The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 7, 1966 · Page 60
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 60

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1966
Page 60
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1 I M 1t 60 Saturday, May 7, 1966 The Ottawa Journal Saturday , Section - Henry Asks ...And Idol Chatter . YOU ANSWER! --A-- .- m - - JSP ' WHAT BOYS LOOK FOR -IN A GIRL? Dear Henry, This morning, having read your analysis of the essence of sex attraction and, feeling rather facetious, I thought of expressing my feelings also, subtly unsolicited, or solicitously subtle. To me, -your analysis ex-J presses the essence of sex attraction the very idea denotes it as a sex appeaTas-diversified as girls themselves, ; A girl's5 physicat charms are like the petals which make up the lady slipper. Without, the petals, there is no flower; but with only petals, there is no subtle fragrance, no my-j sticjsm. It seems tor-me those who deny a realization of their erotic impulses and phantasies for the feminine are in effect denying their masculinity; and furthermore try to substitute pseudo - platonism for eroticism. Even Artur Rubinstein, In his 80th year, may "shoot an appraising eye at a leggy young blonde at an air terminal" ... "Hmm, not bad . . . Shall I ask her to dance? No. she's too serious." But all this is but the petals of the flower. And what is the fragrance of the flower? It may be warmth, flattery, intellectual- Ism, coupled . with sincerity, -spontaneity. r o m a n t i cism coupled with beauty WhOjreally knows But . whan the perfume is sensed,', the masculine may whisper appasionata, "Lady slipper, shall we danoe?" Cordially yours, ., LARRY WEISZ. 527 Penhill-Avenuer Ottawa. Dear Henry, Re: "An Appeal to the Fair Sex" (Journal,- April 16): you're a lousy poet. Sincerely, CHERRY HASSARD. Glebe. ' Dear Henry, You say that many girls distort their behavior and appearance to catch a boy. and I agree. But I take exception 'The Ham in Me Had to Come Out' Dick Explains His Showbiz "the ham In me had to-' come out." That's hoWj TV . personality Dick Maloney explains his entry into many different aspects of show business. The 29-year-old host of the CJOH television show "Saturday Date" has also been a disc Jockey, an emcee a n d singer in nightclubs and a song writer. A native of Ottawa. Dick attended St. Patrick's High School, where his impersonation of Al Jolson at a school dance marked the start of his singing career. His comedy career was launched by a regular column in his school paper, the "Patrician." Following his graduation, Dick worked as a radio announcer for CJBQ in Belle-, ville, CJCV in Niagara Falls, : CJML in Hamilton and CFRA - In Ottawa. He ahrorr had several emcee and sng I n g Jobs at such nightclubs as the Piccadilly Club in Toronto and the Yacht Hotl jtt .Niagara" on the Lake. "1 enjoyed working at CFRA," says Dick, "because f I had my own show nightly and they let- me do crazy things on the air." Last October, Dick started work at CJOH, where he does commercials,' newscasts, . and bingo shows, as well as his teenage, dance program.' ' ACCORDING TO Dlck, there shouldn't he a "war" going on between teenagers "With more co-operation'be--' Iween the two groups, 'attention getters' like long hair . wouldn't be necessary," he says. -' , "I think7 that high school principals are right In regulating students' hair styles. Teenagers .will have to con-C -forrrr toTftscipItne alTt heir lives .and obeying rules- isThe principal, , social worker. good character training. The brown eyed announcer doesn't entirely blame teen- when you imply that this is because "they have become (or always were) inhibited, lazy, shallow - minded and selfish." If you got to know a . group of girls who distorted . their, behavior and appear-- ance. you would probably find . out that behind it all, each and everyone is different and deep down has a personality of their own. Girls act false because they are not sure what kind of impression they will create on the opposite sex by being . themselves. The boys you mention in your column have various vjews on what to' look for in a girl. Because, of this, shouldn't the girls act natural and be themselves? If" they did, the