The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWIiLVB BLYTHKVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEW1 TUESDAY, JANUARY M, IMS Mississippian Flays Truman Governor Asserts Southern "Way of Life" Endangered By Harold Foreman ITnltccI Prcu Staff Correspondent JACKSON, Miss., Jan. 20. (UP)— Gov. Fielding L. Wright said today that Mississippi may be forced to secede from the National Democratic Party because of "anti-Southern" legislation he accused party leaders of fostering iii Congress. Wright, in a speech marking his second inaugural, accused President Truman, Congress and the northern press and radio commentators of "seeking to tear down and disrupt" the Southern way of life—which Includes segregation of Negroes. Forms of "secession" movements have recently sprung up in South Carolina and Arkansas, but so far appeared not to have won general indorsement. The Mississippi governor suggested no pattern for Mississippi's national political future should ha lead the Democrats out of tho party. "I would regret to see the day come when Mississippi or the South should break with the Democratic Party in a national election," the governor said. "But vita! principles •• and eternal truths transcend party lines. They day is now at band when determined action must be taken." Fe*n Total "Destruction" Wright said national party Icacl- «rs are "using as their tools such infamous proposals as the FEPC. antl-lynching legislation, anti-poll tax bills and now the anti-segregation proposals." The late Sen. Theodore a. Bilbo, D., Miss., was the state's most active opponent of this legislation. "We of the South." Wright- said, "will no longer tolerate bcinp; the target for this type of legislation which would not only destroy our way of life but which, If enacted, would eventually destroy the United States." Wright said the South must show the Democratic National Committee that "we mean precisely what, we say and we must, M necessary. Implement our words with positive action." On the race question,- the governor said: * "The uninterrupted progress •which has been made will be continued in an orderly, effective manner if both races are. left alone by those unfamiliar with the true situation. This problem is being solved by Mississippians and by Southerners in a wholesome ami constructive manner." Wright advanced to the governorship Nov. 2, 194f>, from the oflice of lieutenant governor when Gov. Thomas L. Bailey died in olfice. He •was elected to a four-year term last year. Very Nice Slats Speeder Fined $75 In Municipal Court Robert Sims, Negro, ol Blyiho vllle wns fined $15 nnd casts en charges of speeding and driving while under trie Influence of in toxicatlng liquor in Munlcipa Court this morning. Sims was nrrestcd Sunday night [ by Policemen B. Ij. Vnstbindor nntl ' Itermnn Lane nenr the Robinson addition alter the officers had chased him through the streets of Blytheville. Mary Dugnn gives Ihe girls an elTeclive demonstration of the advisability of installing a Venetian blind in their dresses. Jerk —she's demure. Jerk—she ajn't. Mary and her blind will attend the Venetian Blind Convention In Biloxl, Miss. Two Kinds of Luck •xperienced by Pair n Car on Icy Highway KNOXVIL1.B, Term., Jnn. 20 (UP) —Chnrles Cunningrmm, 24, of Mnry- itle nnd Miss Helen Fine, of Knox- llte, figured todrvy they hnd had enough luck—both kinds—to Ins 'or quite a while. Their car struck an icy road and skidded into the railing of n railway bridge here last night. The railing held while the car InmR precarious angle suspended over -he 30-fool drop. The couple climbed out—carefull —and summoned help. While they waited for aid to come they watch cd the car slip slowly over the cdg< and plunge to the tracks belo%v. German Telephone Girls Stage Sit-Down Strike FRANKFURT. Jan. 20. (U.P.I — Telephone connections bclwce headquarters of the America Army in Europe here nnd the out side world were severed abrupt] for one hovir today when 6(1 man telephone girls stopped wor in protest against recent cuts their rations. The sit-down strike started a 11 a. m. when the 50 girls hur up their headphones and refuse to operate the brairds. German post officials settled tl strike one hour later after a bri RowdyCampaign Now Up to Voters Hot Gubernatorial Race in Louisiana' Brings Charges NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 20. (UP) — Four weary candidates for governor stepped