The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 24, 1970 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 20

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1970
Page 20
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20 Monday, August 24, 1970 The Ottawa Journal ; -Hl riTU TT411 -1 J.11CX1111 y DAVE BROWN The Coffee Fight . Becomes . a Water Fight a CAPITAL CAPERS: Some people on King George Street In Overbrook plan to attend wedding. The wedding will be' in Ottawa. They mailed out their acceptance recently via Tokyo. v . . What seems to have happened is that the small -card got caught in an air mail letter in a mailbox. Mrs. -Harold Horsey, 448 King George Street, received the card in the mail from a friend in Tokyo. The friend found it inside an air mail form sent by Mrs. Horsey, and returned. But Mrs. Horsey had no idea what it was, or where it Came from. Turned out the card had been mailed by a next door neighbor. r And if all of this seems confusing it is. ' STRIKING BACK: Last week the department of agriculture office workers at the .Sir John Carling Building started fighting the, five-cent hike in coffee prices by taking their own Day off. . You can be elected Pope." . . . One of the keys to looking Italian, the pamphlet suggests, is a bent nose. Quickest way to acquire one, the advice continues: "Say something nasty to Frank Sinatra." : - ; ' HAIL PONOKA: Last week in this column we commented about tfie government of Alberta sending a press release to this office, telling of. a $30,000 paving job at the hospital in Ponoka, Alberta. We didn't think it was very important . . . "You're showing your ignorance," says Janice Sutton of 321 Waverley Street. "I've been twice around the world and there Is no place better than Ponoka. Anything that happens in Ponoka is important" . . . She's from Ponoka. ' PARTING SHOT: Government office buildings were emptied early Thursday because of the threat of a storm. They were emptied early a few weeks ago because it was hot A happy public servant is cool and dry. Sammy Davis Jr. Hit by Pneumonia LAS VEGAS, rlev (Reuters) Entertainer Sammy Davis' Jr., stricken - with pneumonia, was listed in satisfactory condi tion in hospital here Sunday. A , spokesman for Sunr i s e Hospital said the singer-actor-dancer was brought there in an ambulance Saturday suffering from an upper respiratory infection. PANTS STOLEN ST. LOUIS (AP) The guest of honor wore trousers but other guests were left pants-less dur-tagapartyforthanpne surprise Sunday. ( Melvih Turner, going next door for the surprise birthday 'party, saw four men leaving his neighbor's house with guns ' and a large bundle. The bundle contained seven pairs of trousers, wallets included, taken by those leaving during an armed robbery. Junk, Garbage Key To Art-McLuhan (By The' CP) - All art is born from garbage or destruction, communications expert Marshall McLuhan told the In ternational Associaion of Art Critics here Sunday. The University Of Toronto professor, scheduled to speak on Space in Art, Instead chose the topic Wherelt's At or the Garbage Apocalypse. Jk Garbage becomes a new art form on a massive scale, he said. "As we introduce new services, we scrap the preced ing services. The preceding services then take on the char acter of art form." . He said art -forms are deriv ed from Junk or old garbage. Old locomotives that have been scrapped suddenly become art forms. Art works in an "environ ment of garbage," he said. "The artist uses ruins as a resource pile." He said that as soon as man put a satellite into orbit, he scrapped nature .Itself. Art used to involve the reproduction of nature but the new material available now makes this superfluous since nature is now the material for art itself. However, he said the old criteria are sill being con sidered. ; ; Turning to a more conventional discussion of art, Rudolph Arnhelm, professor of psy chology of art. at Harvard University told the conference art depends on how you look at It. Arnheim demonstrated with slides how different people see different images in a painting, To say dilfernt people see the same object but with different interpretations is not cor ed, he said.. Many