The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on December 5, 1940 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, December 5, 1940
Page 23
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1840. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL' .' 23 Volaiats and Flyers Clash for S i Season 1 . . Time This eeond Habitants Shooting for Lead In Game With Army Squad Flyers and Volants at Full Strength-Teams Played Tie in First Meeting The two beat drawing cards In the league Hull VolanU and Air Force will dash for the second time this season in the feature glint on tonight's Senior City Hockey League doubleheader at the Auditorium starting at eight o'clock. The two bitter rivals met in the- season's inaugural double-header and finished in a 4-4 over-tine draw and since hat time they hare been waiting for a chance to resume the rivalry with- each team confident of taking the other. 2a the second game Canadiens. who are now tied with Monties for the lead, take on Princess Louisej Dragoon Guards with . the Habitants out to. move ahead of the pack and the Army squad equally determined to make this their first victory of the season. . To date the PlD.G.'s have tied one and lost four. VsJanU Edge. Volants are right - on edge for this important engagement and after their 3-3 tie in Shawinigan Talis oa Tuesday night they feel highly confident that they can pin their first defeat on Flyers. ; Ab. Cholette, Patsy Cuzxo, tarry Larocque, Jack , Moussette, Gene Sauvageau, Armand Potvin, Jack Seymour and Eddie Finnlgan are 11 well up In the scoring race and CoadyBob Guertiii has succeeded in welding them Into three Strong scoring lines. i It will be a big Job for Flyers to match or surpass any one of these combinations, but the way the Flyers have been travelling Rough Riders Work Again .. , it Un Lansdowne Rough Riders held their second practice la zero weather at Lans-down Park yesterday afternoon and when the boys came back to the barn they looked like a luncb of Admiral Byrd's men. They -were dressed in everything they could lay their hands on and be-lore they went out the cook had TO lOTdOlJ rCSlTBUI ICW VI U1VU1 Very little in the way of football was' attempted. - Very little was possible because the ball was almost too cold to hold but Ross Trimble did have the squad run through signals and work for a period on offensive formations. It will scrimmage tomorrow. ' ; The field was more than ankle deep in light, powder snow and Pete O'Connor, the ace ski-er of the Rough Riders, was regretting that he hadn't brought along his hickory blades. If they could wear ski la this game Pete would have been a cinch for the All-Eastern team because he Can real-Jv travel on those wooden rockers. However, he hasn't been going so badly as It is for he's had his best season since coming up to senior ranks. Balmy. Beech haven't given up en this coming gsme by any manner of means. They figure that with a little luck they might have bad a touchdown and Rough Riders were ready to admit after the game in Varsity Stadium that they were fortunate la being able to stop them twice when they were up on their two-yard line. - I "I always give him a PREMIER HAT It's a real MAN'S gift7' Give Him a PREMIER Giff Bond and Let Him Select His Own i Hat! s3 3.95 m. $5 T)m - SSclCaps - - - L23, LSQlScarrea L00t 159, $2 Socks - 55c I Stetsons - - - 6J0 Braces - S5e I Derbies 195, $3, 6.50 