St. Johnsbury Republican from St. Johnsbury, Vermont on September 17, 1902 · 2
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St. Johnsbury Republican from St. Johnsbury, Vermont · 2

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1902
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2 ST. JOmrSBUBY REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 1902. BUSINESS CARDS. PHYSICIANS. DR. NED C. STILES, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office Honrs : 9 a. m. to 12 m., 1.30 to 4.06 p.m.; Sundays : 12 to 1 p. ni. Avenue House Block, St. Johnsbury, Tt Opera House Entrance. E. W. HITCHCOCK, M. D. Special Attention Given to Nervous and Mental Diseases. Office Honrs 9 to 10 a. m.: 1 to 2 and 7 to 8 p. m. lelephone 96-11, 105 Railroad St. DR. J. M. AIXEN, Specialist In General Surgical and Gynaecological Disease. Hoars 8 to 9, 1 to 2, 7 to 8, Sundays 12 to 3. Office at residence, 24 Railroad St St. Johns-bury, Vt. Telephone No. 62-3. C. A. CKAMTON, M. D. Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office 29 Main St. Office hours, 9 to 10 a. m., 1.30. to 3.30 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m. DR. J. E. HARTSHORN, Specialist Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office hours 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. No. 29 Main St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. W. J. ALDRICH, Special Attention Given to Obstetrics and Diseases of Women. Office at Residence on Cherry street. Telephone connection. EMMA A. LAIRD, Experienced Nurse. Patients will receive good care and attention. Address, Barnet, Vt. ATTORNEYS. GUY W. HILL, Attorney and Couuselior-at-Law. Merchants Bank Block, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Telephone connection. G. C. FRYE, Attorney at Law. Collections a specialty. Citizens Bank Building, St. Johnsbury MAT & SIMONDS, Attorneys at Law. 69 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vt. PORTER THOMPSON, Attorneys at Law. Republican Block, St. Johnsbury. Vermont DUNNETT & SLACK, Lawyers. Office. Bank Block, Main St., St. Johnsbury J. B. RIPLEY, Pension Attorney and Notary Public. All kinds of pension cases, including Spanish war claims successfully prosecuted. Pension vouchers executed. Office in Stern's Block, Lyndonville, Vt. MARSHALL MONTGOMERY, Attorney at Law. Office in Citizens Bank Block, St. Johnsbury, Vermont DENTISTS. DR. J. L. PERKINS, Dentist. Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt R. W. WARNER, Surgeon Dentist. Citizens Bank Building, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Dr. C. H. Mason's Cancer Cure can be had at this office. DR. GEORGE H. SMITH, Surgeon Dentist, Odd Fellows Block, 93 Railroad Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt. PIANO TUNERS. GEORGE C. FELCH. Pianoforte Tuning and Regulating. Also Teacher of Harmony, No. E Cherry Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt, ANNIE B. DANIELS, Pianoforte and Organ Tuner, Graduate of the N. E. Conservatory, Boston, 21 Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt. Orders can be left with B. F. Harris. INSURANCE AGENTS. (Has the Strength of Gibraltar.) THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA, Home Office, Newark, N. J. J. M. Cadv, Manager, Pythian Building, St. Johnsbury, Vt. CRAWFORD RANNEY, Insurance. Fire, Accident and Life. Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vt. FIRE INSURANCE, W. C. Lewis, Agent, If you want the strongest, cheapest and best write or call on W. C. Lewis, Agent of the Vt. Mutual Fire Insurance Co., St. Johnsbury, Vt. FRANCIS SWITSER, Fire and Life Insurance Agent, KJ?Tlie Union Mutual of Montpelier makes special rates on farm property. 33 Clark's Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vt. MOORE St CO., Insurance Agents and Dealers In Coal. 62 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vt. MISCELLANEOUS. D. H. UDALL, Veterinarian. 22 Main St. Graduate Veterinary Department Cornell University. C. F. GIBBS, Florist. 2 Paddock Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt. JCut flowers and floral designs a specialty. Special attention given to orders by mail or telegraph tor Immediate delivery. PROF. Wm. GILL, Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Instructor. Citizens Bank Block, Third Flight, R. R. Street, St. Johnsbury. U. G. GOSS, Anctloneer. St. Johnsbury Center, Vewnont LAMBERT PACKARD, Architect Pythian Building. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Plans Specifications furnished oh Application, Office Hours, 7 to 9 p. in. FRED N. ELLIOT, General Jobber, Carpenter Work, Piping No. 1 Shingle for, sale. No. 2, South Main Street, St. Johnsbury, Vt O. V. HOOKER A SON, ' Founders and Machinists. Bobber and leather belting and all kinds ot Steam Fittings, etc, always kept in stock. St. Johnsbury, Vermont C. E. SIMANTON, Consulting Graduate Optician. Fitting Defeotive Eyes a Speoialty. Blmanton's Mammoth Watch and Optical House. Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, Vermont MILES S. HOVEY, Manufacturer of Water Tabs for Stock, Draw Tubs and Holders for Bap, Boaldlng Tubs, eto. 88 PortlandSt., St. Johns bury Vermont. J. F. HARDY, Manfuaoturer of Sleds, Bled Runners and Water Tubs. Barnet, Vt O. A. STANLEY, Undertaker. Howe Opera Bouse Block. Beeldenoe 89 BeKpSoM atHouM,t9-4, Telephone at Btor, n-8. OUR NEIGHBORS. ST. JOHNSBURY CENTER. Improved Church Enjoyed. Last Sunday evening the pastor held the first of a short series of Sunday evening services in the church. The talk was very helpful and the electric lights, which were used for the first time, added much to the enjoyment of the service. Beside the putting in of the electric light fixtures in the audience room, which include a beautiful electrolier, and the wall, lights, there have been added, since the reopening of the church, a handsome pulpit set, an excellent clock, which is both useful and ornamental, a fine pulpit Bible, one of the very best to be had, and Venetian window blinds. All of the above, except the blinds, were gifts of kind friends, who have a loving thought for the old church. The names of the friends who have so loyally remembered the church during the last few months will be given later. Miss Grace Fisk is at Lunenburg for two or three weeks, as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Flora Balch. Miss Grace Quimby of Pasadena, Cal., who is spending the slimmer in the East, is visiting her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Wright. Mrs. Helen Davis of Middletown, Ct., has been the guest of her cousins, Mrs. R. A. Turner, and Miss Helen Graves. Dr. A. R. Turner of Norwich, Ct., has been visiting his mother, Mrs. R. A. Turner, and aunt, Miss Graves. Dr. Turner was of the 1880 class at the academy, and is now a surgeon in the Manhattan ear and eye infirmary of New York. Miss Lizzie Beane has returned to Barton after spending a few days at her home here. Miss Martha Hill, who teaches in Barton, was at home three days last week enjoying the Orleans county fair vaca tion. Last Saturday evening, in spite of the storm, thirteen of Miss Lucy Hutchinson's young friends called to remind her of her 13th birthday. To say that Miss Lucy was surprised hardly expresses it. A pleasant evening was passed, games were piayea ana dainty reireshments served. Several birthday gifts were given Miss Lucy as reminders of the oc casion. Mrs. Hattie Hurlbut of South Ryegate is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Learned. Mrs. Caswell, who is learning telegraphy here, is boarding with Miss Stella Allen. Miss Isabel Shorey of Boston is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. A. Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Drew have been entertaining their uncle, Layton Cass of Portland, Me., and sister in-law, Mrs. Helen Bickford of Barton. Miss Ida Lyford of Barton has been spending a few days with friends here. Mrs. Addie Lockwood is spending a few weeks in Danville. The many friends of Rev. C. R. Fisher who preached so acceptably here during the summer of 1901, will be interested to learn that he has gone to Oakland, Cal. The best wishes of his friends here will go with him to this new field of labor. Green Mountain grange meeting next Saturday evening will be in charge of the steward and assistant lady steward, Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss Prescott. Mrs. Charles Roberts and daughter of West Burke have been visiting Mrs. Van Buren Hill. Mrs. Lois Pierce and daughter, Miss Nellie Pierce, of Lyndonville have been visiting Mrs. Mary Lougee. Mrs. Ella Stone Potter of West Somer-ville, Mass., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stone, and calling on her numerous friends here. EAST BURKE. Mrs. Jennie Cameron has been making repairs on her house which improve it very much. O. M. Jenkins and Melvin White spent the past week with friends in Island Pond. Mr. and Mrs. Chapin of