The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1948 OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHKVILI.K (ARK.) COUR1KR NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople SAY, is THIS'N WIPED GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM TO COME IN ON? YE o.TWlGGS,BUT VoO'D MOT Be UANCINS A WOBMPiPe EITHeC -~-CUPPOSE VOL) IMVertTED AKi AUTOMATIC 860 TO AWAKED WCRID Osi TirAE — OMLV TO PINO IT COiS'eRTEDTOTMe: B'\S& PURPOSE OF Dl»\Pir^& GARBAGE — A SRAKM3 N PLAK5 ERTE D TO LOW] i V, PC03eCTS' YOU'RE DIMMER THAM A TE*J-WA.TT BULB,MA30R,' OF YOUR NOBLE. SAVING couw LESS LNESBV ...„ To osuTeR/vre GERMS' AtJD DrSFVJSlKiG OF SKWS SO 4 CAti'T FAIL ,. THE GARBAGE THO,T BOTHERS HIM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING __ For Sale, Misc. ...f 1 '. 16 Kcml "Sion automatic ulioi mTJT Wlih carrying 26" Wtrt ti.irrei ana .ffi full choke, is boxes shells. 12 i W Main, ^ phone 2260. l:l5-clc-22 User! scales, sllcers. mt . a t cases meat choppers and ,-cm|>rc.«,> r£ . Dell Sco" 1^11 W. Main, ptioui' 2260. I IS-cK-22 Colclwall Filsltlalrp. Frl B tdatre~ cloc"- trlc range. Oulberson oil healer All 30 day,. Phone :(676 . less tha For Sale OI.T) NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10110 tf C«s range. 51I N. Eleventh l! oil .,.." rn " nc opNcsc "love |45. Call 3141 after B pin BABY STROLLER. Parkway. In good condition. Bargain. Phone 3673. 12-31-ck-tl For Rent Two room nmilslied liocise tor rent Ccmpl«_only. call 4255. l!19.pK-22 Help Wanted, Male WANTED: Man lo succeeu T Vance lor profitable iiawlelRri Unslncss in Nortn I'emlscot County. Mo 1500 ram- nies. Products well known and sola 211 years. Heal opportunity. Write Kaw- Icnrn-s Dept. ARA-2IO-H9S. Memphis icnn. Or see W. Barbou. 610 Lilly St " OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphries , AJ.Ioi. Hu« p k,i,,. Di.i.ib.nd >, MIA SlUVICf. IMC. . . St )lythcvUle, Ark. l:l3.p-23 _ WANTED: Man to nscceed T. Vance 5£, r ,.. l> S" ll ? ble H » wlc 'Sh business In Norttl Peralscot County, Mo. 1500 tara- I lies. Products well known «na Bold JO years. Real apporuinlty. Write Rsw- elshs Dept, ARA-2IO-119S. Memphis. Icnn_ or «ee W. Darbou. 610 Lilly hi.. Blylhcvllle, Ark. l[2l)-plt-23 Position Wanted The Jeep can handle ANY Job No slowdown or delay --regardless 01 baa weather, troublesome loads %•£}$ r<mrt5 ' See H " POOI -E MOTOR COMPANY. EIHs poole. Owner a Op- ertuor. s. Highway 61 «t steele Mo PHone Bteele 49. l|16-ck-23 Private Rooms Clean comfortable bedroom. Gentlemen only, an ChlcHasawba. l:20-pK-33 Bedroom, In tt. wrath. Phone 2338 _ _ __^ l|12-pk-2H2 Bedroom, men or couple. Call »32 TJIK STOKV, Jn»lcc Hilary, lirMI}-, rfflt-lrnl >-UIIMK HUrnr- lo |iii|*ulur HHil JiruiilHtimr Nuclrlr tilllrc for kill,. Wkrn' rK-b >Jr«! SLuvul i-r.-ntt-j, • m-rnr hi-vtm..* H hr !• krpl wnltlntr. .Imilrc • »;• nlir !• uolnic 10 HMk llbr dfn^.tr 1,1 HU- f.Un hi-r tin a PHIIrnf. 1.111)4. JlrMy Janr f.i»r. thr olhr-r numr, dorfor J» ftiilnK lo do vrhal Janlcr »UKK<-»<». \Vfcri, Hetty Juiir -UK . formrrn *>rrur*!" Thrn *.hr addii II • a I'lry, • frt-Tllile pliy." Ill "JS that yon, Janice?" her mother called from Ihe kitchen almost as soon as Janice bad lei ; herself into the house. Her mother would know that it would be. Jani ice's father did not conic home for i dinner on Tuesday nights; lie had j not missed his lodge meeting iti :she could not remember how many j ; years. And when Albie, her 'younger sister and the only other member of the household, civinc in, it was always lo the accompaniment of such a clatter nnci confusion that nti announcement was needed to know it was she. Janice called out a "hello" that ought lo sound natural and gay enough to assure her mother that •it'was she, and that all was right with her