The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 3
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_WET)NKSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1<M8 BT.YTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS GOP Schedules Party Primary Exhorbitant Fees May Keep Candidates From Participation LI'lTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 21. I -AUhoush the Arkansas Kc- icaiiK have lien ten iho Dc-jno- crats to the draw by .suhrcluling ijiefr primary for April 20, the political ! ire words in iho .state h:i.i developed info a two-sided free-for- all. As far n.s the nemocnus are con- corned, it seems EI.S though Gov Ben Laney had been the boy \vitii Iiis finger in the lertky dike. Wi'.n iho governor out of the wav, ut lejust for 104fl. M»P wall that held bark the on tush inj; candidates .shows .sij-n.s ol crtifkinj?, '['wo Democrats indiratod tlicv weir Fcnou.sly considering enterim* the racn yesterday, in the- \\i\kc of Governor Laney's withdrawal. Th are Ally. Gen. Guy Willlnms. and Lililc Rock busine.ssMi;i:i Raymond R^bsamen. Ant! on tlic Republic;*!) side, Ar- kaii-sas cpmo close to bm>min K h> batUpsrouiifi for supporters r>f Hm- n!d Siassrn and Gen, Dou-las M u- Arthur. Representatives nl Hit- Illinois MacArthur-for-Pnviklcw Club isk rrl Arkansas Republicans to keep their candidate's name off thr p t mai-y ballai, after .some Vist-iL^io i with state learioi.^, because iti ilieu- opinion'[he winner ol the prim in rmi.rjn't be sure of (he support of Ihe Arkansr.s delegates Jit Hie na tioniil convention. On tlii.s lut.i » rhey fcit. the $L>G.COO it would probably cos I, them to participate was too high a price. ITie unprecedented action will a Hovd Arkansas voters their fir;si opportunity in history to crust bru- _lois in a Republican prelcrential a^rimary. •' The GOP committee, which had been in ciLsapreoment over the v;*t- idity of such ait e loci ion curlier in the'day, also set Fob. 19 a.s the final day for which potential candidates fur the Republican nomination could qualify to seek It also established $10.000 H.S the minimum I ill tig ftc for ihc tol nl number of candidates entering lh«' primary. State RcpuhlicruT officials explain turn if only one candidate':-: were entered in the Arkansas primary, he would he lo pay the entire amount of the 540,000 fee. If more than one, the amount could be fiplit amom: the candidates by agreement, they said. Challenges Committee American Girl With Nose for News Finds it After Dark in Soviet Sector H> ANN KTKI Mil-lit I'nllfil Tr«K Sluff i'orrriiHimlcnl HKULLN. Jnn. 21. iu.1'.)—I wanted to find out wlinl hniipriu In nn Ammcun nHfr dark In I IIP Soviet, sector of Berlin w hr lp nrrrma of Amri-iniHs me .vipixtfril ui be Inrron-siiiR those days. So oni> n]ldnit;]it ihis »rok 1 drove 15 mile's thrc.uKh llw'uiillgmftl, bomliiMl-onl succ-l.s ol lleilln with »n Amei-li-nii |>lmio K nipher lo (ho luilu-p pm'incl Million, one o( Ilic Wmit'M and Unslost In llei'lin. We didn't know m Mint iu-+ side lljo Jtu.^ian si'i-un' we \vi-rr In- llii> Orninii chlot followed by n,e German chief ; " |10 " timun » I' 1 "'* will! el^lu inil- mmmiil invest i ( ;at ion officer tin- ! I'"' 1111 '' 1 Patrolmen anil M't off. Our muii umiu ctcly l,c!ow' tliii j "';i l sl i >1> Wl>s " ll< l''i'l«lrlrh..,,. Hiissian .siiicly ollliers In author!- M*" 1 ' 0 " 11 '""', subway station urn!>. We tonmi mil ulioul llml huer. "»"'> '»> Umlcii tn Ihe heart ot Hrlnri! Ihc Was tln> hansom lor a I, crude wcaxlcn ,., a bar, whew Mime mils were «l|i- 1'liiK viir German "|x][>." One of uui- police M'IKCUIIIJ. in-- ounizod n lrcn\;.y H'dlienil sis ai\ llllblllic. 'Iwo rilhfi fills rlsicJlY : Ginsbcri; of Jackson Heights. N. Y., U.siiiyini; before a John connrcssiona] liousinR im'rs'.lRsulni! coinmiilep, rliiillcnued Con-iess to try to slop by legislation his alleficd "grey market" activities in biiyini; and soiling cypsuin products. Gillsbuig, president of TriiiiM-ontiniriitiil Lumber Co., appeared before the committee alter he was sul)pc'ii;ic'il I and thrcatenerl will) coiucmpt if he refused to disclose the names ol 'his suppliers and customers. (NKA Telcphoto.) jvis reported a total of 383.GB9 ccount.s with savings of $335305501. Blinding Lights Blamed For Death on Highway ' ROGERS, Ark.. Jan 21. (UPI — Jacob Overtoil, (i.i-year-old Springdale man. was killed last nislit when he \\-as struck by a cat- driven by s A. TCHKUC of Beny- ville. The acctilcnl happened on Hiph-.vay 71, eight miles south of Rogers. OUicers said Tcuguc vvas blinded by th c Itcadlifiht.s of an oncoming car. After an investigation lie was cxonterateri. ! Slot Machines Sized In Raid in Hot Springs \ HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Jan. 21. lUPi— Phil Marks faced char., of possessing i;amblins devices today followins Hie seizure or eiilht slot machines in hi.s place ot business here yesterday. Police Chief Oeornc Ciillnllan said the machines probably Had not been in use recently since only one o[ them contained any money. Callahan snid he would ask Ihc conn's permission to destroy the machines. !y. We IcMiDil mil iilioul Hint lalc'r. j Tin- siiiuli' liKht in front of the ""' cll> ' slalion wns our beacon nnd the only nhmniir in the <tarkni<.\s ol lh« r- „,„- Mr.'i'i. We climbed two lights of ' '"'"^ l">nhainllers aiirt pnisiitntes. unlislited steps anil pulled aside | " "ill is. We lound GITIIIIUIS tlie rasKi'it KrcTn curtain wliicli s'ei-plnu. iiieir In-aris on I lien- arms, .seried lor a door. (IrrcU-tt \Vllh .SuriulM' Ht > :iili|iiariri'.'i was liny and coUI. We w.Mc- jiicL'ted wiili surprise and a rcipieM lor rroiteiilials. '1'lien tun German police immediately bmimc warin ami Iriciidly. ' I One was a loinier prlM>iii>r in America. At once he lii'iiun askini; how lie could j,,,,, ||,e American Army or Nuvy ami RO In On-ece. He uelii-v.'ti Hint the Americans are • lecrniliiiL: (in mans lo slrcnslhcn ' onr "c:i|n!ali^1ic armies" support- . in^ l he Triiniiin doctrine and the Marshall pli.n. 'I'iti.s ])icu,rr is n po]iiil;ir Russian- ' sponsoieti belief amoii;! the Cier- ! limns in Hcrini. 'Ihe niRln ilesk caplam lold us Ins men usiiiilly bring in about, 300 IH'ivons for various reasons din-In^ ; his sli!!:. He nsked If we would lil-.e to BO alonn ttjili a raiitil)-! ! linily. We suid ye.<, <iui<k. No Americans below had ever RIJHP sviih German police oil a raid in ttie Soviet area ol German}'. The captain .said they would be lookini; lor black marketeers, juvenile clcliniiuents. ladies of the | I'veitinc; ami jusi, plnln Germans who luul leu their papers in their other clothini;. \Ve cJin'lM-d into a latlie-trap turned Ihelr Jacrs nway when the photographer (ocussed 'his eniuera oil them. Ue were there lo inln- utiw. When we li-li we had eli;li», ])n.s.^cnnt is. Mil-it (let Itusslati Clearani-e Two wr-re itlrls Ix-lworn 15 nnd yi. inclmlmi; Hie redlieiul. Two were older nninrn wilhout proper papers. Two were yoiiiij; men, black minke- Iceis in clKurcl Ics iind riiiinplod cand\ i bars. They were booked and rincsUimc I at Mir stalion and thivt was where wo ruel Iho (lormu'ii (rljninal hi- \o.sti^atlon thief, a tall, dark-eyed. wc'll-fc,l and ttiirmly-dressed mini in a lilnck luimburK loltowed by :i bhu k [lalice do)i. He IniMlcd inlo tin- loom. IKIIOI- IOK us. and ordered lite politic Into an adjuiiuiiK room. We could hour phone culls brill); made. Atler n I'-vi- minutes I hey all rclllilli'd An ollu-er uskott I! we hud cleared our MMl with Itllsslnn press llal- j son. Wo hull not. This Is it. we lold | ourselves, rids is what happens to AllK-l-li-iins in tin- Kovlel /cine of I llorlin at muUiiKiit. I Hut Iticn Ihe bn chlel .suddenly I seemed to .see us tor th,- (n.,i lini-. , He rusnetl over. sniUlm;, and nilin- ! ttuc<-cl us to his dOK- Then tie renr- rd hack to iitric! altenllon »nd •Muled In 11 loud lecture platform voice: "Of course, any member of the allied presr. Is welcome to come InU) any pur! of the ItUMlaii sector »t any lime." We presumed he mcatiL welcome lo leave, too. We took x long, deep breath, prucllcnily « collective one, We Ihu'nkcd Ij'lm. Then we look our notes, our cameras and our departure—hurriedly. If lension was the new order vt the. day. they had had n beautiful rhuucc tn unesi us. We loll the ex- pei mien 1 . <!ld not require uiviiig thiiii loo mueti o[ fin opportunity. The defendant, jo« . r if hereby wtrned to »pp» t r In t Chancery Court for the Chlekmw- ba District ol MlwlMlpnl County. Arkansas, within thirty (30) <U» and answer th« complaint ol th* plaintiff, Mildred Inez Bridges. Witness m y liand tnd seal u Clerk of the