1 lately they should give a good account of themselves. Flyers Improved. Sammy Godln's Canadiens took a fall out of the Flyers earlier, in the week, but the game could have glne either way. The Flyers are definitely coming now and they have been known to play their best hockey against Volants. . - -. . Johnny Laloade aad Roger 'Franette, tipping the beam at close to 801 pounds betweea them, will attempt U match body cheeks with Valaats trie of Bill - Moran. Corel Psntalone aad Lines Merta. All these boys are la the rag , god class of reargaards aad revel la the tough golag. . i - 'Flyers have a starting string of Eric McNeety. -Pickles" McNicholl and Henry Roy that rates with the best in the league. Volants -will likely, start Ab. Cholette, Larocque and Guzzo. against this string. !'.- ! .'. A victory for Canadiens would boost them into sole possession of first place and they'll be out to shoot the works against the "Plugs" in the hope of making the most of the advantage, while Monties, co-leaders, are idle this time. The best crowd of the ' young season should be on hand even if only to see VolanU square off with Flyers. s snowy rieia If Frank Seymour goes the distance here Beeches will be a formidable team all the day. Seymour did a Jot of damage to the Rough Riders during the first quarter at Toronto but was hurt in the second and thereafter was held in check. He Is the finest plunging back that Rough Riders have met-up with and would be a star on any team. Beaches are hoping for a dry, fast field and. so are Rough Riders. Both teems favor that sort of going and unless the temperature takes a swift climb- the field will be dry and fast all right Dry, fast snow. Weather Hampers Beaches. TORONTO, Dec 4. tn Coach Alex Ponton of Toronto Balmy Beach said tonight he will not try to simplify his attack to conform with adverse weather conditions expected for this Saturday's meeting with Ottawa Rough Riders In Ottawa in the second game of " the' home-and-home. total-points series for the Canadian Rugby Union championship. "We havent had a chance to practise outside and try anything new". Ponton said after an indoor drill tonight The weather has held us back plenty. ' But well go out there and try as hard as we know how. Be said an ale players thro ash last Saturday's gasae fas As . shape. Brace Itms, wae was takea from the game during the second (Barter with a slight I eoncussioa has recovered fully. ' I Saarks Cor. XaeasJfs, jyxiryjicps Senators Renew . Deal With Phillies ATLANTA. Ga. Dec UV) Ottawa f the Canadian-American League renewed its working agreement with Philadelphia Phils today and twe ether 1 member sons ht similar Ue-ups. UUca, N.Y, fct seeking aa agreement with a major league team and One-en U, N.Y may dose eat aa agreemeat with aa unannounced International League dub, officials reported. Rev. Harold 1. Martin. Canadian-American president said a move to transfer the Aobura franchise Ut another diy had not been completed. With the Curlers Of Ottawa Clubs ON OTTAWA ICt-Bcm Blaks Wla. , Tree; rinks from tha Ottawa Curltnf Club defeated rink front Smith Fells by tout aoor of fl-JS lt nuht on OtUwa club lc M a friendly match. Mush Canon. president el tha Ottawa club. n-aalded at tha hnnu.t T. D. Finn, vice-president of the horn eiuo, weMwmed the visitor, and J. T. Pearson, president of tha Smith Fall club, responded. Father KanUy waa another paaar. rrank Barr