The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 22, 1948
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BLYTHEVK VOL. XLIV—NO. 854 Blylhok'llle Cornier Blytheville Daily Kew» Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald iKXNiiNANi NiAVSi'Ai-i-u UK NOtti'UBAa'i AUKANSAH AND BOUTHKASI Misbouiu Kl.YTHKVLI.UC, ARKANSAS, THUKSDAY, JANUARY M, 10-18 SIXTKKN Truman Rejects ^Hoover Proposal On European Aid WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. (U.I'.)—President today flatly opposed the European recovery plan mendations of former President Herbert Hoover. The President told reportcrt that* • he was not for the recommenda- i tlons of the former Republicaan president who yesterday suggested that Congress make a substantial cut in the $6,800,000,000 recommended by Mr. Truman for tlie first 15 niontlis of the Marshall plan. Mi-. Truman said he simply did not approve of. Hoover's statement. He would not make specific objections, saying his flat disapproval would have to stand for itself. As to the International and economic recommendations also made tills week by Bernard M. Baruch, recom- Cotton Growers Hear About ERP Secretary Marshall Addresses Group At Atlanta Meeting the President said he was pleased lo read most of these recommendations. l The President said he agreed with the Baruch recommendations insofar us Baruch agreed with his own recommendations to Congress. Baruch proposed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Monday a u. S. defense alliance with Marshall plan countries in Europe and a rigid domestic economic program including wage stabilization, reduction of prices, no taxi cuts for the next two years and jfcan increase in excess profits taxes. '• Mr. Truman voiced his opposi-l tion to the Hoover plan in the! midst of these other Marshall I Plan developments: ATLANTA, Jan. 22 (UP) —Secretary of State George C. Marshall appealing anew for nationwide support of the multi-billion dollar European recovery program, said today the United States must seek allies in Western Europe "to save Western civilization itself," In an address prepared for dctiv ery before the National Cotton council, Marshiill said It would , folly to believe that the Unitet, lsolate itselt from wm 'M States affairs and "We are a strong nation," Marshall said. "But \ve cannot live to ourselves and remain strong. "We need friends, and particularly friends wlio share out outlook on the organization of society J ian developments.: , *'"- u 'K^^"-.tijoii 01 socieiy and 1. Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio on , , tne importance of the individual uid several other Republican con- "The cause of liberty cannot have grcssional leaders rallied behind' ^°° many defenders. And its de Mr. Hoover's call for drastic re-; fenders must stick closely together vision of the European aid pro-! f° r their collective effort, and no gram. I just their individual efforts, will b Would Strengthen Marshall plan required if the cause is to be cf 2. William J. Donovan, former 1 fectivcly served." head of the wartime Office of) He said no section of the United Strategic Services, testified before | States can afford to remain indif the Senate committee that Russia ferent lo tlie program now before has launched a world-wide "sub-1 Congress because if its broad our versive war" which must be nmi far-reaching ultimate cf. BINGLB COPIES FIV1 CENTS f BritishLaunchBoldForeign Policy \A/J K1K"*O J*C /"ST- Ir-ii is-r*mr* l/x-»i.,AAx%«,A., J_ mm * .m m » ^*^i «_ ^_ Winners of Jaycees Key Men Awards %',*- ;^"» •->' tenicted with a strengthened Mar- feels on international relations shall Plan. Donovan said tlie Rlls- Warlls Aeainst Fail, 1 sians have established a world j If it should fa! , to nccomi)ll , h , network keyed to "the saboteur, | purpose,' he added, "no secilonw'"! Luy." r He°proposedp\ach?g d TonfroI I raiiur' 1 "' 1 the; conse S Llences of l «a' of the recovery, program in the] Marshall «w „ _u= hands of uic U. S. National curity US. Bares Long-Hidden Data Showing Russian Scheming With Nazis to Divide Spoils of War . 