The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1947
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1947 BLYTHEVILLg (ARK.)' COURIER NTBWB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 12c run Minhmun Charge .... 1 time [jer ]|n« ............ '."' / * Mines JILT Jlnb per diy ........ f Mines JUT line pei day ..... j« *> unies |icr line per day ....... 7c 1-: units IJL-C line jiei day ........ 5e Mun Mi per lino ...... ....... ., We CouiiL fivp average words to the Itno. Ad urderi'U lor three or six times aud Eiuniietl bt'fure expiration will U« churg- i-d Tor die number of Mines the ad ap- jiearril anil adjustment of bill made. AH Classified Advertising tupy sub- umU'il by pc-rsonv residing ouislde ol I lie elty must lie accompanied by cash. (tales niiiy in- easily computed from tbt al»jve t:ible. Advertising order for Irregular Jus?r- tJuns lakt-s (lie one I lino rn.te. Nu responsibility will LHJ taken for num- Minn one Incorrect insert lua uf my irlasslUcii ad. for Safe 1 - a'/n Ballon coiiuli with <:al>ltiirl. 5 i>!nme yy, &iituiin II. L. King, S'atuniliy \vu sell lots of Finn I-ioum upholstery rl't'ii"-!-, SatMt-uL rui'.o- luer.s talk. JJt-aln !*rtl«t mons One Iloiuwr iiccortlion, 120 Mass, hinds ami while finish. 1'racti tally «o\v. For sale wilh case at li.ilf prices al Brooks Altaic Slu 1U7 Mnsl Main Street. Te .phone 811. 8 (i ck U" Unw- .soincihtn^ yo'.i i'-n't n^etl? TrAOc or poll H in fjwnp Kh'iu. 4Di I;. Mjjtji. Phono 859, 4130-ek-tf r.cord idly grapes. Call G7I. Major r. J. Uitlif. 8-cX-lS i^'il rar patt 1 ; of all nniKt-s. We liuvc TOO usvtl lin-s, uihi-.s. imri w>u'r-ls lor Trour trailers. 1'i-Unitl rlyht. HocoLl's Auto I'urt.s, ])liono 73^. Air l):ise Itoiwl. 1-pX-14 'lilto corn. Itvn busliclr,, Phono 3817. (.'•. '!'. C'.i'iKify, Vnrbro, !( -]ik-M im'll rind u romiOoto lino of JEK1 1 PA UTS nl POOLK MCrrOll COMPANY. Slt-flc. Missouri. Phone Stvclu 40 lor t)rofi\|)t service. ?,:\}. stt-el ctrunis for ^arlmge cans. 42 uiicli. Ph. 2310. S'tl-pk-lK no lour room and two two-room ItoiiHf-.s. Must he? moved. Phone MOO. 8-1 l-pk-iy Mii.ssey irurris CotnbLne. 19-11 model. «ouil <MiniJlttun. T. F. UtiUnkov. Plionc 1 Mm- Called sa<Lil]e horse. :t ycurp old. I'il<:«- S15D. Cult T. P. KcHtifecy HL*:i:1<- Mo.. I'll. 2:illl. 8'13-uk-lH U'ludmv Inn. •] or 5 room capacity. W. Jl. Unkor, ph. :>filf>. a'13-pk r lC i-ulrm. so lit! o;ik brfiikfust sel. reel •uaple yomh'fi bed. Call 2HM. Pi- wine ?.i'\clilnes"- Singer electric ..tul it \Vln.-ult-r-\Vil.son treadle. -108 E. Ash. :';-Dk -I J I''RYERS. Scientifically raised Ln broo- de.r. Never been oil the ground. A5c l»e.r il>. on foot. Abraham's chicken farm. South Jll-way Gl. Next to oltl Lcylon Airport.. 7llS-ck-H|l5 piece mahogany dinette suite. Like new. 310 W. Walnut. Ph. 2:i25- 7 24 tlh tf 1V1KRCHANTS l-'oi;el m«at C:IT>PS, waITc-In coo)era, re- frluerators. anil beverage coolers tire livnllable for lintnecltatc delivery. Also Ice cn-tiin c.iblnets and compressors. Sec nell Scott. J.2ll W. Main or phone 22iio. C[21-ck-8l23 fif> r\rrrs North west of Blvtlipvllle short (UsUiHCf. All cyprrsn loiini )'\rid. Kvurv foot in row crop. Abmit jO j:rrcs cotton on It now, plenty of bulletins'^- I'or a quick sale; for a r.-\v djiyK. $IGO per :icre with 51750. down, t)ii!:nicc over n period of 15 years at ft'.',, interest. Payment, ihont \Vf linvri ;\ number ol extra ^c i-.iiiooLli tratrtov farms. -10. 80. 