The Courier News from ,  on January 20, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY to, 1948 BLYTmCTTLLB (ARK.) Suspected Spy Wins New Trial U.S. Suprcmt Court Remands Detroit Cose to Dittrfcf Court WASHINGTON'. Jan. 30. (UP) — ^r a to 3 vote the Supreme Court .jp^Terday orderprf a tie*' trial for R oin*-tiuic Ovvmnn coMnless >vho was convicted in Detroit In 104-1 as a. member of K wartime spy ring. Thp rulnip WM handed down \\\ the c^^e of Mrs. Mariiiinift Von Moltke, a Detroit housewife nt tho time of her arrest. She had served mrvxt of hw £<uir-yeac sentence ivh^n she wfvs released on bnll } Sninniw p*ndinp the hiph court's dfdflk>n on her «***, Jiiai.iciw Hiiffo L. Black. William O. DoiiKla-s, Pranlc Murphj* and Wllej B. Rullerige voted flatly to reverse h«r conviction on grounds thai »h« WR» not — but should have bwn — provided with counsel lii the •orly d*y» of h«r detontlon. JxwMc** Robert H. Jaclcson and Fe^tx Trail Jcfurt«r, however, voted to ord*r the fecterel district court. *o de<J<ie whether Mr«. Von Moltke vaiv«4 h*r right >o counsel. The firvt tour, l*cking a majority, went Are You Provoked? to tii* district court for A on that point. Olilef JiMtice Prcri M. Vinson and fuati«* Stanley F. Reed Joined Jus- Mo* Warold H. Burton in a dLs.sent- in? op4nion. >*r*. Von MoVt-^e W ihi wit* of n form»r Waynt University professor. Sltvoe «*iortly after lu?r arrest, he hw b*«i working for $30 n week in a drug iKx-a. Mw. Von Moltke pleaded guiltv to t>h* olxu-gM o{ oonspiring to nend intowi-iat'Son W> Uie German Rcic'n. But she eoni ended lator that the plM, WM »nt*rert after she was "coero«d, deceived Mid intimidated" tti FBI agents. Mrs. Von Moltke Wflfi Gennan- b^rn Jtnd ha» never been naturalized. She r.Am« t<i this country in JPW «-Uh hor husbnnd. who quenMj' beeflme an Americnn citizen. Three of their four children were born in this country and * n are o4t-J3*6T>«. Laney Chooses Not to Make Race Governor Declines Comment on Senate Rac« Two Years Hence Steam, Diesel Powered Riverboats Pass Memphis Today in Long Race IUP1- Oov. ycstndnv to fly William J. K.iv H'nil.d 1'm.s Surf Curr, sp.nnl MKMP1I1S. Tenn . Jan. 10. (_ —Two rlvprbnul.i rinrlMB up Itie Mis- ! Mclr sl.ssippl (rum NVw Orh'iim lo Hi, nmimd III 1 ^lllis were ilur to puwi lu-ve tovluy. tin' t-ily li hul I'cjildi-nti of mis unc'e-lnsly : nc'sduy! liver town wln'ie ihn |k>jml<uv wont j '.Small Cio«ds l:\iierlcd l wild ovei ilie [allied liobl. K. ! Riinill m.w<K wrio e\|ir.'i,.,| to RCX'K, Ark.. .Inn. *). ' Nn 'rl'e?. duel hi 1870 I'onliln'l R( -t ' \vulc h for Hi,. Kok.uln (nun winx runvnl. Thr ICokmln wos rxprch'd ronch lu-ii 1 >n>iiictlinc tmlny i\m| Ihe \v:is e.vpecleii in ,% \vi-rp ihansjis hem! Sunlit of : toniithl or ( M\iiy Wrd- ] T. [,:inry clrc-llltcd This photograph of Hazel Brooks, Hollywood actress, wai voted *'Most Provocative SUU of 1947" by the Internaiional Society