The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SIX BU'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS TO* COURIER NEWS CO. H W HAINES, PutxlMm JAMES L. VERHOEFF Edltot PAOl D HUMAN. AdTertlslog •ol* N»Uon«J AdtettKin* Repmeot»Uve>: W«U*ot Witmer Co. New York, Chicmgo, Detroit, Atlanta. MemphSi. PObiltbed Ever; Afternoon Except Sundiy Entered u second ciut matt«i *t the post- office at BlythevUle, Arkansu. under act ot Con- gnu, October ». 1917. ^___ Served bj the United Pre» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier, to the city ol Blythevllle or any •uburbaa town where carrier service 1* maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month. Bs maU. within a radius of 50 mlle«, »4.00 per year 12.00 for six month*, 11.00 tor three month*; by mail ouUlde 60 mil* zone. 110.00 per rear payable in advance. SAeditotion Be wh»t you ought to be, llftcn to my »P- pea.1, agree with one another, live in peace, and God the source of love and peace will be with you.—II Corinthians 13:11. " w • Some one has snld, "Bcwnre o( what you think, you will come to look like It; bcwnrc or what you say, you will couic to believe it; be»-«e of wtial you mrlsh—if you stick around long enough, you'll get It." No Speculation Here Whatever tlic outcome of the inquiry into Brig.-Gen. \Vallacc II. Gni- ham's commodity dealings, ho is assured of his job us White House physician. We gather that, as far as President Truman is concerned, General Gniluim is welcome, physiologically speaking, to *11 the inside information he can get. ployer will only luive to say, "No, we don't need more help" to Mr. Petrillo. Then if he still tries to force more men on this employer it will he rather hard to prove that the Lea Act hasn't been violated. So we would guess thai James Caesar isn't altogether happy in his victory. Hut we can't imagine anything but smiles at station WAAK, Chicago, which is getting all its work doije without three extra salaries to Pay. VIEWS OF OTHERS Innocence, in Two-Part Time Whatever can be said for or against the so-called Lea Act, one thing must be admitted. It was tailored to the measure of James C. Petrillo and some of his practices as head of the American Federation of Musicians. Mr. Petrillo says this anti-featherbedding law is unconstitutional. So he called a strike at a Chicago radio station to test the 'question, and said as much at the time. He was tried and acquitted by Federal Judge Walter La- Buy. The Supreme Court refused to rule on the law's constitutionality when the verdict was appealed. Instead it ordered a new trial on the facts of the case. Now Mr. Petrillo lias been acquitted again. , This probably makes the government attorneys unhappy. Maybe Mr. Petrillo is unhappy, too. For he took great pains to break a law that he considered unlawful. Now the judge gays he didn't break it at all. / The whole tiling is pretty puzzling. Here was a small local station that employed three AFM members to turn records. Mr. Petrillo told the station it would have to hire six union musicians to put the platters on the phonograph. The station refused, so tl\e boss man of music called a strike. The strike is still on. Meanwhile, other members of the station's small •Uff are performing the arduous artistic duties of the striking musicians in their spare time. The reason Mr. Petrillo is not guilty, says Judge LaBuy, is that the station did not disclose to the defendant "tlie lack of need for additional employes as a reason for rejecting the defendant's demands." H seems evident from this that Mr. Petrillo never asked whether the station needed twice the record-turning help it already had. At least Judge LaBuy said nothing about Mr. Petrillo inquiring and getting no reply. To be fair, lets stretch the imagination and suppose that the czar of tune- dom did go to the station and say, "Don't you need three more record- turners?", and that station manager said to himself, "We certainly do, but I'm not going to tell him so." No, that's too hard to believe, i'or reasons mentioned above: the fact that the station is doing all right without the three strikers, and the fact that Mr. Petrillo made no secret of his deliberate intent to test the Lea Act's •constitutionality. If this isn't puzzling enough, let u* remember that in the first trial Judge LaBuy ruled that the Lea Act WM unconstitutional. This time he says nothing about that aspect; he simply rules that the law was not broken. We don't know what happens now. But ,we doubt that Mr. Petrillo will try the. Mice tactics againv for