world. So it was, even if the gaiety wa.s a litlle forced at the end of a long day. The Hilary house was an old- fashioned three-storied one with the kitchen and dining room he- low street level, Ihe parlor and living room behind the entrance hall, and narrow curving stairs leading steeply up to the top floor and its three bedrooms. The whole house was dark and narrow. Yet it was a lovable little house, one With characler, tucked as it was between high, wide apartment buildings so Hint its tiny courtyard and grilled gate were almost lost to the casual observer. Front bedroom, close In. Outside fiurance. 515 W. Walnut. Phone 2327. _ ' l|lB-pk-22 Bedroom. 319 N. Ninth. Call 2228. l[5-pt-2|5 Janice's father had bought it for a song 27 years ago; it cauld have been sold for a small fortune in tin's postwar period of housing shortages. Hut neither he nor Mrs. Hilary would have dreamed of such a proceeding. The litlle house WHS home. When Graham Hilary had purchased it, the house had had olhcrs of ils kind for companions. It had been far enough east of Park Avenue not to be fashionable and it could be bought for the small down payment that Graham could afford. Now most of the narrow old houses were lorn down; and tall modern apartment buildings had taken their places. • • • 44 A REN'T you coming down, dear?" Janice .stopped, a hand on Ihe polished balustrade of the narrow curving stairs, to look down the even steeper straight flight that led to the lower Jloor. "In a sec," she answered, raising her voice to the pilch required lo carry below. The entrance hall was the darkest place in the dim house. Her mother usually turned on the switch lighted the crystal chandelier in the high ceiling before Janice's and her husband's return. Tonight she must have forgotten, and Janice had not thought about it. She had been impatient to reach her own room; she had wanted, although she did not know why, to be alone a short while before facing her mother's serene, yet searching, eyes. Til be down in a litlle while," she added. "Unless it's something that can't wait, Mother." She started up the stairs, pulling off her gloves as she went. "It can't wait long." Her mother's voice followed her, a voice that usually was tranquil, but lo- night held a touch of suppressed eagerness and pleasure. Janice paused. She did not want to go down, she did not want to face her mother—hut there was no sane reason why, "I'll be right down, then," she called. As she 'cached the botlom step of the lower llijjht, ihc light from Ihe kitchen, in contrast lo the hallway and stairs, was almost loo bright. Thai may have been why .laiiice did not immediately recog- ni/.c the person standing directly behind her mother. "Now you see why 1 .viiiil It couldn't wait." Mildred Hilary's face svas wronlhed in smiles. "WHY, Bcngy!" The old nickname came spontaneously as Janice look a step forward, her face brightening. "11 enn't bcl When did you get home? We all supposed it would be much longer, coming from so terribly far, and not having hoard in such ages. It is you, isn't it, Ben?" "In person," returned the- young man who stood so straight and tall behind Janice's fivc-foot-two mother. He stepped .if mi nti beside Mrs. Hilary now, sliding a purposeful arm around her compact waist. He bent and gave her a resounding kiss on her smooth check. When he straightened up his cyci were merry with mischief. "That's the way your mother Brccled me, Ihe proper greeting for the hero returned from the wars. I don't suppose"—his tone became mockingly reproachful— "that I dare anticipate another such heart-warming and appropriate salutation from her daughter." "Not unless you want lo be put in your place," _Janice retorted, her quickly extended hand contradicting the rebuke. "You're