The Courier News from ,  on January 21, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from , · Page 10

Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION r*U p«r lint for conMCUtlve In* Minimum oti&rc* • • - Wo i tlm» per lie* 15c UmM p*t ltn« p«r d»y 12c t timM per line p*r day 94 • ttaM pec lin« per d&y ic Jtf time* per JJn» per day , to klonth per line Me Count !«• »ver*Re words to the line Ad ordered for three or ill tlmea and •topped before expiration will be chant•d for the number of times the ad Appeared mnd adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persona mid In* outside of tb« city must be accompanied by cash lUtw may b« «ully computed rrom the •bar* table. AdT*rtlsln£ order for irie«uUr insertion! takes the on« tlrn* rate. No responsibility will b« tnke . for more' than one Incorrect Insert!on ot any clueLfled ad. All ads are restricted to ihelr proycr elAMlflcatlon, style and tyjx. The Courier reeerr** th» right to *dkt or rtject any *4. Noffc* In Memory of E. M. EATON •ur ffithpr and husband who pfi'Ard Wlf«, Cnlldrrn find Grandchildren. Apartments Wanted ' WANTED WILT, PAY UP TO ?inn for 3 or 4 room apartment or house furnished or semi- furnished preferrable. A refined couple, no pets, no children. Lease optional. Good locution. Call Jlr. Slaughter, Hotel Noble, Jonesuoro, phone 6515. l-20-pk-23 Business Service Directory Auto Supp/ies and Services CHAPMAN BEHVIOT STATION Mmn & Dlmion Phono 2563 Uon'l enCRnnpr your IR- lly with ftultr Urea—BUY LEE TIRKS 12HB-CH-H "~REBUILT~JIOTORS " for Ford V-8's. Brand n e \v blocks; new standard size pistons, pins, rings. Rebuilt to S.A.E. specifications and tolerances. Immediate •allow- •nce for old motor. Buy now. pay later. '38 V-8, 85-90 H.P.—$160.95 '39-42, 85-90 H.P.—$U59.!)5 '39-46. 95-100 H.P.—$167.95 MONTGOMERY WARD l-20-ck-23 Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage ». Blffhwar 81 Phone JIM llH-ck-l! Jeep parts now available «l POOLE MOTOR CO. W« c«n mi .11 r<Hlr ne[d , _G*t genuine part* from our com- K :te lln«. LIS POOLE. OWNEH f.- OPKRATOR BOUth Highway »l HI Steflt Mo Phono StetlB 49 Ilil2-ck-tt We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «« « UAIK . PHONE ,„, Expert Radiator Repair for Less W« h«y« the best In rudlitor repal •qulpment. Lei our tt«incd men bol •ut and repair your radiator [or lou Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUGUAS LAWSON. Mgr Phone 217 _^^_^^^_ 89 cfc I Bus/nets Opportunists I BLYTHEVTLLg (ABK,)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 81, 1948 ^ RELIABLE PERSON. O|)pr»t« i.» fe ] tieyB and ocher tmlLotially M<Jr«rtls«d and)'. Will not Inter/pro with present eniploynient. Income BUru iJinnrdlAle- y. (^45 case required. Every «p[illcatit will be Interviewed. Write, Klve ptio»« and address. JJox AW n;o Courirr New«. Ideal Downtown LOCATION >'or any type of bnslncM. Binall clock >r dry Koo<ls, Ktentn heatr<t btilldliiR, rent. Lease It desired, can ie bourilil returnable. Kor appoltuntent «M <«9. llJJ-ck-lf Coal and Wood For sale—Rood coal and •dndlinjr. Plenty of it. We| deliver. Phone fl-lD. I.esvis! Poultry, 419 E. Main. I 