The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1947
Page 2
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FACE FOUR BLYTHEVU.LE (ARK".)' COURIER NEWB FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, fs Senators v- + 1 t* -~ • jive Warning =• 'Popper of Florida/ | A Liberal, Predicts I Political Upsets * v^•A'?HI^a:iTON, AUS. is, XUP)— Sen. C<tude Pepper, D., Fla., today Wtmed Hts southern Democratic «>.lem«u«s to adopt a "liberal" platform on labor, • taxes anrt health legislation or risk defeat in tlioir reelection bids next year. /Hie'PlorldUin said in an interview thit he b5lleved rreslclenl'Truman would be re-elested In 1943 and lhat pemocrats would recapture control of Congress-Hbut only if the parly «t**r«d a liberal course. % Pepper's sharpest remarks, liow- Sver, »ere reserved Cor his 11 Southern colleagues who face voters In their bid to retain their Senate seats next year. • "There Is not'a part of the coi it}' where the liberal movement gaining more' strength than in the South," he said. "When changes are made in that sactlon men of moiv liberal views are, tnklnc the vacant sealt,," he declared. , - •-' Southern Dcmocrats'whb come up {or reelection' neijt' year, ami at T*hom -Pepper's reai^Vjis apparently were aimed are;.sv^-'- v . Sens.'O.'Sasllnnd, Miss., John L. McClellan, Ark., Allen J. ElUntler, Li.,!i3ijrhel R. M.Voxnd, Ark.,,W. Le« ODanicl, Tex.. A. Wi'.Us •Robertson,"VA.-,- Richard B, Btisie'l, Ga., JohnfJ: Sparkrnah, lAla , To:n Stcwprt, Tc'iin.. Willinm B. Urn- stead. H. O., and Carl A. Hatch, N.M. Pcr^er sa'ld that among the issnes which •woulrj; play n maJDi- role in the SoutheriCciimpsiBns yero'hlsh- er wages, soil and forrcst conservation public jfcwer, river, lvt\rb»r ?nd airport develap'triicnt, lower (relghi tales, housing, aid' t-o small business and low-aest medical care. •:' "The things we need in the South can come only'with rj: liberal administration in both' Congress and the White Hause," Pepper salil. . ; J-ong Remember, Private Osborrv Judge to Settle Madison 'County Election Dispute . FAYETT'EV;LilE,,Ark., Aug. 15 (\jpj_A circuit Jutls-j.-.on an change of circuits, was to be-asked joday to settle K ifariison Count, 'ejection dispute for the office o sheriff. : Judge'Sam Woods of Fart Smith »ul have'to" settle the conllUUiv.; • claims of'Sheriff Berry Denny, a Deniocrat, ; .nnd John Robert Dotson, a Republican. •Denny defeated Dotson by a 33- vote margui at the November neutral-, election, but six months later Itotion filed an election contest suit., In it he,.cjaims all absentee taV.ots had. not been coxmled nt the time. ;' IrJ- return, Denny claims that : Dc!j=n likfl his action at an im- proper tim;, anil that the Madismi Countr election' commissioners certified the vote. Oar Cowboys hoot Holes in highway Signs MTTLE HOOK, Ark., Aug. 15. r- — Trigger-happy automobile «los arc costing the Arkansas ^Invay Department .':ome $18,000 i:nally In addition to wasting an (estimable amount of lead, Lewis ch'lngcr, department employe, said is week. Bolillnuer, v.'iiu is in charge ol ing" Ihe thoroughfares of U'.c .... made the estimate after au- jimcing that the department has iscd from $13 to $25 the reward i informalin olcadinj; to the "cap- ire find conviction" of Jinyonc fir«; a gun at an Arkansas highway n. 'the department is now spending iOOSO a year painting and Insliill- i si = ns alonsr its major highways. At least 35 iier tent of that mount is for replacements," Boh- nger asserted. The department "signed" High-/ •ay IG7 lending out of Little Rock hire months iigo. 'Since thai lime," Buhlingcr said. i n sipn bel'.veen l,ill!c Il.ick and lie I'ul'iski County line has been (•placed. Most of ihcm brcauss of nc or more bnilet hole:;." And. lie added, the situation is i n li the same in njlicr portions of 11 st \KC with oilier signs being linked or destroyed bv small boys, n c s drivel's or vandals. lie iid that tin 1 shooting situii- uuo is v.'orsc in the "rifle lotin'" nithii'ii section o) the stale—01 )' lmnys l>5. 