Barneston, Mass., visited their brother, E. E. Phillips, the past week. C. E. Harris1 store is now in the hands of the plasterers. The large hall in the third story and the tenement in the second floor are nearly finished. The store and salesroom on the first floor are being finished in hard pine with steel ceiling overhead, and as soon as the shelves and counters are put in the company will move their goods out of the old store and the carpenters will take that in hand and remodel it to correspond with the rest of the block. James P. Stafford, who has just turned the 05th page in life's history, shod a horse all around in just eleven minutes one day last week and says when the younger blacksmiths beat that he will try again. Gen. Sheridan Council, No. 26, Jr. O. U. A. M., has bought the Mrs. Hardy place, price $700.00. The trustees of the council will put the buildings in good repair, remodel the hall for their own use, and rent the tenement. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher of Plymouth, Mass., are visiting Mrs. Fisher's brother, Myron Gilson, for a short time. On Wednesday evening George Eggles-ton and Miss Bertha Humphrey were joined in marriage at the residence of Dr. E. F. Root, where the bride has been stopping for the past year. The ceremony was performed by Rev. A. N. Gregory in the presence of the immediate friends of the bride and groom. Jesse Lane acted as best man and Miss Maud Humphrey, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. They received some very nice presents. About 175 of their friends were assembled on the lawn in front of the house, and as soon as the Beware of the Knife. No profession has advanced more rapidly of late than surgery, but it should not be used except where absolutely necessary. In cases of piles for example, it Is seldom needed. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cures quickly and permanently. Unequalled for cuts, burns, bruises, wounds, akin diseases. Accept no counterfeits. "I was so troubled with bleeding piles that I lost much blood and strength," says J. C. Phillips, Paris, 111. "DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured me in a short time." Soothes and heals. W. B. Eastman, 0. 0. Bingham, 0. A. Currier & Co., St Johnsbury; Guthrie & Peck, Mclndoe Falls; A. S. Laughlin, Barnet ceremony was through the men and boys were invited to have a smoke and the ladies to partake of ice cream and cake. They left during the evening for a week's stay at the Eggleston cottage at Willoughby lake. Mrs. A. A. Hubbard visited relatives at Ascutneyville . Thursday and Friday. Miss Jennie Green returned home Saturday from Burlington where she has been spending the summer. Mrs. Celia Frasier visited her sister, Mrs. Kate Silsby at Lunenburg, last week. Quite a number of our townspeople went to Barton fair last week and report a fine thing. Amasa McGaffee of New Mexico was in town last week calling on friends and relatives. The company has finished the stone work of the new dynamo. building and has the frame up and boarded and in a week or so we will be obliged to go back to kerosene for a few days while the electric machinery is being moved. The new building is connected with the gristmill by an underground passage and will receive its power from the same big wheel, as the shaft runs under the roada Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Locke of East Lyn don visited their daughter, Mrs. Rose Root, Saturday, and Miss Lottie Root accompanied them home to remain a week. The King's Daughters meet this week at the parsonage. A heavy frost visited this place Sunday night and finished what few vegetables escaped the last frost Farmers report potatoes as rotting very badly, in some fields one-half are left on the ground. Our village schools commenced last week with Miss Hazen in. the upper department and Miss Bruce in the lower. Both school rooms have been thoroughly repaired, painted and papered, and we have a fine school and school rooms now. Miss Gertie Parker is attending school at St. Johnsbury this fall. Charles Gray of Lyndonville was in town Saturday and sold at auction all the household goods which belonged to Mrs. Hardy. Everything sold well and the house is now vacant. Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins were called to Granby Saturday to attend the funeral of a relative. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Phillips, who have been visiting and helping care for their father for the past two weeks, returned home Saturday night. William Brockway will vacate the Burpee tenement and occupy the tenement in the Jr. O. U. A. M. house. Mr. Curtis of Sutton visited his daughter, Mrs. A. P. Sias, Friday and Saturday. Dr. Roland Harvey and Miss Creta Humphrey were married at the M. E. parsonage last week Monday evening and have gone to housekeeping at East Hardwick where the doctor is to practice. About fifty of the parishoners of Rev. A. N. Gregory surprised him last week Tuesday evening and gave him a severe pounding, as each carried a pound of something useful. The elder says he likes to be pounded that way. Bert Streeter and family visited friends in Essex county last week. Mrs. Joel Jenkins is visiting relatives in Massachusetts for a few weeks. SHEFFIELD. Mrs. H. E. Folsom and Mrs. n. L. Parker of Lyndonville were in town Friday. Rev. and Mrs. Roys and Mrs. Prescott attended the Vermont yearly meeting at Starksboro. Mrs. Sheldon has been in Lyndon Center with her daughter, Mrs. Bruce. Mrs. Charles Folsom of West Derby has been visiting her brother, Ira Davis. Byron Kendall conducted the service at the Free Baptist church last Sunday morning. Harry Chesley and family of St Johnsbury were at Charles Chesley's, Sunday. ' The W. C. T. U. will meet with Miss Kate Kendall, Sept. 24. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. McDowell of Barton were at Archie McDowell's Sunday. General ueuiuty Day in and out there is that feeling of weakness that makes a burden of itself. i Food does not strengthen. Sleep does not refresh. It is hard to do, hard to bear, what should be easy, vitality is on the ebb, and ihe whole system suffers. For this condition take Hood's Sarsaparilla It vitalizes the blood, gives vigor and tone to all the organs and functions, and is positively unequalled for all run-down or debilitated conditions. Hood's Pills cure constipution. 25 cents. PER WEEK. Fine field for men or women agents who will work persistently in their Home Territory; can make ($25.00) per week soliciting ACCIDENT AND HEALTH INSURANCE. Oldest company, nearly 20 years of uninterrupted Success. Address Lock Box 2181, Boston, Mass. NOTICE. Whereas, my wife. Ida M. Dennett, has left my bed and hoard without just oause or provocation, i forbiil anyone harboring nor on my account and shall pay no bills ot Tier oontpact-lng from this date. FRED A. BENNETT, St. Johnsbury Center, Sept. 3, 1902. WEST BARNET. Mrs. Ella Choate fell last Friday evening and broke her left arm in the elbow and bruised her right shoulder quite badly. Miss Stella Gil ill lan has been quite sick for some time. Mrs. A. C. Ritchie spent last week with relatives in Ryegate. Mrs. Lynds of Lowell was the guest of Mrs. Ella Choate for several days last week. Lakeside closed last Thursday. Alexander Steele of Concord, N. H., called on friends in West Barnet Friday. Mrs. Joseph Sargent of East Peacham was the guest of Mrs. George Blair Thursday. Mrs. Mary Hight of East Topsham, Mrs. Somers of Chicago, and Mrs. Goodnough of Racine visited at Joseph Hastie's and Mrs. Susan Gilfillan's last week. MONROE. Miss Esther Frazer of Magnolia, Mass., is at her brother's, Oscar Frazer' s. Lee Shepard of Portland, Me., was in town over Sunday. . Mrs. Thomas Murray is at Holyoke, Mass., on a visit O. S. Warden of Great Falls, Mont., is expected here this week to visit his father, Alexander Warden, and other relatives in this vicinity. Thomas Folger of Boston, Mass., is at his brother's, James Folger's. Rev. Mr. Goodrich preached an excellent sermon on Sunday from Luke xv: 2. Miss Rosabel Higgins was away on a vacation last week. Her sister, Miss Stella Higgins, took her place at I. F. Page's during her absence. Mrs. Susan Gilfillan of Barnet was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Frazer Tuesday. EAST HAVEN. Mrs. Elmore Hurlbut and son Robert of Rapid City, South Dakota, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kyron Morrill over Sunday. Mrs. Hurlbut, it will be remembered, resided here a number of years ago. F. C. Grant, of Lancaster, N. H., called on friends here- last Tuesday on his way to Lyndon to attend the reunion of the Grant family held at that place. Miss Myrtie Kellogg and Miss Nellie Sayers are attending school at West Uoncora tnis fall. John McDonald, who has been quite ill for the past few weeks, is on the gain. Mrs. Arthur Fisk and Mrs. Marion Morrill visited Mrs. Catherine Keneson at Waterford Thursday. Mrs. Gertrude