The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE srx THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, H w HA1NES, Publisher JAMES U VERHOEFF Editor PAUL D HUMAN. Advertising BMTHRVI1.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bolt National Advertising Representatives: Willac* Wltmer Co. New Vork, Chicago, Detroit, , MemphU. Published Eveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- odice at BlylhovlHe, Arkansas, under act ol Contress, October ». 1917, Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Bj carrier in the city or Blythevllle or any suburban town where carrier service U maintained, 20c per week, or 85c pei month By mail, within a radius oJ 60 miles. 14.00 per year, 12.00 lor six months. $1.00 foi three months: by mall outside 50 mile zone. $10.00 per rear payable in advance. Meditation Guard your heart with all vigilance, for thence ere the well-springs ol lile. Perverse words remove from you, am! crooked speech put from you.—Proverbs 4:23, 24. • • • Some New Year resolutions: "I'romlse your- Klf that nothing can disturb your peace of mind; (o be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as about your own; to Rive as much lime (o spiritual development as you do to crldzlng others." Good News from the Far East The fighting in the Netherlands Indies has stopped. And 10 autonomous territories, which contain move thiiu 70 per cent of Indonesia's population, are pushing for a United States of Indonesia. Both the Dutch and the Indonesian Republic, who were fighting each other a few months ago, seem agreeable to the proposal. In a year when peaceable settlements seem a sort of Utopian fantasy, the news from the Far East gives a heartening reassurance that there remain on earth some sensible persons capable of a sensible solution of their differences. A Modest Request The most frugal congressman will find it hard to (iimrrel with one item in the President's 1949 budget That is the modest request for $24,000,000 for ship construction, and $15,300,000 for contract authorization. Those figures look even more modest beside the billions asked for other .branches of national defense. We say "other" because it is generally accepted that a shipbuilding industry and a modern, atletiuate merchant marine are important to our safety. The President said that scarcity of steel, surplus war-built tonnage, and "uncertainties regarding the future economic requirements for shiping" prompted his decision. He does not think that the Maritime Commission should start any construction now without contracts for sale to private operators. In this, Mr. Truman goes farther than the State Department in its analysis of European aid requirements. Even on the Marshall Plan's home grounds it is felt that our maritime position, especially in the passenger field, is "unimpressive," The department recommends that European shipbuilding be deferred after ships now under construction or contract are finished. The Keller Committee, Truman's advisory group, proposed a "modest start on eight U. S. passenger ships m fiscal '<I8, and a big construction program for the next three years at a cost of about $150,000,000 a year. But no start has been made on the 1'MS program, and it is too late to make one before the fiscal year ends. So Mr. Truman's recommendation in effect, puts the 1948 program into 1949. The Maritime Commission now has almost §90,000,000 for ship construction. And there are passenger lines with approved plans for new ships, and money in the bank. The operators say they could get ships built in foreign yards for half or less what they would cost here But that wouldn't help American shipbuilding, and besides they wouldn't be able to get an operational subsidy bo they want a 50 per cent construction subsidy. The commission is permitted to grant a 50 per cent subsidy if jt t . all