The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1947
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13, 10-17 Veterans Taking Jobs in Arkansas Many Are Placed Who Have Physical Handicaps LIITLE ;:OCK, Ark.. Aug. 13. (UP) _ s f .,ite Employment Secii- >'lty Administnitor 1'urifoy Oil! has announced tliot Arkunssis cniplr,. hii'i!»; a large number o? ers are hiiii ,- a large number of World war 11 Veterans, including a siirprUSn:; i limber of physical handicaunr-ii r\--r;r*; (ARK.) COU1MER NEWS cappe cx-l's. Sorrc 30,?IM veterans were m-cd Avkansa* riiivhn, tin, nici r;^^-.T -"• anu ui muv numuer 2,()> sen-ire connected disabilities. '"Hie emphasis," Gill said -'is "Ow being placed on ability raih"i Utan on disability." Oill aid ho considers counseling of veterans an "essential" av: job demands ers. In order to 'more fully servo Ihc veteran in his employment, ui\>rj- icins. Ciill snj-s. all local office-, now have full fine veterans ;•)-.- puyincnl rev.-i.'rntatives, who ar.; theniKelvcs v-.-'t -aus of either Wo-M War 1 or II. j,, addition, sev<"-i! new resident offices have h* r. opened to .•KcoKiocliitc veterans n:i<! ether j(i>) se-kers in rural area.:. Oill noted that a comparable <V- criMii; ,n p.iy-, i-is of readjustment nlluwriiici'i to iincmployecl veterans accoinpaiiU'd die increase in j,.j JJluranents. -hat vmiii.i \vili How. 'v t .... h r.i'iid w.'v t .... r.iiid -hat vmiii.i \vili be eligible July ->y, lfl.i<) to ••,.- wive sticli j.-iiyniciils under I".servicemen's rridjustmciH net Hi said this I'r.-fi !K. S been defi,iit,-;y • l ;el by the nil ion of Congress in offieinllv making j n i y 25. ]<m. th'; The readjustment, net as oriuin- <iate of -termination of (he war ' ally passed in ISM provided thai the denline for ati])liciiliotis for veterans iincinnloymcni benefits would be two j oars' after the termination of Hie war. Veterans discharged after July •jr. of this year will have t-.vo years lioni the da'e of discharge <H which to apply, Gill said. Change Leaders Wild geese flying in "v formation Xlo not have one 'lender con- Ktnntly at the head. The leadershi,) is rotated among the sees.?, since that position u:.ust overcome more wind, resistance. Record Jump SELL Your Gar While Prices are HIGH! to ! SHELTON | ! Motor Company • 1119W. Ash Phone 438! '— —........j Naval Air Station in Memphis Really Flying High These Days Motor Scooter Trip Ernest Tunier, ! I. left, and Dci-ch nooworth, H, riylit, both nl Hlirevo- poi-1. Ui.. choc-k c-nrcfuily over Uipir route Iwlore Icuvim; on a Iwo week motor scooter lii|) throntjli 'IVxtis and Uiiiisiaiiu. 'I'he hoys will il Fort Worlli. llonsloii,, i^iko Cliurle.s and Ixiek lo Shievi-|)rtrt. iNICA Telepliulo.) By Wit f I ,\M .1. FOX (Unili'il I'rr-i-i Si.ifl r'nrrrspomleu'.j MUMP -11 a, 'IVilll , Alls. 13. cUl'i —Men, tl-.e N.IVV i s sjoinu to -• - tt-ell, you •-•:»•-.'; »ay it, .but you kni:v.' where. The dfin^i.Tl v.ti'-rn have mived in. and tliny'",: s-viificcl the |>lnc\ .'.ly Mllltuglnil N,i- :ic.v'vo dr-ciclecl lo -,! '.v. They're <.'.o><.\£ "the mil-. Out at th- Air Siaii.ji ndil tlic Ins* •>; . to |)iit a so .,«.(/ pup jacket, llic sri:l:cii paper. No kidding A society page. Millhifilon's a tablishmcnt n> changed, men .ike that one? naval t'.at. Times have The Navy wasn't pun a time. Can y.<:i ::n:.;;;-, c what John P.iirt Janes wi-uld have sr.'d? Or Comim- e ivny 1 .' •_•;• SUphcr. D,-ei'a;,? or A'J:>:ir:il K.n-'.iv? or Halsey'> or n Hint .'