The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1931
Page 5
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IHJKSDAY, MAY 10, m/yTtlftVlT,l'.E, (ARK.)' COUKIRK _NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS IVo cuit* a word lor first Insertion and one cent » word ror each »ub6«quent luseiUon. No advertisement t&keii lor less thau 60c. Couut the words mid 6CUd the cash. l>buue 306 I-'OIl SALE PAGE FIVE By Ahern ; , fa ROTH DffWW GROVES ©195IOVNEA SIWICE IK! AUTHOR OK, The Husbandtluntcyek IIKCI* linilR TODAY UKKYI, 11O1I1H:V, •trrrllj love nllb TOJIMY WILSON. I FOR SALE USED CAIITEU LOG TRAILER 21- ion: Excellent condition, Kinup- l>eU with A-l 32x0 Heavy Duty lU-Ply 'iires. A llcal uarsain at $195. PHILLU'3 MOTOH COMPANY. 18-KiO FOR SALE •— Several nice frcsn Jersey cows, at my barn. K. O, Adams, 1'lione 135. TF COli-N FOR SAL-E--GOOU white ear coin. W. T. Hllcy, New Madrid, Mo. 12P-KSO FOR SALE OR THAUE—Good paying business for car. Will yivc or uke Ihu difference. Address "X". Courier News. 18P-K21 FOR SALE BRAND NEW FORD CLOSED CAB All Sleel, complete with Windshield. Doors with Glass, Seat Cushions, etc. Save $50.00. Fits 1!)28, 192'J and early 1930 Ford Trucks and Cars. Only 575.00. i'lULLIPS MOTOR COMPANY. 18-K20 FOR RENT FOR RUNT— Aparluieiu in Ingrain buildup. See Parkhurst Company. 8C-TF lurnished 14P-K.10 FOR RENT — 'J room apartment. GOO N. 5th. I'OIl KENT—Newly furnished cottage, 4 rooms and bath on Davis street. Call 968 or ISO. L. I> Ward. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn llat- ctery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora &-JZC11, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED TO BUY—Used Curs Lehman Gillcspic. Diiiton Chevrolet Co. 19P-K25 WANTED TO TRADE—50 loot lot on West Cherry St. for car, 224 W. Ash. 19P-K2a vllh Itrr fcalr->l»lrr. IHKVK UVEUL1T. UDI full, |, rOBvlBrr fc*m lku( II !• kla duly lo bl» Jam- Mr ID Unltk rullrcr. l.nli-r IrL-ne iiuiilpunri (he iunr- rlitut.- dole lirllnlnK *-ltc U (u become n ruUla •IUKL-I-. Srcurlrii: nn nuilillim, the prruilli Ucrj-1 Iu v.o Iu Ibu iluillu ivJlb hrr. While ^HllfBK In no unte-rniiui llvryl *lln *?niva lit a Ltlano iiud croon* Juclodirs. One of the dlrrcinrji hcnri brf and clvra ber a prlviitt l*»l. lit- urettilie* a contract la(«T. Irene (all* and !• furlum wbr« • be hrnn ol IK-rjl'* MUTCI-MM. Uvr)T« bi>lir» ill a raUlu career tllw Hi Iliuc imM»i-B rtud no lyoril CUIIICM (rum Ibr •lujlu. At ln*t • letter arrl\i>» and kin- lUpM nwny Cor the iMlrrvlew, Ili-rjl ii tinted Mlicn lirrsrliled ullh a cnnlrurl l>ul Jji-r flelury i« bltlcr-hwrcl lor *»•:»• family nail Tommy lu-lleve KUC rnbLfJ Irene ut her cliunce. UerjT* debut l» II AIK-CI-I.*. uud rtne relurni name Itidcn wllb jloral Irllmlri. llurnln.-; uliu envy Irene <l<-cMc» (u ruurrj- T.immj Iruiue- dltilelr. Tuiy iilnn nnmlicr HorirmcDl but TOIIUUJ'H uiiDt J]f» mul .ii;aln the weUdlcig l» poxtiumrtl. Irtne . !• dJicppolnled urcnuie Tummy In BUI Ihe »ule heir, but Hit. HOFFMAN unnf» ti hitUMcLeeper ani oirei« rnihiocmmlfl 10 Irine to rii.