The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE N1NB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Private Roomi t'ronl bedroom, close hot wn«r. rhone 2042. . Constant 1 17-pk-n men or cnllplr. Call 9W. bedroom, close in. O» i. SIS w. Walnut. Phone Bedroom. 318 N. Ninth. Cnll 22Z8. Comfortable bfflroom CIosp to Mrti only 310 W Walnut Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone 9-ii), Lewis Poultry 419 K. Main. tjmatl r\iocierii home, Ctcwe in, cash Wmie FO Box 726. BlyihevlHe, jjurini particulars Ijl3-pk-2i Wanted to buy or lease—Small Rroc ery and HLing Btiulon eotiibtiu-cl wit I Uvinr, (iiiancra ti\ Ivack. I» SO uul radius or Biviheville in small 10* or on Buiy highway. Writ* Uox AU care or Courier News. i;i6-p Wanted to Rent four room house 0 H«rt'B BBkerJ- 2073. aimnmem. Cn TV A i* Sellina More at Lower Prices OFFICE HIS PKIBNUS By MEHKILL BLOSSRR C*n«tkl tr M»MJ<,,,; t, Mf A JKVKr. IMC KNOXVILLE. Tenn., Jan. 19 (UPl The Tennessee Valley Authority reported today thai its 139 nislribn- A:s are sellinf? more power at cheayi- ™ cost to more customers than «ver before and still mafclni? a profit of 20 per cent net. The figures on the operation of this J120.000.000 aggregate investment were released In the annual report of TVA on the municipal and cooperative systems which buy power from It and sell It to the consumer. The report covered the fiscal year eliding June 30. 1941. Combined operating revenues of the system totalled $51,000.000 nnd the net Income was $10.000,000, TVA •aid. Yet the average TVA presidential consumer paid only 1.66 cents per kilowatt hour In comparison with ft national average of 3.14 cents. The distributors bought 4.500.000 kilowatt hours from TVA at an | average rote of .427 cents and sold 4.100.000 of it to the customer at an average rate of 1.22 cents. This average Includes rates to industrial and commercial as well as residential users. The number of farms served with TVA increased by 22.000 during the year to a total of 150.000. t Within the next several years the ^authority plans to add 125.000 others, it said. I 'THERE had been • Ken* that •*• morning which hid disrupted the ordered calm ol Dr. Holbrook's cilices. It was. perhaps, unfortunate that one of Dr. Holbrook's most long-standing and promptly paying clients had caused It. However, as his office nurse. Janice Hilary, pointed out. Mrs. Stovnl— Mrs. James Kidder Stoval. ol the Island Stovals, il you please —had really been a patient long enough. "It's time we dismissed hei Janice said to Miss Willows. Dr. llc-lbrook's Fcrvelary. Ai least. Miss Willows was one ol the donor's secretaries; lie had two. lie also had two nurses. It was just after lunch hour thai this conversation was taking place The four young women—M'.RS Willows, of course, could not properly be called young, although she strove desperately to appear were all engaged in it. "Dismiss anyone as ImporWn and rich as Mrs. Stoval! Tha would be unheard ol. Imagine tlv slew she would stir up over tliatl : exclaimed Betly Jone Coxe. th oilier nurse. Betty Jane had bee: employed by Dr. Holbrook for onl the last tew months. The othe girls exchanged knowing glance: But Miss Willows said: "Yes. 1 doubt if it would be wis to go quite that tar. Think ot the patients who come to Dr. Ho. brook through Mrs. Stoval, doubt, Jan, it even you can ge away with thnt." "Oh. no?" Janice raided her dar eyebrows, then drew them tofcol er In a determined line. "\Vc that's what 1 intend to get awe with," she declared. "Mrs. Stovs cannot come into this office raise merry H bceause she is kep waiting 20 minutes. She has wait her turn the same as anvon else. Besides, it was only 17 min- | utes—I timed it—and she insisted it was a full halt-hour. And she yelled at me as though I were so much dirt under tier feet." "No doubt she thinks you are, darling," said Mrs. Mcliae, the other secretary. "When you have that much noncy, and your name is in the social register, you are ; likely to consider anyone who slaves in an office trom 9 till 5 as 'so much dirt." "Well, we'll see," Janice said, with an enigmatic little smile. She