Judge La- Buy't decisions implies that a prece- - ctent has been set. Next time an em- NRA, 1948 Model Even for the worthy and limited purpose of distributing raw materials more fairly. It wa» dangerous to exempt Induslry-wlcic agreements from the laws. The authors of the G.O.P antl-inflalton statute guarded against greater dangers by cxcliKUnp piNce-flxlng agreements from ihc Immunity, but an Important, segment of the lumber industry :\trratly suggests that they foe exempted, too. Price ] eduction Is a fine thing these days, but why do lumbermen need the consent of Ihcir comi>etllors to cut prices? l]oes some questionable existing price contract slum! In the way'/ Is this connected with the lumber Industry's bad anti-trust record? Or the purpose might be to dragoon dissenters into line. Swollen lumber prices need a rollback, but can anyone but disinterested public officials be trusted to !lv and police the ceilings? The history of "sell-regulation" by Industry committees shows, certainly, that they cannot be trusted. The pretext of oil conservation lias been u«d to frcei-e out smaller competitors. Representatives of competing railroads get together not to cut rates but to hold them up. NFIA "corte authorities," the most extensive and notorious example, got competitors together, made alliances between management and labor, ran a gitivy train and charged the freight to consumers. Infant though the new law Is, the Administrative apparatus already recalls the NRA scheme. John C. Virden, A sovt of latter-day Gen. Hugh S. Johnson brought from industry Into government to oversee the new "codes," hopes to set up management-labor committees and expects to appoln a labor adviser. Tile scheme will llien only need the window dressing of "consumers' counsels" to have all the main trappings of the old NRA. —ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1948 Folks A middle-aged man and woman were crossing Broadway, at Fifth. There was a short piece of two-by-four on the street with a heavy nail sticking up in it. The man passed it H step or two. when, apparently, lie thought about the nail. He went back and got the stick, carried It to the gutter, dropped it snugly against iho curb, with tile nail pointing down. The woman gave him an approving littic smile. They were plainly dressed folks, with a ilurdy look about them. Wniit was in tin- man's mind was plain enough to sec. That nail miKht puncture a tire, or a paMcr-by might, step on It. Mr. Whocver-He-Was had the (houghilulncss, the kindliness, in him to wish to prevent an accident, for somebody unknown to Him. Wherever he lives, we'li bet he's a good neighbor, attentive to the little courtesies that help so much to make life pleasautcr. People like that are the real salt of ihc earth. The poet was right: -Kind hearts arc more than coronets, and simple faith than Norman blooU" —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS A Quick Hatching Is Our Fervent Hope | Senators Heed Experienced Advice of Statesman Baruch By Harmin W. Ntcholi United Picss SUM Corretponritnt WASHINGTON, Jnn. 21. (UP) — An reverent hus]) descended on Mic packed Senate Caucus Room as the white-haired man In the trim blue business suit was Introduced. He adjusted his glasses, pulled himself erect, and began to read THE DOCTOR SAYS THE DOCTOR SAYS— By Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. Written for NEA Service The last world-wide epidemic of _.._ .„„„ .„ „ influenza ocured In 1911-1518. This statement. Everyone In the room disaster was responsible for the , leaned forward to catch the words (loath of more than 20,009.000 pco- , of Bernard M. Baruch, the adviser pic. Although there seemed a good . to presidents since Woodrow Wil- chance of a similar epidemic in the , son. 11 51 . w Y; Jthc , l vorld was • snal ' c<1 ' After he had finished. Chairman that added trial. , A ,. thur vandenberg of the Senate The cause a! Inimenza was not Foreign Relations Committee, known in 1917-1618. Now, however, thanked htm. Mr. Baruch, he aald, the cause of the more frequent i had gone over and above the c«ll smaller outbreaks is known, it has of duty. been shown to be a virus, which is I "We are indebted to you," said a living organism t/io small to see ! the Senator from Michigan "for UKler an ordinary microscope. j your message on the state of the But many problems connected . union—I should say—the state ol with influenza still remain unsolv- ; the world." cd. For example, it Is certain that ' - indeed,' the 17-year-old Baruch there are several kinds of viruses | did