The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 1<I, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING J.^f.9*^! 1 ?!^ Minimum Charge *•« 1 Mine per Jlne '.!".!!!'.** lie * limes per Hue per day J2c ^ times JK.T lint JUT day Kc C Hint's per line jier day 7c i« tlints j>er line IH-I day ic Month uer Hue .. ., 94Jc CUUIIL five average words to (he lino. Ad ordureti for three or six tlm?s and stupttL-d t»L'fore expiration will l>e charged for tlie number of times the ad ap- IH-ared and adjustment of Mil made. All ClnssllK'd Advertising copy sub' lultted by persons residing on I side of tin- t-liy must be aiu-mnpanfed by easb. *Ut os may be easily computed Iruni the above table. Advertising order for Irregular Insertions takes the one I hue rate. Nu responsibility will »_>» taken for matt: than une lucurrect m^rtion any classified ad. For Safe l-2',*j fiiillon counter )ce crt-inn rrcc/cr willi cabinet. $10<v>. II, L. Klne; yhono 97, Manila. 7|28-pk-8i28 Nnlnrally we uphoLstcry iuurri tnltt B«ll lots of Flna ci'vit'-;iv SiU' ; tk-U Dt'»l*i Vttlnl Fto:« One llohner accordion, 1 2* Mass, htack and \vhite fin ish. Prat'lically new. For sale with case at hi\V - prico at Hrook.s Music Stor* 107 Must Main Street. Tole phone 811. 8 *J ck I or eell H Phone W htng ycr.i .V-ti'i n**€d? Tr ut iiwap Kh->i>. 401 E. Mt«in . 4t30-cK-t Cnrroixl k'Hy rrapes. Cull 071. Ma]o r. -.!. i.Lxiic. «-ci-i You'll find n cotnplete line of JEFJ PAK'J'S nt I'OOI.K MOTOR COM 1'ANY, Steelc*. Missouri. Phono Kteel 4!) for pro'npt scrvlcu. fjal. steel (Jriuiis for (;nrhr\Ki» cans $a cacli. Ph. 2111'J. B-ll-pk-l One four room ami two two-rooi lionses. Must IK? moved. IMione 3*100 H-1l-pk Mufisev Ihirrls Combine. 1041 motif ftuocl tiumliUuti. T. r. HeBakcy. Phoh 231H. SU'tle. MO. U;i3-|)k-' line KfiiU'd sittUUe horsu. 3 ye okl Price $160 Call T. !•'. Uclitikey Steely Mo., Ph. 231K. 8;i3-p Wliulaw fan. 1 or 5 room eripacity. V , r j-piece. :>olld oak MiiL]»Ii' youth's Washing machine Call 'J757. breakfast SOL. re ,wl. Cull 2194. 8:l3-pfc-' od eoiiillUoi a;i3-pk-i For Salt »o baby bed n>tory. Vh. . Used \n- 12-pk-ll air of bountifully cotoreU love • ifdi &L lovely caRC. $22,50. Ph .TO '-r 173 Oticco In . 8 1 2 • i>k - 1 J wner wflhts quick Kale. 8 room iiou.'C. Near school. Coll 3770. I*. O. tla* .'/U, niythcvUEe. 8;l2-nk-]9 li.-rtrlc Easy W;ishln« machine com- ete with tubs. $15, Phono 2493. hOljy 4 w-ljccl furni trailers, G ply tlrea, nil truck nut] trailer beds. Also WUROII rtiKilrt;. Heiuy West- b'ook Shop, formerly Dan stout ilo model Singer combination vacuum rloancr InrluUes two imu-hlncs wlih nil lUtaclnm'nls. $50,00. Cull &6U 3 weeks old chicks. Call 3757. QUICK SALE OFFEIt 00 HOlly &. UlvEslon. 2 lots. 2 S-rooni houses, one furnished for a home Investment nntl tiiconio properly. Set: this at dice, Net low nrlce rS.SOO Terms Phone Piehl 2H04 ttl'2-pk-lfl '.ifc uiui&nr.llv «vrii t'Tiptjcd mci Iv decorated. Grosses n hoi it Sl'{5 rlaUi* JJest location In Hikcs-.on 1'JJUT IK-JJ lllattOl). ' Ht-il OppUMunUy, * J rK: • ^6000. IluvL- FcvemL otlK'r bu^l \ *~jsr-s> Suite what, von wnnt. C»lrl> Sinl'.li Slkcston. Mo. : ,:uHen Dri-ss Shoo. Slock InyoU'e a'n-rt S3000. Futures SCOOO. itctu S30. moniji. Price s:iGOO. Caleb Sjnlth, Il9a i:nst Maloiib Avc. Hlkuston. Mo. i£0 ni;re-> ben*, bluck fiuul tu SK. Mt». One mile Irom uin. N't> satul. N»> overllow. Price $100. p<-r aen?. Ciood i.cnns. Several oiht-rs larger ntul ^tn»IU-r. Slate what you want. Calc-b Suilth. 