3. Secr(;tai-j' of Asriculture Clin' estimated for the overall 51-mont ton P. 'Anderson told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ihat 1 f ,. r w6uld r aid program. He said cotton ship- under the recovery program rJfrt food estimates ™cirts of 3,069,000 bales are planno.l 1211 Anwrtoin cotton a minimum level of saftey Marshall also noted .that prompt assistance must be given Western «Sg£ "without • adding ~any extra strain on either our food supplies or on food prices.' Mr. Hoover's views of the Mar- ~~ u.,^, .n^icrn .shall plan were contained in a Eur °Pe or it u-ilj be unable to im- 3500-word memorandum submitted vmt necessary cotton nnd other to the Senate Foreign Relations, raw materials for its textile nidus Committee. 1 tries. He proposed revisions that would i M! "'sliall said the consequences cl slash more than $4,000,000,000' dlsru ution ol normal trade relation, from Mr. Truman's request for $6 -, Ips between this country and En 800,000,000 down payment for the r ° I)c would be "extremely serious" first 15 months of the recovery tn "'" A "'"- 1 - — -- IJrogram. He also opposed even Unllci By It. II. SIIACKFOIln Press Staff Corresponilenl "moral commitment year program. Mr. Hoover said that to the American economy. He sn j (1 tlie adverse effects would not be to a four- confined to commodities intended only for export Marshall said the huge sums pro- — _ the pl;in u as now envisaged, might "destroy' nosed would be a /actor in federal the U S. economy. taxes. He said farmers mi , y n ", u. Leading Democrats labelled the able lo buy as much n Sen fer "Hoover Plan" as isolationist and; tilizer and farm machinery as th£ said the former President's pro- would like. The shnrint , .l J prog^m* 01 " 11 " 8Ut " tlie reco «'y I ;;??,'*?'"•. ««pp««^" w - e f - - - cause some for a few American farmers, Marshall said. Slay Elect Arkansan Vcsterday the convention re Donovan, a wartime major-general, told the senate Committee that "a shooting war" with Russia is not inevitable. But. he 'said, the Soviets already have gainer "great success" by exploiting "misery and hunger." Anderson Says war Novr In Progress ! Washington from"; '^^T™ '° «,„,, T .- " phasc of vvar otller sagement at Tusl-eeei- kii "?~ than shooting ... and this war | briefly nnd exiVm™ " spoke m progress now," he said. "It is meeting cxlcn Hi°raiieously to the being waged by the Red by Russia.—but Army; it not He - SC " by " le com »"" lisl ^•.'.y.^lnndlhan-ked textile" mentor Welfare Worker Resigns Mrs. Harriet Sullivan Named to Succeed Mrs. Marvin Crirtendcn Mrs. Harriett Sullivan ot Blylhe- ville. Welfare Department county visitor ior the past two years, has been elected to succeed Mrs Marvin Crittcnden, also of Blytheville who has resigned as director of the MiMissi^pl^County Department I categorically TI ' ( I, G °, N ' ; Jan ' 22 ' ( U - P -)- N ™ Foreign Office documents captured by the United States iiicude instructions to the German nmbxssndifjjr-. in Moscow to thank the boviet Navy for valuable assistance" purportedly given the Genrmn fleet in 10-10 before Russia bctiinie a. belligerent. ;.'. The German message referred to bases on tlie Russian Arctic Coast which the - abdi^gnius because new liases luul become "availa.ble" in Norway "< V ~~; + This nas one ol the 260 Mui *S#-^*"~" - • • * •- ' eicu office docunienls puWt^liiWl'ifaij ' 5 night by the stale Dcpurtnw ' relating to Soviet-^fa^.i r*j»t__.,_, 1939-il. Some of the oilier docll-' menls included Nazi versions of: ' 1. Alleged secret agreements uc- fwccn Russip, and Germany lit I93Q- 41. including plans—before Ihe So- vift-Nnzi break — to carve up the Eurasian-African continents inlo s;;hcrc.s- al influence for Ihe Axis iwwers and Russia. 