The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST M, 10-17 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* PAGE seven I.S. Asks Report InKoreanParley 20 Months of Big 4 Negotiations Fail to Show Any Progress WASHINGTON. Aug. 14. IUP1 - vutlujrilulh'e sources hinted today Jiiiil Hie deadlocked United Slstc.i- loviet in k r ot hit inns on Korea might 1'ind up coon in llic l:i])s cf Hie I'acilic "Bin Fmir" foreign minis- here they began 20 mouths • YO. bis official sprculalion grew out Secretary o! Stale Cicorisc o. Jiiii'.slinU's siij't'i'sllon to Soviet I-\>r- Jign Minister V, M. Molotov that Ilie Uu>-pf>',ver conferees on Korea Te.poit on thfir deliberations to ieii- home Kovcinmcnts bv Aui;. 21. I Diplomatic officials s-.iv: m> \\o\\\ *'i:it the report, if any. wc;.;.l lio'.v Ibat n was \H>:~• bit- on uniting Korea. ' I 'I'b' 1 US.- Soviet Commission created in December, 11145, by _ Pacific, "Hi)' Fonv" — United • latc-v Russia. OJi'ina and Circ;il Iril.iin. It oidered to find a lay it) meree tin; two .split occiipi- lon /ones nude.-.- a five-year Ini;- lesbin plan. s:i p i< e. iheii, the iin- li ntJutHivc. ol'.--i-'aill-of:-ai-:iin lalks lave failed | ( , ]-,jwr.<:f- a;;i evuiem. l.'en on "|>rot.-cil'.i>-e." I In his leiu-i- to Molotov 'Vr-ri made pijijlu- >'t:.^lei day, M:tri| nv.ule. n.i s.'.lnupt ID oorc.-cU) displen<--n;r a' 1 He. eurr-.T.l late of affairs. He laid tho fault I. fill-in's door. \ Marshal! vud Molo'ov hj:ri----11 I i'tj'-'Til '...->> :>:' Korean pnrliei ul I 'j;' c-on ulled re; :; 1.1 •tor past obicciions to the tnis- Te.^hip plan. Ameiienn i>i-npo--als l>r Ki-tlin-,' a!oi:» wilhl, (he bltsi- ul iKiiut. Uc- v.rote, huve, not i accepted bv the Soviet delt- lition. aKve.emenl is reaebetl in near futr.-e. it was believetl 1'1-laln hi'ie flint, the- Korean loblem -Amild IK returned to the I'l-ei*,'!-] ministei.s level for a cle- Is'OII. Why Bankruptcy's Shadow Darkens Britain iter's Charges To Bring Inquiry Army Caste System Abuses by General in Italy Publicized WASHINGTON, Ann. H. (UP) Hep. Jumra O. Pulton. U.. |'n., LI n:?mbei of the House -Foi-elisu Af- rritrs ComniHleL', todny priunlstd 11 Ihoroiiuh Invesllsntion of rlinrjiu.* Hint 11. S. ov~n])allon soldiers in llnly are being nils-heated In n fla- Bnml ubuse of (lie Army';; cus system. Pillion, n Wuvld War II veU'rim sale', be will look Into the cbari;'. 1 . of Seil|i])s-llowin'il Culiiimilst Kobert C. Duark vvlicn lie noes to Itiil soon with u rour-mun foieii;n ul lairs subcuminllLeo. The itroup w]l study ot'ctviwllon policies i>( tlv Great Britain, lacinii one of lite j>,rei>.test crise; in its history, is taking drastic steps to ftylH what Prime Minister Clement All tee calls "Ihe second buttle ol Britain." What brought the once-rirli nation into (he slmoW or bankruptcy? She .'pent all IUT money :ind niortgsieed much of hoi- fuiim- wrnllli Io figlu the war. n was lluniKhl that, llir ST.M.CvO.BtO lonn iruin the U. S. Unset show;- Lord Halifax and Secretary Byrni.^ shining it > would ln'i- •her OWL- unlil postwar |>rodi:clion nut her an her leet. Hut pru- diiftii;M lagged. And nriiitin had to spend the loan luster ilian expcfled. 'llieie is little left, ant! its <m1;i<> is .'