1l9:i lias I Muloiu- As-e. tjlkes- lon. MU. siiy-cn-m For Rent Bedroo Main, , convenient to bath. 611 W Phone 3325. 7J16-|)k-H|10 Comfort Able beilroorn, At tin only. 310 W. Walnut. 7[ neUroom. 314 N. Ninth. Ph. 2338 2-room i 1 nly. fnrnlRlietl aiiftrtincnt. Cotipl ' nrdrooms. 106 I'; 1 * E. Main. ph. 952. For Rtni: 3 room 1mnl.shcd npt. 1125 Wanted to Rent HelnnillkT Cnf« nev/ owner wnnus fur- nl.-ihed or tmftirnishrcl house or 11- partinnnt or. 2 furnished .stpcniiiy rooms. Phone 2402. 8IU-ck-t.1 rnfurnlshcd nnartment for veteran, wife nntl 2 children, 8 & 10 yours old. Phone 304K, can furnish refer- ('"cos. SH2-»k-lt I-RYERS. Sclentirtcnily raised In hroo- tlKT Nev):r licen on tlie Kro\ind. .45c jier ll». on root. Abraham's chicken farm. South Ill-way 61. Next to old Legion Airport. 7115-etc-B| 15 piece mahogany dinette suite. I/ike new. 310 \V. Walnut. I»h. 23257 24 dh tf MERCHANTS FOKCI meat cases. wftlX-ln coolers, re- IrlBCratora. anU beveruye coolers are avallabln for Immediate delivery. Also Ice cream cabinets i>n<J compressors. Kee Dell Scott. 1.211 W. Main or lllionc 22GO. 0!^l-cK-2aj Colored Proper! y Ouc lot KoulH IfitU St. crowley Addition. Isaac Martnln. ';;, courier Irt-mdrv stove A tank with hot water !'!>. 31V5 12-plc-15 For Fine Portraits— It's O'Stecn's Studio. 7 19 ck 8 19 1 - 7a !'>. c:oolerator ice box. Rear G03 VI. Main. !3-i>k-20 5 rooms or furniture, 1 piano, 1 Sln- |-cr sewing ir.ncliine. 1 warm mtirn- iiH'. strive 1 rj-dui and record pluyer. ttlH S. I.akp St. Ph. 3564. 12-pk-17 2-15 e c! r o o m unfurnished house or apartment. CaH Ed Kelote, Courier New? Addveriisintr J)epl, Phone 4(>1. References. 8 n ck if Services SEWING MACHINE /C clprtrJfy your otil trcncllc Ecwlnv mnclilnp Into n modern elrctrlc nort;\blc or cnbhiGi. model. C E JJruke. 408 E. Ash. s:i-l-pk-9!H SANITARY WORK. FiunpinK PrTd cleaning cess uool rnnctitaclr tp.nkr, Robert Allen. Ph. :j5;t. Fas* )lw« lU See Lnrrv Kneas for Pnyroll anil Income Tnx Service. liookteeplnB nnil General Secr^tnrlnl Service, 10!) East Main. Fhoiie ^« Q 7ri7-»k-!trn MONEY TO LOAN Do you need • loar, to or remodel? No down payment, no Eiortgftge, no ref Upe. FHA ipprpTed r«t» 5*. Asfc for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 20S4 Lynch KM*., •iOfl AC;I*EK IK SOrjTHEAS'r MISSOURI AH ci'-iirvd nud teilcetl. tractor land. On much traveled >i]iicktop road. Kli'CCrirJCY nvallahlt^. Cheap at S100 l».-r :-f-re. uuv now anil collect rent this I'all. DKAN APAMS. REALTOR. 220 FALLS nUlLDINC! PHONE 8-7086 48TH YEAR 14-ck-18 Mi™ ll-inipsiilre roosters Irom U. S. C'ertlfler! I'lilioriini Controlled stock. $ - < fjO t-:icV,. 1301 W. Ash St. 8,14-pk-ll with l fittin 31) Will sell IflVJ Ponlluc nt list price to person Tentln:: me a 2 or D bedroom unfurnished % house In de- rjrablo tiei^lilj<»rh«<Kl. Phone 3412. House movinp, 13 years ex- pcrience. Plenty of equipment. References. I,nvel- in;;, ronn()ation rcpnirint; Virijil Foley, phone 2! 05. 8 8 pk 9 8 Real Quality At A Bargain Price SEAT COVERS Heal quaVily covers to fit nnnrly model nulomolnlo. i\l;ulo of duralilo covers will last and last! They're Washahln, Too! any nialin, any S:iil Ololh, ihcso Regular Price This Sale - - - - $24.50 only $1C 5(li at Walnut I'honc Read Courier News Wfinl Ads. | SCREEN Most sue* now DOORS in stock. B. C. liohinson rjir. Co. Eddie Solibo Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Call fur free Hunt lns|)c(llon . . . l^t mi- solve .vuur |i:i!nl prob- leias. l':iil,,ry Distributor for <;«- lunlul llrliiniiK ami (Minnlciil Co. 12-1 10. Kentucky Ave. