The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY JO, 19-18 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUR1KR NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Help Wonted, Diamond OPPORTUNITY Auto Mechanic to be factory trained at our expense send you to Willys Over- J Toledo factory. Learn Jeeps through and through. Apply in person. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY. Kills Poole, Owner and Operator S. Highway 01 at Steele, Mo Phone Steele 49. l-17-ck-21 WANTED: KJtn to uscceed T. Vftnc* for profllBble RawteLgh business In North PemLsifjol County. Mo. ISOU fam- UlEH. Proctucis well Known and bold 20 years. Real opportunity. Write Ilaw- lelKh'B Deyi. AKA-210-U'JS, Memphis, Term, or see W. JJitrbou. 6]t) Lilly St., Bljillievllte, Arlc. ljVU<pk-23 ~~TWO FIRSTCLASS TRACTOR MECHANICS Must be experienced in all standard tractor lines. Gooil pay, new shop, new equipment. POOLE MOTOR CO. Ellis Poole, Owner and Operator. S. Highway 61 at Steele, Mo., Phone Steele 49. l-17-ck-21 Lost & found ^OmCETWSe^ •^^"""•Ib^.. «*MtlaVtkrAJtl«y.K»«i>Kii«.:Oiiliibwl.<k«N[*S(llVICt. INC ii . ••••• i , — .—^t'.-\vt ~ ' Tf 1 iLSL^psKSKa THK tTOHV. J..l«« Hll.rr. '. ' ^^^B I _~r*f\ ^ ^r-mmmmmmmmmmim .1.1 1. Iml mfflfr tm i „ _ »•(!••(. Lllll* Belly Jm»» <)••«, «fc« »tk*r mmrum. a»fc» the 4*«t*r'« ln« •rcrcttrlri, >rl»I«ri>k Mix WJIUvia mm* plratMBi Mr*. Mt-ila*. If Ibrr ifclnk JnnErr remlty h»* ihl» Much Inrtiinirr wild Ihr 4ucl*r. Lost: Boys wrist watch lost In Gym or near Jlickory Jnn, Rewnrd, 517 S Reward for Uicllcs Elgin watch, lost uptown Saturday. Gold bane] Finder call ;J517. 633 l,R*e Si. H17-pK-21 Garnet cluster 2875. Reward, Call l|U-r>k-21 Lout: Gold -rim »ied child's Bla&se*;. rUurclay a fir r no on bflwocti lloiman v lnd Gem theatre. Call 3959. Reward. Personof STEVE HOOVER Everything is all right, iour family wants you to come "•WHAT'S he like, this gujr you ' T work for?" Betty Jnno's boy friend had asked. Belly Jane and Bill Larkin nad been "going steady' since aelore Hill wuni mlo ,the Navy: In fact, although Bill liadj^'l exactly put It Into wor or writing, they would probably get married some day when things got back to normal, il things ever did. "Heavens!" Betty June liad exclaimed, her big blue eyes horrified. "He isn't a guy. He's a per- fcclly gorgeous, fascinating, marvelous man. Good-lookingl never dreamed one man could be so good-looking outside the mov ies. The dark, virile type, yoi know. He has a little mustache too. And he wears the nest-look ing clothes: ':es that match hi socks an.J handkerchieis: every thing lerribly quiet yet lerribl swank." "1 clidn t ask for an itemized II of his wardrobe," Bill had returned sulkily. "I said what's he like?" "I'm telling you," Belly Jane had replied palienlly. She had decided not to wax quite sa enthusiastic. Bill was the jealous lype. "He's [rightfully nice. And very polite, even to me." "He'd better be!" Bill had growled, looking as though he would prefer the doctor to forget bis manners so that he might have PAGE ELEVEN ..^ •/A.U«l,^u& niUBlrilfid by rio DonkhUft "It would hr a shamr," Relly Jane said. "If Minn HlUry wrr* to quit. 1 suppose she did have her feelins" hurl." "Miss Hilary will never le.ivc." Miss Willows itated lUciilvvlr as Janice herself came into Ihe room. should spy if she docsn'l show up." flr.