The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX m,YTITEVII,J,K (AUK.) COURIER NKWS THURSDAY, AUGUST M, 10-17 Gasdme Scarce In Middle West • Tank Cor. Shortage Blamed; Some Dealers Mqy Close Stations CHICAGO, Alls. 14. (UP) — Ga- "soline and othei petroleum products &re so scarce that sonic Mid- Western service stations may lie forced'to lock up Uielr pumps for lh« Summer, industry officials said today. One spokesman said it was doubtful "whether the supplies can last throught" the • Slimmer, particularly over the big Labor Day weekend." Most Midwestern stales are suffering 'a fuel rmd lubricant shortage and major companies have been rationing their products In an effort to prevent dealers from shutting da*gn,.a survey showed. RobertTWiedman of (lie Intcrio: Department's oil and 8»s divisioi said frofo-Washington tnat • man; Midwes}, .cities ;'wiU be in the sanv boat at'.betrctt. before October.' Gasoline • Is-'so short In Dctvoi tliat citJ"6Tfic!uls_ta're thrcatenint, to seized, all available stocks So tiia trucks, police, vehicles and other essential uses. G. A.-Primm. executive secretar; of the -Illinois Petroleum Market ers Assrj!^ blamed the shortage 01 a lack of .railroad fuel cars couple* with "hogwlld" postwar civlliai consumption nrx! increased fan needs. Tile'shortage has not been felt on the Eastern, and Western seaboards which receive supplies mainly by 4ank ships..- ^ Queen of Them All PRICES Ninctcen-ycar-okl Molly Brady, ot Hayonne. N. J., displays her crown and Uie. allrilnitcs thai won her the title ol America's 1CH7 , Pin-Up Queen in national linals at Palisades Par!;, N. J. Biytheville Man Refused License By Plant Board Missco Citizens Invest $37,553 In Savings Bonds H. C. Illankciislili), operator of the Superior Termite Co. here, lias bDen refused a termite operator's license hy Uie licensing committee 1 of State Plant nnarcl, Ihc Plain Board disclosed today. Tho "Avtg^l edition of Uie StaU* Plant Hoard Nc'.vs. u monthly publication printed in Little Hoc);, stated that the licensing committee in- , llm ; vn)U , ( , C'onlliiucd from Page Hanks nnil other U. S. Saving 1'oiuK issuiiu: iHienls in Mississippi County reported sales of S37,f>f/i, lor July, bringing the county's record for tile year to , r /ii.5 pt'r cent of the minimum annual fjoul, ac- rimlini,' to the stale office of (he 'I n'Jisury Department's Savings HOlUl.S Division. Sales throughout Ihc stale to S'.1.'275,HC. an i ic: us enijilojcd our people are eating more and bvlttr food than ever, 'it:; scc-^nu reason Is Unit ajsrli-ullural production In Kurope has . jn>l been re«lored, anil millions uf people (here would starve without American exports," '' G^ss, the Grangfe head, audcd Ills <jpinoi» &: v.'.iy prices arc high He BUI dll "cllitn't take a lawkyci In Hie anti-trust division of Ihc. justice Uepai Uncut" to dlscovei the reason. lie went on l<> give his own answer—"Wages arc the principa item in Increased costs," The National Association ofj Manufacturers lias already crili-' ci/,ed the justice Department's! Ur'.vc. sUUing that the department' tailed to lake inlo account the effect of wage boosts, strikes and foreign relief demands. Terms I'rofoe Fantastic liep. Fred L. Crawford, R., Mich., who led the fight against price Yoiuvois in Congress last year, termed Ihe antl-trusl Inves- ilgntion "fanlnslic." Declaring that foreign K'ndini! threatened n depression here, he said; "Mr. Clark