The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 4, 1972 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1972
Page 3
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' -.- THE JOURNAL 58M731 HOME DELIVERY 583-MU CLASSIFIED SSS4711 RETAIL ADVERTISING , , . 883-3841 NEWS 863-3788 SPORTS ' - 56U7M The Ottawa Journal Friday, Fbnrary 4, 1972 Girls , judge Bv BOB AVF.RV The ffirls will still h talrtmr It off at Pandora's Box while pro vincial Judge Harry Williams pores over" copies of Playboy end other evidence presented at me wiais at tive dancers. The judge, decided Thursday ro eajourn until March 10- a decision into the cases of four dancers charged with being nude in a public place, and another charged with an obscene performance in a theatre. After listening to two days of evidence that gave the court a colorful view of the act present- Co-ed crime 2 juvenile girls among those charged wth rape, statistics show In mis permissive age, crime has become so co-educational that two "juvenile girls" have been charged with rape. ' Three adult women have faced the same charge. This somewhat startling disclosure is made in Crime Statistics, an annual analysis of the activities of the criminal world in Canada, published by Statistics Canada. -, - The report, exclusively statis-l - tical, does not reveal what dis Strong right arm necessary in this up-and-down job By DANNY FRANCIS Jeannette Aubin, an elevator operator in Freiman's Rideau Street store, should have one of i the strongest right arms in the . business. Freiman's elevators aren't the push-button variety. They're the kind with the heavy manual doors, the sliding metal screens and the silver levers. Running one takes brawn. , The 22-year-old operator has mastered her technique. The left hand working the stop-start lever, the right sliding bacir the screen and cranking -down the aoornanqie, sue announces the floor number and departments hundreds of times each day. V 1 - i -i iinfuimiiii R"TtjlHlinijleJU m f M.- Si, i ll : ?f5rH!. ' l I --. - Mil'' i , ' 3 ' I " I 1! -V T If f i 111' "-'--1 I . I v n ill! -i r , I 1! I : i i i i -A i still stripping reads Playboy "ie4 at the" Bank Street club" I t..J. nr.'d!. .. i . tiuugo. wiiiiama aecioea not to I 1 1 . i . ... rases luiwwing weir completion Thursday. The four drk Rwm fivmn Winsome Hill. Maria Berkus and Inga Negal, sat in court and listened to noted Canadian Ha. fence attorney, Arthur Martin, give his closing address on their oenaii. ' I should he . amai if it could be held that the human body is indecent," said the To ronto attorney. . Mr, Martin said the act took position was made of these five cases. - Additionally, mere were 22 juvenile girls charged with "other -sexual -offences,"-28 adult women, 203 juvenile boys and 3,-134 men., - Further, there were 13 juvenile girls charged with prostitution, one juvenile . boy, 1,427 women and 452 men. -Seven of the 452 men were charged in Ottawa. Published last December, the report covers 1970. You're tempted to ask what a nice girl like her is doing in a place like that. ' The sight of a small girl doing so much , pushing and pulling must surely -bring out the prankster in some persons if not the sadist Miss Aubin remembers well the woman who kept getting on and of! the elevator at one stop, causing the heavy doors to be opened and shut four times. "I don't know whether she couldn't make up her mind or whether she was doing it on purpose, but when she got off at the main floor she was laughing her head off," recalls Miss Aubin. Elevator operating is not with out its hazards. Just prior 'to) ,.. STRONG-ARMING THE FREIMAN'S LIFT . place In a theatre and not In a public house, as the Crown contended. Referring to evidence be had called in the trial, Mr. Martin said there was overwhelming proof that nudity in the theatre does not o trend public decency. Mr. Martin referred to the advertising and the admittance age of 18 and over at Pandora's Box -and said this would leave no doubt in a person's mind as to what kind of a show he would see. The defence counsel said what offends public decency may depend on the place of .the act. He said the evidence was '.'oner