beshown that the difference between American--and foreign construction cost*, is. really that much. They think the difference is nearer 40 per cent there the matter rests. _ AU the dire and oft-repeated predictions seem to be coining true. The last construction on the horizon for Wivat* yard, will b« finished by V August. Shipyard employment is down to 30,000 and is expected to go to 10,000. The United States stil] has only »ne first-class passenger .ship to compete with foreign luxury liners. There arc only 00 passenger vessels remaining of the 113 operating under the American flag in December, UM1. In spite of war-built .surplus, (hero i. s a • shorlage of tankers and fast cargo ships, European aid, like shipbuilding, i.s a factor in imlioiiHl .security. JJul the iwstponed fiscal '48 building program would only take an estimated 00,000 tons of steel out of a national production of about 85,000,000. There is little chance that Congress in its present mood will up the budget for ship construction. Bui perhaps it will at see fit to iron out some of the difficulties in the laws covi'rning subsidy payments. Where to Start? VIEWS OF OTHERS Feeding Violence More than 550 persons men. women, yes. anrt children—have been killed m violence, winch should not anrt probably can not be decisive ol nny basic political issue in Palestine. Meanwhile, disclosure ol illegal shipment of dynamite lor Tel Aviv from Jersey City aboard an American Export liner high lights preparations for inlcnsl- ricnllon or bloodshed by Palestine Jews and Arabs. The shipment has been intercepted. But il Is worth noting that this attempt, to feed terrorism—or counlcrterrorisin—came near to succeeding. It was foiled by an accident rather than by official vigilance aimed at preventing such shipments. The dropping of one container, which broke op^n. .showed the contents to bo TNT, not machinery as labeled. The Incident and Its background emphasize. • gain Ihe urgency for United Nations police action—as distinct from resolutions—to control the situation created by n UN decision for Palestine. The United Stales lias long been a supply base for Jewish terrorists, fust against the British and now against tlie Arabs, if shipments of arms to Palestine are to continue, they should go openly as part of an oilicial' American policy which takes responsibility lor consequences In Palestine. Otherwise, the American Government Is morally bound to take the utmost precautions to see that (lie "preparations for war" in Palestine, as some Jews frankly describe them, are not fed from American resources. To be sure, many Jews engaging hi these preparations are doing so because they believe them necessary to survival against looming Arab attacks. But this conviction and the news ol Arab infiltrations Into Palestine only sircss the confused and half-hearted manner In which the UN plan (or partition is being backed by the Great Powers chiefly responsible tor the decision. The next shipment, of arms for the Holy Land should go in the hands of a UN police detachment or an American unit sworn to uphold the United Nations policy. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1948 More Than Pass to White House Needed to Get to See Truman THf DOCTOR SAYS B '«.';? wl " p ' 3oriin ' M. n. Mrlllen for NBA Service By Tlarman W. M hols . (Unltcil Press Staff Correspondent) I WASHINGTON, Jail. 20. IUP> — I Au Invitation to Join the Wliit« j Hoiis c . Correspondents' Association! First comes a Idler In an impor- I trmt-looking envelope. II is signed \ by (he secretary-treasurer and saya ucoule ' "' "" " i< " j j mi; NK'jiiijcrshlp , . ' - signed to appear in alphabetical mere are several conditions order. Your time Is 2:15 p.m. on a, which may cause Hat feet. In so , ne .' certain day. And don't be late, cases the difficulty may be the. But first you have your picture result of a weakness in the arches taken. Size Pi b v 1'. inches. So or lie ligaments, present at birth, i you call the picture men down i-iat reel may also be caused by I the street and make an appolnt- an injury or nerve paralysis. Tir meat. You put on vour Sunday most common cause however Is a bcM, get a fresh haircut anrt • I simple breakdown of (he arches, due to excessive weight beari""' or to poorly-lilting shoes coml.