-iilcs. the door lo the (ront Until Tuesday was much loo ofllcc opened now and Janice her- / / t~a~*r» »y MIA MBVtct. we. T. M, BIO- V, I. **T. I Position Wantcu The Jeep can handle ANY job No Blow clown or del ay — regardless 01 baa weather, iroublesoniL' loads, or baa roads. See »t at POOLE MOTOR COMPANY. EULs Poole, Owner At Operator, a. Highway 6L at Btee Phone aiecle 49. It Private Rooms At Ople. Mo. One or two rooms. Kitchen privilege • optional. Phone 2*60. Ijl4-ck-21 Clean comfortable bedroom. Gentlemen only. £17 ChlcfcMawbt. l|20-pK-3J Hedromn, 314 N. Ninth. Phone 2338 Front bed room, close In. Cuiisumt hot wilier. Phone 2062. ljLT-pfc-21 Hedrnom. men or couple. Civil 952. l!12-pK-2-12 Front, bedroom, close In. Outside entrance. SIS W. Walnut. Phone U3 318 N. Ninth. Call 2228. Comfortable bedroom. Close to to Men only 310 W Walnut long to waH. Belly Jane decided to try Miss Willows. That good latljr was slil] behind her desk, laboring over her books. Miss Willows oflen stayed on aflcr Ihe others had icfl. Poor soul, she only had a lonely room to go home to, Betty Jane thought. "Have you any Idea what happened?" the young nurse asked in a carefully guarded tone, as she paused to inspect the angle of her hat in the mirror across from Miss Willows' desk. It was a honey of Incm. a mil. n new fall [uimuei "1 Betty Jane had Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone 049, Lewis Poultry, 419 E, Main, - l-2-ck-2-2 Wanted to buy or leat*--3malL groc- •ry and riling station combined with imnr quartan tn back, in 50 milea radiua ot BlytheYille in small town or on Busy highway. Write Box AU cur* of Courier Hew«. llls-pk-23 Wanted to Rent room houBe Cf apartment. C*tl Btkerr 3073. l|17-ck-tr amended, "he's nice to everyone; he treats everyone just the some. vcil All us girls, the cleaning woman, the elevator boys—everyone simply adores Dr. Ilolbrook." "You'd belter not!" "Don't be silly!" Belly Jane had tried to pacify Bill with one of her sweetest smiles. "Dr. Hoi- brook ./ouldn't look at me. He's married and nis wife Is simply beautiful. He keeps her portrait, a great big one in a magnificent sterling silvei frame, right on his desk, and Miss Hilary always sees that there are fresti (lowers right in front of it every day." "Being married don't always keep Ihe dames away," Bill had commented. TT would keep a girl like Janice Hilary away, though, Betty Jane had decided later. As today, she thought. Now if Dr. Hoi- brook's w\l<* asKed him to get rid of • patient who had raised her voice to her that would make sense. For Betty Jane believed that when you worked for your 'living, you had to put up with some things you otherwise wouldn't, Janice really should not have made an issue out of that little morning scene with Mrs. Stoval, Betty Jane privately felt, and she wouldn't be surprised If Miss Willows and Mrs. McRae felt the same way. cunning little pompon slicking out in front, and an adorable little don't know — " hegan Miss Willows, glancing her brow lined with deep indentations dicaling concentration; then, as with Mrs. McRae. she did know. "Oh, that" she said. She put her pen back in its stand. "Time will tell." This last was in her severe, uncompromising tone of voice. BcUy Jane knew she was supposed to feel rebuked. Yet she also knew that Miss Willows was never so cross as she sounded. So she tried anew. "Of course," she said, "it would 3e a shame If Miss Hilary were :he one to quit. 1 suppose she did lave her feelings hurt." Miss Willows' prim, thin lips »et in their thinnest line. "Whal ever gave you the idea that Miss Hilary nighl resign?" "Why. 1 just thought—" Betty "Do