The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 3
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JTHTTRSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 Comiiiunify Chest i? c " cro1 Strikc 1 I In Aids Polio Fund BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NRWft Arkonsas "Queen" Addresses Pupils in Blytheville Schools ^ From one-third to nne-half of l^he S6.930 quota assigned North MissLssinni County in the current polio fund drive will be obtained through an allocation from \ie 1917-48 Community, n «•„.; explained yesterday by Arthur R. tTodri* Harrison, chairman of tlie Infantile paralysis rampalgji in this half of the counly. Coninumi' Adopted laic last for the first time '' , ""If" Bavaria to Idle 2,000,000 FRANKFURT. Jan. 22. .(JP> — nnvarian Ir.ide union leaders votrd unanimously today lo call » gene- rnl stiikp calculaled lo pull off Ihe job four of every five employed Germans fii I lie province comprising Ihe bulk of the American Occupation '•Zone. A 24-hour general strike throughout Bavaria was ordered, begin- ing at midnight tonight. In protest against food shortages and the handling of Ihp problem. Authorities estimated II would make 2.000.00(1 workers Idle. The strike decision was reached by union chiefs at a ameeting called lo lake ii|7 the sllnailon brought mi by friction throughout Western underway to meet the miotn Tlie Chest budqet calls for an allocation of $3,500 on the awump Mon Hint Chest, campaign will reach its goal of S2(>,780 "if ihe Chest fund drive ends below the amount will GO to Ihe polio fund. • March of Dime.s booths will he i set up on both sides of Main Street, each Saturday diirhu> tlie' drive. Mr. Harrison said. Pupils Hear "Queen" cif Drive Speaking bcr<> on behalf of the polio fund drive tortav were Miss Odessa Davis, 17. of 'Lonoke. the I!)43 "March of Dime.s Queen." and Miss Beverly Beans of Nashville Ark.. Ihe 1041 "Queen." They spoke at schools here this morning and Mis. 1 ; Beans addressed the Rotary Club this noon. Only skeleton staffs for essential services wore expected to stay on tile job. RQOQ Funo Suit [Dismissed by Chancellor I 'Campaigners' Address Clubs Hot Political Race For Governor 'Opens' Season of Oratory Illy United Tress) At least Ihrfp potential candidates for governor of Arkansas are waging active campaigns. Speaking in Carnden yesterday. IBIli Dlsiriri Prosecuting Attorney Sidney s. Mi-Math deiuniiu'cd the rerentlv-foimort "liberal pflrtv" in Hot Spimgs. "When an open lown with coin- mcrieal gambling is operated. "Mr- Math said, "it isn't lone until .vour law enforcement officials are in league wilh I lie Ramblers." He charged that Die "liberal parly" is .sponsored hy the prn'- /esslonsl gamblers. "It. Is composed of business men win- went out nf business on .Ian. 1. 1517. and want to set, back in without, himlr.iiirc of l.-uv enforcement officials." Hie youthful prosecutor McMalh closed BRITISH K'imllmirrt from P»ir I) Britain and Fintirc would In London "probably within mule defeiiM'. The Mall uald the object of Ihe pact, would be to orfialnre lli« sec- itrlly of Western Enron* «B«lnrt any future threat such as mlglit corn* from I lie spread of Communism. HclKlum, (he Nclhriliiiuis and I.iu- Circa I mecl ,.....,.,„,, ,,,,,,,,, ... Iwo weeks" in "discuss 'problems 'mbourn already have an rconn-i connected wltli the conslllntlon ot ml " uRi'mncm. known «s the Hpiie-i Western Clermiiny." He said the' 111 * I"" 1 '- H- regulates ladffs and 1 Inlks mlRht, lead to discussion of i\ fusion nf all Western Germany, Including the French arc* Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg will be kept Informed of the progress of the talks nnd may b Invited lo dike part. Die spokesman said. H was Invited. There was no Immediate word on cabinet reaction to the news Baghdad, which said thai Impovt-CKpotl matters lo help In* added dial Hussl.i free flow of trade HIIIOIIR the three countries. The new pact apparently would v( ,.be designed lo Integrate the cc- >f onomles of RillKlii nnd France Inl.i arrangement RS a stpp toward a Crown I'rlucc and FtpKcnt Abdul- , r, establishments when '-'•'•• 'UP'--- lie look oflice as prosecutor lar.t Pulask! County Chancellor J'vank January. nodsjt- today ordered final dismissal M Tr-x:irk;ma former Atlorne- of a suit filed by Arkansas comities Oenenil Jack Holt told members of seeking an additional si.553.000 from ;h, : J).