The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 14
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FOtilTEEN BI/rTHEViLLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1947 U.S. Delegate Selected for ton Parley WASHINGTON. Aug. 14. (UP) — Lewis W. Douglas, American Anj- bassaaor to Britain, will represent the United Stntes at forthcoming three-power talks In London on revising the German level of Industry nnd cohlrol arid niannge- rrient o'f the Rvhr coal mines, it was learned todpy, The 'American-French - British 'discussions arc expected to begin in a few days, n State Department fijxikesinnn said „ The trl-powcr discussions (bus wllPrtin concurrently with Aincrl- cari^British talks' " i/ow unde'nvay Here on ways to boost coal production in the Ruhr mines. Ameri can officials in their meetings hi<:< »:Ith the British are seeking to cOTiprpmlse tn « British proposals for socializing ll;e Ruhr mines i 1 a method'.of increasing (heir out P>it. • . . . State tfepartrnpnt ojficials em lihasized that the negotiations in lAr.don will be held on "nn ;n- fX-.mal basis" aiul final decisHiv, will be made inwj at higher goi ernmenta! levels. Secretary of State George O Marshall last week agreed to hear French views on the German level of industry. .The French, fearful, of any opportunity' for Germany to revive her' industrial might, have objected to British and American plans to boost industrial production. The U- Si and Britain reportedly have reached an agreement that German steel pi oductI6n should be Increased froir. 5,800.000 'tons aii- Death Plane Pulled from Chimney \And Increases JERUSALEM, Aug. 14. (UP) , Mounting strife between the Jews | and Arabs In Palestine claimed lour more lives today. Two Arabs mid one jesv wre killed i" a .veiultlta waged amidst- n (angle of barbed wire and <>lh«r txtri'icades sludcllnf; a No Man's I.iind between neighboring 'JVI Aviv and Jaffa. Another Jew was stabDeo U/ death by Arabs In dowuloivn Jaffa. He was a truck driver v.'l»> lind stopped lo repair his ennin^ in Hie Arab section of the Irmi.. At least six Arabs find two jrwi were wounded In tbe leudint:. Some of them were reported i" crlllcHl condition. Urltlsli authorities clamped a sunset tin-few on tlic Tel A\i'.'Halfa battle /one In a hut to 1»<U (lie "non-]>olillcnl Inclclcnls" :is (lie skirmishes were termed. In the grey mist of early morning a small light plane which crashed killing four persons. (NBA Telcplio a crane removed the remains 01 into n chimney at Everett, Mass., lo.) Odom Flies to New York CHICAGO, AUK. 13. (UP)—Roiii'd- lho-u-oi<:<l flier William P. Ottai took off alone for New York Citv icday lo begin n public appcai-aiui' tour. It was (Mom's first flight .sin:i> he set his converted A-2ii bomlicr down here Sunday, after .s-pmjmn nround (lie world in record lime lie expected to arrive at la G.iar- dia field In Nosy York at :i:02 p.m. He was la lie ijieeted at the iilrp-irt by Mayor Williain O'bwyer ;m>i other officials. Brothers Murdered; Sheriff Arrests Suspect FERNANDINA, Fin;, Aug. 14.— nnnlly to about 11,000,000 tons to aid European reconstruction. .)—Two brothers, John Cnlvin Floyd Ornlinin were found shot to ilealli In a parked ear near here yesterday and Sheriff Wanen said Fleming Oriffis, 211 admitted he killed (he nnd CurUs ftJtmd Sl lOt e H. K. Wnncii oi Josup, On., re- ~- • >••»•<- •- n«-- KIUJII^ 101- l>ortc<I ho liiicl nrrc£tc<l the slnycr. lowed an iirpnuncnL over domestic • mutters. , svl were his brothers-ln-liaw. am claimed self-defense. Warren it Grlflis told him llie killing "Junior keeps asking my advice about getting married— you're the ODD who ought to be able to tell him haw to pick the right girl!" DCflTH oF a DOLL gy* g r*: e '' f 9 i * l foH: e< l ty N ^ A SERVICE, INC. XXXIV i "JVTARK knew slic was Clarn because her sweater was clearly a hand-mfc-down, mended with loo bright thread and filling too well in Ihc wrong places. She was cnt- )j g bread pudding at one end of a lung wooden table, arid two other women were chopping soup vegetables at the other end. The i-heC sat by the gap stove, "dividing his attention between p t of s*Up sloth dhd a newspaper. The dinner riisfi