seems determined to help bring about that depression! by investigating our people instead of Ihe fiscal |>o]ic-ies of the gov- . eriMucnt." ' ' OIO Vice President Einil Blcve liidicsilcd labor doesn't place too much hope in the program. While welcoming the campaign, he said much price scltiiiB docs not fall under the criminal law." Ilul Ihc ciO's solution—thai the government restore price controls and rationing—came in for equally vehement denunciation by others. Goss attacked 11. saying "Those wiio are demanding thnl food prices be rolled back to. June, IB-10. would be the first lo oppose a similar roll-back of wages." Agricultural Commissioners Tom Under of Georgia and J. E. McDonald of Texas, bucked him uj: by charging Ihal high prices art duo. lo wage increases, the Ncv. Deal ami "bungling by Ihe CIO- i>AC dominated OPA." They also condemn Klcvc's con- teiilion that further wage demands are inevitable if price controls are not pul back on scarce goods. Further wage Increases now would only rc.sull In still higher prices, Ihey .said. Statistics Kllll lie-hit: Issm-d Meanwhile from throe government agencies came tin 1 latest statistics on the wage-price .situation: The Commi'rci! Uepariment said corporation dividends went up an average of 16 per cent in three months, with some rising as much 4T per cent. The Labor Department reported thnl union wutjcs In lire building uadcs have gone inj 15 pe;- cent since July 1. 1016. The treasury yald each American had an average of S3.12 Ies3 cash on June 30 than he had on July 31 of last year.'There was more money in circulation but Ihe per person figure- was lower because of the increased population. '>. 1 s t Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? nfcw vim, vjliilily, try Oitri-x T<mic 'l'i> C'onlu'ma irnn ytivi, Uo, i»:w wtvl fvir pyy For itati; ut all dru'y bUirf3 cVLTywhi-re. MONEY •NAME YOUR NEED- New Opportunities—Old Debts New Clothes — Education Unexpected Illness — Travel Low Rates — Friendly Service PHONE 2928 122 VI. ASH ST. DLYTHEVIILE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION . imn( lv , ,.,.,,.,,„„, „„ ,„„,,„„ vcstigBted work dour by he Blank- , ,, t , , ensliio firm h; ore denyiuu him a ' German Chemical Firm Heads Face War Crimes Trial NUERNBERG, Aug. 14. lUP) — Twenly-ouc officials of the 1. G. Farbm^CliEmJpal combine entered pleas of innocent today when arraigned before an American Military TribtniJVl on war crimes char^c.s. TheTdVfendants, all members of the Farben board of directors, were accused'ot helping plan aggressive war. ;_*". An indictment also charged that they plundered Nazi - conquered countries, mistreated slave labor, and rdircctcd Parben employes throughout the world lo gnllicr Intelligence inlormation under the guise br : buslness operations. The^Board of direclors also was Kccused.of using cartels to stifle ve- se^rch^and war production in other conn tries. The:trial was set for Aug. 27. The , presiding judge will be Cuiiiss O. Shake";or Vincennes. lad. His -ns- sociatts^will be Paul M. Ilerbrtrt of Baton : feoviee, La., and James Morris. iBtsriinrck, <N.'D. penult lo operate. "Oa examination of 14 IIOUK-S taken at random from a list ofthosn which he h:ul treated, the Board's n&peclor found termites active in, or under, six," the News said. Mr. Blankcnship was charged -in May with two-violations of Aci I'JI oi 1939. which requires lhai !