The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1947
Page 4
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'FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1917 BIATltKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NF,\\'S PAGE nterest ot Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEW&--FEA1URES Suggtttbnj For Better Farmioi Featured For This Section'rPr*" greiwsSve Farmers. leef/e Invasion to Cut Soybean 'ield in Some Missco Fields; Infestation Worst for This Area The sceonil invasion of the bean leaf beetle in Minsis- l>i County this year hus caused considerable tlurmigc to county's 1{M7 soybean crop, it was announced today by ! 0. lUr/.elliaker, ttssistanl county agent for North Mis- ippi C'oiinty. , The first infostalion of bean beetles appeared in Mis- Issij)))! f'oiinty hist niontli but tlamaije was negligible, last week the Imsf.s re-appeared, tliis time in greater num- |;r and over a wider area, ITaxelbaker said. I The insccls huvc been reported in* ^incist every seclion of the emm- he said, and in some localities invasion of the beetles is re- |irli"d larger than ever before In history of tile county, lot the two typ=s of lieim leaf lelliix in existence, the spotted bug Ipe nnd th« slender larva beetle, lly Ihe bus-like type ha.s been re- Irted in the county thus fur, he lid. Ilowi'vcr, he warned that the lirm-like type is lh;> beetle in larva "il'e nnd can lie as damaaiiu; as H', type. llnjnry by the beau leaf beetle I two-fold. Haze!baker said. The lildish to yellowish dark spotted letles feed on the underside of the lives nnd upon the slc-ms of Ihe luni! benn plants, eating small lund holes in them, while the •MKlor while worms clicw Ihe roots Id chew on the stems just below surface of the soil more or less jrnpletcly cirdlin:; the plunl, he Army Air Forces Aid in Crop Pest Control. _ _.. . . . Box Elder Home Demonstration Club Has M Wilh (his year's soy bean crop latt'ti us larjic as hist year's the curtailment ,of the har- ciiuttl prove serious, Mr. |f(i«elb:iher stated. The usi: of |>I)T or crynlitc as a spray is ncled for eradication, he" .lid. • Farmers of Ibis vicinity began lis week to spray their crons with T>T nnd cryolite in an effort to III. the invasion of the insects, he lid. •The epidemic of red spider in the Itton crops of the county has been Inporarily checked lo sonic ex- lit, lie said, with damane to the . lip reported as .slight. A few cases J alfalfa webb worm were reported •;t week, he added. |rhe dry. hot weather of the past weeks that has scorched the lips in other nart.s of Arkansas Is had some effect on Mississippi lunty crops, he said, but not |ough to be alarmed over. Most the corn crop, \vilh the excep- |ns r>? a few late crops, was pretty |ll matured when the hot weather •=ran. "Mr. Hnzelbnker stated. jood showers of rain have been Jiorlpd i]i sonic .scclioiiK ndjoining •Vlheville but a good general rain T needed throughout most of tlie luity. 1 Drouth Causes Much DamaRe The Box F.ldo.v Home Demonstra- ion Club held its seini-ir.onlhlv ~»ec1in^ 'Ihnr.sdav with Mis. Tern Neat, ?3uu nvesidonl, presidinir. The meetin;; was owned will) a vole of acceptance lakins foiii- new meinliers into Iho club. TiiPsr? iiMnn- l:er.s were Mrs. Beulah Rihes, Mr:;. Lena Harvey, M'-s. L'JU Uecn Ciitte and .Mrs. Jewell Neal. During the business discussion v.'hieh followed, the members made plans for obtaining u clubhouse. It was.volert by the gronn Unit a committee be upiMintcd lo mveslrv.U.e the prospects of ohtaininf- an abi.i- dcned church building in the f5ox K'.der comnnnnty for nse as a permanent clubhouse. Plans were also made for the el'-ib lo purchase a steam pressure cooker fcr i.'Se in the club. Mrs. .Neal presented 'Miss Cora Lee Coleman. county agent for North Mississippi County, with an electric clock as a "goins away" present from the club members. The next meeting of the club, will be held in the home of Mrs. Redv.\ Howard Aug. 28. Dry Weather Pushes Crop Prices Higher WASHINGTON, 'Ant!. 15. lUl') — Hut, dry weather helped to push wholesale prices of Innn product* up 0.2 per cent lost week. I ho Labor Ucpiirlment reported lodny. It said that [ind other price rises pushed Its wholesale Index up 0,0 )'cr ceul lo u new uoslwur peak for the fourth :iiiece.ssLvi> week. 