The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 9
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THUHSDAV, AUGUST 14, 1047 British Ask End Of Egypt Dispute UN Council Urged To Drop Issue; Nile Difficulties Denied LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y.. AIIR. 14 IUI') _ Grout Britain urged Die United Nations Security Council to drot) the Aii[;lo-Ej!yptian dispute yesterday and warned E'ayjit Mini. It imist nccopL the provisions of Mie ll-ycar-cld Anijlo-ISsypilan treaty or risk emiangerin" world peace. Sir Alexander Ciidogan, in a third answer in charges delivered In the council by Egyptian Premier Mnhinoii'l Fahmy Nokrashy I'aolia, .said Prilairi would bo "always ready" to negotiate ILs differences with Kgypt. Cailofjaii assorted, however, that those differences had no place before the Secinlty Council because there was notl:ins; nbniit the .situation in the Nile Vallev "Aliicli ciHlangers peace and security " "It is they 11 he ERypliaiis) who arc creatlni; Die muance to peace and security," Cailojjan said. "There is m dispute Jierc which endangers peace and security unless Egypt deliberately creates one rather than comply wilh her international obligations " Cado-'an said. He scoffed at Egypt's contention 1 Mat the Ani;l.j-E C ypUan treaty, should be .scrapped by the council because it, violates tlic UN charter. If thai should happen, Cadognn argued "then it is passible for any state to get r:<t of its treaty obligations on the ground that it dislikes hem sufficiently to be prepared to endanger peace rather than accept them." Cadogan admitted that, in 19-10 and 1942 Britain, found it necessary to interfere in Egypt's internal affairs. ••Certain very highly placed Egyptian personalities, sympathetic" to the Axis, were actively obstructing the Allied war effort," he said. 27 Business Units Placed On Emergency Reserve WASHINGTON. Ant;. 14. (UP) — Twenty-seven additional business 'units have bee", placed in the War Department's Emergency Reserve Program, it was announced yesterday. Under the program, they wi!l be taken directly into the Army event of an emergency. The New York Central Railroad signed up for a railway division at BLYTHBVILLB (ARS-T COURIER NEWS Hughes Investigation Ends Howard Hughes, sea tod in llic empty Caucus room in tlic Senate ottioc Building, where the Senate War Investi^atim; Sub=o!nmlttoc held Ms investiBiitioii, writes mil a statement for ttie Dies.-; alter the com- iiiittce recessed the lirarinijs until November 17. IHEA Tclcpliolo > Gen. Eisenhower Dissatisfied with Alaskan Defenses FORT LEWIE. Wash., Auj{ 14 Mrs. Roosevelt Must Wait For New Estate (UP) - Gen. D'Alght D. Eisenhower yesterday expressed dlssnl- isfaclion with present Alaskan do- lenses and said "something inusti"" 1 "^ "UL jjt: eiuiueii immediately he (lone very soon" to strengthen j lo ti><! estate left her in a will by a the territory's military facilities "in I 71->ear-old bachelor preacher 'the these uncertain times." court-appointed executor of iiic wil' OREENV1I.LE. Tcnn., Auz. M. PI — Mrs. Eleanor Hoosevelt would not be entitled immediately Air Freight, War-Born Industry, Grows Rapidly And Carriers Find Selves Hauling Strange Loads PAGE,NINE Hy S. BI'KHIN UK A 111 NKA .Staff CurrrKpanilrnl NKW YCR'K. 