slipped down from the edge <oJ Miss Willows' desk where she ihad been perched. Her quick ear Changing Year* BUT, O*ODV, THW CAN'T BE AUrtr HESTERJ YOU SAID SHE WAS OLD- FASHIONED I ITS Mice OF YOU To SAY I'M FA5HOWA&Le,DEAR, &Uf X DRCSS JUST AS I WAITER, PASSED AWAY f A llliistiau-,1 by Vic Donubi "Or. llulbruok came out o[ his onice lu'lnall.v mopping his forehead." lli'lly h;id lull! her aunt, "lit- suld hr ilfiln't lirlleve lie could keep up the pace unlese he took five or ten minutes out." Chhralry Ii Dead BOSTON (UP)—A Boston woman asked City Register Michael 3. Manning to change her birth date from 1909 to 1913 so she could get a position with a 35-year age limit. He refused, explaining. "You Just can't b« chivalrous on my Job." NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commiuloner of Revenues of the Bt»t* of Arkansas hu issued a permit. No. 573, to R. W. Bishoff to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as Tliird St., Leachvllle. This permit issued on th« I d»y of Jan., 1948 and ex- | pirw en the 30 d»y ot June, 1948. R. W. Blshoff, Permittee. 1J12-18 jhad caught the sound of the door ithat led to the inside passage to 'the front office, a door no one used, 'except Dr. Holbrook and herself, which meant that the doctor had .also returned from lunch. ; "In fact," Janice added, with !little smile, "we'll see about it iright now." She Rave Miss Wil|lows and Mrs. McRae another stg- ;nificant glance, nnd walked out, ', • • • r>ETTY JANE'S pretty moutl i hunt open; her wide blue eyes •were incredulous. She gave a small •gasping sound. ', "You don't actually mean she'll itry to get Dr. Holbrook not to allow Mrs. Stoval to come here ever agamr Sne—she couldn't do do that, could she?" "Suppose we wait and see." Mrs. ; McRae said with a shrug of plump shoulders. Mrs. McRae was nice. She was Irish and inclined to be jolly, only she had a husband who, Betty Jane had learned, was no good, and fc little girl whom she fairly idolized and over whom she never had to stay with hired help while Mrs. Mrllae worked lor Dr. Holbrook. Miss Willows was nice, loo, BL-\- ty Jane had lo concede, ntlcr you gol over being scared of her. She was not so stiff and inflexible as she tried to appear. In fact. Betty Jane sometimeF wondered, among the other impressions she was striving to separate and flic away, if Janice Hilary, for all she was so pretty and pleasant and young —she was not much older, in fact, than Betty Jnne. who was iust 22 — might not be the one to be :ih.iid of. Not thai Miss Hilary gave that inpression herself. But Betty Jane lad sensed it in the undercurrents hot ran bcncnth the smooth rou- 10 of Dr Flolbrook'? (me ofTIrcs As with this incident involving rs. Sloval lodny. it had nol been much of a scene. •Jot enough to whip up such a •umpus. Privately, Betty Jane houghl that Mrs. Stoval had had t right to speak tier mind. She lad never been kept waiting so ,ong before. None of Dr. Holbrook's patients, and nearly all of them were almost as rich and fat and pompous as Mrs, Stovnl. were ever kept waiting long. They were not the kind of patients to be kept wailing. Or dismissed. Would Dr. Holbrook actually do such a thing? To be more explicit, would Miss Hilary- see to it that he did? Betty Jane found herself returning to this puzzling question again and again. HTHE rest of the day went on as -*• usual, with everything run ning as smoothly ns though on oiled ball-bearings. Janice Hilary as Betty Jane had learned after siie hud been there only n few days, wns largely responsible for this. It was Miss Hilary who ran things: the two secretaries and the appointments they made, the bill- Ings, and Ihi? correspondence. Sh assumed the full responsibility for medications and checked all die 1 lists. The lab work came under her supervision, and it was always Miss Hilary who ushered each patient into Dr. Holbrook's private- office after the patient had been passed along through the prelim inary channels. However, Deity Jane had no been many weeks on her new Job ceased worrying, became the child —her first, as the registry had sent to Dr. Holbrook