'I'he Index Is now 152.2 per cent of tin! 1C20 iiverni;e, 10.7 per cent hljjtier limn u year nuo. Other price increases \vcve repoil- ed for diili'y produ:;l,s uncl some steel products. The dopnrtnient snld Hint wheat pitrelinsinp Ijy Die Commodity Credit Corp, mid private millers for export purposes helped Ihe rise In crnln prices. AveniHe prices loi mclals .ind melul products rose 0,4 per cent to the point sincej J920. The tieneral in slei'l prices In UilL 1 July and early AuRiisl. \vu.s reflected hi prices asked for boller.s, !>.irs. plpL>, rails, nnd Mm o hand j tools. H Is snlil lhat, It l.s possible to mnke » rnrar Wmlc lltnL would keep Its edge Indefinitely without stropping, l>i!t sui'l! n hlnde would cast iipproxtmntcly f25. September, A. D 1M7, as thi-dM*' ; - for a hearing on Bald petition arid * - all Interested perMMM ate now notified to fee present "In said court Oil the date so fixed; • \ - • • Oive'n this SlH'day' of July*.-A/* ' D, 1847. ' -'•-••-> L. O. Thompson Jr. agent Trailing a stream of potent aerosol DDT dust, an Aimy Air forces C-47 transport pious iwceps ovor a flc.°IJ icar Odando, FloriJa, during research nrujcch Kcccnt AAF experiments here revealed new d«VL'ljp,, [a ii.i- irovcd crop-dusting tccnniaucs. Hybrid Corn Planting Aids In Cotton State IN TUB COUNTY COURT FOIt TIII-: <nuK.ASAMIU insrKicr OF MISSISHIFl'l COUNTY, AK- KANKAS. NOTICK Notice Is hereby (Oven llml there ins (wen filed In the County Court of the Chlcknsuwbn District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, n petition of I,. O. Thoni|)son, Jr., nnd others listing for file annexation to the City of .Htylheville. Avktums, of Ihe followlnn territory in the Glilrkmittt'liii DIMi let of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wil: Ixils One fl) and Two (2), Section Ten <IO>, Township Fifteen (ID) North, Uango Kleven (11) A pint of snld proposed town Is on file with .snld petition In the office of the Clerk of .said Com 1 !, nnd the mulersluned !w» been ininied by the petitioners a.s the person aulhorl/.cd lo net for them In Die premises. The Court aforesaid lias flNed the 3rd day of x>c»l And l.*'n( Distance •-Imimed C u4 ibM. HirrlCM. Home Freeze Boxes Aluminum Roofing Lifetime Wear MEDICINE CABINETS Farm Agents' Tips It's time to: Check the water supply for livestock. Water from muddy puiuis does not promote best gains. Provide shade and plenty of water for all hogs during the hot sli!'*.- mer days. Wutch evergreens for red spider. Use sulphur dust. These suggestions come from the ccunly agent and home demonstration agent. More information is available at their offices where University of .'Arkansas Collegia of Agriculture publications may also be obtained. ' ' he said. The e-xpectcd production of Ihe. 1947 Eiberla peach crop has dropped sharply due to the hot nnd humid weather, McPeek said. Drouth [Elsewhere in the state the drouth damage has been severe in the nis to he taking its toll nmong 1 Nashville-Highland area nnd the Increased planting of hybrid corn in Cotton Stales is helping to improve the relatively low corn yields per acre. The need for higher yields Is indicated by the fact that the cost of producing a bushel of corn in Southwestern Stales averages about CO cents per bushel higher than in the Corn Belt Slates, although Ihe Corn Hell lias higher costs per acre. Early lambs were one of the best- paying farm enterprises in Arkansas this year, and M. W. Mulrtrow, Extension Animal Husbandman, advises the planting of'.small graii: in August or September to providt graving for 1Q4H lambs. Plowing under cotton stalks a: soon as possible after picking i: two-way insurance for next year' crop. It improves soil condition ant 'fertility, and reduces insects. Wider use of fertilizers in liquii form seems, likely from recent de vclopments. Some •advantages liciuid fertilizers include; More uni j form applications, quicker result? less danger of burning and the us Production Drop Seen j Sunday School Teacher In Textile Industry \Wins'Miss Mcmphis'Title} WASlIlNGTOi!. AIVB. If.. <UVt" j MEMPHIS, Telni.. Aim. IS. (UP)-. 