-i i with insufficient exercise of the feet, themselves. When flat feet develop suddenly. luu .,.,, there Is usually a good deal of. ..„ „ , pain, often quite sharp, when, as . y ' tile lnan says ' "Walt the forelock. You iro In for a sitting. Head »P n little. Smile, ilr. You jerk up the noggin and grin like ail get out lu ™ '™<*™ lhc ^'' Even when pain is not present, ' Yo " feel important, f'he fellow It is well lo take care of flat feet, snaps you and snaps you again because of Ibc effect it may pro- n "<t asain. You can come back in duce on the general well-being and three days for the l\-_. by 1'L- job on the feet themselves. to paste en your press card. That'll Sunnnrts N'eeilcd be SI. So you go back on the rlsht Arches, which have been flat for; ! 'ay and pet the little picture, plus a lone time, cannot always be s 'x big ones, which it says on ilia built up quickly. As a rule. It Is folder y i can keep for $25. brst to ( io this gradually, under Well'and good. Now you run over Ihe supervision of someone who '• l ° the Treasury Building and get knows the anatomy and functions 5'°ur fingerprints taken so Uncle of the feet. Shoes must be care- Earn can check your record before fully chosen. Supporting layers— letting you have the card. The usually of felt—must be added' Secret Service does the Job thor- gradually inside the shoes, and ough. Ri^ht hand first, finger by bars sometimes must be placed on ringer. Left hand next. Then the the out.sirie of the shoes. [ whole hand on the card Special exercises tor the feet of- I You start to wash the' printer's j L i , T ,, . . .. — — *-"• i iuu .iiitiu LO v. HJsii uie primer n #£*-Sr™f^<?^<^ tune m winch Ihe u. s. niay be 0(ln for '>><= *ca-go!ng Navy, and $4 - iron rcnr-Diinbly sure of having « ; llon . '• 000.000.000 for tiic Air Force phis opoly on the atomic bomb. \ "aval aviation. If his report had been written bv a bunch of admirals. xpaycr is ever to get under this burden of maintaining huge military establishments.' ,. c u - s ' government must dertica e 1 his S 10,000.000,000 total says thej lt - sclf 'o a number of parallel cour- generals anil Commission, should be increased to i ses °^ action. representatives of the aircraft in- ! ;1 ! ' 6M OM.OOO for the calendar yen dustry. it might be discounted as sr> ' 1!!48 - lmi 513,200.000.000 for 1!MO. c BARBS The average person's troubles are chiefly imaginary—the kind hardest to cure. » * * A Georula conductor was only daicil when struck by li K hlni,, s in his , trccl ,..,,. A mm _ coiutuclor! The famous Hope Diamond has been valued officially at S17C.MO. To any couple, however, that one on her left hand is worth a lot more. * » * Mcdul of Honor winners may ride free in rT.hTl a ' r " afl ' Mys l " c Arm >' A <»«vc in tbe 8 ' < ircclion—hcliiiji£ Ihcm get some place. • • , Uncle Sam has puolishul a booklet explaining how to t |nvc n!lj , s _ Qr Vlmiw y ^ ^^ thumb your way? SO THEY SAY It the administration insists upon the Mar- sl'xll Plan in i, 5 prcscnt , on|1 „ M[] mnr blame anyone else for tile steady Ircrc-i- ol prices in the United States. Sen. Hubert" -\ Taft iR) of Ohio, 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — It must work still harder towards international control of atomic cti- j colonel during (he war. then lu-ul .,! i micriiational aviation affairs in in,, btnte Department and is now with tlie Harvard business school The three members were Denver