.peedctl ny the inlliiU'd cost, esliinated at 20 per cent, in everylhlriK llrltahl buys, (.iu'iit Mritain is a merchant nation; (u muko money shn mnst .sell her t-onunmlilies al)road. Jler n;iim;t! iTSUIUTCS, however, are .so meaner that slle must import luiiny nreessities. To reainln financially stable, ndtnin must sell nun,- ilian stir buys. Tmlay tile silvv.ilion is i ever.Sftl—she is .s|v.'mhni'. j.'i.ill'j.tMH.WOI) a year lor imports, but tecetvini 1 . only $!,•::..H: ,.(,jj u year lor her e\|jort;i. As eh;n I nljtjve shows, she's HUT sv billion in red. There are three main iviir.on.s why JJrllaln i.-. --in me iVd" with an unlavoiable trade ijalance. First,her IJAMC export Ua;, always lire Destroys Concessions li Ohio Amusement Park |ij-M:"pvr I.AI-IT. o.. AUIJ. IF!— A S'J'jfl.i-co lire she'll lhi-o:r.:li if neuter of the :RtK'keye L ; ik.e |iv.Keiiient P.ivk c-.r.-l;- tod-ay, <raus- li-' 2, r i i.'crson-i io lie tn>ali-:l after Ihidiru; -.slllohi! fumos. Isevcn convi-ssions were leveled l-iore tbe fire v:as broui;hL under Tnlrol al 1:3U a.m. TOST). \it-Run Driver Kills \an Near Pine Bluff I.VE BLUFP. Ark., AUK. 14. IUP) lOffirers trxlay arc s" = kinij the ll-and-iun driver who stni?k Jjtul Ilied Cory E. Croy. 213. of Hcili'ield li Iligluvuy B-J some 'J3 Hliits riovtli 1 lieve l:>st nk'bt. Cray's bociv v.'as ! Jiind lyiir; uloiiitsiclL- trth hi s li\vay lul C:>roner K;| Uupi-e.e said he i lonlcl continue his inves'.iguiion lo- iriiln clia'r|-,lon, ti'dle.s In collcc.t«l seven Memphis, with «»'*;.John brinitinl n.lei'-inii- i!U ycslcrduy lu coiiic Illilii one /troke of critinllliie 111" ocord for 111!: Fort Denning coin-so. ouplc.l wl;h his fiist ilny score f 7-1, tbc off-ji'l. Bnvo Moseloy a 'J-!iole scu:i cf I lu mid the ine- aflst crow . Vchrie und Dickinson -cad in Go// Tourney MUMl'IUS. Tenn., AUK. H. (UP) St'eoncl round pluy In the Colonal iinuilrur In liwlditlonal totlnui- nent's iiualifyliiK rouiul got under vuy hero ludiiy wltli Wllford Wchi-lf, Ixinisvllle. Ky, nnd Oard- ler Dickinson. Maetm, Cla., lei .lie Held will) til's fired In the first HI lioli-,. Trulnlun tlir two lenders In the cniullllciitltui round were Einnny Hills. Columbus, Cia., Al Stoiw, Jiick- sou, Tenn.. untl ll. I>. Chltch-ess, Grand Rapids, M)c|i , "fy at ftl Jqe Mooi'e, San Ahlonlo, Tex., Earl Stewart, Dallas, nnd Johnny Cum- liiKS. Meiupliis, at 72," MnUh plujr.,in the Colonial tourney will teg In -«t Co- loiilac Country Club tomorrow, with Jlnnls scheduled.. fp Negro E Boxer Found Dead in Bed' LOS ANGELES. Aug. 34. The boxlni; wo-ld, which 10 yeflrs.. »?,« loW "Big Onwge", Godlrey he . liwi "aiitllvcd his usefulness,'-' was.• The onetime- blnck shaclo'*' of ; henvy welghl boxing was found, . rfend In bed ycel.erdny. Olten n cluiltenRer but (icycr a L-luunpion, the Inilklnt; WQ-pot^iid Ncjiro lititt been a' nightclub'-'.bu'JiiV... cor hbu:e til? Cnllfornlu Boxing Conimlsslon liari'cd him for life wlicii he took iv merciless beating', | from llnnk irnukln.wii in 1937. " ,'tl on today lo pay trlbulfi flt fiificuxl. .... . ;' Huiirk wrote receutlv Unit "then ure abuses condoned uud tustciei by il.t. Ocn. John C. M.) tli,i make any of the lYartlnic casle-f;ys lem bowls mb'.hty puny." iroi coiniuaniler of I).'a. fora's In tb .Mcdlteiranetni Theater of Opera tltms. In i\ :u'rie-s of columns from H uly. Huiuk cbur|!e<l thai the moral of the nilfsted men \vits beliii; brok en by harsh discipline, poor loml I nntl abuse of oflU'er privilenes. J i In Seattle. Gen. Dwluhl 1"). Kis- | enho\\-er, Army chief of stall, sultl ! Uutirk's eharucs news to hint, [ Bill be mldeil thai II I bey