down off the stump today and turned a rowdy campaign over to the voters In Louisiana's Democratic primary. The inarch to the polls brought an end to a bid for votes that near the end flashed hack to the Louisiana scandals of 1939 and the days of Klngflsh Huey Long for Us final punch. The weather broke wrong for a record vole, though some relief from rain and snow was predicted for later today. The U. S. Weather Bureau In New Orleans said Shreveport, under a blanket ot 10 Inches of snow, continued to net a baU-clriCT.le, half- low. Rain was reported at several aliens In the slutc. As the polls pcncd at 6 a.m. in New Orleans, the ompcrnture was 44 and skies were •crcast heavily. Tho temperature as expected to climb six to 10 de- ecs clui'liiB the clay. The no-holds-barrcd race for gov- rnor ended In a storm of charges nri countercharges finally Involving wo candidates in a million-dollar onspiracy Bull. Candidate Earl K. Long, brother f the late Huey, and candidate Sam .ouston Jones, both former gover- ors, engaged In K dispute that fl- nlly boiled down to a battle ovei leir incomes whiic each was in of- ce. Rep. James DomeriKertux, D.,' La- enounced Long on the floor of Congress Inst week and Long Immc- latcly filed his $1,000.000 suit gainst the congressman, Jones and wo New Orleans newspapers. He charged that they conspired to lave Domcngeaux make "hlH?tous" barges under congressional immun- ty so the charges could be published n the New Orleans Times-Picayune .ncl the New Orleans Item. Domentjenux immediately retnrn- •cl to Louisiana and reported Ills dc- mnclation of Long after shedding us congressional immunity. Gandhi Unhurt In Bombing at Prayer Meeting NEW DELHI, Jan. 20 (UP)—A small bomb expolded outside a wa'l around a garden where Mohandas i. Gandhi was conducting his cven- ng prayer meeting today. Gandhi was unhurt. The wall was cracked and nine persons were Injured. Gandhi was finishing his brief speech when the explosion occurred He exhorted his listeners to keep calm. Police arested a young Hindu named Mnndanlnl. He was carrying a hand grenade. They believed he belonged to a Hindu group opposed to Gandhi's fast, the purpose of which was to reconcile the warring factions of Hindus and Moslems. Authorities said they received reports that four men were seen In H car near where the bomb was placer alongside the wall. conference the operators. Practical Joker Makes Her Lite Hectic INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—An Indianapolis housewife has .appealed 1<> police to find the pratical jokei making her life one hectic gap: after another. Mrs. Russell Dummich told tho authorities that in one week she faced nine different taxlcab drivers who, Insisted she had culled them when she had not; the driver of JAYCEES It You're Sweet" Calling at the white House, 3-ycar- old polio victim Terry Tullos, son ot Mr. nnd Mis. Clarence E. Tullos, of Laurel, Mis. 1 )., threw hLs amis around President Trumnn and said, "You're sweet." Terry, stricken will) |>olie before he had learned to walk, was the child v.'ho posed for the March of Dimes poster now seen throughout the nation, and hLs cnll at the White House officially opened the March of Dimes campaign.— (NEA Telephoto). Marshall Plan (Continued from Fife 1) Europe, free Institutions are tottering," Dulles laid, "and that If they are given a few well-timed pushes, they will fall. The Communist Party stands ready, able and willing to deliver those blows." Dulles said that after talking with Prime Minister Clement Att- . 5. The economy of Germany must ! integrated Into that of Western »o p«i* dowa th» «o«4 tho Hftrt kind of administrator will not *p«nd unnewssarlljr, 4. The plan iliould Indicate production targets and »uch targete a» increased political, economic and monetary unity. f — tw Europe, but with controls to assure it cannot be used for war purposes. 6. The administrator of the plan should be under duty to measure - . . _ "'« al d 1" terms of target goals lee of Great Britain and President arld report periodically to the Pres- Vlnccnt Auriol of Prance he was 'dent Rid Congress on these mat- convinced that, with urging by the United States, Europe can become a political and economic unit. Dulles, 11 delegate at the United Nations General Assembly, admitted that "the United Nations is not yet a strong enough reliance" to defend Europe from aggression. EAST-WEST Big (Continued from I'age 1) Pour London conference Germany broke down in December. Clay's scheduled Washington conferences will be made against the backdrop of widespread labor unrest in the Western zones, engendered by hunger. The strikes that cost the British zone 3,000,000 man-hours last week spread lo the American zone yesterday when 2.000 workers in the Wiesbaden-Ciebrich area walked otf their jobs in protest against a 50 !