12-2-ck 2-2 COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE FT. .Also liny—Across from Klytheville Compress We Deliver Phone 4189 'Plent)' of Illinois Coal" At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONE 3I8G KOK Quick -Delivery Courteous Service E. Highway 61 Food* FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court i. Highway 61—Call 4H13G Cnippie and cut fish. 24 hour Bcrvico. Simpson Oil Co., Staleline. ll!U-ck-tl Reach p^or Hnrl's Brciui ]-1.0-ck-22 Nice lnr«e Ityers, baltery f«1 fiOO S FrnnklLn. l^O-ck-25 Hatter THE HAT SHOP HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED PICK UP AND DEUVEIiV SERVICE PHONE 4637 503 TV. Main HJO-pK-220 Household Goods BEAUTIFUL FLOORS at little expense When you me our re.ual lloor nand- 1.1K machine. Ens.v to use [or wnxln? anil polishing too. Call 2015, Huhbard Hardware Co. 213 Main St. l|lVcic-22 Venetian blind* now in stock Readymade K. M. Blind* Deal Paint Store 109 E Main Bt. phtjn» «aft. Oil Heaters 25 Percent Off LarR« assortment or nlnnclard mtikrs to spied (mm. 51/P5 r!\n«c Iron) o»c to MX rooms. The Fcarclty or KIPC! msvKrs this ofler K. real opporivnilly in !?ct time PXUR licni lor itic cold WfMhcr Rhcftrt. Blytheville Sales Co. 410 R. Main—Phono 554 GIVE YOUR FLOORS A NKW SPRING ATTIRE Sander for Rent Hookers Gi'ocery Holland, Mo. ' t-17-pk-2-17 Brushes FULLER BRUSHES Sales and Service CLYDE RLDRIDGK Local dealer—Phone J4% l-17-ek-2-17 Income Tax IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE~on~rir- Ing your Income Tax. please see nio at ROOM SI, LYNCH BUILDING Bt.iTHf-.ui.i.E.ARK or telephone 2!HO alter 6 p m. Several years ejtpcrlen -e with Internal Kcvenue Oepartntcnt. Fers will he In Line with local accountant* Ebh H. Carson. U30cX-tr Building Material See the special bargains we have in sinks and water heaters: l.'lS KOOT DOUBLE BOWL SINK— See our second hand ranges. We have some real values in this line. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3450 Insurance Protection apalnst all IiVSURABLE IFAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLENCOE HOTET RLDO 124 W ASH ST U.l-clc-tt Laundry Cnr|»ln« launnorca »nd strrtchrd <»»1 Irom 314 6. rr»nKlln to 1IK <-""fT. |:7-pIC-3.7 Loons beur *K Kiz«r B» t» Butcher >»pply you with knives. - --. bni£hcA *n«l scrapers. er». sawft, wlr<- bnsneis, price tag Wins arid lags, meat blocks and «rt«r Buppllu yovi need. DELI. SCOTT • IJll w. Main Phone 2260 MONEY TO LOAN CONWAY & HOUCH1NS Glencoe Hotel Building I ck t PERSONA!, I.OANs" "Automobllc-Me nauirt-.comaKor-lornnurc Sck mi TMC Mrvicc Pfrsonallwrl »tur\tfon Come in or tFJcjilionr 2928 '" cnt '°" GKNERAL CONTRACT fURCHAKE CORPORATION 122 W. A.H SI. BlJ'theTllH Ark A FRESH OIL FILTER CARTRIDGE }/ Makes your engine lad longer ^ Helps you avoid expensive repairs ^ Keeps engine oil clean and improves Us lubricating efficiency Whenever the dip stick shows your oil is dirty, you need a new Genuine Ford Oil Filter Cartridge! ompany Phone 4453 See us before you buy! Wt sell llio cleanest used earn on tlie market, and you'll find the price right too! POOLE MOTOR CO. KUis jPoole, Owner and