The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 6
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t PACK *TX BLITHEVILLE (ARK.)' COTTRDBK THOTSDAY, JANTJART n, 1«4« Paps to Tangle WithJonesboro Gam* to B« Ployed Hfn While Chicks Matt Leach ville Seven Cards Signed for 1948 Season; Browns Have Holdouts Jly Curl I,undquUt IDnllrd Prr«« ftport Writer) NEW YOHK, Jan. '11 (UP)—The St, Ixiuls Cardinals and Browns, who probably will Iravel In opposite rtl-1 recllons In their respective |)tiiimtit j races next season, were on different ( levels already In RetthiK players i With the Chicks «nd Sciuaws *e«- signed up for the 1018 campaign. Second-Half Play Tonight in Inj action on « foreign court (lie , Piny in (he second half of th« Tlin Cardinals, wlio usually hnd i Blytlu-villc Y's City Hiskethall Blythevllta Junior High School Pa- „ bumper crop of holdouts under pooses will take over Ihe local cage • [hp ,.<, R | mi , cf s i r , R h, B ' Sam Ureadon, limelight tomorrow night when they wcrc colnl ,, B i nto )lnn ,, lrcly ,, n(1( . r l«iiRle with the Jnneslioro Jwnwr i niclr new henrt mini, cx-ro.slinnstcr High School's undefeated Whirl- icienernl Bob llnmieitnii, who hay rind* In R return game at Ihe Haley | s)Bt](<(l s( , V[ , n o( t , lcn , ,„ two riBy , nf | ; : Meld gym. | , 1CK ,,ti a tlons. T ^ S ,, r 5"f, nt >' crfol ™"" c< ' . Wl! I Hannenr,n revealed'thal three rr-B- • g«ln find the Paps pitted aRalns', ' , i,...-!,!,,.. A , ,,,„.., Scl , 01 ,,,. their toughest . Ulf c Co. .nrt on,, |« J ;• ;»^J r " ^ ^ lo ^ ^ of the state's best ball-l,a,ullln it 1(lfty |)j(( . 11( . r A||)|)n ^.^ hn(| will underway District Attorney Raps Fight Game Charges Commission With Neglect in Cleaning Up Boxing By Jack Cuddy fMlillfd 1'rnw Sport* Writer I NEW YORK, Jiill. 22. (UP) — cllltu. iThe Paps came oul on Ihe short cl sl[;nc<l ii]i i'cslei'day along with rook- end of R 40 In 2a scorn In the Hireling ol these two tciuus lu Joncsbora last week which wi\» Ihelr llrst setback of Ihe season. But since then Coach Buddy l),i- V!B' aKxrc&alloii Ins been working overtime In mi eflorl to will)) Inlo shop* lor tomorrow night's return ••**)' ie InfioltiiT. Tommy Oluvlno. '1'iie previous day, llanneKan siKiicti up .what nmy be his slartlnit outfield for lfl-18, Terry Moore In cnilcr, Minis Slaughter In led nnd Charley DIciiiiR In right. Tlic Curil- j conlesl. Wakcfirld wl Innls .still hnvp. to hear from such I'»»« nillinrrts. with Ihrcc games scheduled to oe ; played on Ihc Armory court. ' • Action will slart at 7 o'clock with Ihc. Uiy Klch Chevrolet five tang- llh the Simpson Oilers. Botti teams are .smarting from defeals suffered in Die final games of the (list halt last week and will t» scrninblliiK lo Bel back tnlo the lvalue running during the .second hiilf. In the second name, the Hays Grocers, who wound up tlic first ,, , , , ' r Ct for New York County, nnd Col Edward P. P. Eagan, chairman of the New York Stale Athletic Commission — supposed political bedfellows—were slugging each other verbally today because of alleged corruption In the fight game. Goffdom's History-Making Woman Wants Crack At Men's Crown By TA Rilnibur; (United Fr«M fiporU Writer) CHICAGO, J«n. 2Z (UP)—B»he Dldrlckson, who made golf history by winning both the British and American women's open championships In 1£47, Intends to try for the American men's title this year, but she Isn'l very optimistic about her t'hnncos. "I'm not sure I could stand that hard par three," she said. "In (he open they pl»y from the back too and I can't lilt them *.i far as the men cm. So even my second shots would have to be long and hard." - Even looking nt It this way, the Babe itllll plans to get Into the open and *he thinks she ha,i a good chance to qualify for the 72-hole test. The qualifying trials at Denver, where she lives with her husband, kind of competition for three days,"| ex-wrestler and now sports promo- she snlct, "It's different when you're - _ . . •....'