The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTIIEVJU-E (AUK.)' COUK1EH NEWS WEDNESDAYY, AUGUST 13, 1047 F/remen Win Fierce Battle On Pump Boat CINCINNATI, O., Aug. 13. (UP) .—Firemen yesterday won a battle to > prevent explosion of 275.000 rations of gnsollne aboard an Ohio RJwr barge, nlthougli* smaller ex' plosions from a burning pump boit frequently forced them to jump into the wator. " The wooden pump boat, to which ilie steel gasoline-laden barge was fastened, burned for more than two hours at the river terminal of the Sun; Oil Co. Greasy smoke rolled across the riverside area as the smal! explosions aboard the pump boat shot flames into the air and over the barge, preventing firemen from cutting it loose. - As the explosions spread [Ire •cross the decks of the pump boat, fire fighters leaped into the water. Texarkana Man, Shot by Police in Knife Fight, Dies TEXARKANA, 1-ex., Alls. !3. (UP) —Lay C. Frost, one of two Texarkana brothers shot by a policeman •' iii a business-district brawl here Monday night, died in a Texarkana hospital yesterday. He \vas 22 years old and a resident of Tex arkana. His brother, 24-year-old Raymond, is being treated for a wound on his face but his condition \vi.s Scrappy Birthciay ~l Bamboo, the Philadelphia Zoo's 500-pound gorilla, chews up a birthday ciMtl and Kcts set to toss his 21st birthday cuke at photographers and well-wishers. The oldest living gorilla in captivity, Bamboo, as usual, behaved in ;i manner unbecoming a host ut the birUulay cclcbralion. CIO, It Seems, Is Victim of Union Policy WASHINGTON', Aug .13. (UP) — TJu- CIO today called for a special si'.sslon of Congress to rcimnnw: celling controls on rising priMs. CIO Vice President Ernil rileve, clmiriiiaii " f the CIO Full Employment Cc.ninill/tce, told a news conference that "legislation must be enacted Hiving the President control over prices and the right lo jns!kutL> rationing." He also urued that President Truman convene a national conference of mtmas,'cment, labor and agriculture to attempt to agree upon a KCimlary program of price control In addition to legislative controls. He snM .that, n mis is not don" the country will so through a repetition of the last depression "which will make the thirties look like a Sunday school picnic." Hievo -snitl failure to hr-ins down the cost of living would leavo the CIO with "no other alternative but to move lor further wage Increases." He said the CIO is opposed to wage controls. not considered serious. Meanwhile, Bowie County authorities continued their investigation of Ihe shooting and cutting scr.ipe which lead to the affair. However they .predicted no charges would •je filed against Officer Koyd Watson, who fired the shols. Police said that the Frost broth- ers were engaged in a knife-f:i:!it with II. E. Dorr, a used car salesman, \vhcn Watson and his fcllo'.v officer, Harvey Shcrrer attempted to break up the fight. Wat.son fired the shots only after the Frost brothers shifted their attack to him, officers said. $700,000 Fire in Lumber Yard Started by Lightning CHAVtLKSTON. S. C., Aug. 13.. (UP)—Fircsliirtcd by a bolt of lighu iiiiiK destroyed the C. C. Rhodes Lumb?r yard near here today. Loss was estimated at more than $100.000. Night watcmnen at the yard said the whole yard .scorned to burst into flames In tess than a minute after the lightning struck. «. 19W BY ffCA SERVICE. INC, T.. M. RFC. U. 5, PAT. OFF. / S-I3 The sea snake, a crnoiiious. vicious lover of privacy, Is found in the Indian and Pucific oceans. The only money known to three- fom tlis of Die people iu the world sliver. Pride & Usrey GENERAl CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition I I 5: I "Men certainly are not very observing! Can't they see " that she is too tali for them?" FRECKLES •& HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Tlirow Him a Uopc DERTH of a DOLL "©by Hilda Lawrence; Dlilrlbulccl by NEA SERVICC. INC. XXXIII WHEN he got back to the doe- tor's, Bessy and Bculah had •left. "I sont the ladies home," Foy said virtuously. "They were anxious to do all they could, but I told them this wasn't woman's work, not now. You've got something new, haven't you?" • "What about the New York calls?" ' "3*00 soon. Why?" "Because it's Chicago we want.' 