Just the same, Benjamin Early Archer —a great big overgrown tease, even if you have been off to the war for three years—can it be that long? You haven't changed one whit, at least not so it shows." He took her hand in his and held it a rather long while. His merry eyes—certainly they betrayed no evidence of the things a Navy man must have witnessed during three endless years of war •—looked her over slowly, as though they had hungered a long while for this moment. (To Be Continued) Bdlus of Blytricvllle In small town >r on Busy highway. Write Don AU cam o! Courier Ncw«. lllo-pk-23 Wanted to Rent Four room house or apartment Cull Harfs Bafcery 2073. l|17-clc-tf Comfortable bedroom. Clo5» to town Men only 3]<> W Walnut ___ Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone 941), Lewis Poultry, J19 E. Main. ___ l-2-ck-2-2 .rv V ", nI H < \!f buy ^M^i -Small groc- flvm " "iitlon combined with Huns qimrtcrs In back. In 50 miles CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. J BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL OwtingJL <Sk 124 W. ASH ST PHONE 35^5 MY TIME IB BETTER SPENT WITH t ? THE CHILDREN/ C J - TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to Junior :uid Sis during their formative years. Send both your laundry and dry cleaning Lo Nu-Wa where you get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 ANNOUNCEMENT Flowers Body & Paint Shop New Location 118 So. Lilly St. All New Equipment -GUARANTEED WORK- AH Jobs Restored to Factory-like Condition No Wreck a Total Loss! Work Done to Customers Satisfaction Sec Us For Free Estimate WEWILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Accessories Installed FKKCKLBS * HIS FRIKNDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB IT WAS so HEP OF YOU HESTER , THESE DRESSES WOULD COMff BACK RUBBISH.' tiut OUST A FOOLISM LD WOMAN WMO IMA RUfAUO TAK.T1N& T& LOOK RIPE TOMATO / FAHION NOTE MW fxnta WAS A OOY) TMAN 1 WAS, TO FIND THAT I WAJ 5M IM STYLE A6AIW / Pe ° P '* buy in tar ** <I"a»»i*i«i th»y got things er—prices would tumbl, if Dorothy and ! eot mar- ned right now and »tart«d a family!" I'UISCILLA'S POP Achilles Had His Heel AL VERMEER ... _ trouble with you fellows is you don't understand the meaning the tvord "no"! got no use for You can't tell-^. we might own a canary some day. The Wliolt- Sloi-v ,'L 0'i\IAM,KY and RALPH LANK i ten YOU <iinnis,,»Tf, OkllY BKAUSE YOU SEEM A — WHAT YOU SAY- GAMt 6UY. AlY Oft RATION 155 HOr ONLY NATION WIDt BUI WORLD-WIDE. IWRY1VHLRE II ISS THE SAME-. HNCES MUST SEU TIIE1H CHOOL5 CHtAPLV TO SOMr.ONE WHO WIU TAKE THEM OUT FROM DIE Nf IGIIBOK HOOD. 1 FILL TKfiT NEfD. WOULD NO! KHOW IT TO IOOK AT WRK, BUT HIS f*PERICNCE MINtS MAKIS HIM ONE OF HID WORLD'S DIAMOND EXPERTS. WE MAKE A GOOD JEAM. DIRK AND I. W1IHOUI POOR WILLIE u ISSHOT 50 GOOD. BUT WE- STIll WIU OUTWIT THE UW. WASH TUIJBS flow Dr. A(l(i;ims Oioii SLli; TURN'SU I HAD GREW PLANS FOR t>R. ADDAMS, BUT HE MET (V TRAGIC Er4P, TRYING TO ESCAl'E -' 5T JMUMO ONE UISHT... WE IN H PLASFUL MOOD PROBA8W CRUSHED HIM HE KMEW I'D SE AUGRM WITH HIM, WJD TRIED TO HIPE WHW HE'D POME,..TORE.TItE LOCKED SHUTTER FROM A HUoE WIWPCW. (JOT OUT OMTO THE NEW ROOF, AMP fi,CMte SEVJERM- BUIL01W6S, THCU STJrfEP THE BOPS IM P, -- SlACk 1 TRUST I SIIM.I FIHP 3MAMO mm THAT L \ S&WE 6UILTS LOOK IM TH= ....ftND VOU MISSING! SEfMS TC THIS COO UTRY. OH.O'J,' THA" CLJ*.'<= ^ DO SONS rAMA^SE TO THE TIME-MACHINE... BUT I CAMT SAY A* TO IT3 EfFECT ON OOP AND BOOM.' _.;KND THESES N'O ELL1NG \sH*T '" *.N ElSHT BAU. 10LJD \\'INP UP B=HINO THING \V5NT E WITH DOC'S 1 DON 7 / \SHKT KTt! .,. ,^, KNOW. BUT- ( A MCNSTSWrrY (<,)} ( MERClFUU \ I«TH»,TJ KEA.VENS HOOTS AND HKIt !UII)T)IKS By EDGAR MARTIN ftt ?«^c^^C!^vW MOW .

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