The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY. AUGUST M, 1017 MacArthur Plans Jap Trade Policy Stockpile of Gold, Silver and Jewels to Be Used.for Credits TOKYO. Aim. 14. lUl'l - CJcn. Donning MncAithur nnnounced to- <lav that Japan '.-.ill use u $131 000 (100 stockpile of Kolcl and silver, is ]>;m of a larger hoard of Jewels and precious mcliils. as ;i credit base with whkh lo finance an Im- liorl-cxnori jiroKram. The stockpile actually will bo so- eiirily for toa'H which could run as liigli as S500.000.000. officials said. ^•lai'ller 11,is week tile Par Eastern Commission. Composed of 11 allied tuitions meet::ii; in Washington made availab!'! sKiT.OOO.OOO for" ,J:i- ]>;ni to acquire foreign exclude. Tlir .stun will be used lo loi'm ;m exiioii-hniioii revolving nnui. Pi'ivato or ycjvernnieni. timinc-nif; institutions or allied <jr neutral cuinni-ios will l>e askol to :ulvam-<- loans aKiilnst Iho fund to IH-IJ, promote trail., vith Japan. Tlic larger st('(ki..;k of whir!] ,1,,. $137000.000 is !• part W;la subject to i-esiiluiinn •.> il s original iiwn- i-rs occupation costs, and premru- Ifiui!, "Allied and neuh-al counlrie.s n\n liarticipalc in sn«-h |oiin ;: to tin- ,.\- leiil. tii:i| their f-urreiictes are n.< ,We for iipiinr'v.. ri.rei[;n irai!:-," M.icArtlnu's a:'.!>i<unremenl said. r nic- fund will be operated and controlled under ihe supervision if allied lu-iulqinrirrs. In ease o! a basic political change in tl.e Jap.i- iii'.so occupation, the fnud will | U . liciuulatcii am! existing obligations Paul o!f. unira, a i| polios , u . tfi otherwise. A spokesman for headquarters economic and scientific section .said Lhat ronnalioi: of the fund repre- yenls ":m important, step toward helnhiB Japan ijeeonie a self-sup- iwr'.ing, trading country." A hc.idquaricivi spokesman pointed out. that in order to export her own good 1 :. Japan must impart V aw eotion. wool. iron. salt, petroleum product.';, wood pulp, hemp, metals rubber and other commodities A credit base mnsl be set up to allow Japan to buy these goods. "Only b v expart. can Japan feed all her people, and other nations me<| exports," the spokesman BLTTHEV1LLE (ARK.Y CODKIBR NEWS Happy Is the Harvester ,.. m Crump Hurls Charges Al "Pink" Organizations MTMFHIS. Tcnn., .'Snt;. !4 (Upi -Political Leader E. H. Crump 10- day implied that mem'jpr.ship of Anif.ficans for Dcmocrnii- Action in.-liideH synipathlzer;. "We. will eventually name fie crcatars of this outfit," Criiaiji said, "and i there are more diflerent tonp.iies than the Tower of Babel. "Thl-re is one word behind the .scenes that's agreed on—Red. Many are secret sympathizers. They spcait the same language." The head of lite powerful Shelby County Democratic political organization also criticized the Mcmjiiin; Lcage fov Women Voters as be:'.!.' ••hatched out by the CIO sympathizers" and described City Manager form of j'ovemmcnl as a '•flimsy .substitute." Holding .1 shod; ol ripe wheat, Mrs. Cecilia Fancy of Pueblo Col II v' 1 !!!; 1 ', ",\'°'' " lis J ' c; "''' ! Xarvcsi. the lareesl in the nation's his,.,' YUM LJ " |)vt ' mlc » 1 " 1 Pi'o'lls It will bring farmers in the .in... UIH me iiot-sn-happy aspects of Ihe record harvest are lliu uu\c;n- shortage and Inclt of storage space. Four Germans Arrested for Army Thefts RKR1.1N. Ail-:., M. cuiM - American uutlim-iiii-;. have arresleu four Germans ;ind seined an Illegal cache of w:u- materials report| edly intended !