'At least I think so. .'. . I've fiot n name, or part o£ a name, or a man Hulh Miller called. My source ot information isn't too strong in the head, but T don't want to throw this away because of that. Do you think Chicago could track down Lawlovds and Crawtovds with one hand and check the 2-8277 phones with tiie other? tawtord or Crawford is supposed to be a man of prominence. We can let them keep on with the Ne-v York calls at the same time." i The only sound for Ihe next few minutes was Foy's low voice apologizing to Chicago. • Then Foy hung up. "They'll do what they can, but they say it's a. paper chc.«^ rt . Can't you dig up a little more?" j "One thing at a time, wash this up first: Did they know a big shot with a name like Lawford Crawford?",. ' !;,"They didn't say so. Sometimes a man is so big that people don't think of him." I "Right. But he needn't be big at that. A man of prominence in Huth Miller's world could be anything, a civil-service employe or a minor city official,, a nice guy in a clean white shirt who finished high school and took courses at night to improve himself." Foy said, "That guy could be a ' former employer." "That's what I'm crossing mj fingers for. An employer, preferably in a department store or a shop. Maybe a floorwalker. Miss jibby thinks there's a tie-up with store or a shop. Miller claimed nexpcricnce, but sho knew too much about selling. Libby thinks The phone rang. It was the first Yew York call, from Hcadciuar- ers. Four exchanges had been cleared, and a squad was covering .he locations. • • • T'HEY sat on; talking, silent, talking, watching the clock. \'ew York reported at intervals, jut there were no leads. "I don't know \vhy we cail't ock somebody up," Foy snapped. "I don't like to be diddled by u girl!" "But this is no ordinary diddling, and no ordinary girl. She looks and acts average, and that's why she., has us by the throat. This one is as smart as anything that r ever went through your hands. She did her stuff like a malhcmntician. In the end, when we take her aside for a little leart-lo-hcart, we'll probably find .hat her schedule ran something like this. She got hold of the extrf cbstumr, because she knew nil about it. She hid it—my guess is the second-floor bathroom packrpom; easy lo get at. She was lucky about the chef's accident that gave her n break; but she could have worked without,,.it. . She'eased Miller into position under Plumper's eyes whc the other girls turned Plummcr down. She'd had Miller spotted from the first, probably because Miller appeared with April who was too easy lo identify. . She then went upstairs and waited, and I think she locket Fisler's door for added safety Too close to the first floor. Si Miller, poor little devil, had ti go on up lo Brady's. And ii Brady's we had the business Knockoul wilh music box, lrad> masks. Then a quick look-se down .the hall, another safcl; leasure. But Iho elevator was inging then, ami that might bring rouble. So she took the elevator ver. she didn't dare not to, and crried Mrs. Marshall-Gill to the lain floor. She relumed at once i) eighth, Marshiill-C.ill \\-alchcd he indicator. 13aclc in Brady's she nislicd her job, and 1 don't have o tell yon what that was, went own lo Miller's room and opened he window. Gelling set tor the uicide angle, see?" He cave his icory of the changed masks, the cries of appearances as Huth lillcr and herself. "I've f;one over int ronliiie until I'm sick of it." e paid. "Il's clear, it (Us with vhat I've been told. So what? So hat's nil it is. A piece ot reiisoa- ng that fits." Then the phui'.r rang. » * * CHICAGO had found n private 1 residence in an exclusive iiiburb with the right phone^num- )er. It belonged to Norman Craw- orcl, president ot Bapsctt and Vright, one of Chicago's largest lepavtment stoves. Crawford \vas lot home, but Ihey knew where le was and were him 'ast. It would be n matter of rninntcs, they were keeping an open wire. Foy sat with the receiver to his car. "At times like this, 11 Mark said softly, "I wouldn't