things affect the way you perceive an image the environment around you, mem ories of things, related to the image, even reading a critic's interpretation, he said. . "It's amazing what an art teacher can make a student see in a painting . . . things that aren't even there." One of the biggest problems of an art critic in deciphering an image in a painting is to "try to peel ofL, the ..context that each beholder or group of beholders brings." In another address, Harold Rosenberg told the .conference art and culture have had td pay for the new universality that has dominated them since the Second World War by' "an impoverishment in content." The art critic for the New Yorker magazine said today's artists, tends to select from the vast menu of the "global ar gallery" for their inspira tions rather than from the "unU que experience of one's Hving time and place.". , .. '.'-s . Reproductions, slides, art publications and the worldwide circulation of accrldited works draw the artist toward an immediate response to the many styles available in the global art gallery, he said. "Worksv. of art . related - ex. clusily to other works of art fail to engage themselves with the historical movement in which the artist lives. The artist as an individual becomes possessed " by '' the tyrannical pacp of world art -and his fear of falling behind." "Released from place and from the sensual, political and cultural ties imposed by local tradition, art Increasingly de rives from the scrutiny of other RimiiuniiiiiiiimiiiiiiwuHiimHiiniiiumiimuiNiiiKK TV Programs and Highlights uinuiiunu GOREN ON BRIDGE BT CHARLES H.' GOREN tea bags to work. The idea was to vise the cafeteria facilities to fill a cup with hot water, then use their own tea bags, rather than pay 15 cents for tea or coffee. Friday the cafeteria .was fighting back by charging five cents for a cup of hot water. . Office workers were fighting back by estimating that the cafeteria was making $13.50 per gallon of water and threatening to take this information to the Prices and. Incomes' Commission. - ' - OOPS: Then there was the' guy who went to a country auction near Ottawa recently, and when the auctioneer hauled out what looked like an old cylindrical record player, this guy bid an arm and a leg. ' He won, and rushed home to show - off his prize. The prize turned out to be an office dictaphone, vintage 1964. SIGN OF THE TIMES: Bumper sticker noted on Bank Street: "Gulliver took trips." CHANGE OF PACE: Tony Lupiano has the answer to brightening up dull lives. He's passing out lengthy and detailed pamphlets on "How to Become an Italian and enjoy ' life, love and lasagna." ... It lists some of the benefits: "You won't have to read movie sub-titles. You can talk back to your barber. You can pinch girts. You'll have Columbus BROTHER JUNIPER LOT "Yes, Lady, I thought it was very moving, especially toward the EXITS.- MARMADUKE "May 1 ask which of us put in a hard day at the office?" ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ Q. 1 As South, vulnerable, yon bold: AQ14 J ?QC 0 A10IS 7J - The bidding has proceeded: Sooth West North East 14 Pass 20 Pass What do you bid now? A. Two spades. Thta is a mint mm opening and the ilmpl rebld In spades if preferred to a diamond raise which would denote a stronger holding et least II points In support. Q. I Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: 4TS VKt643 0KQ3S72 The bidding has proceeded: North East South West INT Pass 2 Pass 2 Pass T What do you bid now? A Two no tramp. Yoa mutt ttot bid thro hurts (or that would be fardns to (am. This hand contained the elements of a two so tramp rah initially, bat with flvo card major and a worthless donblcton yoa than to explore salt possibilities by In. atttutinc the two dab Inquiry. Since partner has bid spades yoa re forced to return to no tramp. He can still show hearts In the remote eontlnfency that he ha them or proceed to three no trump If his opening- was not a Q. 3 Both vulnerable, as South you hold: 4KQJ10SI5 S?l 017 Afj The bidding has proceeded: North East Sooth $0 Dbie. ? What do you bid? A. Pass. Yoa bare no reason to disturb partner's bid. It wIlToe time enough to think of blddlnc spades if