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Saint Albans, Vermont
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Milt FINE PERFUMES TOILET WATER. COUM1NE, or SOLID EXTRACT A Fine Aasortmeot of lml( or to Can be found at Apothecaries. MacLeod Co't, Apothecaries ESTABLISHED IKT 1881. IIP mnu 120 Wain Street. PlilCE THREE CENTS ST.

AL15AJNS, WEDNESDAY. FJIUIUAU 10, 1897 VOLUME 37. ii4 Strange Letter that Is Important McKlnley and Hobart Now Formally and Legally Elected. Richardson, Twigg, Co. Spring Begins Feb.

1st. At any rate, you would believe id were you to visit our vash goods department and see the new things lieing put on sale almost It seems early, you say, even so, gives you time to purchase a summer outfit and get li made up before the more perplexing question of A spring costume comes up. Besides, many of the styles shown tire admirably ad-dapted for evening wear or house dresses. Empire Dimity and Organtl d'Ete. Crisp and new, in stripes and figures.

All fast colors. Price, 7c. yard. Valols Lace. A beautiful fabric In the new patterns, with open work, as the name implies.

We sell them at 10c. yard. Scotch Clnhams in all styles and stripes, and checks. An ideal fabric for children's wear. Price.

18c. yard. Tambour is one of the latest in the class. Von can hardly distinguish them from silk. Im possiole to describe them.

Price 25c. yd. Moussellne Plain White and figured grounds, with gold flnd silver metallic stripes. Superior to organdie as it Is not necessary to buy an 'expensive foundation. They make a beautiful evening gown.

Price, width, 88 inches. Imperial Smyrna Rugs in all sizes, lateBt designs, and lowest prices. New Moquette Rugs in exquisite colorings and beautiful floral designs. Wool Art "Squares stress than the price of the carpet by the yard and no seams. Can be taken up and cleaned with the 1 least possible trouble.

New Rugs, for the February Trade. All Size and Kinds 1 snio.i the lateBt out. You have to look twice to be sure they are not Imperial Smyrnas. But the ice, is only about as great. They are in all sizes, from the HO inch size to 9 12 feet art squares.

25 cents. MEN WANTED MORI CASH. Utah Woolen Workers go on a Strike For Money. Provo, Utah, Feb. 10.

One hundred and twenty five employes of the Provo woolen mills have gone on a strike. The company has been paying men one-quarter cash and three-quarters store and factory orders. The iheh demanded half cash, which was refused. The mills are the largest in the West And were established bv the late Brigham Young. Strlk Caused by Dlacoarglng Union Men.

Elwood, Feb. 10. The employees of the Lippincott lamp chimney factory at Alexandria have struck and the big plant is closed down. The strike was caused by the company discharging two members of the union. The men refuse to work unless these men are taken back.

Georjr Vred Willlauua Wanta an Oflloe. Dedham, Feb. 10. Nomination papers are out here with the name of Hon. Geo.

Fred Williams thereon as a candidate for school committee. British Capture Town of Bid. London, Feb. 10. Information has been received here that the British Niger expedition has captured the town of Bida, capital of the Foulab tribe.

One officer was killed In the assault upon the town. Vermont Pensions. Restoration and reissue and increase William H. Wright, Sheldon increase, LonduB Terrill, Underhill; reissue, Geo T. Wetherell, Westminster.

A few months ago, Mr. Byron Every, of Woodstock, was badly afflicted with rheumatism, His right leg was swollen the full length, causing him great suffering. He was advised to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. The first bottle of it helped him considerably and the second bottle effected a cure The 25 and 60 cent Bizes are for sale by R. Brainerd.

aad D. Dutcher, Lake street. R. F. HAWKINS' FAILURE.

Uncertainty Whether It will Affect the Vermont Construction Co. A. L. Davis, manager of the Vermont Construction Company, said today that he did not know how the failure of R. F.

Hawkins, of Springfield, Mass, who is a large stockholder, would affect the company. If Mr. Hawkins was able to effect a reorganization, the failure would not affect this company. If not, it would be some time before the effect would be known. PUBLIC NOTICE.

We are anthorifed to pay back the money on a 60 cent and 25 cent bottle "Hnttena," the new discovery (or consumption, if it does not enre your cooph and prove the best medicine used for severe coughB, lung troubles, and asthma. Is also a sp'endid medicine for children. Brainerd, DA. DUTCJIBR. G.