>esl control operators he licensed by the Stale Plant iDonrd. Wnrranls were issued May 13 and Mr. Ulaiikenshlii sutaniltcd'lo arrest through his attorney. Oscar Pcncller. The case is still pending on a Municipal Court docV.crt with bond set nl SIM. Livestock STOOK- 1 (USDA) (i2.S7 iicr cent of $38 million Too Laic to Classify For Rent ;t rooms No fhlWren. West Ash B-H-pk-in for Safe ST. LOUIS NATIONAL YARDS. III.. AUK. 14. (UP —-Livestock: H-jgs: G.200; salnlilc (i.OOO: slauch- Icr bnrrows nr.rt Hilts over 170-llis.. \venk to 2Sc lower than Wednesday. Lighter kinds, mostly steady. Top, S2775: bulk 170 'J40 Ibs., S21.50- 27.50; 2-10 to 270 Ibs; $20.25-27: liUie done on heavii's Runrt and choice 130 lo ISO Ibs.. S2I-20.25: 100 lo 120 Ibr. S21."23: sows, spnt- Woodruff Coiinly was the first county in the state to exceed Its U.47 assignment. Wllh a goal ol SIM.Cf.O. July sales raised the total for the first seven months of the year to $2G'!C/33, or 11&.4 per cc-ni. Thiity-four a Iclltional counties nre above Hie average for tlie slate. C. K. wllkcrson. state director of tlie Bond Program, said that a study of Ihe rank of Hie counties Indicates that in (hose where the new Hond-a-Month plan was actively promoted during Ihe special campaign pust concluded results have been outstanding. Kiibslitute Offering Ancicni Ksyulians who could not afford a real plu for sacrificial purposes molded one in dough, tuked it. anil offered the pastry as a substitute. iiXTi 1 , -1-rxiflm residence, n(t\v viicant, adjoining tily lini- ifs. MX) yds. off Highway (il Sinltli. Gravel road. I'ric-c S-'!- r )<)d, .S2000 -cash, lialatu'c $:n.25 per month. II. C. Campbell, 1'hone 't or 2MO- S M. ck tl Cafe building and 1G unil tourist coiii'l with ^arajii'S Also simiU chicken ranch 1 mile south ol HlyLhevillc, Highway (il C. Abraham, 505 La'ke SI 8 M ck ly innltiini to top good and trade soiiiCU'liat slow. A few good steers about steady at S2(i; heifers and ixcd yearlings, mostly steady. Divitling Line Capo Hnttera?, N. C., is lln souihcrnniost range of many north Atlantic fish, and the noi'tucrri-' most range of many soiilh Atlantic species. led, unevenly i-'iendy to BDc or more . tloncl klnili arpunil lower.. Bulk liRht sows, $22.5023.2:'i; heavies. $17-21.50. Gallic: -l.OOO; salable. 3.000: calves. 1.51)0. al salable. Steer quality mosi- $24.50-26: medium descripllons. $17-20; cows fnh'ly acLi\ f c niu! steady. Common anVi inrdiitm largely, S12-75-16; fanners nnd cutters, S10-12.50. Tlie.v'rr "Xiival Stores" "Naval store;" consist of rosin, turpentine, pin oils, wood lar. and pitch, and hm'. its origin in the days of wood sailme; ships- The pine Irce proth'cts were used for caulking • seams. ircaliiiB roi»s, painting, etc. ORROW! HYDR/VMATIC DRIVE It's in the ]>irhirr Tor lln- fnliirr—nnil OUUmoliile liriiig^ il to yon iml»\! JusV as television is llit- liji- nmvs in lli<; field of el**rtro]iit's, ^nloiiiatic Iraiisini^- sioi^s arc \tic nnnilu'r-onr lojnv. f>f conversation in the niittniuiMIc iiuUislry. Some iJay . . . imluuly \\-\\\ shift pors . . . nnlMHlv will pu*li n rhjtrh. Hut toil ay , . . o;i /v / 1 \<im - A fn l ic /);/iv /irorufa fnUy automatic shifting! Only 'Oplionol ol cxtfo colt tf\-<hn-\tntir Diirr /»•,/«[ ruim'M \\ li;il*s tnon- . . . The "drive" of tomorrow is here today! ... as ultra-modern as television, and with nearly 8 years of PROOF behind it! uti'S the dutch ii-M;itic Orivr U ycar^ ;i»u'. Sinr-- that iimr U 1ms IKTII /./oi--,/ H. Ot>- liamls of in-arh 1(10.01)0 CM IMni-M;itir Orivr* is llir smart nrw Ol,Unu>l«1r---a\v,-iy owl unl'i- l?ifil/rfi//v— ;»u a\ out ;i!irar! in iififttinntifi: tnn. ()^vll^^> hnini' Olil^rnoliiLr U always in linn- \\hli Inuiuirmv. Tliry fiisf \iiil lKtl tisr nn Anns lank-! ill literally t |,,. r ,..,||y i,,,],,,,-!.ml advam-niiciilrt lik Tnilay. llie Inwc^l-prii-otl car to offer SM AIM' In Onii DEALER LIE MOTOR SALES, Inc. HACK TO. • SEN SIB W 4'RICFS -'< ON-'vlEVERyXHING. FOR BACK-TO A. _ __ __ And wliat do wr mean by u sensible price 1 ? The" lowest price thai still assures •• yuu j;ood fLiialily. We never, never sacrifice (tualily to price. That wouldn't be si-nsiblv. for (|uality pluys the Number One role in VALUE. Our prices give you the qualities you v.Minl. need, should have— at prices you'll find it hard to mulch anywhere else. And that makes sense, especially when clothes .shopping ahead of you! New Togs For Every Age! 507 E. Main WOOL HEADSQUARES 27" square!j Prettily woven. Fringed, e.djes. 98C JR. tOYS* OXFORDS Scuffles* lips! Antiqueil brown leallier. 3.49 BOYS' OXfORDS. Mecca<in bluclier! Army ruaiet antique. 4.49 GIRLS 1 OXfORDS. Moccasin type elk finished cowhide! Goodyear welt. 4.98 JR. BOYS 1 SPORT SHIRTS Color • fast, Sanforized 1 ' Prints, plains..2-8, 1.49 CHILDREN'S ANKLETS Combed cottons in ALL colors'.. 29C BOYS' T-SHIRTS. Flat knit combed cottons! Absorbent. 6-16. f 59c BOYS 1 1 COTTON SOCKS Elastic top, lightweight bkier stripes'. 33c BOYS' SHIRTS * BRIEFS Ribbed, carded , cotton knits. 39 C ea. BOYS' SWEAT SHIRTS Cotlon knil, fleece' lined! "Red Ryder", print. 98c JR. BOYS' JIMMIES* Tough CORDUROY! Bib, suspenders. 2-8.." 2.98 LITTLC GIRLS' SWEATERS. All-wool cardigan . . , novelty weave! 2-8.. 1.98 WEE GIRLS' SWEATERS All-wool! Pleat*,'»u«pend- er», gores! 3-6..' 1.98 .GIRLS' SWEATERS. Alt- wool . cardigans, ribbed cuff*, bottom./" 2.98 BIG BOYS' SWEATERS All-wool crew neck .over! Stripet. 2 Phone 519 BIG BOYS' JIANS. Husky Big Mac**-8 oz. denim, metal rivets! 1.69 GIRLS' WOOL SKIRTS Classics, pleats, gores, novel .tyles! 7-14.' 2.98 TIINIR'S BLOUSES Washable rayoBt and cot- Ions. 7-14. r ~ 1.98 . S. Pal. Off. X% Tots' Dresses 1.98 A hig choice of grand school styles for a low 1.98! Gayly printed or solid cottons. All the line construction of more expensive ilresses. And the nicest trimming! 3-6. Jr. Boys' Corduroy Suit! 7.90 Large Jacket sleeves and armholes fit over sweater . . . full napped hotly lining . . . all-wool trim! Jacket has knit sleeve cnffs anil bottom, zipper front! Pants have pleats, outlet in back! 4-10. Girls' Cottons 2.98 Look «l the /ini' dresses you jtct for 2.98! Wonderful, washable cottons — prcslimnk or Sanfor- ized*. Cay colnr rnmhinatiom don't soil ns ijnickl) ! A com- plcte 7-14 r;ni};c. . Boys' Sport Shirts 1.98 SANFORl/ED', COLOR-FAST ootlon poplins and f;incy broadcloths! Plains ;iml pl:iids willi in-or-out toils, (touljlc yoke! Corduroy Slacks. 6-16. 4.98! MISSES' SWEATERS Wonderful all-wool sweater set! Short sleeve pullover, 2.98 Firmly woven canh'gnn, 3-98 MISSES' SKIRTS A huge variety of all-wool skirts for 3.98! Many new styles — flares, novelty plcals, 7-14. 3.98 YOUNG MEN'S SLACKS Neatly tailored, all-wool GI.EN PLAIDS, PLAINS, SAXONY STRIPES cm to FIT; 7.90 Young Men's SWEATERS! PURE WORSTED crew neck slipovers! Durable, close knit panel rib slitcb! 3.98

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