Operator South Highway 61 at Slecle Mo. l j hone Stecle 49. Dogt . Cats, and Pett Ml rayed: Large rtaaiili bmwn~aoK In June last year, lie returned last, week and lias again disappeared. Parly Xecn- HiK same please contact Eu K ,.,'e Ktlll mo Cl.lckasawb.. I'hone 2«ij ' ___ Lo.t: Black dog. "cliildVen's pel." Call ' !M8 - __ l'li-pk-22 t .J' or Ml f; ">«« pedlcreeil Siamese kltlens nubjrct to reslstratlon Vlnrlnla Newsom. Tlinlcn. Miss. l|l<j.pK-2i Farmers Column CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. 0. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE R. R. AT CHEKHY WC Allls C'hainifr Iraclor nntl rul- ovaior. TalnmtlKe Cunn. Route a Rnnninp; water where you want it is tin inexpensive luxury on the farm. Buy the liest, a Goulds -Electric Pump from Planter Hardware C'o. __ __ 1-13-ck-U Kor sale: 1047 Mn.s.scy HnrUT irnctnr. li • l ,, bo "°" ">cdtlcr. l.laiucr. rcrll- llzer allacliment. cultivator. Two row AC romhlne Priced rlnht. Three miles N. or Leaiihvllle. i, mile w. of noyn- ton. J.IX Morris. lO-k-JJ inllp /! "H 221 l: " ulv » tn r lor sale rin. Route I. Luxora Ark 1 wt of n,,r,lette. l' , U pk-24 Mr. l-'arnier—I.rc us sn^rpen vour PIOKJ. We «perlnlt7>- In m™ repairs ?"" « ' kl " ds of "eWlng. Also hnrrowk lor Mile. Henry Wostbrook't Shop 22S ' N. FlrBt. phone 4161. Iil2-ck-2.12 [ For .sBle: One team mules one cm- - llvntnr. one s[»Jk culler, on J row ,' rlillnx plow, Doyle Houstoiv. De\l ! For Rent, Bus'n. Property Concrete block building.' concrete floor. Across from Armory Hall. Chas. Bright phone 2566. 'l-15-r»k-29 For Sale, Cars & Trucks uiai-ct-ti Loans Money to Loan f ?io U 1» nC ' !< ' " IU * n '" "=»"" ur loael? No down tmymcnl, no m n«e. no red lapu t'HA APPHUVED RATE Jrt ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phon« Lynch Uulldliu Blyinevllle. Ark. Meat Choppers tltniisoii— Niiuonui -Klccil Kut-Sah- llar>-— itaplil clmjipprs from 1 a H 1' to ^5 H. P. Also knives and IHRICG ana replacement [inns [inns DELI, SCOTT Sales and Service riionc 5280 Musical Merchandise Photography PI'iuiS """ t '" Portrmti-.lf. Ll.lbON Cholographrr. Call 4377. l.lenco* Hotel. l|18-ck-2 IE I9«l Packard convertible. A-l running contllllon. Very clean Can be lioiiBnt rensonable. Call 4ias. 1,13-ck-tr Ir !nm f ? tl!w . 1 ""> t °f. MlclSouS niMS- illUB Co^ Plione 530. l|21-plt-28 24 fool Cartrr trailer. Ne\s- flooring tires. s;irx> c, lsh . 3re ,\ Sratly^ fanrvlcc Stntlun. Statellne. l:21-p"-28 ', 4l ir i °,"",?. c cl " b C °"P«. Bond comll- 11. Iia'.i W. Cherr>- SI. l;20-pk-23 MB Chevrolet. B00 il rondlllon." Stf s. l.nnelle ErU. Five miles West al ""• iin-pk-21 Personal II S'0'1 nave somcllilns you tton't need and can t net ,ld ol. try tincrt Hultmaii's Swap 3h ol ,. phone 859 403 2. Main. l;a-ck-rt Power Meat Saws lliiro -. s»nii»ry - Kltun Kin - All Ariu'rican. also sau blinlcs lor hale, tu ivniai service. Also Hand b aw» luiu blades. UKLb bCOTT Kales ami acrvlce 2111 W, JU; fnorlc Z260 Plumber If you need a licensed [jtumber or expert, stove repair work done, call Hurry Mrycn nl Hnbbarct Ilanlware 1,20-ck-tr Krhnlll Iracle-hl radios--everyone ••™'«"">-»""> .ilollars up. fiee ,nem ai . m i^n7s, n , Ury —„,,„„ Con , p . lt . »t IJrooks Music Store. 