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anr mi* T. L MABRY •23 MISHOUItl UT. PH. 3«7 CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Reimtrlng, Screen Wort Painting, Keplaclng Windows Steps, anil utlier wort. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 280J Notice Watch for bij; l!iii(ri» al the IIiil, ThurHiliiy, 21. SlMiiisoveil l)y !a- of Catholic Church. - 8 12 ck 20 Personal .•i»l|jl<! wailtlllK 10 i;o lo ( '.vllll puny. Will Slelj) pay 1'lioilv 3.121. ' xpenses. ia-pk-15 Kxpert radiator repair for less. We have the best in rndiiitor repair criuipmcnt. Let our (rained m;in " boil out :md repair your radiator for you. Quick Service. I'ickup and delivery. KiiKRell Phillips TraiMor Co. Douglas Liiwson, Mgr. Phone 2171. S 0 If Klbcrta canning peaches. Krush vegetables, fruits, meats and groceries. Open til 8 o'clock every 'day. 1'Jimie 2K\2. .Toe Hester Grocery, Highway (57 SnuLh. Ucluw Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 pk 8 22 lotisr trailer, new. UKiueil Stutfline Fully eciulnped Will sell cheap C.rofery Store B;l3-pk-IC USED CARS thaf can be used at Lee Motor Soles '46 Ford 2-door, radio 1942 Chevrolet Fleet- line, new 070tor 1941 Chevrolet 2-door, radio, heater 1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe 1940 Chevrolet 2-door, radio & heater 1941 Pontiac 4-door 1936 Oldsmobile 4- door, new paint. These and many more. Wo ilso have a new school hus, 'IS-piisscnjrer. Also small Farm Trailers. Prices reasonable. See fhesc carp al . Lee Motor Sales Phone 519, Blytheville SEWING MACIIIHES UKPAIRED Kx::cri service on all mahw o Drake. 40R E. Ash. tt;I2-pk-9; Wanted to BUY Cash for wrecked or junk .-uilonioliiles. \V;id<> Aiiln Salvage, North Htwav C.l phone ;i78. r ). 8 f> ck (I Soil us your car now nnd pot the lit- cst |x>&sJljlp urlro. POOT.K MOTOIl COMPANY. Pl'oiic Slrele -19; SI< Missouri SALESMAN WANTED for P,""vlo|(»)] hiiKlncss in So UmikM'i Contity. Pell to 1500 families. rro'tMt-t,-; soW ^0 vr-nr^. Wrl)^ t.-Kiny 'liuvtcli'Ks, Ui-pt. AKIf-'aiO- PAS. MfriiDliis. 'IVnn or Kre \V R^T->-our, 0!" Lilly St. Hlythcvlllp ArK 8l?.-pk -1 s Help Wanted nleslaily for v>r-rmnr>ent posllton wltli rood rillure. with local concern I'lca.rnnl working conditions Write box M K. % Courier News. onng man for sMes position will Kood future. With Ulythcvltle. firm Write bos J P. % courier News ^ NEAT f.Any. WHO TS iNrr:tii. GENT. GOOD ON SHORTHAND' \VD SOME BOOKKEEPING. TO DO GPM- KHAt. OFFICE WORK. APPLY T<~ BOX COO. "„ COURfER NEWS. 8 9-uk -'.I Opportunity Distributor orfrrs to rleht nerson Onporumltv to iperato M CftlUonii Almond Nnt ^fnchlncs - Dro'.f n (wr* fit $1.00 p<r mnchtnc per wcefc C^T noccssnry approximately <500. F. more Information. Write Mr. TXivl-. Berna. 2336 Olive street, S*.. T/>n-a MO. yp-cf n Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Ileporls—Accounting Room 21, F.yiich Hldff. Write P. (ji. 15ox !))i!) Phone 2940 Blytheville For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldo. 124 W. Ash Sf. Shipment of • Bassinettes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. I'lione 2308 EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 For Sale of Trade PoMln<: Kodak, pump Rim. cabinet r'.nx, rhlffcrob*. prp-wurc COOfccrs i<ml miny. many other ttoms tor rule or trade nt Elhort'.i Swap s)i!