The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 9
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«, Moslems Accept Mediation Plan UN Security Council To Send Three-Man Team Into India Pieces of Twenty ' ' Y - J » n 21- United Nations Sccur- ^' Council hns ordered a three- natlon mediation team into Kashmir t 0 halt Die Moslem-Hindu small war" and mend relations oelwecn Indln end Pakistan. Tli* vote was 9 in favor, with | Ku«la and the Soviet Ukraine ab- I itamlng on technical grounds. None voted against. .The machinery was set up as "a first step" toward a permanent settlement of the differences between the reudini? Moslem and Hindu dominions. Both sides agreed it was only a 'beginning, The council reserved the right lo expand the scope of the media- lion loam to India-Pakistan disagreements beyond the Kashmir Issue. It iilso lert the way open for sterner UN measures if the mediation falls or trouble In the two new states gets worse. The mediation prof-rum, a step- iwd-up version of the successful UN intervention in the Dutch- Indone.sfan conflict, was accepted by India and Pakistan In a series of weekend negotiations conducted by council president Fernand Van Langenhove of Belgium. Besides ac,cep<imj the council's plan,', delegates of India and Pakistan agreed to hold further private consultations with Van Langenhovn In search of a permanent settlement to the differences Early Solution Sought Soviet Delegate Andrei Gromyko. followed by Ukraianian delegate' Vassily Tarasenko. complained that, Hie machinery did not give the Security Council enough direct power over negotiations and for that j^son abstained from voting. j ™rhe mediation plan stipulated \ that, a thrce-nniion team will so ' to the trouble scene quickly to me- I tilate the dispute which has brought Pakistan. India and Moslem raiding parties into a three-cornered "small war" fn the princely state of Kashmir. It gives the Security Council an- j thoi'ily tn expand the scope of the mediation effort to ail of th c issues between India and Pakistan ' if and when delegates see fit. Van LariKcnhove told the council trjat Khan and Ayyangar would continue to confer here on steps toward a permanent settlement of the problem. This, presumably would\ include discussion of a plebiscite^ to determine the status of Kashmir which must choose between being part of Pakistan or In- riia^or remaining independent. Colombians Battle; Many Killed, Wounded WASHINGTON. Jan. 21. (UP] — The State Department was informed today that . President Mariano O.srmia Perez of Colombia, has de- glared a state of siege in a province • where political fighting has been soing on for a week. The department's report, prepared by the American embassy in Bogota. said,. an undetermined number, of Colombians have been killed or wounded in the province of San Tander.Del Norte. Department officials said the fighting began over difficulties between liberal and conservative party elements. The -President's order was ^ued yesterday. Government troops, were' dispatched to the Northern province, which is near the Venezuelan border. Mike Maiorann, 12, of Monterey, the largest single I'O- This property has so far yielded at, least 300 coins, with a [ace value of $6,000. and a collectors' value of Grange Asks Price Guards For Farmers WASHINGTON. Jan. 21 cup)— The National Orange, on,', of the country's largest furm tlons, yesterday proposed to Congress a thief-point proEiam de- slcned to protect agriculture from disastrous price slumps. The program was outlined to the House Agriculture Committee by Albert S. Coxa. OraiiRc nmslcr. It would crralc a seven-member bt- partisan Federal Farm Commission j witli broad [Xiwers to move [arm! surpluses Into secondary uses or secondary markets. Other proposals were: 1. Establishment of flexible floors on prices of farm commodities, to be raised when the carryover is not sufficient to mrcl normal needs, ami lowered when the : carry-over Indicates thc accunui-! lallon of an unmarketable surplus. 