chances are they'll" meet someone who appreciates them" for'who they ae, " and they'll really have something in common. : '- & ! Kitte Replies Confidential to "Young Man In Love": You should feel sure enough about her feelings for you hot toiavejQkeepasking whether or not she really loves you. Perhaps her unhappy experience with the man in her past has made her distrustful of men, and it will take time for you to prove your sincere regard for her so she can outgrow this fear. Jjt the meanwhile. I think it would be better-if ' you "both " went on with your careers and dated when it suits both. ' with 'both dating others, too. until you are ready, several years from now, to consider getting engaged, and setting a wedding date. If being with her makes you uneasy, because of your doubts about her feelings for you, tell her this: Ask if she'd like to stop dating at all, for an agreed period, to give her time to think out how she feels about you . agers for thelFcceiitric be havior. "ften the fault' lies in the home.' -he . says. "Adults let teenagers down when they preach one thing but practise another. Parents should be firm and teach-their children what to appreciate rather than give them everything they want." Dick's clean - cut image when he's performing is con sistent with his outlook on. life. "The world needs to change its concept of hero worship." he feels. "There is a confusion and overlapping between the terms 'hero' and 'heel.' We need an old-fashioned 'good guy' hero rather than more James Bonds." Frank Sinatra has been a Teenage Canada The attractive 16 - year - old girl was active in three student clubs, making a good B average in Grade 11 and lucky enough to have successful parents who adored her. That's why everyone was stunned when shortly after Christmas her; parents withdrew, her from classes for, what they called "a trip." The word spreatfTIike wild-" fire as only school rumorr1 can: thejirl was pregnant cAuciuiig o wiuu in c a I i j summer. Ten- years ago, in many Canadian communities, the'un-fortunate girl would have faced a dismal future: publicly condemned for more wrongdoing, cut off psychologically from her former crowd,, un-able-fo-finishJier school year. ft didn't hannpn tn tht rate. and a doctor friend talked to the parents. Andr once the1 first shock of disappointed New , tmByHenry MakOW ' 'r -- Your poem is startling but true. CAROLYN MARTELOCK. Hillcrest High. 1023 Connery Street, Ottawa, Ont. . WHAT DO GIRLS LOOK FOR IN A BOY? Dean. Henry. 7 I agree with the girl who complained that too manjb., boys are irresponsible. But it islhoseboyswho-think-Iife is all fun and games whom girls prefer, though they may not admit it. . . Everyone likes to let their hair down at one time or another. By going out with these boys, girls, can find w i 1 d times without themselves crcssing . the boundaries of responsibility. Girls may claim they don't like these boys but they do RICHARD GAUDREAU. 23 Front Street. Hull, Quebec. Dear Henry, On reading your April , 33 column, I was impressed by the comments made by several. of the girls. Chalk one up for Carol Gurofsky, t .is good to know that some girls look for other things in boys besides sharp clothes and the "Don Juan" approach. : I also feel that some of the criticism was well put. It is probably true that some man in them to the back of the scene but this is not all the boys' fault Manners such as helping a girl with her coat or opening the car door are not born in ' a person. They are taught by parents. It is true a'so that boys tend to be vain but on t h e whole I feel that we "enjoy-friendly criticism- and some difference' of opinion. Who wants a girl friend or date that is as pliable as a stuffed doll? - As for boys being too carefree ' is it any worse than the high - handed sophistication that many girls seem to have? Yours sincerely. PHILIP LEE. Grade 12. Carleton Place High. RR No. 3. Ashton. Ont. By Louise Vinokur great, iirfluence on Dick's style. "I admire his singing and tend to sound a bit like him," he says. IN THE COMEDY field. Dick is an admirer of Bob Hope but is attempting to develop his own style. ';I write, steal and rearrange my material," he laughs. He would like to combine singing, comedy and even a soft-shoe