The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1947
Page 12
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PAGETVfrELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS TURKSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1947 Russia Asked To Clarify Her Atom Proposal " LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., % A'43. 12. (OP)—The United Slates, Grc.U Britain and France called on Russia ' today to clarify, its position In llic United Nations atomic energy commission and to answer some specific questions about the meaning pf Soviet atomic proposals. •Deputy American Delegate Frederick H. Osborn, assailing the So- yiet proposalston atoinio Inspection »nd ; control for the second time In less than ti week, told conmiii- sion members they would "lose a year's work arid move backwards" «X they acceded the basic premise of the Russian suggestions. Slichard Miles of/Great Britain, announced that • Great Britain would have ready late today or tomorrow the panel of questions it will submit to Soviet Delegate Andrei Gromyko with the request that he send them direct to the Kremlin for answers. Miles suggested Dial discussion of the poviet proposals might be deferred until "a later date." when Moscow's answers may give the majority of the 12 nations on the commission a better idea of the meaning and inte'nt of the Soviet Union's stand. British Windows Wrecked i Police Foil Attempted Robbery in Jerusalem •' •JERMSALEM, Aug. 12. (UP) — Six men and a girl tried to iliold up a bank in the heart of Jerusalem today, but were thwarted when a police armored car nn- Windows in Ihis stove we:-- shattered by :i These demonstrations resulted from Jewish '~f*. s _ inolj during anti-Jcwitl) demonstrations in Liverpool, England action in Palestine. iNEA Tclc-pholc.) svvcrcd mi emergency cull in time funds. to arrest one Jew nnd recover a sack .full of. money. A youth arrested on a floor above the bank near Zlon Square had a phosphorus bomb. It was the third ntlcinplcd bank robbery in Paiesline within a week. The Jew- sometimes uses replenishing its ish Underground Hint method of The dentil toll In :i Wild West type raid on a Tel Aviv niyht club rose to five today with the death of one of the 10 wounded persons. 1'olice said five youths dressed in khaki drill shorts and shirts, and officially described as Arabs, entered the Hawaii Cafe on tlie outskirts of the all-Jewish eity and ordered the patrons to raise their hands. Sonic sources said the attack was intended as n robixsry, but no effort wa.s made to take valuables. The shooting seemed to begin all at once. Tradition requires sharks' fins to be 'the third course on the Chinese wedding menu. Wyoming WHS 11111111*11 from a ubaulirul valley in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. Pride & Usrey GENERA! CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition :* 5 Under Henry 11, the English Iron ore miner paid '•«. tux of one penny every Tuesday. DEflTH of a DOLL © byHildoLowrencc;D;ilnbiilcd by NBA SERVICE, INC. • •" xxxu •"FHE doorbell rang, a series of ' sharp, clear rings. He jumped. Dr. Kloppel gave him a disapproving look and went to answer it, mumbling to himself. When he rc- , turned he had Bessy and Bculali. "I thought 1 told you to phone," Mark said coldly. "Wait," Bcuinli advised. She advanced to the table, holding a paper garment bag at arm's length. . Mark said, "Dr. Kloppel, these are my friends. And I suppose this bag holds the suit?" He drew it out, carefully. Dr. Kloppel carried the mugs over to the bookcase. -He refilled them with his back to the room and added two glasses of sherry to the tray. "Oh, thank you," Bessy said be- lore he'turned around. "We didn't phone," Beulah said, '.'because the place was near Hope Jlouse where I said it would be all along. So we simply came. Tom the Cleaner and Dyer. A European, peasant of some sort, nnd a grandson with the same accent and so on. We