give the Senators many things responsible for influenza. ; to tnmk ubout He to]<J th In spite of this difficulty, a com- : m ntce what he thought, was good bint'd vaccine has been developed Blld bac | about the Europ ean recov- the two types of Influenza ; c!y ,,]„„, w , licl , was wnat he had "" " """' " """ been invited to discuss. He lold how he thought the thing ought to be administered so there would be r.o silly bobbles. But he didn't stop there. He went into domestic matters and their relations to world affairs. He went into the matter ol tax relief for individuals. He said he was against it. including President Truman's MO-per-man tax reduction. It's going to coit money, he said .to put the world back on iu feet. He jug- fit taxes on corporations amounting to 50 per cent of the wartime levies. He spoke up on rent control — and said n.8 Housing Shortage Growing Worse, Not Better, Census Bureau Discovers After Two Long most commonly discovered cent years. These two viruses are ' . influenza virus A and in- i fluenza virus B. ' The vaccine containing these viruses has now been used on a large ' J number of people, during or be-' , fore outbreaks of the disease. Because tiie virus be groivn on eyg yolk, small amounts must be tried in the skin to make sure that the patient Is not sensitive 1 to this egg yolk protein. This vac- j cine seems to have been helpful in | some outbreaks, but in the most re- ! cent onp-s it lias not been success- I ^^HE.Ta'-.'ng! " ™^°^^ has it been difficult to prepare fiuenxa virus, not included in til j vaccine, seem to be responsible fc lly Poler Edson built m four lo five months, which wns normal before the war. Mater- rEuration The tinII situation offers B does not protest against all kinds I Although a great forward step | has been taken, the sure preven- I tion of Influenza Is not vet at hand. However, scientists, using susceri- i ^ ^, baclt «»* poor business. Triers arcn t many Pmlands. T | lc committee paid heed Mora so tllftn mos ' committees do to most witnesses. Vandcnbcrg drew on his cigar stub and blew clouds of smoke out in October, 1045, n survey showed Goal of the Veterans' Emergency ust and September, Is between families were living dou- Housing Program, which was aban- 000 and 65.000 tons now. bled up. The number is believed to cloned in one year, was to increase Nails used to sell for $3 a keg. I be just as high today, in Dcccm- the housing supply by 2,700/100 They're now quoted at S15, but OCT. 19-IG, a survey showed 2,000,000 units in two years. This'figure was : have sold as high as S35 on the amides in need of housing. The to include new permanent housing,: black market, number Li put at :i.000.000 today, conversions. temporary housing. Surveys at the end of the war in- This situation exists in spite of trailers and 800,000 prefabricated dicated that about 50 per cent of- all the construction activity of the units. What has been cinlivered In the people in need of housing want- j past two years. It is due to the the past two years is 1,900,000 units ed to rent, though 10 per cent) fact that new families arc being —1.500.000 of them permanent con- Wanted to own their own homes formed faster than the older fain- struct ion. The prefab program was eventually. Hies, who have been living doubled a complete flop. i In 1940, about 20 per cent of the up, find new accommodations. ! There is no use crying over Chit ncw housing constructed was for In 1046, only -m.OOO new prnna- ' now. There is sincere doubt It the rellt - If temporary housing and neut houses were completed. An prcfiib prosram could have been conversions ar c included, the fig- estlmated 860,000 were completed carried out. for lack of materials. ure is 1" l >cr cent. In the first five , ANSWER: Increase in bronchial or hllum markings arc X-r»y specialists' terms. They probably i'.ii- ply that some irritation or ir:'?e- tion has been present In the lungs in the past. 15 Years In Blytheville— A and son was born Jan. 18 to Mr. Mrs. Jesse White. The baby silence. It was clear that the former bigwig of Wall Street had given the Marshall Plan and other world affairs some deep thought. His statement was, in short, well prepared. He was prepared, too. for the crossfire of questions he knew he couid expect from the committee. After he had finished reading, he turned up the volume of his hearing aid and sat waiting. He didn't have to wait long. Vandenberg said he noticed that he had devoted, only a couple ot sentences to the manner in which he thought the Marshall Plan should Boys are being