'Aug. 14. <NEA>. — Air Irclght. which cut the tools of lo . Its lf*Ui wai-, 1ms Completing a two weeks' tour of Alaskan installations, Eisenhower said: said yesterday Frank Berry, appointed to replace the latc ( . president Franklin D. itou- "Alaska is one of the nation's I Kcvclt as c - xm!trv r of the willof Hie major outposts and must IK made '' Al n ' sliu '»<-'S. Interpreted the strong during these uncerta'n' doc>lni cnt to mean the properly times. There is a great need for B " Cii lo Mrs - R'JOSCvclt at the death construction in tlic territory." ' of a nice'!. He said lie was "by ,, 0 means satisfied" with Alaskan ilclens-s Kc pointed mil that they were in- slaled on an emeiEcncy basis during Word War II. Berry said if Mrs. HOoscvelt interprets it differently the courts would have to settle it. He also revised the estimated , value of the farm estate downward from SM.OOO to between SlT.OOO and $18,1100. The clause on -which he based his inlcrprctation wn s one pennittin;; .. business in (icncc. And tin- Kir-singe things that i>cO- ple ship bv air have buill 1»lr freiiihl into a lot of headiu-iics tlie airlines never ex|>ccled. It would bo impassible to ira:ne n icnunodlly — from radioactive Isotopes lo very active anls—tlmt isn't. carried as routine by regular or clnirter .ahlines lo and frcnt every )>arl of the world. Air fivlglil is probably the biggest reason why .so many small, mis hcdu'cd airlines run operate, in ccnipctitlon with the blj;, regularly-scheduled carriers. And it has rreatcd » number of wn.ill but busy air freljUit forwardlnrt 'anles who take over when !>•)<!v wants lo .ship a horse or a iliouse. and follow lhroi>r;li. I lie [> [cr'.vanter.s own no iil'anes, but Ho all the Icic-work ncees- snry between the .shipiwr and the I'llliKs charter or regular. They are (loiiut after a business whlr>h. before the war, was handler! itl- nosl intlrelv by Ihc Air Express division ol Railway I5^)res.s A-jen- liiit most of them'have their eves on merely a specialized share of this business. •rypicnl Is stark Air Shipping. Inc.. a ivnrwnrdlns company headed by John S. C.orby. Dnrins the war. aorby was air frelghl coordinator in the Central Pacific for (he Naval Air Transport Service; among Hiis problems were expediting air shipment of sinofcc- poLs to Okinawa, aiui flying fresli vegetables — cucumbers, corn, and even •watcrmellons—froni farms on C.nam to the battling U. S. Marines on Iwo Jima. A peace-time problem h c iiad to incot recently was air frclght- ini; corpses—the bodies, often, of elderly l/itin 'Americans wlio hud come here for medical treatment, died, and arc beinf; returned for burial. Will) tlic extra weight of a sealed outer nictiil box required -by hea'th reuulalions, it cosUs latout S1COD lo return a body to O.raciis Venezuela, and more if it goes further south. x nighl now he Is liandliiiR a .shipment of lo Piper aircrnlt to Humes lAirefi, a iilane-witliin-ii- planc siiipmcnl idea which Royal nntcli Airlines started between New York and Europe last month. iTtic south-hound Pipers are flown I to Miami, taken apart, and loaded I in Pan-American DC-4S. The freight bill per plane is $2253. but the shippers feel the cost outweighed by the time over ocean freight., which Illicit- competitive position'. saved •I'ltc iimnimaie objects are really ol mil I rouble. . counting up (is more hcc- In'lght doy day.s, re|iorls the easy iinr.s. TWA tic air Unit at ,s|. were delayed because all iH'rson- nel tliere liad Ui lend a hand uring a Itirnc bnlldnu that broke out of its crate on one of the pianos. "Dog (lanucrons, 1 ' the report said. "mid ncccBsarv all pasxcngm to dephme until' d-i; llnnlly laken off ship." Ainerican Oversea;; Airliner; brought ,||i |. ;K . C || Cr-s( , Si j| („ K IU !1S K«.'