!::i "S.ri'inert youns (•:>.. i you Sound under in the recent Iracas? Well, yon can :r>f.pino—cut veil can't £,r, it ( ;ut loud. The iiulles you know. The u:iiaj.irl:ct editor said ':\r. checked around among the women n the station and found they wanted tin; .society page. a delight flit liMIe parly with devils food cake, pink frosting and ([reel) designs. I guess it's okay." Keith Levan, another ann.irer, from Pittsburgh. Pa., said he couldn't see it himself, "but on a base like this with so many w-onieu on board, it might noi be such a bud idea -- would give them something lo do." Another gob. Ray Dell, a yeoman, second class, or Memphis, said Unit,' | "since the Navy is becoming a so-' \\\:\ i dety organization I can't see why •-•s- we •shouldn't BO a RO all the way." According to B^ the M empllis station has entire families living on all three bases — the Naval Air Station, the Naval Air Technical Training Center and the N:«val Hospital — so. "lets give them the (lope on all tlK.t lias happened and all that is going to happen." Still another sailor. Seaman First class M. K. Brnmficld. of Nashville., was dubious but, thought the society infiltration okay, "because society makes our realm of everyday life." Nevertheless, that rustling out or the graveyard is the ghost of many | an old navy m:,n turning over as =o, he added, in a front page j he contemp'lalrs "this "i»U(sl'"softeiT-' note, that "your humble servant]—— • is not entirely up on the local facts of society, hut you ladies know what yon \var.t " Maybe the ladles did. but the editor forgot to ask the men. The • gobs are a bit on the caustic side., D. A. Mcrriman, seaman. Taylor- vine, 111., said lie figured a society pase would he all right for the Navy mm, "provided they wore pink panties, lipstick and had long hair." N Charles Ray, armorer, third class Du'nique. la., added his two cents worth: "Weil, now, i don't really know, but if Pome people want to read about how Johnny Jones had forestries fine that taste dee-vine,' try — HunKo ,_ THE ftainty , COOKING FAT Jt'sltionderhl! CANDID Keririei/y Gift Ot $250,000 Honors Hero BOSTON, Aug. 13. IUP) - The faintly of. former Ambassador Joseph p. Kennedy donated J250.003 to organized charities today on ilia third anniversary of the death In action of u, Joseph Kennedy. Jr. tThe gifts were announced by the dead -war hero's brother, U. S. Itep. .John. P. Kennedy, n., Muss, ind his sister. Patricia; at n mctu- 8 of the Joseph p. Kennedy Jr. Post of the Veterans of Itorelgu Wa rs. They Inclu'ded tICO.OCO to Arch- Jisliop 'Utchard J. dishing ot l)tr>- .on for the Sisters of the Third Drder of St. Prniicls for construe-, lion 'of n school for "exceptional children;" $50.000 lo Archbishop shlns for the Christopher Co- .timbtis Cinlcr. hi the North end ol Roslp'n, where live wflr hero's grand - .larents were Horn; $30,000 to, the trustee.'! of the woltd-hiinous ])os- lon Children's Hospital, fmil of It to be used for some form of niriuo- •inl to Joseph Jr.. anil $50.003 to the Associated Jewish I'hllantroplcs lor irojecls benc-flL-lal to chtklren. 'I he money for the Bills came from Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. I'aini- latlmi i'uiid established by the youth's family lo commemorate I'ucli anniversary of his dcnlli. Vo'ung Kemii'dy -.. an uii-iinn--- was killi'd in ac'llon mvr Mtm>|ji- f,: 12. 1944. Nationwide Goodrich Rubber Strike Slated WASHINGTON, Aug. 13. CUP) — A nationwide strike 01' Lil.OOO U. P. Gotfdrich liubber Co. workers at Midnight, tomorrow is "almost In- ivifable," the Federal Mediation Service here was advised today. I'anl D. Pui'fr, veteran concilla- or 'on the scene In Akron, o . lias nfonnwl the service that tin. 3oodrich Co and Ihe United Rnb- ler Workers (CIO) have refused o compromise on the issue nf :onniany-wlde haigaining. Tile walkout began prematurely ,'esterday when HOO workers at Ihc Goodrich tire fl,int In Tnscaloos'i Ala,, walked ofl their jobs, ot'ie:- Hants where the Thursday mld- light strike call Is scheduled it, lake effect include Miami. Okla-. Louisville. Ky., and Clarksvl'.l •' renn. ' OF < I II I I I S Natural, imposed pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . Phone 