The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 4
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THURSDAY, JUNE 2C, 1952 BLYTIIEVTLLF (ARK.) COURIER NEWS INSIDE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: 2 PAGE SEVEN Divergent Democratic Party Membership Held Together by Desire to Stay in Office Jean S/mmons' Suit Against RKO Rages The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party but more so, is not in strict a unified party at all, but a jolly-like coalition. It wraps up in a variegated, loosely-tied bundle people and interests in all states and sections. The easiest way to prove this, if proof be needed, is to ask—What runs it? Answers: (a) The so-called "solid" South, (b) The urban machines in big northern towns. This is as it, let us say, a potion were to be made of tea and ink. As factors in apparent irreconcilability, consider merely that the white South is overwhelmingly of Anglo- Saxon Protestant origin; the great northern machines rely on voters largely Catholic, foreign born, and descendants of foreign born. Or Ifl us ask—Who runs il? A list of leading Democrats, not including candidates, u-ill embrace men like Senator Eyid. who is to the right of Tafti James P. Byrnes, who is scarcely on speaking terms with his ti'ular leader, Mr. Truman: Bernard . M. Bamch. a very different type o* character from Byrnes, but one who probably shares the same feeling about Mi-. Truman; old New Dealers like Supreme Court Justice Douglas anci Senator Lehman of New York: men who hai« the New Deal like Jim Farley; amidiluvian city bosses like Ed Crump in Memphis, now in decline: youthful reformers like men on the Southern Regional Council; several eminent millionaire aristocrats; outright radicals like some members of the Americans for Democratic Action; Jewish leaders like Jack Arvey in Chicago; Catholic leaders like Frank Lausche.of Ohio; Eleanor Roosevelt and her sons; and multitudinous assorted others. It is almost as if a coalition were How much do you know about »huf> happening inside the two major parties 25 convention lime approaches? Here's the penetrating story »n the struggle for political power, detailed by John Gunther, one of this generation's best-known reporters. This is the second of his four articles on the Democratic Party, written exclusively for NEA Sen-ice and The Courier News. They will be followed by five :nore "Inside" reports on Ihe Republican Party. IN THE DEMOCRATIC COALITION: Lett to right, James F. Byrnes, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, Chicago's Jack Arvey, and Eleanor Roosevelt are part of the picture. running Europe that consisted of j committee in Stalin, de Gaulle, Marshal Tito. | questioned by touchstone issue. What claim either might, have on ami-administration white (Democrats must largely depend upon other factors. Some Negroes have not forgiven Eisenhower for his testimony before the Senate Armed Services 1948, when, closely Senator RiLssell. he the papal secretary of state, the' supported segregation ol Negroes Queen of Greece, Winston Church-* i n the armed services 111, British trade-unionists, Ruhr in- \ T he South is in a state of flux dustriaiisis, the socialite who hires Many responsible Democrats whole French chateaus to give par- , strange as it may seem hope for ties in, and a scattered array of a s i Ma ble Republican vote in the impoverished Montenegrins, Finns,: —. Slovenes, Slavones. East Rumelians, and one-eyed Turks. South this year — provided, of course, that it is not too siseable. Their reasoning is that the, competition of the Republicans will end the tyranny of the ancient fuddy-duddies in their ranks, break things up, and liberalize the south- , crn wing of the party. i Another Democratic cleavage' that may play some role this year i is that between isolationists and ! internationalists. But comparitive- ly few prominent Democrats- except _ in the Far West—are isolationists. ' The South, though conservative do- LOS ANGELES In an attempt to show that RKO Studio las been making capital gains deals as "lure and bait" for movie stars, Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger have asked a court to inspect the film firm's business records. The British movie couple are suing RKO for $250.000 damages, claiming studio boss Howard Hughes repudiated Miss Simmons' $600.000 contract, then told other movie makers he had exclusive rights to her services. Both sides have hurled accusations of scheming to list regular income as capital gain, taxable at a lower rale. RKO denies any such deals. Martin Gang, attorney for Ihe plaintiffs, filed notice to subpoena RKO's records yesterday. If allowed, court inspection would be made of dealings between the studio and such stars as Ingrid Bergman, John Wayne and Ann Blythe. Immigration Bill Back to Congress WASHINGTON l.fl— The holly controversial McCarran-Walter Immigration bill — vetoed by President Truman yesterday as dangerous to j this country's moral leadership for peace — started a second through Congress today. The House scheduled vole on overriding or the the way, perhaps late, this afternoon. Sen. McCarrnn ID-Nev>, sponsor of the measure, the veto as "one of the most un- ! American acts. I have witnessed ii my public career." President's veto as soon as controls bill was out of the mestically.- is mostly on the International side. Tomorrow: What the Democratic candidates add Russian Embassy Sails For Home from Venezuela CARACAS, Venezuela tfj—The SB-member staff of the Russian Embassy sailed (or home last night following a diplomatic squabble which resulted in Venezuela and Russia breaking off diplomatic relations. They left behind them two disgruntled Venezuelan carpenters who had helped (hem pack. The carpenters complained the Russians refused to pay the bill for their work. Read Courier News Classified Ads Sub Makes Sea Rescue SUNEHLAND, England UWl'he British submarine Sirdar surfaced during maneuvers in the North Sea off here last night to rescue two injured crewmen from a Royal Air Force Shackle-ton bomber which exploded and dived into the sea. One other member of (he four- man crew was killed and a fourth was missing. The accident u-u.s the only serious mishap during the NATO maneuvers. Operations Cast n nets, in which 400 aircraft and 250 ships of nine nations had been taking part. The exercise ended last night. GLENMORE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON Lowery-Jean