The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 10-17 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)" COU1UER NEWS ELFTVENi ^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line Tor consecutive Itt- ier'.fom: Minimum Charge W* 1 lime per Jlne 15c 2 times jn-r Jlne per day J2e ^ limes per line per ilay ,. , ., Stc C times 11or line per day 2c 1£ thues per line per day 5 .Monlh per line Advertising order lor Irregular Insertions takes die one time rate. Nu ifspuii',iliil!ly "ill LH- lakcn fur mure Mian one Incorrect insert lull of any flasslfiecl ad. For Sale for Sab FRYERS. BcU'iitlflcnlly rnlBcd In brooder. Never bL-en on Hit' urmiml. ,45c p«,T II). on foot, AurtUmtu'B chicken fium. South Hi-way 61. Next to oul l,eBlon Alrpurc. 7llf»-ck-B;i5 5 piece mahogany dinette suite. IJke new. 31U \V. Walnut. Ph. 2:!2, r ). 7 24 clli tr Klbtrla canning peaches. Fresh vegetables, fruits, meals and groceries. Open til 8 o'clock every day. Phone 2(>;52. Joe ' Ileslci (,'rocery, Highway'il South. Below Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 ph 8 K l-2'.'z gallon counter Ice cream rree/er wllii nibin.'l. $1000. *l. !. Kin*.;. l»h(in<> VI. Manila. TUH-uk-Ulza N;itnr;illy sell lots or Finn Foum . uiers milt. Duds '.'"lilt SPKCML roil BIX DAYS 120(1 Holly iuul Ut vision Slrc-et. 2 lots, y live room (iu-eUlii^s, one fnr- MlKhvil. rounder o!f«r over SBOOG.OO. I/>lir? 5-2.VJ.iJO up. (pfm'i'iy buslines \vilh living UUi*rUTs, l-'in 1 Reu! Ks- tati' iiutl Fin- Insurance. Pliutit* UoliiuM* at'cmxlion, 1 Hass, hlack and while I'in- ish. I 1 radically ntfw. For sale with case al half price ;i( Hnwks Music SU»re 107 Hiist Muin Street, Telephone SI1. 8 0 ck If uiethlnu you .it-n't, or sc^ll It uL Kwrtp Sivia. 401 &. rhonc K5[). 4!30-ck-tf Cnnronl Jellv r O. .1. MUle. C;iU C7I. Msijor Usrcl r-iir parti of :ill iruixes. We !)i 100 iiKCfl IIres. tuDr-.s. and when Is fcjr your imiiers. Priced ri»hL. Hocott's Auto 1'iirt-s. phone TA2. Air I!;isc no:uf. . 7-pk-14 MERCHANTS Fo^cl moat crises. walk-In coolers, re- frljierators. nnd beverage coolers ore nvnll;\hl« lor limitedInlc ili-llvory. A\t;o Ice crt'.itn cnbliu'tM urn] roiti|m-«*jrH. Bee IX'll ScoLL, 1211 \V. Main or phone 2^wj. cl:n-<:k-K a:i For Kent drooni. con vet) lent to liatU. Gl 1 W. ulii. PJione 3325, 7|lG-|)k-8!10 C'oi3ifortat)ti; rjetlrooin, Altlc fun Mm only, aio \v. \v:ii LI in. •»7!:{0-i>k-H::o Tlcdrooni. ^314 N. Ninth. Ph 2338 ird np^rtjin-nt. Couple only, ]OiJ Ki-ntnckv. phom- :)|()!'. ?o:jl brilroom with V.Hrlu-n prlvlle u]50 -s!»-tn>ln!' rtxHii, act j-i. |> ; ivl.s. I'wo fiirnlf-hc'tl rooms. Conjilr milv. l!vr)t \\ r - Syc.-:uncr«' r ll-i»l:-'-l Wanted fo Ren* .'i'teran and v! ft- cicvOro 2 or :i room fin ti. upt. No rliLlclrcn. no drinking C;;ll IT. A. I!U'k5. ph. 'Jin/. Iron. B a.m. By Se])t. 1 furnished or unfurnls njiiiritiicnt r>r house-. Achills. 1'hoinj 227!). Ciui furnish rcroiinirc:;. 8'7-pk-l4 \viUtr corn. IPO husln?!n. Phone- 3R17. Ci. T. '."untT'-y, Yurliro. 9 -iik-14 ?t'himllk;r Cafo new owner wittus fur- nlnlicd or nnliu nlsliol or a- imriiiwut or ?. runiisiu-d sk'vii rooms, I'tiono 2-1 f)2. K|8-ck You'll fiiitl -i roniplotr Hnc of JEKP I'AliT.S ut POOI.E MOTOR COMPANY. -Stirdo. Mis-ionrl. Phone: 3tf.'