taught - home making Missouri school. Darn Hiosc socks! Indians In o*— almost brctheri. Mic U. S. speak 35 distinct is many as their pale-face year industry will have to third better than H did hist- to meet this gonL There are the highlights of the situation 05 New York Congressman Ralph A, Gamblr's Joint Committee on Housing ourus u fiunl 10 rinys of invest.?; at ion hciuinps, prior to writing a report on wh&t's wrong. a nuijor national .scandal. If the veterans* program had .succeeded 100 per rrnl. there still wouldn't he enough housing. plcted in metropolitan areas. The 1-per-cenl-a-momn increase, iu rent rate.s lias come entirely | taken. from the 1 S00,000 voluntary raises j When West showed out Harvey. -.-...nhpr* U-VIOSP • '• ' to try lor the smother, cabinet members whose papers and gave that angle the works. He suggested a five-man civilian committee to work with the Almost I. It is now possible t'linl to get authorizcd tn- the law in the past decided ' * - " house • on its feel, after bring out'for the ' yd to report IN HOLLYWOOD nv r.nsKiNE JOHNSON NEA Staff CnrrcsponrtenC By Ersklnf .ToVnison NEA Staff Ciirrrsimmlcut HOLLYWOOD, (NEA1 — Jackie Cooper fieiircs he lias been artistically shackled lonrc enough by those who remember him only as "Skin- _ py." anrt reluse to accept his maturity. It's the rca.son for his bo'.v on the Broadway si ago in "Sleep lt-f Off." Jackie hopes that the do- | New Yorkers wlio Iclt Ihcir autoi in snow- clogged streets paid fines totaling $34.888. Once more Uie weather man will gel the blame. • V « La»l summer's balliins suits have kept a lot ot ui from liclnj shocked by some of this winter's dancing frocks. rarture from idtly-bldtly liny p.irls anil slnp-happy hooligans wil] give him a showcase to prove to film producers that he's grown up. being asked to resume his "Harvey" role on Broadway in Ihc early spring. FTU letter Lou Costcllo never finished reading. 11 was addressed to Lou and Bud. with "Attention—Mr. AbVtt." It read: "After all. I hurt lo address you, Bud. as I IhoucM that prrliaps your crslvihitc parl'lcr uas also unable to . cad. . . ." #;>;>;>;>;>;.*;>;>"*>;:«:>:>;>;>">:>;>;>;>;>:>"# """MeKENNEY""" ON BRIDGE »!>!>;>"»!>.>!>;»!>! >!>">. "<\.*.>;>!*!>.!>; The Smother Play Saves 6-Club Bid bersome. Baruch made il plain that. 1 he didn't Ihink so or he wouldn't have suggested it in the first place. ' "The board would get along fine, 1 ' he said, "if the man at the top had the authority he needed." j The committee seemed to hang of diamonds, which West won. At this point West was left with the ten of hearts and jack of diamonds. North with the. nine and eight of clubs. East with the king and seven of clubs, South withe th? ten of spades and ace of clubs. No matter what West led, North would trump with the eight of clubs. If East overtrumped with the king, Harvey would win with the ace of clubs and the last trick would be won in dummy with the nine of Mrs. M. A. Isaacs and B. B. West, clubs. If East iindcrruffcd wilh the Miss Belle Whitsitt k-ft today .... seven. Harvey would discard the for New York City where she will year I puuusn a i tnl ot S p at )cs. Thus East was smoth- • purchase Spring and Summer mer- the smother; mA out of lljs king o{ c |,, bs ! clian( jj se for her store. Slree . aj . up in Ne «- York «tchi.; s me nd*™. too. With Hie H. C. of L., homes is whenever the leave. dinnertime in some company decides to SO THEY SAY The heat Is on Congress—and unless something is done soon to lessen the pressure on the inflation accelerator you can expect ihjvt OP A will be back in six months or pcriiups sooner.—Rep, H. H. Buffet t (R) of Nebraska. * * * It is Impossible lo guarantee thai the European Recovery Program wilt succeed, but the risk Is a caret ally calculated one.—Warren R- Austin, u. S. UN delegate, t • » It is becoming increasingly evident that \vhcn she iRussia) becomes industrially strong her plans lor world domination will be put nuo effect through aegrcosive warfare.--Sen. James O. Eastl&nd tU> oi Mississippi. K'eanor Powell mav join Frod Astairc in the operation of his coast-to-coast dancing school rh.'