The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 11, 1969 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1969
Page 4
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Monday, August 1 1, 1969 'The Ottawa journal. Prices Frozen ' Harold Lever, financial secre- , tary of the treautry, laid in , radio broadcast:- "French de valuation hat bees on iti way for toma time, but I cannot aec bow it 'Will make the pound more vulnerable from any angle. I ant absolutely satisfied ' we have nothing to fear." -. HELfON WAY. ', Help for the pound is antici- Dated Wednesday when Brit- ain's July trade figures will be published. : Tha figures have - steadily improved and now are . running at an estimated surplus of about tGM.OM.MO. July's fig ures are expected to show further Improvement In announcing the French fpric freeze Finance -Minister t- Valery Giscard dEstaing mane j dear the government would be - taking steps to avoid the "price flars-uD" union leaders said would result- from, devaluation. He warned the government would crack down on any unjustified price , rises- during, the freeze period, -r --, Premier Jacques Chabaa-Del- ui said tha French National Assembly would be called into special session Sept. 15 to vote on a series of economic meas ures to back up devaluation. He warned that these meas ures would be unpleasant - He said they would be longer range "strucutural reforms' SWMt and Sour by Bill Jot rti Tiara's this to M satd lor a world crisis: Horn a lot ol So lor tho yoar Is out 1.500 000 younatforo HH turn li. And MObOOS paronts will him paw. W know a girl who was so skinny von nor sunburn Jfl Ml. Know why things oro always k) tho tost ptoco you lot? Bocouso ottor you find Ihom you UP looking. Y can stop looking lor o bottor way to troat your family. Toko thorn to CATHAY, whom tar tho duration of AJborl Stroot lonowjtHns CATHAY raotontors onlay otra spoclal porting plllogos at throo Alaort Stroot CATHAY RESTAURANT 228 ALBERT ntar BANK without which." In one, two or three years, the French would find themselves again in a situ ation "precisely the same", as that which led to devaluation. They were the kind of reforms, he said, ""that generally encounter a kit of resistance from all quarters, and have to be applied fairly slowly." The big Caullist majority in the assembly should ensure pas sage of the measures. ' West German Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger met for two hours Sunday with his top min isters, and a spokesman said he reaffirmed his opposition to raising the value of the marie t Later! m a radio Interview, Kiesinger said his position had been slrsngthenedbythe French devaluation. He conced ed that tha West German eco nomic situation might be affect ed, bifUaaid tha government el- ready has taken ction to pre vent rising prices. . ; . Kissinger said a German revaluation was rejected last November "because we could not have provided anybody with any lasting benefit." v ' , "A revaluation now, together with the devaluation, of the franc," ho said, "would mean a very dangerous . suppression of our economy.' And- you can image what our business com m unity would say if we now trifled with the thoughts of a re valuation.' '! " . , ' . Swinging PM Ronald William Duyker. 20. was remanded to. Thursday, chanted with causing a disturb ance and using obscene lan- uace. Lvle Robert Osmundson, 27. Seattle-born Vancouver resident was remanded until Friday, charged with causing a disturbance. Each was re leased on $75 bail . VS. PILOT, DUES All this happened a few hours after Mr1. Trudeau opened the Abbotsford, BC international air show, 40 miles east of here, where a young American pilot died in a crash a few hundred yards from him. The trip was literally a dy ing visit with Mr. Trudeau shuttled around by helicopter. He took a uneventful aide trip on a sunny Saturday to the Garabaidi sktinr area. SO miles north of .Vancouver.. There, he was taken on a 25-minute fright in , a small helicopter over the an. runs and sites that Canada has of fered for the 1976 Winter Olym pics. He said he PILOTS HEUCOFTER On tha way back to Vancouver, he took the controls of a big coast guard turbine helicopter for a tew. seconds. He left Vancouver immediately for Ottawa on a government Jet Star aircraft, His p o 1 1 1 1 c a I appearances were restricted to the Liberal fund raising dinner Friday night and a 'handshake-end-coffee session with federal and pro vincial party members Saturday morning. Isolation Ended From Page One The moonmen got a preview of what lies ahead when they were cheered and mobbed by about 300 space workers as they emerged from quarantine Sunday night All three were smiling