you know yet how it came out?" she asked Mrs. McRae at the end of the day. Betty Jane felt that she simply couldn't start for her two-hour trip to Jersey with her curiosity unsatisfied. "How what—" Mr«. McRae ba gan. her mind obviously on other matters. "Oh, you mean thatl' J Mrs. McRae laughed. "I told you to wail and see. If Mrs. Stoval shows up next Tuesday, then youll know what't what. Or 1 Jane could see from the other woman's expression that her idea had been absurd. "She might get married." BeUy Jane tried again She did not 'dish being made to feel so dumh. "Miss Hilary. ] mean." Miss Willows shook her head A vigorous shake. "[ don't see why notl" Betty Jane defended her assumption "She's young and awfully attractive and terribly nice." Miss Willows compressed her lips mare tightly. "Miss Hilary will never teava. Not unless something unforeseen occurs." "1 don't see now you can be so sure!" Betty Jane declared. "1 am sure enough," Miss Willows staled decisively. Then she added in an odd tone, "It's a pity, a Icrrible pity." OETTY JANE decided it was no *-* use. She couldn't get anything 1 out of Miss Willows, either. At least nothing that made any sense. self came oul She was smiling, but she looke,! tired. "Haven't you Iwo closed shop yel?" she asltrd. coming to )oln them, "it's way after limo. My, that's a pretty lint!" Belly Jnnp blushed wllh pleasure. "Thanks — thanks awfully," she said. Miss Hilary liked il. so the new hat was a success. "You ought to" Junke was saying to Miss Willows. "It's been a long trying day for all of us." Nevertheless, there was an undercurrent of UiuiiiDh. auiet BS-.'..: CM triumph, in Miss Hilary's 3ic«. Betty Jane's ears caught It. It could only mean one thing. Miss -lilary—not Mrs. Stoval—hftd won. Belly Jane's pretty, totl mouth dropped open in nmaze- mcnl and admiration. Her wide eyes saw looks exchanged bclweei. Ihe oilier Iwo. A look of triumph on Miss Hilary's side and a kind of grim congratulation on Mist Willows'. So Belty Jane would not have Lo wait until Tuesday. The office itad seen the last of Mrs. James bidder Stovai's matronly person. Yet, somehow, Betty June wai no left wilh a feeling of triumph. She felt subdued, sven kind of low. a darn shame," she muttered to herself as she came out of the immense medical center, it was one ot the tallest, most expensive and moit modern aky- scrapers in Manhattan. Dr. Hoi- brook's ollkes were on the 21st "Wh«n h» proposal, I'll Intist on getting married in January—then w« can at lenst get away from th« blizzard* on our honeymoon!" FRBCKLKS * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8EB Ironclad ISN'T IT SlMftY INCRKO! AUwr HESTER'S ttCH WEARING- THE |01B FASHIONS DtVASTATINfr/ IN OWE cfcTWo WMS.THOUGH, SHE'S STILL AHEAD OF YOU MEAN JUNE7 THIS MOOeiTlS KWOWN AS THE? OLD TUP FIRST ween WOKE tT, L FAINTiD REGULARLY EVEKV HOUR ON-rue 1 HOUR' TienTeii,<ji*LS/[ CANSTIU. BREATHE! I'KISCILLA'S I'OP As LOIIK us lie's Wishing ar my anniversary! Oh, Waldo, it's think-- By A I, VERMEER /tf like to fiatv bought • fur coat, some pear/s, . new dress, an outboard f motor- • Vfi/onserise, darling! What in the twrfd would I do with an outboard motor? VIC FLINT Van Dcr Flunk Opens Dp Vicky (ornie,VanDerFl4iik thotijlill [/''DIAMONDS "••——- , I was ili» riclt Vic W Agate, or I wouldn't have lasted a minute. lloor. They had n magnificent view of Central Park's green lawns and trees, a view which, according to Janice Hilary, the doctor especially liked. Janice