2. The German version of a purported Russian claim that In mld- 1010, the British offered to rcco;:- uixo Itu.ssjan dominance ill lim Balkans if Ihe Russians would help restore thc old balance of power against Germany. Josef Stalin, according to the German rejected the intsAct To Save Fuel Mayor Jackson Issues Plea to Owners of Homes Man-of-the-Year Award Presented To Alvin Huffman Joycce Key-Men For 1947 Announced At Annual Dinner . Alvin (Bo) Huri'miui ,]r., ?, of Hlythoville, howl ,,f IHiH'mnn llros. Uimltor Co. and in Stoele, Mo., vvns disclosed as Rlythcville's „ YOUIIR Mim of tho Year" of I1M7 nl ,. .Junior Cluimber of Comniorcc | mll . nl tlif l-'ly-lnn i-oslmir- nnl id the Municipal Ainxirl in't'lil, wlien six Jnytn'os winning "l<cy-inen" awards nlso wcro iiiiiiiuiiH'cd. "l«!.v-nir»n" for (licit Jnycco iii'tiviUoH iltti'iiur 10,17 were. Juntos Niuihul, Lan-y Knciis, Hryan Miloy. jack Owen, Marshall Uliu-liiird nnd Arlio I 1 renclt. Mr. Huffman was cliawn us llm "Oiil.staiHling YOUIIB Mull oj till! Year" by » secret committee of citizens and civic leaders on the basis ol his civic -activities durlnj! 1917 nnd \\k cnnli-ibnllons lo (lie community m ndvancemcnl, leadership nnd service. Ciilob Wnl.son, head of n .loncs- boro prinling firm, wns principal speaker anil addressed the nearly 100 Jnyrccs and guesls present on "Clllveiishii)" following the prrs- cntnllon of awinds. The Dl.illngulshcd sscrvl™ Awnrd. B gold key. was presented Mr. Huffman by Siuiford Hhclton, vice pi-cs- Idcnt of Ihe Junior Ollnmbcr of commerce, w It. Nicholson, president nl tlu> O.icrola Junior Chnm- bcr nf Commerce! i/'csenlcd tho kcy-mnn awards. Heailm Illytlicvlirj ; ...viurd Mr. Huffman, who IViiinrrlcd nnd the father of two clilfdrcn, was selected to receive the'iM.-itlniiulshect Service award for his' participation In a number of" church and civic activities. He \r, n deacon In the First Baptist Church here, superintendent of Ihe Baptist Sunday School, member of (ho church choir, niid n member of the clillrrh'a Building Committee, i , '• : During 1047, Mr. Huffman nlso was president of the Illylhcvllte "Y" Bonrd ol Directors, vice pros!- Commons Hear Of Grave Danger In Soviet Moves LONDON, Jim. 22. (U.I'.)—Foreign Secretary Ernesk Huvm Intlny warned (he House of Commons that there is Brave danger" of » Soviet blunder in Greece gnd charged lhat KUHXIH luis tisi-d "every means in ils power" to irefc Lonmiiini^rcui^ihx)! j,, Kii-Uom Ktiropo and "it now appear. " *in the West as well.' Man of the Year Five Arrested For Thefls Here Policemen Recover Much of Loot and Obtain Confessions Four NcgNocs, one n. minor, nnd n ID-ycnr-old while boy were being held In lli n county Jail here todny following their arrests by City Policemen K. n. Dickinson and Charles Ornhntn yestcrdny nnd thin morning In connection with two thefts and a roblicry. More ttmn $1,000 wns taken In Ilirco crimes, all of which were scp- arnlt- cases' and occurred at ditler- enl limes. Tho • boy wns nrrcslcd this'.morning on Main Street In ixnmcctluii with tin; Iheft of a purse rtiulti: Station Approximately 35 niythcvllle meVchnnts agreed today In ndopt uniform heating measures lo conserve furl during the present shor- . _. ^ , tfl^p and not nltow temperatures German account.: hi their stores to exceed 70 dei grees. dent ol the Chamber of Commerce, member of thc Community Chest KLCN yc.slcrdiiv afternoon. Hoard of Directors, vice prcs < cut of Tlie voulh tulmiii.Yit m .he Rolnry> Ihe lal'lr, part of | hl ,l I,,* took M,"• ™J,- ~? her oYco'in 61 "-"-'™"" '•"• "'" P'"""" j '"« ?:lli ' f ™» ll < l <'-">< whili! Hie own- nilltco nnd solicitation ten,,i cap- covered "only $/^.''n'ml' lh"' l ° 1 ™'ini tnlii In tlie new school site (mill Io | (! Ulnn llc lllu| . , drive. Tlie nwnrd biiiuiui'l "Junior ChamiK-r of OiinnH-rcc Week" olxservanc<? liet'e and mnrk- cd the 27lh nnnivc]-sn]-y of the founding of the nnltonal orgitnl- i • - , t .^..v (lie frst. chlclly 111 Mem- climaxed j pi,| Sp |,, Kt ,„,,!