hod 'abated, the time \\as right for talk, - ( " They _hadn't noUc'jcl his cn j " tnnce, and wheri he spoke lo , them t statidirtg ifi the tloor _thL-t ;C^«ned on tho courtj'ard, they tuipod astonished faces. _ 'I'm tast," lie explained. v Mnrk KasL Il's Clara J want 16 see, Clara ;md—Alexander, isn't it?" The chef nodded, "You want to e\-tmme my Jiphd"?" "Later," 'Marie said. He turned to Clara, ; .Clara ate steadily, her mild eyes • uh&ouded and'undisturbed, if she ' has;a iriirid; he thought, it doesn 1 function^ in the presence of food : He moyed the bowl of pudding on • of-^each'and laughed. "One thini at a- time, Clara:" Alexnndc : laughed, too, and joined them a the f table; Clara smiled helplessly "Is better you examine my h • now,"'Alexander said.- "Later i ; no good." There was n red sea : across his wrist/ and he displaye • il with loud, modesty and a'nhi ' riing comment on the capacity r Poles for bleeding and Jiving. Mar . encouraged him, tossing in name : like-Sklodowska, Kqsciusko, an • PuiasfeL 1 ;'Alexander returned Ih • coinRlirnerit by pouring coffee, nc • the Hopfe.House slock but his ow • special reserve. It was \vorl I move than the time it consumed * * * ' wysfaib' looked after you thi ; " night?" Mark asked. "Not her," Alexander snid of Ihe ulcmng Clara. "She run out on e. No nntioricility, all mixed up, tic of this, lUllc of that, nil bud, ut the Indies of the House were cay, and those others, the day orkers, not so bad. The day orkevs got children, of their own, nd n man Is like a liUlo child hen he .is hurt,-isn't H so? Miss rady, no children, \vcis very lei\- er. Like n mother. Miss Pluni- inr, no children, no wits, arrives •lien the worst is over but is a imtncss. Many conic and go. I rii always a novelty, everywhere \vqrk I am always n novelty/' "What did tl:t-y iix yoU nj: •ith?" "A - tight dressing Gauze nu; ! odhi*;. No do-tor, no utilchos, It v:as 'c\v minulcs before the unmasking jogan. And n fo\v :i;>niilos IJefove hat Ihe handaj^c Juul arrived. She uul Mnllic mid Pnulinc i*.;ul takon .urns at tho kitchen work so they'd ill have a chance lo wafch the Ku-ty. Shu nnd Mo\Uc and Pauline KK! seen some of everything that went on because they hn<l Ink en turns, Thul's how she knew. Ton o'clock, as near as itnybody could tell. * • * * "WfllEN he asked where Mollic ' and Pauline were, she said Ilicy were wnihn^ on ttiblc in ilia tlin- int; room, wilh Agnes. Some c£ tlm young ladles ale later than others. Four or live l'nf»cs fhcM lelt the punch bowl and the clean liUle cups liint wci'o always gulling usoU up, ami v,-uU;t-U to the IvoiU of the? lobby to w:itch the young ladies. Singing as well as dancing, ami playing thai name where ycu irK'.ri-h around chairs to music find. fi^hL over Ihii hist one. Soma- thing going on every minute. k ted her back, step by step, Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 204S 1044 Chickaaawbk ic good, 1 lia\ r c foo much blood, 00 hot, il is; okay to Iteg some." le winked. Mnrk- I'fiipont^otl in kind. °\Vlicn id iliis c'lrcssiny arrive, nnd \vhu ill it on? Can you remember?" "Me?. Remember? I remember i'mclnoss, soil li'nnds ot Indies, nnd breaming.''. Ho glarc<l nt Clara. . Clara liad been listening wilh 1 child's inierrtncss. Now sbc nil'lo over tho ground she had sketL-hlly 'ntcrruptcd liappily. "I remember," she said. "But he don't, he can't. He kept his eyes shut, he s fil lo bo sick In his stomach when he saw his blood. On lop ot ill that prune brandy. Mrs. Fister I put'Ihe bandage on. Miss Plummet' | brought it clown, we hnd lo wail I for il, and he drinil: his prune] brandy with his eyes sVinl. Mrs. Fister is Ihe same as :i district lursc, she knows what lo do. Around ten o'clock il v;as." When be asked her how she could be sure of the time, it was the same old story built around the immosking. She had been in a/id out of the kitchen all evening, taking her turn :it guarding the punch, making sandwiches, washing the Jiltic glass cups. She had carried up a tray of clean cups a covered. Her four or five frurn the bowl had taken her mlo disputed area, both iti tiific and place. He giivc her no theories ot his owr- to play will! /and. mangle, no names to tompt ot confuse, no hours to recall. He yiiided her skillfully through the accident in the kitchen, through her tuins at guarding the punch; he charted her lilUc excursions lo the- Jront of the lobby and the doors of the lounge, where the fun 'was. When her mind had been brought to -focus, she recaplured Die night ns it had literally and inexorably I moved lo ils end. She mnde the elcvjilor hum from i floor lo floor, he couhl hear the doors clang. She put people where they wove, not where they claimed to be, and flic did it like Ihe '.