The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1947
Page 9
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_WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1W7 -'\ Congress Builds File on Lobbyists Information to Have Value if Members Want to Crack Whip WASHINGTON, AllR. 13. <UP> — Rep. A. S. Monroncy, D., Okla., sniit today that the first streamlined Congress has buKL ni> a file on lobbyists that i.vill "put a lot of j-eapli; on a hot scat when we get around to investigating them." "Some people have said th;:', (he > lobbying section of (he rcorg-,iiii//i- lion act 'hasn't meant much this session," said Monroncy. "They iloii't realize that we now Itiive. infonun- tion that will be invaluable at some future 'dole." Monroncy, co-author witl: former Sen. Robert M. LafolleUc or Ihe congressional streamlining act, snld lobbyists Imve been as effective; this session as they liavc in the past — "if not more so." "But there is a dnieieiicc Ibis time," lie .sakl. "Now a man seeking to lobby bills llirough Coai;ress has to put it down in li'ack and white ami he is subject lo severe penalties if he fails to do so." The reorganization act requires lobbyists to register with the clerk of -the House and the secretary ol the Senate. They must give the names of their clients and in addition file .periodic financial reiwrt.! showing their expenditures. "T'no present Congress has not been tco interested in cm-bin-; the activities of lobbylsts.v Mourunuy declared. "That has been demonstrated iu many bills that have been passed. "But sonu- day we are goiti" to get a Congress that is interested in the subject and a lot. of people- arc (Wing to have some tall expiaininr- to do." "More than SCO have thus far registered as lobbyists, ilonroncy said he has "no doubt that many who should 'have sign'iVl up have failed to." BLYTHHVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NMCWS Breeze Wafts Stockyard Odors to Chicago Loop CHICAGO. Aug. 13. (UP) — The smell was iiwrjl. Workers at ihc Ferteral Buildiiig n \vi other nearby Chicago Loop buildings thought someone hart unloosed a stench bomb. Rumors flew. The city engincei'3 were cleaning out. the "sewers, ov perhaps m;.ialcnance men were cleaning out the building vents. It took the wcatncrmnn to co:rie up with the explanation. He ^uc! Die odor wa:, from the stockyards, seven miles away. It got into tM« loop on a hot 12-mile-anhour wliwi. An experieni-ecl stockyard "snif- fer," one who grew up in CM- stockyard area, was skeptical. "The yard smells prettier than lliat, " lie said • Does Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Feel Miserable? ™n?r here Is how you may get WM»«I relief In freeing your storrmch from tcis nervous distress. It works this wny Evcrytlmo food enters the stomach a vital gastric Juice must now normally to JlSS p ^ ertain tooa Particles: else the lood may ferment. Sour toocl. ncld Indl- lestlon and gas frequently cimse a mor- •n^" ch! '- ' rctru '. peevish, nervous . S?3?" lon ,- loss ° r a i'i>ctlte. underweight. i restless sleep, wcnkness. -- thlfi.P* JV! 1 , ro " ef rou must Increase ; r.f ™5T° f H lls vltal 8 Rst - r l° Juice. Medl- f™,, , , lorlt ' cs - ln ""^pendent labora- Also, SSS Tonic helps buMd-un non- organic. weak. watery blood In nutrt- ' <, counteract B «s nnd hlontln? whin "hat you so dearly need Is SSS Tonic tohrtn you dlBMt fo«l tor hoS? strencth \, R repair,. Oon't, waltl Join the hAV!,} JniW people SSS Tonic rmi heln'ert SSL u 2." sn °' 1>ot "« «•'<". Get ^boite of Ebb Tonic from your druc 6 i or ,, .;«»» 333 Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health! Bearing Down on Britain's Crisis U.S. to Hove Its Lowest Death Rate This Year NEW VOSK. AUK. 13! (UP)-aia- lisUciaiis of the MelropoUtun Life Insurance Co. predicted ycstcniify Hist tills year will .ice tho lowest dentil rate In Hie nations history. The forecast Is bused on Mt'!iY>- poliunrs experience In tho first Half- yenr nmonu Its Industrial policyholders, which indicated the lof- <-sl tatnlitv rules, to dnlo fr> r . in- flwtiz'i, pneumonia; tubrroulosl:i, syphilis, appendleilies nnrl the chief [ TOjiuminicuble diseases of childliiiod. j Deaths resif.tJnR fvoin ineusles, I whooping eolith, scurli't fevor m.