-irry and Inkc charge or the KOIV CO OX WITH T1IF. STOllf CHAPTER XVIII A UNT E.MMA's sister, Ernestine, went home and tlio Hoffman l;ul liotf on earth had ho to fall for Irene? She'd have aclcil iltHcronlly, bow- ever. If she'd liecn 6(111 in ihe cashier's cago ot her 6tci>f;iilicr's slore. Then she might bavo seen for herself liow Tommy was farlus ly to make her acquaintance, hcMmrdon tier 'mind with woridly had tohl licr. lihoiiKhla elio win thinking i "I might have yono to Snmon on I Tommy, siio vciiialncd In lior rcom a tramp l»:it tome fellows I know i iinUI 1'rcntlsu culled for licr. picked up on the coast," ho ad-Jeili lior relief at his arrival wn? LOST AND FOUN1> LOST--Kty ling, Finder return /lo Reward. with 8 keys, Courier News. 1DP-K22 1'KljyONAL CASH I/A1D for second hand furniture. A. L. i'lowcrs, corner Main & Lake ats. tiC-TF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The lilythcvilte Cotton Oil Company The Annual i.teetins of the directors and stockholders c! the aliovi: comyaaj' will be held Thursday,- Juno 9th at, 10:30 A. II. in the ottices ol W. A. Gage i: Co.. Falls Bid?., Memphis, Teun. •5C-K6-3 menage was left without a housekeeper. Mr. Hoffman did not wish to cngngo a hired one with Ireno so sooa to be installed la the place. No Lte spoiling llio givl, bo rety Eoncd. The part-time raaid camo In as usual, but things went a bit to pot, Mrs. Everett camo over with Irene a time or two and restored tlie house temporarily to a semblance of order but to this Irene objected. Her motu'er agreed with Ler when ehc pointed out tbo folly of letting Mr. Hoffman get any wrou^ ideas about ber doing housework. Beryl sta-od away. Sbo couldn't endure being around Tommy aod Ireno wben they were together. The way Tommy's eyes followed Ireno in a Eort (J vcrcblpful daze fairly torlurcl AcrfL Bho could understand tbtt ther« was no reason yrby. Tommr sliould. lovo her at home In regard to nieab. Ho was dolns tlic innrkciliiK. nml buying canned gooils by llio armful. That would have been all rlgiit but be never bought frcali vegetables and fruit to so with the tinned prodncls. All tliat lieryl knew of his hunger for home cooking such us Ills aunt had provided was evidenced In hts (ippclllo wbcn lie camo to cat at llio Everett table. "Whoever mild." die thought "tbat people in lovo have no appetite didn't know so much." Ordinarily wlicu Tommy camp to the house nnd lleryl was at liome sho found an excuse for departing as touu as slid could. Ono ulKlil when she was itarllcularly miserable over Tommy's blindness ehc went to hor room. Slio was uuliappy for a particular reason. Ueryl Lad granted a date, nnd It was an unusual date. It was with a young man who might, very possibly, want lo make love to her. She'd had dales before but they wero friendship dales. Usually ^vilh a boy she'd known all her life and who couldn't be suspected of being in lova \vilh her When she did think there might bo something of tbo kind In a boy's mind Beryl refused to go out with him alouo. She had a feeling thai even If slio were ridiculous In being true to Tommy she was belter for being trua to herself. , by way of Impressing her with tttc ovMcui that both Tommy and I measure of Ills desire to meet tier. iliout;ht she uiust be grcnvlas fond "Hut 1 lind lo know tlio girl wbo owned ti voice like yours, so I cjiur ot IriMic had oiHjned llio door f cast Instead. You don't mind It l-I'rontlss and held lilm In convcrsa- spcaU right out und say I think jilon a fu\v momenta bcCoro shu run It's srcal, do yon. Miss liordcnt" i uv lo tell lieryl tlial her cscorl l:si! "I lovo coi.iillmeule," llcryl ad jo/rlvcil. Ucryl knew llila. She milted frankly. I run tlio car m tba