2. Establishment of "stop-loss floors," below which prices would never be allowed to fall. The proposed FVdmil Fnrm Commission. Ooss said, would have (o | mninlaiu a reliable anrt pcrprtunl I Inventory of supplies and market! demands. H would have (o make decisions ns lo Mial Items should b e pushed and whnt Items spared. Elizabeth, Philip To Get $200,000 Yearly Allowance LONDON, Jnn, 21. (UP) — Tile House of Commons Inst night approved a government bill to give Princess Elizabeth and Prince phil- Ip a S200.000 annual allowance. Commons approved the bill on second reading by a vote of 294 to 17. The vote came" after Laborite members of Commons, in a brisk attack on thc proposal, demanded that tiie government reduce the sum which it proposed to give the royal couple. Rolls Inlo l.ucV NEW YORK IUPI—Mm Anderson. 55 made, a lucky roll when he fell from the platform in R subway station just as a train roared In. He rolled Into Ihe trouRh and lay so flat thai he was untouched by] (he Iwo cars Hint passed over him. Jaycees Honor Memphis Doctor Young Physician Named Outstanding Man of the Year CHATMNOOOA. Tenil., J,,,,. jl. U'Pt — A 34-ycnr-oM Memphis, lenn., doclnr credited with developing an aneslhesla that ellmtmiles childbirth pain wa s nnmrd one of (he leu oul.standlng young mm of 1947 today by the u. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. The voungr medical expert, Dr. Robert A. Hlngson. In professor of aneslheslology at the Unlversflv of Tennessee. He recently revolved much attention In the medical world as one of the plniweis In the use of the hypospra.v, a fla.ihlisht-slzrd Injection gun thai flics hypodermic Injections into I he skin tissues. AllhouiMi other resenichi-r.s worked In developing ||,c spray wlikh may replace the old-style "hypo" needle, HiiiRson was |hc first pliy- slcl»n to use it. John Ben Bhoppimi. M-yi>iu-t>lrt president of the Jnycecs, »nnomi- ced the .selections, Trias'' received awards at a banquet TuMdny iiiuhl at which Harold Stnssen. candidate for the Republican,-presidential nomination, was the speaker. Stassen was one of the "top. ten" several yean ngo. Others named were: Lavon Peterson. Omaha, Neb, blind Inventor and radio engineer. During the war ho (aught Army and Marine radiomen to repair With the Courts Dialnnuf Dlslrlcl No. Ifl vn. Delhi, queul Lunds, el al: Judgemenv (or taxes, penalty «nd Interest for tlie Mildred tncr. Bridges vi. Jo» L, Htidges, ftult (or divorce Albert Flnley v«. Op. I rinley, suit (or divorce. Aim* Kirk, H »|, y§ . A,,<ire-v »«Urt Klrlc, .tut Mr dlvnrc. srl« In darlcne.ij. Delf»se|» 3. Morrison, sJl-ywr-old mayor of New Orleans! Dr. Glenn Theodore ,Sraooiv. ;is Berkeley,', calif., nuclear chemist whose work led lo discovery of th« element, plulonlum, amtilciim and curium. Glenn Robert Davis. 33. conoreei- man from Waukosha, wise Thomas n. Reid. .13-year-old human iflalioivs exiiert o[ BKltlmore Md, j'nmes QuIgK Nt'wloii, jr., 35, mayor of Denver. Colo. Cord Meyer. Jr., «. New York president of Untied world Fedc- rnllsls. Richard M. Nixon, 34, Whltlcr Calif., congressman, • 'Adi-Inn Suntord rlslier, 3:t. Alom- Ic Energy Commission counselor Washington, D. o. ' TO SOOTHf V if ft mm B a CE u * * v it n n 9 n OR TETTER Quickly Hnnly nooihinr and comforting fcRAVS OINT.