„_ A j| U . r - n || e ,, oui . t hearing has not bi-en scl. Hell lliip Acensrd A Netiro yontli, ivlio tcld officers Launching Britain o n a new fore en policy oriented even mora closely with that of the United Mates and more openly Bgalnst HiiMln. IJCTin spoke In aerlous tones of tin- dangers overhaiiKiim the future pence of tli c world He phi-pointed Trlnlt and (.rttcc as major danger polnte. • plniracierlrlnif the situation In (iriTce as one of "ruthlw. war lo lirlni (hul counlry within th. sm'IK orbit," tfc nppeaied for caution on tho jmrt of Moscow and said lhat llicrc l.s n grave danaer tliat ths Soviet Bovermuenl may make a grave blunder In this business!" licvln's attack on Hussta was delivered In the slinkiest tones of any lirltaln statement since the end of the war. "There Is no doubt that ther« has been revealed n policy ot th» bnviet, Union to use every means hi their power to Ret Communist control In Kiwtelrn Europe and. as It now appears, In the West HI well," ho said. "U has been (]iilt« clear," h« said, "that th c Communist proceu ROM ruthlessly on In each country. Wo have seen the game played oul in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungry and more recently ] n Romania. "There Jj Information Jn our possession that other attempt* may be made elsewhere." ncsplte the of liU langungc Bcviu appealed for an end to the tnterimllonal exchanRu n*. 'barge and counter-charge, ft In the considered view at ••!.>, majesty's fOTernment," h* ( ^ald, "that attempts to Mdlc ln- tjrnational affaln by political ^urra|[a«i and wars of nerves reduce* tlie chances of finding an acceptable solullon and makri • mrecmMit difficult If no* tm- pmilble." lie charged lhat instead of «eek- Inn a four-power solution In Germany tho "Soriet government begun nccnsatlons against the Wes-' lern allies." H e called the Soviet officials In Ocrmany "grand people to get along with but when It gets to this political business they are held up." "Announcement of the ifarshall plnn," he said, "brought to light effectively what must have been responsible tor the Soviet attltuds ever since the war nnd sometimes during the war. Thc Issue was not that or European unity. The Issue was If European unity could ba achieved should it be done with- out domination or contra! of any - '-' lml '« cs f ">' (he ilmfl of about Jllfl Bevln stated that Britain's Eu- Russia "and its fifth throughout the world." columns will Join her husband and re-enter the teaching profession. Mr. Crittcnricn is director of social services and assistant commissioner of the State Welfare Department. She said todny she has not received a specific leaching assignment. Before becoming county visitor. Mrs. Sullivan wns a teacher -J^^^^^K ana thanked textile men fnr ii,«i „","V. ~ ' " H.-.IUIH.T m cooperation in shlnn",» Amrr ! ? Iylllcvlllc allati iurnl schools "<-' lr A-Br-Sifflnt 'sp?"«~-™"i» a--.pss.WK «... E «"s 1 :="S'ss, F ;?';i the council told the convention .Ia|is In on Heal 4. A discussion between Adolf Hitler and Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Mateuoka, in wiiicn Hitler .said "Germany considered war with the United Slalcs to be :ii)rl»sirable. but it had nlrcndv IKCII included in its calculations." Thc document alluding to Soviet , ,..,,..,if; Hlythe- vlllc resident's lo co-opcralc In con- I serving fuel. ' Mayor Jackson urged residents lo take all necessary steps lo cut down fuel consumption during the current scarcity of fuel oil ami '. Diitnnc. thus aiding the merchants i in Iheir conservation move. Thc feasibility of Missco Farmers Plan to Attend District Meeting ministering u, c Marshall might be placed under the nation s lop de/ense board—thc National Security Council. He warn that u. . R?" ovan ur eed Congress lo establish an advisory board to check up on thc Marshall plan. He said recovery personnel abroad should be kept out of the Slate Departments foreign service ranks. W. Brown, international . Yesterday's opening session of tne convention at the Bilt.norc Hotel surprise president of the .no " ere Kils niglllightcd by a a '" 10 n"cement by Oscar H " C wl " mlre Ir °m rt <™e of the council Johnston askec delegates to ele Jolnislo-, prc"i- Machinists that his told the committee Marshall Plan" an '"unquamleii endorsement." Tlie u. S. cannot have Association of| a ne w president to serve after • .... L.J ovi »i.