... playlnK against women. They're just as tired as you are, but men seem to get better as they go along. "They're playing the open at tl\e 1 Riviera course this year and that's i i> tough layout, It has several tounh. •Hie two Republican politicals, j par four holes and there's one real I get me in." who reportedly share ambitions to t«r George Zaharlas, will be held at Cherry HID, a course she knows well. "I usually shoot around 69, 70 or 71 there," she said, "and unless several of the boys get awfully hot, HO oc HI should be low enough to Kilmvntlm and In Innlglit'i llilrd I Hogan. featured speaker at meet Play- t dinner In Fluppert's brewery, dared that if boxing Is to lia Jcno.slwro will have an un' ™ Stan Mnrinl Marty Mnrlnn and George Kurowskl. Ihelr . ""»'<• "''it sl|i| "« Inflelilors, and deniable edge In tomorrow nlglu's [ ( ">"' Phchors Ken Durklmrt. Howie clash they no no! expect an easy i !'<>l!''l. Murry Ulcksoii. nnii iinrry victory. The !i\cts Hint Ihe Pivps Urechctn. but Haimci;aii itutlcnteil will be playing In their home Icr- he expected no difficulty. rilory and 'tlicy xnow what to we- j 'I'he lirowns. who are expected to peel from tlie Whirlwinds, should [Mart out Hit American I.cagm: rnin- mnke the golnB " Htl'c tougher. ip' ll K" °" a one way (rip lo nowhere, While (he Pups ore keeping -tmd a flrsl cluss hnldnul. on Ihcir things moving iit.home the Chicks hands In ,sacl .Sum 7.olitak. who rc- «nti Squaws will Journi'j lo Lencti- , liirnnl his 10111 rontrnct. unsigned Dates for Ihe pla.y-of( games be- brcoinc governor, turned the annual boxing writers dinner Into an oratorical free-for-all last "bn cleaned up Instead of closed Memphis Get Jack Onslow As New Manager VTEMPH1S, Tenn., Jnn. 22. ll)P>— Iwecn Wnkpflrld and Ihc Grocers , B»B™ s boxing commission should Jack Qnslow, a veteran of 38 years to dor tin! winner of the fim, i do Ihc Job with public hearings ,„ baseball was named today as half pennant have not been set j and by hiring a staff of 12 Invcs-! manager of the Memphis Chicks but will probably be announced lat- ; '"i 1 ), 10 ."' „,..., , , .of the Souttiern Association. cr Ihls wcrk. Bob Feller Wants Chance To Pitch In World Series HoRan disclosed thru hi.s office I hnd bmi InvpslignilnK the fluht name since Aulunin, line, and that he was convinced the 'rriinlnnl clement must be eliminated" If J" tllc Ch!caB ° the sport Is lo snrvivi-. •- Onslow. a native of Boston succeeds Ihe re-signed Doc Prothro, who sold his interests in the club White Sox last Long, Jones Head for New Clash at Polls NEW ORLEANS, .Jan. 22, IUP1 —Louisiana voters got set today for the second act of a rmigh-nnd- tmnlile ciimoaign for governor. ( Late returns from Tuesday's | democratic primary gave Earl K. Razorback Cage Team Will Play In Jonesboro JONESBOno, Ark., Jan. 22 <UP> —The University of Arkansas Ra?.- oibacks, tied for top spot in the Southwest Conference with four straight victories, move into Jonesboro tonight to tangle with the Ar- kar.bas Stain Indians. Last night the Hogs took 3 42 to 35 non-conference decision from Alabama in Memphis. Gerald Hudspcth, an Arkansas "rookie" who did not nuke the last Southwest trip, was lop man for ihe Porkers last night as he hit seven long thots and two chariiv tosses for 16 points. Big George. Kok, Arkansas center scored n points. Tonight's game is expected to be in the nature of another warm-up for Ihe Ra/orbacks as the Indians have not looked impressive lu recent games. They lost BB to 36 to the University of Louisville Saturday night and 72 to 42 to Southern Illi" nols at Caruondale Tuesday night. Following loniKht's contest, the Razorbacks will take lime out for mid-year c.xarns before tangling \villi Baylor at Waco, Tex., Feb. 6 nnd 1. "Oldat40,50,60r — Man, You're Crazy *Wl>pf Bl 70. Try IIPII r«ll "old." 