<l (llphlhoria totaled less than 1.5 mil of 100.WD ).x)licyholilc'rs. ji fii-urc which the uompiiny teniu'd "incredible, but true." ' In lour of I lie. six months llunx- were no deaths from scnrlui, fever, nlthout;]) ihi- insuranci' espori^nco included .scverul million children, the comi>nny said. Death from tiibeiculosis struck 355 policyholders out of lC(l.'jO:i n rate of 2u per cent lower than Mini of five years aj;o nn ( i 3"> jinr cent PAGE, lower limn 10 years u;:o. Diseases of Die heail anil nrti'i 1 ii-s and diabetes caused fewer dead) llian <liiriii|< the Hniiii> period last year, UK. company said. Suicides muting the company's fxi.icy holders declined seven per ' cent from last yrar. nn<l lioimclilcs decreased twelve per cent. Two-Named Many towns In ihe United mules hiwc immi'.s indiciums Dial, they nre stflle linos .such us, J,a., O^lcxico, calir., Arkoinii, Okli., l^n»«u. Ci:i.. •rcxlunnii. Oklu. Ke- nciv». W. Va., Tcslco. N. M., Tex- nrpnna, Ark., mid many others. Read Cimiicr News Want Atls. NOTICE Ntillce Is hereby given llml Paul Klrki'iidtill hn.i imule iippllcntlon for u pcnnlt lo opdiile two laxl- cahs from mi nf/lco nl 303 W. Main St.. lilyllievllle. Any protest should be 111 \vrll- Ing iinil fllc<l In llio ofllco o! Ihc Clly Clerk. Prank Whllworlli* City Olerk Tin: gravity of Urea I Britain's economic plight is reflected in Ihc Jaci: of Foreign Minister Ernest Bcvin as he strides along Downing: 1 Street to a meeting between the British cabinet and natinniil leaders of the mincwoi leers. They wicsllccl with Ihe problem of in' creasing output of coal, backbone of British economy. Kaiser Offers To Junk Ships, Up Steel Supply WASHINGTON. An::. 13. (MPl — Henry J. Kaiser, who built .iliip.i during the war faster than • they had ever been built before, offered yesterday to revcrre the process and turn them into s:-rap for steel plants. "We' ought to be able to cut them up as fast as we built them," the West Coast industrialist said. He added he was willing to become the world's liirgcst junk dealer "iat us long as it Is ne:essary" lo got the needed scrap. Kaiser said he hiul appealed lo Presidential Assistant John R. Stet!'.man to step up the .i'.mking ot '.vsr- time ships. He said Stcelman seemed "very enthusiastic." Kaiser said he understands there are about 1,003 vessels,from landing craft to .battleships, the joint chiefs of staff -probably would not consider essential for national security. Kaiser also asked the Scmilo to make an all-out investigation of the steel industry on the ground that the peace of the world ati.i thn U. s. economy are imperiled !>y Die industry's failure to expand. Admiral Gets Mgffq/ 22 Years After Winning It WASHINGTON, All','. U. (UP) — Vice Adm. Charles E. Itosendahl. relived liRhter-than-air champion, yesterday received the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism when .the airship Shemindouh crashed in 1925. ••> A special Congressional act ordered award of the inctlnl"to the 5S-.venr-ol<l admiral 22 years allcr he saved six crew members by landing part of Ihe 1 airship after it broke in Iwo- Muvlng Sanils Kill Devil Hill, the dime at Kil- tyhawk, N. C., on which a 150-foot monument was erected in 1932 in honor of the Wright brothers, was found to have shifted 400 feel since the Wrights first flew their plane over it 29 years before. Honors Boy Scouts Here is the five-franc stamp is- sticd by France to commemorate the Sixth World Scout Jamboree, held near Paris by more than 30,000 Boy Scouts representing •JO nations. RACES Don't Miss Them! THRILLS! SPILLS! • Full Racing Program • Stock Mode/ Racers Old Car Derby Sec Jalopies in Action Mississippi County Fairground* Admission 60c Sunday, August 17th, 2:30 p.m. Sponsored by Dud Cason Post 24 AMERICAN LEG/ON He said the aUimimiin industry, by contrast, had expanded five time:; since before the war nnd wns now able to rediicc prices while steel prices were going .up.'., -•;-••:• \ul SB Krluht All thr elnclric li|;h(.s in use In (lie entire United Stales would )1- nniinale an area of but one square mile as brightly as is ilhinimalcd by KllllliKlu. 8 oz 'A' Grade All White Duck 9'and 7V Bcmis Bag Co. COTTON PICK .waiK-Mw J^$ft If yours is an ctvorcecjo oixo (arm, you can now on)oy Iho 4-vvciy savings ol a Massey-Harria SoK-Propollocl Combine. 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Sonic clay . . . nolmily will shift . - . nohody ^vill -pti^li ;i chitdi. Htil today - . . only //>//ra- Malic tti in; proi'itles fully tmtaintitic shifting! Only ll\-f!rti-Mnitc Drive eliminates the clutch l>tf{fil entirely! \Vflilt's more . . . Itydm-^fntic Drive \v;is inlrodnrc.d It < IhUmolnlc noftrly i! yrarii :jgo! Since kit litnc it hiis I,ri:n prm-nl in tlic 5 of nearly -100,000 Olrisinoliilc owner /-fora/ in Uierully Iiillions of miles of triving—evon [troial in eoTiiliul ns^ on Army Uniks! Today, llic lowrsl-priced car lo offer <IM llydr^^Tnltn Drive* in tlir, smart ' new OM^mnhilr- invay out ahead milo~ tufttiinlfy —;uv,ny out fihcad in «/J/tri;r- oittc, too. Ouriris AVIrMr Ohlsmohtlc i.i ;dua\> in Mine u till tomorrow. They r\]HT-t Oldsrnnhilr lo rome r>\t\ftrsl with llie rnilly iiKpf.rlani atlvaitcrinrnlf; like llyiliii-M iH ir Drive. That'a why RO iipiiny riilnre-niinilcd penplc sny t "It's SMAKTinOivn anOMs! 11 YOUR DEALER LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 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