<n an allied military mlr.sion in Berlin, it was disclosed yesterday. The \\ur inatcrinls included mili- j tavy radios and with | scrambling devices lo 'permit llv machine..; to ccc'e and decode messages. American military government ollieinls said Ihe Germans nnd the j banned equipment were found in ( the American Zone of Berlin Amc- [ ricim officials said German inform. • ants had named an allied military mission in Berlin as the purchaser of sonic of the equipment. Americans did not identify further the source or Hie reports 01 confirm the ehnrgcs. The military mission suspected of buyim; iliega was not named. The arrests, which followed the hailing of two (1 r the suspects foi a routine truffle violation, marked the second lime in two weeks lhat Americans have uncovered under ground dealings in war goods in the American Zone. Equipment .seized earlier included device" rot sighting guided missiles. j Ali of the apparatus was forenn I German Armv or Navy equipment and "most o; it wn s in workino order. • announced Kay Aslnvorth American director of public safety Russians Poised To Foil U.S. Plan Veto Power to Keep Balkan Row From 55 United Nations LAKH SUCCESS N. Y.. AilB. 14. <UP> — It mny take three more Soviet vetoes. Unt Hussla was In IMsltlon today to thwart the United Slates plan fo,- losslng the smoldering Biilkans dispute to the !>5 united nations r.t the fiirtlieomhiy session of the goncrnl assembly. A rarely-nier.llonett article in the UN chnrler. plus Ihe very veto power ihe Western countries arc kiins ease were expected to slaml trying In elrcnmvent In the l)al- Russln in tjood stead In the new and ehucial stage of the debate. The chuiivr prohibits Hie assembly from acting In any case with chick Ihe Kecurily Coiuu-il Is occupied. UN diplomats polnled mil that Rnss:n. by adroit, use of (he bin live rule of unanimity, can veto uny attempt, lo strike Ihe case from ihe council's doeket, this would prevent Ihe assembly from acting ni the mallei 1 , as proposed yesterday by the U. S. Before that decision Is taken, Hu.ssia will have to wield Ihe veto ill least iwo oilier limes if 11 slicks to Its nlnsal to ulto.v any kJM'.;-ran;;e t'N' .'merven''. ip tjetwee. 1 . K Circccc and Albania and Yugoslavia. Crippled Vet's Special Car Crashes Into Trolley MlCMrms. Tenn.. Aug. 14. lUf» -For.l pecans. ln?:iiilliiK two Army |>arii|>c B l,- patients, were Injured last nlithi when it u . veterans' sui-e- idlly emil|>pcd automobile crashed into an I'liririi- roach at a likli rale ol >T«'«I. Seriously inj.ired were Jo Pate, 73, and Jo-.eph /.iicharlah. W Ua- tcu Kcii :! o. La., whose paralyzed let's weiv birken. I,rss seriously hurt were Jewel [taker, 21. and David P. Thomas. -»J, paiapi,'i;lc pat lent (ro-u Rlngfiulil. La. PAGE THREE INDEPENDENCE lYum i. led QiUH-n Ull'tabelh lo ul'iarUir mi Indian Iradlm- company In 1000, were MIIIL iie-nwii the two new state.s. 1'uklMim, with n population ol OO.tOO.Odi! perrons, controlled !!00.000 .scjiiure uilli':, of laud. Includlnn India's loud :>iul Jnle produeinij areas. The ciunpan'on slate of Ihe 1M- inintnn in 1-nlta possessed India's bli: elites, [.real, indiisliinl ru- OilUAHi snuari! miles of Janet, and iiuO.fiOD.oon iieople. It also was expK'hd eventually to absorb llio uri.ouu.dijo pi-rsons llvlnij In tin: princely .slale-: now dls)>nled. | The I wo o.itions Inlo which India wa.s divided remain dominions Inside I hi- iMUsh commonwealth of nation:; mill! June M. 1048. At (lint lime, (hey will decide whether lo leave Hie commonwealth, which Is held together loosely by the Urltlsh ceowu. JurliiK tins Inlerlm period. Mountbalten will serve uu nover- nor general of (ho Dominion of Iiiiltn. Unpieceilenled Independence cel- ebiallons were planned lhrmi g hont Initia, but ih... bia/e of fireworks was IntcrmhmJed wllh Ihe bla/e of Buiiilre lieraldliiK the hlrlh pants nf the rew country. i Texarkana Bus Drivers' Strike Hurting Business NOTICE NOW AVAILABLE at your Grocery and Cafe Clover Farms Secitest Milk & Dairy Products (;r;i<le "A" |>as(tnw.c(l You've Ti-icil (lie Now Try (he Besi ! Call for Se;tltesl Milk. Delivered FKKSH Daily East Arkansas Milk Co . Mcni|>liis, Tcnn. . Ark.. Aug. M. (UP, . .. . . -One lo;:irk;u;a strike has been seitleo. .:ut another woes into its twelfth nay today still dcadlociea. t'ninn ii'imicers who hr.d been stuKin- iiHermi'.ient!