'ICO :U:M-S and lurucr ]»hit;t'.s, School bus, tn;il! rout if ::ud rlcctriclty. E'l'iv lcMILS, if you are Intcrrstrtl in buv- In;^ a home come lit and we will he l^lml lo Kliow von what we have. ItlalcK Land Co. Office itcross from City Hall lUissfll I-'. Hiales — Llroker I?on U. Mainiier, R. M. Jlcck—S^lf-stncii ForJtonf Bi'droorn, conveulent to bath fill W Malu. Phone 3325. 7|I6-pk-8lHJ Comfortable bedroom. Attic fan. Mei only. yiO W. Walnut. 1130-uk-SIH. Bedroom. 314 N. Khitb. Ph. 2338 . 5-pk-9i5 Cool bnlroom with kitchen prlvltP also sleepln? room, 2l» E. Davis Two furnished rooms. co\mtp nniv HOI W. Sycamore. l''4 2-room furiilslied apurliiLont Coutilo only. Photic SCC5. 12-iik-lS Heclrooms. 1061!? K. Wanted to Kent By Sept. 1 furnished or unfurnished apurtineiit or Jiouso. Adults. Pliant- 2279. Cnn furnish references. IlelnnitllcT CaN- nt-w owner wants lur- nlBhed or imfm nlshi'U house or u- p.imnon'. or 2 furnishbil sleeping rooms. Phone 2-3C2. a!8-ck-l5 l-nfmiilEhPtl nparlment for veterun wife tiutl 2 rt)lt(Lrx>n. ft t \; 10 years old. Plioni- 3l>^&. Can lurnlsh n-lcr- enccs. 8;ia-pk-l« -IJ c (t r o o m unfuniisluMl lunisc or apartment. Call Kd Helote, Conner News Arid vert isin«f J)ept. Phone I 'KM. Heferences. S 1.1 tk tf ! Lost Hal kcv ri.iR with Severn] keys Uft- wiivd. Return lo s. \V. Ni-ll Telf- phone Co. K!i:j-|)k-tt; Services Wo roiiverl yo'.ir oW treadle niuclilno lnl ! ) " n ' iu " lml iwrlahlu electric: Only S:i!>50. 408 B. Ash. l3-|>k-M SANITARY WORK. Pill],Dim: ntoniilnt;- coas uool rcei-ptuclr" i Hohfrt Alk'll, Ph. :!5:i. F:^i >lw 3ee Larry Knca.s for Payroll find Income Tax Service, haofekeeplni; and Ooiiornl Secrctniltil Service lOy Fast Main. Phone -*flo 1ll7-wK-8!n MONEY TO LOAN Do you need • loan to reyafr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red Up*. PHA approTed rate 5*. Ask for details. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 20S4. Lynch Bldf, Blytherllle. 9-2a<:k-tf PAGE Real Quality At A Bargain Price House moving, I. 1 ? ye«re experience. Plenty of equipment. References. Leveling, foundation repairing Virgil Foley, phone 2105. 88 pk 9 a Expert radiator repair for less. We hiivc (he best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man lioil out and repair your radiator for yon. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Kussell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas I.awson, Mir,-. Phone 2171. SOU' SEWINO MACHINES REPAmED Rvrcrt • service- en al! makes u F Drake. .|08 E. /,sh. 8!12-nk^| 2 Wonted Co Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway (il. phone :1785. S 5 " e k If Sell vis your car now nuti get the liKiTi"- est iiofislhle price, I'OOI,?: MOTOR COMPANY. Phone Bteclo ID; SlcSe. -ica table FAW without motor Si-- contl IianU coinjnoilL-. usctl iiHlrnhhii; f 112 E. Sycnmon.' nftcr G I.:i-iii(lr\' stoVL- .v tank with hot WIIUT a>r.irclio:is. >'!-. 3|;'5 l2-pk-15 For Fine Portraits— It's O'Slccn's Studio. 7 19 ck S 19 SALESMAN WANTED for P.BH'lcinh huslncss hi South Dimk'l'i County. Sell to 1500 rnrnl- Ui!S. rrothict^ sold 30 yrnrs Write today ^ruvlclrh's. ncnt. AKH-210- PAS, NTcuiphls. Tonii. or sen W Ilar- hoiir. 