<-le ^f) (or pro' 11 pt RC rvirc. rhlfnirohrr, Imth In J'hone 20G. r ). otlrrnestle, mrdinrn sl^e piano. lio<.;:mv and ivory with mirror r<']lrnt (on'l'tlrm 121 K Kt-ntii iO ;;n]. steel (In)ins for S2 each. PH. 231!). bns;o cnns. 8 U-pk-Kl On<; four room nnd two two-room houses. Must he moved. Phone 3900. 50 acros North wfr,t of Blvtlicvlllc slmrt dLRtruic". All cypress lontn land. IJvery foot in row crop. About >n acre's col ton on It now. plenty or For mu'isi. or a e\ucc sae or a few t!:ii : !=. S1GP ]>or acre with S1750. down, hnlance over a nor Loci ot 15 yrur; nt 5C! Interest, Payment ihmtt l .;i of rent. .'f tiiivc- a !iM!iii»cr of rm-ra ^ootl snirtoih tnvc-tor f;irms. ^0. f,n. IfiO ar-rcs ;ind lur^rr i>hiff.s. School bus. tiKtil route find tlrnuicity. E-i-sv irruis, 5f yon an- hut'n L-tcd In huv- iau :> liomc fOinu In and we will l»: l-t:i[| to .show yon v/hat wr havr. Itinlrs I^iiid Co- Of rice !UTO!-:s from City HMl TUisnc!! V. llinles — l!roki;r Ti'-n D. MntniuT. II. M. BecK— Salesmen B'H-pk-i4 with hot \vatcr For Fine Portraits— It's O'Slccn's Studio. 7 19 ck S 19 ooms of f urnHiin!. i pin no, l Sin- 'cr ^r\viiii!; Hi;'.cllino. 1 warm inornrii: stnvr I 'T'liJo nnd record pluynr. in K. I.:iki- Kt. I'll. 3')(i-3. 12-pk-17 Help Wanted nTestncSy for ])prninncnt jioRitlori witb j-oud f kit;i re. witb tocul concern. !*1< ;i; - ant working condition:;. Write box M E, "„ Court fir News. It;7-cH~lf Youii" man lor snlrs jmsltlon wltti •;notl future. \Vttli rilythrvlllc firm. Wt»tft box J F, r yi Cwiricr News \ NEAT I.AI1V. V/ITO IS INT::!. <:;EN r r. c-.oot) ON r SHORTHAND \ .SOMI'I P.OOKKI'>:PINO.'TO DO CJEN- IvnAI, OFFICK WOItK. AJ'I'l.Y TD iiox cnn. •,;, COUIUEII HEWS. Real Quality At A Bargain Price SEAT COVERS Heal quality covers In I'll nrarh- any make, any model iuitninohilc. Made of duralilo Sail Clolh, these covers will J»s|. and lasl ! Rend Courier News TPi'.iit AUs. | • SCREEN DOORS Most sixes now in stock. 10. C. KolmiKim Co. They're Washable, Too! Regular Price - - $24.50 This Sale - - only Eddie Saliba • Alniiiton.-inrc Knuineer Roof Coating, industrial and Household Paints Call fi.r free IMiif liisiierlhni . . . l.i'l me Nolri< your paint jir'ali- li'iiw. l'-:irtor.v Dlstrilintor for Cu- luiiliit lii'llniui; anil Clirmlcnl <'o. 121 10. Kentucky Ave. Hl.vllu'villo, I'hbne 2">;iG WALNUT AT BROADWAY Services ATJITABY WORK. cIcniiltiK cc.'y; nnol rf iiolnirt Allfin. l>h. :!3:i ciUACli tf.:i>;s. >V.r- >!»•'.' IS ci; F.nrry Kncnfi for Payroll mid Income Tux Service. liooy.kc<?rilni; unit Ocnonil Secretarial Survli-e. 100 Knsl Main. Phono ^" a 7U7-|)>:-8|I7 MONEY TO I,OAN Do you need m losr, to repair or remcxlel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approred ratt 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2084. Lynch Bldg., Bly the ride. 9-23-^k-tf Instruction, Male niKSKI. POWBrt r.r.ructlon. Mali.-. M*>c:h;inlrnHv In- clHu^l Mt'ii ^c-t fu:T- fi-cts ubnnl up- t)OruinHtfs mid M-iiiiiluM covi>rhi" Dla new Ik'lcl ot Ulrapl Kiiclm* Kir Iriickp. lrm:U)rs. locdniotlvi's, pcnvrr pliuits, slil|)^ p .'lc. \v»; Lridn you hi your SJ>:ire; tlnm. Write for (i(?l;(lln luvinjj LI^C ^nd |)r< ucr\in;iUuii. UtIIHirs Ulra.jl TrilllllUB. Bos M J. % Courlrr KCWF. Bjll-pk-13 moving-, 1'i yoars e\- pcricnto. I'lenly oV otiuip- nicnl. Rol'L-rciic'cs, Leveling, roundaUon rcj^iirin;; Virjjil Folcy, pltnnc 2)0r>. 