.',Ulniis (tl .SlocUmlm. Connn- Im-en ,,ncl o.-.iu re:;ularl.v mill eld lu-s 1,1 ,N,-w York lij, sVandln- V.o yet WHS Git,-,, the lovelorn b-.van who was down from LCD Angeles to E CT >t, Muss., after Jils " ''-'v'''ii dioil. Alter looklnc over the lady i,wan« Uteit' he picked illcnrict.t* for a. - ««eojvl ; Vife. and they were flown b«t to I'orest Lav/n Manorial' Park. I L'JJLJ1 I :i . •• i"i i n Ilirce Ihjihl.; liivlun Air IJni-ti for dry cleaning. - j'I'lic cl'ilhcs leave- Kiniitiiv. urrlve n licic Mon<l,\y .stall back 'wpdlll's- (lav. i;ct thrn lot plane. Iron. Ihc llipdilroino dc I Americas at Mexico City to .»«! Mnr tracks. Lo.s Angolcs. Pan American brought the Argentine race horse Kndcavonr and the Brazilian ICusiicno ii]i for Hie Ui'l- monl Golil Cup last month, whore they ran fourth anil six respec- tivcly. Parilir; Oversells recently ga>. .7.5M far brim-Ins rjroo pnundr; oi animals [rom Slam (o I.os An;:<>- Ics. at was a regular Noah's -Ar!< wltll wings with two each ol baby elephant, 1 ;, pythons, co'ir.r;, leopards, cranes, monkey;;, elii. One elephant brcamo so funil of- Captain Peter Camillicrs Unit, • lie couldti'l ui)l past, her out ol Hie . cockpll without pelting .tier anil ! rtcdlnjj her a tidbit, It took eight ' men to gel one of the pythons mil of the plane in Los Angeles. "American flew 31 young hulls and three Daroc hogs (rom Minno- sptt to CiuntoniHTn. over 13.r,00 foot niniuitaln ranges in on.! •plane. One hull lay down whim oxyucn .supply not rare, but Thm.Mlay in lime 'iut use. •All air lim-s arc ru»liln:j ,..y,., s [o ,. y ,. bnnks lm . Iranspar.'.ini:. ri'lio.s.- ar« races against dealli --the death of tin< y.'. At the lust mtmilo ln-[ori! di'inirtiui' a Kril Cro.«s ear (lashes up with inoUir;-ji-|e escort. Tin; slpwinilrwi i n k,. s personal custody ul l-hi- i.'yr. -At dt-stlnallon thi- lirst per-aVn up the ramp Is im- ollu-r lied rjnws rcpicsenlatlvo. v.'lio rushes the t-y,. wilh pollco escort lo hospital or rvc bank f'rohibly Ihc most puhllclw-d air boosts | recovered without any lindicallnn Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Williout Pnlnful Bncknchr \Vlinn HllsorJcrof llEilucy funcljnn iicnntll,iiu(jii mutter lo remain hi yimr liloint II linyc.mic.iiiBnlntiliiicliiiclic.rlii-iiniiitlciinlru. K'B mini. to«s nf IH-n mill tlUJruy.Katlnit ml lilKlils. twclllnir. lllimnuri umlrr lli« fycj, lion<lucliL-.i niui illzi|jieB3. l-'ro<nn;]il or ncnnly r»ua«iirn «lUi r.mnrtinit cinl htirnlnx minii:. Uiiu-n R!,OWH thuio Is fuinctliliis wronir \vllh :3 our kMncjn or liliuhlcr. •.,n. > ""' tw " 11 ' Al)l for Donn'n I'lUi.nitlmiiliintillilrrllc, used nuecvinrutly I-J- inlUiciiiB (ur nvcr dO fft,n. Uonn'ii ul™ .l'»|>py relief ...,,\ will help llio 16 nillo <jf klilno- lulics Iliuh mil polinnoiu vvuta iiom your Wood. (Jcl lloau'a PU1«. Plumbing For Sale liK, Closets, Lavatories, GO" inch aH-metmV jf Cabinet Sinks with double drain Anlomudc Oil and Klectrlc Wafer Heaters. FUtin8H Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 We,r Main St. / Phon. NOW IN STOCK! POWERFUL PHILCO