news- preparing nrgunion s will have lo be taken cautiously. Strong u. S. Air Force An Aiii To Peace The Finleticr Commission ist succeed. nost valuable contribution of the Finlettcr Commission therefore, is something not stated in ,ts report at all It is that, before 1053 the U. S. must find By I nc NKA Staff CorrcspniuYrnl | HOLLYWOOD. , NE A, _ ,M ichi . I Bans great football star. Bob Chap Timrly son; department: Orclv ship masters individual. However I would like to call attention to the record of Mrs. Mar- WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chicka- sawlia District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Mildred McCiillough Plaintiff, vs. No. 10.319 James McCullough Defendant 'Hie defendant James McCullough is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint, of the plaintiff Mildred ] McCullough. Dated this 29 day of Dec., 1947. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Betty Peterson, deputy. Attorney for Plaintiff, Charley Rogers over •nontlM has been recorded, but [ .Matty Maine;:-; and his band ' •'•"'k Ciirsnn ha f»r Ihe ri.:lit lo d,, „,,,, ,,1,.,,,^ „ j-rar off Uir Warner l,.|. His first onlMil? deal is Mill, RKO, where Hohyvvooci is s;ill'v;oins ill for rc- !s.':i:r;- in u b.p way. Twenty-two per ' lent nl the piciuiTs beiii-; release'! i.y U i:y«p..ri (nclny are rc-ifsucs uf J '•Id lihns. If? a bad pia.'lirc. Th" I'lavcrs rldn't South 1 A 3V * K9 *87 Mrs. Waftar A 7 t A Q 9 6 » A 10 5 •?• A K 6 5 2 Rubber—E-W vul. IVrst North East I * Pass 2 A Pass 4 * Pass Opening — <j> K And where will the card get. you. besides into the White House? You look into the matter--after all that trouble—and find that it won't get you into the White House at all! The pretty card with all the offl- I cia! fixings anrt Secretary Ross's ; signature don't mean a thing as far as the White House is concerned. It lakes a special separate card or a prearranged appointment to set into the While House offices, although tourists are admitted freely to the residential mansion, ' Before the war. the Wlilte Houss correspondents' card was enough to get a reporter into White Houss offices and presidential press conferences. But they locked the gates on pearl Harbor Day and haven't unlocked them yet except, for neuters of the special cards. The While House explanation for continuing the system, even though the war has been over more than two years, is that it is principally necessary as a means of holding down attendance at press conferences because the press corps has grown so big The regular pas.s you find, will gel you into a lot of other government buildings after hours. It's still the only central credential for thft executive branch of government. Anrt it'll get you a ride on a, streetcar—plus a dime for the fare. Claude F. Cooper. j Historian Honored 12 in i s n m ' CHTCAGO <UP>-The Canadian i^.jo-i,b-u-^ government has informed the Rev. . Jean Delanglez, history professor at Loyola University, that it has back to her hand with the ace of named a peninsula after him. Ths diamonds and ruffert another club peninsula will be known as Prcsnn 1 with the jack of hearts. isle Delanglez. It projects into Next she ruffed the jack of spartes Lake Missassini. South of Hudson with the nine of hearts and ruffed Bay. anrt lies along the route which ! another club in dummy with the Father Delanglez 1 research has es- jking of hearts. And of course she lablished as the one taken by Louis ! marie the ace and queen of hearts. Joliet on his Hudson Bay eyplora- As she said, her contract was for tiens. 10 tricks, so she just counted up to; . 10 and cashed them. Read Courier News Want Ads. I UN Delegate I don't think th e people of this country want the regimentation involved in a compuN sory plan thai makes every (l , H; ,,r subject to government resulaiion.