61" Lilly St. UlythDvlllc.' Ark HH2-pk-l!i Help Wanted 5 romiiF oT furniture, 1 pluno. I aiu- CIT ^-cwiruT ir.iu-biiH-. t warm morn- J7,-.; stove 1 ri'ilit) :utd rectirtl oliiyer «11! S. lake f ; l. 1'h. 3S6-I. 32-pk-17 Kllierla canning peaches, I'Yesh vogct allies, fruits meats and groceries. Open lil 8 n'cloclt every day I'hone 2(i:{2. Joe Hester Orocery, Iliglnvay 01 South Hclow Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 pk 8 22 USED CARS that can be used at Lee Motor Sales '46 Ford 2-door, radio 1942 Chevrolet Fleet- line, new motor 1941 Chevrolet 2-door, radio, heater 1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe 1940 Chevrolet 2-door, radio & heater 1941 Pontiac 4-door 1936 Oldsmobtle 4- door, new paint. These ;nul many more. \Vo ilso have a • new school bus, •IS-passciiKcr. Also small I'^ariu TrailcVs. Prices rcnsonahlc. See (hesc cars n( Lee Motor Sales Phone 519, Blytheville ,-ilosliidy Tor permanent position wllh t'ootl future, wltli local concern. I'ltat^nt work I tin comlliloiiK, Wrltt- box M F, 1',, Courier News. 8:7-ck--tf OUIIK innn for sales position with ;'/HMI future. With Blythcvilln firm \Vrlic box J P, % Courier News 8i7-ck-tf \ NEAT LAHY, WHO IS TNTni.II- GENT. GOOD ON SHORTHAND \"JD SOME BOOKKEEPING. TO no.OKN- ERAli OPFICK WORK. APM/-T TO BOX BOO. % COURIER NEWS." The tlircad-fiimccl fish, fbuivl in the waters of the Amazon, leaps from tho water and lays its cgy.s on overhanging plants. One baby bet! in<l mattress Usr<1 H- vntory. Fh. 2520. 12-pk-it Pair of br.intirtillv colored lovn nEm<- »^ lovely cage. $22.50. Ph 370 *ir 173 OsccoJa, 8'12-nk-l.'. Owner wnuts quick .sale. 8 room house. Ncnr school. Cull 3770. P. O. Uo\ 301 Uly Hi evil to. 8;i2-pk-I9 l'rrlrln Easy Waslitng macliinc coin- p!ete with tubs. $75. Ptionn 24Q3 Shelby 4 wheel farm trailers. C ply tires, nil sixes truck and traitor beds Also wacon rfp.ilr.s. Henry Wcst- h^ook Shop, formerly Dan at on I PJiop. 8;i2-pk-9il2 -ito tnodol SfiiPrr cotnhlnnlton Vficmiin clonncr Includes two machines with nil attachments. $.10,00. Call %6 12-pk-l7 3 weeks old chicks. Call 37S7. A QUICK SALE OFFRR 1200 Holly fc Division. 2 tots. 2 5-roorn houses, one fnrnlslied for a home. Investment and Income property. Sro this at once. Net low nrlce S2.500 Terms Phone Field, 2.1D4 -oral And long: Distance Moving Intnt«d C . ScrrlcM. BtOTMt* ••. HOI SEAT COVERS Rcnl quality cnvnrs lo fit nearly , niiy make, any model nulnmnhilc-. i\|;ido ol' durable Sail Cloth, Hiese covers will last, ami last ! They're Wasjiahlp, Too! Regular Price - - $24.50 This Sale - - only $|C 51 h at Walnut I'honc 451! Read Courier News TTi<nt Ads. SCREEN DOORS Most now in stock. E. C. itoliinsnii r,br. Co. Eddie Saliba M:tmli'ii:ince Ki) K ini-er Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Cull for fri-n ]ioi>f Insinftlan . . . Let mo sulvp >oiir \r.i\ai prob- l.-ms. 1'nrlury Dlslrilmtor fur Colonial ]i,'l[ii!n B „,„) chrmlral (;». \U K. Kentucky Ave. lil.vllu-villo, IMunie 25.'i« Notice Watch for MK Hingo :il (lie Lc^inn Hut, Tluirsilny, AUK. -21. Sponsored l>y ladies of Catholic Church. 8 12 ck 20 Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Reports—Accounting Hoom 21, Lynch Ulcljr. Write IV.'O. !{, )x !);ii) Phone 2940 Blythevide Personal inpli! wnnlliiK to (jo to Ciillrornln wltli nuny. will }ii!l|> |>ay irxpfiisc-s '''"""• 3M1 - 1Z-WX-I5 For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HA2ARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldq 124 W. Ash St. EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 555 For Service DRTVIO SAKICI.Y! Call us when you need to change over lo a spurn. We'll fix your puncture immediately, so that you'll always have an cxlra lirn iu good condition. Our emergency service jjoes everywlicro. Slop and Dial 55i> the miiuilc you have car truiihie! LANGSTOM-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Hlie T. L. MABRY IZ3 MISSOURI 8T. PH. 3« CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Hctmlrlng, Screen Wort Fnlnllng, Ueplsclng windows Steps, niul oilier wort. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Tolcphore 2803, Shipment of BassineHes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP 111) So. 2nd St. Plume . 2308 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Bepalra 3*1 Fart M.ln St. Felix A. Carney RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DfSf SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODKU RK- LTADLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We ciill for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radk) Sales and Service ]QC South First SI. 11 MOST USED CARS ARE G BUT ;.-"•'• rigflf IT'S THE DEALER THAT COUNTS / • , Better Used Cars are going up. Short factory production and higher prices are coming. Be smart and get one of our trustworthy U s e d Cars NOW: :»lii> uml Hyater. ,„,,. „ ., ., .... — — liM^ Clu-vrolcl True I or' ami 24-F(, Car!!)•((» I5na;k Omvi'rl.lile Super. Kii.llo. (ur •IVniler. 75l)-82i>—lO'(lh-x2'0.." : U oil lor, and Dcl'msier. Mill Oldsmiiliile (Jon vert ihle. Radio ami llc-aler. ltM2 Clicvrolt't 'IVacliir niul Trailer. .... 1JM1 Cliorvolel. l.oiitf W. If.' an<i HodV. I!M2 Kurd 2 Horn- Sedan. Kailio and M'Hi Chevrolet Healer. . Pickup Truck. 1!>'I2 Dodge J/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. Easy G. M. A. C. Payment Plan Wo Never Close Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m.^ LOY EKH CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut Phone578 An ounce of suldcr's WPb wnnid extend ' Ml) mllcii If slrnluhU'iii ' out. NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law offices of done F>. Brnd- luy hiivo lic'cii moved to •111 W. Main. (A-cvoss nli'iint from • Montgomery Wnnl.) FARM LOANS You cnn now cccuru tho most nt- Lrcu'Llvi! fui'in loan In lilnlory. Low ruins of, vxlrcmcly lotif; terms with liberal prepay mt prlvHcs!os. Pmollcnlty no nttnchutl; If your prcsfnl lotui dot's not b(,'uv ]P.S:J Limn 5 p(jr cent you will ccrlnhily bo iiitci'e.statl In our Furin Lonn, 1 !. UnlhnlLcd nnioinil available. Such an opportunity may never «xlst nijnin. So It you wish to flrnuicc or refinance, writu or sec A. F. DIETRICH ITnUcd Insurance Apnnfiy 2Qn!,{. W. ST:iln—Guarrt Blilg. Blythcvllln, Ark, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gunranteed TSest I'rlecfl Kirby Drug Stores As a Hatural Aid For HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE i IliRli lilnni) pressure !\ssoc!n(ctl willi kiclnry iHscnsn miiy he rriluriMl liy krniltiK kidneys fiinclinniilK prop- rrlv. I'or r>0 ycurs ilorlors have proscrlltctl tlus min- nrsil wilier from Hoi Springs, Ark. I'urc. tasliiiR . . . mil :i lasalivr. I'linnc nr Wrifc Today for Free. IJnoklrt CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP • Main and Bljtherlllc, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»n, SMITH, COKONA ud RKMINOTON PORTABU 110 N. SECOND 8T. •- • . PHONK <**trj Trunwintlon MUBT BK BATISFAOTORT) "No woiuloi- SKAY MOTORS brake repair department' is always busy!" — ICE COLD! •A Watermelon Cold 2'/ 2C Ib. Hot SOcca. & up Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 R. Main Phone 973 We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tim l«! i i MODINGER TKE Ca | GENERALS Cost More — Worth PRiCH.LA'S POP oers.' we'd b motor we almost did••-five years ago. But we bought somethi, instead.

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