107 Main 1I13-CX-U HOME RECORDER. Used as deinon- -tlator I'rlcetl to Fell. Mnke records it lioine—i-cmilar sunrantec. BROOKS MUMC STORE. Ittr EAST MAIN ST Hrand new mahogany Rplnet piano aliB-.t snippini; darnafc to r.asc-Kcal bargain. See H al Hrooks Music Store. 10, Ka.u Main Street. Telephone Bll l-IJ-ck-tt NEW SPINETS YEARS TO R PAY A5 '•° N ° A3 TW ° • Dccca Records • Sheet Music • Estcy Organs 100 MILES TREK DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — phone 4222i" 11 w L:IK scftlrs lor kioccry and markets Also I-AlrbaiiKfi port able plnilorm and bcHin ecalcs_ HELI, Pcxrrr Hnlcs and Service 1211 W Main ' fhone 2260 12:29-cfc-29 Services RADIO REPAIR DY EXPERT Repairman Call Brooks Music Store 107 E Main St. Teleohone 811 Pianos nought and sold n 5-clt-tr FOR BALE: - one A-moiI*. Ford In perfeci *hnpa Call 763 after 4:00 For Sale or Trade W "', BC " or trade condition: two for pUno in , Klnc roo Covers In nood condition. er, and lar s e llx'ln? room tatilr Phone 762. o. M. Mltcheif at H.lf Moon. -- COMPLETE SERVICE- THAT'S OUR MOTTO gfc Your driving is our business. We're here to give you friendly, thorough service. Hrinjj your car in today for a checkup. We'll jjive you a quick and accurate estimate for free. Then our trained mechanics will efficiently doctor-up all the ailments and have your car running like new a^ain. JJrinjr your car in (oday and he sure of Side driving (he rest of the winter. We repair all makes, all model*. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Texaco Products Phone 578 24 Hr, Service Sciberling Tirel For Sale, City Property Beautiful Home SMALX* NEW HOUSE on larRc lot., (Jroccry etoru with nvin izrr 65X208. DoRwoort Hldgc. South of ( !-ooa lowilon aoln R m? >ythevltlc. Price SH50, One-hall ! Near awiU Oli Mill \vn. "'">'- -«'™—'-- .-« I" lor For Sale, Farms KiumlBiid near Ulythcvjllc Am snip. Just on the- market: J<K» acres, close In. well worm llle money, will B | v e possession ror I'J48 Kns llgnu, plenty of te.mnt nouses; on KOOU gravel road. Has school bus rminlriK water, Tlie owners say fell to settle estate. Tins place will carry n loan or *100 an ncre or better, which ?iii " '" hn " or P" r ch»so, price. S210 per acre. Ir Interested in such a rarin. it will rcnt | 0r JM nu acte this yervr See or call: Luther Gray W- C. Gates "or R*v Worthlngton. 115 S. Third -Kt. I'hone 513. or office 2751 l;i7-ck-24 82 acres, tlirre mllos south or Bly- thevnlc on Hltluvny 61. c.;ood improve- raenls. «-<-ll drained, all tandv roam tractor land. A CO od prortucer. On lunrKct ror short time. Possession with derd. Trrms. 5 or Id acre iract or land, two mile* South on Mlchv.iv 61. lleantirul bulkl- Intr «»<-. Price oue-thlrrf rash, balance In yearlv notej.. Sec or rail MJTHER GRAY REALTOR Phone Al.t nr •>. J. FIELDS. Phone 2.1:14 One of tlie best suburban! '^ s homes on the market. Twol "ONE acres of ground, five room bungalow in excellent condition, large living room, Yomigslown kitchen, also all furniture and furnishings which are in excellent condition go with the house. Three room house in rear. G;iragc, barn and several other outbuildings in first class condition. This place is beautifully landscaped and is a real buy it" .someone wants a nice country home ready to move into. Reason for selling—owner leaving state See or call JOHNNY MARR Real Estate Phone 4111 FOUR ROOM HOUSE \vlth bnlh on Holly SI. Price S5500, Two extra lots can be bought. 