Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 1, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1897
Page 19
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To go below us in price Is to go below us in quality. Thanksgiving ^^ ^* **. m ^^^f ^*i^r ng. Again we fulfill the Big Store's promise^ give its patrons the "best values obtainable under tin. sun. Lowest prices quoted in America. Every Department Adds Its Full Share of values to the entire store's offerings for the next week, making a .solid share ot bargains that will proved unmatchable, irresistible, not the offerin* of cheap, worthless merchandise, for there isn't any here, but the values that result irora careful buying in large quantities. We .are manufacturers of a large share of our clothing and are willing to be content with small profits. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS We are ottering for the next week, Suits and Overcoats for §5, •the kind others ask G.5o for; 7.00 for the kind you see m other houses for 10.00; 10.00 suits in Scotch, Tweeds, Satin Blaci< in coat, others -cull them cheap at 15.00, our price 10.00. The most tender spot in a mother's heart is to see her bey look better than some other boy, and if you can find a place in the state of Indiana where it can be done, it is at the Children s parlor or THL HUB, where you will nnd novelties at prices tnat will open your eyes, •Suits and Overcoats 2.00 to 5.00.—Don't forget that you can save 2oc te 1.00 on each hat you buy at The Hub. Novelties m shirts, neck•wear, and underwear at a big saving to you. THE HUB, Harry Frank's Old £tand. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR THIS FALL For A. Suit or Overcoat He Makes Stylish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. W. R. HENING & CO. Successor; to Equitable Produce nnrt Stock Exchange. raiiltal Stock flOO 001, fully paid. Members : ofConsolidZd Produce and Stock Exchange. furnish our customers dall.v market re- g over our private wires 10 this citv. we • pottuUr BOItoit yo'ir ..atroimere through «ur local correspond anis . W. Miltaer «. A. K. Building:. liO«»nspurt. Inn. 'Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213, Private Mone) to Loan No Delay- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 2OS Fourth Street. insurance and Loans. All kinds of Ineur- »noe and Bonds written in first class companies. Money to loan 8 per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. UNDHRTAKRR8 O.IU promptly attended to D»y or Nl*ht. **"• v 818 Broad-wsy, TULKPHOWK - Offloe, «». SETH Loans Money ftt 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. GEORGE W. RODEFER. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, 324 PEARL STREET. OSTJBANCE Of all Ends Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner ot Fourth and BroadwaT l Telephone No Office S6S, residence S43 D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET OTOT Bruggeman's Millinery Store- OIXY NB.WS. Wanted—Good girl at 2114 Broadway. Charles B. Stevenson IB 111 of la grippe. Geo. W. Seybold Is at Chicago on business. The common council will meet tonight In regular session. Mrs. CharlesGifford and daughter Lola, are at Tipton visiting relatives. C. W. Traut, the grocer, has returned from a business trip to Michigan. Robert Rankln is repapering the Interior of J. D. Taylor's jewelry store. Novelty will be the order of the minstrel performance next Tuesday night. J. T. Zetz, deputy sheriff of Allen county, pissed through the city yesterday with two prisoners en route to the Jeffersonville prison. Attorneys George P. Chase and George Custer will defend Brlce, wao Is charged with attempt to assault the young; daughter of Mrs. John Bingaman. T. J. Legg has returned from a visit with his daughter, Mrs. 0. M. Carver, ot Chicago. Mrs. Legg remained in Chicago. Her health Is greatly improved. County Treasurer Cash has purchased a handsome new rubber tired landau or hack, for livery use. He has one of the best equipped livery stables in ihe state. Joseph Hartz, corner Berkley and Duret streets, is the proud possessor of a new hatch of Leghorn chicks. There are eleven in the covey and they will be ripe for spring use. Mr. ana Mrs, C. B. Macconaha, after completing a visit with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Park, of the Northside, returned yesterday to their home at Larayette. The New Waverly Oil company will make Its third attempt to find oil. Yesterday a location was selected for the third hole. The site is a mile south