take a million for my job." Foy said, "Hello. All set here, get on wilh it." The other Iwo crowded him. They heard respect creep into bis voice and saw it straighten his shoulders, lie sat as il he wore standing at attention. Chicago 'talked, first in a hearty growl, then in a steady, flowing stream. Foy said little beyond, "Yes, sir. you have it correct, sir,'* bnt be clung to the phone as Ruth Miller must have done. He had n6thing to fear, nothing to hide from, but his mobile Irish lace tolti Ihe watchers that Until was living and dying again in Norman Crawford's story. The story took seven minutes to tcl!, and Foy in- lerruplcd only twice, toward llic end. He said, "I've got evcrylhi-ig bul the name, sir," and after lliat he said, "I'll he !" <To He Continued) Free Delivery GATEWOOD GROCERY \ Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch V, Ft Pi. 5th 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Colvcrt 1.35 2.65 4.15 Schenley ' 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 j5% Beer •GAS, reg per Case $2.88: 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c; I All Brands Cigarets,ctn.$l.35i Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Stiidcbakcr Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern limo-saving tools are provided for our trained mechanics. They use their .skill and Ihu correct. tools to give you better service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. Used Cars in IB Chevrolet 55 ton Pickap IMS CMC 'A ton Prclsup 1915 Dodge 1 /, Tun Pickup 1941 Chevrolet '/i ton Pickap From I SHU- THINK ITS KIND OF A Dipry TRICK I HELP! LIFEGUARD .'// I'M DROWNING/// GO AHEAD, . IT'LL DO HIM / GOOD I PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasmwba IfMG Ford Super 2-floor I!)ll Plymouth 2-door 1UII Plymouth 4-door 1910 rontiac Lots of Others to Select CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY INSURANCE Your Studebaker Dealer "First br Far With a Postwar Car Phone 2195— dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health BY LBSLIW TUKNK* The Inside Stor WASH TUBES C...NWAED KRINGLE! SO I WRITES ONE, SEZ IT OUTER BE &GIM PALM) BUT HE'LL RISK-SHOWIN 1 1T.1FFENHECMJ CftTCH OLE KEIMSLE WID ft SHOOT FULL," SO 'TEtLUS IW SOUR. OWN WOROS BUSTER. HOW SOU GOT STM2TEP WR.ITIM& THEM OUH-U-H...ONE PW I Mil SETTIU'ON Pi-. CURS, itSTIN' CM k\N LM1KEL, i HEERD'NW.PAPP SC.N HE NEEPS SOSAE FEB. A SPONSOR W1D fv. ONE-VIMT 8RWN MMAED-J ^ >,NO NOW, FOLKS. P- SURPRISE! BU5TEE- CONTENT 10 CEST ON WS LMJRELS THE KEIUGLE 6&SV....HE ftLSO UIKOTE HOSE DELIGHTFUL SINGING SOM> COWMER- CIM.S VOJ'EE M.U TftUtlNS fvBOUT! , Hospitalization Fire • Automobile Liability Burglary Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation WtE IN THE NiKOL 1 0OTU. ftCAB.KSKS.vlO, IKE M05V SETS THRU OUT THE IN)P, 15 TUNEPTOTHE KOGKfOA HORROR OF IT ML TO SHUT HWOFFTHENC. Insurance Agency _ 108 N. 2nd Chnrlos O. Blttncr- W. M. (DUD Wilson 8Y EDGAR MARTIN By J. R. Williams SOOD WEAWENS.' NO VW DID T_ EVER SUCCUMB TO YOOR- How ARE- YOU OM CLINS8INS Mfl, PA, DO THAT--THE HUMANE SOCIETY WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. 1 GOPHER HOLE. IT IS.' A F£SV MINUTES MC5E IN TH:S WATTEe AND I'LL. H.KV5 MY HANDS FR=E... IF I ' BOILED FIRST:" W4.MTS TO PLIY THE HORSE TO Il's Nice Worts KY iMICHABT, O'MALI.BY and KALPH LANE ANP Hi,K BUDDIB8 By FRED IIARMAN G(WWt,THERt& NOTHW& WAT 5ATISRES YOUR A GOOD SET OF. FINGER PRINTS. DONT B6 FOOLI5H, FLINT. THESE PROBABtV EEIONG TO THAT DOLLY GIRL OR ON EOF THE MA1D5. GOOD.' WE CAN DRIVE IN TOGETHER COMING W TOWN, FLINT? I'LI HAVE TO TAX E THEM IN TO THE STA A TION TO CHECK '^v THEM UP. KO, IM STIIL HIRED AS A WATCHMAN FOR DOLLY. VOU GET SOME OF THE VMEIROEST, BATTIEST JOBS TO DO OF AW EX- COP t EVER HEARD OF.' ort i vst \>t GOT Or- THt ^OVYRt. e>OOKtO UP NO, INSPECTOR. THESE ARE F^ETTY KFIWTEIY A MAN'S LEFT MAND ON THE pttoire RECEIVER.J Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople VEAH.THIS ie> YELLOW LftKE — AMD -THERE'S ODR HOfA& FOR. TH& NEX.TTVJO , THE CftBlSi SEED'S To BE SLIGHTLY 60[v\E60DY . PLEA?£ CALL TVfe NEXT SHOT ?

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