had no trouble at all. I get along with peasants." "What's this?" Mark fingered the slip of paper pinned to the laj>el. It was an oblong of pale pink with a serrated edge, and had obViously been torn from a ytad. Hi frowned at.the penciled scrawl.' Trie pcasantVco'de for Ruth Miller, electric blue, two-piece. Wiggle wiggle, 2 dash 8277. He hung the euit on the back of a chair. "Clean- fir's ticket," he decided. *'On Hope House paper?" Dr. Kloppel asked pleasantly. , "Hopi House!" "TeK^LOne. pad. One on every floor, hanging beside the phone." He saw Mark's face and added hastily, and in time, "Ladies present!" » * » M ARK smoothed the paper, held it to the light, read the pcn- .ciled scrawl a-half dozen limes. Then he left, halless and cordless and without explanation. They heard the front door slam. Bessy said, "Have we done something wrong or right?" "Jliglil." Beulah's voice was pitying. "If we were wrong, he'd be the lirst to tell ns. Loud." He was back in less than five minutes. "It was in the coat pocket," lie said. "Crumpled up :is if it had been put there in a hurry. The cleaner calls everything in a pocket personal property, so he saved it. Pinned it to the conl himself. Didn't think it was worth mentioning, because he was sure Miller would know what it was." There was a lift in his voice. "Can liny of you bright people identify it?" "Wiggle, wiggle," Bessy began. He interrupted with bitter triumph. "It's a telephone number. Tom the Cicnncr nnd Dyer kncw wiiat it was right away. He looked me straight in tlif eye and said it was a telephone number in a bceg city like New York or Worcester, Mass. Because it had five leedlc figures. H I had a shield I'd turn it in and shoot myself with my service gun. . . . Which reminds me. I wns going to talic all this stuff over lo Foy. Now I think I'll call him' to come over here." When Foy nrrived he studied the slip of paper. "That could be something beginning with a W. That could be a W, nn M, or an N. I can have the number called on every local exchange, but it may take awhile." , "Worth it if it lakes the rest of the day. Meanwhile I'll run over to Hope House and sec it it clicks there. It may be one of their regulars. You know, drugstore, ice cream, cigarcls. I'll be back before you're ready for me." He left i'oy murmuring instructions into the doctor's phone. nTTY BRICK was back ill the .swik'libuni'cl und* Jc\vcl was io\vhci'c in sifjht. Kitty clcnitcl nil knowicci^t o£ (lie ninnljcr. She checked three months' records while lie looked over IIC.M- shoulder. There was no 2-K277. Wlien he asltcd if Ruth Miller had made irumy calls, she cHik heir head. "Not when I was on duly," she said. "Maybe late at night when. Miss Plummer van the board. You'd have lo ask Miss Plummcr." lie nodded. Then, "You don't look well, Miss Urice." "Who does?" she answered. lie was tl.inking of that when Miss Plummcr finally admitted lini to her room after ashing him* :o wait until she sot back in bed. Her face was ashen. 'What is it?" she whispered. "Why did you come back?" ' "Miss Phmimer, did Ruth Miller ever use the phone when you were on duty?" She looked as if he had struck lier. "How did you know?" "I don't know. I'm asking you. If I could be sure, it might help inc." "Yes, she did. I forgot to tell you." She corrected herself pain- lully. "No, I can't truly say I forgot, it was more like being afraid to say anything. You sec I lost the slip I wrote the number on." She lold him how the call hart come through, how she had been surprised to hear JUith Miller's voice, because it was so late. "The Sunday night, it was," she said. "The night of the tea, the night before she died. And she was breathing hard, like she'd been running, and she begged me lo put it through quick. A pcrson- to-pcrson cali, long distance, and she didn't know the number, only the name. It was to a gentleman, a prominent gentleman in Chicago she said. She said I wouldn't have any