<::',- endary child who told the world the kirns was wearing no clothes. Chira didn't know how or why Ruth Miller had boon killed, but she told him who had done it. Tie knew that already, but he needed Clara's soft say-so. If the Slate eame up againsl a tough defense lawyer, Clara was the girl to make him sweat. (To JBc Continued) If It's { INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Fire • Automobile • • LinbiNty • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency ^ , 108 N. 2nd Chnrleap. iJlttner-W. M. (DU1) Wilson HECKLES fe HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Testing; Ihc Jokb World 1 ? largest 'river, is (he world's largest man- bake Mer.d, formed when Boul- made body of water, with ,i shore der item backed up the Colorado line ol more than 653 m.'.es. Pride & Usrey GENERA! CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition 9&'£y.W<f&W.'£'W& GAfEWOob GROCERY Ark.-Mo. State Line * on the left at the Arch Phone 975= MA.HA! LOOK AT WE DRIP HONEST, LARDSY. IT SA/AS FATE . THERE YOU WERE .THER.6 WAS THE PITCHER. OP LEMONADF . AND • • M Pt. PU Sth I j 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 ^.15 I • Calvcrt 1.35 2.65 4.15 I • Schenley 1.35 2.65 4.15 I ; Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 • ; Hill & Hill ( 1.40 2.75 4.40 • I Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 * j Four Roses 2.85 4.50 I •5% Beer per Case $2:88 j •GAS, reg. 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5cT j All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35i TAKE A JOM? .YOU SUBS I CAM! f jow LET'S TEST YOUR . SENSe OF HUMOR..' RY NEA SERVICE. .IHC. T. M. BFC. U. 5. P*T. C Chdmblin Sales Co., inc. Sales Studebaker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modem time-saving tools arc provided for our train- Ed mechanics. They" use their skill and the corvee*, tools'to give you better service. We repair all makes of ears and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars v 194G Ford Super 2-dnor 1941 Plymouth 2-door !9U riymoutli 4-duor J910 1'ontiac 1946 Chevrolet 55 Ion 1'ickup l!)4(i C:MC </• ton r«-kun 1945 DortgeVi Ton 1'ickup 1911 ChcvtoSct '/, ton I'iekup Lois of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALiS COMPANY Yoiir Sludcl)afeer Dealer "First By Far ivKli a Postwar Car" Ulll Cha.nhlin —KR & Ash St., rhone 2(35— LCI Cliambl'u WASH TUBBH One Fan I,RSI,IK TIJKNK* GIDEOM PP.PPI! S'OU'UE ^S^DE *W SOAP fr LftUGH IHfl STOCK! YOU'UE KIUEt> THE KB.WGLE 8.ABN'. Ill HWJE TOU- '...mi: FOR THE FIRST TIWE I FEEL LIKE Blrf- W& &.BHROF *01!R SOiXP. DON'T UNDERRATE 6USTER... HE &OOS DIG WITS TO _VOUR PRO6RMA. Y~ KYDHR A HirthcUiv Present Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople YOU ARK FELUN& TREES Tt> BUILD A ^v- Out Our Way ByJ. R.Wiiiiartis TH' HAM IS V SO TOUGH I'VE WORE OUT \ FOUR SLICES J OF BREAP < TO KEFP \ T BET WEE M 'EM.' MORE K5EAD? SAV, WHUT VCIMD OF: A SAG IS THIS YOU'RE THE. PUV.\_ THROUGH Awfully Inconvenient 'wHATpiD^ VOU AHOTHE I VDU, DOILY. BUT I INSPECTOR I FIGURE THAT CRIBS flSO OUT \WA.S RESPOM516LE ABOUT MOOYSlsOR HIS MURDER DEATH, VIC'S 6CXX> ENOUGH. WHY K FORMAL WITH YOVR BOOT6UARD? BY MICHAEI, O'MALLEY and RALPH T.ANE fS fave her ftie straight story of how I had it doped out. HAVE WANTED TO Kilt VOUR FATHER. HERE COMES YOUR MOIHER. BETTER NOT T£IL HER THE DETAILS. OH.MR.FIINT, I DON'T KNOW WIMT I'M GOING TO DO.' SOU TELL .ME THAT CRI38 15 GONE, AND I HAVE HO IDEA Td'J WSEL HAVE THE] 3JST C.^\Zfl HAT, \T.I,KY OOP Menial and Physical By V. T. HAMLIN ANT> BUDDIES Deal By FRHI) IlARiMAN

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