West take the double out to five hearts, la the meantime, your hsnd should make a perfectly suitable dummy. ' Q. 4 East-West vulnerable, as South you hold: AQJ4?A7S4 OJ8J2 The bidding has proceeded: East Sooth- West North 1 ... Dole: INT Dbta. Pass T What do you bid now? A. Two spades, since your double was based somewhat on dts-trlbuUon rather than hlfh card ; trenstb, your hsnd may prove a disappointment defensively. Q. S As South, vulnerable, you hold: e742 S7A19-OS76S Q104 The bidding has proceeded: Sooth West North East Pass 1? Dble. Pass 2 V 2 V 3 O. Pass T - What do yoa bid now? A. Four diamonds. Partner has made a vulnerable take-out double and then bid voluntarily, at the . three level which marks him with a very good hand. Your hsnd Is more than he could have counted on and, consequently. Is worth a try for fame. With but a single heart stopper we would not reo ommend a bid of three so tramp, A possibility, however, might be three hearts which could enable partner to bid no trump, wltb some secondary heart stopper. Q. (Neither, vulnerable, as South you hold: , - KQS PJS OKJM88 KJ The bidding has proceeded: West North East Sooth INT Pass Pass '? What do you bid? JL Double. This a trine llfht for a double, but East hss confessed to a. mediocre holdlnf. If partner has most of the muuUnf points, yoa can severely damage the one no trump contract. If ho has to take the double out the consequences shouldn't bo. too dire. . Q. 7 As South, vulnerable, you hold: aA ?Q4 J OA1S643 JS The bidding has proceeded; Sooth West North East Pass Pass 10 Fas ? What do you bid now? A. Three dlsmonds. ' This b somewhat of an underbid but there Is no other convenient call available. A leap to five dlsmonds may get yoa one too high If part, ner has a shaded third seat opening. Q. 8 BofJi vulnerable, as South you hold: K98t VJ10S 0152 A54 The bidding has proceeded: North East Soulh West .14 20 2 Pass 3 '"" Pass 1 What do you bid now? A. Pass, partner's three spsda bid Is an Inquiry as to whether yoa have any surplus values. Actually you have just about made the grade for a free raise. Hsd your-two spade bid come la the absence of the overran, then you would be Justified la carry Ing on. THE FAMILY CIRCUS By Bil Keane fMT WEU BOTH WE'RE GONNA PICK UP A HAVE LESS CHANCE UTTLE SPENPING MONEY, OF GETTING P1CKEP I LIKE A ROUT FIFTY GRANP! IIP IF WE SEPARATE! EVERY WEEK..LIKE CLOCK- WHAT PO YOU W WORK..THI5 CONSTRUC NEEP ME FOR? HON COMPANY HAS A PAYROLL! LOOKVYIUI6..THE ONLY NEEP REASON I BROKE OUT WITH I YOU FOR ft! I YOU WAS TO SEE MY WIFE A WHILE . y . ANP son: I WANT VOO TO LONGER, M LEAVE ME OFF WHEN WE L, JASON NEEP ME FOR? ), HON COMPANY HAS J I " "THIS IS THE DAWNING OF -THE ACE . OF ASPARAGUS..." V UCBfTC TUP I sTCcr T T'D RPTTCP BULLETIN ON THE ES-) GO OUTSIPE CAPEP CONVICTS! A vWITH ALEX GAS STATION ATTENPAMT HAS BEEN FOUNP ..BRUTALLY BEATEN! PEAP Ih-lkVl II 0 CBFT Montreal 0 CB0T Ottawa (5) CH0V Pembroke CD WPTZ Pittsburgh O WHEN Syracuse O O 8 (0) o CD CBMT WWNY Ottawa. CB0FT CFTM Montreal Watertown Cablevision Otttawa Montreal TV MOVIES ARE RATED: Excellent (A), Good (B), Fair (CI, Poor MPNDAY, AUGUST 24, 1970 5.00 a O Super Six (c) (S) Movi "Walk the Proud Land." The true v story of an Indian agent's fight for decent treatment oflndiansanf--peace between Apaches and whites. Stars Audie Murphy and Ann Bancroft (C). Cs) Stagecoach West (c) ' 0 Big Valley (c) O Bewitched 8 (0) Les Francois Chez Vous CI C3 Chaperonnerte (c) CD Cafe-Terrassa (c) O Commander Jim 5.30 (3 O fJJ Beverly Hillbillies (c) "Jed Incorporated." Jed does business in his own way then Drys- dale forms Clampco Ind., for tax purposes and makes Jed president. fjt Early Show O O Francis aux pays des grands fauves (c). t0 Pierre Berton (c) S.00 O Reach for the Top (c) Today, the seventh game in the series is between students re pre- senting Moncton High School from New Brunswick, .and York Mills Collegiate of Toronto. O News (c) O Report (c) O Great Expectations - O Local News (c) Q O Plein feu (c) CD Studio 10 (c) - CD McHale's Navy 1 10 Pulse (c) S.30 O This Day Tonight (c) (5) Newt World O News (c) O Hourglass Q News (c) CI Q Telejoumal CO Dateline (Fl News Program (c) 8.40 O O Nouvelles du Sport 8.45 O 24 heures (c) 7.00 a Words and Music (c) (5) 77 Sunset Strip Marshal Dillon O To Tell the Truth (c) fj My Three Sons (c) O O Les Saintes (c) CD Informa (c) fD Trini Lopez C9 (B Heie's Lucy (c) "Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy." Part 1. Lucy decides to show ' son Craig a U.S. Air Force Academy .but in the process nearly drives a three-star general to distraction. 