The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 25, 1965 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1965
Page 2
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. -' I. Tuesday, May' 25 1965 . The Ottawa Journal S&M from Page One Police Following separatist .rallies at Lafontaine Park lit - the after noon police thought--they had the situation under control and said: "It turned out to be much less than we bad expected.". . However, scores of .' police were rushed -flito" the park, area at nightfall as leaderless "hooligans" and a sprinkling of aep-aratists milled , about. . Shortly before ' midnight police with megaphones began clearing demohst r a t o r s and spectators oup ol the park. The crowd spilled onto Sherbrooke Street, tying up traffic. Before police could control the spillover, a group of 300 marchers, led by youths carrying a Quebec i flag and another with a VQuebec Libre" (free Quebec) sign, were inarching along Sherbrooke Street, a main traffic artery. Pohce cars came from sev-. eral directions and drove a Attention " Computing Devices 'of Cinadal ..SEE GLEN CAIRN Ottawa West's Planned Residential Community . ALL INDIVIDUAL HOMES Priced from $17,000 Call 828-5764 Conarm Developments Ltd. wedge inu.,the marchers, who ran back to .the park. . - They reformed in the park shortly before midnight but police waded into the group and made dozens of arrests, throwing those caught into paddy wa gons lining the park. CALL 'GESTAPO . Each time the crowd noticed police herding more demonstra tors toward the waiting wagons, there were shouts, boos and cries of "Gestapo! ' Wife Charged In Wounding ' An argument flared into violence Saturday night and a man was stabbed in the chest with butcher knife. Keith Boviller 37. of 382 Arlington Avenue' was rushed to Civic Hospital in critical condition with - stab wounds near his heart ' He Is reported in satisfactory condition today. His wife, Mrs, Edith-Boville was scheduled to appear in Family Court this morning for preliminary hearing on a charge of wounding. Mrs. Boville, 35, was arrested by police early Sunday morning. 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CHECK REPORTS Police were 'kept busy throughout the day checking re ports of bomb sightings. Most proved to' be false alarms but two sticks of dynamite, minus a detonator; were found at the central post-, off ice. ;- The largest rally of the day about 400 young - marchers formed - up shortly before 3 p.m. and began to move from eist-end '.afontaine , Park toward "the -city centre. Some of the marchers, came from a group named the Che y a 1 1 e r s de I'lndependance (k n i g h t s of independence), forced to disband earlier when they defied a police order not to march from a rally at an east-end monument to French-Canadian patriot;. A d o i e n were detained. v ' They and youngsters .carrying signs labelled Parti Pris (position taken), the name of a group which publishes a monthly separa 1 1 s t magazine here, again disobeyed police tn-structiuns nut tu jiiaitli. : Chanting rhythmically "Re volution" and "Lesage ji po-teau" (down with -Lesage), they were stopped after a six-block march by a wedge of 90 police reinforcements backed by two paddy wagons which- blocked the street. : - iFfom Page One; Dominican Sources close 16 the Junta president, .Brig. - Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera,, said Imbert had not been consulted on the coalition government. He called in U.S. Ambassador W. Tapley Bennett Jr. and Jose A. Mora, secretary-general of the Organ ization of American States, to ask them tor an explanation of the negotiations. Bennett was reported to have told Imbert that the U.S. was not trying to impose a govern ment. However, the U.S. is known to favor Guzman as a compromise choice. Imbert has been demanding that the rebels surrender and has refused to step aside favor of a coalition.'.The rebel chief, Col. Francisco Caamano Deno, has said he would resign if an agreement Is reached on the coalition. OBSERVE TRUCE In the meantime a 24-hour truce - between the insurgents and the junta forces, arranged last, week to remove the dead and wounded from the streets of the capital, has been extended informally. Both sides indicated that they would not Initiate renewed fighting while negotiations for a per manent settlement of the month-bid civil war continued. Despite the outward, calm,. however, it was learned that supporters of Gen. Imbert in an enclave around tbe national pal ace nad been - secretly reinforced to between 500 and 800 men; -J .::.