1 'lie commerce Department said Ktatiiesqno Bai-Lira Wnlkcr, 21, prel- I'slerdny textile prociucllon cliiriiii;' I ly and talented brinielle choir Icad- lv> len.ninder of Ml mny fnll be- I <"„ n ";l Sunday Hcliool leacher, wns ,w the top levels hit In ia4(i and nl1 sct f oti . n J' Io B<> I" 'Atlnntlc City , ,, 147 ; in September lo represent Memphis > .;.,,, , _ in the "Miss America" finnls. Chosen "Mls.s Menijihl.s" Insl niyht, Miss i\Vnlki'r is n -senior nl Memphis Elate College and u .student of forclijii la»i;iin[;es. Her ninln interest, is i;lir^iiiR. She is five feel, six inches tall and weighs 1.10 T'Ound.-;. She lias snng wilh *.he Memphis Open Air Theater for three yenrs and Is a choir director lor [i Memphis Mcth- odlsl. Chnrcli. She sidd that II she wins the Miss America Mil'!, she plans to study for her innslcr's tio- ATTENTION lB4(i roductton probably still will be ibove pre-war years, however, the Department sa:*l. Herbert N Hlackman. forme] exllle expert for the Civilian Pro- Inction Administration, slimmed ip the oullo-.'k as "optimisffc." :i! highly concentrated feiiilixers at any desired rales. Supplemental feeding of cottonseed meal to olfsot reduced uray.lng from pustules during August and September is- usually profitable lo dairymen and other livestock producers. Dehydrated sweet potato meal, compared favorably with corn meal in dairy rations in Georgia tests, and the butter from cows few sweet potato-nicnl'had a richer color and was higher in vitamin A content. Louisiana Experimeul . Station studies show that the increase in the calf crop, alone, will usually pay llic|.^, nUl , cllt s(mlc 2tM m illlon (years cost of improving pastures, o say, Il((0 w( ,,. e ( || s ,, )V [.red recently in New nothing of weight gams or milk in- , Mexico creases. Ijree in fojx'ijjn liuifiuaiie, "I'm/fii" Krrnil In the fall. Yellowstone Notional Pnrk ranjicrs freey.c their winter bread supply They thnw oilt the loaves as needed In Hie oven, nnd the bread cannot be distinguished from fresh. Complete skeletons of the first | small 'dinosaurs which lived on this Tin' Iteaii Hi'dli's arc ;ij?aiii fJiiiKiujr nuifh (If striiction! Now is lht> lime to kill insix-ls arid prevent heavy losses! The cheapest and most effective way to tioiilrol these pcs'l's is lly Aii" lilane Dusting. Only <>()<: per acre will cover costs of Airplane service, with a reliable anil cxpuv- iericed I'ilol lo assure pniteclion of your lifun eroi>. Call us for full details and Idtest recommendations from the University of Ar- kanscs. Planters Flying Service Phone 3721 Blytheville Attic Fans and Home Appliances Linoleum Yard'Goods and RUGS Calve rt's Whitest Paint Lasts' Longer Plumbing Fixtures Everything for the' Job Use our easy payment plan. Up to 36 months to pay. ' E. G. Robinson LUMBER COMPANY 319 WesfAshSt. crop also has been reduced in the Clnrksville-Lamar vicinity, he said. Peaches in the Crowley Ridge see.- Uon hat! about enough moisture to carry them through, McPeck's report staled. Late cotlon in some .sections of the slate is wilting and shedding burning up and unless a gen- ! 'eaves and some fields have stopped rain falls soon, it is feared that blooming. Insect damage has been late corn crop will not make, I "t 1 ' 11 because ° r 'he hot and dry weather, he said. Ikimsns crops. The dry. hot August lather probably will result in lialler crop yields than predicted liB- 1. Miles MePcck, agricultural ^'istician. reported today. 'Almost all crops in every section the state are needing rains, tic lid. Pastures Ihroiiyhont the state Tractor Parts— And International Machinery Parts! Farm Lands! He one (if the seven million who huvc purchased farm himus In Ainrrlrn since Kill). Sri! (inn nf Mu-se K«OI| farms: you raniiol be WTIIIIB in IniyliiK fiirm land now. A (••noil farm allorils you a living and a linme. H Is yulir licsl cild »i;c security ami the pride nf'ownership Is wnrth (hi! jirlre yini pay. Electric and Acetylene ELDING j DON'T WAIT . • . DON'T RISK KREAKAGKI Re- |l>!;u-e worn iwls n) » w -\ w \ save valu:il>lc time during lliavvcsl season. [NOW—is lite lime to ready your equipment for fall, ring it to our shop for complete inspection and rc- Ipair work HKKOUK you actually need use of it. Kx- Ipcrt factory-(rained mechanics at your service. Liberal Credit Terms on All Repair Work INTERNATIONAL'HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH ZHP ST. PHON£863 How Much Is Your Dollar Worth? THE ANSWER Is At Southern Auto Stores sr WEEK Now in Progress VISIT THE Southern Auto Store Nearest You 110 acres, nenr Pascola. Pcinfscot County. Missouri. 