The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, AUCIUST M, J1M7 Bl/YTHKVIM.F, (AUK.)' UOUUIKK NKWS CIO Gets Blame For High Prices Agri Commissioners Of Two States Hurl Charges at Union Boss _ .'WArlHNGTON. All!;. 14. (Up)-- '1V> southern stale .ujricuiturc officials today charged thia liiuli P'ici'.s are r;ue to \vaye iiu-ioi'S's. iHiiiRllnx of the "ClO-domlnaied Ol'A" and pimmed scarcity |)olicie> of the New •Dsiil. ''"lie charges were made by AH- jiiMiHure C'liMiiissionoi.s T<;:u Lin- ltr of Georgia and J. E. MacD.::i- nlcl of Texas. They challenge;] K r quest by CIO Vice President E:iiil Rievc for H spechil con^res^onai session to restore price controls. They criticized also Rieve's as| sertloii thin isLlnr n'onld have no recourse but. to press for higher wages unless price control k-;isl.i- licn i.s enacted. 'Further wane increases »t tlus time would inevitably brinu si ill hishcr prices—the very Ihint! CIO k'lidcr.s say they wi.sli to ;uoid. 'ij nHorn to t!;i: CPA sy.vU'in or i-.i- lionin^ would rrnpi.;/ shelves in Die grocery -stores of the nation, a hlacii-maikcl on a scale uaw fount! only in the w;ir-rava»c-( countries of Europe jiMd neat-starvation for the avcrauc Aini'i'ican lar.iily. i New Orleans Jail Death j Under Investigation NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 1-1. IU(> I -—A full investigation was ordcie; J'cslcrday in connection with tin dratli of a man in a Now O;-:c:in I jail. Police Supt. A. A. Walters ovderc; the iuve.sligaliou v-bon a sf"o^( autopsy disjlo.sril that Frank 3. Bin Matti, 30, lind siitrcrcd niniiiplc akiii L)r;icturcs. The nri^inal autopsy ;\i riri'jutod Bunfatti's dcalli 10 "imtniv I causes." Walters also (Icn:a:i(lccl to kno'. I why DcniulLi Imd brt'n phicod i:i I crll block \vitli thrco Negro prison- I crs. I Jr. Hivhtird S, Buck, an ntsisUuii. I coroner, [jcrronned Ihc first alllon- I .sy. reportedly ;n:()lo^;z:d lo relatives I of Die dead :i;an for having railrd to discover the rrncturcs. The second autopsy was iwrormc I in llic presence ol liiick. Dr. Philip Mor.t- I elciu-2, unollicr assirAaul, K.n-o'.u-r. 1 ami the dead man's erolhers, Anthony and John iBenfatti. It's a Fire Engine Medical 'Seeing Eye Speeds Detection of New Scalp Disease Furniture Lost in fire At S. Carolina Prison COU)M15I.\ S O., All-'. M. <U1>> Mve broke out In Ihc furniture Hovy of ll'.f Male prnttrmtury here ycslei'ilay bu! wr.s b"nnght 1111- .t«'r contr<i 1 in less lliin an hour, A .sprinkler 'v.stcin was credited vilh i>revrntlii>; the blii/e Iroiu .|iv<'i«dtnc to <ii:i|.| buildings In lite i i on compound Three Coluir.tjja fhetncn were ivesramt" by smoke while fishllni: she lire but ye:r not .serliusly Init'l. I'inishrd j'.ai'ds :viKl materials in the plaul wt'i-<? nhwxsl completely Utsiroyeil but no serious damage wa:; done (<> ti.e huiUUni;. dressings. Tl!« ilocloi"! reported that epe- deinic.i of the disease Inuv been i-<T,oi led in Ki-w York. Nliiijarn Kails. N. Y . OI^-UKO, Detroit. Mln- ncMKilis i\iul st. 1'iuil wUh "Ihtnis-; .uiiis "I'.s in -some t.-Uics." Thi'ir sliidit's hiive shown tho disc -isc 11) be hiMhly ront;u;ious, iind ih"y ri'imrt llial (here is clrcum- staniiid t'videnco against somi« bar- bi-r shops. Thi y believe, however. ii:;ii theater .swiy. eontauiinaled by inl'\.