71, f>'2 and other road: leading into the hills. '•H.ns for Arkansas highways arc li inted by eight men \vorkiiH 1 i ign shop in North Little Rock. Careful, Junior! -Il-"tcblc scientists . liundrcrts ol to decide definite'}' that njijes were animals, not plants. was remembering ll>at day when, the speeches and the singing over lit the opening of the 81st national encampment of the GAR, he gratefully relaxed in liis scat and rested Ins head cm Iho 'shoulder of Mrs. Hulh Osljorn Shcppard. of Alton, 111. lie was the oldest of live GAR veterans, all ceiilcn.nlians, who gathered in Cleveland to honor Uvjiv dead cointades-in-arms. Ex-G.l. Sues Army For $11,273; Cites illegal Detention SAN PHANCTSCO. Aug. IS. (UP -A in-ycnr-nlcl Army veteran sue otf'cials at Hamilton Field. Ca for $11,273 yesterday, charging I uas licld in the Uase guardlious tor n days Without being charged. Ilvman A Krouberg. San Pran- oisco. said he was arrested tollow- im; his discharge from the Army last April 7 nnd accused of Illegal in^e.ssion of a $111 government wr^cluite. His suit named a.s defendants Cnl. Tliomas B White, post proms' marshal. Sills. HivroM M. Dart ncl Joseph Glass-, and several John Little Keith Fisher gels down for dog's-cyc view of llunly, bulldog entry in Golden Jubilee Children's Dog Show, London. Ten thousand youngsters entered pels in the competition. Mr. Average American Smoked US Packs of Cigarettes Last Year WASHINGTON, AlljJ. 15. (UP) — The average American smoked 110 packs of clg:'rotlcs lust year — inora than ever be.'ore in the nation's history. All AgrlciiHi'rn Department snf. • vey showed that a lolal of 327.000,000,000 clgiirr-l'.es were consumed in this country in the 12 months endcc* Julj J. That's more than IG.OOO.ltno.OCO packs. And another 2,000.030 ii'.i't packs were shipped abroad. The Dcparrnu'iif said no decline in the nal'on's c'iiareltc appcti'c is expected ,11 least before the o'nci of Ihc year. ierves With Engineers Private First Class Wayne S. rthonds, fan of Mr. and Ma. A. J. ihoads of Blythcvillc. Is now ionert with the Fourth Enrjineor Construction Group In Kyoto, Jaan, the Army said today. On July 0, 1928, a hailstone nchcs in circumference fell •otter. Neb. Open at 7:00 p.m.; BlarU 7:30 p.RL India Now Divided Into Two Nations With Dominion Status 8 oz 'A' Grade All White Duck 9'dnd7i' Bemis Bag Co. COTTON PICK SACKS By 1'. II. S11AKMA (llnlted I'rrss Staff Correspondent) NEW DELHI, Aug. 15. (UtO — At the stroke of midnight the British raj died and the new nations of India and Pakistan with dominion status in the British commonwealth were born. A scant 12 hoars niter the 1 last viceroy. Viscount Louis Mouutbat- tcn. formally had handed over power to the nc\v nation ol Pakistan, the great new Hindu slate of India look rank beside its Moslem neighbor. TI Thc ceremony for the creation ot India ocsnn just bclorc midnight, coniinunal clifMirbancc. centers of Lahore, AmrKsnr ar.d Calcuttn, India's constitticnt assembly met last night. Gaiullii iu Culciil'la First tlic ttcU'catcs sang -— as they have at every meeting cf the all India Concress since Hie light for freedom up.der Mohaiutns K. Gaucthi l)C[;an in 1019 — their national anlhcin. Uandetnatvain- Oanrthi. however, was not in New Delhi to witness the fruition of his brintj nu end to Britain's 200-year rule of the" tremint; subcontinent. Pandit Jawatiarlal , Nchiu then fv'rcrt a resolution. Embodying llie iie.1- Indian oath of allcRiance and iiicatin^ tho new nation to world pence and the. welfare of mankind. Midnight Ceremony At Iho stroke of midnight • the, members totik the new oath, aud'W- dcrcd q :ncssa;;c sent to Mount- batten, apprising liim of their action. Today the irwcmbly received the new tri-colov SI'aS of imlin, the sacrcil fire will be lighted at Prasad's resldenc" and the symbolic Federal .liidKe George B. Harris •[•leased Kronbc-rg on a writ o! iabT.i. 1 ; corpus July 21 and strongly criticized Army officials for his longed dclention. Divorce Suits Filed Suits for diverse were filed Chancery C3uvl here during the. '•pn'st two -weeks-by tfip following: : r>sinicc I^ein vs Jack Fein; Dufrene of af?ila!io;i and st'. by New wns in :;trire-l(?rn