7.25 CD Les Commentaires (c) 7.30 O O CD The Governor and JJ. (0 "Springtime for Maggie." Maggie, the governor's secretary, begins to act like a woman in love, and JJ.'s intuition tells her that her father' is the object of' her affection. (I) My World and Welcome To It (c) "Monroe the Misogynist" Both El-Jen Monroe and editor Hamilton 7.00 QD O Today (c) O News (c) O Comment (c) 7.25 7.30 Q Dialogue (c) . 8.30 Q Today (c) CD Mire 7.45 CD Let P'tlts Bonthommss 8.00 O Capt Kangaroo (c) CD C'est Parti (c) 8.25 O Library News (c) Q Today (c) I. 00 GD News of Woman . O Magic Toy Shop (c) Q Captain Kangaroo (c) CD Madame ast Servit (c) 8.30 GD Party Line (c) . O Cartoons (c) 8.50 O News (c) . , 8.55 83 Report (c) ' 10.00 GD Dinah's Place (c) O O t-ucy (c) O Dick Van Dyke CD Mesdames (c) CO Ed Allen (c) 10.25 GT) News Report (c) 10.30 O (3) O CD Friendly Giant (c) - GD Concentration (c) O O Hillbillies (c) 10.45 O (S) O CD Chez Helant . : II. 00 O (5) O CD Mr. Dretsup GD Sales of Century (c) Hlfl Andy Griffith (c) O O Roquet belles orellles CD Ombres sur le soleil G3 University 1U5 O (5) O CD Double Exposure 11.30 GD Squares (c) O O Love of Life (c) O O Cinema (0 Romper Room (c) 11.55 O (5) O CD Newt (c) 12.00 O (5) O CD Lunch Data - GD Jeopardy (c) , 0 O Where the Heart It (c). (0 Vout Informs . . , 1 . (D Hercules 12.15 (0 Early JMovie (c) --""""""""Ces Joyeux pelerlhs.1, " A ' musical Greeley accuse John Monroe of being a woman-hater. Features Lisa Ger- ritsen. GD O Gunsmoke (c) O TBA . ' ' O O Lagardere (c) Story of an acrobat who stars In a balancing act at the Theatre des '. Ombres in Paris. : - v CD Let Berger (c) m (0 It Taket a Thief (c) "To Lure a Man." To save the life y of his date, AI Mundy agrees to lure -SIA Chief. Mr. Jack to a meeting' where he will be captured by a Red spy chief. Guest stars Tina Sinatra, Joseph Cotten and Wilfrid Hyde- . White. - ' 8.00 O (5) Q CD Green Acres (c) GT Trip to Nowhere (c) A special on current efforts to combat the severe drug problem among today's youth. Program concentrates on activities in Phoenix, Ariz., and highlights include a session of Parent Anonymous; a lecture by the chief of police of Phoenix; scenes-of young people being treated for "bummers"; a report on rehabilitation efforts by young people; and a case study of a former teenage addict. CD Les Champions (c) 8.20 CD (5) O CD Five Yeart In the Life (c) Five years in the J if e of Norbert St. Paul, an Indian living in northern - Manitoba, his wife and 10 children. 0 Q Here's Lucy (c) R CS Ma torciere bien-aimee (c) CD (D Barbara McNair (c) Hostess Barbara McNair welcomes guests Martha Raye, Rich Little and the Burgandy Street Singers. 8.00 Q (5) O CD Name of the Game (0 "Echo of a Nightmare." A kidnapper just released from prison dies mysteriously before he can tell Dan Farrell more about the crime. Guest., stars Hoagy Carmichael and Ricardo Montalban. GD Movie (c) 1 "What's So Bad About Feeling Good?" A group of hippies in Manhattan's Greenwich Village make a pet of a tropical bird, the carrier of a rare virus that gives its "victims" a sense of happiness and well-being. Stars George Peppard and Mary. Tyler Moore (D). . . 0 O Mayberry RFD (c) QQAIa Seconde (e) - - CD La Gua Club (c) 8.30 O Q Doris Day (c) O O Prenez le volant CO (D Pig 'n' Whistle (c) John Hewer greets special guest Vera Lynn. 10.00 0 Wild Wild West (c) . O Marcus Welby, MD (c) ....... Q O Concerts Populaires CD Vaudeville (c) - TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, 1970 comedy. Stars Kenneth Spencer and . Barelll and his orchestra. "Une reine courohnee." The crowning of Queen"" . Elizabeth II. ..