8 8 pk n K Kxpcrt ra dial or repair for less. We have (he bcsf in nulialor repair ctmipmvnt. our trained man lioil oul and repair your radi- aliir Tor you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. J)()iis!ns Lawson, AI«r. riioiic 2171. S 9 U' Wonted fo Buy Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Reports—Accounting Kooin 21, Lynch lildtr. Wrilc T, O. lioN !)3'J Phone 2940 BlyrhcviKc Personal For Complete Protection Against All IHSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencod Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Confrocfing and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 Winch from Army truck. Barkstfnk' M:tjinf:tct!irlju: Co. I'liotir; 2011, lllv- thcvMlL'- (!:5-ck-l3 for wrecked or junk aulnniobiles. \Vurto Aulo •, North Hi\viiv fit. ITSfi: S 5 ck If The 11 ivead- finned fish, the valors of (tie Amazon. from tlic \vntcr and lays i'.s cnt-.^ oil ovorhaiifjinj; plunt.s. Saleslady Wanted "jity ;i( Miss Wliilisitt'.s | • Shop. Apply in person in! • I!. U. Oinipbnll. ! I ---------------------- ,' f SELL ! I Your Car i | While j i Prices are ! | HIGH! I i i I fo i I SHELTON i i Motor Company ' • 119W. Ash Phone 438! .ocal Anrt ?,n"g Distance Moving fl «iDipa«ni Ada- Conflict Hknllfli ConpetoDt Help iju*tely TDsarrd *ad Misc. SeiTJc •OB« Serrlcfl ft Stormy* ••. Pfaana 3801 Sell us your rnr now nntl fret tlir ])l«h- rst in>s!-n»]c- prlco. rObl.K MOTOR COMPANY, ri'one Sttrelc 49' Stoelt 1 Missouri Used tablff rsiw without motor. Sc- conti Ii^iiti rommoclo, used pltinihln^, 112 K. Kycamoro after C \\ m. Out- >>ahy ))^(l nnd nifittrrss. tJpctl li- •i.tory. Ph. s>IB. il-pk-M SALESMAN WANTED i'or p,->-v!olrJi >niRi«p5s In South niink't'i Comity. Sell to 1,100 fnrni- !irs. rrrnTuctf. Fold 30 years. WrJie ;;nlay T lav,-Ir1;'b"s. Dcpt. AKK-21D- SAS, XTifninlil??. Tonn. or KCC W. lisir- i-onr. Gl n Mlly St. mvthnvlllr. Ark. R 12-pk-]5 8 oz 'A' Grade All White Duck 9' and 7i' Bcmis Bag Co. COTTON PICK SACKS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Blio T. L. MftBRY IM MIKNOIIKT KT. I'll. 3027 CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Rcpnlrlng, Scrcpn Wort Painting, Reducing Windows Slcps, rmrt oilier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Tclcpliore 2801. Shipment of Bassinettes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. IMionc 2'i08 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Eijiert Ucpaln 3M Kast Mnin 8L. Felix A. Carney uncfliion I'lic liic.hw.iys arc jnmnitd with cars crowjcil with folks going on._ summer vacation I rip. Most of tlicce cars arc 7 or 8 ycai'a old. Maturity, there is n lot of cnr trouble niul llic garrvgcn alone these vacation ' icntca juut can't talic care ol (lie clcniniul for nulo service and repairs. They are snowed under with work. , If you iirc iilanuinc on an auto trip, be sure to your car in <» near perfect iihanc nn postiible before you ntart. We are anxious to help you hnvc a li'oublc-frce trii> ... no NOW bring your car to us for a r complete and thorough inspection nnd "Check-up." A LET US CHECK YOUR MOTOR nnd sec if all tho parti ire work!*, |9L nlrlglil. Look over your generator, your spark plugs, your battery, 117 li.iltciv c.iblcs, {an belt, cooling tyjtcrn and ico Chat everything It m / ^f good order. ' / Wk, CRAKES arc nioir import^nf. Poor br.iltos are dangerous. Toa mjny f K£ft rccklcsi drivers aro on Ilio rond for you lo rako ch.inces. Yogr brakes * vff should bo in ptopct jitluslmont . . . arid If needed bo idiNc'd. ^^. ; / Jk ' '....