The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, .JANUARY 21, 1948 25 Escape When Airliner Crashes Plan* Skids on Icy Runway, Bursts into Flames; Six Injured BOSTON, Jan. 21 (UP)All Eastern Airlines four-englned Constellation crashed and burned today when forced to land in a snowstorm at Logan Airport here. All 25 persons aboard almost miraculously escaped death, but six were seriously Injured. The Miami to Newark airliner, forced to land at Boston because of .storms farther South along the coast, skidded on an Icy runway' crashed Into » pile of tee, flipped up on Its nose and burst into flames. Passengers credited the heroism of crew member* for their escape. The crew scrambled back through thn fuselage, opened an emergency exit, and helped the passengers leap from the flaming plane. "We were lucky the exit was on the left and not on (he right where lite flames were," Harold D. Coonley. the plane's engineer .said. "We opened the rear door, but the plane wns hung at a crazy angle with its nose in a snowbank ami its tail about 20 feet above Ihe ice It was too far to Jump, especially for tli« women. "Some of the other crewmen wcie with me and we shouted lor the passengers to come forward. The flames were all over the rinht side of the plane by then, but they cnme along and we got them out the door on the left. It was a close one, all light." Door Opposite Flames The passengers, one a man with an artlfical leg, were led out an exit at the left forward side, while flames spread along the right side, enveloping the plane. "It the exit had been on the right side we never would have got out," safd J. D. Johnson. 50, of New York. The pilot. M. E. Thayer of Miami, said he had been directed to make a landing at La Guardia field, Nesv York, after he found Newark closed In. He said he made two passes at La Guardia, but was unable to land because of the 500-foot celling. He then turned North to Boston. Harold D .Coonley, 24, of Mlnmi, engineer of the plane, said Thayer switched off the engines at the plane skidded toward the snow piled alongside the runway, but that one of the engines kept racing and BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Georgia Voters Under Heel of Demo Group WfUGHTSVILLE, Ga., Jan. n. IUP) — The Democratic Executive Committee of Johnson Comity disclosed here today that voters and candidates in a coming primary election must .sign pledges .stating that they favor the while primary and racial segregation and oppose Communism and the FEPC. Committee Chairman W. C. Brinson.sairi the following pledge will be presented to prospective voters and candidates: 1. I favor the comity-unit system now existing in the State nt Qeorgir.. 2. I favor the while primary. 3. I favor pie.servalion ol segregation (or the races as now exists in Georgia. 4. I Communism. 5. I oppose any organization that scl-ks to destroy the Constitution ot the United Slates and the Consl- tntion of Georgia. 6. I opposed enactment into law Ihe rules and regulations as promulgated by the Federal Employment Practice Committee. 7. I will support the nominees of tliis primary in Ihe general election. Voters must, sign the plcdRe before they will be allowed to cast a ballot, Brin-son said, and candidates must sign before they can qualify to run. In past years. Georgia Democratic Executive Committees have re- I mured only a pledge to .support nominees as a requirement for primary voting. j New Hampshire Prospers CONCORD. N. H. IUP)—Accounts and deposits in New Hampshire savings banks and trust compan'cs have reached an all-time high Bank commissioner Clyde M. Negro Farmers Hear Anderson Cabinet Member Deliver* Address At Tuskegee Institute TUSKEG3E, Ala. Jan -n ID PI —Secretary o! Agriculture CHn- ton p. Anderson lolri southern Negro fanners today that (lie spread of (lie mechanical cotton picker anil the tractor would bring "growing pains" In the South, but. that out of It would emerge a new I prosperity. T Anderson siwke before t farmers' conference nt Tuskegee Institute. ] He said mechanization would menu larger and (ewer (arms In Hie I South and that "fewer people will be .seeking to wrest * living from loo few acres," "Most of you here today operate either family-size, or less tlian family-size farms." Anderson .snld. "And the question you are asking yourselves Is: How can I adjust niy farming prog mm to mechani- sation? "There is no simple, over-all answer. Some small farmers, white and Negro, will .switch from cotton to other cro]is. Some will seek p,ul- time off-farm employment. Others may leave the tnrm altogether,' for Industrial jobs. Probably (lie largest minm-r will bling In ma- clitne.s and adapt them lo thrlr | particular needs." Anderson said niechali!