Parker Wed HOLLYWOOD UV-Actor Robert Lowery and actress Jean Parker have announced that they' are married and are expecting a baby. Miss Parker said yesterday the wedding took place May 29, 1951. at the home of a friend In Miami. She expects the baby In October, she said. What, then, makes power in the Democratic Party? What holds it together? I The answer Is, first, as with all political parties, the desire to get in office and stay there. Second, as mentioned in the preceding article, the enormous heritage of Roosevelt and the fact that FDR set up a program, to which most Democrats still give lip service nt least, lor doing something for the common man. Now take cleavages within the Democratic Party on specific issues. By all odds the most important is that between North and South on the civil rights program. Roosevelt captured the bulk of the Negro vote in the North, and Truman has consolidated this. Negroes, it Is manifest, carry the balance of power in a considerable number of cJosely contested nosthern communities; the Negro vote can be decisive, and northern Democrats cannot afford to lose it. For instance In 19-18 Truman carried Illinois by the minuscule margin of 33,612. And is just happened that Truman's majority in three predominantly Negro wards in Chicago was 50,012. Truman carried Ohio by 7107. In Cleve- lanl .alone, in six heavily Negro wards, his majority was 14,713. So without the Negro vote, Truman would have lost both these crucial states. Hence, by and large, northern Democrats support F.E.P.C. and other programs for Negro betterment. Southern Democrats, as everybody knows, refuse vigorously to do so ,and flght F.E.P.C. with intense passion. The total Negro vote In 1948 was roughly 3U million, of which approximately TO per cent was for Truman. In 1952 the total Negro vote will be substantially more, possibly around 5 million. There will probably be some 2 million Negro voters in the South alone this year fl. figure that would have seemed inconceivable even four years ago. And most will be moved inexorably by what line candidates take on civil lights. The (white) southern vote is, it goes without saying, vital to any Democratic candidate, too. It is true that Roosevelt would have won every lime he ran even if he had lost the entire South each time, a nd Truman wo n in 1948 even though he lost South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana to the Dixiecrats. What counts is that the South is such a nice, comforting nest egg of electoral votes. Normally, the Democratic nominee starts out with these votes snugly in his pocket, and will need to pick up only northern states to win. Eisenhower and Taft have both come out against a compulsory > F.E.P.C. Therefore both may have alienated the Negro vote on the Wheat Farmers Urged Hold Grain WASHINGTON (ft— The Agricul- ers this year's prospective big •crop could cause prices to drop considerably. ture Department is urging wheat fanners to hold some of their grain off the market during the current harvest season to keep prices from falling. This action is being taken at a keeping a close tab on farm prices for possible influence on farmer voting in the presidential election. In literature being circuJated in wheat-producing 1 areas, the department's Production and Market-} ened the U goVerninent's"*abnUy ing Administration is telling farm-' — ' . .. . Church Asks End Of Discrimination CLAREMONT. Calif. (Jf) — The General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches ended its llth biennial meeting yesterday with the calling adoption of a resolution n Christians to improve race relations within the church. "Churches and church-related institutions have been slow in changing their own discriminatory patterns." the resolution said, and "have often lagged behind other major institutions in our society." The resolution urged the denomination to take "practicable steps to obviate discriminatory behavior at the earliest moment." Joan Davis' Daughter, 18, Elopes with Fireman HOLLYWOOD WActress Beverly Wills. 18-year-old daughter of comedienne Joan Davis, eloped to Carson City, Nev., last Sunday and married a fireman. Miss Davis didn't learn about it until the newlyweds returned here yesterday. Her comment: "Al 18, kids sure do think they know everything." The bridegroom is Lee Bamber. . of the Pasadena, Calif., lire department. One way to prevent this, it says, j is to store wheat under the department's ^price support program until prices get better. A sharp drop in prices might well become a campaign issue, as was j the case in 1948. In the last election, Democrats blamed a Republican Congress, contending it weak- to support prices by limiting the department's authority to provide storage facilities. This year the Democratic administration has had a free rein in setting farm policies and programs. It has set price supports for wheat and other major crops at the top limit of price support ' legislation, and has had full authority to provide storage facilities. This year's wheat crop has been forecast at 1.326,000.000 bushels, a third larger than last year. The administration has promised to support the grain at a national average of not less than $2.18 a bushel. In its circular to growers, the department said records of past performance in the marketing and price of wheat show that historically more than a third of the grop is sold in July and August. A similiar "hold-off-the-market" campaign was carried on by (he department in the case of cotton last year, when cotton prices started tumboing after prospects of a big crop. Officials said plans are being made to use the same technique ( for corn, soybeans and other crops ! ' HUBERTS CLUB Hubert UHey — Wert Akins at Holland, Mo. Highway 61 You'll enjoy an evening of dancing at Hubert's Club . . . completely remodeled throughout and air conditioned. Nothing has beer, spared in an effort to give you the very best. We're proud to have done the plumbing work. GLENMORE DISTILLERIES COMPANY • LOULSVJUE. .KENTUCKY should big production start pulling EARL WALKER PLUMBER Pointed Story — ALBANY, N.Y. i.f) — Foiled | story: | A truck driver stopped at a downtown street corner to ask directions. Samuel Williams raised his right hand to point. A dog seated in the cab of the truck stuck its head out of the window and nipped Williams' Index finger. Read Courier Ne 5 Classified Ads NOW! 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