routine for variety in his act. Raylin Agency of Montraal is managing this active young man. Within the next few months. Dick's renditions of his own songs. "Saturd a y Date" and "Then Baby I'm in Love" will be released. He describes the most im Deal for Problem Students parenthood had passed, the mother and father realized that their . daughter needed them as never before. The girl didn't lose her school year, thanks to teachers who helped with homework and allowed her to write tests. The school welcomed her back the next fall and she's still a superior student. "L,think,'!Dne of the teaclv. ers '",cl me Ttctntiy. "that Tffr up little ! , THE STORY illustrates the fact that quietly, behind-the- .1.- scenes the problems of girls who get into similar trouble 1 are getting a fresh look in both Canada and the United States. . - ' ' - . Mrs.-Satu Repo, a mother of six year - old twin, wrote this month in a'newXanadlatT magazine, Schools, that society once thought of the un-t married mother as a "moral imbecile." Today, said Mrs. Thngmaybeoldbutthe version-is-new and exciting I'm talking about "Louie. Louie," once a hit for The Kingsmen. The new wax is by a guitarist called Travis Wammack and if you want a disc that -swinge f mm start tn fini&h then th. f tn h. . m.,t It's a shame that the mikey mouses are ignoring it. if NeU Diamond, a newcorher to ,kJ 1:1- l.:' iiac a vuinujiiauun ui dud Lind and Donovan and 'should be a trump card. Tbe Sunrays take an old ass"s.ssNsSs The . I. Monday, Monday (9) 2. Good Lovin" (2) 3. Kicks (3) 4. Try Too Hard (II) 5. Leaning On A Lamp Post BY Secret Agent" Man (6) 7. Gloria (16) 8. Sloop John B (7) 9. Till The End Of The Day Id. How Does That Grab You 11. Time Won't Let Me (1) 12. Sign Of The Tunes (5) j3One Track Mind (10) 14. You Baby (4 C-glJLK-.Set 15. Eight Miles High (21) The Byrds 18. Rhapsody In The Rain (20) Lou Christie. 17. Woman (8) Peter and Gordon 18. Soul And Inspiration (14) .... The Righteous Brothers 19. My Kind Guy (28) The Willows 29. Rainy Day Women (39) Bob Dylan TOP POP ALBUMS 1. Daydream"(2) The Lovin" Spoonful 2. Big Hits (1) The Rollin Stones 3. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (3). . Nancy Sinatra 4. Woman (-) Peter and Gordon 5. Whipped Cream (4) -. ... Herb Alpert ACTION ALBUMS 1. Time Won't Let Me , The Outsiders 2. Don't Be Concerned Bob Lind 3. Biggest Hits Vol. HI Gene Pitney 4. Play One More Ian and Sylvia 5. Rolling Stones Songbook Andrew Oldham Compiled In conjunction with Canadian Music News Which is available in all local record stor'tJ portant ingredients for show business success as being 50 per cent hard work, 25 per cent luck and 25 per cent talent." "The market for performers in Ottawa is improving." he says, "but Canadians tend to be too conservative. Their inferiority complex makes it harder for them to realize that there is really good talent at home." DICK FAVORS Latin American music like flamenco guitar and plans to learn Spanish to increase his appreciation of the customs be-" hind the music. He feels that Ottawa teenagers don't ex- Repo. society is realizing that it may be the patient. The need for a fresh approach to sex education isn't limited to any one area of Canada. The Newfoundland Teachers' Association passed a resolution weeks ago suggesting that sex. education taught by qualified teachers, be a regular part of the curricu-i lum. "At almost exactly thesame time the British', Columbia Teachers' Federation and the Rrtf eft r n ritish Colum bf aTarenP n. - .i,., p0a. ...,! 77 .--.. T'esolution favoring sex courses. J And, in OntariO.-the Ontario Educational Association was dominated by a discussion of "sex education during its nual Easter convention. -Where are we going? There areTT believeTsome signpostx- for the future in the experience, oLTichooI systems belownheT: border in the U.S. ! Develand, 0hi, offers day By Sandy Gardiner western ballad. "Still.