Nnrairl and general nervous deraneementu nf mm, va.a stanH. if;,--neeting the entire system. Its use tor a few days - wnaa at cne utmost, always anoras ue most .wuianing re net, ana very rarely ratia to produce a complete and pet manent cure. It eonteins no drugj or other materia's in the slightest degree Injnrions, even to the most delicate system and can uwin oe asea witn PERFECT SAFETY. It haa long been In constant rue by many of our MOST EMIXEST PHYSICIASS. who give it their nnanlmoos and unqualified approval. row. vj w "wijji m once ana possage. One package, $l,0( Postage cents. Six packsgec, 4,(MH , 27 " Twelve packages, 9,00, . . 48 Tft laanlA t, -11 I ,atl J i . and medicines throughout the United States, and by a uhjikk sir vu., sole Proprietors, 1W Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. tmayl ,, STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, AT Randolph, Vt. The winter term will hesrln WKTINRADAV' Itrr IS. 168. Examination for admlaaiaai th dav hasim th beginning of the term. KOWAEO CON A NT, IlIbiieirsalEerajiaJ tSSpt.lil 0b PrlljgJ , SMOLANOER'S EXTRACT BUCHU AM. KIDNEY DISEASES AXD Rheumatic Difficulties. TJIm. S. B.1J . rive oum everywnere. . J. A. BUBUUGH, Wholesale Drnggirt Boiton fjf PURE TEAS!! DIRECT FROM CHINA AND JAPam AT THE CHINA MAN'S TEA ST0&E NO. !5 UNION BTKEET, BOSTON'. ' Club Rates or by the 5 lb. Package- OOLONG Good 90 eta. Best (1,00. MANDARIN OOLtjNG $1,20. Finert imported JAPAN-Goed $1,00. Choice $1,10. bS ENGLISH BREAKFAST-Cbo.ce $1,01 i GREEN Good $1,00. Choice $ lA Bestsi. '21 COFFEE 12, 26, OS. Best 40. lrJU. MR. AR SHOWE. receives his teas dtrw t . brother who is a tea merchant in Canton and .,.. ... commissions and get the beat the Chins market utfi,H Mr. A. sells none but ' PURE AND FRESH TEAS. The lovers of rood tea ean relv on histeaaatth.i f - ueiuij .ursMua en vmAnwAn ua rLAot wiy teas soiu in wis couutry. W ALL UOODB WARBAirTED. AR 8IIOWE A CO., Sl-92 29 Union Street, Boston, Mas. any other remedy. ltd ettic.tcy btu now become J it U JiMtly regarded in manv Arnllv known, tht 1 Iti'm mm . mtAirin tf InHI twnaalile niwaaftv i- Britain, France and Germany, where medical t4.J t... Mhl - hkW Mwfw,,. I, I . . I -- , iflCBCT;, ; Oomestlc practice and conat tntly tued in the arnii i, hospitals and other public lustitutiona, where it j,',? garded by the attending physicians as ttw moel tttti, and aeret able remedy t hat can be employed. any neighborhood can he found where weij jori cares of disetcei lungs, which had baffled the ,1.- . -I.IIIA.1 mw,A Avnu-4AnnA,l , " n.ii. i,- i, tn,. - :. oces KUJU,iuvuii uaw "J vimuiu are tile iog, eonvineiug proofs of the superior curative preo-n; KMH.wAM . -.. ... .1.- r 7-lu ot tnis preparation ; aua w tuem tne author nn n and to them the author. lf .1-.. ,l..n ivi,;i. i I- M.. n'Ul 1 &m ,jk ji-u. i i. i .? niui i i.. ..A vna,,u K-;nn i. i . u . mtntaar-j I.. This health restorer accompli he evea more bv pn. vention than euro. If taken in season, it hejbj ail L tations of the throat and lungs, wh th r sruin? fr, a colds or toughs, or from other causes and thm prerew that long train of painful and incuraUe dieeasa, woma Bttse irviu wo ucgmivi uicui. nenc ' no tiirjlr should be without it. Iuflueuza, croup, hoarsen whooping eongb, pleurisy, incipient coneumption ail other affections of the breathing orpins, pire w iy fore this pre-eminent combin ition of medical i-inn. Prepared by IJr. J. C. AYER fc CO., Lowe!!, Us, ano soio uy a i nruggisus auu ueaiers in medicine even, where. (-ecsijan) Pyle's Saleratus Is Acknowledged tbe Best iu fte, Always put up in pound packages FULL WEIGHT. Sold by Grocers Everywhere, POLAND'S PL A NTAII OISIMEM. This is the hert sriit yet put before the pi--he f .r .ill kind? of fo: and Eruptions upon tk I !-kin, as trait Uhe im,ck I Sores, UroKen B eai il fctiUL's of ln!CKee- talile roi83iini!t,tc.t( Fullv upholding D; Poland'? reputaiiuli t an oninnit r ot tib- able remedies. It J a, tlie Great Panacea, For Burns, Bcalde, Frost Bitten Parts, Chipped lip and Hands, jracks in tne Feet, cwltn wnicn old puf- are troubled,) btyes upon the .yeuda, ana la uct s everything to which a calve is appucatue. PRICE a a CENTS. Manufactured nnder tbe tum-rviaion of the ORIGI NATOR, VK. J. 'V. I 'GLAND, and for tale b ill whtleeale and retsil Druggis's, and at Countrv i nto. I tieo. t;. (rood win e& Uo., and Carter as Wiley, tjrenerai Agents. C. II. POLAND, Prop'r, Boston, .Hass.1 Also. Atrents for Medicines manufactured It Dr. W. Poland, viz : Cedar Plaster, liaiTha?j Elisi-,Ind:i: I Pile Remedy, Cathartic 1111a, sic. toct.'jo. The Last laJllSi will quickly restore Gray Hair to its natural color and beauty, and produce luxuriant growth. It it perfectly harmless, and is preferred over every other preparation by those who have a fine head of hair, as well as those who wish to restore it. The beautiful gloss and perfume imparted to the Hair make it desirable for old and young. ' For Bale by tall Druggists. DEPOT, 198 GREENWICH ST., 5. ! PURE HORSE HAIR MATTERSSES. If yon want a GOOD HAIR MATTRESS Well made, and be sure of getting what yon are P m, go so CASSINO OX EASTER-V AVEM1' Who will seU you a first rate article for leas th ( same quality can be had any where else. P. P. P. P. P. P. P PBFCT SIGHT PRODUCED! BY PKOCTJBINO A PAIR OF MESSRS. LAZARUS MORRIS PERFECTED SPECTACLES! Particular reasons why they are preferred ,bove all others : Beeaum they do not tire tbe eyea. Becaum they do not inflame tne eves. Because they do not wek n the eyes. eoau4M they do not dim the eyes. AND Beeaum they DO strengthen the eyes. Because they DO preserve the eyes. Th do not Thev are P'r1 Arhmtnatte. Ir. 7!. ., Z. .C nlv Ptlirhtl SPCTAC1S made. b our sole agent for St. Johnsbury. f WOOD AND HAY F0K SALE. . . . . i.i h to r xne suDsenner nas tor saie ana wm ity dry and green wood four feet, and It! inch. A1ilply in any qaantitiea, at the lowest ma. ket P Wc. UUnaus a. t ryri'i m - WOOD I WOOD ! ! 16 iul m- .Mriftrit a .J Atmilh and 4 fwt wood to order. Alopropr;e.ori.fJU Orders sthcited. a. WIHJUDUAX DrVDi'ircu V , (l Success . iM

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