at Photographic Arts. It was made by Durwatd Graybill. Science Pushes Fight for Vaccine With Which to Combat Poliomeyliti Ry Kiiliri W. Hefty Qo]l:in\ nrcninplishmrill*. We nl United 1'rrss Staff C'orresponilent living lo b<> cautious nnrt not gi'. v MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 20. (UP) — people hope Ihnt we'll have a. vac- nt r<1|n " al <>ff premises Uliu I.iikei i bird lomi us gcncranr of Ai'kiuv- llft. In > |ircinrcil tlntniirnl rclciisril t Ihe rngiiliil. Ihe uoviMiuir sriiil ho mil derided no! In ,wk tlip hnmu 1 to only one ollirr in very up about It. For one thlnn. the the . nn<l the itli'.vct-iuj looked much like u une-txinl todny, The modem Heli'tm tlovelo Kokoila anil In UJi-p in id iiloiiK lh(* pln.s shoie »t Deliolo, Jeff srroiid ntsr of engine troubb " Alkm sns history- the fnlnilnus Jefl : "" | They MI' 1 molls Dial Ms K. l.i-o vvl •nr kin.i.-, an,) yesti'iilay nml tin- bc'iut iH'ic. »'X|)lvtr»l to he Mll;*ll I In the wildly rhen inn ! viMeil tin' famed Kohl. ' .signal [Hi's of pine j I \vlien II rullinleil Ihe. I i-adlllH Ihe Nutchcv, In "out-moiled" Memn-iliUfii Kokiula V R ovev,u,r ,,, K e,l all slate em-! ;'; 1 ' t - l '' cm>rt "" ll '"" '" ' 1 '' llr '- v ™ i '•>' H.i.l. ul.n,,,, I, T , IU | :1 , V Unel. iloves lo Rive their best servlei- • ' M , , , ""' '"'" "" M «"l">^ nhoill II) One old rliernmii mid "U looks ^ o'clork at niKlil. ivhleleil In mlii- llkf 111* f«rt ot Ihf fiver." 'river lltim a i'o:il IjiUue nud pulled lint tile Feilertil Iliuye Lines, nut o! M^IH „., tin 1 Niiti'lnv. owners of Ijoili boal.s, m.slied n huve kn lo discliaiKe fl\e pus.sell- crew of liie*'liiiiiles lo (Ueenvllle ' m-]-.s here. and hurt liojies of (ii'ilhiK ihe tlel- j Uapt. ,lne Curtis, rlvri robmin- luiek In o|>eiiitiun soon enoiiRh : ^t ,,», [l,,. Mnnplns c..ininrivl;il- Appeiil. MI,HI.'(I Unit I his tncr Is n "Inire" i-ompaieil \\itli tin- nlil \ 1a \. brl \M-m stei uwheelers jnltl to.s.siblf duriiiK Hie rennunder of 1115 erin. ; "1 ies|ieelfnlly ask ilmt nn »ne : use their position for or nciiinst an\ cunUniale." he sniit. ""I'lie per)- |lle of this stale are eapslhle of se- r leolinx iheir [nibhc oflicials ultbtnit ( O | l)n ke H jace ot 11 liileilcieiife rrniii nny siniroe." ] -me Iwn lowlKnits loll New ()i- It.e noveinor did not nils out ' I M IM |,,st 1 l i liur«lii.v ali.'iiHH.n, ! the poKsibiliiy Him lie may ran (or , ,,„,.!, pn.shinn four Iwmes loncled Mdewhi'i-lers ill' S '',''. a 'V"| lflM , n ,, ! with in.OOrt tons ol rar«o. ; „„, ,.,„,,, v « ill(n . (l< ,, )t ,,i,.^rv,-rs He suul shni>ts: '1 will lint he A t ,, Hie tallUe belween steiun :,nd ,,,| mm ,.d ih:.l tin- i.l.-e Iv .. ' Kl M,t ni.uikl.ue (or nny oftn-e nt this „» power, Ihe Ijoai.v »i-ro repo.lcd ,;riieliii|. IOM " ,,l Ihe twn (ype.soi ! innkillK Rbout 5 knots apilllst. 11 I i-m<!in-s! ARE YOU DISCOURABED IUM you suffer distrtcs from FEMALE COMPUIN1S which makts you NERVOUS, HIGH-STRUNG M: mil* Iniu'ttiMtiit Humility <1lnt.url>- II.