Welch Co. MoLbod Co. B. C. Shbldow, Swantoa C.

Aubn, Swanton. Blondin's hj yon tiff musicians 1:1 Vh. are gradually iucreas-1 sLJ-iiA i ine in Dumber and talent anil they view In a short time be addod to our musical merry tmikgra. I want nit I ran et to join this cIsbb tliAt play orchestra and brass instrumenta. Ktmiember yon will never be acomjwtent musician and alwuya piny and practice alone, as your phrasing is your own; ft mlht be the beat but is more apt to be the worst.

Your 'tempo" are very uneven and your notes wrongly divided. The result is you are alone and lonesome player. Others can't bop, skip and jump enough to play with you. Ueetilar rehoarsintT nights MONDAYS and THUK.SDAYiS. You can find ine to the music rooms every eveum? from 7 :30 9 :30.

No. 101 North Main Street. Rmpeotfully, E. W. BL0NDIN.

JACKETS ACAIN. There are yet three mouths of winter Jacket weather ahead, if past seasons are any criterion. We have about 50 stylish garments which we mean to dispose of before the season closes. Cost price and quality are not considered when we price them. WE WILE SELL THEM.

The line is so varied that we cannot give here a comparison of prices, past and present. Come in and we willgladly do so. RICHARDSON, TWIGG CO. STILL UROINO RECIPROCITY. Canadian Farmera Waht Our Oooda Duty tn.

Wmmrao, Man teb. 10. The Doin-inloti nlbiatehi who are conducting the tarilt ltajtilrj yesterday received a dele-gntUftlbt it)0 farmera representing every aintHct lil tHe Canadian West. These dinners nrged (he government to do everything possible to obtain reciprocity lth the United Btites, bnt hether Bilcceesfiil or riot the? Seslred frfe trade as it Ism England stibatltnted for the polioy of high protection. They earnestly nrge that American agricnltnral Implements, lnmber, nails, binding, twine, cotton and woolen goods be admitted free of alldhty.

They also desired the duty taken oft of wheat and flonr. The dnty heretofore Imposed they declared of no practical value to the Orcadian farmer. Lived to Hh Tail Oaks From A corn a. TerreHaotb, Feb. 10.

Sister Mary Xavier died at St. Mary's of the Woods yesterday, aged ,77. She was the last of seven sisters who came to this locality in 1842 and started in a log cabin the Order of Sisters of Providence where is now located a property worth more than a million. They founded the educational system which now has 800 teachers in the country and which owns, exclusive of church property ownership, $7,000,000 or 88,000,000 worth of property. Mratanooa Snloldea in Grand laland, N.b.

Grand Island, Feb. 10. Two well dressed men appeared in this city Monday, arriving from the East. They inquired for the best hotel in the city and one registered. The name on the register is very vague but lss like R.

A. Newcome and the residence is given aB Billings, Montana. Yesterday the two men were found in their room dead. All the gas jets in the room were open. Nothing were found by which the men could be identified.

Long For Secretary of Nary. Canton, Feb. 10. The statement that ex-Gov. John D. had been definitely fixed npon for Secretary of the Navy was confirmed by MaJ. McKinley himself last Evening. There will be no departure from this assignment of the navy portfolio unless the entire cabinet slate should be re-arranged at the last moment. Beoatorlct Maaon Prostrated. Chicago, 111., Feb.

10. Senator-eleot William E. Mason is confined to his home bv an attack of nervous prostration. The attending physician says what is needed is a complete rest and relief from political and business cares. Maaaaohaaetta 6.

A. B. In Seaalon. Worcester, Feb. 10.

The 81st encampment of the department 'of Massachusetts G. A. B. was held here today. General Thaddeus S.

Clarkson, national commander, was present, comma from Woonsocket, where he attended the Rhode Island state encampment. He made a spirited speech. German Government After (Jollege Pro-feeaora. Berlin, Feb. 10.

The government has ordered the proaecutioii of several university professors who recently signed a declaration in favor of the striking dock laborers of Hamburg. 1 have given Chamberlain's Congh Remedy a fair lest and consider it one of the very best remedies for croup that I have ever found. One dose has always been sufficient, although I use it freely. Any cold my children contract yields very readily to this medicine. I can conscientiously recemmend it for croup and colds in children.

Geo. E. Wolfp, Clerk of the Circnit Court, Fennandina, Fla. Sold by R. Brainerd, and Dutcher, Lake street.