- .'.-. E^ HEADLIGHTS sliouli) bo coiroclly focused and aJiujtod. Fjulty Keid^& liglils arc one of the greatest road haiard 1 !. r — i JL STEERING WHEEL AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT. U yourkfeeti K» '* looto nnd your ihlmniics and itiakos, you should be sure to hiy» |^f U <orrcc!cJ before you ilait out on .1 short ot long t/ip. ; " Easy Payment* on REPAIR JOBS SnenJ your lime tuul tuoncy ticforc you ctavt on a trip and HAVE MOUK TIMK and MONEY (o spend oil your v.ication. ' WE PUT SMILES IN YOUR MILES WE USE owir. FACTORY; ENGINEERED PARTS ,^, LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnuh Sh Phono 578 An otiWT of s]>lctcr's web would extend :I50 miles if FtrnlKlitei m\. NOTICE TO PUBLIC ( Tile law offices of Qr.ufi E. TJrnd- Icy liiivc liccin moved \o '111 \V. M:iin. <Anrnss nli-ccl. from Mnnt- lioinei'y Wiuxl.) 555 For Service DK1VK SAKKI.Y! C'all us wlien you nroii to over to a spare. We'll fix your piiticUtru ininiPili.-itPlv, so lliaL you'll always have an extra tivn in K'»>'l condition. Our omrvitoncy Korvico KOOS iivrrywhcvo. Stop and Dial i>~)~> the niinule you havn car froulile! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 RADIO 1 AND 2 DAY SBRV1CK ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Wo call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAM Klccfricnl Appliance Co. Authorized J>To(nrnU Hiullo Siilrs :md Scrvlre I0(i Hoiitli First Kl. FARM LOANS You can now .socnirc tlic most nt- tr:n:Li\'r farm lonn III Ill.slnj'y. I nitri; nf inlon'Sl. cxlnMnoly li Irrms v.-llh Ubrral proiirtynit in'ivlk-ju-s. PrnctU'nMy no e.xppii;;(: nUiu-hod. If your [miKcmt Iruiu tl nol. bunt" loss tluui r> i)rr conl yon will tcrlnlnly lie intonislrd In 0111 Fjii-m l.o:>ns. Unllmlteil innnnnt nvntliil>lc. Such nit opportunity may iiovcr exist iicnlu. So if you \vlsli to Ilnnncc or refinnnce, write 01- SRO A. I''. IHIiTItlCII tlnilcil Ti'isiiRince Asnury M0!i W, Main—Guard IlliliT. lllylhcvlllR, Arlt. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gunrjinlccil Best 1'rken Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS . . / •TTIie Typewriter Man" . , HailTir, CORONA and REMINGTON PORTABL* 110 H. SECOND BT. PHONE^TOa' (Every Trun.Viotlon MUST "DK BATrBFAOTORY) As a Natural Aid For BLOOD PRESSURE lli^li Mooil prossnro assoclilc<l \vilh UMlnc*y ili m;iy lit* rrdiioc^l by kccjilng kidneys fLinrlionin^ j prly. I-"«P SO yi*nrs ilnclor.s li:ive Lhis rr;il \v;itrr from ms", AlK. nt :i Ia\n(M"C. riirnip or U'rlln Tntliy for Trrc IlrtoMnt CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division lUythcvlllc, Ark. Cllnln 614 ftlsln, niyHicvlllc, Arlt., Fh«ne zni "No womli'i- SKAY MOTOHS bv;ikc repair department in always busy!" ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold 2!/2c Ib. Hof- 50c ea. & up Blytheville CURB MARKET (30 K. Main I'lionc 973 i We Guarantee i j RECAPPING ! with | Hawkinion Treads i i Let Your Next Tires Be j GENERALS ! Coat More — Worth More I I I < ! iia E. sum > • - MODINGER TIRE CO. Pb«o« tan PRVCILLA'S POP What Kvcrv \Vnniaii Knows Nonsense, Hazel! \ Th&- 2's nothing breakable around here. Gy AL_VERMEEl' ~^ I can see you don'i know much about i shoulaer straps!

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