and waving as they walked through a door that had been unsealed minutes before. Armstrong, the first man to 2l Do yon find it necessary to hold a book far away? YOU MAY NEED CLASSES If so, telephone 235-6706 Yon wul get the finest eye glasses' folly covered by our 1-Year Free Replacement guarantee against lost or breakage. OPTICAL y CENTRE 190 Sparks Street Mall VACATION NOTICE Our Pharmacy Will Be Closed from August 18th to August 24 inclusively. Please anticipate your prescriptions and first aid requirements. BRULE PHARMACY 53 LAURIER AVE. EAST 237-4471 1970 MAVERICK! PER MONTH! M MONTHS WITH SMAU SECURITY MP0SIT NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR ALL 7970 MODELS 'r:'1 ' '- '-- T-i.-'j 1 walk on the moon, stepped to a microphone and said: "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you I see out there who are my gracious hosts in the lunar receiving laboratory. I can't say that I would choose to spend a couple weeks like that, but I'm very glad we got the opportunity to complete the mission. The crowd surged against restraining ropes to shake the hands of the astronauts as they walked toward waiting cars. Each took a separata chauf-feured auto home. The astronauts had seen their families almost daily since being Isolated, but only through a thick glass window in he lunar receiving lab. They last were home July 7, nine days before their launching from Cape Kennedy. The 20 other persons In the quarantine also were released Sunday night and many were greeted by their families. Included wss one woman. Heather Owens, 29, a technician who was placed in the isolation ward last week after accidentally being exposed to moon dust in another part of the lab. A Canadian doctor, William Carpentier. was another to leave quarantine. He was the first to examine the astronauts on their return to earth, Carpentier, born in Edmonton, is a former resident of Lake Cowichan, B.C. Tha astronauts were cleared to leave the chamber after Dr. Charles A. Berry and three other Manned Spacecraft Centre officials presesented data Sunday to an Atlanta, Ga., meeting of the Inter-Agency Committee on Back Contamination, a group of acientists who supervised the quarantine. Berry, the astronauts' chief physician, said the committee ruled that the astronauts were free of "abnormal health conditions." He emphasized, however, that the negative medical findings do not prove that moon germs do not exist and said future moon explorers alto would be quarantined. He said the Apollo 11 crew would be kept under medi- dal observation for the next year. CROWN BR0ADL00M BR0AD100M AT DISCOUNT PRICES -2354768 DROP IN AT mm mi srAtrai4RioiAU SHOP ZELLER'S and "CHARGE-IT" Use a Convenient Charge Account Says Collins Linked With Earlier Death VPSILANTI. Mich.; (UPD John Norman Collins, under maximum security in the Wash tenaw County jail charged with the slaying of the seventh girl in a string of murders, report' edly has been linked to yet another of the. earlier killings. A newspaper report published Sunday said the 22-year-old Collins was a frequent visitor at an apartment building that boused the fourth murder victim.; ' .. ;. .-Collins, whose handsome, square-Jawed looks make him prototype of the clean-cut collegiate image, -often made appearance at an, apartment across the ball from the one In which Maralyttn Skelton lived In an apartment complex between tha university towns of YpsHanti and Ann Arbor, the Detroit Free Press said. Police, however, said they would not comment on the Free ". Press story. They also have refused comment on re ports CoHins was linked with two of the other victims. Collins, a senior at Eastern Michigan University here was accused of first-degree murder In the strangulation death of Karen Sue Belneman, 18, a freshman at EMU. LARGER THAN PRETORIA A new gigantic Bantu city, to be erected about 15 miles to the north of the boundary of Preto ria, South Africa, will be larger in area than Pretoria. Anti-Vietnam Rally Marks A-Bomb Drop Soma 20 demonstrators chose Saturday, Aug. the 24th anniversary of the atomic bomb-. mg of Nagasaki , to protest U.S. presence to Vietnam. ; Carrying placard which read "stop the Killing." they march ed In front of the U.S. embassy from 8.30 a.m. until p.m. Police Calm Welsh Hymn Singers ' FLING, Wales (AP) It , took SO policemen to quiet crowd of Welsh hymn sing, crs who became so incensed over a 'question of language, .Friday night that they start ed " throwing lighted cigarettes at each other. ; ' Tha midnight battle erupt. ! ed among participants in the National Eisteddfod .Music Festival over' 'whether' to sing the hymns . in Welsh or English, 'We want to highlight the