sided" in favor or the defence. Assistant Crown Attorney Paul Dick said the show at Pan dora's Box was "nudity for nud ity's sake." . . In the case of Sicrid Simon. who was charged with present ing an ODScene performance. Mr. Martin said her show "did not go. beyond the community 11 - Al . limits w wjierance. Ottawa police Det. James Rods Thursday described how Miss Simon performed what he called "a simulated act of inter course" with her legs over the oacK ot a cnair. Defence witness. Dr. Edward Rich, a Toronto psychiatrist in volved m a study of attitudes to wards sexual behavior, said Miss Simon's actions were from the standard burlesque reper toire. Christmas, Miss Aubin was stuck for more than an hour between . floors when the power failed. Luckily for customer relations, she was alone. But it can get lonely in an empty elevator .that's not- going . anywhere. All that shifting of doors can wreak havoc on the wardrobe as well. The white gloves that the operators wear have to be wash ed, daily and seldom last more man three months. , "You have to be outgoing to do that job," remarked a sales clerk as she watched Miss Aubin shuttle her riders up and down. And strong. Vww SA. t biiMMi .(Jpurnl Photo fcy Th Canajllan Pf) A flash fire ripped through the Vanier police station council chambers on the Montreal Road during the winter's last night. Shown above are Vanier firemen who were Ottawa firemen in battling the blaze which broke out 'Administrative nightmare9 hits Vanier police in wake of station, council chamber fire . By DAVE McKAY Vanier police today" face what Chief Claude Dwyer called "an administrative nightmare" after a flash fire-Thursday night lev-1 elled the wood and stucco struc ture housing the police station and -council Chambers on the Montreal Road. Winter Carnival events The foOlowing Ottawut Winter Carnival events are scheduled for Feb. 4 and 5. TODAY Carnival Broomball Tourna ment, McNabb Arena, 7 p.m. island Lodge farty, 7 p.m. Raftsmen Shin-Ding, Civic Centre, salons B and C, 8 p.m. Ottawa 67s vs. st cauiarmes, Civic Centre, 8 p.m. Jose Greco, NAC Opera House, 8 p.m. TOMORROW Air Canada 100 Snowmobile Rally, Normandie Motor Hotel, Orleans, 7 a.m. Carnival " broomball tournament, McNabb Arena, 8 a.m. Community centre broomball tournament. Brewer Arena, 8 a.m. Carnival ice fishing derby, Britannia Bay, 8 a.m. Minor . hockey tournament, Walkley and Barbara Ann Scott Arenas, 9 a.m. Holman Island Eskimo prints, Snow Goose, 9.30 a.m. Carnival capers; Britannia Park, 11 a.m. Italian carnivale. Civic Centre, 5 p.m. Carnival square dance, Lau-rentian High School, 8 p.m. Ice fishing derby dance. Lakeside Gardens 8 p.m. Senior citizens dance, West-boro Community Centre, 8 p.m. Mireille Mathieu, NAC Opera House, 8.30 p.m. PC's hack gov't assistance to Canadian media industry (By the CP) More government assistance to the Cana dian publishing and newspaper three distinctive branches n the there distinctive branches in the armed forces have found sup port among Conservative party delegatesapiiMi The party released Thursday the final policy votes by delegates attending. last December's convenion here " and, among other things, they support greater action oh urban prob- lem and transportation, a big ger role for science, more gov ernment Initiatives in preserv ing economic independence, and steps to ensure the country's sovereignty.. The part y's parliamentary caucus is not nouna oy tne views of delegates, 'n ln"V 1110 "tllra " 'ore? estf s"m "JL"? veuuuaia uovciyuicm, if - f VANIER "Not a thing was saved," said the chief. "It went up just like that - . . in five minutes." . i But the chief added that there is hope -of -retrieving -court evidence, contained in metal canisters in" a vault that dropped through the top floor of the two-storey building. The building "must have been 100 years old, be said. . Chief Dwyer, who said the fire broke out about 9.10 p.m. Thursday in the old firehall at the rear of the mam building, .esti mated replacement value of damaged equipment alone at "well oyer $50,000." No final es timate Was available.; The fire department moved last week to St. Anne Street. Three officers on