-. It was understood that the reinforcements, dressed In civil ian c I o t h e I, had Infiltrated through the U.S. lines. Rebel sources charged that arms had been dropped to the palace forces by helicopter. inree-man international pa trols, with a U.S. soldier, a Costa Rices and a Honduianin each Jeep, began patrolling the U.S. - occupied international safety zone Monday. . Real Integration - PEKING (Reuters) Commu-nlsrthma announced -today it They were referring to Premhrabolishing all military ranks ier Jean Lesage of Quebec, INCLUDE GIRLS " Many of the marchers, In cluding a number of young glfTi, dressed in dungarees and wearing their i hair long, re turned to the park area In small groups where their efforts to re form were thwarted by police. The marchers failed to attract participation of several thousand . Montrealers relaxing in the park, a fojr by-seven-block area of greenery and recreational facilities -----jfi-'-,' Soon afterward, the St. Jean Baptiste Society of Montreal, a branch jifjJargeJnench-Cana-dian - patriotic order, held a peaceful but noisy rally before the Lafontaine Park statue of Dollard des Ormeaux, a French officer sai'd to' have been killed by Iroquois during a siege in I00. -. . . . Cries of "G e s t po" were heard when Montreal Alderman Paul-Emile Sauvageau and a city" policemjan placed a wreath at 'he monument. Before nightfall, 300 marchers re, grouped without being spotted by police and staged a noisy parade through downtown streets, breaking some windows as they .went. - '-They joined with, still another separatist group, the Rassem-blement "p our I'lndependance Nationale, at Victoria Square in the heart of the city's financial district, but their planned . demonstration before the monument -to Queen Victoria was broken up quickly by police. In a further Incident a. short time later, police detained for questioning as a preventive measure, a group of 40 boys and girls gathered at an intersection. Chief Robert said extensive pojice precautions paid off more than once during the afternoon, especially when officers were able to clear up, quickly the "potentiallyTJangerous" march of 400 youngsters. '. In Its army, the world's largest with an estimated strength of more than -2,500,000. From June 1, all members of the People's Liberation, Army will wear the same uniforms with red flag on the collar and a single red stay on floppy soft-peaked caf." Han Sit-ins MONTREAL (CP) QueT bee's largest separatist movement plans a campaign of i sit-ins starting next month to force bilingualism in restaurants and public places where only English is in use. ' Pierre Bourgault, president of Le Rassemblement pour I'lndependance Nationale (RIN), told a press conference Monday the sit-ins will last until they get results, keven if this "takes a week. ' . . . riuui rage une Say UK ' The source said the two ! used finger signs to com- toy municate their bands to each -other, ' "One would toy with his pipe 'arid the other would signal with hands and finger mannerisms," the source said. "Ever since we arrived we noticed an atmosphere of great hostility . against us," Reese told reporters Monday. "We were continually .watched and we knew it. It would have been stupid to resort to Illegal actions in those conditions. "Such charges are "common at high-level tournaments, especially when play-Jng. -against the United State teams. - '.. . , ' . ' "II is very hard jo prove whether ti,e accusations were wrong or right. They usually come when you play against the United States. We never had. such problems with other players. We lost against Italy here, ior instance, -which Would have been unthinkable if we. had indulged' insuch regrettable practices." Schapiro said he. would consult his lawyers on his return to London. . From Page One Arrest . Susinl, who once worked closely with former Gen. Raoul Salan, is still at large, some where in Europe. Salan, former head of the. secret army,' Is serving a . life prison "term. Last Sunday, authorities announced that a dozen members of another . secret army net work, operating In western France, had been arrested. This network had a mission of in lor- mation and propaganda and was not directly involved In any assassination attempt, officials said.'- - FORMED IN ALGERIA The secret army was formed by right-wing Europeans In A! geria . to. resist Independence. Later It spread - terrorism -. to Metropolitan France in an ef fort to "topple de Gaulle. Once extremely active, - the . secret army in-rrecent months has hardly been heard from. It had generally been assumed that it had all but dfed out. with its remaining lefXrt in exile. , The plot hs directed from abroad by Jean-Jacques Susinl, a former leader of the -secret army organization, the officials said. : : The secret army first came to prominence In the early 1960s ' through its vain .campaign of terror aimed at preventing France giving independence to Algeria. In the home of one of the arrested men, police found an explosive device similar to the one used In last year's assassination plot at Mont Faron. AH the plotters have been brought before tbe state security court, and a trial will be held later. many experts to be the world's best individual player. He has written a number of authoritative books on bridge. . U.S. bridge expert Charles Goren, playing at a tournament in Ligonier,. Pa., commented: - - "Such charges are quite common, but always by the wrong people. .- r There has never been a protest by me In 30 year of tournament playing. . . . 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