PAPERS and oher lines of eoods we SOFT SOAP. Clue to the Sensation. An Autopsy Will Be Held at Alburgh Thla Afternoon, The suicide ot Clement W. Eddy, the young AlbrjrgU merchant, a week Ago lust Sunday evening, wafl a sumciently tragic event throw that quiet little town iiitb a flutter of ezcitemeiit. For aught the world knew, his home life was happy and he was fairly prosperous in business affairs.

So the motive for the suicide was much of a mystery until the itlquest was held on the following day. The inquest was hot public, but such things will leak out, and it was long before the people of Alburgb knew that Mr. Eddy's wife had testified that her husband shot himself in fear Ithat she wouli discover he had been untrue to her. The testimony df the mother, Mrs. A.

S. Hillaker, corroborated the wife's. Then people began to talk and touch of it was ugly talk. Some said if Mr. Eddy had been untrue to his wife she had been equally false.

It was a dainty morsel for many tongues and much of the gossip was along these lines. It was also said the couple were intensely jeal ous of each other and it waB hinted there was about as much motive for murder as for suicide. The whole town began to get interested and take sides in the matter. Then it was remembered there had been no autopsy that no one was in the house at the time save Mrs. Eddy and her mother that no one who saw the body could say there were powder marks about the wound or any singeing of the hair that would indicate the shot had been fired at very short range that the inquest had been a superficial one, as none doubted at the time it was a plain case of suicide, that perhaps a more thorough inquest was demanded.

So the selectmen came to St. Albans and secured Col. A. A. Hall to conduct for the town the inquest which began Monday.

The intense interest in the case is manifested by the crowd that has thronged the little hall and breathed its bad air since the inquest began. Every word that has fallen from the witnesses' lips has been weighed and discussed many, many times, The testimony is practically all in, though a few questions may be asked Mrs. Eddy this afternoon. It points rather more strongly to sui cide than to murder. Still there are some points that must be cleared up before everyone will be sa tisfied.

Two chambers of the revolver were empty when found. What ever became of that second bullet has not been satis-factorfly explained yet. The absence df the marks which would Bhow that the' revolver was discharged close to the head has not been accounted for. The autopsy that was held at 8 :80 o'clock this afternoon, ia expected, how ever, to clear up this point. The only physician who saw the body Rays there is not enough evidence to Bay it was suicide.

The lack of any testimony to show that Mr. or Mrs. Eddy were unduly ex cited or acted unnaturally just before the shooting is another cloudy point. The position of the right hand and the revolver when the neighbors reached the body is still another point about which there is some question. The Testimony.

In Mrs. Eddy's testimony taken at the previous inquest, she stated that her husband and her brother were awav all tuat Sunday afternoon. When they returned he announced they had been been to supper, hud eaten oysters. She replied that it the boys nad an oyster supper the girls unght to have one a so, meaning herself, her mother and sister-in-law. They live over the store and Mr.

Eddy went down stairs to get the oysters. His' wife thought he was gone longer than necessary, went down stairs and found him reading a letter that she thought was in a woman's handwriting. She asked to see it and was told he bad no letter. She persisted and thought she saw him Blip the letter down into his drawers and pick up a ece of paper from a desk. She would not be put off and still asked for the letter.

Mr. Eddy after a little more talk said tnev would so ud Btairs and let mother see if he had any letter. wnen toey reacnea tne kitchen Mrs. Eddy searched his Dockets and finally found what she thought was the letter in bis trousers leg. tie nnaliy went out of doors where she followed and found him sittingm the steps.

She saw when she came by the end of the piazza what she thought to be the letter lying under the steps. Tbey went up Btairs together. Mrs. Eddy came down alone, crawled under the steps, got the letter, took it upstairs ana sat down on the table in tne dining room to read it. Her husband stepped into an adjoining bedroom and shot himself.

That, in sabstance. is her brief testimony. It has not been brought out in evi- (COIfTtNTIED OIT BECOXD PAOB.I LoT A dear little child who made home happy by its smiles. And to think, it might have been saved bad the par ents only kept in the house One Minute Congh Core, the infallible remedy for croup. J.

Welch Uo. Imposing Scene at the Capitol at Washington Thla Afternoon. Feb. 10. For the 27th time in the history of the United States, the senators and representative inet in solemn conclave In the hall of the House of Representatives to-day to declare the vote which silently transfers the government of a great nation from one set of rulers to another.