- and giveit-an exciting pop ar- rangement with Beach Boy style harmony. It still could be a winner. , The McCoys could be back In the chart race with their revival of the o!d Ritchie Val ens hit "C'mon Let's Go." It's got plenty of drive and should attract plenty of sales fever. outing by Lyme and Cybelle .1... u . J i. f .k. c.. J f-k U. .;.k aim i.ucis dui wiwi suuuic musical background. If the deejays get behind it, the plat- ter will soon grab a following. ..'The Mamas and Papas The Young Rascals .. Paul Revere Dave Clark Five (12) ...... Herman's Hermits -. . Johnny Rivers. . The Shadows Of Krfight The Beach Boys (17) The Kinks Darlin? (18) .. Nancy Sinatra The Outsiders Petula Dark The Knickerbockers ; IheTuTtles- Entry pose themselves tonough variety in music. "For example." he says, "when I play something different from the usual h i t parade songs, like a cha cha. they're lost and don't know what to "do." In between singing, song-wnting and announcing. Dick finds time to do weight-lifting exercises to keep his 8-foot-2 frame in shape. Dick is expecting to be a "proud papa" in Jnryc He and his wife Linda recently took a short holiday in Jant aica. "I needed a rest." explains Dick. "I was so wrapped up in my career that I found myself 'timing' my entrances into the TTFing room." time classes in all the basic, subjects besides offering home tutors. Detroit, Michigan, has received a federal grant to set up three centres where 1 both instruction and medical advice will be available. But Boston, Mass., may be the real leader so far. Last week I heard Mrs. Julia Stern, the Boston directotof CetW taum (committee on education needs for teenage unmarried mothers) .describe what that doinf. ' " t " BOSTON DECIDED In I9SI" that simply pretending unmarried mothers didn'texist-wasn't good.enough. The local school system and Boston City Hospital collaborated to form Centaum. . " One o fthe first myths Cert-1-taumhattereMras-th idea -that unmarried student mothers are usually ne'er ,- do - wells failing in school. The overwhelming majority of the The Shangrl - Las have 1 vamped an old smah by J re- ay and The Americans into their bag and "He Cried" might just tear a little 'niche in hitsvil.'e. "Memories Are Made of This" is the best outing The Drifters have had in a month of Sundays, great orchestration and solid vocal puts it wen in tne running. i Roy Orbisoa ha needed a b' ' ,looS !mel 81n,d now he has the song. "Twinkle Toe5""il- dance in no time at "all: "Strangers In The Night" is going to be the biggest wax Frank Sinatra has had in the last few yeaisIt's a beautiful ballad wjth Frank singing up-v a storm. - James Carr comes Oiit with, an r & b outing called "That's All I WantJo Know"which is "a little reminiscent in the melody of "I' Can't Help Myself." And you know what Happened with the latter. "The More I See You" is given the pop treatment and the childlike vocal touch of Chris Montez. It's a catchy-hand - clapper that the more you hear, you like. -- "Did You Ever Have To Make L'p, Your Mind" isn't as . strong a groove from The Lov-. in' Spoonful as "Daydream" but should still be up there at the finish. . The Supreme can't miss with theTrrne:e, "Love's An Itching In My Heart." al- though the tit e belies-the sound. The golden gals are heading for their seventh golden goodie. "Downtown" brings on a "0-yearold swinger by the name of Mrs-JHiller who is going to make ir today rbut most definitely will be gone tomorrow. The Standells should make the grade sooner or later with "Dirty Water." a funky blues-er that could clean up given half a chance. "When A Man Loves A Woman" is a wax that's getting plenty of action' south of the border. The artist is Percy Sledge and this sledge hammer might just be in there with a bang. JQNJTHE BEAT TONIGHT The Esquires, St. Redemp-teur Hall: The Trippers, The. Oak Door; The Characters, Rideati Ferry Inn: The Deuces. Berube's Hall (Russell); Don Norman, Westboro United Church: The Townsmen, Ridgemont High School;'4 Thee Groupe. Lakeside Gar dens;. The Scoundrels, Sactament C h a r c n: Skaliwaes. Bistro 1060; The The Jesters, Bistro 1060. SUNDAY The Esquires, Eastview Recreation Centre. By Jack Hutton girls wanted to continue their, education. . . The greates problem;1 -st HI unsolved, was reaching the girls early in their pregnancy. The shame of revea'ing their secret kept most of them from approaching their parents or teachers for at least three months. : Said Mrs. Stern: "Working with the adolescent' unmarried mother is different from ' working with , the woman who ii .mature. Usually the adoles- 'cerrt n emotionally tmmature confused' and fearful. " ""Because she ts a minor her parents or guardian must give consent for medical care, an esthesia, delivery or surgery... Thus, early knowledge of the adolescent's pregnancy is im-- poriant , . , - to appropriately plan for her marurational -needs.'