52.000 each. Terms. FOUR ROOM HOUSE closir In on 'iupei, Price $4250. Has a larije TWO-STORY HRICK si ore buJimnjj. Modern living quarters with nil furniture upstJilrs. Unit block Iroin Main Scrrci boiv/een Main nm! Ash Price siO.ono. Terms. Sec or Call. LUTHER GRAY. REALTOR Phone 513 or J. J. FIELDS, phono 2:(!)4 1.2l-ck-2R NICE SIX ROOM house with hnth. best residential section of city. Prlcr ?-J50i). with terms. Possession \vltli tlced. GOOD FOUR. ROOM house xvllli bath ou Holly Street. Priced right. GOOD FOUR ROOM UmihC on Lake Street. $2250. - NICE SUBURBAN home Cheap, HAVE OTHER city prop.-r some farm land near Blvtnrv your property with us for <\v Sec or call us: BtflT ROSS !ir. n n ' ' possession. «0 S. stxte 1!Y- mti. On Main Street in LeachvUlp. Fmir rooms and bath on 150' lot Nice vnr- a^e and ;;nrdeu spot. Jl'^QO down, rest mom lily payments. Phone 84. l;20-pt-77 Three room furnished house, p7r7- pane Ural. 123 E. Rose. i;21-pK-24 for Sale, Misc. Two juris' bicycles and one bicycle. Call 2227. ins- One nearly new Homing ' Ion typewriter. Tom Little Really Co, Phone 861. l-lG-ck-23 . BERT ROSS. J Salesman—Photic silently used blacksmith shop eoulp- A->O i inent ns loJlows: Little Glnnt 23 Ih L ( st J inp hammer: Llltle Ciinni lap, nnri' sale dies i* to 1 Inch; Buffalow electric aurt Ior;;c; 12.S Ita nnvll- 5 S electric drill (portable) nnil press: pas weld hi K and cut tin-; tcircti ami i?ruiv:es, Wadft Auto Salvagf!. pho»ft 3^85. IH5-CIC-22 Four room house with bath, automatic hot water. Good condition In- MUe ami out. Five blocks to main ]i:ut o£ town. On pavement. 101 E Kose. Pracclcally new J Jiotie 1467. Dm cnn Ph|*le Kofa. l,!l-clc-tr Telephone fit and with chair, curtains, lira iien and bookshelf. Phone '""•"• i.y-pM.-z.Lii ' Read courier NOTS want Acts. (Continued on Next Page) Johnny . Russell 250(5 or . . 807 On THE SPOT Rhols. CULLISON I'botOKrapher will lnvr a man there to tanc It [or you. Call nil. tllencoe p l' lllfi-ck-2-lG WASHING MACHINES and Electrical Appliances repaired. Blylhcvillc Machine Shop Phone 2823. Blythevillc, Ark. 12 1 Slicing Machines lllobe — American — National Rltccr.^ for market,-:, cafe anc] grocfii* Also general hnnri Kilters. DELI, SCOTT lex ftnri Berrlcr 1 Phnnr 21SO 121*l-tX-l!29 Notice Swop Column 11 rUli-. 17 Jr\vel wrist watch. Havl- tanrt and BavarUn China, clcrtrlr B)X| bMKry radltn tor K»lr or Undo «t Flbrrl lltiirm>n-|> Swap 5hoi> WJ Kfi5t Main. Dmnr JU9, 1 12-rX-26 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS RoyM. Smith, Coronn und Rpmln.7. ion Portable DON EDWARDS ,.„ . Thf T TP"'»rltci K\n .110 N Btcond st Prone 33.12 We wish to announce thai Kussell K. Man- i.s now connected with ouv office. If you wish to sell your house or business "See Russell." JOHNNY MARR Real Estate .1111. 