/.s.tftSn :o«ld reduce production cost.s tor cotton and enable it to compete with otlu-r fabrics. Tile Agriculture Department estimates, he said, j that by 1950 there may be nearly 1,000.000 traclor.s on Southern farms as compared with 400.000 no Modern Towboot Loses All Hope Of Winning Race With Older Craft * ' caught fire. "The pilot couldn't have done •*. better job bringing the plane down," Coonley said. "There was too muc'.i Ice ,pn the runway and ns a result the plane had insufficient braking traction. "Alter we struck the runway the plane swerved to one side and there was a flash of flame." The more than tour feet ot snow on many sections of the field hampered rescue parties that rushed toward the scene. The plane was destroyed before fire apparatus could bring the daints under control. Willie mechanization will reduce costs. Anrier.son said, it l.s "not a cure-all for the problem ot cotton producers." "You will have your share, of [rowing pains," he said. "But I am :onvinced that out of the dltflcul- tlees which the ncsv machine age ,-ili create, there can emcrKC .1 new South, more efficient, more praspcrous, more secure in healtli and happiness." In SKATING or GASOLINE PHILLIPS 66 IS lftK0&&£?*TO GIVE YOU QUICK STARTING AND EASY WARM-UP! Ever walch one of those marvelous, whirling figure-skaters? That takes control—you bet! And you can be sure it takes plenty of control to produce Phillips 66 Gasoline! You see, we do it by sclcc- tivcly blending the high-quality components so that you get high-quality performance from Phillips 66 Gasoline— cverv season of the year! That means—these chilly mornings—quick starts and easy warm up! Try Phillips 66 Gasoline and sec, at the orange-and- black "66" sign! * "VOLATILITY CONTKOllEO' JO fIVf YOU FAST tTAXTSf Tenn., Jan. 21. (Dpi —The rivcrboal race between the steam-driven Kokoria nnrt the nie- sel-powcrcrt Helena petered out today a.s the modern loivbonl was re- Ported stalled some 138 miles down the Mississippi Illver. a point passed by the Kukodi 24 hours aso. A telephone-radio report sa!d lhat the Helena was forced to halt some 14 miles north of Qreenvillr, MlM.. when one of Its {our barges ran aground at t bend in the river. 'Die narrow passage and log was blamed. The Helena was re|X)rled milking valianl eltnri.s lo "wash" the barge lice while (lie Kokorta .steamed lull sliced ahead 0111 of (his rivcrporl shortly betme R a.m. Hivernien said Iliat Die latest mishap definitely puts the Die.sel-rtowercd era It out ol the race Earlier the Helena lost valuable time because ol endue breakdowns enabling (he Kokoda lo Bain "better than 100 miles." Cii pi. Jim Seaman, skipper o( tlio Kofcorir. !r(l here for Cairo, 111., imagine llial Hie Helena was in trouble. Both craft me pushim; (our Inijje bin-Res tan-yinR 10.0CO tons of .sul- ]iluir and bauxite. Wllh whistles blowing tho Kokodu hearted out of (Ills rh-ertown port, at 1:45 a.m. (CSTI toivnril Cairo. III., ll.s next I'onttict pnint. before the final lap to St. Louts. The .10-ycnr-olri Seaman, father of three Rlrls. said tliat lie expects lo reach Cairo In 00 hours. St. Louis by Sunday. Seamen recommended that "lull during yesterday's vim, considered to be Hie llrst r-eul lest oj Die two boats since the rnrr started. Independent Role is Urged In Southland WASHINGTON. Jan. 21 IUPI- Sen. James o. fjislland. n., Miss.. in-Red lortay tlmt (he Smith play ai: "Independent" political gamr--"rn- , warding friends and punishing enemies without rcRard lo parly la- brls." KndoisiiiR Die *r •inients of .<">'m- 1. Wrlglil of Mls.sts.slpp. who said yesterday Hint Ills slate may be forced lo secede frnni the [Democratic Parly. Knstiaiid ( U>- clal ed; "If we net as a mill liien we can control our destinies. |[ «e are Independent llien botli inu-lli-s will bid for our support a.s they I now cater to the subversive Northern elements." The Mississippi senator snld j Northern Democrats (akr It lor : granted lhat the Smilh will • | ly follow the parly line." : "Our InsUtutifm's arc iloslgnrrt ! by the politicians nt every itioup iNorlh nf tlir Muson mill Ulx-ui i Unr." lie said. "Dolh Hie uomo- crallc and Hi'pubhciin loaili'isluli ( todny Is MtempthiK to force dei peal of .segi-egntlnii laws, deslrciy our dual school system and rc- ; construct us by using the pmvcr cil ' federal t;oi<>i-iimciH nxnlitst us." " i Market Probe Committee to Hedr Pauley WASHINGTON. Jan. 21. ( upi — .Sprailnilon Jnv.'stJKatoi.s made pliins loony lo qulr. Edwin W Panley main in the light of disclosure.