-!-! whflk ninXc^ yon Mi(frr frani kin, (rfl no HcirtJut, t-innky. ri-nl- Mt. wi'iiX rtt ivirn Cliniit? Tli(*ii MII ii tk Hhly lii'\ii(M| ^t,, wan^rn • MiUIrd llilfl v,ny Why «l(in'i you * fl ""iurt t Uy H 'jinitK)/? pound liel[i« build HP ...... rinjcliHUi 1 * OunjHunni IK *| 1K « »Ku1n»l *uch dlxlrrti. It'* niM-h.i* mil ik nn-ilin- >.-'1ntlvi». ll gn-i\l •toniftchlc tonlct Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND ^ lime." Hn t flunked those who hud support pci him. "To I'uise who hivvp opposed m* Ijrrtr tin ill will." The povcrnor do-Miurri tn h picun-e wliile he linndrd out ihr slnlotnrnt Ho cmpha-si/^d 1hn( IIP plnnnrci in .stay our n[ politics tliis year, ' Tim; ndnnnlsli rii ion will nni hnv (" .* i v :i!i<ii<|[ilr for nny office/' 1he govrinoL' cU'c'liut'il. "My c-mu-rrn Mut tny intficst in 1)10 wrl/jivc and pn>K>'t*ss of Arkaiisiin emit IHM iwo- plc IIILI always brtMi iiiul .slmll over bf very deep IUK! OcvotriV. "I desire to .sorvf Dm jrinnindrT of nu- (c'ftn us pr-urrlti!ly nnd con- Mmrriwly us possihlo." Tlie «nvp] IKH ndiiiittrcl (>i;il nls _ . H;um' Hue i'Uu iuls \\c\c ^nuUlit'i niliiilt Mini 111" rm-r Is nil Inn mvr. it'coril n( iKvumiilishumiLs was nOL 't'lu-y pntnirtl oul (lint M's r> Ji)- prrlrrt, Hm ho arifkd: ^ t!;iv \i-.\\.:\ ftom (vr<-\v Oi kmr. in "It Is my jrrnrrt. l nni proud .>! ; St J.tmi.s ^ntl ;inylhinu still mn to* MM Atacvty mwcf tunn Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer iu' .'M7H Hlythcville Ark. 112 Walnut 8L NOTK i: J Nolu-e Is hi-ivby <:iv*-n Mi:\t thr « undci>i»;nefi will wilhm din lime ] fixed by I.TW npnly. in the C-'iuinl';- t Sionrr r>f Hevennes f>f 0;e Stale nf < Arkansas for n pei'inn lo sell beer Bill to Ration Meat Introduced in Senate WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. iUP) — | 6m. R*Iph E. Flnmb'r.= . R.. Vi., a.nd > Rfip. Jacob K. Javit*. R-, N' V.. :in- = nounced yestprday they me [Ming ' bills to .set lip meat rationing mil- : rhinery which would bc'conip of tec- ; live whenever the President decni.s . il nrep.isnry. ; The bills inakp no provision for prire controls. The legislators said : they riid not bplirvp pric v p ronlrols ! \rrrc rirces.^Kry and thai. if any- • thm^. pric'iv; wili bojjin to P:IKR af- ' ti-r rlie pivssurrw of uncontrolled f cifmand are dimiiv.uf• d. Mpnntune. Chairman Charles W. \ Tohev. R.. N. H.. of the Senate Ranking Commit roe aitarKrti \vhiit j L hi- c-ftlli'd t lie riispmc of fond prices] • bv k'^pinr supplies off fhe m^rk-'v ! in orrirr EO maintain a high price i level. £!IIJ Krror C'nrrcclril MANCHESTER. N- H. (UP> — John H, Dolan has received a S!)£ ipfniKl on a 10-cenl bus ri<Je. Public Service Company officials re turned the money \viU\ U^o explanation that he apparently A former victim of infanli!e i Oy- : rine tomorrow. Tins Is Just one* of pushed Fdc'iK-o's battle a»runs', | ihe rfplinitp ,strp* winning one step further ahead , m ii- bnltlo. There'js R'IOIIR rond yol ' ' r]l(l "iidci.sinncd shit.