trouble finding him because ho was prominent." "Chicago!" "She hung up just when T was ready to put her on. . . . Wait a minute, Mr. East! Law, Craw—" "What is il, Miss Plummcr?" "Crawford," Miss Plummcr said ciuielly. "Crawford or I.awIwU." {To Be Continued) Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary Plate Glass • Tornado• Surety Bonds • Aviation "Why don't you get up out of that chair and enjoy your vacation?" : 'HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS This Is lil By MERRILL BLOS3ER GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch AKFM'T YOU GOING TO LOOK. FOR. THAT JOB SCHOOL STARTS NEXT MONTH .' / Vt fi. Pt BU» I 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 • Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 : Schenfey 1.35 2.65 4.15 I Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 I Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 : ; Old Taylor 4.35 6-90 • : Four Roses 2.85 4.50 • [5% Beer per Case $2.88j JGAS, reg. 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5c* JAII Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35! * • WhW NOT 6ET A JOB MOW? WHEN! SCHOOL STAR-TS YOU CAM COMTINlUE To WORK. IN THE AFTEKMOON / JuST LIE STILL--I'LL GET, THE "HELP-WANTED" PAGE / Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Stmlclmker Service v First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving tools arc provided for bur train-: 'ed mechanics. They use their skill and thu correct tools to give you belter service. We repair all makqs of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars lIHfi Fonl Super 2-iioor 1941 Plymouth 2-cloor lull Plymouth *-door 1010 1'oiitiae inifi Chevrolet V- ton fickup IMS CMC V- ton Pickup ' !91f> DodRC'/i Ton Pickup 1911 Chevrolet 'A ton Pickup Lois of Others lo Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studchakcr Dealer -First by Far With a Postwar Car" , BUI Chamblin —KR & Ash St., Fhone E195— Lex Chimbl'n WASH TUBUS Hosier at His Best RY LFST/W TITRNB* AS HIILIOHS OF LISTENERS WMT EASERLV, BUSTED FACES 1UE HIKEi BURPS POLITELY ftWP.... pUH-11-H...HEHl-O... FOLKS...! LITTLE. .plD...I...USTA...riNK.,. : TD..BE.,.OE..,C£MTER..OF...W.L... W5...-5T<NK— UH...OF... ML... HOW. BUSTEa.. "z£. COMPOUND THE \8UT. EUSY TEllOUP RftDIO '<!. LUCK, TVKE..UOT VtHW R MJP16MCE HOW IT ^fiC^BM SIGWI/STAT10H TER.VCU INSIST DM KRIMGLE'SSOAP TOR. VOUR TUB Insurance Agency 103 N. 2nd Charles O. Blttncr-W. M. (BUI) Wilson BY EDGAR MAKTIN S' roO!.l5'rt Of T&U TO FOLLOW 5, Buf IT WAS A VUCK.Y PRE.-XX. WE TOSi'T WTEVJD To BE '-1\'S •' A-AO IF A PO55& CL05&51S!, VT'LL E ITS CHOICE OF LETTliO' US 60, OR. WATCH I S>* YOU •DIE- US. Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way LUMBER? ~~~ "~" R. Williams QLMZ A BOOT TH CHO\si Of I, r;CMF. i TiIOIIGHT iT-CMEE-ODY \V\O WEIC-fUN I-CM TOLL OF CATTLE.' DID HEAR OF IT ABOUT 31 W'.L " PACIFIC INSO05TRY Sf\LE COULD STOtSLID/ TO . cm LUMBER? NO SPUTTERS/ By V. T. HAMLIN r -.VrJ j i»\—-——-»./Y - *—>----'M K V••y — . ***& ?^Y£-& c;*-H>-f.<- \ t'^'^yafxk.'Vv 4* 1 . 1 %^^^m^ : ^ '-fdi^. ,,. ';; 5 iy:;>^^^ NjlBS \MOLFEO l^ TO HE CME-HORSE RIO Gvowl Is Unhappy 13Y MICtlAKL O'aiALljKY and HALT't! l.ANE NOTHING "~™ FRED HARMAN BOOTS ANP HER BUDDIES THIS IS A 10USY IN- V Ml« DOWN. WSTOATIOH. NOeOOY I GRWJUE. VOU KNOWS ATMING ABCXJT (.NEVERCORRIED MK euv ctnee. NOBODY &M MM AAOUNO AFIER WOSOl DROVE C'-f, AKONO6OW5AW HIM LEAVE. YEAH, AND IT ISNT ( EVERYORILUN&I HA>ID OUT WHERE A WEEPY DAME KEEPS TUUNG MEWHATASCftNDAL IT ISTOMiWE A MURDER IN THE FAMILY. •=; i IKINK I YOU CAN USE, INSPECTOR. PRINTS •A OFF THAT PHONE THERE. THW COTTPv&t SLtt PLVT Voti LAP IM TH& BOPiT OHO, DOM'T fOti&W VOU fViKEO Tt\£ VJOMW sMoutDK r '.'.'. :;< SEWIS6ET MIXED UP I!(A BUSIHES5 IIKE IWS. ttt'S GO S« HOW THE BERWICK! BOYS ARE COW1KG FROM A PtEAS- ANTFR HEAO- QUARTER5. YOU It HiVE TO ADMIT THAT THE DAU&MIER HAS BEEN OKAY.

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