- iiiitr /IK man' ex ' rcs . '"'"arrow. He will rc- rfircclors, however. One of Ihe three board of hotel. A statement lo police ind- catr-d Hint the youth did not recognize the redeemable paper as such. The cash and checks, police said, had lii-i'n left in the hotel room by I'ral Penix of .lone.suoru, district . manager there for ni Insurance " ii - , Apiiroxlnuilely 20 M I s s I s s Ippl j company and hrollicr of Mayor Roy . , , 7, - .; " % v ""i , -...,..,,..vj ui shortening i County Farm Hurcmi mnnbcrs will ! Pcnix of ,Iu]icsl>oro Ko rouip in rtTi ?'£* * '' c ,^ rl »« n N"W »•«'. »twe hours to save fuel wn s dl s - attend the dlsU-lcl meeting of Ihe i Jonesbcm,. Mr. >', i, renic, bered (luted ho;>t, 5. 1840-morc thmi nine I cussed but a wn ., ,|ccidcd Ihal. Farm Bureau Federation in Jones-1 he had left the iimncv nnd mper open or closed, the Dnlldings were Ijoro tomorrow. i hidden under his pillow In Ilie'ho- «,"„, hJ"'!,.!" 01 '? '""' . W01 " tl 1>o1 Tllc '"cetiiiK will be In clini-Kc of lei room. Ho returiied lo niylhe- ," . ™ c " ltln K temperatures from Charles Rose of Rosclmul or Faye v-llle but in (he meantime Ihe. Ne- iiiontlis before Ruwia entered th \v;\r. It was a routine German for riffii office instruction telccram lo four-power cooperation with the assistance by them to tall state! of Europe to enable- them to solve freely, each Ui Its own way." He said Britain would continue lo strive lo prevent thc development of domination of Europe by any one nation. Bcvin made his statement In opening parliamentary debate on the vital shift in British foreign policy which now Is In thc making. ' It *TOllowcd an emergency cabinet session taken to consider Iraq's stunning rejection of the new An- Sen. Elbcrt Yolme> Norlh Liult ' ln*««.rt of the-Ma'^u would, jram of course, gut plan pro- thought differ- New York Cotton Two Fires Reported; Little Damage Results The Blytheville Fire Department answered two alarms thLs morning the first to (he home of A A Hale at.601 south Luke Street to extinguish a blaze in an oil cook stove In Whltton junior High School anti was principal of Flat Lake School for three years. Mr. crittenden has been In T,tt- tle Rock with the State Welf.-ir?: Department since St-ptenibcr. HL-; was tho lirst Missbsippl comity dl- ' rector named after the Welfare ...~m, ,«>!,,<.u ,in.t;i me wni;ire "j<-i> i_uu?,i:u 10 lepicsenc Arkansas Department was set up In 1933 by on the national radio network show the Social Security Act. He held "K. P. n. America" at an audition lhat position until 1942. when he j held here Jan. 0, were announced became field supervisor of welfare today by County AKcnt Keith Bil- Three From Missco to Appear On Radio Program in Chicago The Ihree Mississippi County far-i ton, Tnd., advance nudltlon man for mers chosen lo represent Arkansas j the radio program who also sqrv- deparlmenls In 15 counties. Members or thp MwsK-sin ty Department of Public Board are Kendall Bcrrv theville. w. R. Brown of Joe Hiers of Lnxora and Lockhart and of Osceola. Weather brey. )i Co'ui-/ The tivo men and one woman sc- Wolf.ire i Icclcd as winners of the audition of Ely-, contest were Earl V.'lldy of Lcach- ' vlllc, Vance R. Dixon of New I.lh- crty and Mrs. Lois Young of Blylhc- Welby Young, boih viile. These three will represent Arkan- on the Mutual Broadcasting ' cd as quizmaster, Mr. Bilbrcy staled. Judging of the contestants wis based on their radio voice, general knowledge and alertness. He said lhat Mr. Lcwcllen recommended Mr. Wlldy. Mr. Dixon and Mrs. Young to the directors of thc show in Chicago who officially announced them winners. The Mlsslsslpl County contest- ants will compete with county wln- rfcrs from some other state on Ihe Feb. 26 show and the winner of Ihnt System's radio show Feb. 26, Mr.! contest will receive the Bilbrcy said. The farm quiz pro- and"th e "s'econd °in "n "Tr" » lovc 1 , A . rfcan «is forecast: Partly cloudy ' B ram w '» originate In Clycage. Furniture s'Z\\£< .