-ied hair, uere tliu principal ott'endi 1 ]. 1 :. . Boys x-rtii t'j have the disease ::iorc olien lhi'j> (jli'ls, leading lo I he belie; thai barber shops may be a MMiire. In ilietr sludlcs. (lie doi:lo:-s n.-ed (he wood light not<;n!y for dcteelioM. but also lo de(|it> <|isease luul rured. ...-*# Hi, Gramps! PAGE •THI|tTTEEN T( .. j -^ lly I'.UJI. I'. KI.I.IS I United Press Kcieirec Wrilcr) NEW YORK, A?,. H. iUI>l — A new mediciil "Eeciin; eye" has been dcvelopLd lo aid in the early detection of rinBV.'oim of tlir; scnl.i. Tiiis disease .striking mostly :>i. ehilfiien. \vas i^aix^ before the war, but in recent months ihere have been reports of i'. in epidemic form. Cue of the ways to combat it is early dclecticn. This is where the ".'neciira! eye" comes in. It is a device resembling the portable dryer in a beau',y parlor. It i.s known a.s the spot nunr!?. light iin 1 is used in connection with the wood liglil i black lighU. The light f-pm Ihe new device causes infccleii areas of the scalp to Ooure;;cc tu a >j;iHiani. trrecn. In this way. I lie physician can cell ' (luici'.ly whether a child has IJIIK- wo- in o[ the scidti and Vrcalmcnt, can be started at once. According to Cecil J. Birtciier. of >s Aiuielc:;, who dev.:ia ; -.c I the | li^Iit. as his;h as 50 per cent of cases which would otherwise have | Two wurllinc liivi'iiilmis, t)iq •iiiR-dl.sliiJK'i; to.kcl ami Ihe •!)»• •.>oKa-typo lili'.h-vxpl'islvc riiiirjo, . re holn<> i-nir.blned to hurl inilllvlu! Read • Courier Ne»«; Wknt it gone undiscovertd have been found and isohiled. fn >omc t-ilies. special clinics arc beini: set ii]) to examine children before I hey enter the Fall term of .school. r fhe spot q'.'artz tight, ori;-;in;ilty was dcvelopr:! as a tool Tor metallurgy labor:\:orii's, iioliL-c- tiep.i' - ments and museums. In some i-ns^s. frauchdent paintings have l,«een tle- Ucted. police have used ii to spot check, lor fon;i ries. In mining, it is used lo nssi;- ores. Writing in the journal of the American Medical Association. Dr. Richard .J. Steve, T)es Moines. 1:;., and Dr. F:-»nr:i-i W. Uyneh. of at. Paul, have reported v.lclc prevalence of ring'.vcnn of the sr.Un iti this country. The disease is not fatal, but it «'i'.n cause b'.ilc!ne=s. It is treated will) topical Curl nil-son. rii;lit, ruinous :«'lur-sini;cr, (-.reels his t-raiulson. Jjiinec llrisson, •!. in Hollywood fur the lir.,1 lime, l.iinre is Ihe son or iielois' ;i|;ent Krcd llrisson ;uul ju-lress liusalin-l KusscU. FLOUR KILL JOHNSON GRASS Use • Chlorate LUMBER COMPANY 319 W. Ash St. Phono 551 melcors jnl-> outer .space . ior^r«- i Bcarch 'ixirj;oscs.' - .:-.< y '.f'-}.'i\ ;>l?l V)}.K\ CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rates ' Quick Service ' - • BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL^ SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION' 124 W. Ash St. Phone 3543 :'' £: .•v*? *--•> •.tine and sinmr! T nis is tlie big one that mus'tii'l get Tiiis is the prixc catch llial's wortb nil (lie patience you eiin muster, because tbcru's never been ;in -.iiitoniobile i|uitc so full of all il lc tilings to make yout; bean rejoice. Lift the bonnet. Fill your eyes on that spacious compartment filled to its brim with the makings o£ thrilling, zinging, winging power. ,^ ..