The capitol was crowded In anticipation of the ceremony which was to mark the day, bat excellent arrangements prevented confusion br the intrusion of uninvited visitors. The abandonment by Representative Murray; of South Carolina, of his previously announced intention to object to the counting of the vote of that state had the effect of decreasing general interest in the proceedings. The executive and diplomatic galleries were reserved for those entitled, to occupy them under the rules. Visitors began to enter the reserved space ut an early hour and by noon no seate remained vacant. For the accommodation of the Senate and its officers, one hundred additional chairs had been placed on the floor of the House.

The Senators occupied the first four rows on the right of the Vice-President who presided over the joint convention. Promptly at 1 o'clock the members of the Senate appeared at the north door, headed by Vice-President Stevenson, Ser-geant at-arms Bright, and Secretary Cox, and their presence was formally announced to the house by Doorkeeper Glean. The representatives rose to their feet and remained standing until the members of the upper house had found the places assigned to them. Next came two stalwart capital policemen bearing the mahogany box in which certificates of the result of the election in the several states had been placed by the Vice President as they had been received by him from the messengers appointed to bring them to the capitol, )No returns were missing, the last, from the state of Montana, having been received Vice-President Stevenson occupied the speaker's chair, Mr. Reed sitting at his left.

The tellers for the House were the governor of and Richardson, of Tennessee. For the Senate this duty was pefforined by tJenfittorfl Blackburn, of Kentucky, and Lodge, of Massachusetts. The Vice-President, with ceremonious solemnity, unlocked electoral box and took out the envelopes containing the certificates4 of the electoral colleges, each envelope -Being signed by all the electors of tfie several states and securely sealed. As each certificate was opened the vote of the state was announced and the tally was kept by the tellers of both tne Senate and House. When the dount was begun, the House I presented a most picturesque appearance with the senators all grouped on the right hand of the chair.

Senator Blackburn read the certificate in a monotonous tone, very different from his usual declamatory style. The length and tautology of some of the documents made this proceeding somewhat uninteresting. Senator Lodge alternated with Senator Blackburn in the reading without infusing much more animation into the ceremony. As the count proceeded and the House tellers, the governor and Richarjson, took a hatid, the reading of the full text of the certificates was abandoned, the tellers confining themselves to a simple statement of the result as diacloBedby the documents before them, this much condensing the formal proceedings. Senator Lodge infused a temporary streak of merriment into the proceedings by inadvertently casting the vote of Missouri for J.

McKinley" instead of W. J. Bryan. But he promptly corrected the error. It fell to tiie governor's lot to announce the nine votes of South Carolina for Bryan and Sewall.

As he did so an expectant silence fell on the assembly, but not a whisper ef protest was heard. The governor declared that the certificate appeared to be in proper form and jit was accepted. tJJAt 1 :50 p. m. the official count was announced as follows for President of the United States, William McKinley 271, William J.

Bryan 176. For Vice-President of the United States. Garrett A. Hobart 271. Arthur Sewall 149, Thomas E.

Watson 27. The Vice-President thereupon declared Wm HI, k'mlfw and tturrett A. Hobert respectively elected President and Vice-President of the United States. The Vice-President added that this declaration was in law sufficient and that the ioint session was now. adjourn ed and the Senate would return to its chamber.

A burst of loud clapping followed this statement and the great audience quietly dispersed. Put an end miwry. loan's Ointment will cure the worst case of Itching Piles there ever wu, Ar. i. ina'antl.

Vbm of safferiDK re lieved In a Finfle nlxbU Get Doan'a Ointment om jour dMlcr. POWDER Absolutely Pure. Celebrated fo? It final IcBTontnR rtrenglli Mid Imlihiiilmiii. foodKuiiit al ui all forma odullrUun oomniOD to ihe chtjip braDdi, tarth hakim i-owdm cobmnt, mw touk. BUSINESS CARDS.

DB. D. ABTHUB SMITH, DENTIST, Oraooat.P.O.D.8. Do. Kingman St.

Albana, Vt. Night ealla at 89 High atreet. P. H. DKWART, N.

Albana, 8urveyer. Special attention to jnapi for court ca.e, nod accural, work In general. Notary Publlc'w roed. di with Photo. work of all kinds.

GEO. O. WEBSTER, DKNTIST. Corner Klnimu and Main strMta, 8T. ALBANS DB.

L. U. DAIGNATJLT. Offlee nest door to K. P.

Snlllvui'a Grocer? Btora. 9 a. 1 to 9, 7 to 9 p. m. DBS.