\?KNT with Is who e>oi»« antiseptics and nature ftldlnu medication. NothinR else ', ke 11 T notllir »T <« comforting— or pleasant for externally caused »kln troubles. Sic. Get a puckim today. Laugh Off Drought LLANO. Tex. IUPI— Drought, described by some ranchers as worst they remember on the Edwards plateau of Texas, is not causing the cattle and .sheepmen nny linanclal loss. High price of meat makes it possible for the ranchers to sell their livestock at a nent profit, if the range is not sufficient to leed them through the Winter. i Read Courier News Want Ads. i$eware Coughs from common coldi That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel Rerm laden phlegm, and «Jd nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to Sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are '-o have your money back. CREOMULS1ON /or Courts, Chest Colds, Bronchi til If You Give a HOOT AhoUt the performance of your car, thi s is V()ur irst s ,,,p. Skilled mechanics, reliable m.lcrials, together with Nash know-how await you here! WE GIVE YOU THE "GO AHEAD" FOR SAFE, HAPPY DRIVING! SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 4438 January Specials SAVE ON THESE BARGAINS • SOUTHERN AUTO STORES PiNNOLENNE MOTOfc OIL ? Q ™^ 2 GAL $1 89 SEALED BEAM HEAD LIGHTS-CompUte-Reg. $10.95 Value $9 95 pr FENDER PARKING LIGHTS^Univ erS al Type-Easily Instiled $2.^5 pr . "NO FREEZE"- ' PERMANENT :' Reduced From <i SCISSOR JACKS H n ANTi - FREE " $1.85 GAL **• oubbUR JACKS—Heavy Dufy—2-Ton CopacHy < "X''-Rn^Ti rwin - '. • -' • ' " ' *• "X"-RUST OFF .. Cooling System Prolec.*|4r COOLING SYSTEM DnPont Radiator Sealer, f !^ p t.) ., Hydraulic Brake Fluid (PI.) "X" RADIATOR STOPLEAK "X" RADIATOR POWDER DuPont Cellulose Sponges FAN BELTS from DEFROSTER TAN 39< 59^ 39* REGULAR $17.95 "TAILOR MADE" SEAT COVERS REDUCED TO 1-2 .95 • Choice of Colors • Art Leather Trim • Tailored To Fit • Available For AH Makes of Car* FREE INSTALATIONI OH, FAN GASKK.T SETS—As Low A« Mnnifolrl Gasket Setj — Pricetl from GASKET SC1IKI.I.AC •15* MODKI, A CRANK CASE BREATHER.. PISTON RINGS For All Cars Priced $1.29 and up $4.69 IUG WRENCHES 59c TIK ROD tNDS (All Cars) Priced f SHACKEL SETS ( All Cars) As !x)w $9.25 up 4c 4] Q.95 SOCKET WRENCH SETS " Pi —<^ome Lifetime Guarantee LICENSE TAG FASTENERS—Jeweled Heads WINDSHIELD WIPER ARMS-Universaf Type JIL1.LI BATTERIES (18 Month Guarantee) BATTERY CABLES—16" Long BRAKE SHOE SETS, (Exchange) (2 Wheels) BRAKE LINING SETS (For All Cars) Long Wearing ~._1__. DIAMOND TIRES 6oo.i 6P o,, "24 Month Guarantee INNER TUBES-AM Sizes-Superior Quality _ $ 2 .43 up plus tax FUEL PUMPS—Guaranteed Factory Rebuilt $1 79 Ex WATER PUMPS for Al! Popular Makes of Car, ^_ $4.55 Ex ' PAINT BRUSHES For All Painting Needs-As Low As .... $2 95 ZlIi'sP up KEMTONE PAINT 10c ALL COLORS IN GALLONS AND QTS. Gal. $3.49 Qt. ~ $1.19 FREE INSTALLATION Batteriei, Tire», Seat Covers, Floor Mots, ran Belts, Spark Plugs end Hose Connections INSTALLED FREE Southern Auto Stores Millions Spent On State Roads Commission l««ut* Two-Y«ar Report On Construction LITTLE ROCK, Ark., »Jn. J| (UP) —Highway construction work to- t«llng »2«,037.BM »•«. complete tn Ark«n«ii« rturhif thu two-y«»r rxwt- »'«r period ending j«n. i, 1943 t ne Arkansas Highway Depurtmtnl re- •Joitert today. lilt report, showed tlml (92(0811 >'*« XKiit In l««, ,ntt (hut. construc- Iton work rmchfd » p«nk year with I he Oiiiendlliue o( »16.787.01i. Broken