said Chancery Court Jo, the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, ArkansM, thto W day of January, 19«. HARVEY MORRIfl, clerk By Dorothy Conlejr, D. C, Baptist Leader Dies (JI.AIIKNDON, ftrk., .Inn, 21 tUPI — l-'ntienil services were beliiK planntd today lor formei' Superintendent C. l{. I'imh ,,f n u . n,,ptist State Oriihanaue. who died yeslerday at Hit- UKO ot tin. Pimli icllred only a few months DUO us lioad of tlu> Montlcello In- sillutlou. where hr> had served continuously fur ^(i yeuifi. Head Courier New.! Want Ads. Rend Courier IT«W§ Want Adi. CIGARETTES 'PEH CANTON* PMC-PAID I Minimum I tuinllly irkd »ft* Oi*«u Mfftt urn* *4 P. C. Kiniy t,tu M fk«t STtELt SAtES CO.. STEEU. MO Crater Tlirnry r A nnw theory rr^iU'diuc I lie moon's cralcis suc^osts Lhat tlioy may not be the result of in doors or volcanic net ion. but th:it tlie tnooji'.s .sin fare once V.H.S an ancient sea, a IK! the cr^tor.s fonn^cl like rora.1 ainlls hnvr lonncd i:i Tropical sras here on carlh. hON'T FOOL WITH 1 JNTRIEO MEDICINES-GET THE ^ iEST KNOWi RHEUMATIC in Hie Pmitlc. f:.incnn-C-'JL'::i. This i» I .:}::, I I, Ms 111 ! lir- Scjicll. li:u'c> liri'll lir-illK I -r -III v:'.,--.. •.. !i.M, .l.,niMii--.i :unl Iind I -.vpnllii-r iiinki- your inutrlra (n'l MI J.nill- :cjt :,!„[ „.:,,- Innii I lu-.mial ir ], OIK- leaKpooiifnl of C-2H.tii. untor •i^irdly shctlrt to l>rinc uiicii'L roiiiriMt. , :l.l lir.,-,.,! ,,-lu.f Innti Hull iKr'.llni.llr- I ,.l.-.i. A.-'k for n liciilio at C-222.{. DODGE TRUCKS (JEW 'Pilot-House'Cabs with all-round vision Higher and wider windshield and windows i;ivo (ho driver real "Pilot-Hoitsp" vision . . . in nil directions'. It's aM-'rounri vision, slil! further augmented by newly avail:il>!e roar quarter windows. They're tlie safest truck cabs ever built, too, with welded all-steel construction. Their comfort is almost unbelievable. Take a ride . . . and you'll feel that you're "sifting on top of the world" . . . with all the road yours to command. NEW Allfek Ventilation NOW ON DISPLAY You're looking at the IIIOH! attractive and useful (rucks evor designed. The (irst (King you notice, of course, is their new massive "truck-like" appearance. But underneath—you'll find power-packed chassis, each "Job- Rated" for performance, economy, dependability, and long life. Because (Itcse now Doripe (rucks are "Job-Rated"— because ihcy /it Ihe job — they naturally save money and last longer. But you're in for a real surprise, when you sco how many additional money-saving and time-saving advantages Dod^e lias built into these newest trucks. We urge you fo come in and sec (hem without delay. You'll Iind them years ahead in design . . . the only really new trucks on the market this year! VALANCE OCT. 1 All Solid Wood While Breakfast Suite • Red Leatherette Chairs • Very Sturdy • A Real Buy fable and 4 Chairs 3 PC. POSTER BED SUITE at a New Low Price! Chest on Chest 3-Way Plate Glass Mirror, Beautiful Bon- nicwood finish, as shown, except posts are extremely large! Bench - $7.95 Pieces 119' 5 e Ease of -Handling You enjoy remarkable new ease of handling nnd driving in now I rucks. You ran turn llicm in much smaller circles . . . tlie same .size circle either right or left. Von ran park, or hark up to pint form?, with greater ease. With this shorter I urn ing, you also get full-size bodice, longer ral»p t better weight distribution. Real comtort at ten below or a hundred above! That's horause of an ingenious combination n! Srurl: healer, defroster vents, vent windows, rowl ventilator anrl x new fresh air intake (mm tlie radiator crille. It's the fmrat "AlMVcathcr" healinR »ml ventilating system available in any Iruc-k eab. NW Comfort ©MUCH SEAT ADJUSTMENT... convenient hand control. CVPLENTY OF HEADROOM. ©STEERIHG WHEEL . , . ri^hc ip dri\-cr'j lap. CD NATURAL BACK SUPPORT • . . a<3jtiM.iblc for niaximtifVi comfort. 0)PROPER LEG SUPPORT . . . under ihc kr>ces where ymi need it. (5) CHAIR.HEIGHT SEATS . . . ju*( like you have «I home. (6) "AIR-0-RIDt" CUSHIONS . . . ad;uM3hl« to weight of driver and road 1 conditions. IN ALL, 748 BASIC CHASSIS MODILS UP TO 23,()6o POUNDS G. V, W UP TO 40.0OO POUNDS G. T. W. BLYTHEYILLE MOTOR COMPANY !15 South 2nd Phone 4428 CHECK THIS US! OF LOW PRICED SPECIALS! 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