ought to get married, Betty Jane decided, joining the ihlck throng of homeward-bound workers There must he »ome man —more than one—who wanted to marry her. Not that Janice Hilary was a ravinq beauty, out she ',va? decidedly the kind of girl men liked. Besides that chestnut hair, she had gray eyes and the kind of skin the advertisements for soaps raved about. And along wllh that lovely, stylish liuiire. she had a quick warm sincerity that could make anyone feel good inside. Which must have been why Betty Jane felt bad. It was a sname. A darn shame. Even Miss Willows, in her own manner, had indicated that she agreed. (To Be Continued) By MICHAEL O'MALLEY tmd RALl'H LANB lovay. WHAT It) LIKE TO ^VOO SEfMTO BE WHAT YOU AMERICANS TOO NOSV. 5 WHUE /C4U A GOOO SfORT YOU 80T THEM.^MR.AS/UE. I LET YOU IN OMMV L1IHE SECRET. I\V tf Hie MERCHANTS WHO BUY Wt56 UT1U ITEAtS ARE- WIMT K IT WU AMERICANS CAU1NEM —"FENCES"? YOU MUSf KNOW, SOMETIMES CHANGE HAtJDS-lRREGULARty. THE NEW OWNERS MUST StU THEM AT IOW PRICES TO GET RID Of TlltM IN A HURRY. INOIHER WOKD5, ALL THESE STONES ARE 1107. WtlAT IF I BOUGHT SOME AND GOT CAUGUI? '••'•if IMPOSSIBLE; NONE OF •7 THESE COME FROM WITHIN A O. THOUSAND AAIIES OF HERE. I t '\ AM NOT JU5T A FENCE. J AM WK * M4STIR ItfiCf WASH TUIJIJS Only One Wuy Out Hy LESLIE TURNER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople COME AM' 6ET IN TH' LEAD AWHILE; YOU REMIND ME TOO MUCH OF A GUY WHO COMES iwrro A COUNIRY AFTER TH' PIONEERS HAVE SETTLED IT/ -T=f OF ADMIRATION CV6R SUCH FROSTED "EAUTY? WHLJTB TH MATTER WITH YOU . ._ , GUY5? •^ EGAD/ A CHECli FOR »||. WHAT'S VjE HAVE COrvi- V6RT6D VOUR AOTOMPCTiC 'SELF-RISING BED To A GARBAGE DUMP WAGON/" TO LET YOUR 3OVJLS DROP TEAR OUT ANY HAIR 5, 6LH GREAT , CAESAR/ A GARBAGE VJAGOM.'J A BABV TO ME, WZ.TUB85.., WITH OTHERS. HOHEUEB, YOU'LL BE QUITE s*re m HERE.., THE WOKS- TOO SWM.L FOR HIM! SHOUTIN6 IS fUTILEr INDEED, MR.TUBSS! YOU'BS W AW OLD PESERTEP BREWERV MTII HEAVILYSHUTTEREP VJIHOOW5... IT'5 BEEW WLJR.OMLS ESCWE NOULP BE Pl*sr ^ ,„ JMAWO, RHp tHRU M HOUSE NEXT / _. .^ OOOR... BUT I ADVISE RGWMST THIff./.^^ot^lR 1M VIEW OF THE UNFOPTUNME / OLE CRKCK-POT EXPERIENCE OF THE LME PR. A *°™" RE ™ riEND THni •**« 5S V V MURDERED * DR.hDDMAS! ^ '• ; -U fe Mj^fgst5> r! /yV" ^ k^J p? \ m f W 1-10 KKD RYDER Uon't Look Now THAt A WILL fOLLOVJ HER. COVERS HER "TRACKS //-2o 1 WORE ArWSK DURIS)' THE ROPBERT, BUT AY HOSS IF AW BODY '<*?? rA'i'C.^*" ^M^ By FRED HARMAN IF I GOT RIP OF THIS \pU1FOUOUIN6 MR IS tlTttlSlAm^ HO5S AS1D 6OT ^ ^-^™ -J I COUU? COKlVif^C PEOPLE i SOLO 1HI5 AKSICNAL WEEKS A50/ THERE LADY TRAlri ROBBER, PAPOOSE; SHARON THROUGH .TREES A^O SHe riot SEE Lis. 1 ALLEY OO!' Where Are 'I'licv? Read Courier News Want Ads. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; Hit T. L. MABRY »J3 MKSSUUKI ST. PH . 3 6 2J CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY MY TIME IS BtTTtR SPENT WITH V ^ "« n;c (^un r^DTM / J ) Z TRY NU-WA'S DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! Devote more hours to .hmior A ml Si.s diiriiiK their formative years. Send both your Inundry and dry cleaning to Nn-\Va where you get ssvift, eft'icienl service! Dial 4474-4475 IT HIT STARS, ft SYBCDV HT/ THAT WA» NA6TV UTTtf TUEMOS.' EVPTY., DO By V. T. HAMLIN I'VE CONE ALOTCT ' TiME-T9*.v6LIN'. / HONESTLY. " BUT DID >ou / cor; 1 EVEI SEE SO DID... AND I MUCH KOTH\N \ DON'T LIKI IT.'> Krone! BOOTS AND HKK HUDDIHS Hard l« Sav ,v\ f»

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