|.s;..><-.« ..,„,) Profession..! state highway funds under a 1017 Women's c;ul> that it "good l-ws legislative act. are to be enarlrd anrt enforced, it Dod R p. who earlier had indicated j will be Himusli an educational i he would dismiss tlin litigation. j signed (he fnrnicl decree after changing its wording following protests nf prosecuting atlornevs who Hied Ihe suit. The Rcii pepper cllib of Blylhi>- j _ _. . ... . . vine High school will handle c.oi- I former Blytheville Man lections In the t . .... der the direction of Miss Luna Wtlhclm, club advisor, he said. ^ John Maye.s. county supervisor "of schools, will direct contributions received through the schools in North Mississippi County. Slotted cards in which live dime.'! can be inserted will be distributed to school children. Mr. Harrison said that a 510 con- Iribution has been received from Mr. and Mrs. c A. Cummgham of Biylhcville and that $100 has been contributed bv O. W Mc- Cnlchen for the Ritz, Rox y and Gem theaters. Anon;. 39 per cent of (lie tobacco and 44 per cent of the cotton Brown in the United States is exported. ; George i.ane of O.sceola. formerly j of Blylheville. has been granted tin: Chevrolet franchise for Marked ;Tree and Ihe territory including Le- pnnlo. Tyrojiza. Dcckcrvillc nnd inivoi'dtile, it was announced toda;'. Mr. Lane was formcrlv sales man- jagcr for Ihe Tom Little Chevrolet ! Co.. here before it was sold to Loy p 'Eich. Mr. Lane also was sales mnn. :aser for Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. i for four years. He became manager jof Buchanan Chevrolet Co.. in Oscc- ; ola in 134fi. • Mr. and Mrs. Lane will move lo i Marked Tree when housing facilities arc available. process." He advocated belter schools nnd higher icru'licis' salaries, "ll is lo be registered that cotton pickers make more money in Arkansas >han Die school teachers who mold our chiltlrcns' clinractcrs and build them into citizens of tomorrow," Holt declared. A Ihirri prospective candidate., Attorney General Guy K. Williams, nnnyor.ccd that he will speak Monday nlpht at the Hatesvillc Rotary Club. Livestock Ilah had Announced refusal lo ral- If.v the. trenl.y on grounds It "does not assure Ihe country's rights and national aspirations." Hve Nation I'aci I'roputnl Bevin also was expeclcd to nn- nounce that fiance has agreed lo open discussions on Joining her zone of Germany to Ihe recently-strong Ihened Anglo-American none. The new five-nation pad. accord- Ing to I lie Dally Mall, will be. n treaty binding Britain, France. Bel- glum, the Nclhei lands nnd Luxembourg to Joint political and emu. Plaintiff Wins Verdict In Attachment Action A Jury In the civil division of Ihe Chtckasawha District of Mississippi fTounly Circuit Court loday found for Ihe plaintiff in n) , nllnclimeiit suit, brought by II. A. Ashabranncr ;alnst. w. ,i. Johnson. Mr. Ashabranner was awarded 507 on advancements on cotton held by Mr. Johnson. The Rllachment was sustained against the cotton for renl and advancements. In courl yesterday, a suit brought by Murdoch O. McHnc, against (lie General Life Insurance Co., was dismissed with prejudice on motion of the plaintiff. 120 Ibs. I7.ISO--22; sows 4SO Ibs. down ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK-' YARDS. .1.11). 