^"Rf" °"^ .."* F,-lday. Slightly warm-; .The three _ county winners, their \Iar. Way July 3ct. Oec. open 3465 3470 3415 3150 3120 high low 3468 3423 3474 3424 3420 3375 3150 3105 3121 3080 3463 3474 3420 3149 Furniture Stor c at Main a'nd Streets where a falling metal cbim'- ncy from an adjoininR building bad ignited biros' nests under the caves of the roof. i b] ^° ^ a ^" ee re f ul ted from either' husbands and wives, be the I guests of the Ford Motor Company. | J-ponsors of thc quiz show, on a three-day visit to Chicago which title of "Master Farmer of the Week." "II. F. D. America" was originated by Ihe producers of the famed " "Quiz Kids broadcast for program the first and time was last 31151 Head today. Minimum ihts mominsr—.12. Maximum yesterday—52. unset today 5:28. | ....,...-„„., .,..,„ t ,, ^i UV;nB ,, wmcn , s resincicn to inrmcrs only. Mrs. Pr i , . lomorro »'-'':13^ ' W1 » ^ climaxed by the radio broad- I Doris T. Relchcl nf Chicago daugn- dav-n'o^ 10 "' 24 " rs l ° ' ajn ' i castl itcj-ln'-lnw of Mr. nnd Mrs. F. G. Tn ,,, ° I,' , . . .„ i '' ud 8lnK m (lie ooiinty contost Relchcl of niylhevllle is publicily ioiai si"c» Jan. 1--4.M. | was done by T. W. lewcllcti of Gas- [dlrcclor for Ihe program. month. Participation on the program is restricted to farmers only. Mrs. meeting in Atlanta in time lo attend thc Jonesboro mot'ling of the district farm bureau ^roup. County officers and mcmliois from nine counties are cxpeclrd lo he present al the meeting, \flsslsslppl Coimly members who will attend Include County Asenl Keilh !lil- hrey. Assistant County Agent K. A. Ilolllngsworth, A. C. Owens, L. G. Nnsh, County Judge Roland Green, H. C. Knappcnbergcr, nnd II. B. Sheppard. of Blyliievillc; Vance . Charged with grand larceny lo- diiy were these Negroes: John Lewis, John Thomas and Margaret Buchanan, nil of IJIythcvlllc. They admitted InklnR nmi dividing the mon- ed. Highly rive dollars was rccov- CH'd by police. Thomas admitted taking Taylor's billfold uflcr Taylor passed out while Hie four wi'ic en route to Joncsboro lo a Negro dnuce. police .said. The llnoi- "dilched" Taylor in New Members Of Extension Staff Arrive Dlxon of New Liberty; Claud Dun-i Joncsboro and returned to Blythe- can of Half Moon; nnd County j VI "< 1 . pollen said. Agent D. V. Mnloch. G. L. White. I • H. L. Ohlendorf, and Lloyd Oodlcy of Osceola. Mississippi County's three new . j Extension Service agents, Miss Gertrude Bond, Miss Helen L. Wells New York Stocks J p.m. Stocks: To Discuss Alliance \ PARIS. Jan. 22 i UP i—Belgium, I Luxembourg am! Ihe Netherlands | have agreed lo discuss military nn,|| economic alliances with Oreat Bri-'l tain and France. A French for- .-.. lXht"' CC spollC5I ™ n " n »«»">«»l Montgomery Ward A T fc T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda copper Chrysler Coca cola Gen Electric Gen Motors 150 3-8 I 1-4 , . and K. A. Hollingsworth, assumed their duties In Osceola and Blytheville today. Miss Bond and Mr. Holllngs- worth will have offices in the Court House here nnd Miss Wells in Osceola- Mr- Kollingsworth will serve as assistant to County Agent Keith Bilbrey snd Miss Bond and Miss a/ I-B i Wclis as honle demonstration ageiUs. " u The three agents received their appoinlmeiiu last week. Soybeans (f.'o. b. Chlrai;o3 open higli low .... 421 422 4IH 417 417 412 1:30 422 417 N* Y Central Int Harvester . Republic Steel . Radio ..... Socony Vacuum Studcbnkcr . Texas Corp Packard 34 7-8 54 5-8 50 1-8 | ' ' £*:*', Brooklyn Bank Robbed 24 1-8 B 1-2 NEW YORK, Jan. 22 (UP)—Four 16 1-8 men carrying pistols robbed the 19 1-8 St. Albans, Queens, branch of the 57 1-4 South Brooklyn Savings ftnd Loan , A 1-2, Asoclstion of $7,000 tod»y.

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