'Irr .£*r Jttfu.s. Him lotfj • siw wly &0c. AL all dr.ic stores everywhere — In Blyllicvillf, at Kirby Drug. «S Read Courier News Want Ads "llr'M^Se ''hedeeper „, rt , B ! °"^ "» ^« «™ »« **"« (he more corruption we r ^,,..' t '; Sox o, K ,n, Z ,,lion or only two years lie pointed mil Hint he had liirn- ''jP.'V " K . ^ a scout al ? ri '"""ns 1 ".! brother of the late Sen. nonlh. ' Huey (Klngflsh) Long, a com- Ou.slow lias been with Ihe While mntHjlng lead In the race but Indicated that he would not receive a sufficient majority to avoid a runoff election with sccond-rnn- bly at Memphis. Boston College will Iravel to J' 01 " 1 ? 1 ' 18 '° '""*'• ,P IC MiSS , °" ,° ct 23 ' Tl16 Vandcrbilt game has been scheduled for October 9. with the - sltc undcrtcrmined probably Memphis or at home. The hnrd-liHttng district attor- : think I've got a good clinnee of meeting here earlier thLs scnsoti the Clucks downed the Lions 'X» lo 111 Brownie pitcher. while the Squaws wore bowing lo i Lionesses by a 23 lo 16 score. i Browns during Ihc recent ma- Follcr. who signed a 194B ron- jor lertKUO mceltiiKs admitted liiey | tract yesterday, which with altenct- Imd turned down nil offer of $100.-|ance bonus provisions Is csperleil 000 for Zoldak and outfielder riaV: reportedly received Sfi.OOO last I praised Cleveland's jiennnnl (•hiincef | nti'U'rworkl ney did not limit himself to RCIIeriilltles: he named names. He pre- ' lor s l wi "S dlctcrt that the public hearlnps j Onslow repoiicdly favors Ploridn ,.„„. wo" 1 ' 1 disclose what kind of deal- Blytheville Cagemen • pnulj to omr more make him the high- I'ifis Mike Jacobs nmt his former j n e f eat Indeoendents Zol-!nrli-rt player In the name. ,,p- i ni:>lehninkcr, Nat Rogers, had wilh , Defeat /naepenOentS * "-'•' chavucters like JLm- so]i, would concede defeat as they ran third and fourth, respectively, wllli totals of 74.930 and 64,125. To win on the first ballot a candidate needs a total equal lo one vote more than the combined to! tal of his opponents. It appeared Station; ccr 'a' n trml Lons's lead could nev- BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY WHITE THEATRE Weekdays (iu.\ Office Opens 0:30 p.m. Sllnif Starts 0:15 p.m. Sutunhiy Bt).v Office Opens 12:15 p.m. Slm\r Starts 1:00 p.m. Sunday liny Of (ice Opens 1:15 Show Starts 2:00 Kansas. 41 to 35. i (hlixl man behind Aaron Hoblnson The win kept Ihc ARRles innylnK i and l.atrv Herrn last year; CHis • along the trail which they liopn will lead to « post-season tournament 1'Vllrr said he believed he would , ], CAVVU .eichl^ champion, rose to llls 19 '''' lolnl "alary wllictl ' 5 pcak his eyes were blaztnc He ,-. Invitation and K chance In rcKaln the national collegiate Iwskelbnll j Va.. lilR championship they held In unrt 'M. (Connie) 'Nlnrhos. who nil, .321 nllwns approximately $87.000. but his j s |, m]Lcrt |',,i o Kansas Oily last year, and Henry jbass, owner Hill Veeck of (he In- , (r(ct , n ( tonlcv finds a crime Inbox- Vollcs, Jr., an 18-year-old Norfolk, j rtlnns, wasn't so sure, school slur. Folios An ; Intersecllonal same snw the Arkaii'sas Hazorbncks, led by Gerald 1015 [considered an ontMnmlliiB 'prospect. [Large field Expected _ Two veteran pitchers, Ernie Bon- | c _. „, . -. n\n vctuiitu [mcncrs, r,riuc uou- i f «i , f* ham and Nick st.inccvlch. came lo ' for rftocnix Upcn terms nt rltlsbursll for the Pirates, i Hudsten'« Ifi ix>lnl.s, beat Alabama, Strlncovlrh, wlio wtm only one pnnie ' PHOKNIX. Ai-l7... Jan. Tl 'UPi 42 to 35. It was the first nlhlellc and last six last season, expressed iEiithly inn professional solfcrs learn meeting In history between