directly utter notion—before she ronli/.ed ihnt there were other, (ar more subtle, dunes th:il Miss Hilary took upon herself, nnd th;it she ran these, too, with a sure, Arm hand. A funny thing happened today." Belly Jiine had said ( evcamc to her Aunl Manic, with whom she lived, nnd to whom she related all Die happenings. Inrgc and small, that took place during the day. "It was a hectic* dny. We had 31 patients, and Hint's more lh;in most ollicc? <"in In mile in twice Uial time Around \ o'clock p e were all going around in cir- les and beginning to wonder how ve could keep it up nnoUicr whole our. Dr, Holbrook came out of .IF office—I wish you could see his '(lire somcUme, Aunt Ma me I— nyvvav, tie came out actually lopping his forehead, poor man! And he said that he didn't believe couid keep up the pace he'd et unless he look five or 10 min- ites out. He said he would like tn un across I he street nnd get n cup . f coffee—or—and he laughed and ookcd at Miss Hilary when lie aid this—a Scotch nnd soda might >ick him up quicker. Then the funny thing hnp- joneti." Helly Jane's big blue eycf tad retlcrtcd Incredulity. "Mis* I i 1 a ry looked back nt him and tinda smiled and shook her head. She didn't even say a single word! Then Dr. Holbrook shook his head, too—kinda runf \il-like—and be just U ncd and went right back into Ms office, rncek as a lamb," "Humnhl" her aunt had commented briefly, yet emphatically, ns though she had not found this incident hard to credit at all. "So that's the way it is." Holly Jane had asked what did Aunt Mamc mean? Aunt Mamc had lifted expressive shoulders. "Your Miss Hilary sounds as if she runs the doc as well ns the rest ot the shcb'ang.** Brtly Jane kept thinking about her aunt's comment throughout this dny whenever hot thfJiiRhls wandered to the outcome of the morning's Incident. ii it were true that Janice Hilary ran the doctor—and there had been plenty of similar happenings since lo substantiate tins notion— Ihen Mrs. Stova!. Long Island Stoval or not, would never darken these doors ognin. (To Be Continued) "Do you want me to tell her the old cur wo usod to liavo okay but my parents think our new one Is too high toned for her?" VEUMEER (yV>/ buy Mother <? nice ^ scfiC---d/K/ stxi'ii think ///; wonderful because I By MICHAEL (VAlALLEY nnd RALPH LANI -SIX HE MU5U BVfN. KWYA. 1 SAW HIM BRING 1IM1 ClUB DOWN ON DKOOT'S UTAH AMR HI mown 'j\om! YOU TOOL' WII'D HEIPED «if riout IK Of WOULDN'T BE 1WTH1S SHAPE.' WE WEK5 TRICKED/ VrCTOK AGATE MUST BE R4RTOF7II£ GANG/WEIL AS SOON AS 1 GCT TH ARM FIXED W^iL <3O HUNTFNGf iwttile, ITT Van Der Flank's apartment, was r#overii[£(rom tlte beatingSonya's Mothers hadfciveii me. ir WAS LUCKY TOR IMF DJRK ARRIVE-D WUH IIIAT ClUB WHIN HE DID. I MAD IET MY- SEIF-GH TRAPPED, BEEN LYIMG IN WAIT FOR HIS REVENGE, MK. A NOW W¥ TALK BUSINESS, NO WASH TUBTJS Trnil Follow 111 LESLIE TURNER OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople WHY MOWERS GET GOOD V1W TO FIMD OUT 15 OPEM IT co(v\e Y POP AS ALF_T'S6ulLC wiDE-Awiw<e\ THUS UP LETTER FATHER 1 FOR fAE? f 8i ? - UM.' FRO,* 'HE FIRM -THKT BOUGHT AW AOTO TH&V PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN' HO\M \MOOLD IT SB TO Oi^e TO trtfe CrtEf- OF ponce, THEM RLlhi APERS EftRLSTO CATCrt THE. WORLD fJOKtJA '. THE. RAILROAD TR&STL6 GCEfJE r\CT WO UrlE HAW IN HtfA DOT EG OM SOMETHING- UMWOIDiXBLE MUST HMIE KEPT HIM. WEIL GO HOME (WD HOT FOR HIM THERE CHROL. (VNDTIIE POLICE (iRE OOIUS ML TIIEV CAM TO FINP HIM DIDN'T POPPV MEET US LIKE BUT 1HEV HWEMT MUCH ll'uO OH. 1HE MUN WllOPlfiifn TMM" WP,Ot-ftt> CAVf WF PAPER A PHONV APDRE5S...WOni Hi) OWE WJW.j WWRE WASH HMD HYDKR By FRED HARMAN POSSE AR.RNES-- >^^ RlSSGO tSCAFt-5 R&D PEADL1 FiRE AT "friE 5 OF TriE tfV'i RO&BERV-- HER HOSS 15 £RV) OURS RED- WE CAtcri v voe'vE GOT To TRAIL t GOOD IvWG n£ HORT CUT TO HILLS AHEAD OF FOSSE - BctCHUrV ALI,I-;V ooi' Nowlii'rc' By V. T. HAMLIN Read Courier Newt Want, Adi Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. FH. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY IAD Trpw Except Cineer) DRS. 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