- , 12.25 0 O Report (c) 12.30 OISIOOOID Search for Tomorrow (c) GD Who What Where (c) CD Magic Tom (c) . CS) University 12.55 GD News (c) 1.00 O (5) O CD Lunch Date GD The Movia Game (c) 0 He Said, She Said (c) 0 General Hospital O O Abonne de la llgnt "U" John Manolesco (c) CD News (c) ' , 1.15 CO Mist Helen (c) 1.30 O O O O At the World Tumi . . (5) Good Afternoon GD Life With Linkletter (c) , O O Mlnouche (c) CO Perry's Probe O Edith Serel (c) CO Romper Room (c). 2.00 O (5) 0 CD Bonnie Pruderf (c) "England Swings." England swings in more ways than one as Bonnie, discovers talking to British physical education instructor Ann Kllcolm. GD Days Of Our Lives (c) 0 Q Love It a Many Splendored Thing (c) O GJ Cinema (c) "Une solr de joie." A war drama. ' Stars Marcel Roels and Roger Dutoit. i O G3 Magistrate's Court (c) ' 130 O Dick Van Dyke (5) Call of the West CS) The Doctors (c) 0 0 Guiding-Light. (c) ' , O Coronation Street CD Almanao . .. (0 Peyton Place JpL C9 CKWS . Kingston ' CFCF Montreal O CJ0H Ottawa O (El CJSS Cornwaii (c) denotes color (D), Unrated 00. Ironside (c) -"Little Jerry Jessup." Chief Ironside has the task of informing a convicted burglar that his wife has been slain by an intruder irr their home, (iuest stars wuiiam snainer and Mitch Vogel, O (5) O CD The New Majority (c) A conversation with Marshall Mo-1 Luhan, with Ed Fitzgerald of The New Majority. The communications v philosopher talks about the electric and computer technologies. in 'rela- ' tion to the city, the family, youth and nationalism; and about the world as an art form.. CD Informs (c) 11.00 O O CO O (5) GD O O O CD (D News (c) - CD Movie "Une Enfant dans la tourmente." A drama. Star Blanchette Brunoy and Gerard Landry. ' 11.20 O O Viewpoint ' (5) Night Report ' . O O Dernier Edition . t CD Local News t-0 Pulse (c) CO Late Newt and Sports (c) 11.25 O O Might Final (c) O Sports. 11.30 0 Merv Griffin (c) GD O Tonight (c) CI O Cinema.' - "Baratin." A musical.: Stars Roger Nicolas and Jean Tissier. 11.35 O Sports (6) . (5) Diamond tll't ; X " ; " 1140 O Movie : ' ' i;v '" , "Curse of the. Vampire." A 1963 drama of suspense and . horror In the Italian style. Stars Lyla Rocco and Walter Brandi (0). . - ' CD Movie , . ,' "The Bayou." A drama. Stars Peter Graves and Lita Milan. 00. 11.45 O Movie 1 "Time Lost and Time Remember--ed." A girl from a small Irish village marries a pompous, boorish London doctor. Disenchanted, she returns home but discovers that while the village has remained unchanged, she has not. Stars Sarah Miles and Cyril Cusack (C). (0 Movia . "Against All Flags."1 An English officer is labelled as a deserter as . part of a plan to get behind the fortifications of a Caribbean pirate isle. He leads the pirates into a trap and finds romance. Stars Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara and Anthony Quinn (CL CO Call It a Day (c) 12.30 CD Final Edition . 1.00 n Final Report 1.30 (0 University of the Air. "Boreal Ecology." A lecture by Dr. William O. Pruitt of the University of Manitoba. CO Perry's Probe (c) 3.00 Q (5) O (D Take Thirty . Todayt.the JirstJn a two-part-series of in-depth interviews by freelancer Don Rollans with former Canadian diplomat Chester Ronning, whose . service to his country began when he was asked to leave his teaching post- ' tion at Camrose, Altar; to become secretary of the Canadian embassy in Chunking. GD Another World (c) . O O Secret Storm (c) CO (0 People In Conflict (c) 3.30 O (5) Q Q 0 Edge of Night GD Bright Promises (c) QQNi oui, nl non (c) CD Robin des Bois CO (0 Doctors Diary (c) 4.00 O (5) O CD The Galloping Gourmet (c) GD Another World (c) CI Beat the ninrk l ' . O Gomer Pyle (c) O O Ulysst (cl . CD Champion . (0 Movie (cl "The Great Man's Lady." Two young people brave the Wt tn hniin a dream. The man goes on' to riches, while the woman becomes the mistress to a gambler. Stars Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea (C). CO Smart Alec (c) , . . 4.30 O (5) Q CD Drett Rehtarul GD Love That Bob (c) O Report (c) O Dudley Do-Right (c) " i O Q O.K. Sharif (c) CD La Mengerie (c) CO Movittime'(c) . "The Court Jester." Dannv ' Kava ponrays an exlrcut clown who Joins a band of outlaws attempting to oust the tyrant King. Co-sttrs Glyn- . s ,. nS and BaslLJlathbornj (B), 4.35 O Poptyt (o) ' . I,

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