immorality of the American destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and show the rela tionship between those . vents snd Vietnam." said organizer Walter Josephy. "Vietnam I Is just a continuation of this type of militarism. " Parti ciapting in the demon- tration organized by the Ot tawa Committee for Peace and Liberation, were university 'pro fessors,.' housewives, students, and children. --. "War in our day is obsolete and obscene," said-Mr. Josephy a professional engineer. "Man i at the stage where be must m KILLED IN CRASH SEVILLE, Spain (Reuters) Twelve persons were killed and 22 Injured Friday when a bus carrying 39 vacationing Span. lards collided with a truck loaded with bricks .near Ecija, 50 miles from here. a-- - -' I DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS AND NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT RESPONSIBLE SUBSTITUTE HOMES WANTED IN OTTAWA ADD HULL FOR CANADIAN MDIAI SIUDEIB DUSHI6 SCHOOL TERM. CONTACT: MISS M. YOUNG 995-6284 learn to control war, or H will finish us." , J Some of the names of Ameri can war dead in Vietnam were read aloud. ... Italian Gov't Wins Confidence Vote. ROME (AP)'-i Premier Mariano Rumors minority gov- eminent won its first vote of confidence in the Chamber- of Deputies Sunday. - . i . ' The Senate was expected to give the all -Christian Democrat government a vote of conn, dence Wednesday . Pte. Joe Cole, an organizer of Fort Jackson CI's United Against the War, will be th-e speaker tonight at an anti-Vietnam war raHy at the National Arts Centre at t o'clock. , Morel 9 Years by 2C0rulSda7ARf mp ah mm tmt limit DtMMASOFt r iff tnmt,' wring kmpH mm Awr co scuoooni eonaa, eaunaot, wans thanks to a praron fonBuUuoa called MIUoVSOrT.OUs snlquo mu aoftau, dlnolvoa thooo bard to ranov ktowuio ao thoy rob oft polalenly and safely learbic akta allay nnooUi soft. Don's aagoc Go! HliMItyooxlnmu. m ErUOEYQQECGn O PAY ALL YOU.. BILLS YiHH A SUPERIOR LOAN ... and nduc your . monthly paymmtU , by at much at half ' . ': V-"-.' $50 to $5000 f SUPERIOR FINANCE its iPAin snm, m-sm ' - 1051 WnUHtTTOM XTtST, 725-11 JJ Ooty'tostWajav: Hdavka"Opja4 OVawT wftrWlnfJS aaPpOhwlMn 44 SUPERIOR etnoM to wrva vow ga Performance If you take a car that "handles as well as Epic, equip it with an eager 57-hp motor and a fast-shifting f our-on-the- floor transmission, you have to come up with an extraordinary performer. We did. But that's not the end of it. You can order a high compression 70-hp engine, or the '1600' overhead cam engine that develops all of 84 horses (quite a stampede). And if you're feeling shiftless, choose the low-cost three speed fully automatic transmission with any engine. Feel free. Delivering big perform ance at a small price comes naturally to Epic. Comfort , pavement in its place. More luxury, you say ? ' Then order the SL equipped with semi-bucket seats in the back, glove-soft upholstery, simu lated wood-grain panelling and thick pile carpet ing. Don't hold back. We put a high value on your comfort. - ' ' ! Choice ; . Here's where the competition looks the other way. Epic offers six models, in three different body styles. ill 111 1 SVAWIltY II TaMTfc Epic is an economical car . . . with a luxury car feel. You're pampered, with standard equipment like deep-padded bucket seats up front; your choice of leatherlike vinyls, luxury fabrics; room for five people; and a smooth-riding full-coil suspension that puts pitted Three two-door sedans, Standard, Deluxe and SL (that's Super Luxury). Four doors? Choose from two. Deluxe and SL. And for those who don't want to leave anything behind, a roomy fastback estate wagon. As a final touch Epic comes in 12 fashionable colours with interiors to match. So there it is. Epic, combining the models, the features and the options you want in a small car... at the right yriee. Epic's got your number. Ov ,T W 'I It's from Ccncrai testers. SmaMiwmdcr. Prices start iit $1933 DELIVERED IN OTTAWA - HULL Mamrfatti1 narlirl smaafcwiaii tetag doBoartd pries of Standard t-Door Sanaa with baatar and aafraatar. Prlea ojaokoa tactoaVaarhrcryandnsnd1rrehsr btiao Toxin aoa dooi not Inrrudo wkiUoroll tino, ani raatroiou or arkool triaa tint. PiuUotial and bxaJ tama and tenw not aorruoVd. Otaor Epaco oro anUablo at aivhtrjr ai(aar eoota. . AUTHOKinO IPIC DtAURS IN OnAWA-HUtl WILLIAMS CHEY.-OLDS. LTD. SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET-ENVOI DEALER' BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED 72 Uauc Strtot, Hull, Que. 777-2711 444 Mwrtrtal t4, Othnra, Oat. MYERS MOTORS CO. LTD 74V-SM1 Cantor flgla and CalWiM Its. 111-1411 - 2H-MS1

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