-.s ilr«f. lie 1n travel " | ^ ^ flli/ril Of ArkiMl^ii.S. n[ KtlOfl nifinil chat;u-t(M, Hint lu i hsis nrvrr ' today, Dr. Frank Gollan. physiologist at the University nf Minnesota, an- noimced he bad isolated He .si i id t hat even if .science has conviried i>r a fclmiy OI H other ' M.94 per cont p\ire strnin of "MM , vitus, which causes polio in small GMan. who bo R an his roderHs. a pur,, vims it rnny not he able lmp illvolvh ,„„,,,, , ur]li ,,, ri( , : | • t<i pel a varcnip -,. , ., . .. - . . '• * to pel a vaccine. He stiid ilie di.scovory might open i j 10 . )0 f u j thnt no license to sel! bf*er by the inirietsipned> been rovokrrl with- Jhree month."; afio under a grnnt ,"hi n v c years pn-st; and Ihnt Irom the foundation, was more ! the under:signed hn.i nrvrr brru the way for devolopment of a vac;- j cine to itntnuniz.e hvni^ans against [ the i •"*"• K ' v '" "" '" ' - . ' will have s \accine.," hr .saitl. H..v.Tver. Dr. Ha, t K. Van R,,,p,r. .., M , , mr-dica! mrfrtnr ol the n» tl on:,l I cjl!0 , >y n( , x( - Sl]mnm , Hmv[ , ve , r . roni-ictrri of viDlntinu tlir l;i\v.-; nf J "I thinli U is now only n ttvh-I tllls sV.ite. ov any n\\wr slntr. VK- i nical problem ns lo how soon we IntliiR tn IIic snlc of alrohollc II- 'i fiuiirs. j J C. R. nronk» ; l ....,., . i^i... ... .».^ o,..,.,„!-,. ,,„„!..,... .Snlisrrilicrl and sworn In bHorn i ' Inniuhumn for mfantiln paralysis. „,„, „,,,- „„, , ,„ , , . mctliis 1!) day of .Inn. I«HB. I raiit.oi-.rrt iha the discovery did not hl ,,,,,,,, s . A ny ynccine v.111 havn "'*• Mar-il, n ll Hb«-kar<l • inran that the disease had been to bp , M(eri ^ te . leafA , lnti i W1 . iSF.M.l Notmy Publi, conquered. I are absoliitelv-n.rp it is jn[»." ••Before we can ih.nk of . vac- H( , sniri ||i;11 a i tholl(!h [he vil . lls cine we nnist oetormme how ninny dou ,, nppr ; m)lv auutks animals, strains nrr r.,p,>hlc oi proriHCinu , .,.„ molhm1s ,, lo |so|Ble „ „,.,. P n]», in man and h.nv many strains i ^.^ _ M slrnins [)f ,.,„.. luivo '.,<• .same .m.nimolosical clmr- <-,„„ ca „ „ , t rt «. , nc.r:, S .,rs." l.esmd. -Whr.n wo I jn 1Mg . fl( , pi uis MU , ;C know things we can taik | Clecltnaovilk ^ wllcll German ar- about a vaccine. ; ml(?s b]i|zpd hj( . hom! ,, an[ ,. y commission expires Ma rch 0 ! Pink OIIPII an Account T-R-E-T-C-H Bands , ^3 95 i'(>K MI''.N tax Ine. i Ml terliH' rx pit n is I" ii bund'; l<ir men iind \viniiiMi !'» rnlnuiri- \v:ili;lios . . . mltl sparkle to every cosliinip. Women's $4.95 DHEIFV5 Porto Rico XII..V l>l[||'[> SWEET POTATOES I'liinu's Hi77 — 2!ISIi Buck Mcharg Produce llniilns . . . \\ I'iii iilli \\it<iT MAIN !il. , ILITHIVILU JNO c BUY Now Pay Next Fall Yi Down—Bal. Och 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Si/i-x 1, R anil K Inch Culvert Tile Si»n 10, 1*. 