22. iUP> — lUSDAt—' Livestock: : Hogs, a,000. salable 7,500: weights HO tbs. up and sows (airly active, steady to 25c higher, but later slow! on 150 Ibs. down. Weights 130 Ibs.! little changed from late Read Courier News Want Ads Cuttle 2.500. salable 2.000; calves 100. all salable receipts of nil classes very light. Market fully steady lo strong on all classes except veal- crs. Load low medium fleshed choice quality steers lo replacement Inlcr- ... , - - --•• i rs ls 25: tew medium to good heifers l]b '&.,- V 7 Y ml1CC "•' - 27 ' 25: 270 ! a " <1 m ' XMl yearlings 19.50-26; good I i/^t" ! ^ 7 ,?.,'„ .?" !? ' !2S lhs ' 26 ~ cows 20 - 22 - r >°: common and medium f i-'n iv . -,-, 17 « lbs - 2B - 33 - 2 '- M : 130 \ 16.50-19: canners and .cutlers H- H.i ISO Ibs. 23-25.15; few 26: 100 to j 16.50. armers HALF DOWN. BALANCE OCT. 1.1948 full economic ngreemenl among nil 1» nation* of the Marshall plan American ehlels ot the Marshall plan have Insisted upon economic collaboration as one of the main factors which will help the war-ri<v»grd nallons of Western Europe regain their feel wllli American help Freni'li Approval tllnlnl France's nut-cement lo consider Joining all of Western rtermatty into iv single unit WHS considered «l- most official. Whitehall sources said thai Jlevln mel last nlghl wilh French Ambassador Rene Masulgll to discuss the matter. Masslgll, It was understood, had returned from Paris with final approval for » nig Three conference on c.ermnny | n be held soon In London. 1 he discussions were expeclcd lo be held among Ihe American. Hrl- llsh and French foreign ministers <lp|>nllM who worked here on German peace trealy. A foreign office spokesman said Ihe talks on (k'unany already have started on an "administrative level" In Berlin, win, American and llrl- tlsh officials "Informing" France about, Ihe Anglo-American umal 'Tlie Frankfuri agreement do cngllien nixonla) Is under consideration by the governnipnl.i concerned 111 tlie light of comment., spokesman snld. Also Involved In ii,e Interlocking rangi-mcnls for Western Europe Is the Imminently expected formal announcement Ilial France bus agreed to devalue her currency A general devaluation of currencies throughout Western Kuropc h one of (he flnnnclal preretpllHites of Ihe Marshall plan, Recording to COMPLETE 8 PIECE BED ROOM GROUP Similar j 5 Burner Table Top j j Oil Ranges I i For Immediate Dc/»vcry | * 4-PC. BED ROOM SUITi * HEAVY COIL SPRING i on • 2 FEATHER PILLOWS * 'NNfR SPRING MATTRESS This handsomnly slylwl Ijocirnorn consists nf a large hct!, the Knuerously jiro- porljoiiofl clipst-of-drawcrs, thr lartrn vanity «-r(Ii mirror, .flip. lu.\ui'iniis inner spring mattrnss, thr resilient, roil spvinjr. I In- Iwo pillows, prirrrl f,,r lh P complr-lr. bedroom group at only 4 95 F Fumiiure Company ij ' More (0f Vour Mon *y A " **•« rim *" DOCUMENTS " {Continuecl from Fain 1) wimient of Ihe Reich, convey our thanks for valuable assistance In addition lo Hie official note the commander in chief nf Ihe Navy also intends lo expre.w his (tr»M- tildo in a personal leltrr to the commamlcr-in-rhlef of Die Soviet Naiy." Tiie "Murmaii Coast" Is Ihe Icrm for (fie Arctic (n the urea of I Murmansk—the only ten free port in Ihe. area which later became! famous a.s the end of the convoy route for Icnri-lcasrr .supplies tn nns- A! Ihe ilmc Ihe riocumeiu was sen! only Britain was flBhthiR Oer- Tne riomments were taken bv U. S. officials from the offices of former Nni: Foreign Minister Joachim Von Riblienlrop. He was hunR as a wa;- criminal aflcr trial by Ihe Nni-i-iibcrc irlbunai. That, courl on Hoviel objections, refused to admit ns evidence In RibbcnlropV; defen.m many of the documents now published by I lie II. S. Romh In "Cold" War nf 1MH Tile present volume of document.