112 R. Second St. Ku.ssell Ma IT, Phono 807 l-^O-ck-27 T have moved my office 1o IK) S. Third Street and will l>e associated with Mr. K.iy M'orlhiiiffloii rloincr a general real estate and loan business. \V. ('. CATKR_ I'hone 2751 jmode! Used Cars and Pick' Up Trucks for sale at reasonable prices. Phone r>in. 12-27-ck-U Typist !'i;ill,TC TYl'INO. will c«ll lor II 'none 4MO. 1,15-pk-J IS Used Cars LKK~MOTOR SAT,RS~in iHlytheville lias several late riiy ? 'P'nd money- s»an wllh Albert Huffman s Swkp Shop. <» M»ln. Phoni 859. ](J|J3 c Good cheap three room house, well located near Kicc- Stix. One-half cash, 1'osses- | sion with deed. j Six room liouse with bath [on paved street. 50x1-10 foot i lot. Close in, possession with We have at this time five i deed. Jl.duO. Two bed-room house on Holly. Has bath, well located $5500. Beautiful four - bedroom, two-bath .suburban house on large lot. \VelI located lOast Main. Shown by point mem only. New two-bedroom house on Walnut Street. Automatic heat. K.'st location. nice farms for sale, in Southeast Mo. Near Sikeston, Mo., from 100 to 1,000 acres. Also some lai-Re businesses for sale. Sec us at Sikcston Real estate office located at Gross Hotel. Call for Lyinan Gross. l-20-ck-23 For Sale, City Property THRKK ROOMS AXO RATH Well built in pood condition, l.arjje. garden space, close to bus line. NEW AND MODERN Kivft rooms and bath, equipped with automatic hoi water heater, floor furnace, beautiful hardwood floors, four large closets. Located close in to school and business district. Immediate possession. Can IIP financed at <4^. See or call: MAX LOGAN Realtor Phone 2034. Lynch Building l-21-ck-28 on ap- Bcautiful Large SUBURBAN HOME r'onr bedrooms, thrre baths. OE riming system, spacious lawn, servant* House And other outbuildings. Kvcry- thlnR now Arid mortem. Ideal home for lftrg« family. 8ce or cull MAX LOGAN REALTOR LYNCH ItUII.niNU PHONE 20iH . Six room house on North Tenth St. Gravel street, city water. ?.'i,()00. Five room house with bath and hardwood floors on Lilly Street. .$5,r,oo. We have business lots on Highway 61, 50x300 Ft. $1500 each. One of the best equipped and most modern tourisi courts on a Hiij)nvay GJ. Own er retiring. Will sell for 1-15 cash. Balance long terms Shown by appointment only We also have grocery stores and filling station. DAVID REAL ESTATE & Investment Co. Phone 3(U>3 1.2n-rk-2.) business, new Established Uumdry bUlkUlIK 40MJO, WOll i-^uiiriJVti, noun; f4f>0 weekly. Can be doubled. Also new- four room See .James Thornton .or Cl«retire U'ells. Walruil ftirtRp or I call -11)7 In Walnut KUJge. ArK BKAUTY SHOP. All equipment anrt j ftp lies Irvrflit d In 1.\i\ora. establish- 1 011*1 ntM. Call or contact Burch's sf», Luxorn. I,21*Ck-24 EMERGENCY SERVICE Dial 555 We're on Ihe job always . . . ready lo handle any emciironcy. Ou< low (ruck can lie on its way an instant after your call reaches us. Nc\l time you need road help—Dial r,r,5 for I,an S slon-\Vrolen Company. See Us For Expert Repairs On Any Make Auto w __ 'WALNUT AT BROAdWAV

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