PORTABLE Less Batteries I'lio powerful "1(50" 1'orlnble, foalnntitf UK; new wur- iluvduiwl circuit, needs no spcoinl uei-inl. SoiiKitive. I'layx on LriiiiiH, pliuioH, remote localioiiM. Buttery,' AC or DC. '•-•'" HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blythcvillc Phone 409 Buffalo, N. Y., railway operating interpretation \ya s one permitting battalions at Syracuse. N. Y.." and ' Mrs - Paul -Jopts, Prederic"ksbiir({, Springfield, o. and a shop bat-' Va •• to livp in "' !lc ol d honie place" talion at Beech..Grove,,Incl. dut-'ng 'her ••lifetime. - ••••• .;• Others included: .(he Southern liailway System, a sranil division at Atlanta, On,, and an operating hatlalion at Birmingham. Ala. ' There are fl.COD.rUQ milrs or underground telephone and telegraph wires in England. > You're speaking of the same filar ivhether you call it North Star, Pole Star, Polaris, or Alpha Ursae Minoris. Six out. ol every ten Idler.'! posted in England are wronglp ad- dres.'joil, according; lo a check made at, a Midlands post office. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Ravings Low Net Cost Protection. For Scrvl:c W. L. TAMKE { 108 F.. Davb St., P. O. Rr,* «1 j Phono 2487 Bljthcrillc, Ark. Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SH ELTON Motor Company 119 W. Ash Phone 438 LOTSOFFUNFORALL AT THE At the Mississippi Co. Fairgrounds Sunday, Aug. 1? ? 2:30p,m. AND EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER SPILLS! FUN GALORE! Full Racing • Stock Model Program! Racers! See the Jalopies in Action! -n ADM. 60c Sponsored by Dud Coson Post 2rf, o^ the American teg ion Not just a new model ... COMPLETELY NEW DESIGN! Only Advance-Design Chevrolet trucks offer all these NEW TRUCK FEATURES Come in cine/ see ... NEW Advance Design—NEW cab that "breathes"—NEW UniwelcJ, all-steel , construction—NKW durable, fully adjustable scats-NKW 22% greater vtsU bility—NEW FlcxI-Mounted cab—NEW. stronger framcs-NEW increased load space in panels and pick-ups—NEW efficient loading in scnkcand high rack bodies —NKW thorough sealing and insulation —plus scores of other NEW features too numerous to mention! T II K. G A II T II A I "BREATIHiS"— frrsh air is drawn in from the rnjl- siilc — healed in cnlil wcnllicr—nnrl iibcd air ia Sorted oittl* ft ^X /- -k , i. :V/&f • I li c n c w r 1.1; x I • "^ ^&-tfS-- " ( '" NII:l) f =AH is Cllbll- VatiS-"^ l^aT ionnil on rtlbhcr against toad slicks, torsion atid vihratiun! DRIVK.Il'S COMPARTMKNT is wider, with innrc ICR riKim — llic scats arc fully adjustable, l>it:i;cr ,iml more comfortable. Wider, deeper «iM).siin:i.t) and WINIXJWS increase visihiliiy l.y 22%! Hear corner windows, IKrniitlini; cvnr Kreatcr visibility, available as optional c<|liipaienl at extra cost. New, Mronper FKAMKN .ire nrd to carry Kir.itcr Ic.nds greater distances fin .1 longer time! iurc better loart distribution! •rrt>h-alr hrallitt ami rmtltoilnt lyslrm optional al cttractlt. ramoiis FULI.-Fl.OATfNC; IIVl'OIU RKAR AXI.KS are geared for tlic load ami the roadl Clievrolct's VAl,VK-ir>'-iiF.Ai> TUUCK I:N<;INT,S arc world's most economical for their size The IIVDRAUUC TRUCK tiRAKlis are exclusively ilcfic for greater brake-lining contact 1 CHEVROLET TRUCKS with the Cob that "Br*affc*s" LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phono 578301 W. Walnut

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