Informed ma stbrln( of several Inter-tins facta in connection with fir fJfhtins. apprehension of euatom violator aad told tha mam bar how to succeed a a curler. Smith Fan. Ottawa. J. Davidson i B, W. BoUn W. Davidson 0. T. McLatchla W. Stewart Dr. X. T. Pno O. groat. I r. H. WUaon. kip U .kip 11 W. R. Roberta , Col. M. (. Davis W. Baker J. McLauahlia H. Cod - B. S. Liberty r. A. Barr. C. X. Uutohmen. skip T , IS W. Uhr T. A. H. Buchanaa E. W. Marihall . J. T. Bait : 4ma Short J. T. Paanon, i W. J. folay. kio 11 .klD IS Cordon Taylor W. J. Milplo ivaiiaa ' dt. J. sutncriana Ray. T. M. HaalaV H. Blakely H. KcJUady. Dr. T. KiSIInaon. aalo 7 kio 11 J. Thomas ft. Hodln Dr. J. R. Webatar R. J. LM1 H. F. Caloran , H. H. Ward I. X. Gardner. i. VL Skaad. alp 4 klo 11 ToUl .St Totala ..SI Seatch Deabla Ftn U. Tha Anal in tho Udi' Scotch doubiaa war piayod yterdy at tha OtUwa club. Mr. Caorsa Cmn and Mr. A. X. Wdd dafvd Mr. J. W. Tuttl and Mrs. G. P. Pouiia by -. ON BtDlAV ICE. Ethel MaeCartli fnv. Kesulta of mate ha In tha Ethel Mae-Carthy trophy play on Jlidcau tea y-torday follow: Mr. M. g. WUHin. S; Mr. T. S. Brown. I. Mr. N. W. Campbell. 11; Mr. O. U SneUlnf. S. Mr. T. M. Allen, S: Mrs. W. G. Baddoa. S. Mr. L. J. Burs, t; Mrs. A. C. Koaa, S. Defeadtr Wis) Cloea Games. Defender m both tho Foley and Rockland eha Dense cup match on Rideau lea. triumphed yesterday In cloea matehe that were In doubt until the final end. In the Foley cup play, A. X. Smalll'i rink of defender defeated tho challcnser. klppd by Rev. O. D. Campbell, by -S. In the Rockland cwp pity, the defender, skipped by R. O. Banf. defeated the challenser, kipped by Dr. H. T. WhiUey. by 11-10. Results: Foley Cup match: Derenders C. O. Malcolm. X. T. Howard. X. J, McMillan. A. E. SmslU. skip . i Challenger P. T. Baldwin, A. J. Ratnaden, L. L. Dunalns. Rev. C. D. Campbell, aklp S. Rockland Cup match: DetenderaU t. Cleeaon, X. T. Nolan. R. C. Blyth, R. O. Bans, skip II. Chllnfr 3. Adam, D. A. Holme, W. a. Creishton, Dr. K. T. Whitley, tkl 10. - a a Watsaa Cap Draw. Play for the Wstaoa cup wilt take Rise this afternoon and avonlns on ideau tea. The first draw will take place at 4 o'clock. Tho draws; am b m . T K. Doherty vs. P. D. Roaa; J. P. McMullen v. Dr. M. M. Tory: fen. H. M. Hot v. CoL A. Mc Millan: n. l acne v. r. A. nman: ut T. H. tett vs. Dr. M. T. Whitley; T. r T O'Hara vs. M. Wbtr. T OS p m-W. S. Snalth v. R. i. McMillan: J. H. Stewart vt V. Meek: CoL R. M. Courtney vs. D. M. Clark: J. M. Hoey vs. C. O. Key: L. L. Dunnlns v. i. H. Cowan; Dr. W. O. Cllddoa vs. C. u. Malcolm. S pn. Col. J. X. Munro vs. Dr. C. M. Beoet: Dr. W. T. Shlrrerf v. J. W, S trader: E. L. Brlttain vs. Col. W. C, Gil lis; X. O. Pushmaa v. R. F. Howard, i BELIEVE IT OR t k Vh.rru Uc wiH.!!ST3 ATATisr".dC::ck. Hs r7ir'"T"' Helping leep Hull. In Contejition LtNIS MOIN. Ladies' Gross of 826 Tops In Latest Bowling Matches Mrs. Hilda Wilson Turns in Brilliant Effort t p i I'm . :Av4' L I rraser ivcrnee Kegisrers 004 i oiai The ladies had their innings In latest bowling activities. Mrs. Hilda Wilson, a member ot the Grocery League, turned in a remarkable cross ot 82S. Flaying on Karry's alleys, Mrs. Wilson chalked up singles of 298, 287 and 243. i Irene Bedard, ot the Labor Department, turned In the splendid total of .728 at the Bolo-Prome. Miss Bedard rolled singles ot 220, 323 and 183. Mrs. R. Wall, playing on Fisher alleys, Came through