Ihc two I niipreclnlioii for KeAtUig nnothcr nchools. visitors with 13 points. In a preliminary game, the Havs mike "If the dls- 1 store Grocers defeated the Shaw-! nee Independents of Joiner 55 to, 41. Billy Meharg paced the Oro- ccr.s with 23 points followed by A. C. Bunch with 16. Ralph led Shawnee In scoring with 10 tallies. In K Sovitl I chance and thai he expected lo ivithwesl confeicnce clasli.j have a sood year under Ihe Pirate I Ing, let him Indict the pcrpetra- ' tor thereof." Eayan continued torridly. "the boxing commission Is nol empowered to indict anyone. Nor can the f boxing commission disclose tile se-| Rickey's Brooklyn football Dodgers, [•ret minutes of Ihc grand Jury in • concily said flatly that he had a public, hearing unless the person I never talked with Rickey about ary with tournhiR amateurs and Ariz- j who has' been placed under sns- suc h. contract scotchlns New York ona Simon Pines Ice-off loday for | pinion by Ihe minutes agrees to reports that Rickey, president of the nn IB hole pro-anialenr round prc-1 submit to R public hearing. 'We Brooklyn baseball'and football club.i Rice trimmed Texas A. and M., 491 tnniinger. Bill Meyer. Bonhnm, n Ulminary to tomorrows slart of the ! offer such ncrsons public hearings. sil | rt he ha(1 O f[ crc( | Conerly a con- 'iili expert, who won II and j $10.000 Phoenix Open. I and when they refuse, we suspend ' trnct c ' Bl |i,, B tor $20.000 a "year for for the seventh place Hues.; «cu Hixnn. rnlRlity mite from * Jhrm Immediately and Indefinite- fonr ycnrs and „ 52 0.000 bonus. to 47. i rork b: Charles Brown scored 26 points; lost 8 ,...,^,, ^.^ -....-and Don Boven 23 to leart Western' was one of (he team's top pitchers i Hershey. Pa., slioollnp for his Ihlrd '>'• O/e Miss Adds Boston College to Grid Schedule UNIVERSITV. Miss.. Jan. 22 (UP> —The University of Mlssisslpo) booked a nine-game schedule today for the 1048 football campaign adding Boston College and dropping j Arkansas and South Carolina. j The Southeastern Conference! Thursdav & Friday "THAT'S MY GAL" \sith Dnnalr) Berry an<l Lynn Roberts and "YANKEE FAKER" with champs will inailgurate a two-game j UouRlas Foivlcy anil Joan Woodburj series against Texas Christian starl- I Serial: "naushlcr nf Don <l" ag; ing next year, it was announced. The 1949 game will be played at | Port Worth: the 1950 clash proba- Also Shorts BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY 217 South Second Sr. Phone 44 22 Michigan Valparaiso. lo 60 victory over I In the late singes of Ihc race. The Boston Red Sox signed up straight Phoenix Open lilic. teams with locnl sportsman Nell II. face ST. Monrrz. Bobsledden f i-i- Competition (UP>—The United Stalos Olympic bobsledders face on of their •ternest pre-Olympic tcst.i today when tht two-man so/mris compote ! U\n rookies, oiufloklrr Al Slmononl.s Otnnis as llic favnred (cam. w-ith i (uml llle Anderson. S. C., team of top companion expected from the I 1111 ' '1'rl-Slntp Irnsue mirt a :.n\ ! rtc(ri\<lliis tUle tcnm of LRWKOII ; hitler, mid Intlelrlcr John Oslrowskl, Little and Phil Calihan. j ,lnn. w'ho balled .2!>a for lx« AnRcles in ! Coner/y Denies Receiving Big Offer From Dodgers the Pacific Coast Inop. j Joe Louis Sets Record \As Longest Title Holder the (vvo-ninn e\ p cvnt nrn the Swiss, In workouts lo rtntc. the- Yanks will ; be umkrrtogs In the EompclUlon. but : Coacli John J. t Donna) Pox. I,ar- against »ev«r*l oilier nations In the; Belgian, and Italian teams, all of! NEW YORK. Jan. 32 annua St. Morllr bobsled derby. ] whom linvn . been turning in con- i L<nlis has ™ w bccn hcavywcisht On Ihe form they have exhibited | sislmlly belter tlmos than Ihc Yank.s |DOSIii|r champion lou B er limn any ; ]„ pmVtlrc sweeps down the Icy olhcr mnn ln rlnK history. : niounlnln But Fox thinks the ' As " ! vestcnlny. Louts' reign com. - [ Americans are improvtnc steadily | l»'lsrd 10 ycnrs and 213 days since chmont. N 1. undcrtakev. minks, nnrt nrl , Jus , n i, 0 ,, t ,. MI , V lo hu („„ he won tin- title from Jimmy Brart- hts team will surprise. ; (orm • j dock at Chicago with an clsht- Raied ahrnd of Ihr Anirrlrans In • ' I round knockout in 1937. The IOIIB- ' est previnns Icnure uas (hat of ohn L. Sullivan, who was chnm- lou for 10 years, 213 days, from Feb. 7. ln82 until Srnl. 7, Ififl3. j MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Jan, aa IUI 1 !-1 Charley Ccmorly. national college passing champ who pnrcd ihe Unti vcrstty of Mississipjil to a South- i easlci'll Conference title denied las' night that he had rejected a prol- nc Uerred $100.000 bid to play for Branch "Delta Implements Did My Tractor Repairs On the Easy Time Basis!" Farmers through out Pemiscol and Mississippi couiv lies ure finding that Delta Implements Inc. irivos R better price Riid better revair work cm easv- credit lernis. Don't \vnste time with nmnle;nf. Your ir.-u-tor Is v^alusble. Iiriiijr it to yonv Internatioiinl Harvostor nc*lcr! GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE Brown to Cooch Auburn; Voy/es Goes to Dodgers AXBURN, Aln., Jan. 32 i"UP> — Fail M, Brown, fornirr root ball ind h.usVirlbAVi slnr at Noire Dnme today took over Auburn's heart fool- ill roacblnp Job. Rvown surropds Carl Voylcs. who siorday sisucil ft ono-ycAr rnn- Tr;ir( to coftch thr Brooklyn football T)ortpcrj; in (lir A11-America pro- ^ioiinl Icapnc, Arlinp President Ralph Draup- hnn nniKitinerd tlie Mpnlnp of Brown ;irtc yesterday. His selection cau\c nftrr sever nl weeks nf jeoarchiup for a succe.vw lo Voylcs. whoso eonirnel WAS hnupht up nfter a dis- ro;is season aUliough It lind t\vo years to run. Lee Motor Sales Main and Lilly Sts. iens at 6:30 p.m.; Start! 7:00 p.m Tonipht 'The Corpse Came C.O.D. tcllh Cienrsr Urcnt and ^^^^^^ niandrll l'o\ Movlctnnr News Also Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest Shows F.VF.RY MCiHT Mtllnrr Sa(nrd».T * Sunrtij Sat. -Sun. I p.m. ConL Showln( TONIGHT "POSSESSED" with Jrv.Mi Crawford Alirt Van Hfflln Alxi Short* Friday "Rose of Santa Rosa" The lloosicr lint ShnU Also Sharif Sutvirrlav "Bodmcn of Missouri" vtth Icnnl* Morjun and June ^Vvm» Also Shorl Suh}etlJi Fridiiy ct Piilurday "DESPERATE TRAIL" wilh -Inluiny Mack Brown, Rob Rakrr, Fuiiy Knlsht Serial "Scrrrl Ajrnt" No. 9 Alsn ShorU RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. j Tnniphl i "RIFF-RAFF" Rricn »r,ii Ajtn» Nfwi and Short I Friday Salurday "DOWN TEXAS WAY" nith ^h Slrrlr- srrt Tim MfToT Cartoon and Mh Chuptfr "Perils nf Nyok»- AVso Sclffltd Short Let Us Check Your Front-End Alianmcnt A wobtil.T. Jhitnmrlnf r«r Is dangerous lo tbe owner •» ' as nlher drlvern and periestrians. T.fl our frnnl-end Jt> rf la cherk your par fnr defective allcnmpnl »nd maVe Tour 'afer lo rirrve. Motor Onr Sun Mettor Analyirr \* r*aflT to rhrcV voor mnlor> '"in- M" Ift makf stir* thJit errrTlMn? IT all rlpht. » cbsrjff fnr dUtnn!«l». Brinr yonr cur In Tlcht SW»T. Ports nMlf p»H* ihut art precWori m^dr to Ml OldMnohtlr f* »rr mhal TOTI'^ firtfl \r> OOT Tvurij. flrrartmcnl. Now In- In cur new buildtnr. From Ihf slmplwi nnt nr bolt to clT npw OIHsmrvbllr ent:inr*. ir Department You'll Bud quirk scrrlrf «nrt rrp>lr» for ronr or rrfjinllew r<r mjiVf her* »t T.ce Molor Sties. Just 1ft our mechanics check rtmr r*t am »«! irtr* •« «rttm»t». AH worts (nllr fnsranlc YOUR OFFERS BEST PRICES ON AUTO HEATERS FITS ALL MAKES—ALL MODEL CARS $ 20 lo '30 (HOT WATER HEATERS) LEI MOTOR SALES Stocks a Complete Line of 'Name' Auio Accessories • HEATERS • BATTERIES • TIRES • CHAINS • LIGHTS • AUTO FANS WATCH FOR OUR OPENING! DEALER

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