.in i at SoO.COO a year. . . . Bill H'<ld<.ni 1 wants to do a movie barer! on Mnjor General Anthony Wayne, the Revolutionary War hero. . . . LoretU Young and husband Tom Lewis am ncw stockholders in a Beverly Hi!h newspaper. Toll's the Thing It's open season again on movie polls, with everybody except the popcorn vcncJon announcing then- choices for the pictures and the best performances of the year. . *I expect to hear from the popcorn ' people any day.i The theater rirn- ------ .'cctionlsts catr.e through with thr'r annual poll—Bwet picture: "Body and Soul." Easiest urar.s to look at day after day—Ltina Turner and Jol-.n Gavtield. The critics, the- trade papers ancl the exhibitors arc announcing results every 33 3-4 minutes. The Academy awards are set for March- 20. The onlj iwll in which the car-Vt • customers have their say will b2 announced I-Vb. 16. That's Photoplay Ma2a.*iW.s annu:'.! Gold McdU awards, based on a Gallup survey I of Mr. and Mrs. America, cnditv: I Nov. 1. 1947. I know tl^e winners i but I promised not to tell. i I ... N'ote on a casting cait sheet for '•The fuller Brush Man"—"Two pistons, as discussed." Fir the picture or ?.s pin rummy i.v.rtn.^r-,? . . . Ronald Reagan, a captain during the war, 15 a sergeant anaiu in "John Loves Mary." He- jus: played a sergeant in "V'-ue of th A Turtle." . . . Jimmy Stewart is M-Ci-M execs arc Icapinc wi'h joy over the preview reaction lo I Oa'rlc aiul Turner's ncw one. ' "Homoconiinc." Thr exhibitors, they piT^!L-t, s!t back and enjoy pood . busine.-s again. The picture should | have been Gable's first alter re-' iiirnint: fi-oin service. . . . Dan Duryca is yr-llin? for a two-month vacation. He's made three pictures in doublc-ouick time. Idlest Vashion Maltha Have is being introduced at a Xcw York nightclub as "Hollywood's best - dressed woman." Tl'en s'ne comes out wearing snow- shoe.s. gloves, car muff.s and a fur coat. Michael O'Shcn would like to return to radio in "Adventure for Sale." a dramatic scries. . . . Johnny M;\-'k Brown heads out for per- .^oniU appearances on completion o[ his next western. His boss, Scot- ly l^iinUp. presented hini with a lop.-oa! that may stop traffic. It's a white camels hair topper, witn bncht ^cl'ow. orange, and black stripes. Roy Rogers probably will About once series of articles play, one. of the most fascinating I, "_T plays in bridge. However very fcw smother plays have been presented to me. It came as a surprise, therefore, [ to rcccivs a Inter from John Harvey Jr., of Lcxincum. Ky.. with to- Industrialist dny's hand. Harvey said he played South 1* Harvcy * A K 10 7 ¥K J8 • K S4 + A J 3 Rubber—X-S vul West North Pass 3 A Pass 6 A Opening—* Q E.1M PilSS Pass You may rero^nize that photo- cr.iph on Kirk Douglas" desk *n "T;,e Walls of Jericho" as Lauren B.icr.ll. U is Lauren—Kirk's lucky chr.rm .since ?ho talked Hal Da'iis into fasting him in "The S'ranpe Ixivc ot Martha Hers.'' They were rials in Now Ymk. . . . George i Raft, en loutr to Morocco, for "Cu!iw Mi-iL-ci'o," hi'vc b?eu eau;:];; in the Pans social whirl. He just cai;icd his butler to shlo j It in a rubber bridpe game. You. will note that with Soutn the declarer at. six clubs, if East refuses lo put up his club kinn. he never should lose it, should he? Declarer can lead dummy's queen cr. he can lead a small club, win' ID Hebrew deily HORIZONTAL 58 Leap I 1,7 Pictured 60Amphi I industrial executive 13 Mental weakness H Breathe out 15 Hire 16 Italian capital 19 Leave out 20Muftle 21 Postpones 23 Caress 24 Pronoun 25 Us 26 Tuberculosis (ab.) 28 New Latin (ab.) 29 Approaches 31 Get up 33 Kootlike part 3-1 Borough (ab.> 35 Web-footed birds 37 He is president of the National Industrial Conference theaters 61 Come forth VERTICAL 1 Unsullied 2F4ncy 3 Circle 4 Obtained 5 Adjective suffix 6 Musical instrument 7 Deride 8 Beast of burden 9 Greek letter 10 Moist 11 Foreigners- 12 Irritate 17 Preposition 18 Myself 21 Meal course 22 Pierced 25 Wrench <5 Purplish brown 47 Augments i 48 Note of scale 49 Parent 27 Sweeping tool 50 Otherwise 30 Mimic 32 War god 35 Biological groups 36 Click beetle 38 Ranting 3D Scoop 51 Persian princ* 53 Electrified particle 55 Exist S7 Sun god 59 Afternoon (ab.) 4I (ab ) . 42 Type measure him by air. new se! ol dinner clothes with the jack, cash the ace of and the king will still be goc the East hand. The smother play is one whicii i 43 Area measure smothers East out of his king of j 44 Short sleep clubs. Here is the way Harvey pl.iy- cd it: He won the opening leaJ in -16 Hammed down 51 Night before 5? Toiletry case 54 Clock lace Rc-id courier Newt Wain Ads. dummy with the ace ol diamonds, the led the queen of ch;bs. East ' 55 Among did not csvcr. A smill rlub was 56 Account played and the finesse of the Jack 11 IS !0 14 " S3 40 M SI !(. 40 Jl. so"' Ji m « M b 41 tf 1 -- 1 — 41. SI <• i 9 1 "* r* |;4 1)7 M "* It SO W L\ fl I" U J-i 11 Mi '|! W H i n t a 4 to! L m 51 6 1 !S 41 * II

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