with a brilliant 723. made up of 282, 224 and 217. Audrey Gooding also came in over the 700 mark when she rolled strings of 244, 223 and .234, at the Ideal. McPhee Tops Them All. However, it still remained for the men to dominate latest pro ceedings. Fraser McPhee. of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, registered a cross ot 854 at Karry's. One of Mcrhee's strings was 304. Alf Cote also lamped Into the "800' elsas when he bowled a cross of 811 oa the York alleys. Wednesday. Playing In the Preseault Leagae. Cote had slntles of 232. IS and S7. Another good cross was turned In by Stu. Giles of 763, at Fisher's. Giles had strings of 216, 250 snd 299. ' I, . In a Men's Wear League game at the Bolo-brome. Ted Pranschke came through with 758. ' In the National Revenue League at the Capital, Neil Moody posted 724. which Included a single of 312. In Lowe-Msrtin matches at Ideal. Norm Currle had a cross of 792, including a single of 302. Trophy Presented. Mrs. J. Rollins and her daughter. Miss Kathleen Rollins, have presented a silver cup to tha Barbers' Bowling Lesgue In memory ot John E. Rollins. The inscription on the cup reads. "The John Rollins Trophy, presented to the Barbers' Bowling League for annual competition, 1940". Mrs. Rollins presented the cup yesterday to George MacDonald, president of the lesgue. The trustees appointed to take charge ot the cup are George MacDonald, William Coghlan, R. Sutherland and E. J. Benoit I Other scores around tha allays fallow: KARRY'S tddy: Prank Trembtov lit; X. Abbot, lis. . . Experimental NOT. - - - r. 2 NOTHiNG LESS . GftAPE . KALABAXA, GREECE , L22fFI IN A BASKTT TO ATWMCWSTfrTy m not $st foot onrHSQRommtHzs . V ' l l '. v . -j 1 J . . t . . i - -v i AB. CHOLETTE. ,i; Farm Al Scott. i . . Csrl Fraser, sou. . . Mrs, A. E. Brrtt, SIS. Isabel Murray. 1S4. T I Grocery Leasue Frank CUUs. SIS . , . Department of Works and Build-Ins Douslaa Pinal, 924. , j . ' r APrTAI Rnvil lArca' ' duck-nlns: J. Carnochan. 14. . J M. Short. 411. . . Victoria Ladles Mrs. u. Hadeau. 877. 237. . . . Naval Serrlca Mis MtCann, 42. . . Miss Kelly, M. . . JV Leblanc. S2 - . Fred Patry. 27. . . Oarrlson Sergeants duck-pins W. Ritt, 44. , .. McKanzia, 42S. . . W. S. McDauaaU. 194. . . K. Beardsley. SSS. . . J.;Cardlnas. 1S. McLeod Street Church YounaPeopl Keith Jones. 248. .!. Miss Jcaa Boss. Siz. 1 I BOLO-DROMX National Research Council: Mrs. Mahoney. IBS. .-. Mr. O. Lafortune, 51S. . t M. Simmons, S4S . . . M. McConnau, .sue. . . w. Kiro- berly. 28S. . . 1 Z. 'Macartney. 667. Psrker's Mrs. Ti TraRord. 231. . . Cladva Collina. S13. . I. Wib. Bloom. 340. 117. . . R.C.O.C. Headquarter Mia McOoskey. 240. 636. i . . Dick Allaire, S7S. , , rred Pegs. lad. Garland, Laagu 4- Wilson Brock bank. 28S. . . Cdwtn 'Shuffiald. 6M. . Florence Blackwell. 911.444.. . . Men's Wear C Vetts, 214. National Health oordi Mom .1 . n. at. Pierre, 444. . . Joan Gardiner. 2M. , . Mis J. RoblUIll. 4 T . '., . C.G.S. Sat. J. Paach ind'Lot. CdI. J. W. Taylor, 242. . . U. M. bgt. A. Vol-tor. SOS. . . Health of Animals Divi sion, Department ot , Agriculture mm L. Barne. 244. 433. i . W. J. Barron, ma. . . or. I. Beaver. se. .i. Depart. ment of Labor Len McBrlde. 623. 247. ARC Y1X Dairymen': Mis M. Plum-mer, SIS. . . Ml B. Yulll. 201. . . Ien Cellaf her, 612.1 . i . J. Carmody. 2S0. I YORK Rideau Store: E. Derrich. 21 a. , . H. Menard. 