85 acres open land. 5 room house and barn, gravel road, lilgliltiir.!. 4fi ncn^s in cotton this year. Hns produced 2 bales of cotton per acre. Price $10,800, crop rent goes lo purchaser. 80 acres. 00 ncres in cultivation, 2 houses, 1 barn, on Highway 1,2. 1 % miles West of Highway til. Pine type black mixed soil. Rents no to purchaser. $3,000.00. 4':;, 20 year loan to be assumed. $1,500.1)0 will bind deal, $2,500.00 next fall. flO ncres, Vi mile of good town. Good C room house and one 2 room house. 2 Inrge barns, oilier out buildings. Produce 40 bushels of beans per ncre. IlcnLs of V, cotton nnd 1-3 beans KO lo purchaser, f.nnd is llic best of quality. Price SI1.MJO.00. S2.500.00 cnsh. assume loan of $4,500.00, balance December. 1011. P,n r.cres black land, no stumps. 2 [jootl houses. 1 good barn, .lolns Ihe town of Canalon. Price SI 1!i.W> per acre. Can sell in two •!() ncres with house on ench 40 or can be sold with No. 3 m.'iklni; ICO 80 acres of limber land South of Hives, Missouri. The cypress timber will pay more than 1-3 of the price of $2,800.00. ao aci(.-s, Vi mile of Parm.i, Missouri. Good land out In front with n'.l convenience. Price $10000 per acre with 20': cash. 80 acres, 00 acres open land. 2 houses, 1 barn, on Highway 112, ] .i mile West of Highway 61. Tine black mixed soil, rents go to purchaser. Price $08.00 per acre. $3.000.00 in -\','f long lenn loan. 1B4 ncres. Iractor farm, near Holland, Missouri. Pour houses, ?. barn.s, good land, good road, hii;h!lne, school bus, and mail route. Price S200.00 per acre. 2'^ri acres near Catron, Missouri. Very fine land, 4 houses, 1 barn, on gravel road, R.K.A. and telephone lines, mall te school bus routes. Price $150.00 per acre wilh 1-3 cash balance on long terms. Blytheville, Ark. 210 acres. One of the finest and best localcd farms to be found anywhere. Produces more than a bale of cotton per acre and ideal cqm---^ blnatinn crop mul stock farm. 3 good houses and 2 barn.s. Price $135.00 per ucre. , - ,'i51 acre slock farm, within two miles of BloonVleld, Missouri. Tills is the very finest type of Crowley's Ridge clay soil. Produces nny kind . of crop ami Is especially ndaplcd fo livestock. On Highway. 25, 1ms 3- over running sprilngs, 1 good •! room house and 3 large barns, all fenced and cross fenced. This farm will grara 2 cows per ncre. Very low taxes and (it the very low price ot $10,000.00 with 1-3 cash, balance on long Icrms. •10 ncres, 112 acres open, on road, balance In timber Near Tomato Arkansas. A bargain at $1,800.00, Will carry $800.00 at O r0 interest BO acres. 10 ncres o]icn, fine mixed loam, one 5 room home. 2 room tenant house, barn nnd good smoke house. On grnvel road, school bus, electricity Will make 2 bales of cotton per ncre. Price $1GO.OO per acre. [JO acres, Southwest of Deerlng. One good •! room house, one 3 room house and bain. Fine black mixed soil, on county road 14 mile from gravel. Ofl ncres In cultivation, 2 bales of colton to acre. Price $116.00 will carry $4,500.00 loan. •IIS acres, 4 miles East of Slcctc, very rich black cypress loam land. Well improved will) •) good houses anil barns. Gravel rond on 3 sides of farm. Good alfalfa and collon land. Price $200.00 per acre. Will finance good portion of the price. 1380 acres old Castor nivcr land: I/icntcd nbout 8 rmlcs Northeast of Dloomncld. Mo. BOO ncres In cultivation. One good hOlhc and good barn, and about 8 tenant houses. This land is good, produces all crops, including cotton. Oii good road nnd is n bargain al $S5.00 per a\vc. There is n $47,500.00, 20 year loan nt 4«fc Interest to be as.,sinned. This farm is bound to be worth more money but is not ' convenient for owner to operate and this Is tlw reason for 115 N. 2nd Street W. M. BURNS, Realtor Blytheville, Arkansas Phone v 3361

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