The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Modest MdcKreli Picks Winner In Arkansas Governor's Race Months Before Balloting Begins Ry MORT STERN United Press Staff Correspondent *-. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 20. (U.P.)—Ciubcrnaloriat candidate JUHM "Uncle Mac" Mackrcll said today'lhai Gov. Ben Lancy's with druwal from th« 1MB rac« Insures tliat It will not be a "mudsllngln eontwt." The soft-spoken. conJIdent radio evangelist, said the race would boll down to a clean, gentlemanly affair between Sidney McMnlh or Hot Springe and himself, In which he, Mackrell, would win. MacKrell refused to speculate to* ———_ whom Laney's friends of the "mon- jed class (as he put It) would give j their support, but he did predict' that the governor himself will retire from active politics. "Of course," MacKrell pointed out, "he will still take a citizens Interest." "McMath will wnlt until after Mnrch 1, when I open my campaign formally at Hope," MacKrell sairi. "He's too Involved not to announce. Then It will just be « case of who can best sell the state." After canvassing sentiment In various parts of the state. MacKrell said he will outpoll McMnth in his own territory of Garland and Montgomcrey counties "two to one." MacKrell said that after he Is el- Demand is High For Cotton Goods Southern Plants to Run at Top Speed, Spokesman Declares ATLANTA, Gn., Jan. 20. (UP) — The outlook lor ID48 In the Southern textile Industry appears to be maximum production niul pence between labor and management. ,.,.,,,,. i Industry sources oxpret even' eclcd he will hold a series of con-'spindle lo be In operation lull time "™ I in turning out the Confidentially— .-.- millions of yards ol cotton cloth needed lo satisfy market demands In this couniry anrf r»broad. T. M. FVuiic-;;. executive vice prc,- 1 fdcnt of the Cotton Manufacture:Association of Georgia. sai:l In an Interview that the demand for cni- ferenccs. "Ml call in the hend of the chambers of commerce and find out what they want in Ihe way of home rule." he declared. "I'll call In Hie business leaders and get an audit system working whereby the taxpayers can see where their money's going, and put a stop to this stealing. And | ton products Is still fur in excess I'll convince the school teachers of ,of supply. Most mills have backlogs Arkansas.that they can be among; of orders Unit will keep them busy the highest paid In the nation." ion a maximum production sclic- The Little Rock radio Evangelist I dule through the first two quarters said his headquarters and supporters > of this year. throughout the state are all ready Orders are normally plnceil nbuiu to start the bull rolling. - ! six months In advance, Forbes He said he will name a treasurer! |x>l"tcd on!, so figure.'! are not yet to handle the campaign funds next' nvallnhlc on the outlook for the State Kcnator Isidore Dollinycr, Democrat, emphasizes his remarks with clenched fist in Albany as he discusses his proposal for an investigation ol "imEair, unwholesome ;md deplorable" conditions in New York professional boxing. He" asks 550,000 lo investigate "evil and corrupt" practices. District Attorney frank S. Ilngan has been probing the beak-busting business for :i year free, (jrnlis and lor nothing. Pulaski Prosecutor To Return Prisoner latter part of the year. There is no ro:i.son to tloubt that the same Monday and that will complete the campaign administration. MacKiells campaign manager is noyal Uarncs I"'™ 1 ":" 0 " conditions will exist dui- of Fort Smith. Assistant campaign llll! tnnt I'Wlod. v manager is Ed P. Woods of North F "'"" n " d otllcr Industry spokes- Little Rock. And In charge of cam- ' n ^ n ?" K "°"" [ rio !_ tal c ^I«cl prl- palgn headquarters will he Mrs More Anti-Trust Work Advocated Jus tic* Department Wants $9 Million for New Listening Posts' By JarnM F. Donovan United Frew Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. (UP) — The Justice Department plans to operate a nationwide network oT anli-trust "listening posts" If Congress grant-i a request for an extra «»,OCO,000, It was disclosed today. Officials of the department's Anti-Trust Division said they hoped lo open as many as 12 branch offices wilh special emphasis on the South and Southwest, which they called the most glaring "blind spots" In the government's anti-trust operations. President Truman has recommended an appropriation of $34,000,000 (or (he Anti-Trust Division In the 1949 fiscal year—a substantial boost over 1948's outlay of $25.000,000. Division sources said almost all of the extra money would be used In the field. At present, the Anti-trust Division lists only eight branch or rc- fiional offices—in Boston, New York, i taxlcab 'rides''rcsuitcd'ln TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1948 Free Spending, Long Cab Ride Brings Arrest of Bank Robber CHICAGO,, Jin. W (UP)—James* Bmlth, 24, who admitted participating In a $130.000 New Orleans batik robbery, was questioned today about the killing of a Philadelphia policeman nearly a year ago. Smith, a former bartender In Philadelphia, appeared eager to tell Investigators all about the robbery of the Hibernla National Bank at New Orleans Jan. >, but wouldn't admit anything," about the death of Policeman Cecil Ingling. Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said It was possible that Smith wa« Involved In the slaying. They were checking his fingerprints. Ingling was shot to death by one of three bandits he tried to ture after they held market. up cap- super- In the ensuing cnase. one of the bandits was captured. Police named James P. Smith, Jr., and David Almeida, 33. both former convicts, aa the two still at large. Authorities who compared pictures of the wanted man with those ol Smith taken after his capture I here said there was a "very close" | resemblance. Smith, whose fondness Bess MacKrell. While MacKrell foresaw the coming 1948 fjnbernatorinl election ns J" to "d™"™ °<] collon rn Ll ^f u. " ,'t ",° U1 '° T BC ," 101 ' L ' tISCS ,, or n '" ' r l ^"mT , C ° U< " V of Laney would scatter the cards. Educatipn Department Director Ralph Jones, admittedly an Inexperienced political star-gazer, said nevertheless thai he believed It ! would now be a wide'opcn race. i Meanwhile, Highway Department ! Director J. C. Baker voiced the disappointment a number of stnlchonsc officials felt following the announcement by the governor. "I don't think we have had or ever will- hnve a belter governor," he declared* passed on to tli c public manufacturers. Forbes explained that these two Items make up 80 per cent of (he cost of producing cotton products. LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 20 <Ut»)—Pulaski Prosecuting Attorney Kdwin Dtmaway und Sheriff Tom Gllltcy were planning to personally escort CLru'ence "Baby Doll" Johnson home from Enst St. Louis. III., to lie Fonlenced on two rulaski County convictions. goods j Dunaway announced yesterday new I [],„[ n]i tl0 i s Governor Dwight Green Jump t ln rt signed the extradition papers lor John-son 1 ? return to Arkansas, •r. that }i u pt c:K icd KuilLy but \vns not •u r- K^ I sentenced it\ 19-H on a charge af h '11 ' rccclvinir slolrll soods. In 1047 tlie Dy me | Norlll Liu]c nnck NCB ,. O wns (.„„. vlctcd on a gambling clmrgfi, but ftcd to Illmois after having been given time to file an appeal. Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattl", I Cleveland, San Francisco and Denver. Possible Slln Llslfd Officials pointed out that whole regions of the country—tlie South and Southwest, for example—were completely unpoliced by regional anti-trust investigators. Tlic extra $9.000,000 requested of Congress is intended to remedy the situation. Among tlie cities mentioned as possible sites for new branch offices were: New Orleans, Miami or Atlanta for the South; St. Louis for the Southwest and the Mississippi Valley; a city in Texas; Providence for lower New England; Buffalo for the Eastern New York area; Minneapolis for the Lake region; Cheyenne, Wyo., or Butte. Mont., for the mountain regions and Phoenix. Ariz., for the Southwest. Acting Assistunl Attorney General John Ford Baecher said he is convinced that investigators would uncover numerous cases of antitrust violations in "blind spot" areas if branch offices were opened. for his long cap- Mme. Minister ture, maintained his silence about the Ingllng affair, although readllv admitting his part In the armed robbery of the New Orleans bank. Armed robbery In Louisiana carries a possible death penalty. Smith was traced here on a tip from a Memphis cab driver Mrs. Ludmila Jankevcova, 50- year-old war widow, became Czechoslovakia's first woman cabinet member when she took over Ihe reins ol the Industry Ministry. She is one of three women in Europe to hold sufh a responsible government post. Surprise Package JOHNSON CITY. Tcnn., Jan. 20 JPJ -Tlic bank had to change its who method of handling currency when said Smith had Riven him $500 for Ross Jones of Erwin, Tcnn., came a. ride to Chicago. L to do business. FBI men located him at a Chi-. Jones, a railroad engineer, cago hotel and found rjlm asleep'brought in COO silver dollars which when they entered his room. He, !|C ''ad collected in a porcelain STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A K E R Now In Our New Modern Service Department • ONE STOP SERVICE • WASHING & LUBRICATING CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Sfudebaker Service Railroad & Ash Streets Lex (Jhamblin Phone 2195 Rill Chamblin T U D E B A K E R STUDEBAKERS Six Federal Prisoners Sentenced on New Charge Big Inch Banshees Haunt Abandoned Mill TEXARKANA. Ark.. Jan. 20. (UP) —Sentences ranging up lo three years have been mclcd out lo live Texas couvicls who escaped last November from Hie federal correction institution at Tcxarknnn. The men are Orville A. Hollernau of Grand Prune. Lamai' BuvticU of WAYNESBURG, Pa. (UP)—En- Vitlorlu. wiilinm M. McDonald of ginocrs explained to frightened res- ' Waco, Thomas Whelnn Wiglcy of Jdents here that, tlic ghost uf I Pssndcnn. and Rod Milton Powell, Reese's Mill was only the big inch ' Jr - of San Aantouio. banshees Polks traveling along