461 today for an ap- pointment . . . you'll be delighted with the finished pictures, COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WFDD/NG PICTURES cd th COURIER NEWS THREE Here's Suds in Your—Hair! World's largest, wiilerwliecl 1-011- cralor, built for Orand Coulee Dam weighs 2.0CO.OOO pounds, produces H5.0CO hp. ingup pattem of the new Navy and wondeis, what next? Suh-Wieldirtg Constable Sued by Victim's Father NASHVIliLK, Turn., Aug. 13, (UP) —'I'he father of a Penbody College student who diet! rroin gun wounds received In a struggle with n constable last Pall. Itjciiiy had filed suit • gainst Hit- constable for $50,000. Henry c, Wiickcrnle, father ol he dead M-ycnr-old student, Hoi)- 'rl Wnckprnh', named Constable J, M. Murnljlt) and Mnrnlile'H linn tn Ihc suit, • •• The yotnut Wtickeriilc and Ids lluncee were purked In nil nutomp- ollc 'lust Novemtor when Ihc coh- slutSc' aivjiroached them ami . h stiUKiili- followed In which Wuck- crnls was woundeil, but drove Iho KM lo her lioino before he col- lapspil and Inlor died. The Iwo woe to have been innrrtcil wllhlii few days. , Head Courier News Wunl Ails haiv clinic in New York City. Fire Destroys Negro Duplex On North 6th A NI;:IO rcMilence In tin- rear of ;<|.| North sixth was dlslroycd .vi'Si.erdav :i;;.,n,,-,ou 'ny f|r ( . believed i:nnscd Ijy ;,,, nit S |ovi> .slitch ir- llllUll ill llc-iU'v losS3;i of IHTSOllill proiicrly in tin- two couples orcn- pyinti Ihc hoii'ie. Fire Chief uoy Head said the bln«D started in the kitchen rrom an over-hcnlrrl oil stove. The rmir-iooiti house occupied by Robert and Inra Cherry and Hreoni nri ,: Essiu Leo Alloy. No one was In the wood frame house when the fire started and II war; discovered by Incy. Cherry when she returned frnin n .shappliijj trip. The flri< ,rar?<l throu<;h the house and gnlni'il a head .start, on ttre- nen. A Inline mill or smoke formed uvcr the bla/e, oxlcndlni; upwards .vernal liunOii'il feet. 'I'he ho:is,. wns thoroughly nulled and only-a Tew Hems of iii-rsonnl ]iro]ierly and artleles <if clothing were .Lived. Oilier Ncisroi's llvnin ln E maller hoiisi-s In n line with the btiriii-d bi!l!<llnir apparently foresaw the whole line buiiilnu down from a sprcadlnit I,lave and moved munv "I their pOKScsslcins Into the alley. Mrs. 0. A JMvoy, o.Micr of the diuiiiijtcd |)roi>cr'.y, said U was partly covered li v Insiiranec, She saltl the ruins woul'l lx; lorn down and a ijiiruire belonrhH! to her nuived to the site. •U icick about BO,0(in,r.DO years IVir thi' dinosaur lo develop from an amphibian six feet IOIIR to a he.-' Iteiuolh of 40 Inel. Ancient . Al.owcd a man to' avoid »' iiriult wlicii Initiltlng atiothtr / 1 ivlerely,Jia4 la linndlhf fo| a suirr'of money cknl )o X to pVevent lilm from faktag the case to coi|i t Hardware MbHial ' Insurance Company of Minnesota tutse Dividend groftft* LOW Net Cort Protection For Berrijc W. L. TAMKE • 08 E. Dart* St, r. 6. Box «1 } Hh»n« 2487 BlTtber«De, Affc. ] CSTY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rates Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 W. Ash St. SN WHISPER.SOFT SUEDR Come in soon <in<l sec our Paradise collection . . . destined to steal your heart—and his! PARADISE BAGS to match WOODLAND-GREEN SUEDE BERRY RED SUEDE BLACK SUEDE $11.95 FAMILY SHOE STORE Phone 2342 312 West Mom St. THAT PROVE YOU GET THE At DREIFUS' Iwo m BlorWy onn ]n u 10k riiounllug. A truly t'XCL- 25 mix or .unusua (tlstliictlon, aet'wltl two fine xircons nhd simulated ruby Make h!n P,tr Kfc luretl by a t n r 0 y Constr\ictloii. with hls.lnUtri!. find 2 3ld« dia- onds, .25 u Week Masonic Insist superbly .tiamt-crnlt- cd In massive 10k yellow n Week Man's Inltlftl .rlnf.... 10k ROW s*t on \ilne onyx. A Tin? he will wear with pride tl 25 & Wee*

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