appeared ( to be \vell founded, the Army wouUl - tftimcli Us own liwi'.stlnntion with- ! r.iil u-aitlni; idr connrcsslonal ac- tion.I Pultun, a Harvard Law aduiol KTiidnati; who sciveti as n Navul Ik'iitoimul In I lie Pacilic, de.serlbetl tbe cohiinnlst's aecu;;ations us "\-erv si-rioiiB," and said they ".should' be proved to the bolKmi." Cali/ornian Tops Field In All-Army Golf Meet OOLUMHUS Cln; AUK. 14. I UP I — Caiit. Fred Mivicley of I be 2ml Air Ti-nnsporl Cirtiup of Fall-field. Guilt., who \v»i; hoiinvs in the two C|tinliryiii|! rounds, led n Held of :I2 no|f(-rs today Into the i:iulch play ctiiiipelllltm of the All- Arniy yolf lourninuenl. Moscley. i. lornier Northorn Cnll- on i c been coal, hut 1947 finds her barely meeting rmei!;:3icy fiuotas :IIH! falling aliont a million tons n week belu\v prewar production. She is actually importing coal from the United stales. Tiie new "super-austerity" procvam calls for Ihe miners, who enjoy a five-day yeck, to wnrk a hall hour more each week. Secondly, Tlritnin's yrentcst need is dollars. Nations Ircni which she Buys food and other essentials demand payments in dollars. Much of the cost of her ocenixilion forces in Germany innsl bo pntd in dollars. In addition, lacking eoulidence in the stability of the pound, mnny people are_cnm't>rliiiK their potmds to dollars. Tiludly. proullelion is hani])ered by a rriiit-n! inunpuwi'i- sborla|;t'. Almosl half a million British troops, potentially produrtivc wovKcrs, are still -.iS.'.-eud. Many women are forced Io remain in Inclory work. To east the worker shoilage. Atllee proposes to withdraw 200.001) troop.; from overseas duty. The new snper-auslcrily program is rmbodii'd in a scrips of "crisis ixnvcr" bills which Wmsion Clnneliill clenoimeod as "a blank chock lor lolalilarian uovern- nienl." 1 Hut liie House of Commons approved itw lC(;lsliuion. wlik'h esiends wailime powers of uoverninciii |<, direct labor Inio "e-ssc-ntiiil indusl ]-ie.s." ' khubarb S-ie-Eyed Two More U.S. Soldiers Attacked in Germany BEKLIN. Aug. 14. (UP) _ Two more .American soldiers v.-ere attacked and beaten in the American sector of iBerlin last night. -American .intl-iOriJie.s reporlcri today. Pic. SyU-io J. Eoisvorl was walk- Ins aloniJ Rini; St. \vlicn attacked from behind and knocked unconscious. 'He was left bleeding from outs en the hc.'id and face. 'Five minutes earlier. Pfc. Robert F. Panler was aeeosted by a Gcr- II:MH who cur.sed ln:u und struck him in tlie face. The attack oreur- red as Pauter war, crossing a sfveet with a German gi 1 "]. The assailant rippra a fourraecrc — a coi'deci rnibtury decoration -from p,inlcr°s shoulder, and tlicn fled. Panlcr's home was listed as Fr:s- 7ce. iMinn. T3nisvert w;is from D;jver, N. 1C. l.cslic Hopkins, of Seattle, |.';:;h.. is liter.-illy iiic-eyinl with Inis stall? of ihiibiirli j;ro\vn by lis cousin. Charles Martin, of cnif, W.-ish. Thn lo;if m'pas- |ns '. J , I.y •! ti'ft ami Ihe stall; will rnalio four rhubarb jiics. Private Defectives Join Search for Johnny Meyer NEW YORK. Aug. 14. 'UP)—Private detectives joined the hunt to- dny lor Johnny Meyer. Howard Hughes' elusive press agent. 'Ine .sleuths were ptu on Mover's trail by attorneys for Patricia Miles. 2 : j, ex-mo,:.: and cover ^ii-]. who lik-d a S1CO,CC<) <;c suit again:>t :he press a^ent. She chai'^ed Ihe portiy .Meyer xvas the father or her si:; months old son. Dotiirlas. lirp.utlod Trrrs In colonial cTnys, British ciown agent.