duty when the fire 1roke out escaped with only the clothes on their backs before flames engulfed the building. The three were Sgt Bert Chartrand, Det. Yvon Paul dispatcher Rene Lalonde. Tile chief said there was no explosion prior to the fire. Hal Renardson, area 1 investigator Ugandaii girls told to pull up their knickers KAMPALA, Uganda (UPI) Uganda's Foreign Minister Wanume Kibedi called on mini-skirted girls in Kampala Tuesday to stop "exposing their knickers (panties) all over town; He said they could learn something from their Congo 1 e s e counterparts who "wear no makeup, are properly clothed and show their natural beauty." HOUSEWIVES JAILED SEOUL (Renter) A South Korean court jailed 277 housewives and kitchen maids all from homes in Seoul for dump ing garbage in the streets. Each will servie three days. corporation "to grant capital assistance toward the establish-meat of new Canadian newspapers and magazines or toward the expansion of established ones." Twenty-rijne per cent of the delegates were opposed to this, while the remainder were unde-' cided or did not reply. There was stronger support- 46 per sent for , a resolution that "tax and other incentives should be initiaed to encourage the expansion of news-gathering services In Canada particularly direct Canadian foreign news gathering services.' Delegates also favored - legislation to en sure the effective Canadian con trol of all magazines arid news papers published in Canada. There was strong support for resisting any attempt to modify the Canadian parliamentary system toward the . American POLICE STATION DESTROYED and former worst storm assisted by in the rear for the Ontario fire marshal's office, was called in to probe the cause of the blaze. "What people might have heard -were tear- gas canisters and ammunition, stored inside, going off," said Chief Dwyer. About 300 persons watched about 20 firemen from Vanier and Ottawa contain the blaze as the worst blizzard of the winter raged, hampering operations.-: 1 Even before the fire was contained, an emergency police sta tion was 'set up in the Vanier Arena at L&casse street and Blake Boulevard. Ottawa police provided emergency commu nications from the scene. - ? , "Thanks to Ottawa police, who came to our aid seconds af Heart Foundation sets sights I on $80,000 area campaign goal 1 1 By NEIL WALDMAN . Ottawa-area residents this month , are asked to donate $80,000 to combat heart disease, an affliction the Canadian Heart Foundation terms "an epidem ic" mat kills more man 77,000 persons a year in this country. Across Canada, during Heart Monm, regional chapters of the toundation hope to raise more than $3 million, destined ri- than $3 million, destined pri marily for research. In Ottawa, dun'cig the last 16 years, almost $115,000 was ap- presidential system. But Canada needs a revised constitution, the delegates decided, ,and greater powers should be given to the provinces. i Delegates decided "the mor- rale and eeneral effectiveness of I wermedforceftiwouIoWbei much Improved by some restoration of the distinctiveness and traditions of the former three armed services." , ; In calling for a closer watch on foreign investment in Can ada, the delegates said there should be full financial disclosure by foreign-owned firms in Canada. The government should also require that all dues, as sessments v and i contributions made to unions be banked in Canada so "Canadian working men and women can so decide their own economic destiny without dictation from the United States." Hill l I I. I IK I " n x J " " " of the police station. No estimate of damage to the structure which " was more than 100 years old was available but Vanier Police Chief ! Claude Dwyer estimated the police loss at more than $50,000. (Jourhol Photo toy The Conodkm Press) ter our phones went out, there was not disruption in police protection," said the chief. "They took over our calls and set up roadblocks and directed traffic." 