curb and V.KI "Well. then, maybe I can tell you! imtdnv; on her Jamiiy little MUU- how 1 feel about your voico uuil you won't Inngh at me." Me pautcil tlion on. "It's like a uoll cuuch wlii'ii you'ro llrei] nnd a hot drink Mheu yun'ro cold, uiul Ice whi'ii you'ro loo warm and n lot ol other soolllfns tbings." lleryl euilled. not much on romanllr ccchcs. am I'.'" ho conceded, urn! cryl wonilercd al Uo wistfulucsi his tones. T wlsli 1 could say that your >lco takes me back to the hours 1 unit nt my mother's knee," he cut oil. "but I don't remember npONIGHT as sho changed Inlc J- ono of her lovely new part dresses—dresses that wrung Irene' soul "willi envy—sho actually su fc-red tlio remorse of. uufalthtu ness. Her lovo for Tommy was a vcr real thing. Slio Moused to hii wholly and unallerably. What di it matter if ho knew nothing auou it? It was her love and it was to Her to tend or neglect it. Now sb had chosen deliberately to neglec this love. It was the fair thing to do. El lind reasoned, when Bho made tl date. Fair to herself. Certain sho could never kill her lovo Ii Tommy if she did not try. Prentlss Caylorcl could make h forget Tommy; it anyone coul Prentiss—son of the man w! rnado Vcivelan, the Eoap she EUI to advertise. Sho had met him at the stud lift b^d CJIEOU ta Knw Ynr' evening Jacket when Oiciscrl tier door. "Who Is he?" lieno asked breathlessly. "I'rcnll^s (laylord. 1 * r |MIE answer was unsatisfactory to Irene. "Yea, 1 know inline Is Gaylorcl." alic aald o.xcltcd- ly. "lJ»t who IB hcV" lloryl Einlled at her. "You mrnii." she rpplli'il. "\vh:it relation h lie. IT iiny. lo Onylord. tlio tig linhhic nnd l^lhcr man from Oakdalc." Ireno was offended. "Oil well, of y mother. Sho dicJ when I was! course. !(• you must IK) Kin-asiic year old." ] when you're nskcd n civil question "And my father died when I was i . . ." Gho began but Ueryl cut her baby," lieryl cuulldcd, establish ff. ig a Vond between Ihem. niHS bond bad developed unit! *• Beryl felt Hint Prcntlss ITIISI o l«comlng seriously Inttireslcil n her. Ho bad asked several times for T. date aud had nlways been roused until tonight Somo fricuds f his were giving a party In a cot- ago oa tho South Shore and be ranted her to go. Beryl had Enid no and he had begged her to onslder. She had telephoned Iilra tliat ftcruoon accepting (ho Invitation. I'hls was after she'd heard that Tommy was comlus to dinner. II camo over ber iu a flash that she couldn't endure filings as they were itnich longer. It wasn't enough to slay away from Tommy. Sho would ,iave to stay away from Lome, tco wlien he camo to llio bouse. Mon than thai, she'd liavo to mftko a fight to interest herself in someon else-who would put Tommy out o her mind. Her popularity with lac public hadn't done it. Her now clothes hadn't dono It, Prentlss hadu't done it so far but Bhe bad not given him a fair ehanco. Tonight sho would be different She would not laugh at bim U be became scnlimcntal nor would sbo hold him at arm's length il be grew tender. But even as she put tho finishing i touches to her. toilet and. tried (o "Pronllss la the little bubble and .ither man," B!LQ explained. "lic'H ils lather's son. Hut 'let's go down ilalis. 