>|i. 401 R. Main. Plume 850 BIH-CK08 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Far Expert Repair* 324 Fast Main Ht Felix A. Carney 555 For Service SAKKI.Y! C'all us when you need to c over to a spare. Wo'il fix your puncture immediately, so lluit you'll always have an exlni lire in good condition. Our emerj{pnry aorvico K'ias cvorywliorii. Klop and Dial 5fi!5 Uio minute, you IIJWP. car (nuil>io< LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Pkorw 555 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SEHV1CK ON ANY MAKE OR MODUL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAH Electrical Appliance Co. Authorise!! Mntornla Iltullo Sales and Service 106 South First St. ..Y - < MOST USED CARS ARE GOOD - "* - *--* -„ ' BUT IT'S THE DEALER THAT COUNTS Better Used Cars are going up. Short factor^ production and higher prices are coming. B smart and get one 6f our trustworthy Use L*ars INUW. | , > lil'17 l'(m(iiu-R SlrciimliiH'f. Itmli or mid l)c'l']'(wli'i . • I'.Mli lliiick ('(invvrlililu Snp«r. I'.lll (Hdsmul>ik. (,'iviivui-(il)lo. Iti . llealor. 1012 Itynl 'i iKiDi- Srilnn. (in Ik'iiloj'. Easy G. M. jiv^ . We Never Close LOY EICH 301 Walnut <>, lli>«(- ItMl liiiii'k Sedi'jH'lk-. Uudio «nd':Ileuter. : Itmllo, H'r Truilcr. 700-820 — 10(IO-\20. Ill l'> / 'I . 1 i Cl> , 1 1 ,1, ., [1141 oKcrvoU't. \MI\ K W. H. ami Ikxly. ,li,, ,,.„( l!M(i <:hcvr«lct '/t-'IVin IMckuti Truck. liNU l)<Ml'(r<> i/ 2 -'l'«n Pickup Truck.' . ' - ««' ? A. G. Poymenfr Plan ( | Sales Dept. Open Unfit 8 p.m.. r.; CHEVROLET CO. ' • "". • z Phone 578 • ' •; ••;;••; ;*• An "Jinii'c of siilcli-r's wcl) would extend 350 miles If KLrnlKhli'iu'd mil. ' I NOTICE TO PUBLIC j The law offices of Clone K'llrnrf- li'y luive iK'Bii moved lo 'til W. Mnin. (Across stiecil from Mont- (joincry Wnrd.) I DON EDWARDS FARM LOANS You cnn now secure tlic most nl- Irnctlvu fnnii lonn In history. Ixiw rules o( Inlcrest, cxU-cmcly ImiB Icrnif) wltli lll>(.'nil |iri!])nymenl |irlvilci$o.<>. Prnctlunlly no px])> ntlncliccl. If your present IHIIIJ (lofs not Ix-'nr less Uinn r> per emit you will certainly bo interested til our Ftirm Ixj:ins. UnllinllcMl ninoiint nvnllnlilc. Such nn (ipporlunlly nuiy nevor exist nifaln. So H you wisli to [Induce or rcflnnnce, write Typewriter sun" "'•"- : HOTAL 8MITII, COKONA aad KKMINOTON FUBTABLlt IIP N. OECOHU ST. PHONE SMI. (Erorr 'mpMntton UU8T BK BATiatPAOTORT) ""'.''. A. r. United Insurance Aifc Zfl!) T /j W. Slain—Guard lUylhovlllc, Ark. PRESCRIPTIOHS Fresh Stock OaaraiHeed Ilest Prices Kirby Drug Stores As a Natural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Well Moml pressure associated with kiilnry disc-use may IK: rrdurr.I liy kccpinff kidneys funclii.i.ins ]ir<>|i- r,rly l : or 50 years doelors liavc iires<?ri&n-d tliis mineral w:i (or rn>in lint Sprinrs, Ark. Pure taslini; . . . mil a laxative. ..... riniiic or Write Tod ty for l-rrr. Unnktct CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division WjtbeTllle, Ark. "No wondoi- SRAY MO f i"()l5S braUc rcpjiir (kritiHniant • is always busy!" . , » " ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold ....... 2'/7C Ib. Hot ..... SOc ca. & up Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main Phone 973 We Guarantee , ' RECAPPING with HiwkmMB Tread* • Let Your Next Tiros B« GENERALS • Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO, IU R. r PRiCII.LA'S POP You're so quiet, Waldo. Is something ^troubling you? That's .Iiisf It Gy AL VERMEE1. Don't worry about that while you're on vacation, dear: I'm sure the office, is f/o/nff__ just fine! , , That's why I worry!

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