«• cent cut in the fat ration. The ration was slushed in the American zone to provide food for Ruhr workers, who struck last week aecause there lias been no fat lo fill their ration quotas for the past three weeks. This deadlock will be examined by the bizonal economics counci In a meting tomorrow at Frankfurt "Not one of the 16 nations participating In (he Marshall plan, sharing a continent dominated by Soviet land power, can be collected, standing alone, lo defy the power," he said. He recommended a regional defense lor Europe "like our hemispheric pact made at Rio last year." "So long as there is no regional unity for security," he said, "each nation will be weak and afraid. Each will turn lo us for moral and material support which could come, and properly should come, from a unity rf their own making." Dulles said he did not feel himself qualified as expert enough to Kivc an opinion on the $6.800,003- OCO first instalment on the Marshall plan. But he suggested it would lie "wiser to appropriate the full amount Which qualified experts think prudent rather than to cut it in the hope that uncertainties will operate in favor of lesser cost." Regarding the administration of Western Germany, Dulles reiterated that the Ruhr area be made productive. He proposed that Germany be included in a proposed customs and monetary union of the European nations.' Warns of Fool's Paradise Dulles urged support for the pro- gratn stating: "It is certain that our nation cannot long survive as a mere citadel ol self-indulging privilege, surrounded by mussed human misery. . . The United States is today a paradise compared to most of the, world. But it will be a fool's paradise if we do not make honest, substantial efforts to help others to lift themselves out of the morass into which they have fallen." Dulles said the plan represented "not c'.inrity" but "a belief that we here in the United States will be much belter off if the 250.000.COO peoples of Western Europe become a vigorous community of free men and a counterbalance to the Soviet system of police states." Tile seven improvements in the ERP recommended by Dulles were. 7. The administrator must have ctrar authority in business matters without Ktate Department Interference, although !n matter! of foreign policy he ihould be under the direction of the President and (he ucretary of state. Meanwhile, Lewis W. Douglas, U.S . ambassador to Britain, has passed the word that lie doesn't want the Job of administering the Marshall plan. However, Douglas' confidante m Congress weren't too sure that tlie 53-year-old diplomat couldn't be persuaded to accept the $20,000 a year administrator's Job. Any reluctance on Douglas' part to trade the London embassy for Washington's political Jungle would add to President Truman's headaches. Mr. Truman yesterday told a group of senators at the White House that one of his toughest Jobs was to find capable men for top Jjbs. One legislator asked if there I "wasn't anyone in Missouri," and i it terminated the discussion. Douetas, who has had extensive business experience in Arizona and New York, has been highly regarded in administration circles for the Marshall plan Job. It would put him in the critical post of determining wtiat should be shipped where and when. As a former congressman, "hard headed" business man, budget director and blunt I talking diplomat he is higly regarded on Capitol Hill. Many Republicans have said their votes on the Marshall plan would depend on Mr. Truman's ability to land a capable administrator. Many congressmen think Douglas fills the bill. 1. The purpose of the plan to sustain free institutions in Europe should be set forth in clear and unambiguous language. 2. Continued aid must be based upon continued cooperation by the The council will vote on a bill to uconlcs nnA governments of the par. face the efficient collection and I distribution ot food from farms | and ports. countries. 