284. . . L. Theriault, aaa. , . si. Lomu. III. . ; IDEALPublic Works: Mi P Ban. iza. . . K. schryoerl, iss. Law - Martin ' C. Cole, 292. J. Raymond. 261. . . Ml L. Cavin, 244. RIDEAU St. Lukas: A, Boomer, 723. . . T. Mclntyrei MI. . . Mis P. peeree. ts. ZZS. OTHER RESULTS; Mass Leicu. St. Jean Baptists G. Schrybert, 243 . i en-1 esi nuin r ox. simi. . Ted Amadori. 242. .i . Wally McCartney, former OtUwa' boy, Is lesdlnf the Svo-pin leasue n St. Catharine with an avers of ,723. i PLAY OTTAWA TEAM. MONTREAL, Dec. iS team from the Montreal Amateur Ath letic AssociaUon wJU travel to Ottawa Saturday fof an invitation squash-racquets tournament with members of tha Badminton Club of Ottawa, it was, announced to night .! ; TORONTO JOCKEY DEAD. TORONTO. Dec. 4. Harry Watts, of Toronto, who rode Charles Millar's Tartarean to vie. tory in the King's! Piste, in 1015. died here yesterday. Watts was a leading Jockey diiring the First Great War. . I - -By Ripley AHENDEO SCHOOL FROM PRlMAM TtJROUG College wrmooTPtT'rWiAsstvroR.urE ! t i Hi . I . CHieaoo i I i U.S. Curlers ' Play in Quebec SEIGNIORY CLUB, Dec 4 (SpeciaL) Seven teams of United States curlers will ie en route here Thursday night from home clubs in Boston, New York, Sche- hectady and Utica, N. Y. Te Americans will take part in the Seigniory Club's International curling games which open Friday, Dec 6, on - the indoor rinks here. They will play against Canadians from Montreal, - Ottawa, Toronto and Kitchener curling dubs. " Three, rinks from Brookline Country! Club, Brookline, Mass, will include Bn Ames Willsms, R. P. HsUcrwell and Lucius Hill as skips. Their teams include Dr. H. Clute, S W. Lewis, T. Allen. T. H. Nichollsi D. Angler, R. G. Potter, E. M. Ttainor, G. R. Brown and Durham! Jones, j Other United States dubs to' be represented by at least tone rink, are Ardsley Curling Club, I Lake Mahopac. N. Y.; Utica Otrling Club, Utica, N. Y.; SchenecUdy Curling Club, Schenectady N. Y, and probably St Andrews Curling Club, New York City. . . Three years ago Brookline. Uitca and Schenectady dubs were repre sented i at the i annual McCrea trophy bonsplel here, at that time the only' granite fixture on the club program. It was the first time curling developed an international angle at the Seigniory. But from that first visit , resulted the popular annual international curling games, the second of which opens here Friday, Dec. 6." The previous winners were Hamilton Granite. Club curlers, skipped by R Harstorie. Many ot the United States curlers also Include the Seigniory Club's McCrea trophy's spiel tn their annual curling program, thereby rounding out a season of home play by a return visit to Canada and the Seigniory Club late in iMarch. ' Another A tulle . By iACK MAUNDER That was a good hockey 'start Wednesday as high school junior teams Vent after the title held by Technical High School, being coached this yesr by Leo McCar thy. This is his busy season for he is also Convener of the Ottawa loop which has pretentious plan lor the season. ; , . v Friday afternoon sees the opener for the seniors. Alex Cornell's St., Patrick's Col-lege Isix has the title there. As defending champions Rt Pat'-i get the first "nieht". week from now. on December 13. ; I '' ! . The Idea this year is to have each nightly triple-header sdoo sored by one of the schools with a senior entry. The hesd of that school j will face the puck. It could he a smart move, with Inter school