! l. , We're on the threshold of a new deal- for students who make such tragic mistake. And it's about time. SOLUTION BiEjgi&.JUg45p;'lja1 5liffoiat gaclj THE IIIT-MAKIXG RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - BRITAIN'S TOP 10 You Don't Have To Say ' , z. ttang: Bang: io J. Pretty Flamingo (IS) ... 4. Daydream (10) ' 5: Hold Tight (3) ".::.Tt 6. The Pied Piper (9) 7. Somebody Help Me (2) . . 8. Sounds Of Silence (4) ... 9. Alfie (S) 16. Substitute (7) Di - S - C - PA The titles of the next single by The Beatles 'ire' "Paperback Writer" and "Ran-master." It be out in the U.S. next week. Re"rr.embcr where you read it f:r-t ."' . . Herman's Hermits .w:l!' be appearing in Toronto twice dur-ing the summer. The first date during their U S. tour is July 7. They are a so set for a second visit August t . . . R:smg hits in the UK include "Pretty Flamingo." Manfred Mann; "S'oep John B." The Beach Boys; "Something On My Mind." Chris Andrews; "Shotgun Wedding." Roy C; "Hiphwav Code." M l s , I e r Singers; and "Soul-'and Inspiration." The Righte o u s Brothers ... The ne single by The Staccatos comes outj next week. Top side is "Onion ' Everybody Everybody." a hit years ago for the late Eddie Cochran, and "Let Me See." written , by Les , Emmerson. It's on Capitol in Canada and United Artists in the U.S. The boys will be on "A Go Go "6" again thii cominR Friday . .1 Dusty Springfield, who finally landed her first No. 1 hit in Britain with "You Don't Have To Say You Line Me." is trying for a label switch in the U.S. . . The Seal (aid, the British group which includes Paul McCartney's brother. Mike Gear. :',! make 'it's- disc .-bow in the UK this' week with "Two Days Monday." The record was produced by, George Martin . . . The Townsmen's "Heaven In The Middle Of Town"' getting i Ihl, Man, "r:::- , . times, us iuu vxu --i SPECIAL ELECTRIC GUITAR OUTFIT Q-ntiy V5 a r ''. Kw Eicrtc Gut's', Save $20.03! $95.00 278 Bank 3 E. R. FISHER STORES- "Vive La There's plenty of . fashion authority and good Jaste Jnpyr ibig assortments of students' clothes but not the far out I So visit our store nearest you ond just browsepxpertericerpleasant youtkt peopfejjre there to help you if neededbulfj't'J:: strictly "soft sell" in our 3 stores no pressure! kl AsiifiHJ'l ' n .,r-; . hSi6-ocrutzarb : 1 1 You Lose Me (I) . . . Dusty Springfield . ? -er .. Manfred Mann LOvin! Spoonful "".r. Dave Dee- ; . . Crispian St Peters " i;. . . :v. Spencer Davis The Bachelors Cilia Black The Who - T - C - H - E - S the West Coast reaction . . . Chris Curtis, former drummer with The Searchers, has joined the Pye record company in the UK as a record producer . . . "Paint It Black" is the new wax by The Rolling Stones. Once agam it's a Mick Jagger - Keith Richard composition and the track in- cludes such odd instruments as an Indian sitar . . . Two members of The Mamas and Papas and Zal Yanovsky of The Lovin' Spoonful were one in a group called The Mugwumps . . . Shirley Bassey co-starring in cabaret with Rog er Miller this month in Las Vegas . . . Like Marianno Faithful. Jane Asher also unsuccessful in screen test for rote in Richard Burton-Elizabeth Taylor flicker, "The Taming of the Shrew" . . . Peter Quaife of The Kinks ... writing a book in the John Lennon style . . . While Too Beatles were recording recently, their road manager was sent out' to buy a copy of the new Rolling Stones album . . . Donovan losing ground in the UK. 'He hasn't been home enough . . . Barry McGuira recording several Bob Dylan compositions . . . (.Mill manager of The Hollies, few into Toronto last week to have talks with Capitol and left with copies of The Staccatos LP for the British boys -. Andrew Oldham raving about the new Beach Boys single . . John Lennon, George Harrison and Spenrer Davis among the showbii tuests at the Lovin Spoonful's 'i;, - ... Street 235-8091 Difference!" i- --' -4

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