-, branded New England trees having a certain height and n ghf.h of 2-1 inches al the base with an nrrow to designate they were for Royal Navy ship masts. A penalty of 100 puutids -,vas imposed if tile tree wns put to any other use. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. HOMR CANNING'S 2 -piece mciol lid ) U^e Ilifi nswpil dcvefopmcnl in 2- I pioce r.ietol lidt! Ihcrc't no doubl of o )ote icot lor youf honte-conncd foodi. Juil prptl let let! — if DOME ii Jown, \ar is jcofedl Fill ony Maion jar. Easy Io uie bo- cauie il'i sure. Can mlh BAIL .IARS AND SS&S AT YOUR -^=^.*S5-— -^5 CROCEP'S -^ TO lESt! J»« »O« IVtSY CAMMING NItO Last Time Today "VIOLENCE" with Xaney f'nlcman ,V- Micbael O'Sbe: News and Corneily Friday and Saturday 'Law Comes to Gunsight' with Johnny Mark Urown f'ltrlofjn and Chapter 12 of "Manhunt of .Mystery Island" Super Specials Your Super Market! it's Cup Tested" j Pure Cane I Open at 7:00 p.m.; Starts 7:30 p.m ! Last Time Today "WILD WEST" (In Technicolor wilh Dean and bis horse I'ox Movietone News Also Shorts New Theater Manila's Finest Show* EVERY IMK'.HT Matlnrc F.iturrta; .V Knnd«» Koi Opens Week 51ay> 1:H p.m. Si).-Sun. I p.m. Cont Hhofftn) \ Red Triumph POTATOES 100 Lb. Sack S298 y&i/U 360 Size LEMONS Doz. 40c SUGAR 10 Ibs, 93c 1 Lb. Carton PURE LARD 20c j Franco-American i Spaghetti j No. 1 Toll Can ! 15C Friday aiul Saturday "Dangerous Venture" with William Bnyil n« Hopalons; Cassidy fifrial: " rity or (|IR .Ilinslr-s" Also Slinrls Last Time Today "Jewels of Brandenburg" Mill. l!i<b:ir<l Travis ,t Madeline ('llfirrl Also Short Kubjrrls Friday "THE BIG NOISE" y. Twmllcth-Ccntnry Fo\ Ticturr with Laurel anit Hardy Nrlrrtcil Shorts City Super Market ft » 109-111 W. Main St. Phone 2668 Market Air Base Open 'til 7:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays WARNING! ACT FAST ON n u-mally now knc u tlmt I'ln-VVorin wild lire. Ami U »J ^ly IT vat urea, l the IJIIIIIHTI fcody, CUM c*u*c ri'til ilhtrt'iu. bO don't taVe clmncrs with Ptn-Wornn. And tloiv't mUfcr n »lt>ulo netMlU'fis iiiiiiuld f torn tH« mlicriv» o( tW »?truvat.ln« reclnl Hch or other tronliles oniiswl l»y Hie l>ralj), CciJAVHC'SP-W&tthL-nrflljik'iiof I'lu- >Vocma. *-W U M inwllcftlly nutjuil trviil- nu-iit La.ic<l nn an of!ld»lly rfCOiiiiiifl itnitf I'pntliiU- wliicVi tin* pluvial HO ^vunilerfirl in Jealfnir wUh 1h'» Infection. 'J'liu mnall f-\1 tJiM.-la net [n n KiM'dul u'uy iu TL-IIIUVV I'fl.-Wnr/n* viiilJy Mini bafcly. A«k your drm.-gi4lJ P*W for rin-Worma I ATTENTION FARMERS 'I'ho Itean llciillus arc anaiii wuisinjjf miich «lc- slrui'lion! Now is Ihe lime to kill insects and provcnl livav.v ICKSSVS! 'Hie chvaiicsl ;m<t n\ost efl'eclive way Id cotilrol lhcs<! pvsls is by Ail" Ilium; Dusting. Only (Hie |i«r acre will cover costs of Airplane Ki'rvice, with a rcliiibli; and c\|)i»r- icuccil 1'ilol to assure iirolcction of your bean f|-0|). ' Call us for full derails and latest recommendations from tho University of Ar- kansc:. . '.',"" Planters Flying Service Phone 3721 Blytheville COMMERCIAL PHOT06RAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day farevei with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . by appointment only • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 461 -- ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier News Co.

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