1 Bupposo you Introduced •oiirsolf?" "Ot course 1 did! I bad to be pollle, didn't I?" "Yes, 1 Bupimso yon had to be," 3eryl answered dreamily. Ireuo flounced out of llio room, Kultcrlug to herself.. llcryl followed a few minutes later. Sho had delayed lo open a bottlo ot new perfume that Mr. Gaylonl. senior, hail font her. llo had aald ho might tiamo it for her. . Prcnltss was talking wllh Ircuo wben Beryl Joined them. Tommy was looking on wilh a scowl. Beryl went up to Premiss and put out her bands In greeting. Laughingly she said, "You're a little late. Don't you know you mustn't keep au Important person wailing?" "Bo yourself, young lady." ho retorted. "Your boss held mo up." Beryl expected that bo would pay her tbo usual compllni'cnt, "Ami aro you prelly!" Sho wished would, for Tommy's benefit Uut ho appeared lo have nollilug ot tbo kiud In mind. Although ho grinned nt ber she! saw that be was looking over her shoulder at Irene. In his eyes was a light that sho had never ECCQ kindled there before, L <la Uo Continued) „- ;hickasawba District, within thirty days lo answer the complaint ui The Prudential Insurance Company ol America, a corporation, in the above caiiEc. WITNESS my hand as His clerk of said cotiri, and the seal thereof on this IS'.h day, of May, 1931. (Seal) H. L. GAi.VES, Clerk, liy Harvey Morris, D. C. Gea. W. Barliarm, Atty. Ad Litein. 1S-2G-2-9 which the room can be heated to established by the U. S. Lighlhom: any required degree. Persons work : service. r study in the room dtirint; liie j The fceacons arc operated by rats to determine offcct of the 'clock work and ait checked daily ovcl heating plan on the human ^ from Arlington during the season ody. Dr. L. \V. Bchad, of the \Vci- iof navigation to cliniinale the pos' Electric and Manufactnr- sibili'.y of different stations inler- Company, is directing the ex- j fering with each other. ^rimcnt. A dollar lying in the Soutii Caro- ina slate treasurer's oflice for the ast two years lias not been claini- 1N THE CHANCERY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AU KANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DIS- THfCT. The Prudential Insurance Com- linny of America, a coriwralion. Plaiutilf, vs- Marvin H. Hobinson and EliKibclh ^^'. Hobinson, his wife, £dua Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank of Si Louis, a corporation, George A Meyer, Clmrles M. Rice, Cus Keisiiicycr, Jr., Edward Herman and Henry Brenner, Trustees ol liuenialimial Bank of St. Louis, The Klcctric Painl nnd Varnish Company, a corporation, The Fcd- cinl Intermediate Credit Bank ol S;. Louis, a corporation, LaFay- i.'tte Soiilli Side Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, Bankers'. Mori gage Company, a corporation, C. U. Campbell, Administrator of Hie Estate of W- M. iMcKea, deceased, Mrs. Mary I£. Glenn, K. B. No!cn. Trustee, F. A. Hobinson, doing business as llubiiu.on Packing Comiwny, Clyde T. DeiHon, Trustee, and Guaranty Bank ami Trust Company, a corporation, S. J. Mc- Dcarniun, Trustee, and F. A. Kubiiison, DcfenclniUs. WAIiMNU OKllliK 1'bc dL'Icndanls, Kclna Perdue, nntl Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank of St. I.onis, a corporation, George A. Meyer, Charles M. Rice. Giis Hcismcycr, Jr., Edward llorman and Henry Bicinicr, Trustees for Internationa! Bank of St. Louis, The Ktcctric P.iint and Varnish Co::ip^uy, a cciporation. Federal Inlcrmcdiatc Credit Bank of St- Louis, a corporation, Lafayette Soutii Side Bank and Trust Company, a cor|wr.