* was released by the United States in the midst of Its "cold war" wilh flnssia. The tons of other Na/j foreign office papers, dealing with German relations with other coun- Iric.s. will be published later Jointly with Britain and France. Tlie document claiming to disclose a British offer of a deal with Ihe niissians was dated Julc 13. 1940— jusl. aficr the. fall of France njid whllu thr'British still hoped lo woo tlie Russians away from their nearly one-year-old rapprochement wiMi the Germans. It was a report by the German ambassador in Moscow (o the German foreign office. j It. said that Soviet Foreign Minister V. M, Molotov, "on instrilo lioi.s from Stalin." had handed Ihe Rermans a memorandum of a dis- rlL-iion Dial Stalin liari held wilh Rr.ilsh ambassador Sir Stafford j Cripps, CYipps. .-icconlin^ (o fhis riocn-j merit, n.skcd Stalin for his views on i several points. Out was said lo nr- a siiRSe.stlon thai Russia and Bril,Rin reestablish tlie balance of jiov/- er «jfBlnsl Germanv In ruropx Another said the Hrlllsh ijovennncnl, *M of Die opinion thai '•unlflca- Ilon and lender.shli) of Ihe Balkan countries for Dm purpose of main- luhilriB DIB Mnius quo was rlghlly Ihe of the Soviet Union." The Mololov memorandum according to ihe Nnr.l docuinfnl, 8 avi> this account o! Stalin's reply to the British .lUKKPsllnns: "The so-called balance of |»w- er Imd hitherto oppressed not only Germany but also the Sovlel Union, Therefor", the Soviet Union wmild lake all measures lo prevent. »it iri'.slnhli.'hment of the old balance of power In Europe. . Stalin IHftpleaSfd "In Rtalin'.s opinion no power had Ihe right, io »n exclusive role In the consolidation and leadership of Ilie Ilalkan countries." Historically, Die mo-st Imporlfliit docnmenls are those which claim lo illsejose; I. Soviel-Nn?.i iienollnllniu before World War II Marled for their non-aKRie.sslon part mill the secret protocol for dividing Knstern Kur- opp. Hnssla was lo get Ihe Haltlc states as H sphere of Influence: Kussla and Clcrmnny lo divide Poland; Hitler declared Jil.i "coniplele polit.eal" hi Southeastern KuiO|>e." 'J, Ocrman efloi Is-alrnosl MIC- cesjdnl by the NnM account lo rjei Russia In Join the Iripnrllle »xls pucl for crcatlilH A' "new world order." Hlih-r |,y this lime wanle.l lo steer KIIM.IIX away Irom tlu- Ualkans nn;l limit her spein of In| thicnre In the nveii soulhward lo- ward the Indian d-ean. Oeimnny would get most ol Kastcrn Kynope and Conlral Alrica, Italy would s?l How To Relieve Bronchitis Orcomtilslon rellcve« prompllT be- «u.v> it fine* right lo the «*at of th« to noothit mud heal 'raw. tender Inflamed bronchial inncoii. mem- cranes. Tell your druggls* to tell you Ji c « or nulslon wilh the, nn- ,ndlnK you must like the way it tT h ar Te ^u y r" m Sne,°K& 0r '° U ™ CREOMULSION tlin nulrrn Mediterranean and Norlh Africa, nnd Japan n free linnrt In Soutlipftsterti Asia, 3. Riido'en eoolliiR of Soviet-Nazi relations In late 1940 when Russia demanded nhnt tile Germans Interpreted M a dominating poslllon in Fitil«,K| mid (lie East. Bftltlc, the -Middle Knst and tlie Dardanelles PAGE TBRBM »"« the B«ik»n7 .yj •- ~\ 4. Hitler's final deciifcn to. O> tack Hu,ui* d«plte urgent MVle* by hi* top RUM Ian expert* 'that SUlln'c sole concern wu '•prwcrv- i"K the soviet Union from conn let wllh. aermany.""Hitler eontended nu.vila was going to a««k G«- 'nany. Montgomery Ward REMNANT SALE ! PRICE 1000 Yards of Fine Quality MILL and BOLT ENDS Including Decorative Materials/ Woolens, Prints, Rayons and Curtain Goods DREIFUS' 4f hat To Do ror That Sluggish, Dowii-and-Out Feeling >member th« Mrn» whpn you coiild »at kr: « horse. bubbled-oTrr with entritr. ."•It h*ppf an n. larlt? W»3 It not hecMiw* ou llkpd to eat—didn't know what In- liRcstlon •n-a», felt utrong •• an 01? An ^Eft ndriincru the 'old stomach «nd thr -vfr-rhanglnfi blood" need h-:p. 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