-.- since A)>ril rct:ni:ed to work yesterday nt a 15 cents an hour increase over Mich privicus scale of si.7,-> an hour Meanv.-hile. city officials arc prc- txirmt; to sleji into tr.e dispute bets ecu timers and owners' of the fiiy's lor. ( > line. Drive: s Icrt their jitns midnight An-,'. 2 and all atc-miits at :irbitiv.tio:i so far lia''e failed. City atoincy Fhi] Alston said h is -.vorkiiiL,- on a writ Sen ultimatum to roa:p:,iiy officials (o be^ir op- cr.,:m^ .vitn w, hours or lose thi-h- fran ;-hise. But company, r f.d Mii.-iieli s:-,id the coinpan.- w'll nnt aibisrate v.'hat u (•onsid'-'r.s -i ••violation of ihe Tafl-Harlley Law" T;n,- sink!- lias cruised „ inarked decline in Tcxarkaua business WATCH Take advantage of the skill of our watch repair experts. They'll carefully repair your timepiece with quality, factory- made parts. Prices are remarkably low. DHEIFUS llh WEST MA1\ sr •IO«K m KTTMV1 to fine a selection as we've ever seen accenliiiile your fall vvitidnilie a( i) savings. 'I'liese are To|i-l<'liK'lit shoes designed to iutil<e your . a|>|>earan<-i> siiccessl'ul! 3 Shoe Lines The Johnnie Wolker Tines! ffiialily selection in this jj r «at tame assures you of com fort in fit, iatisfaclion in style. $7.50-$7.95 and $8.50 Otir medium priced shoe. Sturdily mill to «ivc lonjr wear. Conies in ill sixes ami latest of fall styles. at $6.95 The iiiosl reasonably price shoe in lown. More for yntir money in Iliese llian in many shoes selling elsewhere for much more! at $4.69 I. Rosenthal Inc. 226 W. Main St. Phone 2562 Military pnHre nslnif automatic i-lf cs flml freonently on rioters lit Lahore and Amrhtar. two flljnuted elites In North India. In U hour?, the walled city of I-ahore suffer."! CO kilted und 100 wounded. ]|U KC fir os blaitd. A third brlijadi' of military police rushed to i he city to Iry lo restore order. Three |)l»ee:i o[ worship were set u 11 re An alack on a railway work- ship killed :ir> l.nhoro W ft,f under dnsk-lo-dnwn curfew. '" C'alciitla niul nearly Ilowrah, two persons were killed and t*r e ^ Jured. Oandhl In a dr»maUc mot« v , to end religious riotU* moiMd.^^. li to'.an tniWH'ed are* o<-ci5iS^r», The bulldln, hVoteufrtS-SiJl^' • tcrrd by rocks which a 'crowd of " 200 hurled. TH bUIWlni 1 * wjndo«i ,i were shattered ,. , .~«**,^f All flfourid K'm were Wrnecf-S8f**" •sh-icks. victim' of earlier disturbances. On the day thit •In«H«if," cclved (he IndepeliOeuce h<! hsul if. voted his life to »In, Oa^nT)uci^ npthlnj; t 0 say, f . r / . ,,'. DREIFIIS' MIDSUMMER SHOWING BRINGS YOU If yov ott plnnnlng o fall wcctJCng or «n- ftaa«m*nr; (Mi \\ your golilen opporlurtlly to love on dlamomJi. V/« Iiovo a brilllanl colJ«clloA It ipnrlllng wllli f)0ollly anil umuilng vnFu*i , . . So, lieforo you »lctld« on her JIainond, us ut . , . iavil Fine cliomond In a smartly carved soiling of 14k gold. Lf! 99.95 3 bricjlil diamonds sparkle ogalml a settincj of 14k gold. 59.50 Modem diamond duolto of level/ simpljcily in 14k 165.00 Radiant center diamond enhanced by 2 sldo diamonds. 1 149.50 6-diainond ensamble. l^k yolcl seninrjs of rich design. ^ cV 139.95 A side diamonds accent the beauly of the terttar diamond. ?5V'W 195.00 Lovely matched 14k gold sellings, displaying 0 diamonds. 59.95 Man's impressive diamond ring. Carved 10k gold setting. 205.00 Magnificent 10-diamond duelte. Perfeclly matched in 14k gold. 100.00 Yellow gold soiling ol modern distinction for Iris diamond. 150.00 Beoulifully styled in the modern manner ... 6 blazing diamonds. Wide variety of matching wedding bands for brid« and groom. 350.00 10 brilliant diamonds glorified by ihe fishtail sellings. OPEN AN ACCOUNT No interest—No Carrying Charge

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