Jrivalry to make the besl snowing boosting the turnout. . Alien Shields has company from! home In his move from . NewiHsven to Buffalo in the - American League. Billy Bev-eridge Is in the nets and Bert Mclnenly is also a Bison. - i Gene Choulnard Is brlntine Sen ators along welt Things like the glorified i shinny - of Tuesday's workout make a welcome break In a schedule which calls for i pretty steady diet of hockey. Gl. Ins; players' a Bight off occasion ally is Another good angle. Don I Penniston claims Ottawa has one of the cleanest clubs In the Q.S.HXI. as well as one of the best. This . reference to his jrentlemanlv I players will not Irk Msnager James Patrick McCaf trey nearly so much as last year wnen utey won only the gentle- mans award. ' Senators' manners are moat noticeable en defence. The rearguard Is btocklnr with the best, but Stan Pratt, Jack WIN .klnson, Don Grant and Gene Kelnhardt ! need , an Introduction to most .penalty : timers, i I i I , ! A Cornwall confederate comes out in print against some players' practice of claiming assists for yelling 'shoot''. Savs Theo Hamel of Quebec Roval Rifles, is quick with the word. It Is a fact that some of the lads want to do better in the summary than they do on tne ice. - a . Happy Shouldice ; tells of one who was making a fine job of U Iking out an assist on a goal till he had to reach back on ! the bench for his stick He had forgotten it when he came on In a change- after the goal. i Vic Wagner travelled to the minor league baseball convention at AtlsnU 1 In style befitting the Canadian CaplUI. He flew from New York to the southern city but as yet has had nothing to send back about Senators' operation next Summer. : Hank Greenberg and Rudy York batted; in one-third as many runs a the entire Cleveland team In 1949. mm i CfMrren m SPECIAL FRIDAY RED SALMON QAc CROQUETTES 4aV - I rrley Saar TASTY AFTERNOON TEA SPECIALS - 20c and Z5c Betuarsnt pns at IJt aj. Commerce Juniors Triumph While Tech Ties Glebe., 4-4 ll Pi lap ll . Blue, White Turn Back Ottawa U 2-1, in Season's. Opener Two Senior Games Friday In the opening doubleheader ot the season, High School ot Commerce defeated Ottawa University 2-1, while Tech and Glebe played a 4-4 tie In the Junior In-terscholastic Hockey League program yesterday at the Auditorium. The senior group -will get under way tomorrow ' afternoon, with two games scheduled, starting at 4 o'clock. . Corntnerce had a Job on their hands before they were able to turn back the scrappy young gar net ana grey team. A goal by Bill Muhlig on a fine solo effort early in the first period, kept Commerce in ' front until Roger Theriault made it safe with their second tally mid-way In the last frame. Before the final bell. Jack Rouleau saved Ottawa University from a shutout. Glebe Takes Lead. Tech and .Glebe lost no time scoring goals and fof a time it appeared as though they were going to turn the game into a high-scor ing anair. Glebe ,led 3-2 in the first period and increased it to 4-2 at the end ' of the second frame. In the last period: however. Tech uncorked a fine rally that drew them even. Oordie Tobin. Bob Forbes, Dick 'Wilkinson and Bob Rothwell were the scorers for Glebe. Pete Basinet tallied two goals for Tech, while Ray Quinn and Stan Young punched home the others.' Bazinet and Quinn tallied the pair of Tech goals in the last period that brought them a draw. FIRST GAME. Lineups:. Commerce Goal, Beaudry; de fence, Aubrey and Lemieux; cen tre, Sabourin; wings, Carroll and Hibberd; subs. Lough, Bennett, O'Connell, Shepherd, Muhlig, High School Hockey Standings YESTERDAY'S RESULTS. - Junior. .