the dark Tobey for Ike All pleader! guilty lo escape and lo charges of theft of the government cur in which they made their escape. Tlic I heft sentences of 18 months will be served concurrently with the escape penally. The live men surrendered without fight after two days of freedom. Former Ambassador Is Fayetteville Visitor FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., .Jan. 20. (UP)—The current world unrest is n result, of the Iniiure of the United States to live up to the terms of the Atlantic Charter, according (o former U. S. Ambassador to China. Patrick J. Hurley. Hurley told a University or Arkansas fraternity group yesterday "every ideal of demo:racy and government by and for the individual promulgated in lhat famous meeting of Roosevelt and Churchill was later renounced at Yalla." Following his address Hurley told newsmen lie tt'!ll run against He- publican Senator.Carl Hatch in the coming elections in New Mexico. "We're going to hatch his own act on him." the cider statesman quipped. Train Service Keeps Truck Line Moving MADISON, Ls. Wis .(UP) — Ervin Moritz, owner of a Madison truck- j Ing line, knows how to keep nis; trucks moving . When Moritz Ls informed that a truck has broken down on the road,.he picks up the necessary re-I pair parts and starts for the scene in his four-passenger plane. He has, learned how to put the plane down on any road his trucks might travel. Moritz also Hies relief drivers to change-over points along his trucking lanes. Then he'll pick up the drivers who have driven their allotted number ot hours »nd bring them to Madison. • nitui* nicy eiiicieu ins room, lie had $17.176 In his possession when container. He I he was captured. coins over j $50.000 Bond Set When arraigned yesterday before U. S. Commissioner Edwin K Walker. Smith was willing to admit his part In the New Orleans holdup. "Yeah." he said with » grin. "I'm guilty." Walker rejected the plea until papers charging Smith can be sent from New Orleans. He continued the hearing until Friday and set bond at J50.000. Smith smiled when he heard the amount and pretended to peel $1.000 bills off a non-existent roll. George McSwaln. agent in charge of the FBI here, said Smith told authorities that he and four other men, three of whom have been captured, held up the bank after slipping In with employes reporting for work before the bank was opened to customers. The crime was the biggest bank robbery in New Orleans in more than 10 years. G. W. Rickets. 23, and his nephew. Tmmnie Rickets, 21, and John Has- senbeck. 23, were seized shortly after the robbery In rooming houses. The fifth man still is at large. Police recovered more than iio.- 000 from the three men captured in New Orleans but even with the money taken from Smith yesterday, they had gathered the period of years. Read Courier News Warn Ads. still had not accounted for more than SM.OOO of the loot. Smith told McSwnin that he and his accomplices had split their taks five ways. He said that lie had becii spending freely for clothes, enter talnment and cab rides and that the Sn.176 was all he had left of his "cut" of $22,00t). FARM # LOANS Horn* Office, Newark, N. J. LONO TERM PROMPT CLOSINO LOW KAT1 CAM.. WRITE OR Stl RAY WORTH!NGTON US S. Third St.. Blyt.hevllle. Ark, Sertine Thl.i S-rl'nn ?S Yrar» Anthorlted Mortgage Loan Solicitor far THE rRll.DF.NTIAl. INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA KYourNase FiHsUp -Spoils Sleep Tonight! A few drops of Vicks Va-tro-nol in each nostril works right where trouble is to open nose, relieve slufrv. transient congest ion. Brings quick relief from sniffly ' sneezy head cold distress. Try it! Follow directions In package VICKS VATM-NOt Shortest War The shortest known war in history was that declared by tlic Sultan ol Zanzibar against Great Brilain. It lasted about 40 minutes. road leading lo the mill complained ol being frightened by unearthly noises-coming from the abandoned structure. Engineers investigated and found that the moans were caused by winds blowing through check valves at a uicler station where the bis inch pipe line Is lapped lor gas for local use. Democratic Committee To Set Primary Dates LITLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 20. IUP) —The men who set the deadlines for actually entering the political races in Arkansas, the State Democratic Central Committee, will meet Feb. 19, according lo Havvcy Combs, secretary. Comb.s said Hie group will fix th! date lor the closing ol [he ticket, issue the foi unil call for Ihe democratic primaries, and select the delegates to the national convent ion. Sen Charles W. Tobcy of New- Hampshire, influential Republican who heads the Senate Banking Committee, has declared himself foi Eisenhower [or President. Tobcy is shown in his Senate ntficc after accepting a directorship in Ihe Draft-Eisenhower Lcayue INFA Telcphoto.> Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. J tlother's Friend massaging prcfs- ration helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. 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