1,1, IB, j|, M, M • ltd .1ft Inch A..H. WEBB MWJ-. 81 »l Slat, l,ln> rimnf ni]-lher!!l> 714 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock (iunrRiilved Hest I'ricem Kirby Drug StoreS "We're not trying to belittle Dr. He said that the "great virlur' 1 of his discovery is that now virus hnci miMnken a $100 bill for a tt i ran be gotten cheaply and rapidiv hill. The driver in a rip the same J and ihat standard medical labora- misf.ike until he checked his re- 1 lory cquipmrni can be used to ob- ceipts. - tain it. W. L. Roper General Agent 221 Lynch Building Phone 3182 Joe Faucett Traffic Rep. COME IN AND SEE AND REVOLUTIONARY THE NEW GRIP TIRE GROUND OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Jlmulrrds nf Held frsts prov tlm n<'«' Ftrrsinnis Cli'-implnn Ground Grip 'I rnniar Tirr clrntis up to 100% mnri? rflcrTivrly, pulls up ff» 62'r rnnrr, InsU up to QI" Imicrv anri pivr^ a sninfjOinr ridr t hn n any othrr trnc-tfir Urr. N'n broken rrnlrr tire rnn duplicate this performance! I The greatest advancement in power farming since Firestone put the farm on rubber! l-'ircslonc Champjcm (irovHirf Grip trawrto*- tire, en^iivcerixi amt WJK for Maximum ct fw»**wjr .**»<1 nocv- nirv«<i, Tripln-IlrAf m" traction h«rs '•'ji^f tKp lir*» wnrf/rfAflfHi m tr*<- Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR liy Kxpi'rt ('nil SI I Brooks Music Store 107 1C. Miifn Ciry Radio •Service- Dial 2407 for Eip«H Rcpnln 324 K.rt M.ln SU Felix A. Carney RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 3 DAY SKIIVIOK ON ANY MARK OK MODRI, RK- LIABLK WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Ve c:vt] for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Kli'cln'i-fil Aliplinncc Co. Authiirlieit Miilnrnla R,\dl« Sales nnd KrrTtr* 101! Sonlh Flr.^t SI. FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Cali 2397* —FOR— • Bob Powell • T. W. 'Hop' Neil We specialize In houtir wirinjf, fHrm wiring, motor repair and appliance installation. BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Hlytheville, Ark. I HOLE IN ONE? » Don't Ed II jji-l you cluvfn Jl'ut ymir loot forwArd— • hrncl for our roniplelely mod- Jri in/oil "(ixlt shnp" lor shoos »Wc ttm'tur shors wolt . . . fi\.st H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MR IN ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Painr 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'hone 691 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY 1'lione 2(MS mil Chickasawbs I Hove On Hand At All Times Several tractors nnrt equipment . . . both new and used ones . . JOHN DEERE, FARMALL and other makes. Also, I have tor sale at all times 70 to 80 head of mules. Trims can be a Tranced. Will tvnde for most anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE t Mtlt S. ft Rr««lt«di>r!«

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