-ac,,. K ,, tirrt A ,. >|t m> of Ohio siting W5 vtcw , „,, comm , ;s ; rv health irsurance. Had a rr K ,i,u-iu of «cll-tramcd U. s . c . Ull been avanawe to me . . „* ,„:„„ ,.»„„,, »»ghl have been ( many m l)ml ,s 'ore ,t actually did.-L,cm.-Uen.. L, lmil Tmscotl, u. s . Amiy _ U " la " • • - '" HoI1 J' tto ,°n- instead or fighting to pair champloiishir, over the 1-irceM I. By the time R :i;l: , Don ; cvv and ™^'- '£>r »~ '<> order ;o field ever "enteredi ^ pau-s IS | «;s wife settle tlmr domestic" tro .- , wA- ind s^w'im in « ; H i v *™' ' tr ° Phy Ms put in phjy "' 1928 anrt '••'" " will have cast him over wh', h tbcv collnct ,u?^ y °" clll - v lwicc he(o '- c Iins il been won There's a deal atoot b-- ' . . a " thf gravy ' b >' " l«" r of women. Dies. SMO.Cf.0. Being a scientist dccsn t mean me can "crsland politics. There ,s 110 ,cp..,on „„ . oP-nlon of a sc.enUst is any better ,.„ , other man's when it comes to nohl^ Carl P. cor,, Nobel priw winner, declinin comment on political matters. un' „ , v Ur" g to , iween their lawyers now for Bmn to ^et the d.iorjc Mis. n. had s~l \ : '',",'^ • • • Surtrlni thcuuhi: I hop; | Hollywood doesn't foi.-et .Su'-an ] Haywoirt's performance in '•Smash Up when [hose 0,,-ar nominees aie cci:,g wr.ttril down. L-o McC:,irj is filming a now. i' n -rp>' riulim lo hv. "f_t.,ncl f-ao:." Gary Cooper c<i:uc.s back 'o Ai:n i'l tin' new U'r.-.H:\. no.'! io' ( . o! !irr raveer m IJoborl Oc.<iri;.s -Tcxa:,. Brooklyn and In-U'ul HirpinaiKs lihu fma'lv '.'cf.s t<:r (j.ijcial (i;Ic "Jo;ui of Arc." It '.MLS ricvi,ni:-l.v called just "Joan" auci "Jc;-.ji o 1 . LOirainc." The tille iiari b'-i: rc.qi.^icyed by :-evcrai stu- riirs. v.hirh linnliy c'aic up their rights. HORIZONTAL 53 Short jacket 1,9 Pictured UN 54 Stagger delegate from 55 Scrutinize ^_ k j! l . an : S J r 50 Those u-ho feel contrition VERTICAL 1 Striped animal Mohammed I Today's hand will give you an idea of Mrs. Wagar's ability, but ' please cover East and West." i When the kins: of spades held I the first trick. West continued wiih Now is the litr.e lo ctecidc how i | you would play this hand and I ..........,..,,.,.. ! can assure you that many experts „ ..... ~.i-i-wi'.iiV*. ; would say Hint South should dis-1 card a diamond on the ;rcon.11 McKEMNFY ON 13 Great Lake 1-1 Ireland 15 Therefore 16 Unclolhcd 17 Goddess of tale IS Belgian river 19 Symbol for rubidium 20 Imply 22 New Mexico 23 Passageway between rows 26 Columbus' ship 20 Applaud 31 Collection of rr- 32 Seed 33 Brain passage 2 Pertaining to Arabia 3 Evergreen •5 .Scottish shccpfold 5 Unaspiintcd 11 Deputies 12 Girl's name 20 Goes 21 Incident. 2-1 Blnckboard 3t> Genus S3 Shouts 41 At all times •12 Love to excess 43 On lop of 25 Karro\v ways 44 Ribbon (comb. 6 King of beasts 27 Oily kclone form) 7 Italian river 23 Stair post 47 Age 8 Warmth 33 Satiric 48 Sebaceous cyst ft Lock opener 35 Two-edged "" 10 Hours (ab.) sword 50 Skill 51 Horn and that another rtl.tmnn.1) 31 Heavy blow | should be discarded If West con- 36 Wave lop IJuk Piiwe'l. \\h.) ;.ivr up croon- 111- lor ion ;i-i:uy ,„[,...,. will warbk •'••">»> I<-r n., hues:. "Pitfall." };„•, ,j s .° nl : x '''.' x ! '" ivs "' rM-lii'cel, which Exnert Shows How T-o Play It Safe Thrrc ,!f,,. Sl f r!S '" a sil1 ™"' Olllh between Helen Sobel of New York would top jot clubs, ruffed a small' Jiug icsts as an insurance invesli- anyone's list as the outstanding dummy with the ten of hear ! linned with a third I K;:l Mrs. \Vai;;ir said "That won't i do. Just count 10 tricks and cash , them—make sure Hint you C.T-II 'seven hcarl tricl-.s. the ace of diamonds and two club trirks." j Mrs. Wagar ruffed the second that Mrs. j spade trick, cashed the ace anrt kip'j club ni .17 Hinder .19 Behold! 40 He is a person 43 Hebrew letter 4(5 Again 411 Ballot 50 West InJian shrub Is, came 52 Forefather f IK 1

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