C^lcultvi. seeding to encourir^c pcac2 between the wrathful Hindus and Moslems, his It was clhnnxcrA at 10 a.m. when j own residencr the lavr-et of angry Moimttiatten. riding In the vice- attacks. roy's ceremonial conch behind Alter ni: lidari-ss by nsscnibly Pre- I-Ic j for?hcar!j of 11' S. Medrick vs Fay Mcdrick; John s:au.:hter vs Lillian S.aiigliterr M'kircrt fran'f. Trail vs Ray A. Tvittl. E )a Lrasurc \ r s John Lcasurc; lioi.s Bush vs Richard H. Hush; marks will l>e painted' Willie Boydson Tetter vs D. C. Tct- Dcliii women upon the ; tcr; Ruth Griffin vs Jesse Griffin: leaders:'! Frnnce.s Sandrack vs Elliott J. Saud- The midnii;ht hour ol Die as- < ratk '- <-''«>' ^ Linsman vs Alit-ne sci-ibly meeting had Iho bless'.ng\,-Unsmaii; Curtis Taylor vs Jessie of Il'lnriu Rslvolosers whose in- j M|I J English Taylor, fhrnce has Wi.rccl but little in In- 1 Uo™th.vMosley jis Felix Musii-y; din since medieval times. eight, white horses, drove, frcun government house to the assembly hall and formally turned over ltl s seals office. gainst a background of violence & strife which took a loll of Mew Theater Manila's Finest KVFRT NIGHl 8»tart»j ft SnndAj «y« T:M p.i Cwit Sb.w ' Friday j'THE BIG NOISE" Ttrtntteth-Centtir.v Fox Ticlu r Kith Lanrel and Hardy » Srterted Shorts ''PIONEER JUSTICE' a PKC ( , «Mb -Selected Shorts ft , Saturday Owl Show House Kids Go Wes wHh BOTy Ha>*p,aB4.R*t>rri Lower AIM Alter a:: lidari-ss sidcnt HajoiKlra scmbly 'stcoci in I'rast^d, silence Ihe for ns- At 8:30 a.m. Moiinlbattcn look his new oath of office as [;overnor- ininntes in memory to Itic martyrs 0[ the independence movement— llic thousands of Indians \vho liave given thoir livi's in tho. struggle. o j pciicral of nulifi and 'the minislers --••-- --•• - ndreds dend anci wounded in the both violent and non-violent lo of the new govETinnenl were sworn. Marntbalteii. accompanied by his wif? and daughter, I'amoh. then As the guns bcomed oul in a 31- rodo 10 the assembly hall. Iient; Midisaii vs Orlan<3 \V. Afadisori: P. H. Tilhiian vs Jnanita Till- mnn; John J. Smith vs Eva Marie Smith; Dot Ilia 'Brocks vs D. Brooks. gun salute India was (vlii'.e dome of nalional flag of ken out over the the hall. en 34th Street" w«Ui . A OHxra Mrt J»hn Payne *-•- _._jt „«> t ' When the Topic is Good Food . . . It's Always DELTA CAP * Seafood * Steaks * Chicken * Chops ''•' Dinners * Specialties Additional Seating In Our Private Dining Room So. Highway 61 Friday ami Saturday 'Dangerous Venture" William Itnyil as if<»]]:iloil£ (.'a:*si<ly Serial: "I,r>sl Cflv of the Jungles" Also Shorls Sattmliiy Mitlnilo Show Starts I0:lr> p.m. "BEDLAM" Wllll Itfiris JCarhilT and Aiinu r.tre 1'aramount News ami Hhurts Sunday »nd Monday "Badman's Territory" ivilh K:iii(li>li>h S('t>tl, Ami Kichanls, (ieorjic "t^abby"^s rarumnmit News and Shorts RITZ THEATRE ; Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "Law Comes to Gunsiglit" with Johnny Mack Tlnnrn t'artonn and <'U;intcr Vt. (if "Manhunt iif iMystery Isliind" C K Fresh Longer! »ENDIX SIANOARO CENDIX Df IUXI TRADE-IB* YOUR OLD WASHE& OH A MODERN DO - EVERY 1133 5iG i\ow It.'s ICasy In I'.uy Uii> World's "Savinj, r csl" Washor! Up lo 12 ;\[<nilli.s lo I'ay NO OTHER WASHER HAS SAVED SO MUCH WORK . . . SOAP . . . HOT WATER . . . CLOTHES . . . FOR SO MANY MiLUONS OF FAMILIES Saturday Owl Shr>\v "RENEGADE GIRL" With Alan Curtis and Ann Savage Also Sliiirl Sundjiy and Monday Tuesday Paramount Sweeps Von Aloft in the -^ Screen's Greatest Romanic of the. Skies! No other washer has proved so conc/usiVofy it can do your wash ail by j'/jeff. . . even when you're nol in (he house! HIRI'S HOW THi BENOIX WORKS WHILE YOU ME1AXI Jwl set the diot odd soap ... and Iclce H eajyf All by itself Iho Bcndix woslies, triple-rime^ and damp-drys the clothes ; . . then cleans ilself ona" shuts off ouromaficol/yf Phone for TRADS-/N OFFER TODAY*. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. AMNE BAXTER WILLIAM IIOLDEN SONNY TUFTS WILLIAM BENDIX STERLING HAYDEN HOWARD DA S1LVA 1C °""* db "'^"™*•> RKO N'cws and Short

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