7 Supt. Tom Flanagan of the Ottawa force was sent by Chief Leo Seguin to direct the 30-man city contingent. Chief Dwyer said his 36-m'an force was to move today : into new quarters, at 297 Dupuis St., which was slated to .be reno vated and then occupied by the department in May. This building at present is used for municipal offices. -The chief said the "admfpis-trative nightmare" may take months to untangle. proved for research. All but $30.- 000 went to University of Ottawa. Dr. wally Troup, a cardiologist at the Civic Hospital, says heart disease is the biggest single killer 'in this area. Dr. Troup says the capital is not dntemationally renowned for it's heart, work, but it is doing important research and devel opment. He says doctors, pri marily at the University of Ottawa, are encouraged to remain in Ottawa by research grants such as those provided by the heart fund. This, said Dr. Troup, not only maintains a pool of qualified professionals able to treat local peole, but keeps them immersed in the mainstream of research and development. As an example, Dr. Troup cites extremely good results of operations using newly-designed plastic aortic valves developed in Boston. He says every kind of heart surgery being done is possible HEART FUND at the cardiac unit at he Civic Hospital even heart transplant operations. He points out, however, mat while transplants could physd- cally be done, rejection prob- . ..,., a KtaMWi-jmtJaaiBeairW come and that such operations here are not likely to the foreseeable future. Dr.'Troup.suggests mat more can be gained by devoting time and money to heart problems GIVE . . . i( rf Jr 0 I 5 mat afflict the greatest number! Scour, Force, Pigeon 5PON-of people. SOR. ' .-' Another, example quoted by Remember, even if you didn't Dr. Troup of progress made! win a prize this week, you could through heart foundation dollars I still be a big winner. Your en-is tha development of the Vo-ltry, along with all other entries gelfanger stapler, named after 'in the: weekly contests win-Dr. Isaac Vogelfangerf head of, tiers and losers -?will be eli-experimental surgery at the gible for the grand prize when Civic Hospital. The instrument; the winner is selected in April. Is used to connect blood vessels The grand prize s a return trip when en organ is implanted in a i to Amsterdam,- for two, via patient.-- - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,' -t "I had just -finished my budget and was about to give H to council," he said. "Nowit's gone with the wind." ; Other times lost included office equipment, traffic "rfjMr, Emergency Measures Organization radios, the uniforms ..and personal effects of ff-duty officers, communications equipment which had just beeiy installed, and one new-motorcycle. ': 1 ., Chief Dwyer said'all fivej'po-lice cruisers and the, paddy wagon were on the road.' ,Z- ... He said the destroyed building "was .there when Vanier wai incorporated as Eastview in 1$1$. . . it was an old school building." . ; i . While the national heart foundation describes the disease as "the number one killer affloqg those in Canada," it says "more progress has been made ht the past 20 years than in all of previous recorded history. To: be sure it costs money." ; The heart foundation says it's research-support programs; are designed for "fundamental research . . k rather than bricks and mortar." " Dr. Troup says more money usually comes back to Ottawa through research grants man is collected in fund drives. Last year about $90,000 was collected in the area, and, according to foundation figures almost $115,000 came back from the central office in Toronto. - Scram-Lets winner 3 Mrs. Ethel Eno, RR 5, P.O. Box 13, Killaloe. is last week's $100 first prize winner in The Journal's Scram-Lets contest. Winners of $10 consolation prizes: v . ' ' H. C. McCarthy,' 621 Westview Ave.; Myrna Rosebrook, ' 229 Dovercourt Rr.; E. Moylan, 280 Blake.Blvd, Apt. 3; Mrs. Claire Keatey, 158 McArthur Rd., Apt. S10; and Mrs. -Mabel Perrigo, Round Lake Centre. Correct answers:. Monday, Jan. 24: Ritual Acrid, Abhor, Matron MIRROR. Tuesday, Jan. 25: Lineal, De- cay, Seine, Votive Television, Wednesday, Jan. 26: Walnut. in j i-1 . r t,t w IT. Thursday, Jan. 27: Nibble, Befog, Coupe, Heaven BACON. Friday, Jan. 28: Zodiac, Afire, Comet, Gather GET AHEAD. Saturday,; Jan. 29:. Expose, t

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