* tluit lie traded, extensively In cmn- iiuiilltie.s. even ntlcr accepting » liiRh government The questioning will take pluite r'niliiy, II HHH learned, after I'an- !<•)• has been given n chance 10 noss-rxamlnr his chief accuser, Harold K. siassen. lioih men will niipeur before the Scnnlc Appro- pmilmis Subcommittee on sgieculn- (ion. In Ills origin;!) (csilmnny lirfnn 1 tin- senators. Piuili-v ,s;ild lhat since uivomlng special assistant lo Ihe si'i-iclaiy of ,111 my he liiul mado only nue pun-liasi' In I lie i-ominoctlt v nmrki'i. lint Ills personal i words puullr yesterday showed that I llir. wralthy Ciilllnrniii nil mini bought, wlirnt, laid. rollon, nun nnrt oal.s alter Joining I lie Army nrpnrliiK'n! last Scptr-mliei. I'auley i-xplaincd (lie apparent imcrcpiincv by saying ilu-si> di-al.s were "incldciil lo the avoidance, ot In.'.s 111 i> prournm of oinVrly llqul- PAGB PIVB Milk Company Head Sentenced for Slaying NASHVILLE, Tcnn.. Jan. '21 (UP( —Hush H. Turner. 18-year-old milk Company president, was under five-year sentence today for the slaying of a farm superintendent. Turner drew the sentence of conviction of voluntary manslaughter In the shooting of W. A. Jernigan in April 1946. The slaying occurred during an argument over 21 cows. Turner's counsel contended he shot only alter Jernigan had slopped to pick up a rock presur.-.ably to assault Turner. The sentenced man !« frcp under bond until his motion for a new trial can be heard. r.v. of New Orleans, chief engineer. | I The Kokoila carries a 21-incnibcr | 1 crew. , ; Askcrl how b e fell aboul hl.s tin-I . inr-nsc lend. Seaninn said: | "The race Isn't over. It's Rolng! lo be tough Koirig trom here on.. i'['here Is ice between hern and St.' I Louts u the weather sets colder I I the Mississippi will KOi'Re. and' thnl'll give the Helena a chance to cut down the lend." Seaman said lhat Ihe Kokoda run Into fog and rain approaching Memphis, and lliat lie hatl to cut, his average five miles per hour down to two miles. The Kokotla was forced lo lie up at a point about 15 miles South of here early this morning lo wait lor a damp, murky IOR to lift. But tlic Helena, which tivicc han't encountered engine trouble* since, | the race slarled at New Orleans! Thursday afternoon, was still far behind. i The Helena left Greenville, Miss..' early yesterday utter R delay of! .several houis while mechanics repaired her damaged r-nRlnes. After that tile dicscl-t'-iveii tow- j boat was -expected lo bedn clos-1 lug up Ihe distance between herself and the churning Kokoda. I But tlip Inspired Kokoda surprised rivermcn li v actually lemth- enhiR htr lead by anotlier 12 miles State Teachers College To Rebuild School ( Ken. Homer Ferguson. R. Mli-li , 1 rhiilrman ol llir sprciilattnn suh- i-oiniiitllec. said Pulilcy would lie given -every opportunliy" to cliul- . ly !)»• sitiialion on Knilny. Sen. Mllliud TydiiiKs of Maryland, ono nl ilif (wo Di-iiiiK-ral.s nn tin- Mib| i-nmmiliec. said he luut arivis<-d ! I'aulr-y to lit> rraih- lo tiivr '- n clr;\r~ cr incline" o[ ti'll his .s|ii>culatlfc ventures. CONWAY. Ark.. .Ian. 21 iur» — A new sir.0.000 leathers IriilnliiK school at Arknu.sns State Teachers Colleec sliould lie ready lor occupancy by Hie opening ot the Tall semester In September, according lo President Nolen M, Irby. The new building will replace n similar structure which was destroyed by fire lust November. Irby Nfiid (lie contract for con- ! strutting the training school will oe I let within Ihe nrxt 00 days. Clock-hatching Robber Escaped With $90 Haul LITTLE: nocK. Ark., .inn. 21 HIP—Capital City pnilcc were lonkliiK tor R robber today who told llir owner of a grocery stnc he was holding- up lo wnll live ir.iunlc.s br. Tore calling the police and thru u-nltert nn the scene to make sure ' the owner compiled. j Tin* robber, described us a tnll I white man. nbnllt 3Q.ycar»-old, es- j eapcd with S50 tnnn the Morris . Grocery last iilght, I Mrs. K. Morris, wile nt the pro- IJi'ti'tor. had to step arnuml (lie robber lo enter Hie siore. Hut slin I was not nivnre. Hint tile mnil who i sto.nd watching tils watch was hold- ' Inc up the s(orc. [ Hudson Plant Idle Because of Strike IJKTKOIT, .futl. 21 (UI>)—lliul- son Mdtnr Car Cmnpnny sliul I lo<lny, beratiM* n[ u body shin-Inge jciinsnl by a wi-rl:-old .sirlkr ol I SSI) fiueinen. Ki'vcn thousand assembly llnr wnrkn-fl were Idle by tiir iictltiii. 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