Wandless returned from Boston last week bringing with her a little child of her sister, who died some time ago. Mabel and Katie Thomas, who have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. J. F. Ken- erson, for the past week, returned to their home in East Whiteheld Tuesday, their cousin, Mrs. Marion Morrill, going with them to remain for a few days. PEACHAM. Will Chase came last week to visit his father, Loren Chase. Sandy Steele of Concord, N. H., was in town last week. He is proprietor of a large barber shop there employing six men. For the last two winters he has left his business in the care of another man while he worked as hotel barber in a large hotel on the island of Jamaica. The ladies' aid society of the Metho dist church held a social at their vestry last Wednesday, serving ice cream and cake. The receipts were $9.40. The next social will be at Benjamin Darling's on Wednesday, Sept. 24. The remains of John Ray of Passump- sic were buried nere Sunday afternoon. Mr. Ray was for many years a resident of this town but removed to Passumpsic several years ago. He was a soldier in the Civil war. His health failed gradu ally and he had been contined to the house since last Jannary. He was cared for by his son and son's wife, who made their home witn mm. Mrs. Sarah Hooker, who has been with her sister, Mrs. Mercy Hooker, through the summer, left Monday for her home in St. I'aul, Minn. Miss Susan Williams and Miss Elsie Hooker go this week to Mt. Holyoke college. Phil Blanchard returns this week to Dartmouth college and James Blanchard to his dental studies in .Baltimore. The ladies of the missionary society and all who are interested are invited to meet in the parlor of the Congregational churcn early rnaay aiternoon to sew for a home missionary's family. UPPER WATERFORD. Mrs. Charles Cross and son of Massachusetts have been spending some time with Mr. Cross's father, sr. A. Cross. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Thomas of Bos ton visited at Mrs. Clara Cleasby's Thursday. Mrs. D. LT. Nelson, Mrs. Clara Cleasby and son Howard' visited at Wilbur Thomas' in West Concord Friday. Mrs. O. H. Fisher is spending some time with relatives in Lyme, N. H. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sunbury visited in West Concord Monday. . Mrs. Lydia Hudson is visiting her sister, Mrs. Katie Kenerson. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Carpenter spent Sunday at C. T. Williams' in 1'attenville. Mrs. Fred Ramsey and two children of Walpole, N. U., visited iier uncle, O. M. Sunbury, last week. C. A. Caswell spent Friday and Saturday in Miles Pond. CONCORD. Mrs. E. L. Iluntoon and Mrs. Will Brooks visited friends and relatives in Littleton, N. U., last week. Mrs. Charles Cross and son Walter of Fitchburg, Mass., were recent guests at F. A. Cross'. Mr. and Mrs, John Jones of Clare-mont N. 11., were guests at Ira Lewis's the past week. Mrs. Briglmni, who has been spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Morse, starts for her home in will Tall. The undersigned agree to refund the money in one iS-cont box of Lady Poor's Ointment ft iv im hi cure Kcsenia, nan nuoum, oiu Diseases, Chapped Hand or Lips, Wounds, Burns, Phnplos, open Bore, Channg, Itching or Hleedinir I'll... ti u, .T.ihmburv Druirirtai i back up this offer. All W. " "Let the GOLD DUST twins do Why will do the work twice as well, in half the time, at half the cost. It's the modern cleaning substitute for soap. A household without GOLD DUST is almost as badly off as a ship without a rudder. For your own sake try GOLD DUST in cleaning. You'll never again be without it. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK GOMPANY, Chicago, New York, Boston, St Louis Makers of OVAL FAIRY SOAP. Arizona this week. She will visit friends and relatives in Bradford and Massachusetts towns en route. School commenced at the Brook the 14th, with Mr. Callahan of St. Johnsbury teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis with their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, enjoved a trip to the Franconia mountains the 11th. F. J. Bedell and son Harry were at the Barton fair last week. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Pike visited their daughter at Lancaster, N. H., last week. Miss May Bedell visited Miss Anna Carter at B. K. Graves, in Waterford last week. LUNENBURG. The town base ball team played the Grovetons on the river grounds last Saturday and were defeated by a score of 3 to 1. The game was one of the sharpest ever played here and was largely a strife between the respective batteries, the chief characteristics being the light batting on both sides. Mrs. Martin Burt went to Newport Monday to visit friends. Mrs. Mary Valley, a lady 73 years of age, died Saturday morning. Her funeral was held Monday at the home of her son Ammi. - The ladies' mite society will meet at Mrs. Damon Snow s Friday afternoon. There will be no day services at the Congregational church until the return of Rev. Mr. Bowlby. The Sunday school and evening meetings are continued dur ing tus absence. The L. A. S. will give an entertain ment at the town hall the 2ad. Mr. and Mrs. Cassius Clay and two children, of Franklin, N. II., have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Stewart, and other friends. Ricker's Local Market. The receipts at W. A. Ricker's market for the week ending Sept. 15 were: 300 lbs. poultry at 7c; 1100 lambs at 2 to 4c; 330 hogs at 0 to 62 ; 30 cattle at 2 to 4c; 200 calves at 2 to 5c. Milkers in good demand, good size and good age. Beef and Iambs lower; veal and hogs firm. Can't Stand It. Constant backache-Tired all the time. Nerves on edge. Distressing Urinary troubles. Hard to keep Up With any Kidney ills. Doan's Kidney Pills Relieve the aches of a bad back promptly cure all Kidney and Bladder troubles. Mr. J. E. n. TowtiRond, of Townwnd Bros., carriage manufacturers, of lrt Jeffer-Kn street, Iieddeford, Mo., snys: "We used Ponn's Kidney Tills in our family, and found them a most vnluahle remedy. There )re so ninny useless remedies on the market that when one Is found which experience proves does what Is claimed for tt, It is a pleasure to endorso that preparation. I procured Donn's Kidney Tills at John Berry's drug store, under Hotel Timelier, and the satisfactory results obtained warrants lie lu making the above statement." Ponn's Kidney rills sold nt nil drug Itores: SO cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., list nln. . V. THE SANBORN STEAMER. MINEOLA has been purchased hy a local syndicate. Itjhai been thoroughly overhauled and Is now at Joe's Pond ready for business. It will be run for all Dlonlc purlieu and for anv others who desire tb use of It. Terms and engagements may be nude with Da. W. J. Aldhiuu, St. Johnsbury, VI. break your back to keep your floors clean ? WDM THB KdDidDL ivo years as;o a aisease tne Doctors canea flyspepsla took such a hold on me that I could scarcely go. I took quantities of pepsin and other medicines, but nothing helped me. As a drowning man grasps at a straw I grabbed at Kodol. I felt an improvement at once, and at t a few Dottles am sound and well. Georgb S. Mabsh, Attorney-at-Law, Nocona, Tex. It can't help but do you good. The Jl bottle contains2tImesasmuch (actual measurement) asthetrtal size which sells forHX Prepared hy E. C. DeWltt & Co., Chicago. Sold by all dealers. DCWHt'S WIfCll uflZel SalVe i l001. healing application for plies, sores not l" vi juiiv skin diseases. Beware of counterfeits. ff. B Eastman, C. C. Bingham, C. A Currier & Co., St. Jolinsburj; Guthrie & Peck, Mclndoe Falls ; i. S. Laughlin, Barnet. BACK OF QUAKER 5o Id by FARNHAM St. Johnsbury, MARBLE and GRANITE IEN15, MoNur your work," W DE LAVAL NAMR ON A CREAM SEPARATOR IS A GUARANTEE THAT IT IS THE BEST ; THAT IT WILL DO ALL THAT IS CLAIMED FOR IT. By the Way Do Yon Know What is Claimed for It ? If Not, Call on Me, or Send for Information. L. S. BROCK, . . Barnet, Vt. I am also agent for a full line of SUPERIOR DAIRY GOODS and POWERS manufactured and handled by MOSELEV & STODDARD MFG. CO., KUTLaSD, VT., in Caledonia County. is the fate of sufferers from dyspepsia and indigestion. If your food remains undigested it can't build up the body. In fact, it does actual damage by decaying in the: stomach and poisoning the system. Digests What You Eat. eat it strengthens the body and at the same time rests the stomach. This rest soon restores perfect health. Cathartics and stimulants only reach the symotoms. MAKING CREAM OF TARTAR BISCUITS ISA RANGE S ALBEE, Vermont Barre, Quincy, Westerly, Hardwick, Chester, New Milford and Red Beach GRANITE MONUMENTS, MAUSOLEUMS, VAULTS, and All Kinds of Cemetery Work such as Monuments Reset, Inscriptions Cut on Marble and Granite in cemeteries. Photographs and Designs Furnished. See my designs and get prices. E. L. CARRICK, 13 PEARL STREET, ST. JOHNSBURY

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