~. r . Take (he looks of it. The looks of something really good and able - broad, decp-ehesled, solid in its fooling, a pcrr] former it there ever was one. ,.,j 'I akc the sweeping lines. Clean — fresh" — eye-winning wherever you go. Smart nmv and smart for years to come — because it's plainly the pattern that' calls the turn for many a season.^ _,£ Here's everything, it lakes to take you places in elVorllcss case — eight hig cylinders smoothed to velvety fiction by superfine finish and precision, the matchless flashing action of Uuick's exclusive Fireball power. .\ (Watch (his traveler stride the roads with the steadiness only ample road- weight and si/.e eaii give you. Caleb its nimble footwork, as four gentle coil springs soak up the humps, leveling them flat, shielding you against solid jar and annoying ripple with equal case. Take the wheel and handle it a while. Feel the "sweetness" of the sleering, the firmness of controls, Ihc surprising lightness of -a cm' that's two-tons husky. Check the lean and sinewy toughness that means a long and durable life. vjo for this IJuiek? Of course you do • with (be same eagerness it goes for you when you touch your foot lo its treadle. ^. Then why not do as smart buyers arc doing all over the country? Get your order in now — and make sure that you'll drive America's most wanted automobile. We'll take your order, you know, whether or not you have a car to lrade t ONLY EUICK HAS ALL THESE AIRFOIL fENDERS FIREBALL POWER ACCURIJE CYtlNDER BORING SILtNT ZONE BODY MOUHIIUGS KirEWEIGffr PISTONS BUICOIL SPRINGING FULL-LtHGTH TORQUE-TUflE DR/VC PERMI-FIRM sniFMG BROADR/M WHfHS srSPOH PARKING BRAKE DEEPHEX SEAT CUSHIONS CURL-AKOUHD BUMPLKS JEN SMART A100EIS BODY BY FISHER Tune in HENKY 1. MYlOfl, Mulvol Nclworl, Mont/oyi u"J FriJays Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 Announcement CHICKASAW GROCERY Is Now Under New Ownership FREEMAN & HENLEY Phone 2231 2016 W. Main St. Plenty of Parking Space Case Goods Sale 2 Can: 6 For 24 Cast NO ~i CAN GREEN BEANS 23 85 NO. 'i CAN TOMATOES 28 85 NO 2 CAN'CUICAiM STYUO WHITE CORN 2S 85 NO. -2. CAN <;IU-;KN V FIELD PEAS 23 NO. 2 CAN HAKI,Y JUNK PEAS 33 . NO. 2 CAN VAN C'AMl"S BEANS 33 97 NO. Z CAN PCRK & BEANS 25 NO. 2 CAN MEXICAN j BEANS 33 NO. 2 CAN GREENS 25 72 NO- 2 CAN '• • • , SPINACH 25 72 NO. 2'/i CAN SAUERKRAUT 23 85 I.AUCIC SI/K PEVELYMILK Si\lAl,l. SI/I'I, ;5 l''01{ Ki PET MILK SMAIJ, SI/IC, ;j I-'OI{ 2^ JACKSiPRAT ..^o-ns ,i< r ;', i. us. si. «o / 43 ) /iU . S i; Cans, -I For iMISSISSM'I'I Jml K e 29° 29 c 49 L _ SIH'UK SUDS— Dtl/— OXYDOI, Ov BINSO .................... „„„„„ 33' l!l(; .MM or CHYSTA1, WHITK LAUNDRY SOAP I5;ir 10 Nil WAV BLEACH ....... , S PUREX „ ..... .15 s Flour Plain or S. R. Mother's Best . . .10 Ibs. 85c or Purosnow . ... 25 Lbs. $1.99 I l-HS. Si.11 ;i i,liS. ,,, 2S SNOWDRIFT 1 S MIS. $!.(»:-) PURE LARD A 1.1, HICICl' GROUND BEEr > • Owners 38 Dressed or on Foot EGGS Doz. 58c Meat - Fruit - Vegetables

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