of New Waverly, near the Wabash river. The total membership of the Grand Army of the Republic in good standing on June 30, 1S97 was 7,106 posts, with 327,412 members. The comrades in line OQ last Memorial Day were 201,923, decorating 509,627 graves in 13,903 cemeteries, at an expense of 1183,463. AMUSESESTS. Primrose & West's Mlnstrelu ftt the Opera House Tonight— "The Jiancj Hanks" Friday Night. It is said that when Primrose & West's minstrels are seen at the opera house tonight It will be with a company in many ways superior to any they have yet presented, William H, West, as usual, will occupy the position of Interlocutor, a character in which he adds dignity to personal magnetism. Mr. West will also contribute a new grand march participated In by over forty people, called "TheZjuave Patrol," Among the list of entertainer* will be found the name of Ezra Kendall, the well- known farce comedy actor, who has entered the field of minstrelsy, and who will be heard in a new monologue for which he has received the most favorable press comments. Of the others can be mentioned the names of Carroll Johnson, Schrode Brothers, Falke & Semon, Trovolio Charles Kent, Louis Pritzkow a,nd Alexander Cameron. THE NANCY HANK?. Marie Jansen and Frank Tanner- hill, jr., who made such an universal hit in the comedy success"The Nancy Hanks" at Dolan's opera house a few weeks ago will play a return date next Friday night in t'ne same play. The Nancy Hanks is a funny farce for fun loving people and is one of the best that has Oeen aeen here in years. There was not a dull moment In the entire perlormance and the company supporting the stars Is one of the best that has ever visited this city, la fact they are all stars in their particular lines. A feature of the performance this time will be the new songs by Miss Jansen and Miss Brad- ourg. A STROS6 TESTIMONIAL. As to the Worth and Character of Ret. S. A. Atteberry. During the month of October laat Rev. S. A. Atteberry and wife came to our city from Chicago, 111., representing -'The American Purity League," which has a branch in Chicago. While here Mr. and Mrs. Atterberry canvassed our city in behalf of their work, and at the same time took a number of subscriptions for the "Purity Review," While they were here there was an effort made to cause distrust as to the character and standing of Mr. Atteberry. And in as much as the writer had asked Mr. Atteberry to speak in his pulpit and favorably recommended him to other citizens, he felt an Interest in seeing that his good name be not tarnished by wild and unreliable gossip. So I wrote to Chicago to Mr. O. A. Richards, the superintendent of the "Baulah Rescue Home," and received the following reply which I gladly give to a discriminating public. Speaking of Mr. Atteberry and his wife, Mr. Richards says: "I will state briefly that Mr, Atteberry Is a duly ordained minister of the gospel of the Baptist denomination, a perfect gentleman and a noble Christian. His character is above reproach, a man that has done a great work in this city for God and the rescue of poor perishing girls from lives of shams. I have known Mr. Atte- oerry for a number of years and I do not know of a spot on bis character. You cannot say too much In favor of our Brother Atteberry and his estimable wife." F. M. HUCKLEBERRY. Grass Creek Items. Pleasant weather. The alck people of our locality are getting well. People that come here from a distance pronounce Grass Creek a healthy place. Mr. LeeTeflt was recently married. His bride came from Ohio. The teachers and patrons of our school gave a supper consisting of oysters and peaches, for the benefit of the school library. Their efforts met with quite a liberal patronage. Born to Mr. and Mrs, Keezy, of our village, a son. Mr. Frank Hancock and party who left for Licking, Texas county, Mo., made the trip in a wagon In fou r weeks. He can buy SO acres of laud for $200,160 acres for f600: wheat is 90 cents, corn 60 cents, potatoes SO cents, apples 60 cents, Cattle 14.50, hogs out of the woods f 3.00. s % The Bicycle Business. The bicycle season for 1S9S Is opening in the trade circles. This year there will be no shows and the travel- Ing men will be on the road about a month earlier than usually. Many factories will not pat out a chalnless wheel, which is considered by the majority of the trade as a novelty to attract trade and keep up the Interest In wheeling. Bimetallic League. The Cass county Bimetallic league will meet tonight at Trades' Assembly hall. There will be a debate between six members of the club, aad the public is Invited to be present. C. E. CARTER,jPres, N. W. PHIPPS, Sec. ADDITION4L ITEMS. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Shoes at naif price Walden's bankrupt store. Harry Williams is visiting at Indianapolis, Abe Stern has returned from a business trip to Chicago. The costumes selected for the first part of the Elks' minstrels are the finest ever seen on the local stage. The C E. club will be reorganized on Thursday evening and will be entertained by Flora M; Taylor, of G14 Broadway. Mrs. F. D. Wright and Miss Mamie Cummings, of Michigan avenue, will spend a few days in the country visiting relatives, James Hanson and family are removing from east High street Into Mrs. Stevenson's property on Twelfth between Broadway and North. All members of the Ladles Auxiliary to the B. of R. R. T., are requested to be present at their regular meeting Thursday, Dec. 2d. Election of officers. By arder of Mistress. Noble County Democrat:—"John Fackert of Kendallville, was adjuged Insane last Thursday, and will be taken to Longclifl hospital as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made." Rev, and Mra. Madieon Swadener, who Decently returned to this city to reside permanently, have had the remains of two of their deceased children brought here and burled in Mt. Hope cemetery, J. D. Kellar, the blind man who was led about thia city a few months aero by a well trained spaniel named "Rooster" Is now In Cincinnati. The Post of Saturday contains a likeness of the dog leading the man and also a sketch of the two. Mr. and Mrs. John Buchanan celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Monday nigbi, at their home six miles north of the city,on the Michigan pike. A large number of guesti were present, including many from, this city. Quite a nice list of presents were given. The affair was a pleasant and successful one in every way. The Evening Sentinel is the title of a new daily launched upon the journalisticseaat Rochester by Editor Barnhart, for many years the successful publisher of the Weekly Sentinel. It is a seven column folio, neatly printed and chock full of good, fresh news for the enterprising people of that city. Success, Brother Barnhart. REAL ESTATE Reported for the Pharos by Setb Id. Velsef, Atstractor. Alonzo J. McGriff to Wm. T. Mu- Griff—Part of sec 28, Deer Creek tp; 80 acres. $200. Ellxabeth Darnell to Terrence E. and Emma R. Darnell—Lot 64, Lincoln. 155. Americus Guard to Alice M. Grant —Part of sec 21, Miami tp: 7 acres. $350, Alice M. Grant to Wm. A. Guard — Above property, $350. Peter Montgomery to John B. Montgomery—Part of sec 18, Harrison tp: 60 acres. II. Frank M. Millikan to Wm. D. Owen—Lot 7, P. Pollard's add. $25 00. A. J. Robinson to Mary Robinson —Lot 44, Hamilton & Taber's add, n «ide of High st. e of llth st. $2,500. Wm, F. Fraser to Wilhalmlna Smidt—n i lot 6 Schrlers's add o 1 12 $500, Wm. Backus to Agnes Maroney —lot 4 Wm. Backus' add to Lucerne $30. E. H. Shirk, tr to Martin J. Bligh —W E canal land, n s Erie ave bet 16th and 17th streets. 11.200. James A. Humes to Susan Johnson —n 32 ft lot 3d H. G. Bartlett's 2d add Southaide. $1.00 Thos. B. Reeder comr to Frank Shanks et al—pt sec 5 Deer Creek township, 15 acres. $1.00. Alonzo J. McGriff et al to Wm. T. McGriff -pt sec 28 Deer Creek twp, 60 acres. $1.00. Wm. T. McGriff to Edward and ElmanE. Matthews—pt sec 28 Deer Creek twp, SO acres. $2,500. Thos C Bonebraketo Helen A. Bender—W J lot 86 S. M. Tipton's add. $525. J. B. Montgomery tr to Amanda E. Montgomery—pt sec 18 Harrison twp, 37 acres. $1.00, FROM LOWELL, MASS. The Home of Hood's Sarsaparilla- A Wonderful Cure. " A swelling as big as a. large marble came nnder my tongue. Physicians said it was a semi-transparent tumor and must be operated upon. I felt I could not stand it, and as spring cams began to take my favorite spring tonic, Hood's SarsapariUa. The bunch gradually decreased and finally disappeared. Ihavonad.no sign of its return. I am glad to praise Hood's Sarsaparilla." MBS. H. M. COBUBJf, 8 Union St., Lowell, Mass. Get HOOD'S. Hood'« Pills curi; Sick Headache. »B. »«»•»»«»»•»»»••««»«•••••»» |W e A re Determined In In To close out our various lines of OVERCOATS in men's boy ; s and children's department. "We are OVER STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we have made prices that will move the goods. We have a large variety in Beavere, Meltons, Kerseys. Oxfords, Black. Brown, BlnesJTlsters Reefers etc.. of "finest quality, and first class make. Winter Underwear, "We are simply in it, and hare the largest stock ever offered before in 50c lines up.Good heavy comfortable garments for cold weather. Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid vearing garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf.. which is full of wearing ap"parel tor the little fellows. We have the best 2o'and 50c Knee pants ever offered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. AJfuil supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to supply anyone with a correct garment.that we caan»t fit from "stock. Thanking you for past favors. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana • * • : i AMUSEMENTS. •pvOLArf'S OPERA HOUSE. Wednesday, December, 1st. Annual Appearance of PRIMROSE & WEST'S Big Minstrels, High Class Mloistrelsy, Presented by the Cream of the Profession. Including Ezra Kendall and Carroll Johnson. Street Parade at Noon. PRICES. .11, 75c,50c, 35c and 25c. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug store. THE. First National Bank t, Indiana. CAPITAL 1250,000 A,. J. MTJRDOCK, PRWIDJBKT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. P. BROOKMEYER, Aaer. CABHIMK. D OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. WM. DOLAN, MANAGER. RETURN ENGATEMEN'T FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 3. The Funniest of Funny Plays. TarmehUl's Coratdf, "The Nancy Hanks." A Story of a Salted Sold Mine. Three acts of laughter. —N. Y. World. "Hot Stuff."—Chicago Cbronicle, Presented oy the Famous Actress, MARIE JANSEN And the Distinguished Actor Author, FRANK TANNEHILL, JR., And a Great Company. Hear Jansen's Merry Stags. PRICES 25c, 50c, 75c and ll.«0. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug scor*. •IKICTOKS: JL.I. tturdoot W. H, Briaghum, DennU rjkj, B. S. Rice, B. F, Yantin. I M. jUrwood, W, T. Wilson. Banking in all lt« Department* promptly and carefully don«. safety to Customers and iiookholdor Bought for. Strom? Reserve Fund Maintained. Special Sale —OF— JARDINIERE STANDS TtlE GREAT COMMERCIAL SCHOOL OF INDIANA. Genuine Office and Business Practtee from the day of entrance. The Logansport Commercial High School. We u«e the well known Sadler's Budget system of Bookkeeping and office practice. The Educational Hit of (he lltb Century! Genuine bookkeeper's experience from the start. No copying. The student learns by doing. Heisnoitaupht impractical and obsolete methods and forms. The most thorough aud up-to-date commercial school in this section of the country. S"leot the best Cheap tuition is dear at any cost Select a school that is recognised and endorsed by the business community. We urge Investigation. corne and see us, or write. Logansport Commercial High Srto«l. FOURTH STREBT. and LAKE MISOR. Notice to the Common Council Street Commissioner. To the Common Council and Street Commissioner of Logansport. Ind.: You are hereby notified and warned that Lake Minor, located at the corner of Thirteenth and Toledo streets, has been stocked with fine French bass—no cod—and anyone caught draining, seining, spearing or otherwise interfering with the progress and happiness of the inhabitants of this lake and its beautiful crystal water will be charged with trespass or meddlesome interference and held to answer to the same. PROPERTY OWNER. Missing Letter Puzzle Barred. The assistant attorney general of the post office department has Issued an order forbidding She use of the mails to all publications of the second and third class who print the "miss- Ing letter puzzle" advertisement- Smoke thejColuubla cigar,, made from solid oak, inisheJ forest green, or mahogany, Muilly toll at fl.50. Special sale for WeiL«es*ay ••* Only 79 cents. Sp«ci»l sale of Jardinieres, all sieen, some Terj fine ones, at kalf •rockwy store prices. Xost every ladr •wants «*e. Thqf make most acceptable w«4dimg; »m€ present*. Cor. Mkt.,5th aid Erie Sts. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AMD VAN BUREk .ft. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. A: P. »nd JU S. <fc W. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing 575,000.00 have just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat In every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Proprietor Low Rates to North Carolina, Virginia and Other States. Pennsylvania Line*. Line* Dec, 7ti> and Met. For fcpeei*! imfrt- m»tion apply to W. W. BichvcUoo, DMite Pusencer Agent, Indianapolli, Ind.

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