SHERWOOD MANUEL Office Flrat Building North of American Uoaee. OP FIGS HOURS; Dr. SHERWOOD, Dr. MANUEL, 10 a. 1 to I 10 to 11 a.

and and 7 to It p. m. 1 18 to A 7 to 8 p.m. U. S.

PliKLEY, V. S. St. Albana, Vt. INFIRMARY, Street.


DB. BBBKLET. 1 to 8.80 p. m. to 8:80 p.

m. fiijhtcslli oBtoe and 8 to 9 1. in. la to 2 p. to.

7 tight calls at office or Wat-dan doom. BALLARD BURLESON ATTORNEYS, Office room 3 8 Robert Seymour Banding KIN CM AN ST. ALBANS, VT. Mr. Ballard will be at the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays- Thursdays and Fridays of each week after December 1st, 1896.

DRS. ROBERTSON DAVIDSON, Cor. Bank St. and Maiden Lane. DR.

ROBERTSON. Omra Hours. Until 10 a. 1 to 8:80 p. EVBNINSB.

Tuesday, Thumday, and Saturday. Bpeclaf attention given to Eye, Kar, Note, and Throat. DR. DAVIDSON, times Bouaa. 12:00:4:00 to 6:30 p.

m. VHIK8B. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Night folic Mr. K.

D. MTLLEB'S, 3 Vail 3 North Main at. Member of Council Boston Conservatory of MUSIC DtALER, PIANO TUNER. Business Manager Baker's Orchestra, 9 KINCMAN ST.

Rub on Henry Johnson's Mrnica Oil' LINIMENT. Carea Burua, Brnlney. Cm 01W, Rtralna. Scratch ll ml i tv ui a i la ur 4a ua Me fti Mile. 111.4Mb, Teacher of Music Pianist and Tuner.

Deslrooa of Increasing eomewhat mr cfasa tontta (piano) inl St, Albana, would be to explain methods to tbore who JjT1 present or in the near fntnre wrricea 0f oonj. Jttat teaclier. Kapid and tem pnre" are Uwo nln polnu of niy AsTTVERof piano wid Red organa, my jjj11! 'warranted to be tbe nia-best irrade refer to any of mvl enstomeri. fUpi.t. LASSOR.

CalnoBAKER Sella a great many goods but here are a few atand-' ard brands of bard aoap that do their own talking. BABBITT, LENNOX, WORLD, WLLC0ME, BEE, Any of them, six for nanic Santa Claus, or Artist! seven CClllo. Try our AMERICA, 10 Bars for RESPECTFULLY, Q. W. LEPPER 20 LAKE STREET.

For Sale Cheap 35 Horse Power Otto Gasoline Engine, in perfect condition, now running in my wood working shop, can be seen any-day in operation. B. FONDA. ST. ALBANS, VERMONT.

and Can Be Cured. THE DRUNKARD IS A SICK MAN. NOT A CRIMINAL. Dr. KEELEY overthrew the dictum of the world when he said DRUNKENNESS IS A DISEASE.

For Particular. Address THE KEELEY INSTITUTE, K'NoriiAri street, st. albans, vf. P. O.

Boa 112 F. F. TWITCHELL Cotton Underwear Sale and Preliminary Linen Sale has reached such proportion! that The public are fully convinced no such values have ever been offered before in St. Albans on strictly reliable goods made up in first-claaB manner. People are surprised to see the superior quality and workmausliip of the ladies' and children's under garments that we are selling at IOc, 15c, 25c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.39, and up to $3 and $4 each.

ON CLOAKS and FURS our prices are as low as the lowest and styles and quality Biiperior. REMNANtS" We are anxious to close out every short length and odd piece of goods in every department make prices so you can afford to make liberal investments. Offerings of nice Wool Blankets slightly soiled. Special prices of White Marseilles Bed Spreads a little soiled. Special sale of Sheets and Pillow Cases, Plain and Hemstitched to match.

Pillow Case 42 43 and 50 inches wide from 8c. lo 20c. each. Sheets 72 81 and 90 inches wide from 45c. to 85c.

each. Three more cases of the best cotton batting we ever offered at 10c. for 7c. Roll. With the many extra values we are offering in CARPETS, DRAP Nice Maple Syrup Put up in tin cans, qt.

and pt. bottles. PRICE REASONABLE. ERIES, SHADES, and WALL handle Now Is a most favorable time to buy. F.


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