3. The choosing ot an administrator is more important than trying Thru 12 Freezing Winters THECl'IrlTUPLETS hive used this for coughs of CHEST COLDS Tho Quinlinlets have always relic,] on -Musterole to relieve couslis, sore throat and aching muscles of ciilcls. Muslerolo lunrVin/iystarts to brine wonderful lonir- iBstinE relief! It actually helps break up Iiainlul surface congestion. InSSIrtnglhs: Child's Mild Musterole Regular anil Extra StronB for grownups. At all cIi [Con I inure! rroui I'.ifc 1) Man of the Year has been chose by a secret committee which also will be announced tomorrow uight. Arrangements for Mr. Street's appearance were made by Fred S. Saliba. Mr. Street adcrresscd a group of Blytheville High School boys at a special assembly program this morning. He explained the theories of . . baseball, stressing the vnhic of liv- a wrecker; an ice cream delivery- |,, 6 „ clc ., n llfc tn tho h , t man who tried to collect for $101 to make athletics a career worth of Ice cream, and a wash-1 He was Introduced at the high school by Coach Firman W. Bynum. Mr. Street addressed the Lions Club at noon today. Ing machine repairman she had unt called. She kept the matter from the police until a truck driver showed up at the oil-heated Dummich home to deliver a ton of coal. A very simple system for warm- Ing the air in closed cars has Just been patented. It utilizes the heat generated by the engine. Pine trees of the southern states are destined to play a greater part in cbemicAl Industrie.?. Rosin is now converted to chemicals which find wide use in industry, principally In th> manufacture ol rubber and plastics. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YARDo, Jan. 20. (UPJ — (USDA) — ' Livestock: i Hogs 14,000, salable 13500; market slow; uneven, 75c to $1.25 lower ! than average Monday. Dulk goon . and choice 180 to 250 Ibs 27-21.50; I lop sparingly 27.75; most 260 to 300 1 Ibs 26.50-27; 160 to 170 Ibs 26.25-21; 130 to 150 Ibs 23.75-26.25; 100 to 120 Ib piijr> 19.50-23; good sows 450 Ibs down 23.50-24.25; lew 24.50; over 450 Ibs 22.75-23.50. Stags 17.50-21. Cattle 5,000. salable 4,500; calves 1.300, all salable. Market rather , slow with bidding interests exerting i pressure. Several loads nnd lot medium to good steers steady at 2428; bin general undertone easy. Medium to good heifers and mixed •carlings steady at 20-27; cows slow and barely steady; a few good cows 20-22; common and medium beef "ows 1P.50-19; canners and cutters .4-16.50. tKWWSwS COMFORTS VP&T Ht't R1CHT1 ConsHpition often brin fL on upset stomach, gissy discomfort, flai- ulenc-e, sour taste. So sou «int jour laxative to relieve constipation and comfort ups«t stomach, too. DM. 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This machine will help to speed up our rcfor- ] cstation program. CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency W. },. Tamke, Mgr. Isaacs Bldg., Blytheville, Ark. First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a Specially E. Davis St. Phone 4641 CYSTITIS * (BLADDER INFLAMMATION) Drink a natural mineral water that will help sooths the irritation. Ask jour Doctor uliout Mountain Valley Mineral Water from Hot Springs. Ark. Prescribe* for more than 75 years for bladder and kidney disorders. Pleasant tasting—not a laxative. Order a Case Today. Write for Free Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main and Division Blyiheville, Ark. SHOP Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" A Delicious Buttered Steak Sandwich BARNEY'S atery Blood Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Feel Older THAN THEIR TEAIS How rfo you feel at the «nd of I* 'hit old time pfp md drive Itcklng? dny? TOW7T ""'" MAI1-, ^ — — — — — — — „_ | Have you chec*ed-up on your blood strength lately? Thousands now regain- Ing Rioting good loolca and vitality through tho r el ewe ol vibrant energy to every muscle, fibre, cell. Every day—every hour—million* of tiny red-blood-cclls must pour forth from the marrow of your bone* to replace thow that are worn-out, A low blood count may affect you larseveral ways: no appetite,underweight, no entr- ?y. a grneral run-do?rn condition, lack or resistance to Infection »nd disease. To tjet i cM relief you must keep up TourbTool strength.Medical authorities. by analyst* of tho blood, have by positive proof shown that BSS Tonic Is nmazingly criectlvo In building up lo?/ blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia. 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