\- 1:011, Bankers' Morlyajc Company, a corporation, C. C. Campbell, Ad- iniiiiilratcr of the estate of W. M. McRcn, deceased, Clyde T. Denton, Trustie, R. B. Nolcn, and O'.iaranty Bank and Trust Com' ijany. a coriwration, are warned to appear in Hie Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, New York Cotton NE WYORK, May 19. (.UP)—Col- Ion closed steady. Open High Low Close May . July . Oct. . Dec. Jan. Mar. 895 311 051 959 930 933 ooa 92D 96-1 984 995 1013 893 ODi 938 %0 Oil 930 89-1 911 914 904 975 092 Spols quiet at 010, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 10. (UP)— Cotlon closed steady. Open High Low close -May 900 914 SM July 915 930 Oct D4S 9G4 Dec 9U9 984 Jan 980 992 Mar 1000 1010 Spots quiet, at 8B7, ofi DCaCOnS To Locate Ships CLEVELAND. (UP)— Itadio bca- :ons tliat give the exact location cf ihljis and I'cir iiasition til foghorns ire in opcralion on tiie Grrni Lakes. Vessels on the lakes have been supplied with au "eye 11 that can see a lighthouse 200 miles away through a heavy fog, according to E. H. McCrackcn, passenger traffic ajci'.t of the Detroit Navigation Company. The 34 beacons were For a limited time I have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsoles- Men's light halfsoles with Goodyear rubber heejs — $1. Men's medium halfsoles with Goodyear rubber heels .. $l.-a Men's heavy lialfsolcs with Goodyear rubber liecls .. $1.50 \V. J. KNOX CLASSIFIED- ^r^ ^—<«P3Z5fe^ USE*PBONE OUR BOARDING HOUSE MOW/3ASOM —WHERE ARE eves vou UP HERE2~ AH, I 5E£ "THEM ,' ~- COME TROUT cAdpi-e,SG t 3-fArrr-rHis t>PQOK MASSACRE EM yQ',MRS. rlQCiPLe T CR VOLl'Ut. ALL BIG WfNiS WIU- COME rIAlP ' ^jgN^^jl^- ?TSt~~sNo By Marlit SOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JIONKY TALUS—YKS SIR!! VOIN mio.wu.Yt 1 . SEEM TBE ' v VOOR •VM.KS FOR HE JIFBURBD WASHED 1GRFASH) EATON AND SON Pbonc 700 Mala ti 5th St. PULLING THE JOli! ND HIS FRIENDS C.T" H !/-T fr3l'_L CUT ShJ DEPP To THIS IS A ciwoi,<sermi IN THIS IT SOT DOU'T USE -W& ^rTl , — f '-•%•;,.• - ; . .1 T'-. -' \- r ~ :.{'.*- r v.'-!•"•''•:•'.' ';' ''I''- '• '•'.•' '• J"' 1 -''"^' ! S?" STRSET AUO Vi CSJT OO OP OM /L TELEPHONE CAUL : FBECULES, ! DETECT IVS IJOiJTotJ STREETS. .- TAKING HIM W! f To DC- OTHER. WASH TUIJBS SETCrift V KKOW VW FELlftS LET US GO TvV OTHER PAY- JEAN 6S60NES IS BYGONES, SHlPMME, LIXV TO THPCT. GIT NER PAU P,M CLIMB ftiJOARO VW OUD PAWSON T(\V.£5 A CRUISE, LWJ, WOTLL. OPEM VER. BLDOM1N' EYES, D'tlE. NOD BOVS TH£ COf\ST GUMW.TilEV HME VOUSFOTTE SOYS! SPOKE LIKE BY TO C-0 PlfXCtS AG'IH. \OUR.ONLV -friERE MtaHT ACViTO CKMP, VJMMIVND E^V ErVjERTo BE.G1N THEVR- •DiXWGEROUS DOTieS AS SPIES. Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T. Anaconda Copper . Auburn Auto Caterpillar Trader ChrysSr Cities Service Coca Coia Continental Baking Ocncral Electric .. General Motors ... Montgomery Ward NCR- York Centra! Packard Hartio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J. Texas Corp 20 3-4 U. S. Steel • 38 5- Electric "Skin" Used for Heating PITTSBURGH. (UP)-A room, equipped .with an "cleclric skin." which radiates warmth tlic manner that tlic human skin dors, is being tcslcd here. Expcrimeiils were undertaken to determine whether greater co:nfvrl may be attained by heating the walls of a room instead of tho air content. The "skin" resembles ordinary wall surfaces but is equipiwd with eleclric heating mechanism by

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