down into classifications o( work, the ivpoil revmled thnt 18« miles ,if nsi)linll snrtare were laid In 1946 M » ca ^ al , 4]7 . ;4 M1 I'he Beoond bijiBest expeiullluit during tint year w«<i »I,762.60I lor inning »nd hnsei course. In ion, Ihn deimrimitnl luld 181! miles of bituminous mrfnra «t a oost of »4,398,m Other IBIRC enpeodltuies last year er« for, 37 miles of concrete surface at a cost of $1,282,3191 83 mile* •if gJRvel surfacing al a cost of tl - M3.046; 76 miles of crushed stone r.t a cost of $1,309,887; and three * tnlcU " eK * l a coaL of !• UM DMf MM •« Contrary to wh«t w» btUcvtd' M children, if w* due «tr«l«ht down from the Unit«l «ut«, *. .wo nt come'out In China, but In Indian ocetn, wwt •( The deiwrtmoni, «»ii| Ihnt dur- i.,.,. twn ' yrnl ' I'"' 0 ' 1 "t «P«>1 , I(!2,H)R on j,cw bridges. The I'liilrc cxj.cndltiirea *we Imwrt upon' an nuproxlmnte' 50-50 slat* and fedcrnl aid |)rn R rnn), ^ H<i>d Courier Now»,w«jit Ad». PRKCRiPTioW Kresh Slock Gu»r«n(ocd Ijfst Prices Kirby Drug StorcS I4LV 1HLVILLE* ONLv' ,AIL WHITE THEATPF Wwkrt»y» Bin Ofriee <)|lfn!i «:JO p.m. Show Starts 8:4.1 p.m. Box Office OIKT,, l^ : 4S p ^ Show 8l.irln 1:00 p. m . •on Office. Op«n> 1:45 Show SUrtu Z:M AIM Selected Skurt 'rhursilny & "THAT'S MY GAL" with Donald Merry .net Lynn RoSertl "YANKEE FAKER" with loiielm Fnwley anit .Ton n AVcmillMirv Serl»l: "llmirhlcr of Don Q" Also ShnrU New Theater Manila's Finest Shown KVKKV NIGHT Boi O»rni W«k l>ayi 7:M p.m M>tlnee Satiinla. A Sunday 8»t.-Sun. i p.m. ConL Showta« Wednesrlny & Thursday "POSSESSED" with Jnmn Cnwlnril unrt V»n Hfflln Aliw Short* Opcn> *i S:39 p.m.; SUrU 7:0* pm. Wednesday & Thursday 'The Corpse Came C.O.D.' with Georje Brrnt and Joan Blnndrll Kox Movirlone Krwn Also Short* ••.•^••-^ ^s RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: Wednesday & Thursday "RIFF-RAFF" with F»t O'BHen >nd Anne Jeffrey* Newt »nd Short WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- 'Don't Forget the Big BINGO PARTY Wednesday, January 21, 8 p. m. at the LEGION HUT Prizes Vahied Not Less Than $5 Admission $1.00 Sponsored by the Ladies of the Catholic Church Porto Rico Kir.N 1 iiitir.n SWEET POTATOES I)i>!ivero<1 1,, Your Door I'honoK .!fi77—2i)Rfi Buck Mcharg Produce Buy Now Pay Next Fall Vi Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 R. Concrete Tile Sewer Til* Sim 4. < «nd t Inch Culvert Tile Sim n. u, n, i*,- »i, tt, N •nd If inch A. H. WEBB "w*. 61 •« srnl« lin. Thon. Bljth.tlll, 7H RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SDttVICE OK ANY MAKR OR MODEI, RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Vo cull for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Hatilo Salts anrt ScrTloe I0« Sonlh Flmt St. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 IO-M Chicknsawha V HOLE IN ONE?- an'l. l«t U (I ( ,.„ d<wn your best foot forward— d for our completely mod- ^cl -Tixlt shop" tot thoes. clocior jhoea well . . . f as tl H-fl LT€RS QUflLITY SHOE SHOP 121 W M O I M ST. I Have On Hand! At All Times Several tractors ind Kjulpment . . . both new and used on« . I JOHH DEERE, FARMALL «n<t i other makes. Also, I h»»» for ; snle «t all times 70 to M head of ' mules. Terms c«n be tmnged. i Will trade for ino«t unythlnt ! you have. j New Ford Tractors i Heady for Delivery. i F. C.CROWE! 1 Mil* S. ,( . First National insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 • -• . . 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON ' CHARLES BITTNIR BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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