-. Commerce, I; . Ottawa University. 1. ..; 4 Technical School,' 4; Glebe, 4 (tie). . i , , JUNIOR STANDINGS. ; W. L. T. F. A. P. Commerce ...... 1 t I t Tech 1 4 4 1 Glebe 14 4 1 OtUwa V. 0 I 12 0 Llsgar .. 9 0 t St. Pat's ... 0 f ; GAMES THIS WEEK. ", Senior.. Friday Tech vs. Llsgsr; SL Pat's vs. Nepean. .' TO MANAGE AUGUSTA. ATLANTA, Ga, Dec. 4. Ernie Jenkins, . who managed Utica (N.Y.) in the Canadian-American Baseball League Ust year, was appointed pilot ot AugusU's South Atlantic League club 1 tonight, President Troy Agnew announced. Joe De Franco of the 1939 Notre Dame football team Is a G-man. - . Dunsmore: , . ... Ottawa University -X GoaL La- ' croix; defence, Cuillerie and Mc- - Donald; centre, Charron; wings, -Pepin and Williamson; subs. Rouleau, Berlingquette, Bourassa. Bonhomme, Cloutier, Gosselin, -Martineau, Cyr and JoyaL Referee Ab. Bourassa. Summary: ... First Period. Commerce, Muhlig 1.00 - PenaltiesNone. j Second Period. No scoj-e. ' Penalties Cloutier. Theriault ? and; Charron. j Third Period. Commerce, Theriault (Shepherd) : OtUwa V Rouleau........ 11 JO Penalties None. ' SECOND GAME.' , , Lineups: . Tech Goal, L. Young; defence. Annahy and Tudin; centre. Nor- man; wings, Barinet and S. Young; .. subs, Scannell, Quinn, Paget, Gali-peau, Kuntz, Somen, Scrim and Ruthowsky. ' Glebe Coal, Urie; defence, ' Thompson and Gregory; centre. Wilkinson; wings, Rothwell and Tobin; : subs, Cheyne. Blenkarn, ., Anderson, Forbes, Cross, Robinson, Graham,' Ma tier and Cairns. "Referee Ab. Bourassa. First Period. Glebe, Tobin (Gregory).'. 120 (US Tech, Youne Tech, Bazinet 10.05 Glebe, Forbes (Cheyne). 10 JO Glebe, Wilkinson (Rothwell) 14.00 - Penalties None.. j Second Period. ' Glebe, Rothwell ..J.. ; ... . AlOiS Penalties None. ' I Third Period. Tech; Bazinet . . UT Tech, Quinn (Norman) ..... II JO Penalty Wilkinson. 1941 U.S. Open Set for Texas " NEW YORK, Dec. ) The United Stales Golf Assodation, irfI announcing today that iU annual Ll meeting will be held Jan.' 11 at New York, also completed the cai- . endar of its 1941 national championships. " In the order in which these are to be played, they are: ! Open championship June 5-7 at Colonial Club, Fort Wort!, Tex.; entries close May 13, sectional qualifying rounds May 28.' Public links championship ' July 14-19, Spokane, Wash. . Amateur charrrptonshlp Aug. 25-30, Omaha Field Club, Omaha, Neb.; entries close Aug. 1; sectional qualifying rounds Aug. 14. Women's championship Sept. 8-13, the Country Club, Brookline, Mass.; entries close Aug. 18. Mike Belloise and - Chalky Wright,' leading featherweight contenders, are both managed by Eddie Walker, of New York. BANK ST. Car. OleaeeaUr t-a ' ; Friday and Saturday n ' ' j i I I ( aurajar MONTHS TO PAY! Brady, Armstrong, Theriault and C.R.U. FOOTBALL F1HAL SATURDAY, DECEMBER. 7th , LANSDOWNE PARK ' i ; 2.30 P.rVL Toronto Balmy Beach (O.R.F.U. CHAMPIONS) vs. ROUGH RIDERS (I.R.F.U. CHAMPIONS) RESERVED SEATS 1 1.1. $1.40 i BOXES $L?I PARKING Ends, 81.00; Sides. $1 JO; Each Occupant, f L40 GENERAL ADMISSION AdulU fiOo: Children 25c . . Ticket' NOW ON SAL at C. W. I.ta4sv. Ut. Complimentary Ust EnUrly Suspeadea. -

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